James Adams Doe 613 Apostolic Lane Grovetown, GA 30813

Dated: March 02, 2011


United States Department of State ATTN: Mr. Michael H. Posner, Assistant Secretary Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor 2201 C Street NW Washington D.C. 20520-6810 NORTH CAROLINA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Division of Motor Vehicles 3148 Mail Service Center Raleigh, NC 27699-3148

North Carolina County of Dogg

) ) ss )

Affidavit of Truth Notice of Withdrawal of USA Citizenship and Declaration of Independence and Repudiation of Presumption of Jurisdiction by USA or any entity operating under its authority and a Declaration of Peace Treaty. NOTICE TO PRINCIPAL IS NOTICE TO AGENT NOTICE TO AGENT IS NOTICE TO PRINCIPAL FOR AND ON THE RECORD, TAKE NOTICE: 1. Sovereign Affiant is competent to state to the matters included in these declarations and Notices and has knowledge of the facts, and hereby declares that to the best of

herein and hereafter claim absolute power. which provides that immediate steps shall be taken to transfer all power to those designated as colonial peoples. STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA . complete. fulfill its obligations to promote and protect affiant’s right to self determination and other universally recognized human rights and fundamental freedoms. or whatever nature. or other members of the Sovereign family unit that I am a member of. 5. and herein state. James Adams Doe declare my independence from the USA. and all political sub-corporations thereof. and I require that Respondents comply with their obligations arising there from. authority and control over myself. he is exercising his fundamental human right to self determination and is identifying himself as Sovereign and demanding that he be recognized as such. and. that we are free. and not meant to mislead. as a matter of Right the protections accorded to me by virtue of my former colonial status and as one of the people identified in and granted independence by. I refuse for fraud and without dishonor and without recourse to myself. without limitation.. . protections and freedoms accorded by or found in the United Nations Declaration on Principles of International Law Concerning Friendly Relations and Co-Operation among States in Accordance with the Charter of the United Nations. including the Right to identify ourselves as Sovereign peoples and to be recognized as such. and specifically at Article 5. This Sovereign Affiant declares his independence from the USA. 4. and my progeny. Respondent(s) are not above the law. that identifies me or that contains identifiers that relate to me. which is the colonial authority that you are operating under and makes the demand that the USA. agreements and/or claims made by the USA. over to me at the location provided below and I restate my claim of independence from the USA or it’s designees. Sovereign peoples that are entitled to all rights. including international human rights law. in its entirety. my children. Please take note of the Maxim of Law that provides that “all are equal before the law” and that “no one is above the law”.. and recognized in. Inc. for the record. and heretofore. I.Affiant's knowledge and belief that the statements made in this affidavit are true. agents or designees. Inc. all commercial contracts. have a duty to obey the law. the provisions of the United Nations Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples. I invoke. Sovereign Affiant's gives actual and constructive notice of his Sovereign status and states that he is a Sovereign habitant living on lands settled by his ancestors and that by virtue of that status and authorities arising from customary and treaty based international law.. 2. or members of my family. I claim this power and herein require you to transfer to me all power or presumptive authority that you have over me and all files containing information. [13th & 14th Amendments]. it’s sub-corporations. Inc. correct. over me. 3. and have sworn a solemn oath to obey the law and are required to promote and protect human rights recognized in the international law instruments cited herein.

to extract procurement of amounts incurred as a result of your failure to comply with the Maxims of Law. the Bankruptcy Code. You are hereby notified that any exercise of power that is not specifically delegated to the respondents that infringes on my rights or the rights of my family members leaves those engaging in such infringements personally liable at commercial law and that I/We will use all commercial modalities available to us.6. 10. Affiant hereby gives Notice of withdrawal of actual or constructive national citizenship of Affiant and his family. United States citizenship. Inc. or his immediate or extended families that is consistent with obligations incurred by you under the dpil.. or voluntarily requested or accepted extraordinary benefits from the United States. actions. Affiant hereby demands Proof of Claims of Jurisdiction.. intentionally. Affiant hereby gives Notice that Affiant is a Sovereign individual and part of a Sovereign community living on the Lands claimed by the USA. Affiant declares that at no time during the course of his life. sell and distribute any Sovereign mineral. the UCC. cultivate. 11. 12. Inc. spiritual or religious practices and we require that no agent or agency of the USA engage in any activity that infringes upon or restricts our right to do so or to provide written proof of the individual’s authorizations permitting derogation from this universal requirement prior to infringements. State of Tennessee residency. Power or control over this Sovereign human Being. or international law as set forth in the list of instruments that we have accepted for value and consideration and which impart to all agents of the USA and obligation to perform there under and for sums you owe us for violating civil and criminal laws. or its subdivisions. through his words. . 7. 15. Affiant hereby gives Notice of' Withdrawal of State of Alabama Residency. has he willingly. flora or fauna in our medicinal. 14. Please take Notice that we will hereafter use. Affiant hereby timely withdraws each and every mistaken or presumed request or acceptance of extraordinary benefits granted by the United States or its subdivisions. or State of Alabama residency. individually or severally. Affiant hereby gives Notice of' Withdrawal of State of NORTH CAROLINA Residency. 9. or inactions. State of NORTH CAROLINA residency. to James Adams Doe. 8. knowingly. Affiant hereby gives Notice of' Withdrawal of State of Tennessee Residency. including but not necessarily limited to. His Children. 13.

Demand for a Full Accounting. the USA. proof of your personal authority to derogate from customary international law or the provisions of Treaties and/or other international human rights instruments that the USA is party to and which obligate the USA and it’s creatures and requires them to promote and protect my universally recognized human rights and fundamental freedoms. statute. of all above referenced accounts must be documented. I acknowledge that truth is sovereign and I claim the right to require that the USA and those claiming authority over me act in accordance with this Maxim and respond. power and control over Me and/or other members of the Sovereign family unit to which I belong and constitutes a Demand for A Bill of Particulars which Contains a Full Accounting of all Accounts held by the USA. Reservation of Rights as per UCC 1-207/1-308 or other applicable statutes. . In Commerce Truth is sovereign. c. rule. I claim this right. but not limited to. A workman is worthy of his hire. is occurring. 18. or which will occur in the future: a. and its political sub-divisions. from any colonial source that assigns any power or authority to the USA or other alien creature.. my Right to Self Determination. and. Inc. and intentionally. Truth is expressed in the form of an affidavit. including. truthfully. and is the new Contract between myself. This Commercial Affidavit is an expression of the truth made under the rules of law that govern commercial transactions. The Maxims of Law: a. that contains SSN#___________________.16. or entity operating under it’s authority or subject to its jurisdiction. 17. Your Bill of Particulars. jurisdiction. resolution or other regulatory pronouncement or edict. Truth and Full Disclosure shall be the prevailing law governing this Affidavit that is made on My commercial liability. customary and/or treaty based international law. willingly. All are equal before the law. I reserve my right not to be compelled to comply with the provisions of any regulation. d. to this Demand for proof of authority. permits me to make this affidavit and to require a response from the respondent(s) in affidavit. for a Full Accounting of all accounts that use or include the ssn# __________. and I refuse to honor or to accept the compelled liability arising out of any commercial contract or agreement I did not enter knowingly. I claim this rights as the workman that provides for his family b. and you must provide proof of claims for each exercise of jurisdiction that has occurred. I claim the right to express this truth and I require the respondent(s) to accept this truth or to rebut it by affidavit or to accept commercial liability for failing to do so. rules or regulations existing in domestic. and its provisions shall govern in any claim that is made against me/us and is an invalidation of any prior or existing claim or presumption of claim and is a repudiation of all claims of authority or jurisdiction. power or control over me and my family. including international human rights law: a.

Denial of corporate Status I deny that any creature of the USA. d. and the full and effective enjoyment of. and. must be subscribed and sworn to on the claimant’s personal commercial liability and witnessed by a competent third party public witness such as a County Notary. or. including but not limited the fundamental human right to travel. but not limited to. 19. by name and title. including. jus cogens and treaty based international law. 20. or Other. universally recognized human rights and fundamental freedoms. Your affidavit must be made according to the Rules of Commercial Law. throughout this Land or my right to privacy which includes within its scope the right to be free of undue and unlawful interference with such rights and that support your claim that you can compel me to comply with statutory or other regulatory provisions that govern corporate entities despite my non corporate status. or other alien entity. Proof in the form of a certified. agent. but not limited to. over this Sovereign Affiant or members of his family. or the USA. An affidavit rebutting the claims made in this affidavit. is vested with power to interfere with my life or to infringe on the free exercise of universally recognized human rights and fundamental freedoms recognized in international law and I require that the respondents comply with the Maxims of Law and the general rules of commercial law. A Certified Copy of the proof that claimant is permitted to deny the Affiant and his family the equal protection of the laws of the USA or to use force and/or the threat of force. as Stated in the Maxims of Law. representative or other creature of the USA. Notice of obligation of all persons holding an office of trust or profit under the USA to obey the law. e. international human rights law. the Bankruptcy Rules provided for by and in the Bankruptcy Code. freely and unencumbered. and. to compel me to enter into commercial contracts or agreements that deny me the free exercise of. 11 USC. other Sovereign peoples. Proof that you are operating under a valid authority that the Affiant is subject to and that complies with the provisions of the dpil c. Notary Public. Proof that you are authorized to maintain records on me or my family without our prior and informed consent. signed copy of the Delegation of Authority Order that identifies the claimant sub-corporation.b. power or control over me. f. including. that authorizes the claimant to exercise jurisdiction. power or control. . must be signed by the man/woman making any claim of jurisdiction. and I require that all claims of power over me or other members of my family be supported by commercial affidavit that is sworn on the commercial liability of the person or persons making any claim against us that substantiates the authority of the claimant to make any claims over us because we are non-corporate peoples and not subject to regulation by any commercial agreement and we conditionally accept the presumption that you are acting under a valid power and that Sovereign peoples are subject to the jurisdiction of the Agency or entity making a claim against us.

b. 23. and on a point for point basis. or other. Notice to executive agencies and executive agents or others making claim against a debtor. d. Universal Declaration of Human Rights. prior to the adjudication or disposition of this Affidavit/Counter-claim as mandated by 11 USC 7013.The USA is bound by the terms of the United Nations Charter. and you must swear on your commercial liability that the information is true and your affidavit must be witnessed by a third party public witness. and the Charter of the OAS. or international law instruments. Implementation of Human Rights Treaties. to maintain records on me/us/ Sovereign peoples or to interfere with my privacy. including human rights instruments which specifically deny to you any power to interfere with my/our individual or collective rights as Sovereign peoples. and the provisions of the Bankruptcy prevent you from requiring me to place myself under your authority and any attempt to do so is considered an act of . You must cite. categorically. and you must also offer proof that demonstrates that the Affiant is one of the persons found or included within the scope of persons that the executive authority. and are collaterally estopped from proceeding in any matter regarding my family members or myself without our prior written and informed consent. for the official record. 22. c. the Executive Agency or Agent. rule. to regulate the conduct and activities of Sovereign peoples. You may not interfere with. the authority that allows you. Please Note the limitations to your power. If you fail to answer this affidavit with a rebuttal affidavit. This Affidavit specifically rebuts any presumption that you may interfere with human rights or that you are immune when you fail to honor your obligations under Executive Order 13107. 21. Rule 8(d) of the Civil Rules of Procedure and a Maxim of Law provides that an unrebutted affidavit is presumed to be true in commerce. Executive Order 13107. is empowered to regulate. see Rule 13(a) where this Affidavit constitutes a counterclaim and a rebuttal of the presumption that you are authorized by any law. monitor us or interfere with my/our privacy and you are required to inform all persons seeking information about us that there is no basis for such exchange and that transmittal of same constitutes a violation of this family’s Fundamental Human Right to Privacy and a criminal conspiracy to deny equal rights and deprive rights as described in 18 USC 241 and 242. then you and Your Principal shall be deemed to be in Commercial Dishonor and this Affidavit shall constitute a judgment against you. resolution. resolutions and agreements arising from those bodies. and is bound by the specific terms of these instruments to promote and protect the rights of Sovereign peoples that are enumerated in the declarations. that empowers you. The USA and all of its sub-corporations are Bankrupt. a. You are required to submit to the Affiant a Response/cross-claim to this Affidavit of Truth that rebuts the claims herein.

by any medium. Affiant is a Sovereign man. Affiant is not a sub corporation of the USA and does not voluntarily surrender to the USA or any sub corporation thereof. and principal creditor having priority lien hold interest to all property held in the name of JAMES ADAMS DOE. and is the secured party. including human rights law. 25. including. without official sanctions and incur civil and commercial liability for all acts of commission or omission that damage us. and the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action. and all subsequent assertions made relating to claims made by the USA or any of its sub-corporations. the provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 26. the power to classify him as a corporate entity or to use such classification as a pretext for interfering with his free exercise of. NOTICE OF NON-COMMERCIAL STATUS Affiant is not a CORPORATE ENTITY. as that term is defined in international law. and by Title 11 of the USC. 27. intentionally or knowingly sought corporate status and where such status was sought or acquired repudiates all such acceptances because of lack of full disclosure and fraud in the factum. 24. and ILO Convention 169 this. any of the universally recognized human rights and fundamental freedoms found in customary and treaty based international law. I will not argue with you or dishonor you in any way and I am submitting this affidavit as proof that I have apprised you of my non corporate status and inform you that you must . cited as the Bankruptcy Code. repudiates and revokes all claims or presumptions that he is a corporate entity or that he has voluntarily. international human rights law. superior claimant. and herein rebukes. holder in due course. I object to any presumption of jurisdiction arising out of 11 USC 501 or 105(a) and I inform you that there are no grants of power that allow you to interfere with my rights and that under 11 USC 106(a) the USA and all governmental units have made a waiver of sovereign immunity which means that the person or persons seeking to interfere with my rights or to disseminate private info or information that I have not specifically authorized which violates My Copyrights shall be deemed a commercial infraction and just restitution will be demanded for unlawful use or publication.genocide and a violation of the Rules of the Bankruptcy. but not limited to. I don’t volunteer and you are hereby notified that pursuant to the provisions of 11 USC 502. which has required you to relinquish any claim that you might wish to resort to asserting that you have sovereign immunity or that you are not commercially liable when engaging in any act of commission or omission that deprives me/us of any Right or Freedom. I am not a slave and you do not own or control me. Please take Notice that you do not have any power over me and you are operating under grants of power emanating from the Commerce Clause of the cfusa and are therefore bound by its provisions and by the provisions of international law. or any agent of the USA. previous Organization [#UCC1] evidenced by this Affidavit and Notice. do so in their individual capacities. and full enjoyment of.

Fact: The person known as JAMES ADAMS DOE (and all derivatives thereof) is a fiction (hereinafter Fiction) without form or substance. Property. Fact: Use of the Fiction on any document associated in any manner with my Estate or me.000.000. outside the authority of law and the Constitutional Courts of original jurisdiction. my Life. Fact: Use of the Fiction for the intent of gains for themselves (the issuers or users) or for others of any of my Rights. Section 10 of We the People’s Contract/Constitution for the United States per use per Fiction including any past. Fact: I have placed a counter-claim/copyright on the Fiction known as JAMES ADAMS DOE and it is now my private property and cannot be used by government entities and agents for their personal gain. the Secured Party.00) dollars of silver specie in lawful coinage of the United States per user and per issuer per Fiction. and Liberty. Fact: Use of the Fiction on any document associated in any manner with my Estate or me. without my prior written consent and then only under the terms set out in this contract. Liberty. 32. without my written prior consent is strictly forbidden and chargeable to each user and issuer in the amount of the sum certain of one million ($1. 33. for the protection of my Estate. and any resemblance to any natural born body living or dead is entirely intentional in commercial fraud by acts of Genocide of We the People by the alleged Government officials and Agents of the Commercial Corporation and Commercial Courts for the purpose of disfranchising We the People of from our Life. Secured Party.000. my private property or any part of my Estate without full disclosure and my written prior consent is strictly forbidden and chargeable to each of the users and issuers in the amount of the sum certain of one million ($1.00) dollars of silver specie in lawful coinage of the United States as defined under Article I. without my written prior consent is all of the evidence required for enforcement of this agreement/contract and evidence that any and all users and issuers are in full agreement and have accepted this agreement/contract under the condition and terms so stated and set forth herein and is due and payable under the terms and conditions set forth herein this agreement/contract.submit proof of claim that authorizes you to derogate from the provisions of international law. Fact: The Fiction is my perfected security and registered by contract with me (and with the Secretary of State of North Carolina as such for five years)) and is my recorded copyright Fiction by this declaration under original common law jurisdiction for onehundred (100) years and is the private property of me. 31.000. 30. Secured Party. present or future use. the holder in due course. . the holder in due course. and Pursuit of Happiness for their selfenrichment using their Commercial Rules of Civil Procedure. 29. Notice of Copyright 28.

or other infringement upon or interference with my rights. to wire fraud and/or mail fraud. singly and multiple payments when more than one act is committed or omitted. rules. conspiring in the commission of. Your response must be posted to me at this location: c/o 231 Leftover Place NE Mydeathtrap. agree that [irs cid agent] as the settler and permit me to require you to settle the commercial liability/ obligation by filing a UCC 1. You are given a time which is 14 days following the date of service to submit an answer. for every individual act. including international criminal law. If you fail to comply with this demand and continue to disseminate information relating to me. statutes. this is your opportunity to respond to rebut this Affidavit or to accede to it provisions. and. have no authority over me or any member of my Sovereign family. each state actor or person acting with. PZ [30067] A failure to rebut the claims made herein shall constitute your tacit agreement that the claims are true. are required to fulfill your commercial obligation to cease and desist from interfering with the free exercise and full and effective enjoyment of any universally recognized human right or fundamental freedoms. Sovereign Standing in Law . and ordinances. or to bring a Chapter 7 involuntary bankruptcy action against you in a foreign jurisdiction. and. b. publicly and privately. 36. conspiracy to deprive rights. that you will promote and protect these rights. whichever sum is the greater. Ga. 35. Financing Statement and commercial lien against the perpetrator. or to members of his family then you agree to accept personal commercial liability in the amount of $1. or other violation.Free From Slavery and Colonial Rule . that we are not obligated to recognize or perform under your codes.000. c.34. and is your acknowledgment that you agree that the claims made herein are true and correct and valid and that you: a. including but not limited. and a place to post your response to.00 for each use of the Copyrighted name(s). extortion of rights.000. aiding. or abetting or in way complicit in the interference with my rights and each of you. Notice of Personal Liability You are required to file this document and to report to all inquirers that I am not a corporate entity and that I am not subject to the rules that regulate corporations and that each inquiry that uses a copyrighted name violates copyright law and is an unlawful interference with my internationally recognized human rights and fundamental freedoms. or to pay the actual amounts provided for at law.

statutes. The Social Security Act of 1935.. agencies. The United States Bankruptcy 1933 per Executive Orders 6073.This Affidavit of Truth speaks about a Sovereign Woman who is FREE from the physical and financial slavery imposed by Executive Order 100. rules. regulations. 6102. county. The Civil War 1861 – 1865. and its agents.. Declaration of Peace Treaty by Affidavit I. Inc. War on anything that did not include a physical invasion of foreign forces on the Soil of North America and the Western Hemisphere. parish. The Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917. ________________ hereby make this Declaration of Peace Treaty by Affidavit to the United States. and bylaws of the United States. The Trading With the Enemy Act of 1933.” Since the United States of America. The Lieber Codes of 1863. hereinafter United States. Inc. [i. and political sub-divisions believe that I am wrong in my Declaration by Affidavit. I am a free sovereign man as proclaimed in the Constitution for the united States of America. To insure that the USA. The Federal Unemployment Tax Act of 1939. or anything else] without provocation and/or an invading army from another country. The Trading With the Enemy Act of 1933.. codes. The Lieber Codes of 1863. This Treaty of Peace will be sent not only to the United States. and all Executive Orders with Declarations of War on Drugs. and I am not a Residence of any part of the Corporate United States or any of its political sub-divisions. departments. I only ask . alleged state. The Federal Unemployment Tax Act of 1939. If the United States. municipal governments. Terrorist. but to the International Communities as well to ensure that I am not made a political/financial slave/prisoner for this declaration. 1861 after the Civil War. agencies. 38.. and the International Communities/Families of my new-birth with liberty onto the land of my Forefathers conquered as follows. its agents. Inc. republic and many Rulings by the Constitutional Supreme Court of the united States of America. and 6260 by FDR President of The United States. The Federal Reserve Act of December 1913. 6111. and all Executive Orders declaring a War on Drugs. political sub-divisions. republic and hereby Demand to be treated as such “without the laws. The United States Bankruptcy 1933 per Executive Orders 6073. republic was never reconvened by a Constitutional Congress under the laws and restrictions of its Constitution after the walkout of the Southern States March 27.The New Deal of 1933. and its international keepers. Inc. The Social Security Act of 1935. 37. Inc. city. The Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917. The New Deal of 1933. policies.. 6102. War on Terrorist. The Federal Reserve Act of December 1913. township. Executive Order 13037.] understand that I am not a combatant as alleged in the Executive Order 100.e. and 6260 by FDR President of The United States. Inc. Executive Order 13037. I have no intention of being kept a financial/political slave by the United States. The Civil War 1861 – 1865. 6111. commissions. Inc.

sworn by a third party witness not a party to the Corporation. and coercion of the occupying forces [habitants of European Nations in offices of alleged government] on the soil of North America by the intentional theft of gold... or letters to love-ones. Inc. that places you in a class of slavery to the USA. Inc.. [its political sub-divisions. Ga. Failure to use their systems only means you have no way to communicate in writing anywhere Should you consider my position in error… Further Affiant sayeth not. INC. Witness my hand and seal this ___ day of March. agents. 39. republic. coal. 2011. contractors] and the entire World that I am not at war with the United States. 35. has declared war against me [The New Deal/Trading With the Enemy Act of 1933. Inc. 40. or anything else] without provocation. territory NORTH CAROLINA ) ss County of Cobb ) ) ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I. 41. with written proof that the documents mentioned here were repealed by the lawful Constitutional Congress of the United States of America. other precious metals. by owners and enforcers of the federal reserve act of 1913. threat. Notary Public My Commission expires . ______________________________. diamond.that they respond by Affidavit. do hereby state that on this day James Adams Doe personally appeared before me and executed the foregoing. a Notary Public for said County and State. Dated this ___ day of March 2011 James Adams Doe c/o 231 Leftover Place NE Mydeathtrap. under penalty of perjury. I am forced to use federal reserve notes [a private taxable use script] as a means of exchange in commerce under duress. silver. Terrorist. and no chance to establish our own post road and/or office. Sovereign Habitants are forced to use a “zip code” (adhesion contract of federal territory) whenever an attempt is made to exchange information. and all Executive Orders declaring a War on Drugs. natural resources. agencies. elected/appointed officials.. even though the United States. I hereby offer this Declaration of Peace Treaty by Affidavit to show the United States. oil.

Department of State .S. Secretary U. James Adams Doe hereby certify that a complete.CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I. true and certified copy was sent to each of the following with Certificate of Service and sufficient postage paid for delivery by the United States Postal Services and Private Courier Service: Office of the Secretary of State United States Hilary Rodham Clinton.

Sovereign Man . Secretary of State State of NORTH CAROLINA ____________________________ ____________________________ Office of the Secretary of State ______________________. Street NW Washington. Handel. Secretary Kentucky Secretary of State ___________________________ ___________________________ Office of the Secretary of State ______________________.220I C. Switzerland __________________________ James Adams Doe. Secretary Alabama Secretary of State ____________________________ ____________________________ Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights Navanethem Pillay. Secretary Tennessee Secretary of State ___________________________ ___________________________ Office of the Secretary of state ______________________. High Commissioner Office of the High Commissioner Palais des Nations CH-1211 Geneva 10. DC 20520 Office of the Secretary of State Karen C.

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