Living the Lectionary 12th Sunday After Pentecost

Season: Pentecost Week of September 4th
About the Season: The season of Pentecost is a season of being given the gifts of God for the purpose of living out His mission on earth as His Body. It’s color, green, implies the growth of the Church both personally and as a Body through the work of the Holy Spirit.

Starting with the Psalms: Instructions

About this Sunday: We continue our series in the Psalms with a portion of the longest Psalm, Psalm 119. This Psalm and all of our other readings for this Sunday point us to God’s instructions to deal with

certain realities of our lives. As we see God’s wisdom here, we thank Him for His grace in giving us His instructions.

Reflecting on the Readings: • Ezekiel 33:7-11 – Give Them Instruction – God comes to Ezekiel and demands that he instruct not only the good, but the wicked people of his age. What instruction would you offer to the wicked people of this age and how would you go about instructing them? • Psalm 26 – Give Me Your Instructions – The Psalmist cries out to God for teaching and instruction that will help us live our lives. How many times do you turn to prayer or your Bible when you’re looking for instruction about life? • Romans 13:8-14 – Instructions On How to Love - Paul continues to instruct the Romans, now on how they are to love one another and the world – through keeping God’s commandments. How do you love someone by keeping the 10 commandments? • Matthew 18:15-20 – Instructions for Dealing with One Another – We will sin against one another, and when we do, Jesus provides us with instructions to bring them to repentance. Would you be willing to be brought to account for your sins with the instructions of Matthew 18? Law and Gospel: • Law: We need instructions to navigate this world that has become confused and confusing because of our sins. We need God’s wisdom to help guide us. • Gospel: God willingly offers us not only His instruction, but His forgiveness which sets us

back on the right path even after we have taken the wrong instructions. Living the Lectionary Ideas: • Learn: Psalm 119 is the longest Psalm. It has one section for every letter in the Hebrew alphabet (22). Take time this week to read all 176 verses and see what you notice about this longest Psalm. • Do: People get lost all of the time and are afraid to ask for instructions. Look around for people that look lost (literally or metaphorically) and offer them some guidance. • Live: Take on the attitude of paying attention to instructions. Think of the instructions that you have been given in the Scriptures and try to follow them more closely.

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