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Tadi Saa

Personal Data
Name Date of Birth Place of Birth Citizenship Nationality Martial Status

Address City Phone e-mail web

Bul. Save Kovaevia 25/ 13 81000 Podgorica - Montenegro

Tadi Saa April 3th, 1964 Pe Montenegro Montenegro Single

Education & Qualifications

From September 1983 to July 1988 Technical Military Academy, Zagreb, Croatia B.Sc. Computer and Information Technology

Professional Training
4 year Military school English language Structural system analysis SBS, Belgrade Business system planning study SBS, Belgrade Object oriented software engineering FON, Belgrade Management of IT projects SBS, Belgrade Implementing Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional and Server Informatika, Belgrade

Develop applications (Oracle technology) Introduction to Oracle PL/SQL Forms developer 1 Forms developer 2 Reports developer Database Administration (Oracle technology) Enterprise DBA Architecture and administration Enterprise DBA Backup and Recovery Enterprise DBA Performance and Tuning Enterprise DBA Network administration Real application cluster SQL tuning Workshop Real Application Workshop DataWarehouse administration

Curriculum Vitae Tadi Saa

Project IS (Oracle technology) Designer first class

Technical expertise
Operating systems Windows (all version from win 95 to Vista and Windows 7) installing, configuring, maintaining Unix (incl. Linux) using as developer and system operator IBM - OS/400 using and maintaining as developer and system operator: work with libraries, members, objects, source files, user accounts, privileges, batch files etc. IBM OS/2 installing, configuring, maintaining. User Software CASE tools: Oracle designer, ErWin, BPWin, Rational Rose, Enterprise Architect, JDeveloper; Developer tool and DB tools: Oracle Enterprise manager, Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Forms/Reports, RMAN, LogMiner, SQLDeveloper, Quest & TOAD, JAVA NetBeans, VisualGen, Visual Age; Tools and utilities: Office tools (word processors, spreadsheet, email tool, visio tool, presentation tool, draw tool, db tool, HTML tool, tools for sincronisation data in group work - SVN etc.), antivirus utilities, UPS utilities, backup utilities, report utilities; Other: AutoCAD, Joomla, GIMP, Bugzilla, DevTrack Database Program languages Oracle, Access, MySql, Informix, DB2 for Windows Standard SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, C/C++, Java, PHP, HTML / CSS / XML, Cobol, Pascal, VisualBasic Simulating languages: GPSS, Arena Script language for: Windows, OS/400, Unix Concepts Software development life cycle, UML Analysis and Design, Agile methodology, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, System Analyses and Data Modeling, Reverse engineering, Database administration & optimization, Projects / Team Management, Task Definition and Administration, Consulting, Education & Training

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Curriculum Vitae Tadi Saa

Interests/Activities/Positions of Responsibility
Foreign Language Hobbies English good

Work Experience in IT since 1988

Timeline, Job name, Company Explanation Worked on Montenegro Tax Administration Information System as Analytic and Project manager. Accepted and reviewed project requirements Negotiated and maintained project scope (with customer and/or other stakeholders) Prepared and maintained projects planning documents containing schedule, estimates and risks Controlled and tracked execution of the project in terms of progress on deliverables and adherence to processes Change requests management Communicated the status to the customer, senior management and project team Give feedback to team managers on performance of engineers (preparing reports) Prepared and maintained project finance report Worked on Montenegro Tax Administration Information System as DBA of Oracle RAC version 11 with ASM Installed Oracle RAC software and created Oracle databases Performed patches of the database and software Managed the database's storage structures Managed users and security Defined and implemented backup policy Monitored the database's health and take preventive or corrective action as required Monitored and tuned performance
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From May 2007 Analytic and Project manager Hermes-SoftLab and ComTrade Serdara Jola Piletia 28 81000 Podgorica

Curriculum Vitae Tadi Saa

Timeline, Job name, Company

Explanation Administration for Joint Services Of The Republic Bodies Belgrade Serbia Migrated enterprise production environment from character terminal, client/server Oracle 6 application architecture towards Oracle 9i and GUI Oracle Forms/Reports 9 client/server application. Migrated Latin code page to Cyrillic code page on all levels (application, internal logic, data in database, GUI, operating system Unix and Windows). Started environment: Bull Escala AIX OS. Target environment: IBM System P5 500 AIS OS Realized tools for backup database under IBM Tivoli environment Judicial information system of Montenegroanalytic Central population registry of Montenegro sw engineer, analytic

From June 2006 May 2007 Project Manager Coding Bul. Svetog Petra Cetinjskog 21 81000 Podgorica

Project manager and analytic for Information System of Montenegro Pension System. Maintained Oracle applications for stocking, material control, accounting, hotel booking and reservation, marketing. Configured and administered three interconnected Oracle database (production, StandBy and RMAN). Resolved problems with Oracle performances, backups and responsibilities. Created and used SQL scripts for monitoring and administering Oracle database

From July 2000 June 2006 DB Administrator Port of Bar Obala 13. jula bb 85000 Bar

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Curriculum Vitae Tadi Saa

Timeline, Job name, Company

Explanation Worked on AS/400 computer under OS/400 Developed various applications using Cobol language and OS/400 developer framework. Developed and maintained financial applications for the client in the Port of Bar and third users on various platform (Windows / Unix) and tools (VisualBasic, Oracle PL/SQL, Access, Informix 4GL). Developed and implemented sw for UNIDO methodology for Feasibility studies. Worked in cooperation with Technical faculity from Belgrade and Computer Center of Jugoslav railways on implementation sw for monitoring trains wagon with a special focus on monitoring the wagons at the Port of Bar

From July 1992 July 2000 Project Manager Port of Bar Obala 13. jula bb 85000 Bar

From September 1988 July 1992 Leader Programmer Headquarters of Ministry of Defense Kneza Miloa 11000 Beograd

Worked as Cobol Programmer on Honeywell computer under GCOS-6 operating system Worked in Republic Secretariat for Development on honorary basis. Using Unix as developer for financial application from 1993 to 1995 (Informix DB, Informix 4GL language and SCO Unix Operating system).


Make applications in C++, JAVA, PHP, HTML / XML / CSS for educations, for hobby and for few small business requests. On his own web site (submenu about information technology) tries to present some hidden tips about well known program tools

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