Nicole Pace Characteristics of Adult Learners August 23, 2011 Learning in Adulthood: A Comprehensive Guide Authors: Merriam, Caffarella and

Baumgartner 3rd Edition | 2007 Left Side = Key Information/Facts Chapter One- The Social Context of Adult Learning “The question is no longer whether adult learning is needed, and how important it is. The issue today is how to respond to this increasing and diversified demand, how to manage this explosion.” (Belanger, 1996) Three Conditions Characteristic of the current sociocultural context that are shaping the learning needs of adult’s in today world: • Changing Demographics • Globalization • Technology Greater adults and older adults influence how learning is developed for individuals. Growing cultural and ethnic diversity amongst America’s population. Right Side = Reactions/Reflections It is amazing to me how technology has overwhelmingly changed the learning landscape for adults. To think that I can be miles away from a “brick and mortar” school and achieve the same degree as a student at the campus is wonderful.

Chapter Two- Learning Environments and Learning Concepts

Learning can be highly structured to more informal ways of learning. Importance of understanding that learning happens in so many places and in varied places. Duck Carver story is a great example of the motivation learning and education can have on an adult. Although the duck carver did not have a formal education, he used the vehicle of learning as a means to his

I think of the idea of teachable moments Introduced by Noel Tichy, and the value of using everyday situations as learning opportunities.

There is a great need for independent learning skills and commitment needed to be successful. Betterment in the community. It is about each of us drafting a learning contract to be accountable to our learning goals and strategies. anywhere.Lifelong learning needs to reach deeper into a learners’ definition of being. Online learning is accessible and flexible Online learning is cost-effective Organizational learning and the learning organization are interchangeable regarding the definition. Myths of Online Learning – It is inclusive and democratic. rituals and norms to “tell a story” and educate. The focus is on social action and change. Learning Opportunities: Formal Non-formal (mass media) Informal (self-directed learning) Online Source: Taylor’s studies – instructors appeal to the needs of students. Indigenous Learning focuses on the power and respect of one’s culture. Organizational learning occurs when members of the organization act as Lifelong learning is seen by the Department of Labor as access to training to develop skills needed in the workplace. Examples: Indians using tribal stories and art relics Growth of Online learning • Too much commercialization of online education. (p. Nicole Reactions. . 30) Non-formal educational opportunities include GED | Forums | outlet for problem solving. for anyone may not be effective.need to gather information for his success and next steps. Although for profit school like the University of Phoenix offer learning anytime.

responding to changes in the internal and external environments of the organization by detecting and correcting errors in organizational theory-in-use. The learning must become embedded in the organization for learning to be considered successful. Lifelong Learning and the Learning Society China is a learning society due to the profound changes it has experienced. where people continually learning to act together” Learning has a synergistic effect on the organization.learning agents of the organization. . (authors cited: Argyris and Schon) Peter Senge – The Fifth Discipline: Defined it as “a place where people continually expand their capacity to create results they truly desire. new patterns of thinking are developed and nurtured.

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