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100 things to draw

observe ///////////////////////////////////////
1. Your cat 2. Your dog 3. Other peoples cat 4. Other peoples dogs 5. Cars 6. Bicycles 7. Motorbikes 8. Your body (or others -- its a wonderland after all!) 9. Your husband 10. Your wife 11. Other peoples spouses (careful with this one!) 12. Your parents 13. Your relatives 14. Your kids 15. Other peoples kids 16. Your bed 17. Other peoples bed (careful with this one as well) 18. The people who pass you on the street 19. A chair 20. A table 21. Lamps 22. Your cup 23. Your plate 24. Your cutlery 25. The drapes 26. That hanging fan that creaks a lot 27. Book covers 28. Food (this alone is a lot to play with) 29. Desserts (totally different category altogether) 30. What youre wearing today 31. What you wore some other day 32. A commentary on politics 33. A joke you heard 34. A quote you love 35. That new favorite pair of shoes you just bought 36. Your hands 37. Other peoples hands 38. Or feet 39. Your favorite pencil 40. Manly tools (not THOSE. Think spanners ) 41. Your favorite place 42. Bathroom fixtures 43. Your bathroom lotions and potions 44. Kitchen appliances 45. Pots and pans 46. Insects (butterflies, toads, spiders) 47. Birds 48. Flowers 49. Trees 50. Shrubs 51. Grass 52. Your purse 53. Other peoples purses (careful...) 54. Boxes 55. Animals that are imaginary 56. Animals that are real 57. Mosters 58. The inside of your house 59. Your favorite buildings 60. Your favorite people 61. Things youd like to see 62. People you havent met yet 63. Your dreams 64. What youd like for Christmas 65. What you want RIGHT NOW 66. Hair 67. Hats 68. Dresses 69. Shirts 70. Pants 71. Underwear 72. Socks 73. Glasses 74. Shop displays 75. Clowns 76. The circus (or a theme park) 77. Baskets 78. A new invention 79. Your thoughts 80. Your business plan (yes, draw it!)

imagine. ////////////////
81. Things that go bump in the night 82. Things that smell 83. Things that fly 84. Things that make you go hmmmm 85. Things that remind you of love 86. Things that make you sleep 87. Things that keep you awake 88. Things that start with the letter A (or B, C, D...) 89. Things that can only go up, not down 90. Things that will last forever

Draw as if youve just seen your subject for the first time Let your hands do the talking imagine your line conversing with the paper. See patterns in everything. Color, dots, lines and motion! Look up. And down. Often. Not everything is in the middle. Make mistakes, and then some make more.
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what if ? //////////
91. You cross an armadilllo with a rat? (or any combinations of animals really) 92. Flowers are geometrical instead of organic? 93. You can only hear instead of see? How will your work turn out then? 94. You dream in stills? 95. You can fly? What will you see? 96. Gravity was turned on its head? 97. What if you took a different path in life? How would you see things? 98. What if you woke up one day with no recollection of the previous day? 99. What if everything was made out of jello? 100. ..What if you could see into the future? What do you see?

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