OFFICE OF THE CITY MANAGER Penny Ballem, City Manager CONFIDENTIAL July 25, 2011

TO: FROM: SUBJECT: CC: Mayor and Council Penny Ballem 2011 Greenest City Neighbourhood Grants – Information Request Sadhu Johnston, Deputy City Manager Francie Connell, Director Legal Services Jeff Greenberg, Legal Services David McLellan, General Manager, Community Services Group Brenda Prosken, Deputy General Manager Barbara Van Fraassen, Manager, Information and Privacy Mary Clare Zak, Director Social Policy

A member of Council has requested copies of the information provided to the City by the 16 successful grant applicants whose applications were approved by Council on July 14 2011 under the 2011 Greenest City Neighbourhood Grants. Pursuant to this request, the documentation provided to the City is now being provided to all of Mayor and Council. This is confidential information which should not be disclosed to any third parties. After consulting with Legal Services and the Information and Privacy Manager, I remind you that this information must be kept confidential, as it is subject to statutory restrictions on its disclosure pursuant to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation. The 16 successful organizations provided the information contained in their respective applications for the specific purposes of enabling the City to consider, as part of a grant review process, whether Council should approve a grant to the respective organization. This information cannot be used by the City for any other purpose or disclosed without the consent of the organizations except as required by the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act. If any confidential information is released to outside parties without the organization's consent, the credibility of the City’s granting processes could be seriously undermined. In addition, the City or any person that discloses personal
City of Vancouver, Office of the City Manager 453 West 12th Avenue Vancouver, British Columbia V5Y 1V4 Canada tel: 604.873.7625 fax: 604.873.7641 website:

information could be subject to a claim that they acted in breach of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, as was recently the case in respect of an unauthorized release of information by a Councillor in the City of Prince George who was found guilty of breaching the privacy legislation. If you have questions about the confidential nature of these applications or the release of any of the contents, please let me know.

Penny Ballem

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