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Stop your Anger!

Do you get Angry? Well that might not be the appropriate question because everyone in the world does get angry. Different people react or respond differently to situations. Now firstly remember what/who causes the anger? Anger is an emotion that we experience and it is not created because of a situation or someone telling you something. It is just a response to some event that we choose. A response or a reaction that we choose. But most of the times even before we realize we get angry and the worst part of this is that we later feel guilty and have a vacuum inside. Remember most of the times when you get angry, it’s the anger on self because you feel let down by yourself for not being in control of the situation. And then to show the anger on self you start screaming or shouting. And a little later you feel down, depressed and guilty. Why so? To draw a metaphor of this feeling, imagine that you have the anger inside you and it grows and becomes like a balloon. You just feel helpless of the situation and hence the feeling of anger grows inside you. As you keep on filling the balloon there is a threshold and at some time it burst. And the moment it bursts there is nothing left. And that’s when you feel the lowest. Can you change it? Yes instead of reacting to situation, respond to it. The So What Attitude I have been practicing this for quite sometime now and it has been working for me. I call it the So What Attitude. When something goes wrong, you feel down and dejected and then this can intensify inside you as Anger. However there is a way of handling the same mistake that has been committed. You can just say to yourself ‘So What’. This immediately makes you get disassociated with that even for that instant. Remember you are not running away from the event. You are just making the choice to respond rather than react. So when you say ‘So what’, you mellow down and then accept the mistake that has been done. You are in the right emotional state of mind, which will help you to act in the right way. The words that we use will greatly impact the state of mind. (Read my post on Power of Words
I am sure you can start now! I cannot say stop getting Angry but Respond to Anger rather than reacting!

From Greatness to Excellence!
November 22, 2009

A growth of a person is not always exponential. Everyone at some point of time goes through a phase what I call as a “Plateau”. That’s when the growth is stopped, you perform the best but still you not rise above the expectations. This could be any area of life. It just takes a few important steps to follow to make sure that you get to the next level. Its just takes a small difference to make a huge impact. The Butterfly Effect:

Small variations of the initial condition of a dynamical system may produce large variations in the long term behavior of the system. (Source: Wikipedia) A small minor difference in your own life could make a huge impact later. This is true in every sense of it. When you want to achieve big you don’t need to make big changes in life, it just takes a small and minute change in the way you are doing things to impact the final outcome. Look at this small example in the picture to the left where at the beginning of the lines the difference is so small. Yet look at the final outcome the difference between the two lines. Its huge right? It’s the same impact that is created in life too. If we make a small difference in life, then we can achieve more. if we make the small difference of having to run 1 mile extra every day does it have a larger impact? More energy, fit body and so on. If we were to save an additional 10$ every day which is not much for a day, but in 10 years would mount to huge amounts (This is the mindset of a millionaire in fact). What does to take to make this change? Motivation? No its not motivation that is needed. Motivation is to make sure that you do beyond your perceived capabilities. But this minor change is not about motivation. Its is about

DISCIPLINE. Discipline is something that we might not like but is useful for us. That’s Excellence in Life! If you need to shed 30 pounds you need motivation. If you were to have a 6 pack abs that need Discipline. That’s moving from Greatness towards Excellence. How to identify this small change that you need

Its quite simple to identify the small change. In the area or the field that are striving for excellence, there are two zones in which operate. One is the Comfort Zone. We spend most of our time in the comfort zone. The comfort zone is where are have the highest security where we know that not many things can go wrong and also are achievable. Unfortunately we operate here with only 90% of our potential. In the comfort zone, there is no sense of uncertainty. What we need to do is just move of it and stretch. Once you move out of the comfort zone, reaching your excellence is much more easier and remaining in that Stretch zone is even more important. Easy way to stretch! A critical way to move towards excellence from greatness is by Performance Measure and having a feedback system. When you have a relative grading of your various activities, then you get into the groove of understanding what you must do and what is missing. Like I always say any Goal must be Measurable, else it can lead to a disaster. When you have a performance measure, having a Feedback system is even more important. Many people tend to forget the need for feedback mechanism. It becomes a fear for them to ask for feedback on their performance. I call it always ‘Feedback’ because when you get feedback, you can either take what you want or just ignore. Reviews, comments are not as good a feedback. Its just on your performance from someone who feels certain ways!

“If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.” - Colin Powell The Big Picture Story! Greatness to Excellence is more of the mindset. I know of people who say “sorry not now, I don’t think we can do it” and so. My role model, Dhirubhai Amabani, a business tycoon said “I am deaf to the word ‘no’”. This lead him to greatness. He never used to like people coming to him with a NO, instead he wanted solutions. If a thought arises in our mind, then we can do something to achieve it, and it just takes perseverance to do it. Once you know what it takes to achieve excellence, find some way to make it happen! That’s by stepping in to the stretch zone and doing more than what you can actually do. That will take you from greatness to excellence.

Why must you Live Happily?
September 15, 2009

Living happily is the probably the most wanted way of life and we struggle there not knowing what to do to be happy in life. We tend to be having lots of things in life and yet we are not happy. When people look at us from outside we seem to be too happy but its different in what we experience. Isn’t it true? So whats the way to be happy in life. Is happiness a specific outcome of something yes. I have known many people who say that material things cannot get happiness and they never aim to get something for them. Their goals seem to be so small and that sense of achievement is never there and hence never happy. Being Materialistic cannot make you happy but atleast it will not make you depressed. Having a good bank balance is better off than being a popper. Atleast that will not make you unhappy, if not happy. You will atleast not feel depressed about not being to have the basic things of life. So being mateialistic cannot get you happiness what else can? If you need to know the 1 single reason it has to be Purpose. Because in life there will always be challlenges in life. You will never be without challenges. I have explained about this in many of my articles before on if you do not face challenges then it means that you are leading a very mediocre life. You are not leading a great life. Many people enjoy their challenges because its PURPOSE driven. The one reason that really makes people excited about what they do is the Contribution. Contribution to some major cause that makes them feel important. Unhappiness is also because of not having a sense of contribution. In the movie, “The Rocky”, Rocky Balboa is pushed by his coach Apollo and only in the previous fight he would have lost to Clubber Lang. Rocky will not be able to give the best and will tire out soon during his practise sessions and thats when he understand the true purpose. For him the true purpose is just to prove himself that he is not a coward and can be a winner. Once he understand the

hold 2 of your fingers the index and thumb together. Happiness is most of the times just a state of mind. We have different needs at different times. then we feel not so great about ourselves and we do not feel happy. its having a car. Many self development authors and speakers have been saying that today life is so comfortable and we need to be happier than our fore fathers. This moment you can be happy thinking about the happiest moment of your life. How do you define happiness? This cannot be a concrete answer. See the pictures very clearly and hear whatever you heard that made you feel very happy. The reason why many people do not feel happy inspite of what they have is beacuse many times they do not experience happines. Happiness is an experience that you can live whenever you want. Differnt people define this in differnt ways. So if thats ture why are we not happier than our stone age fore fathers? We all today need a basic lifestyle. True I do agree with that and the fact that we have a computerized world today which makes life easier and many more easiers ways of doing things with the ATM machines and mobile phones and so on. Be in that experience as long as you want to and you can. When you are purpose drive and give you 100% even if you do not get the results you feel satisfied and happy that you have given its best shot. is just to fire the anchor. I want you to intensify this picture how much ever you want. Now our needs are more. It is just not having 3 meals a day. or feel sad about thinking the most disturbing things in your life. If you know what you want then you would always feel great about what you are doing and hence you can feel happy always. But let me tell you something. Repeat this a few more times until your anchor becomes strong.purpose he is very happy and enjoys what he is doing. If this basic need is not met. Do this small exercise: Close your eyes and recall a time when you felt happy. This differs from person to person. that is hold your fingers and you will run the same experience and feel the same way! . so our happiness is also an outcome of this. So whenever you want to feel happy after you have done this exercise. And thats when he realizes that even if he fails he will atleast not be a victim and need not have excuses. (called as Achoring in NLP). For few its a big luxury car and a bunglow. Once you are there in that intense experience of happiness. a house and so on. Have you experienced this many times? Your conscience is clear that you have done your best. The stone age man just wanted food.

A common phrase used by many is “Look that child. Else you would be the laughing stock. take more action and be strong without much of fear. during which time you have fear. haha. for them not getting a candy can cause them worries and feel sad. So Certainty and Motivation go hand in hand. I want to read the above 2 paragraphs again. Well am I contradicting myself? I know yes.You can’t be Motivated always June 26.. Your motivation would be so high that you want take immediate action without knowing the consequences of the same. Its not about what happens but its how we react to it. You just cannot feel great and motivated always. Even a small child has its own worries and difficulties. It needs a great amount of balance. I can only help you to understand that you can step into motivation whenever you want. you must not just have the motivation but also be certain about what you are saying. When you are formulating a strategy if your motivation levels are too high then you would not really put efforts in evaluating your strategies on whether or not they are the right ones. 2009 Lets face the fact. but also be sure that you are doing the right thing and investing in the right company. So motivation is a state that is needed when you need to take action on something that you feel is important. Its just that your motivation must be after you feel . For example. One question commonly asked by many “how do I stay motivated always”. I would also always add up the state of motivation with a state of CERTAINTY. without any worries. However this is not a great state to have when you are doing something that needs a lot of thinking. Well how I wish I too could be that way.. But in the first place why do you need motivation at all? How do you define motivation? Motivation is a state at which you can think high. And its so damn boring to be motivated always. when you have fear of talking on stage (Public speaking) for example. It’s just not motivation for you to invest money in the stock market. Sorry I don’t have any strategy for making you feel motivated always. I am but not really true. you also must be sure of the things that you are doing. But is it always true? Well not really because your fear is also because of uncertainty. wish I too was like that”. When you are motivated to do something.

If you being to use the same techniques and formula will you also achieve the desired results. when you are investing. 2009 Today is not going to be a writing an empowering post or an email but this post will be of a self reflection. My question for you today is “how much of that do you really put in use?” Why and how do you plan to use all these techniques and learning in your own life? The main objective behind me using these quotes or writing various articles is not just simply to motivate you but make you understand that successful people had certain formula of success and that’s the key differentiating factor. Are you the Driver or the Passenger in the BUS? March 23. like how specifically they achieved success in any area of their life. After that you must feel that sense of motivation to break the barrier of fear. So your certainty comes first. For example.certain. That’s when a voice inside of your head says “Oh my! Will I fail? Will I do well?”. My daily email new letter has been consistently reaching thousands of emails every day for the last over 100 days without fail and many more. Interviewing successful people. (If you wish to subscribe to my newsletter visit the home pagehttp://lifeofexcellence. Over the years I have been sharing lots of my learning through various medium. You must be first sure of what you want and do and then beat the fear. you must be certain that yes what you are doing is the right and will yield you results. (My videos are also coming up shortly) In most of the email I also share some quotes of successful people. So just be motivated when you want to. Podcast. So be motivated when you need to and then achieve great things in Life! You can’t stay motivated always and you don’t need to You know the interesting fact about human life? We all know what is right. what is wrong and invariable we know the solutions to the various challenges what we face or we know how to . Articles in the website. The entire existence of NLP is based on modeling successful people in various aspects of life and that’s what I have been doing time and again. In each of my news letter I share a quote followed by a learning from the quote. Got it? Motivation is only to beat the fear.

break the plateau and move on to the next level. “DO IT”. This is quite annoying. Why does one have to re-invent the wheel when its already done. For that too you can drop a comment in this post and I am sure all the readers including myself will push you in completing these small tasks. today is the day. you never have an answer for it. We pour all the rubbish in our mind and start questioning. You know one thing that I really cannot understand is this. The moment you know that you have the spark and you need to do it then make it happen. I say “Ask you head to SHUT UP”. Just do it and experience the difference in your life too. The only thing you need to do is to ensure that you keep your eyes open for these. Instead they being to question it. . Before you close the browser and the website. When people ask for help and when they are given a solution. doubt the action and do nothing in the process. They go like “BUT…. Same way in life you need to have some trust and move on and get it working for you. List down top 5 things that you have learnt from this website over a period of time. But we fail to do it. How are you planning to use these 5 things that you have learnt and how do you want to implement the same in your life too. When you buy a car. few people eating more than what is desired. you just start using it and yield the results right. You may also drop that as a comment for this post. Why we do not do something or why we do certain things that are not good for us. So for all those decisions that you have taken in the past. do you test if the tyre is made right and will it work fine and is it built in the right way? No right. Why? It’s a million dollar question. few not able to resist the temptation and so on. Few of them smoking.”. But trust me you don’t need to press hard for the SPARK to happen. Don’t we know that we must not do it? During my various Personal Coaching Sessions I tell my client. As you write them down. lets do a small exercise. You can just be what you are and still get the spark. Live with Passion always and attain SUCCESS in LIFE. Malaysia (I came here for a training program) having my breakfast. what are the 5 most important things for which you feel that you must take action today. What you need just a SPARK! I love that when it happens and it does not always happen. I am typing this while sitting at a restaurant at Kuala Lumpur. one must just put it into action and do it. There is always a spark waiting right in front of your eyes. I just got the spark to write this post when I just doing eating my breakfast.

it’s the FIRE. Honestly that was just sheer laziness and nothing else. This is not a post where I talk some medical stuff to you on what to eat. But before that please answer this question? Why do you want to get up early in the morning? Not getting up early is it a disorder? No way. its drive. So wondering how to bring about the fire? . More money 3.How to stop hating Morning Alarms December 9. it’s not so damn difficult to wake up early in the morning. Time with family 6. what not to do and things like that. Yeah its true. Health 2. Spend time reading 4. I am sure many of you reading this also will go through the same. But then I put something simple in my mind and then it started working. In fact like how you want to know how to wake up early there are many of them who suffer from not being able to sleep early. Honestly let me tell you. if there is one formula for waking up early. But before you move on I definitely want you to answer WHY? 1. 2008 I used to hate waking up early in the morning and I used to boast around that I up late in the nights so I cannot wake up in the morning. I know you would have seen many such posts that talks about rising up early in the morning. Want a 6 pack abs 7. Pursue a hobby Is it one or more of these reasons? Now is it so very important for you to wake up then. Be more productive do more 8. I’ll definitely share the same formula with you too. Insomnia as it is called. why don’t you do it? What’s stopping you? Honestly. But honestly I have tested many and they do not seem to work. Improve your skills 5.

The fire is not something that can be developed. Our mind works only on emotion and no on Logic! If we are emotionally charged and motivated. If you notice that beyond an age there are lots of people who start exercising which they restrained from doing otherwise. If I tell you there is some tasty ice cream waiting for you. useful actions! So waking up in the morning is all about the emotions. then you might think (I know few people will run for this ). meaning the doctor would have advised that if they were not doing that. is that they do not find a purpose. So you must practice this for a couple of times. a wake up call. Emotions lead to actions! Useful emotions. When we put an alarm to wake up in the morning. What emotions are useful for you to wake up in the morning. This is Purpose! And Purpose is what creates a fire inside of you. When you . If you said the reason for you to wake up in the morning is one of the above (or even something else that’s important). This is a pattern as we call it in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). you might not do. So the purpose is even more higher! So you need to find the true purpose for you to wake up in the early in the morning! Isn’t exercising every day a good enough purpose? I know you have this question right! Yes its not good enough. its is because that they would have had a disaster in life. then you need to have that deep desire to achieve it. you must associate the picture with the trigger. Energy. It has about having the deep desire to achieve anything.For you to wake up in the morning you need something called a Trigger. Once you do this. they would fall in the trap of ill health. Why people do not wake up on time. someone calling you or you just realizing and waking up all of a sudden (I know this is not right). because if its good enough then you would not want to read this on how to wake up early in the morning. If I were to tell you that there is Fire in the room. then we can do anything. then you run out instantly. So you must have a deep sense of purpose for you to do something. So what you must do is to create a picture of how you will wake up in the morning. which in turn lead to an emotion and hence action. 1. motivation. The trigger could be an alarm. there is a NLP Pattern that is fired that runs pictures in our mind. For this however there are many ways of achieving the same especially using NLP. If I tell you that you need to run out of the room where you are sitting right now. is probably some of the emotions that are needed. Intensify the same picture of you waking up in the morning with full energy. Creating the Pattern in your Mind . This trigger has to be associated with a sense of motivation.

only when you really want to. One piece of warning is that all this will work. For you right now.You must have to change the identity of what you are now. This is a driving force for you again to do it. Allow the alarm to ring and when the alarm is ringing.are wide awake. Do this a dozen or more time so that the association between the alarm and you waking up becomes higher. And slowly you will start getting used to the pattern of having to wake up early. Every day as you go to bed. Force Yourself – This is just to create a pattern in yourself again. create the picture of you waking up which you already know and intensify the same. 4. Be an early riser and feel energized every day! . With this you are just creating a new purpose for waking up in the morning. This will make them to sit up late and they never feel sleepy or tired end of the day! For a late riser too it’s the same. then this is the best for you. If you do something for atleast 2 weeks continuously then the chances of you continuing is much more higher. 3. If you are a person who is already happy with what you are doing and you do not really want to wake up. For them if they sleep early. So feed your subconscious mind with the new belief that you are an early riser. do this exercise. they cannot accept themselves. Tapping your Subconscious . This in one way will not make you accept to be an early riser. It’s the same for people who sleep late too. you attach the same identity for yourself which will go against you when you want to wake up early. then just forget it and be happy about what you are doing and if you badly want to wake up. because repeatedly over the period of time you have been labeled as a late riser. the identity is that you are a late riser. 2. give this amazing thought to your conscious and subconscious mind that you are an “EARLY RISER” and you will wake up early in the morning! Practice this and attain absolute mastery to wake up early in the morning. Commit to Others – ask your loved ones to do the needful. Ask them to wake you every day in the morning and go for a walk along with them.

‘The Rubber Band Broke’ . you don’t look at the strengths of the team or the weakness of the team and still want to beat the rest! Now can this same happen for your life too? If you wish to and want to. however strong you are you still want to defeat the audience and by the biggest margin possible. If you have the right mindset of winning.(Strength Vs Stretch) August 12. Remember Roger Bannister. This made him to understand what truly he was capable of and made others also believe that they are capable. by stretching yourself far behind your expectations and your capabilities. and would risk the heart to burst. but believed more on his instincts and achieved the feat. As the athlete he does not bother about what his muscles are capable of. If every time you think this is my strength you can never achieve. when the entire world were pronouncing that running 1 mile of distance in less than 4 minutes was not possible. . You want the best. That’s a paradox right! We never know our capabilities until we test out whether something is possible or not. If you desire you reach great heights. You never think and say “let me score only 2 goals and stop the opponent from scoring 1 goal” and so on. 2008 Firstly people wonder what can I do and what I am capable of doing and then they think about what one should achieve and one should not. Will this lead you anywhere? In my previous post “How to Build the Muscle of Life” I had written about how should one identify the strengths and play life like a game? Do you always do that or do you seem to curtail yourself from the best? Imagine you play a game (I love this metaphor and hence use it more often). What do you mean by capabilities? There is one concrete definition of Capability that I give “Its about what you think you are capable of”. he was one who did not bother much about the strength and capabilities. You do not think of the fact whether you are capable or not. the highest ever. A Olympic sprinter does not know whether he is going to better this record or in what time he is going to complete and he just rushes and pushes himself to the best possible extent.

is rarely a function of our true capability. But when you practical you have make sure that its also a stretch. but in a close group after people attend my Born To Win training program and so are framed up about my skills of NLP. This will automatically drive you negatively and never take action towards achieving Success in life. When this is not really true. but definitely pass on this message to your subconscious mind and then you take a step backward. Its your belief that will want to you take past your goals. I decided to carry out an exercise of a Live Phobia Cure. I have done this before. he never would had the thought of Can I do it? “Capability means imagination” – Napoleon Hill Let me tell you as to why I can relate myself to this so much. but it’s not so easy”. You must do more than what you can. What is the difference between an person who has a small restaurant at the corner of the road and the giant Colonel Sanders of KFC? Is it about their strengths? Its is about Colonel Sanders willingness to stretch. the biggest test of my skills on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). While he must had the fear. You do not go by the blind belief which might not be useful for you. half way through you begin to analyze and think that this is what is possible for you and hence you are not capable. “What we can or cannot do. how will I do it. You don’t necessarily say the same words. you waste your energy of your brain by passing these negative commands. Recently I had a mind blowing experience. You must have certain amount of practicality in what you do. Having an engineering degree cannot make you a doctor. Fear sometimes is useful because that’s when you work hard to achieve. It is more likely a function of our beliefs about who we are. When you make a choice of your Goals and your targets. . When you confront fear then you stretch and achieve more than what you think are your strengths.” – Anthony Robbins Your goals are not defined by your strength.Say you want achieve something in life and then plan with same and carry out certain action steps. they must be like “Yes I can achieve it. what we consider possible or impossible. Just that you must be in complete control of the fear and not fear control you. This in itself will drive you to greater heights.

its not about my strengths. Achieve the best in Life! Hey! In Life do you ‘………….’ pain ? July 22. It was a stretch. “Awful. and I did have a concern but never allowed that overtake me and achieve it! This is working against your strengths and stretching to achieve more.’ or ‘…………. Only when you do and take action do you really understand what you are truly capable and what you can achieve. as the word itself goes. . it limits your Success. where I had to chose a person from the audience who I am meeting for the first time and then cure the Phobia. but I also believed that I could do it. When you know that you can run a kilometer in X minutes. you know that you can do it even lesser than X. If you were to work with your strengths and limitations. But this was new and different. Only after you lift 50 kgs of weight and do some bench press do you know that you can even do 70 or even 100. Spread beyond boundaries to achieve more. 2008 I want to recall a very interesting story that I happened to read The old Master instructed the unhappy young man to put a handful of salt in a glass of water and then to drink it. I shared not to impress you but to impress upon that anything is possible with the right strategy.Was indeed easier. “How does it taste?” the Master asked. Your muscles begin to build more and you become stronger to take a chance of carrying more weight on your shoulder. The Master chuckled and then asked the young man to take another handful of salt and put it in the lake. Guess what did I use for curing the Phobia? A Live snake! This was a great experience for me and I did achieve it. When first I was deciding to do it.” spat the apprentice. This experience of mine.

Environment and things not happening the way you want it to? Can you tell me how do people create pain. If that’s true how can they create pain? So where does the pain exist and where does the pain arise from? Events create pain? How can events create pain? We choose the events and most importantly the events have already happened and without control. Most of the times we assume that they have an intention of creating pain and hence we bear that pain and not able to talk to the concerned person. no less. boss or whoever be it have an intention of creating pain for you? Incidentally these are people who really are bothered about you. Physical pain is of no choice and we can over come with various pain killers. people. are there people who truly mean to hurt you and make you feel bad? Does your wife. I am not saying that your pain is nothing and it cannot impact you but there are people who change the way they look at things. incidents? Do these create pain? But how? Before your proceed reading I want you to list down the top reasons why you experience pain. “How does it taste?” “Good!” remarked the apprentice. the feeling of pain. How do you come out of the pain of life? What creates the pain? Events.” said the young man. Let me ask you this. Please do this as this is very important for you to move on this post I hope you are reading this after listing down the pain you are going through. . So when you are in pain. The amount of pain in life remains the same. But the amount we taste the ‘pain’ depends on the container we put it into.The two walked in silence to the nearby lake and when the apprentice swirled his handful of salt into the lake. Now check the reasons what you have cited fall under these broad categories 1. Stop being a glass. no more. the old man said. But where is the ‘pain killer‘ for your mind? Unfortunatly pharmacies do not sell them. brother. and said. and how do they impose the pain in you? And thirdly is things don’t happen the way you want to take responsibility and change the way you are doing things rather than feeling the pain and not moving forward in life. exactly the same. People 2. “The pain of life is pure salt. the only thing you can do is to enlarge your sense of things…. “Now drink from the lake.” As the water dripped down the young man’s chin. we are talking about mental pain. “Do you taste the salt?” asked the Master.. “No. the Master asked. took his hands. Again reiterating its not physical pain. The Master sat beside this troubled young man. Events 3. They might think that you are crazy and asking for a pain killer. Situations. Become a lake!” I am not here talking about the Physical Pain but the mental pain and agony that we go through in our lives. That’s the point I want to drive in here. father/mother. The kind of pain what we undergo every day in life is nothing compared to what many people face in their life.

He participated in several races including the race for able bodied.Behind every action is a Positive Intention or no Intention: When people do an act that might hurt you (or in fact for which you choose to get hurt) most of the times there is no intention. the advantage of having the “MINDSET” to look at the brighter side of life and not let go the pain take over him.Have you heard of this person by name Oscar Pistorius? He is the fastest man with no legs. He could not do anything about his amputation as he was born with some deficiencies. Looks like the federation felt that he had a greater advantage. However he was not allowed to do so. They do not understand the consequence behind what they say or do and hence you feel hurt. The fact is that he was not even control of what happened to him. . They do things without their knowledge and without realizing that they are doing it. Wondering how? He is a blade runner and has artificial limbs to run. So whenever someone hurts you. was introduced to running and never looked back and started practicing and decided to participate in the Olympics too. And guess what happened? The federations of athletics ruled him out from participating in races because he was using an external device to make him run better. Incidentally later the Athletics federation accepted him to participate in the Olympics. look whether they are doing it with an intention? If you know its not true then it won’t really hurt you. Oscar Pistorius was amputated on both the legs when he was 11 years old and at the age of 18. but by emotion. How to come out of pain? All said and done we still face the pain for sometime because we are not driven by logic. Its about how he reacted to the pain he was having. Truly yes he had a greater advantage. How do we approach it and how do we make sure that we do not allow the pain to affect us? Few simple ways to achieve this 1.

Stop using words such as “It so painful”. Whenever something good and interesting happened in life. But we definitely have the choice of responding the way we want to. When you feel the pain. This is the immediate cure to the pain. This will only led you down even more. which motivates you. say good that happened and attach a meaning to it which best suits you and puts you in an empowered state. The moment you look at the positive intention. ‘ok now stop feeling hurt’) and those disempowering words. just say to yourself immediately. Look at why the person wanted that positive intention and as they are lacking you are the only person who could give them the importance they need. When you feel the step out of yourself and start to think why the pain. Do that in an instant. Disassociationis the key to not feeling the pain. and 90% how you respond to it 3. If you lost money in the business. You will start wondering why do feel for such a tiny challenge that you face. Then the pain will sound so different that you will not feel it with the same intensity. Events can’t really control your feelings. Life is 10% what happens to you. We cannot control the events but can control the way we feel and respond to the event. Look at the highest positive intention behind why a person acted in a certain way. I would like to recall this amazing formula by Jack Canfield (Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series). you ask “Why me” and you feel unlucky and life seems to be unfair. “I think I am better” and so many such thoughts go into the mind of a person before they utter something. Event + Response = Outcome Most of the times we are not in control of the events. to make the event not affect us. you feelings of being hurt will definitely reduce. 4. The law of polarity says “for anything that is negative there is always something positive” and if you were to look at the that. “I want to feel important”.An act is always preceded with a positive intention. Start choosing the response which favorable for you. Words! The words you use make a difference. “I feel so hurt” (when you say this. because the events have already happened and we cannot stop them now. you readily accepted and never asked “why me” during . So feel proud about it 2. But you fail to look at life in a larger perspective because life has also given you so many things. the event will not affect you.

Move on removing the pain in your life! “The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you.” – Anthony Robbins 5 Power Emotions to watch out July 15. I am sure this moment you can recall the Emotions that you undergo everyday. say for example. So its not that life is sometimes painful. Anger: This is probably the Best and the Most Resourceful State. We must learn to appreciate those nice things that we have and stop feeling about things that give us pain. Depression (extreme of being sad) and Positive include many such as Confidence. it’s just that we feel that way sometime. a subordinate of your is not . can we change this? Interestingly it takes a Moment to Change. you’re in control of your life. 2008 Power Emotions? What is that? Have you heard of that in the past? I believe a lot in power emotions rather than Positive or Negative Emotions. We are so gifted to get many things of life. Imagine in a day of 24 hours we spend 16 hours of our time on unresourceful Emotions what is the kind of results we produce? Negative I am sure you accept right. life controls you. Of these can you check for yourself how many Emotions are Resourceful? It’s not about useful and not useful emotions but is Resourceful and Not-Resourceful emotions. when things are not going the way you want it to. How? when you do get Angry. Unfortunate that many people are not aware of what are useful or not so useful emotions of life. Frustration are Negative Emotions and we must remove them. Negative Emotions include Fear. we all undergo certain Negative and Positive Emotions. Insecurity. Motivation and so on.that time. every time you get Angry you want Better things in Life. Let me tell you. If you do that. I guess NO! Wondering why I say so? Read on for you to understand why I call these as the Power Emotions and why these are important for us. If you don’t. We think that Anger.

do not worry much. That is when you tend to move towards solutions faster. Overwhelming is not a great feeling many times. One is that you are working so hard and you are not getting the results you want and you feel rustrated. When you are Frustrated the only thing You must be careful of is to make sure that you are in control so that you do not falter with some small mistakes.performing the way you want to. People who have many responsibilities feel this. shout and so on. And for feeling Frustrated you have done lot of Work which means that you have tremendous amount of learning’s. In fact most of the times anger is because of a feeling of guilt that you have not been to make the other person understand what you want them to do. All you need to . and when you look at solutions is this not a Power Emotion for you? So the next time you get Angry. However if you feel that you have performed the best you tend to not get the best of the other person. you keep changing something or the other and still it does not work which means that you are just a few more meters away from the result.This would result in Performance Loss. The here in this situation a Feeling of Anger I would call as a Power Emotion because this emotion of yours will make to look at solutions. Overwhelming: This is a feeling that is more often experienced by many especially ones who are working from Head to Toe on many things. However is that also useful sometimes? Remember you go through a feeling of Overwhelming only when you are bombarded with so much of Information. Frustration that you are not able to get what you want will make you think rationally and You will avoid all those errors that you are bound to make otherwise. You don’t need to probably express the anger but you can Definitely use it for yourself to attain better results. remember you can tackle with ease. Frustration: Wow! I love this for 2 reasons. then what do you do? you get angry. The next time you feel overwhelmed.

There will always be a marked difference between a Prepared effort and an Unprepared Action. then you are only “Value Sustainer” and there can be someone who can do the same. Success is always an obsession and must be a Habit. At one point. Fear and Anxiety: Many people ask me is feeling anxious good or is just sit and jot down all those things that you need to complete. I love that to a certain extent. both on my Table also my Laptop’s Desktop (I mean the Software Version of Post-it Notes) and cut down one by one and thereby you will feel good for having completed and you start clearing your mind. more organized and better prepared when you have that certain amount of fear. Just Ensure that you do not allow that fear to control you and instead you are in control of the same. These Power Emotions also need to be controlled to a great extent. then you begin to justify all Your actions and give excuses. You need to understand why these emotions are being experienced and then take the corrective measure to change the track of feeling the same way. You tend to be more careful. Guilt & Obsession: Why do I call Guilt as a Power Emotion. I Love it because it means that they are Value adding for the work they are doing. I use lots of Post-it notes. When People say ‘he/she is obsessed’. Say a day before a very Important presentation (considering that You are doing it for the first time or even otherwise) you do not have any amount of fear and you are cool about it. If you were to do what you ought to do. I always believe that the little amount of fear is useful because that’s when you give the 100%. Just that you must never allow the fear to control you but Instead you must have to confront fear and face with utmost certainty. If you give an excuse. most of them are Still Negative and do not eliminate the Negativity involved. you do not give the best in the Preparation Process. and do more the very next time. though these are Called Power Emotions. you must feel guilty for not fiving you best. If you are obsessed for perfection then you do more than what is expected out of you and then you are the ones who stand out among the crowd. else there is a certain amount of complacency that will crop In and because of which you will give your Best. . you start carrying a Victimized Mindset and then you tend to not change the way you are doing things. simply because if you are not Guilty about Your Actions and Results.

might not be the way you want and will not get you satisfaction and a sense of achievement. but lets face the fact that yes we tend to give up sometimes. for failure you just need a few and you do not get the results. If you are someone expecting to feel motivated and confident every single moment. This might be the most repetitive fact of not achieving success. we do give up. I am sorry I really doubt if you can really find a solution anywhere in the world. life becomes better. however the journey might not be smooth. So Take Charge now! Top 8 Obstacles to Your Success in Life July 8. This is what has got results what they have now. 1. You will have your own set of ups and downs and its how you react to the same and achieve more. I am so passionate about Goals that I tell every single person and ask them “What do you want”. but still I am going to reiterate the same to you too. So it is imperative for us to understand this basic thing of life. seldom to have I also written on “what not to do”. So this post will focus on few of the top reasons why people fail to achieve and do not reach success. If you can avoid these. To my understanding if you have any of these basic qualities (qualities of no achieving) then success becomes difficult. I am being absolutely practical. leading to desperation and give up ultimately. Not that the most successful person does not give up or have fear but just that they learn and do something else quickly to overcome the same. You might not accept that you are not a person who gives up.The entire Idea of this article was for you to understand how you can direct the Negative Emotions into more positive and directed result oriented Actions. . While for success you need everything. Lack of Plan You might have heard this several times that’s if you do not have a Goal in life and plan for it. you will not achieve your results. There is no clarity in this for many people. 2008 I have discussed a lot on “ How to Achieve Success ” and “ Reach your Goals in Life! ” While I have been saying what to do. Can you clearly tell me what do you want? Life still moves on even if you are not aware of what you want in your life.

this has to come first even prior to setting Goals. its like the piece of cake outside the room. Feeling unworthy I see people who think that they cannot achieve thing simple because they are not aware of what to do and how to do. Failure is not the end results but only a means to the end. Desire Honestly. While experiences give certain results. Unfortunately all things that you want in life are not like the Fire. 3. they fail to understand that they need some ways to achieve it. whatever happens you will only perform average. how enthusiastic are you about running out? Say if you relaxing yourself in the couch with your remote in the hand and a bowl full of chips and sauce. This in itself is a hurdle that stops them from achieving the best in life. Moreover remember this fact that not everyone was born with qualities of achievement. Where as if I were to say there is fire inside the house what would you do? Would not even bother about who is there and what is there and run for your life. If only you had the thought that irrespective of whether you will win or lose. If I were to say there is something exciting waiting for your outside your room. in itself is a habit. 4. If not. 2. because you perceive that you have everything in life. wanting to win is also a habit. Winning is a habit. will you ever get up to move? This is what is precisely happening in life too.Even if you have a Goal. Imagine if you think that you cannot do something. but there is no deep sense of desire. I know of many people who say ‘Yes yes I have a goal’. Its becomes a habit. ensure that you have the right strategy to achieve the same. Sitting back and relaxing can never get the results. You need to kindle the fire in yourself. Remembering every time that you are capable. but important because at some point in time you need develop knowledge and skills. continuous . let me assure you will never achieve anything in life. Where is the fire in people? There is no purpose for their own life and they are not even curious about things of their life of what they have to achieve. Its like having to run outside of a room. Knowledge & Skills This might not be the key reason to be successful. If this is understood clearly then you will not feel bad and sad for the results you produce. They truly wish only to have the best. Having high self esteem is perhaps the most important quality that you must posses. you will take your stride forward for achieving excellence will.

If we do not raise our skills and knowledge. If you do not do this. you need to break them down into smaller chunks and you need to consistently achieve. you become obsolete and reaching your desired results becomes difficult. They have people to manage their activities which require really skillful people.learning’s are very important. Even the most successful person always finds time for Family. There will not be a single day in life when you will not have work to do and if at all you reach a time when you lack work. for doing what they like and passionate about. When setting your Goals you must do a Threats and opportunities chart and find out what is feasible for you. Like Steven Covey. Discipline & Time?? Are you one among those. who says “I do not have the time”? Success is a habit. author of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People says “Sharpen the Saw”. While you must expand your belief and achieve more. You do not do this. 5. 6. You need to take action every single moment to make it big. you must adhere to it. like for example losing 10 kilos in a months time. If not you get de-motivated for not being able to achieve. Too big & Commitment Many people fail to act within their limitations. then how do expect to achieve the results you want? I doubt if you can ever do it. but many fail to plan this. how is that one person is able to achieve more than what is possible? Simple they are disciplined and manage the time giving it more importance. you must also know what to achieve. When you set the rules of the game of life. it just means that you are not growing and you are not achieving. While every single person in the world have the same 24 hours day. its is not an occurrence or an accident. When you want to reach your ultimate Goal. They learn from these people and start implementing them. Many people set unrealistic targets. When you want to achieve you set your own rules of the game. The 5 minutes of planning of time will get 1 hour of free time every day. Many school dropouts becoming successful. while they ensure that they keep updating their skills. You will always be carried over with many things in life. . You need to be sure if you can really achieve it.

8. DISAPPOINTMENT. It is next to impossible by achieving your dreams in a shortcut way. And on that Sunday. Where does this fear come from? People dream and the dream remains only a dream and never becomes a reality because they refuse to take the step forward. Life never stops. If you are one. Want a Genie and a Magic Lamp Listen. One of the main reasons why people do not achieve is because they forget what to achieve and also think that things will happen without much of intervention. It is bound to happen. you can never achieve it. There is a Genie in everyone’s life? Guess who is that? If you did not replying saying “Its me” I am sorry you are mistaken. they don’t remember this fact that they can only make a change in their life. . Many people fail to do so and hence they get bogged down for what is not achieved and give up so easily. Reflect on yourself on the kind of Victim stories that you are giving yourself and hence accept that life is meant to be this way and can never get what they truly want. be sure of the results. He was world No. Unfortunately its their own life and they need to be control of their life. was the most dreadful for Greg Norman. You are the only person who is responsible for your life. While you are capable of achieving anything. 1 and was a clear 10 shots ahead of the 2nd in the row. Fear Do you want me to write about this? One top most reason you know is fear. People start giving excuses and become a victim of their own life. What I mean is not that you must struggle to achieve your outcomes but must work for it. If people fail. I still can recall the Golf game when during the last round Greg Norman a champion was supposed to have a clean victory.Practicality and Capability are two different things. 7. He had everything to lose while the others had nothing to lose and they won. you need be practical in defining when and how. There is always something that comes in the way of Life. Success is not a shortcut. because for everything there is a way to achieve and never do you get the results what you want in the easiest possible way. because he lost. Why? Fear I guess would have been the reason. If you are not committed to the Goal. People look for shortcuts and quick fixes for everything. Many people lose because of the lack of commitment.

then you do not get the muscles growing when you hit the gym. decided to hang his boots and start living a life with bigger purpose. Be obsessed in life. We need to design life the way we want to. A Small change will create a huge difference in life. life is a Miracle and not a surprise. Founder of Microsoft. CHANGE! This is one secret of people who are successful and also not successful. If you do not experience pain. You will have some amount of pain when you do things.Life is very similar.Bill Gates June 27. William Henry Gates III. You must not be desperate but you must have that drive. Success is defined as achieving what you want to achieve in life. If you are willing to make the small difference in your life. If you can take control and drive with safety you can get what you want. Without the fire in yourself. Obsession is good useful things of life. 2008 28th June. Technology and Greatness. Bill Gates has been a name to reckon with at every single home. People do not realize that the way to achieve things is by having a CHANGE in life. People are unwilling to change and accept that they need to change. The Butterfly Effect says so. Even if you don’t get the desired results nothing wrong because anyways you don’t get what you want by not doing. without realizing you have a Hero within to handle anything you cannot realize your dreams. presently the 3rd richest person in the world. then your dreams becomes a reality. Just break free from all those limitations of life!. 7 Key Lessons from a Greatest Leader of all times . My idol for a long time. If you can avoid these and take a step forward then you will reach faster towards your Goals. People fail because they fail to put back that fear which is only between their ears (I mean the mind). You have nothing to lose. that fire. Remember. So be obsessed and achieve the best in life! Live with a purpose and Lead a Life of Excellence. obsession for achieving is important. 2008 saw the end of an era in Business. because you don’t have to feel embarrassed about things of life. at every single .

Just started the agreement between IBM and Microsoft. Gates along with friend Paul Allen was to write an interpreter for the IBM PC. we would all be driving $25 cars that got 1000 MPG”. His career spanning over 33 long years provided a great sense of achievement for himself and the rest of the computer industry. I want to write here some of the great learning’s of mine from this genius. But what Bill Gates proved was different. When everyone in the world were not even aware of the software industry’s future here was a man who trusted on his gut feel and passion decided to take the vision the farthest possible way. . Focusing on taking the computer to every single house hold made him an household name too. Success comes with a Great Vision “Every business and household must have a computer and must run Microsoft software”. This is the kind of influence he had after founding Microsoft Corporation the big giant in the IT industry. I grew up seeing the success of Bill Gates and I was for a long time under the impression that he was just making lots of money by luck. He was almost there achieving his vision. When as a student at the Harvard university. coding and technology that incidentally also made him the richest man in the world “Intellectual property has the shelf life of a banana” says Bill Gates that has made him a great innovator too. the rest will Follow” – Praveen Sherman This is something that I learnt from Bill Gates even as an young lad. He quoted “If GM had kept up with technology like the computer industry has. He was just passionate about software. This clear vision of him won him several laurels and went to be the richest person in the world for 13 continuous long years.corporation. “Do what you are Passionate about. There is no one who could write software code as he could. This got the fire in him to write that piece of software and bundle with every IBM computer in the world. was the basic guiding vision of Bill Gates. He was not ready on the date that was announced for the installation and the good news for Gates was that the party at the other end too were not ready. every single student would have wanted to be part of the great institute and graduate to be successful. Bill Gates decided to stop studying and pursue his dream of writing softwares for every computer in the world.

While the Microsoft windows operating system is the widely used in the world.” .Failures are learning lessons: “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. “Whether it’s Google or Apple or free software. When critics were talking about infringement of laws by Bill Gates. When IBM pulled out of the contract for the operating system to be bundled with the IBM Clone PCs. Bill Gates did not easily give up. we’ve got some fantastic competitors and it keeps us on our toes” – Bill Gates Opportunity knocks once: Bill Gates took up the responsibility of being the Chief Software Architect. The stronger you stand the bolder you get the faster these negatives wither. He did not sit back and wait for people to ask what they wanted and instead made a revolution of creating an opportunity . While many of them used to get bugged using Microsoft products. he struck on and was giving the best the employees and the users of Microsoft Software products.Bill Gates Bill Gates was never afraid of losing and went on to win a lot of deals because of this.” . He took all those as nice lesson and is improving every single day. Bill Gates was nurturing Microsoft by building a broad range of products. “It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure. pull you down and so on. He saw an opportunity at every single place that helped him to achieve greatest heights. He did not allow others to deter him by inventing many thins to the public and still reaching his top most Goals and vision.Bill Gates Higher the Self Esteem the better it gets When you start achieving something big. there are a good number of criticisms and unhappiness about the software among the users. Bill Gates stayed on and started focusing on the creating Windows amidst lots of hiccups that will hamper the company. Inventing the MS Access database system. there will be people who would want to make fun of your efforts. This was not just capitalize on the knowledge but provide the best by understanding the need of the people. was a relevant owing to the failure of the Omega Database with IBM.

” – Bill Gates . He did not sit and do something that anyone could. Microsoft would have not seen the light today of what it gets. and I think a great deal of that grew out of the fact that I had a chance to read a lot”.” – Bill Gates Action Speaks Louder This is one never mentioned secret of success. When logic never drives us its emotions. This was because of his constant delivery of ideas to his Goals and vision. “I believe that if you show people the problems and you show them the solutions they will be moved to act. he still consistently took action by developing more software which the people wanted. says Bill Gates ready for more ideas to float around which will make sure that the same culture of innovation continues in Microsoft even without his presence. If not for Bill Gates. which proves the basic fact that education is just a tool for success and does not define success itself. Action is the key word. “At Microsoft there are lots of brilliant ideas but the image is that they all come from the top .An unwritten rule for great leadership wisdom Right from day 1 at Microsoft. We must have that emotional strength in us to take action. from books and so on. When he had several odds again him such as the American Law and several cases against him. He always believed that there is no end to learning from people. During the convocation address at the Harvard university. Don’t let yourself be lulled into inaction. Bill Gates as a small young boy never had anything to lose which he kept telling his good friend Paul Allen. This made him a super star overnight. He was a drop out from one of the worlds best universities the Harvard and not everyone from there went to achieve great heights like Bill Gates did.for himself and his company by innovating. Bill Gates mentioned that good he came when they were graduating and not when during the time when they joined the university else they would have changed their mind. “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. This he also proved later when Steve Balmer stepped into the shoes of Bill Gates and became the CEO of the company.” – Bill Gates Trust. but he took the reins into his hands to almost single handedly take Microsoft to this great heights. “I really had a lot of dreams when I was a kid. Bill Gates was very open to the ideas.I’m afraid that’s not quite right.

Bill Gates had achieved many a things including having money and fame. The very fact of a Goal is to ensure that which direction every player must have to move and where to go so that they target victory. . This did not allow him to stop achieving and always had the drive to achieve great heights. How to Build the Muscle Of Life? June 17. Technology and Entrepreneurship. This empowers him to be a Great Leader of our times. It is a game and interestingly we are under control of things in this game. I will draw up many examples in this article today and relate to how things are in life. He will always be remembers as an Icon and even without his presence in Microsoft he would still be regarded as a great inventor and a real genius in every regard of Business. you will get the desired results but you will at least have some measure to understand what went wrong or what went right and how to change the strategy so that you get the desired in your Next Attempt. Firstly. No guarantee that after having a strategy. “Microsoft is not about greed. This will make the game worse and will not get the needed results. It’s about Innovation and Fairness. 2008 I always have the Metaphor of Life as a Game. don’t you think I would have crossed it years ago?” quote Bill Gates with utmost passion and determination. At a tender age of 21. Imagine in a game of soccer there are no Goal posts and how would the game be? It will be boring and every player of the game will have not motivation to win the game. in a Game there is a Goal. Every game cannot start without a Strategy.Success must never get on to the head This is by far the best lesson what we learn from Bill Gates. Play Life Like a Game: Plan Your STRATEGY to Achieve Your Results. Play Life Like a Game: Set GOALS to Motivate Yourself and Get the Drive of Life.” – Bill Gates Never stop learning was the Mantra of Bill Gates which he follow till date. “If I’d had some set idea of a finish line.

The attitude that I am good at something and I can do my best in that area is something that we need to develop more. If you are yet to identify the strength. You must carry the feeling that you are indispensible and carry on only with those activities where you think you can create the highest value. 4. In your life too. In a game of soccer there are various positions and how does one decide the position? Based on the strengths of the person. If an individual understands that they are only good at defending and can stop anyone from moving ahead of them. When you Feel at your Best? What is that you are good at Teaching others? What you Like the Most about Yourself? What are your friends. While we spend most of the time on developing our skills and improving our knowledge. Answer these questions and you find the answer for your Strengths: 1. 3. they become the striker and start playing in the Forward positions. Play it Like a GAME! . First one is simple. Life is very similar where you need to identify what are your strengths. You need to work towards understanding that what is that you are indispensible at. Parents and Others Proud of You for? Strength is a combination of skill. they become the Defense. 2. then look for what you are passionate about and spend most of your time in doing the same thereby it becomes your strength. we never look at having a better attitude. Once it becomes your strength move towards excellence and make yourself Indispensible. but definitely you must atleast feel that way. just check for yourself what is that you are strong at and what do you do well and then start focusing on that.Is it that you start playing your life with just a Goal and a Strategy? Not all the time. you must carry the same momentum once you identify your strengths. There are many ways in which you can identify the strength or even create them. class player understood his passion and his strength and went out to be a successful soccer star. The certainty is the most important feel that we must have to so that we can handle anything in life! David Beckham. Not that every one invincible. knowledge and attitude. master the same and take your life to the Next Step. So Start Your Life. If as an individual is excellent in Striking the ball then.

also list down 5 things that you want to avoid in your life. What do you want in your life? What is most important for your in Life. then either change the values or understand yourself more and then based on that decide what you must have to do. Career. When you are not able to find a solution to achieve something in life. If you find that the values do not match to what you want to achieve. And in this situation if you were to not spend time with your family you may feel guilty about it. Health. This will be a big driving force for your every day where you can act with motivation and the fire in you! . You work hard and yet do not get what you want or rather don’t feel like you have achieved something in life.g. Why do they not be in line? Simple. It acts as a fuel to an engine. Do this exercise: Write down the list of all the positive feeling. So there is no Congruence between the mind. the Mind. determination and will to achieve”. what you would not want to have in your life (e. but EMOTIONS. In fact its these values that drives people to achieve things. luxury and yet do not find the answer to the all persuasive question ‘Why am I doing this’. 2008 Do you find yourself bogged down certain time end of day and begin to question yourself why on earth am I doing all this. Money and so on) As you do it. body and soul. Family. And hence you would feel drained and de-motivated to work on things. Like I always say. List down at least 5 of them. the performance also is not great! Which means that if your values are not aligned then they do not act as a driving force but acts as friction while taking Action to reach your Goals. it is because that you do not find the congruence of the mind. And if the fuel is not effective. If this is case how do you solve this? There is another set of people who say that “I have been wanting to achieve lot of things in life but I don’t feel to have that fire. what drives us every day it not logic. Body and Soul must have to act in tandem and achieve excellence in life.g. Embarrassment.The Why of Life!! June 1. (e. So what are these emotions? Do you find a lot of people who work hard. for you Family is very important in life. Say for example. travel a lot and have a lot of money. emotions that you would like to have in your life. body and soul. This tires you a lot and does not get you any happiness or satisfaction. then everything that you do would be for them only. failure and so on) Look at the first list of what you want.

You would have either treated it as a failure or you might have told yourself that “come on let me move on”. .Do visit the page and learn more. You would have internally voiced the belief that “there are no failures only feedback”. The moment you use your physiology (the body) and the mind the process of internalizing a belief is made faster. you must have to visualize the same.” I understand that you want to internalize these belief of Super Achievers. For example when you want to internalize “There are no failures. 1. not as a great idea. 2. if it possible for others it is possible for me 4. Incantation is done by repeating a particular phrase that you want to install in you and thereby internalize those much more stronger. Look the way you reacted to this event. All of us have the same neurology.I will be Discussing about this a lot in the upcoming days. you must first think of a time in the past when actually set a goal for yourself and you did not achieve it and hence it was a failure. only feedback”. Incantation: This is a powerful way to install beliefs.How to Install Beliefs of Success People? May 21. Past =/= Future 2. Visualization: Whenever you want to install certain beliefs. There are not failures only feedback 3. Keep repeating the belief that you want to install as loud as you can. like for example there is no failure only feedback . 2008 I ran a research for the most frequently asked question to all the readers of Life of Excellence and this was by far the best that was sent to me: “and my second question is how can i install belief from success people in an effective way . but in a real that i would feel that as real .Also Don’t forget to let me know what do you think. There are many ways of doing this. Incantation is the recital of words that will create a powerful effect in your subconscious mind. Powerful Beliefs that you can carry which are also Pre-Suppositions of NLP are: 1. So you can intensify the same more and recall it many time till such time that you are completely sure and if you had not taken it in the same sense then you must have change the emotion inside of you and call it as a “Feedback” and see the way you change and adapt to the situation based on this. This is one of the best ways to internalize the beliefs. Anything is possible it is the question of right strategy! And Much More.

your breathing and your beat must be in harmony with the thoughts and action and the way to do so is by exercising. wanting to change certain habits and develop good habits. 4. I don’t generally call anything to be a good or bad habit. The energy that surrounds you early in the morning is so refreshing that it gives you the momentum to go higher. you begin to start justifying. For the first 4 hrs of the day whomever you meet. First thank yourself for what you are. 2008 Time and again I have seen many people who visit lifeofexcellence. 2. There is no reason for you to celebrate and be happy. 3. Take a brisk walk for 20 mins or practice yoga. You would push yourself to achieve more. If possible do change your schedule of working. Say thanks with a Sense of Gratitude: You must be thankful for many things that happen in your life. Thank many unknown people who are making your life better. colleagues. There is a specific reason why the Sun always rises in the east at a specific time in a day. Grow your Brain with Mental Activities: Read a book per week. Don’t Worry Be Happy:– The choice of being happy is always with you. Because the moment you call them good or bad. A smile move a million cells. . a thousand nerves and few hundred muscles and as said before motion creates emotion and would make you feel energetic and perform better. 1. else atleast wake up atleast 3 to 4 times in a week to start with. you must have to smile at them first even before you start work with them. Any super achiever is so because of the mental state they are in and the way you use and drive the body physiology determines the mental state you are in. play a game of tennis or volleyball. Move your Body and Exercise: Motion means emotion. You might not have seen them but the person plants the tree which bears fruits makes a difference in your life. Smile every day. As you do so your self esteem too increases.I know there are a few of who say. if you feel lousy you can never step out to take action and action means results. “Hey listen I work late in the night and how do you expect me to wake up early in the morning”.com or ask me certain question. Do this every day in the morning and before bed. friends and many more. Thank the people around you for making a difference in your life. I prefer calling them Useful or Not useful habits. As you wake up in the morning just decide to be happy.Top 14 Habits for you to start improving your Life! April 18. Do your best to finish it or at read 20 pages every day. Once you question your integrity about what is useful or not useful you tend to me more objective and make the right decisions. 5. Visit personal development websites like Life of Excellence. Once you do it for 3 days increase to 40 pages per day. We don’t need to understand the reason but just use it with the blind faith and belief that there is a purpose and will do a lot of good for us. Your family. Few habits which I feel that you must have to develop (if you have not done so yet) that will for sure improve the quality of your life and take your like to the next level. Be an Early Bird: I really mean it.Your body needs to be more tuned to your work.

Give it to charity and the satisfaction . If you wish to be a successful entrepreneur you must move with the like minded people. an unorganized person can only attract unorganized and unexpected results. Small tasks are always easy to achieve. This will make you achieve your targets faster and makes it achievable. 10. Successful people are so not because they were lucky. I have also shared some tools on Time Management and listen to the Podcast on Time Management. Eat Healthy. make friends with them and spend more time with them. Your outcomes have to be time bound and achievable. catch hold of people who are the best in the area you want to excel in. Once you set your goal. Action towards goals and strategies: Failure is not when you do not get the results you want. Spend time with Successful people. 7. Start using a chart to analyze your saving. high calorie food? You go on a party and since it has to be enjoyed. Feel Healthy: Remember your body determines the actions that you take. How it would it be when you stuff yourself with all possible foods. you must have to chunk them down to smaller tasks. Keep up your Money Matters: Is this a habit that you must develop? Definitely yes! You ruin yourself because you do not manage your money matters in the right way. Many times you hang out with friends and you tend to have the same ideas as theirs. 9. Never spend more than what you want.You have common likes and dislikes. Watch the calendar. You must eat to feel energetic. Target to reduce your expenses and increase your savings. you must have to be with people who are excellent in that area. And all that you need is a small.Once you have the bigger goals. If you need to achieve the outcomes then you too need to be organized. Have that momentum in you so that you can move faster to achieve what you want. A day of this happening is fine and if the same happens everyday what kind of results can you produce? It is better to eat right. your expenses. Now why? Is it to have a better life? Probably yes but even more important thing that you must do is to avoid wasting money and use it for a better purpose. Have certain common attitude about things. Goals and Small tasks for the week: I am sure you would have seen my video on achieving Goals in 2008. So start now. Failure is when you do not take action. Kill Procrastination this moment (Listen to my audio on Kill Procrastination). junk. If you move with wealthy people you too carry the same mindset. You can achieve anything in life as long as you have the strategy. Eat right and feel great. schedulers etc. 11. You wake up in the morning how do you feel? Never feel like getting up from the bed. if you do not take any action on that I don’t think you would ever achieve it. the food you take and so on and then you too become aware of the external world around you. If you want to be a great public speaker.6. Your teachers followed a specific schedule so that she can give the best you and achieve the outcomes. Life definitely has become easy today with all the automated beepers. Energetic people: I believe that if you surrounded with energetic people you too tend to be energetic. 8. balanced light meal. Can you do the same in the area you want to excel? If you want to be healthy move with people who care about fitness they will talk about your body. be more organized: I believed always. I know how difficult it is for your follow time table but remember what happened in school. you eat whatever you feel like.

This makes sure that the communication is better between you and every one in the family. Mentally and Emotionally February 14. Pursue your Hobby: Passion always gives motivation. 2008 One of the best secrets of being Fit is going back to basics. energy and fitness. The love. 14. Have a small time with family every week when you sit together and make decision relating to the entire family. Stay Fit Physically. you don’t have time. care for them would definitely increase and they would feel more connected as they know more of you and you know lots of them. Your stamp book might be in the cupboards. What nice things they did and what did they not do and so on. They are just excuses. Just remember everything what your mom and your grandmother told you when you were young. Tell them why you grade them so. follow them and you will be a bundle of joy. Apart from being a positive thinker begin to focus on things that are useful for you that would drive you achieve (A 100% non profit organization) where I participate actively. Going to the gym everyday is definitely one ways. Never say you are bored. Take a walking stick and . the paint brushes need to be dusted.onlysuccessfoundation. You might think in family do I evaluate? What happens is there is lots of transparency between every member in the family. Garbage is not good and hence dispose them from your mind. orphaned children for education you can visit www. You run too many thoughts and most of them are negative. Remember what your grandparents used to when they got old. you can). Throw the junk away from your mind so that you will be stronger in your life. The way you control your body definitely determines your power. Physically fitness simply means that you need to take good care of your body. Family Time: If you need to energize yourself then you need to spend time where there is lot of love. The place where you can get this is at home and no where else. Do listen to my podcast on Power of Subconscious mind where I share more on what is the power of your mind that would affect the results in your life. Jack Canfield (Author of best seller Chicken Soup for the soul). Its as easy as focusing on something nice. you can be 100% sure that your life will be much better. Throw out your lame thoughts: This is probably the best habit that you must have to develop. 13. in his book Power of Focus. Do something you love and you would be motivated to do more of everything. 12. Start tomorrow (why not today. You can follow the technique that is explained by Mr. Grade the family members on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being least and 10 being high. If you wish to help under privileged. With these 14 habits that you develop.that you will achieve is much more than you owing a Mercedes Benz.

I am sure you don’t need a reason as to why. Recall all those people who do not have shelter. Remember you mom used to tell you. You are not a depressed person. job. Mental fitness is tremendously important. When young you did not learn the science behind why you need to eat the fruits and vegetables and now you must learn them. Have a specific time in a day when you feel the gratitude for all that is already existing. Because you are dreaming of something that you want and something you desire. Recall all the nice things that have happened so far in your life. While many say that Day dream is not so good. thank the entire world for supporting you. Let me stress on that… very small quantities. thank the people you know for making a difference. This will keep them at bay and not allowing something to harm them. your behavior is so. If you feel down and depressed remember that not what you are. Laugh your heart out. walk do whatever to keep the energy going. A walking stick is definitely not a choice for you but you must have to hit the road. You just need to shift your behavior. have them in very very small quantities. You need to be more conscious about what you eat. Call your friend and share the joke with them so that you can hear the laugh that would make you emotionally stronger Remember there are many people who suffer in the world. now you can make that your meal once in a while. If you think you cannot resist temptation then don’t give a hand to it. keep the blood gushing though your internal systems that need to work in tandem. and eat all the fruits. Recall what mom told you about junk food . You have the choice to focus on whatever you wish to. Throw the bottles away that consume your energy (I mean alcohol) and never light a cigar anymore.hold each other and walk short distances. breathe in fresh air and enjoy more circulation in their body. That radiates positive vibrations in your mind and in turn the body. I always recommend you to do that. You at this age can do more. finish off the vegetables in your place. Thank yourself for what you are. This would mean a lot to you because there is a purpose behind your existence and you will start moving towards the purpose. This is to keep their energy going. Eat well in the right possible way. There will be challenges along your way but you must have to condition yourself emotionally too so as to handle them with ease. You need to be Emotionally charge and fit to take your life to the higher level. While young if you were eating fruits and vegetables as part of your meal. run. who do not have good food to eat. Every day make sure you enjoy a joke. who suffer to protect themselves from extremes . Fruits cleanse your body very quickly. I am not saying starve yourself and eat only them but you can definitely treat your body for some cleaning. Cut them out is not what I am telling you. Its as simple as that.

“I pretty well know that if I must have discipline I can fight anything that I want with discipline. You have lots of productive work to do and yet you do not have the drive 2. . You just do not want to do anything that involves some amount of sweating 4. When you think about these people. Remember stress is more often or not an outcome of fear that something not so favorable will happen or something that you wish may not happen. Increase your Productivity February 8. get angry or get annoyed. You will feel more relaxed moving away from stress. let me do it later”. I still can hear the voice that comes from you saying. But how do I create that discipline in me? how do I create that discipline and habit within me of not wasting time. You allow the mental state to control your actions. is to play games with kids or spend time pursuing a hobby. You have free time and yet you do not pursue your hobbies or things that you are passionate about? Are you in control of these situations? Yes and No! Because your logic mind tells you that you better start doing things which are useful and more productive. Because there are times when you find it difficult to beat your own emotion and during those times the only thing that can possible help you is discipline. You must have the will power to ensure that you do not even touch the TV remote. You spend lots of time doing unproductive work such as watching TV. So distress yourself and play games and have fun. being useful at all times (atleast majority of the times). Do you face these problems? 1. If this does not give you want you need then you need to have certain amount of Discipline as I call it. A secret for you emotionally charge up yourself. Whenever you want to condition yourself to elevate the quality of your life ask the question “HOW?” and you would automatically find the solution for whatever challenges you are facing. The only way you will come out of watching TV and wasting time is self discipline. playing games on your computer etc 3. However there are times that you must have to beat your emotions too. there is never a reason for you to get frustrated. 2008 Do you cringe on the bed or just laze around the couch (especially during weekends). However your subconscious mind.of hot or cold. It’s a conscious decision that you make and you must have to live to it. “hey its ok. an inner voice which is the devil that says. Emotional you know how charged up you must be and not be lazy and unproductive.

As soon as you sit to watch TV or play games that bring down your productivity. For this I strongly recommended that you take a small rubber band that will fit into you hand. We can perceive things differently and organize and structure to produce the best possible outcomes. . If these patterns are directed patterns then it is easy and produces amazing results.Every action of ours is a pattern inside the brain. The Neurological system is based on how we experience the world through the senses. For example say you want to do something useful and you spend the time not so usefully and later you being a victim. This is termed as Pattern Break in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Let me tell you. We ascertain to our belief system that there are certain bad habits which we wish to get rid of. If the pain is not sufficient to stop lazing around then snap it harder so that you will feel the pain and immediately come out of it. Snap the rubber band immediately in your hand to remind yourself that you are supposed to be disciplined. I also use it the right context sometimes. 2008 NLP. Bad habits such as eating too much or eating chocolates. Linguistic in NLP. Neuro Linguistic Programming is the software to the brain. the best computer known in the world. Many times the human computer is corrupted with unwanted thoughts and habits. refers to the language we use to sense and perceive the world. This is a way to bring in some discipline too. you must control the system by taking in some pain. you consciously know that you are supposed to be working and not being productive. snoozing alarm. It is quite easy to break out this pattern. Wear the rubber band to create a new pattern by breaking the old pattern. Few of these perceptions and actions tend to be not useful what we call as bad habits. The outcomes are because of the way we translate our experiences to create our own perceptions. you give excuses and some lame excuses to avoid the situation. this technique will work only when you want to throw away some pattern and not for people who just want to test it out. what we hear. If you want to truly increase your productivity you must have to follow this to avoid all the unwanted and not so useful habits. Whenever I step into the Gym I read the placard that reads “No Pain. The input what goes in through what we see. we feel (also smell and taste) gets translated into our own perceptions and produces certain outcomes which may be useful or not so useful. Change your Habits with NLP January 23. Interestingly we can program the communication channels that we establish within ourselves. No Gain”. not exercising. Watching TV and playing games and wasting time are deep patterns inside the mind. If we understand these patterns and break them you start doing some other actions. However majority of the patterns are not so useful patterns.

Its emotions that drive action and these emotions are formed because of the certain pictures. For example. This is called the TRIGGER.procrastinating and many many more. Probably you run pictures of you enjoying the taste. The moment you see a chocolate (of any food or any event) you run pictures of how it would be if you were to eat it. Many are under the perception that the change would only be temporary and so why bother about something that is bound to come back? This again is a conditioning of the neurons and it is imperative that we change the whole system of thinking. you wish to stop eating chocolates (I have seen many people who wish to do this and hence the same example) and you are not able to do the same. The very fact of that junk food existing would send ripples in your neuro system and acts accordingly. Does this differ from person to person? Definitely yes and that’s why your liking does not match with everyone else. Logic does not determine action because if that was the true then every person in the world would be perfect and can chose what they want to do and what they do not wish to do. Why do people not change these habits? Because many believe that they are struck with this bad habit and are of the strong belief that nothing can be done to change the habit. We do not care about this feeling and it keeps growing and when the intensity is at its peak we realize and wish to change it forever. Understand that any habit is because of 1) the thoughts that run in the mind 2) the feeling that you sense because of the thoughts (these are called triggers) and 3) the way you program the mind to react to that feeling. where as these habits are because of constantly conditioning ourselves towards the actions. The moment you create these kind of favorable representations in . eating junk food is because of a conditioning of the neuro system which is programmed to understand that the junk food is so tasty and make you feel good. This puts you in the compulsion to eat the same. The general feel is that these habit appear from nowhere all of a sudden. you must have to program your mind to stop craving for the same. sounds and feelings that we have. Remember your mental state is what drives to take action and you can control your mental state. You must have to change the thoughts and the outcome of the thoughts to avoid the action. Its only because of how we perceive it internally in the Neuro system. Say for example. the chocolate smelling good. it melting in your mouth and so on.

We as humans always experience frustration in our daily lives. the feeling automatically changes. feel is so hard and thorny in your mouth and so on. The immediate action is impulsive and you react immediately. you tend to be motivated to take an action immediately and hence grab the chocolate and eat it too (later feel guilty ) Changing the Habit Step 1: Change the way you perceive the Trigger: In this example. We need to control and handle the frustration.your mind. I would like you to spend sometime on what I have mentioned Frustration is. However sometimes we let this frustration take over that hampers our activities and actions. melting inside your mouth and so on. There is another way you can handle the same event. Following the 3 steps will ensure that you program the perception or the neuro pattern and hence the linguistic or the communication component. This will give you utmost certainty. Instead of reacting. Smelling good. you could RESPOND to the same event. Step 2: Intensify the new feeling: Since you have changed the perception of the trigger. Handling Frustration January 11. Remember the event has already occurred which . You do not stop a habit because you see yourself holding to the habit. The moment you RESPOND to the event rather than reacting you never get frustrated. Make it feel some 100 times more so that you do not pick up the chocolate immediately. it must be at the peak to ensure that you break the threshold. internalize to yourself that you have changed and create a new pattern and the older neuro pattern that’s strong in the system is broken and hence will never be created again. the chocolate is the trigger and you perceive it in a certain way. The moment an event occurs you do not ponder on that. 2008 I am yet to see someone who says “I never get frustrated”. And every time you do this to yourself you stop the old bad behavior and start creating new one. So once you have stopped yourself from holding to the habit. If creating bad ones and easy creating new useful habits is much more easy. Make the chocolate smell bad. Change these representations of the trigger. What is frustration? Frustration is the act of reacting to an event which is not desirable. you do not have time to think on that and decide how to handle the situation. You are no longer so compulsive to take the chocolate and eat. Importantly when you are changing the perception of the trigger. that you have new fresh and good habits too. Step 3: Install the new identity: Feelings and beliefs are because of identity. It is REACTION that causes the frustration. Once you feel different intensify the same feeling.

you would only respond and not react.means that you cannot do anything about the event now. As you look at event and tell yourself “This event has already happened and is inevitable”. I sometimes advocate frustration and a certain amount of frustration is always good because it means that you are expecting better results from yourself. It is better to control the emotion as that will do a lot of good because your reaction of frustration could be so intense that it can only intensify more. You are a Champ and you know that you can work out things better and then you get frustrated. But when you do not get the desired results you must do the devils advocate. I am sure it would be questions like “Why the hell did this happen to me”. Moments before the outburst of emotions and frustration there is a process that is involved. And you have a Choice to respond the way you want to. To start focusing on solutions rather than the so called “PROBLEM”. Have you ever asked “What must I do to come out of this?” . blame yourself and scream at yourself you only end up feeling worse. This is the easiest way to change the feeling of frustration. This is self sabotage. that disturbs you. Recall the last time you were frustrated and look at all the questions you asked yourself. The questions you ask yourself can intensify or deintensify your level of frustration. Yes it is very important for you to be associated. 3 most important points that you must have in mind to manage frustration – 1) Accept the fact that getting frustrated is a common human act. which means that you are disassociating yourself and you would tend to look at solutions rather than feel frustrated and have the feeling of let down. You tend to loose more energy within you when you get frustrated and the “PROBLEM” though does not even exist. to be in the thick of things for achieving your outcomes. You want more for yourself and hence get frustrated. which is an advantage for you. If you start looking at events as events that cannot be avoided and has already occurred then you ponder for solutions rather than disturbing yourself by reacting. You run picture of the event in your mind that leads to an intensive helpless state and fires as frustration. Interestingly you can consciously get angry and get angry and frustrated by reacting to an event. You need to step out of yourself and look at things from a 3rd persons view. Though some do suggest that giving vent to these feelings is good and acceptable I do not authenticate this theory as the ramifications are very high. “This is so pathetic and life of so unfair” and so on…. If you were to curse yourself. 2) Learn from the frustration and move forward instead of getting worked on it 3) Start creating a new belief for yourself that there are other better ways of handling situations that you are aware of You are so much involved and totally associate with the event that frustration crops up and then it just runs through you. seems to be existing and never is solved.

Anger is quite common amongst all however if it exceed limitations can turn to be harmful. We expect certain things to happen in certain way and as it does not we tend to react. Look at the highest positive intention behind the event and why has the event occurred even though it was not favorable and negative. An instant can change your life forever which mean an instant can control your anger too. We walk in to our work place expecting things to happen and as they do not happen because of certain people not working on them. and they feel that they must be in control of themselves. though you might think it is too small. Because every time you get angry there is a huge amount of negative energy that is generated inside you which can be really destructive.Do this small exercise. The time you take to react to a situation is so huge. All that happens has a purpose and has a positive intention. Anger is mostly because of an expectation mismatch. Isn’t it frustrating? I am sure it is. your thoughts? You have the Choice and frustrations are not external they are internal in nature and you know the consequences of frustration are so high. Simply because they are not in control of the situation. 2007 Most people find it very difficult to control anger and react to situations. How to Control Anger? December 24. The moment they feel that they are not in control the immediate outburst is anger. Invariably expectations from people is what makes us angry. The fact is that only because we are in control of ourselves. At every place we can find people who are in utmost rage. Ask your self “why the hell is this happening?” and experience how you feel. You can focus on the positive intentions. The communication channel that you establish between the thoughts and the response is so fast that you are not aware of how this happen. It’s the way the mind perceives. Are there times when you . You can control these emotions much more faster than what you think. We allow ourselves to react to external situations. we get angry and show the same. All emotions are because of certain pictures that you run in your mind and if you can control these pictures yo! You have done it. So the choice of not being frustrated will lead you to better outcomes in life. recall an event that has been troubling you and for which you get frustrated because you do not get the desired outcomes. we immediately respond. Now how do you feel? You feel more in control of your emotions. on the positive purpose which will lead you to a more peaceful and comfortable life. Enjoy every bit of life. It is still possible and easy to overcome anger. Now change the same question to “what must I do to over come this challenge”.

We perceive few minutes as few hours. Use Breathing: Breathe deep from within which will control your anger immediately. All you need to do it the push away the picture that you see inside your mind and create a blank white picture which conveys nothing and hence the emotion also is so neutral. The Millionaire Mindset December 18. it calms down. While there is a devil that’s there inside your mind wanting to burst out. This will instantly put a smile on your face and after that you just cannot get angry. you immediately get angry. So the same can be done when you perceive a few seconds to be a few minutes and a few hours. You are forced to get angry because of an external event and expectations. The moment some of your expectations are not met. the moment it hears the word relax. you said it right in the attitude. So this give you lots of time to change the emotion and react in the positive way. like monkey. like cartoon characters and so on. This is of immense help because the breathing also changes the physiology and hence the images in the mind also change immediately thus making you control your anger Use Humor: Convert your anger into humor. what I call as the Mindset . just tell yourself “Relax”. An embedded command will immediately make the sub conscious mind take action. See the people with horns.stand on a queue and a few minutes looks like a few hours? Definitely yes. Using Pictures: Control your anger by using the right pictures. Whatever picture that you see make it as humorous as possible. You can even see the letters of R – E – L – A – X on the person who is standing in front of you or make the letter in air so that it replaces the pictures you see that provokes you to anger. 2007 Have you ever wondered why there are many people who are so wealthy and many so poor or even average leading a life from pay cheque to pay cheque? I am sure you must have seen people who seem to be most skilled and yet not so rich and wealthy while there are many who are not educated and yet so rich and wealthy? What makes the difference? Do they have a magic wand to use and generate load of money? If the well learned were to the richest the so called Financial Guru’s and Business Guru’s must be the wealthiest people in the world. The fact is they are no so! So there is a difference not in the skills but. what you do is just distort time. it can be as loud as possible inside your head. Ways to Control the Anger Using Words: The moment you are about to kick start the anger.

Generous: Share more and create value for people 3. Focus: Know what to focus on and get what the want 4. when they actually are not and its just a perception that you have that they are tied and they are pulling you. Just imagine the day you are in your death bed. In the movie.It is just a way of thinking. only to realize that you have not given them what they truly deserved. 2007 When we move towards achieving our goals in life. Think Big: Believe that you too can be millionaire or even billionaire 2. the villain in the movie. a reason of belief that makes the difference. Then do you think you would be happy? And isn’t it important that you die peacefully and happily. we are bound to face challenges. The choice is always yours. investing in stock market is risky. An important factor that does not make people rich and wealthy is the beliefs they carry. Take Responsiblity September 9. So during these time when we face challenges we do not achieve our goals and we tend to react differently to the situations that arise. Unless you change your beliefs it can never happen. The fact being that you are pulling yourself. Many people Blame. Excuse and Complain . Learn: Always Millionaires are ready to learn and invest on learning 5. Whatever you have listed. 1. and do what you love Its your LIFE. Passion: Love what you do. Here are 5 important mindsets of a Millionaires. that’s a limiting belief in itself for the simple reason that if this was true. never could Warren Buffet. If success is not the immediate outcome of some of the actions that you have taken then you may deem it as a failure and respond in way that would make you a victim. If we do not face challenges it only means that the goals that we set are not challenging and we are not using the potential what we are capable of. its time you broke these beliefs and move forward. The subconscious mind is so powerful that what you perceive is true will become true. you are surrounded with your loved ones. If you say. Certain beliefs include      I don’t have a strong family to support me I am not lucky enough to be so rich I don’t have enough experience to venture into new things to make money Many things to make money are risky If you want to be rich you need to be illegal and unethical Take a minutes time and be honest to yourself and list all these kind of limiting beliefs that you. be one of the richest man in the world. These are like chains that are tied to your leg. the Mission Impossible – II. Sean Ambrose (Casted by Dougray Scott) says “I would prefer to be a billionaire rather than be a popper”.

In the process we allow others to control our lives. This becomes a pattern and hence no action is taken for reaching the outcome. the change does not really occur because “WHY” is not answered. When you wonder what must happen for my life to change. And even after realizing that its only an excuse we still do not take action because we know that anyways we would give the same excuses. “The business period is dull and so I am not able to grow”. We do not action take action to move forward in achieving the Goal because we expect the same to happen. we definitely know that we must have to exercise everyday and give excuses like there is not time. Rest are the victims. Decide for yourself if you want to be a Victim or Take Responsibility and CHANGE. But you must be ready to change. we tend to not take action considering that we know that anyways we would continue giving the same reason. we look for all options and we do not realize that its just right there. Challenges in life can happen and if we are in control of it. We always dream of having the Magic Lamp for us to get whatever we want. Make the powerful Choice of Taking 100% RESPONSIBILITY. Not even 5% of the people in the world follow this. We desire to change the way we lead our lives. We tend to blame others and say things like “”My boss was the main reason for me not getting my promotion”.that makes them the Victim. Remember a small change could make a huge difference in the quality of the life. get the senior most promotion at work and many more. we understand ourselves better and hence move . you delete the most important aspect of the change. Unfortunate that neither do we have the Magic Lamp nor would the genie come for rescue. The moment we focus on “WHY”. inside us. we must have to take responsibility of everything that happens around us. 5 Things that will change your LIFE September 6. For example. Any habit. like you say “anyways my boss would sabotage my promotion so why should I work for a promotion”. While we strive hard to change. Ultimately who is responsible for our life? If we allow others to control our life. then we get the best out of life. or there is too much of work and so on. This stops you from achieving Success. CHANGE for yourself and for your life and Take 100% responsibility. Excuses being one of the most common responses of failures. We fail to understand that we are the ones who need to make this happen. 2007 Everyone wants a miracle to happen in Life? Win a Lottery or lose weight over night. We only think of “What” and never the why. it does not take us anywhere. We are solely responsible for our life. any behavior can be changed only when there is a need for change. These are typical victim stories that do not get us to move ahead in life. Many times you go into the denial mode and complain external events for your so called failure. “People annoy me too much and I get frustrated”.

you might not be all that excited and motivated to go out. YOU So make the choice now! Take a piece of paper and write atleast 3 things that you want to change in your life and you are totally under control of the same. Make the best choice. Laziness is definitely one of the biggest sins of mankind.Is laziness a disease? Not really. . YOU 5. You don’t need a prescription from a doctor to be away from it. However if I were to tell you. you never take action and you are bound to fail. it is probably infectious. the lack of desire and commitment to start taking action on something. If needed you would still run away from the place you are. you take the step. Say if I want you to move away from your chair and start doing some work outside.Change happens in a moment. probably can be considered as a mental disease and any mental disease you have absolute control to overcome. The rest of the time is a process to change. Fire comes out a of a purpose. 5 important things that will change your life forever are… 1. the journey to that amazing decision in life. If you want to stop being lazy first rekindle that hidden fire in you. the fire is missing and if you have a good reason for WHY? then you start doing it. 2007 Being Lazy means the lack of drive to work. Its about what you want to do and what you do not. YOU 2. Why? If you were to clean your room and you wonder why should I. The moment you decide to change. I believe that being Lazy is a CHOICE. YOU 3. What determines success or failure is action and if you are lazy you know. it is not a disease. YOU 4. Make the choice and Change this moment and it would change your life forever. The fire is knowing the answer WHY? Laziness is not inherited. And once you change it is permanent unless you want to change again. Stop being lazy… To be continued. It is a property that is chosen. there is a Fire in the building the next moment you start running to save your life. So Laziness is not an inherent property of a person. Stop being Lazy – I August 21. If I tell you there is something interesting that is waiting for you outside. It cannot take millions of years. it does not stay with someone all the time..

This puts you in a lazy negative state and hence you are not driven to take some action. This is a frequent question I am asked.So first things first. However this happens very rare. feel bored by just changing your body right now. If it does not lead you to anything there is definitely no reason for your have the fire in you. People say “Writing my daily expenses is important and I know that however I am still lazy about doing it”. does not make any difference but still you need it. 1. The Words you use. stressful. If you are lazy there is a certain posture for that. that could trigger you to being lazy. then you need to feel motivated. “I know doing exercises is very good for health. It is true that there are some thoughts that trigger laziness. the internal images that you run in your mind are boredom. If you are steering a train. the drive. The Body Physiology is very important for you to be in a good state. Though it might be true that cleaning a room may not excite you but still. So start now and set more GOALS!To be continued… Stop being Lazy – III August 23. Your body 2. When you want to clean your room. State is controlled by 3 major components. motivation and fire will be high. I am so lazy to wake up in the morning”. One of key things that drive you is you STATE. This will push you to achieve much more than what you can. . you might not have the fire to start and move on for the simple reason that you are not aware where you are heading to and what to expect out of you steering the train ahead. 2007 How do you stop from being lazy? Is it very simple? Yes it is. It could be even tiredness. First identify the reasons for your laziness. and you are not sure where you are heading to then mid way you stop. feel lousy. but still I don’t do my exercises everyday. identify if you are lazy about something WHY are you lazy.Do you have a GOAL?Anything that you do must lead you to something. painful. 2007 Now you have a Goal what next? There are times that I know that doing something is important however I still be lazy.For every single activity you do. You can right chose to feel bad. Your Thoughts 3. How do take stock of these important actions and stop being lazy. must have a end to it which can help in sustaining the interest in doing. It may be small or big. Say if you work hard continuously without taking a break. this kills your quality of life. The Mental State.Stop being Lazy – II August 22. once you know that you must do it. I always repeat the moment you understand the WHY part of it. But do understand what triggers you to be Lazy?Say you want to start a jog in the morning and then you set an alarm in the morning and laziness takes control and you don’t take an effort to wake up.

Like I have written before in the previous post. just decide on what you would reward yourself once you complete the task. One is when you see the pain involved in not completing a task which you are lazy to complete. or you may feel the pleasure of completing a task which you feel lazy about. 2007 Your thoughts drive your actions. Intensify the feeling so that the pain is high. 2007 The words you use definitely create an impact in the quality of your life. Reward Yourself: When you want to complete a task and you want to stop being lazy. This may also drive you to take action immediately.Other ways to stop being lazy 1.When you want to take control and shift being lazy. What kind of thoughts will drive you? It can happen in two ways. 3. Make a mental picture of positive gain that you will get as you complete the task. To be continued… Stop being Lazy – V August 25. by controlling your thoughts 1. If you go through these steps you can beat laziness very easily. Check your health: Be watchful as I have told before. your body physiology. 2. Unless you complete the task ensure that you do not reward yourself. Generally we would like to move away from pain and hence this works wonders and will give you fire and energy to start taking action 2. Pump up yourself and start getting more energetic. Stop being Lazy – IV August 24. if your health is good then there is a high possibility that you may not feel lazy. take the first step and change your posture. Refer the previous post on “Change the words you use and Change your LIFE” to learn more on the same. The reward must be something that you really have been wanting for sometime and integrity to yourself is very important. . Make a mental picture of the pain that you will have to undergo if you do not complete a task which you feel lazy to start and complete. Make a mental picture of you starting to work on the task and you taking a step by step action of the task. Make the picture run fast and clear in you mind This series of mental pictures that you have created will drive you and get you the required motivation. the way you alter your mind will make a difference in the quality of your life.

Eat well in the right possible way. Just remember everything what your mom and your grandmother told you when you were young. a great English Poet Stay Fit Physically.3. If you think you cannot resist temptation then don’t give a hand to it. Recall what mom told you about junk food . and eat all the fruits. You need to be more conscious about what you eat. Cut them out is not what I am telling you. Physically fitness simply means that you need to take good care of your body. finish off the vegetables in your place. While young if you were eating fruits and vegetables as part of your meal. . When young you did not learn the science behind why you need to eat the fruits and vegetables and now you must learn them. Throw the bottles away that consume your energy (I mean alcohol) and never light a cigar anymore. run. keep the blood gushing though your internal systems that need to work in tandem. Going to the gym everyday is definitely one ways. energy and fitness. Take the small step immediately. This will keep them at bay and not allowing something to harm them. 2008 One of the best secrets of being Fit is going back to basics. It could be small but will be motivating you to complete the task. The moment you feel that you are lazy.Edward Young. Take a walking stick and hold each other and walk short distances. Remember what your grandparents used to when they got old. This is to keep their energy going. have them in very very small quantities. Remember you mom used to tell you. take that first step and stop being lazy. A walking stick is definitely not a choice for you but you must have to hit the road. now you can make that your meal once in a while. Let me stress on that… very small quantities. job. The way you control your body definitely determines your power. You at this age can do more. follow them and you will be a bundle of joy. Commit to yourself and also call a friend and tell your friend about the activity that you will complete (Don’t tell your friend that you are lazy and that’s why you are making it a must 4. walk do whatever to keep the energy going. Follow these and Stop Being Lazy”Tomorrow is the day when idlers work and fools reform” . Fruits cleanse your body very quickly. I am not saying starve yourself and eat only them but you can definitely treat your body for some cleaning. breathe in fresh air and enjoy more circulation in their body. Its as simple as that. I am sure you don’t need a reason as to why. Mentally and Emotionally February 14.

Change the words you use and Change your LIFE – III August 20. thank the people you know for making a difference. This would mean a lot to you because there is a purpose behind your existence and you will start moving towards the purpose. A secret for you emotionally charge up yourself. You need to be Emotionally charge and fit to take your life to the higher level. your behavior is so. When you think about these people. who suffer to protect themselves from extremes of hot or cold. get angry or get annoyed. Every day make sure you enjoy a joke. Thank yourself for what you are. we tend to use more negative words than positive words that reduce the quality of life. Whenever you want to condition yourself to elevate the quality of your life ask the question “HOW?” and you would automatically find the solution for whatever challenges you are facing. So distress yourself and play games and have fun. Have a specific time in a day when you feel the gratitude for all that is already existing.Mental fitness is tremendously important. there is never a reason for you to get frustrated. There will be challenges along your way but you must have to condition yourself emotionally too so as to handle them with ease. You have the choice to focus on whatever you wish to. 3500 plus words are negative emotions.000 words of which an average person uses only 3000 words. Of these 40. who do not have good food to eat. Remember stress is more often or not an outcome of fear that something not so favorable will happen or something that you wish may not happen. Because you are dreaming of something that you want and something you desire. thank the entire world for supporting you. You just need to shift your behavior. If you feel down and depressed remember that not what you are. Laugh your heart out. You are not a depressed person. While many say that Day dream is not so good. That radiates positive vibrations in your mind and in turn the body. is to play games with kids or spend time pursuing a hobby. You will feel more relaxed moving away from stress. Call your friend and share the joke with them so that you can hear the laugh that would make you emotionally stronger Remember there are many people who suffer in the world. Recall all those people who do not have shelter. Recall all the nice things that have happened so far in your life. Going by the law of averages. I always recommend you to do that. 2007 The English language in totality has more than 40. .000 words about 5000 are the words that demonstrate an emotion and of 5000.

That’s why a great man called Henry Ford said. Let me tell you a secret. “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing. can really make a difference in the way you tap these resources. you achieve accessing the resources. Not true. 2007 I meet people when they say “Stress is part of life and I can’t beat it”. Let us consider few examples here… PROBLEM against CHALLENGE: When you say you have a PROBLEM you need to fix it which you say you have a CHALLENGE. Stress cannot be caused by an external force.Words give us certain feeling and different words have different meanings. So defer yourself from using not so useful words that can impact the quality of your life. . you’re right”. you are shutting down possibilities and you get into a negative frame of mind. For example you say to yourself “I am the best”. there are lots of ways to beat Stress. SPEND against INVEST: If you say “I spent on the training program” it means nothing come back where as you say “I invested on the training program” means that you only invested and you need to get back something more valuable in the program. then you face it. 7 Ways to Beat your STRESS Now August 13. while you say to yourself “Oh I am so lousy”. 2007 By changing the words we use. Many such words are there and if they dis-empower you must stop using them now! Change the words you use and Change your LIFE – II August 18. Its the way we perceive things and get tensed and Stressed. When you give a command your brain that you can’t then you don’t get to attain the resources that you need. Stress is out of tension for something happening or not. your body get tensed. If you say its a PROBLEM. These deletions. To be continued. while you just “Yes! I can do it”. this definitely impacts your emotions and mental state and that will not allow you to take action. you feel differently and un-resourceful. distortions and generalizations impact the words that use. it creates a powerful and useful Internal Representation. One strong belief that you must carry is that you have all the resources in you and you must tap these resources. your mind gets tensed and you start thinking of all the pain involved in the process of doing the work. you feel that way. Your work does not speak to you and say “Get stressed” or “Feel the tension”. The words that you use. When you say “Yes that’s a Challenge” you are giving your mind a possibility of a solution.. When you get stressed. Going back to the previous post of how you can distort and say “Stock Market it Risky”.

Stress is just a State of mind and if we have control over it our life definitely gets better. Now how can you beat the Stress? 1. Exercise:Any physical activity is bound to beat stress. Be more active and exercise more if your stressed more. I do lots of training programs and if I don’t have my morning jog, i feel more tired 2. Music: High energy music will increase the blood flow in your body and make you relaxed. Alternatively Baroque Music will soothe you. 3. Take a Break: Do what you like doing and take a break and start your work again. Even at work place you can have something that can give you a great break. Like a scrabble, pictionary or many other things. 4. Write on a Paper: Take a paper and scribble down your thoughts (Alternatively pick up the phone and talk to your friend) 5. Relax: Just relax, take a massage, take a nice shower. 6. Change your Mind: Start to focus on the most relaxed and most joyous things that you have. 7. SLEEP (This is the last thing that you must do though

Do you get angry with yourself?
August 9, 2007

I wonder, is it worth getting angry. When I do my trainings on NLP, I am asked how to control anger. Anger is an emotion, its a state of mind which can be controlled and which can be avoided. It is very important that you are in control of you state and that’s what will fetch the right kind of results. But how getting angry with yourself? Can you turn Anger into Motivation? yes! isn’t that wonderful. I think for the first time you are seeing someone saying get angry more. Why? Think about the reasons in the past when you have been angry with yourself. It is because that you are not happy with your performance, or the quality of the work that you did. It just means that you expected more out of yourself. Can this be a powerful driving force to achieve more? Whenever you are getting angry you are informing your Subconscious mind that you can do better and you can achieve more. This only means that, the next time you do something you expect the best out of you and you start doing the best. This is simple yet powerful. So when you get angry with yourself, its ok and you are just giving commands to your subconscious mind “Be the Best always”

Is Selling Easy?
August 9, 2007

I have been training people on Sales for quite sometime and I have lots of experienced people who say sometimes “Selling is difficult”. I don’t say so all the time. No doubt Selling is a numbers game but remember this and the chances that you succeed are higher 1. Emotions drive action - More than logic as a sales person you must emotionally charge up the customer so that he can take action 2. There are no naturally born sales people, salesman are made and its a science that you can master. I have personally tested many techniques, it works for me and it can work for anyone. 3. Remember you never must sell a service or a product, you must always sell a benefit. You must always prepare before a meeting and Success is always yours. These are simple yet powerful.

Feel Better as fast as you can!!
August 6, 2007

Are there are times that you feel tired and worn out. There are much easier ways to out beat them. Probably you have been working up late for quite sometime or have been losing energy doing some herculean task. Getting tired is normal and your shoulders get cramped very fast. This just means that you must have the right was to beat this tiredness and feel better. Its not magic to come out of this and so many simple ways you can do it 1. Eat Right and Eat Better: Stop the crackers and wafers when you need a break. Have a nutrition rich snack for break. Ensure that you meals are balanced with the right amount of everything. Eat lots of fruits at least 1 hour before dinner everyday. There is no limit to the amount of fruits that you can eat. 2. Exercise: I hope that you are not skipping your exercise. Do it everyday. You miss it and the chances of you getting tired are higher 3. A Nap: Check if you lack sleep and if so take a short nap for 10 minutes during the day. Not more or not less. Really one of the most effective ways to out beat tiredness 4. Laugh: Laugh out loudly and have lots of fun. This will energize you the fastest. Do this and see for yourself how much more energy you feel within you.

Never Settle for Ordinary and Less
July 27, 2007

It is important that we always achieve high and one of the best ways to do it is increase the level of acceptance. When we start doing things we get results and over a period of time there is a possibility that

we start thinking, “This is what I am destined for”. This puts in a mental state of accepting low from yourself. This will never take you anywhere. A key to Success is by raising your own standards, you own level of acceptance. Never settle for the ordinary in life, then there is no meaning in Life. It might be a struggle but the end results is what matters the most. Successful people I have seen never settle for the less or the ordinary. Definitely, being ordinary and settling for less will give you the comfort, the surety and the security. But that will never make you grow, will never help to be big. You dream big you achieve big. Few things that you must have to do to life up to your expectations Always keep increasing your own standard. Today if you did 100 then tomorrow you must do at least 105. This will push you every day. Continuously improve on your performance. In every aspect look for improvements. Your objective might be met and still there is a huge amount of improvement always persisting Have small term, medium and a long term Goals. Stretch yourself so as to set higher goals for yourself Know the purpose. You must know as to what drives you and why and for what you need to achieve anything. Dream Big, Achieve Big

Withstand the Pain of Not achieving…
July 15, 2007

Is it very important to withstand the pain of not achieving what we want? Definitely YES!. I always wondered if there are ways in which you can avoid the Pain. But you expect something big from yourself then you must have to bear that pain. Whenever you want to achieve success and gain out of it, you need to work for it. During the process you go through several stages. You go through the learning stage. When you do something for the very first time then you need to learn the strategy to achieve the same. Alternatively you can also model other people and learn their strategies and take action to get the results when you want. Many times when you are learning something new for the first time there is a possibility of Confusion. This is a very important stage where you need to have a solid mindset that YES i am determined to learn and achieve. There are a few people who tend to say “This is not for me”, “this is for only experienced guys!” and many more. This really will pull you down, which means you need to withstand and learn and move forward. As you learn a very important step is that of “ACTION”. This is where many people fail. I train thousands of people every year, ranging from a 9 year old kid to 75 year old people. Everyone come into my training

program and learn many new strategies and techniques and then realize that yes these will work wonders in life when implemented. And majority of them really take action. Thats what really gets them success. Now when you take action there is no guarantee that you will get your desired result, in fact there is no guarantee that the strategy that you adopt will work and that’s when you get into this stage of Frustration. When Frustration creeps in there are 2 choices that you have and 2 ways in which you can treat the frustration 1. Give Up - Which is what many people do 2. Have the focus and move forward with the commitment to yourself that “YES! I am determined to achieve“. When you take massive action there is a possibility that you don’t get the result you feel so painful. But this pain is temporary. If you withstand this pain then sure you will have long terms benefits. I know people who are not willing to bear this pain and make the choice 1 and give up. Later when they see others achieving then realize “Oh God I must have done that”. Its too late and its highly pain staking and its more painful. These short temporary pains are just to test people and the one who survive it are the ones who create history for themselves.

Resources =/= Results
July 5, 2007

Many times I am asking this question. “How do you manage to produce such exceptional results in life”. Simple I take Consistent Action. Its not about the resources that we have that makes us successful and achieve things. Its the kind of action that we take that makes a huge difference. Remember Henry Ford, the founder of “Ford Motors”. What made him successful was the simple reason that he took action to achieve big. He started Ford because of the Passion he had for machines. Many people have the needed resources. You see many engineers who are so good in their area of expertise, yet the struggle to achieve. We all have the resources and we can tap them as and when we need. But if you don’t take action for what you have then the resources are useless. RESOURCES =/= RESULTS RESOURCES + ACTION = RESULTS. If you ought to get some resources then you need take action for it. You might have all the ingredients of a recipe. If you don’t use these ingredients then there is no dish that is churned out. You have the ingredients, the resources. Take ACTION to reap the results.

How to give a Killer Sales Presentation? June 19. This will give a new dimension to your challenge. Make them understand that you are not there for . Which means you must find a way to handle these challenges. You must know about the Service or the Product you are selling. Show you conviction You must thoroughly convinced about the product or service that you are selling. If you find others can help you in finding the solution then you know it. Build Rapport It is very important that you build rapport with the team. Organize your thoughts logically It is important to put forth the idea in the most cohesive fashion. So its important that you have the skills to be an amazing Sales Person. This will create a mindset for you that it so damn easy to achieve anything you want. you are bound to have challenges in life. Find all possible ways to achieve the result you want 3. Study well on you Product / Service Give due importance to the content. This not only makes you comfortable but also give the other person a feel of comfort and trust. You cannot run away from these challenges but you need to find a way to handle them. 1. you are maintained well and the moment you stop milking you are not respected. Few important things that you must have to follow before a Sales Meeting or a Sales Presentation 1. Remove any negative thoughts you have about these challenges.How to Handle all your Challenges? June 26. Break them down into smaller chunks and they will start looking small. ASK them. 2007 When you want to achieve big in life. Remember to take action on these smaller chunks. 2007 Every person in Sales is compared to a Cow in Real Life. You must believe in the idea before you sell the same to others. 2. This definitely puts the other person on line and gives them the edge to beat you down. This will give you the utmost comfort and control towards any situation that may arise 3. When you step aside for a Sales Presentation or a Sales Meeting and discussing about the product and doing your best to convert many time we are struck and we get confused on how to proceed. 4. Once you break them into chunks for each of these find all possible solutions to achieve the desired solution. So gathering certain points and addressing them in a sequential manner will help you attract people to listen to you 2. As long as you milk. This will take you to a new level of achievement and help you to come out of the troubles you are facing.

The fact of considering a failure as a learning experience and a feedback is always because of the inspiration of Thomas Edison. This Inspiration is what gives us the Power more forward in life with more hope and higher dreams. Inspiration is what gives you the reasons to stand tall amidst failures. Lance Armstrong while being the best in cycle racing was affected with cancer and he fought through with so much courage and confidence. Give priority to every person you meet and have a thought that every single meeting or presentation will change few lives.selling but for giving them the needed tools to make their life better. the great Edison always considered every single one of them as a learning experience and went out to invent the light bulb. Mr. Possibilities always arise because of Inspiration. Honda. When we have lots of unreasonable events and unwarranted events that happen in life we look for certain people who have undergone the same or something bigger and thats when we get a ray of hope and a ray of Inspiration. Life was unfair but he was under total control and he went on to achieve the biggest feat of making his car company the biggest in the world. founder of the Honda Car company followed every moment. Motivation is what drives you to do well and pushed to achieve your Vision. the biggest earth quake and what not. This is true but how many follow. However Inspiration is equally important or sometimes more important too. 2007 Motivation is very important for ones life. your Goals and what you want to achieve in life. Having failed 9999 times while inventing the light bulb. the world war II. We defintely get the inspiration from these to achieve much more in life. When he was setting up the Honda Car company he had the Atom Bomb blast. inspiration is what gives you the hope that you too can succeed. Life is unfair and we can’t really blame anyone. and your Sales Pitch will always be at its best Do you need Motivation or Inspriration? June 12. Motivation is Power and Inspiration is Growth . This inspiration is what drive me too even today to achieve the best in life.

You will achieve the best. leadership as a wisdom needs to be achieved. Values act like a driving force to reach you desired Goals. You know your desired outcomes and your goals.Do you know your Values? May 30. Greatness can be achieved. I think you are good”. Values are the answer to the question “What is important in your life?” E. There was a time when I met this teacher in a school who was talking to her kids in class on what leadership and what a leader must be. Fame.g. then your don’t get anywhere near the goals. She cited many examples of great leaders across the globe. The Born Leader in you May 18. 3. This really makes your head spin. 2007 Many times I am posed with this question are leaders born? No. Gets you Peace: You make a decision based on your values. A young boy sitting in the front desk was very excited about hearing and had that energy in him to believe that he could make a good leader put his hand up and gave a smile to the teacher and asked her “Why is that you never mentioned your name in the list of good leaders. Leaders are made. 2007 Knowing what your values are very important. and in what order of priority. Again she gave a few names who could be probably role models in various areas of life. A Rocket knows that it has to land at the moon and without fuel in the tank the rocket does not move. situations that you want: You would only consider those people or situations that support your values. Wealth. Its like Fuel to a propeller. If you know your values then you would not get jolted around 2. This really makes us worry for the simple reason that we are not sure of what to do. Family etc. you don’t regret making the decision. An example could be that you would want to stay at home on a Sunday and spend time with your family. The teacher was also stressing on the fact that one must have a role model so as to achieve big in their life. It is about how you believe and what you believe. But if there is no driving factor to the goals. If they go against your values you would not consider them or support them. This is something similar to how life moves. and you are caught between the two. For Making decisions: Many times we are caught between making a decision of what to do in life. Few reasons why Values are a Must 1. It will help you move forward with immense confidence and ultimate peace and satisfaction for having done something based on your values So start writing your values today and learn more about yourself. Money. . Helps in identifying people. while you have an uncompleted assignment which needs to be sent and you are not sure if it can be completed.

the zone of security. shapes itself into a butterfly. Human life is like a rubber band. From the cocoon. then tell yourself “Wow. This really does not allow us to move forward in life and we get struck. decide to stretch and go out to stretch yourself in every area of your life . the butterfly has to emerge and it struggles. then life becomes difficult and had for them Make the choice today. As a Leader all you need is the “Identity” and “Courage” to achieve greatness in you. Sometimes stretching yourself could be painful but is it beneficial for you? If the answer is Yes. then you know that we must stretch ourself beyond our own expectations. then you are not out to stretch yourself. Many times we do not want to step out of the zone of comfort. It stretches itself way beyond its capabilities. You must have seen how the cocoon. One of the biggest mistakes that I have seen people do is that when they are stretching they tend to compare themselves to many others and that really pulls them down even more. the more you stretch the more it expands and you let go the rubber band it comes back but not to its same position. We act like the Rubber Band. We want to do and achieve more but we refuse to step out of the comfort zone.Many times what you don’t realize you don’t have needs to be showcased and given light to by others. But once we decide to step up and stretch more then life for us becomes even more easier for the simple reason that we begin to expect more from us. Now repeating the same a few times would ensure that the rubber band does not get back. This would put you in a much more energetic and powerful state that will make you perform better in every activity of your life. They feel let down by themselves and in the process feel lousy and do not act upon anything. and this gives the power for them survive in the world. 2007 Many times do you feel that you want to do and achieve something but again something holds you back and you are not taking the necessary step? If it a Yes. the zone of pampering ourselves. The next time you feel stretched and uncomfortable. If they do not stretch. Cheers to the Leader in You!! Stretch more and achieve more… May 5. I am learning and I am growing”. It stretches beyond. Our mind behaves in the same way.

There will be struggles. And every single action we take is based on the State of Mind we are in. They tend to imagine things that need not necessarily happen and then get into a lousy state of mind. If you are one like this. Probably out of a few hundred people they know only a few would have lost money and they generalize the same and start having thoughts like “By chance I lose my precious money what happen”. This will only make you perform bad. Our Thoughts to a great extent determine the State of Mind we are in. This is success. how would the game be? Absolutely No Life in the game and the same is true even for life. Taking those small strides and moving forward will create a big impact of life. We have the ultimate choice to focus on what we want to. You have seen horses are made to focus on where they are running. This is defintely a remorse for many. Just imagine we get into a Presentation and then we have a thought like “I hope I don’t screw up this presentation” what state of mind do you get into. At every single moment in time you are thinking. If there is no Goal there is not life for our Life. Write down your goal right now. Running haywire. This will make us perform better. It may be negative or positive. Else the Horse goes Haywire. So now what does Success Mean for you? Understanding what you want and achieving them is Success. Simple a Negative State of Mind probably a State of Confusion. Fear or Stress. Many people say “Investments and Trading are very risky”. 2007 Some people equate success to amassing huge sums of money and few by being more popular.What does Success Mean for You? May 1. . its a learning experience and you bounce back and hit your target. Many people however measure Success by achieving simple Goal they set for having a very happy and satisfied life. This will defintely put them in a lousy state of mind and they never get to do what they want. challenges while reaching your goal and not always do you hit the goal. They tend to focus on only negatives. These thoughts however can be positive or negative and we can defintely choose to focus on what we want. Are your thought similar to that of horses where you tend to go haywire and think of unusual things. Imagine 22 people kicking a ball and no Goal post in the game. 2007 Are your thoughts like Horses. So now you know what Success Means for You !!! Your Thoughts are Like Horses?? April 29. It is just about what and how we focus on it”. I always take the metaphor of a Soccer Game. To reiterate “For any experience or event there is always two polarities. it takes you no where.

Once you make SUCCESS a must then you achieve it. The truth is that. And how to be Happy Always? Simple . Fear 7. STAY FOCUSSED. HAVE GREAT THOUGHTS Killers of Success April 25. boredom. I think one of the most best ways to achieve is to have the drive to do so. anxiety. Procastination 5. 2007 You must have sure heard this song by Bobby McFerrin. They only Wish to be successful they don’t make SUCCESS a must for their LIFE. Always been a catchy song which forces to convey always be happy and there is no reason for you not to be happy. And stop all the KILLERS of SUCCESS Be Happy ! April 17. Laziness 4. Even the worlds richest person wants more of freedom and fame. Lack of Belief 2. Happiness moves you away from tiredness. ill health and many more. Not knowing precisely what they want 3. Either way each one of us always want something more. The most happiest person wants more of the same or something else. CHOOSE NOW. Every single one of us always want something more it could be materialistic or an internal need. Contentment is never a reason. So when all of us want something more then what stop few from getting the same? 1. Build that FIRE in your NOW. you really don’t need a reason to be happy. The know how Most importantly I have seen people who lack the needed DRIVE. Be Happy”. The same FIRE is what you need. “Don’t Worry.Never Let Loose your mind and thoughts and make them go the way you want and not make it run in the auto pilot mode. stress. Self Doubt 6. Imagine if I were to ask you to run outside from your home would you do so? I tell you you will feel good if you run over there. Chances are high that you might not. But if I were to tell you that there is a FIRE that is engulfing you shortly in the room where you are sitting. 2007 What stops people from being successful. 101% that you will run.

If you are PASSIONATE. Make a Choice to be Happy 2. In my training program I ensure that I fill the talk with humour. You don’t really need a right reason to be Happy. I am sure you would have ready about Edison who had 9999 times experimented before he invented the light bulb and what is stopping you today?? Is it you abilities or your attitude? Definitely I would say “ATTITUDE”. Not that I am telling you to attract failure but ensure that because of fear of failure you don’t end up no where. I have been time again focusing on GOALS and DREAMS. 2007 Pascal the great. has always been my answer. jokes and many such things to make it fun and that puts people in a happy state or emotion. Hundreds of times. I can have fun and be happy while I still do things with at most focus. I do my training programs I am happy.CHOOSE RIGHT NOW TO BE HAPPY! Simple yet proficient. Many people arguably say “If I get this I will be very happy”. And yes you dream big then obstacles are bound to happen. Decide to feel happy and you will feel happy. You are today where your thoughts of yesterday have brought you and you will be tomorrow where the thoughts of today take you”. Happiness is a STATE of MIND. Time and again I have been asked. once said “The achievements today are only a sum of all our thoughts yesterday. you would never give up. This is very true. Many people refuse to dream big and more importantly take action because they fear failure and embarassement. Happiness is always a choice we make and it is not a outcome to certain events. Even when you needed support you . Every single thing that I do makes me more happy. Dream big then you achieve big. Imagine when you were young how many times you would have fallen down while attempting to walk. You must never fear failure. every single action can make you happy. Expect things around to go well and be Happy 3. Few simple ways to be happy 1. I type this message for all the readers I feel happy. When you were young that was walking was quite big. Smile for every situation possible and be Happy 4. satisfaction. It can never get you happiness. don’t you take things seriously. Be Happy Overcome Obstacles and Win DreamZ April 16. Every single thing. a sense of achievement or a high. It never is possible. How your parents figured out that you were capable of walking was when you were independently walking with no support. And yet you did not give up for the simple reason you wanted to achieve big. Probably you achieve something you can get peace. But why.

Thats why I think everyone is given the same set of resources. No what the difference that gets these two set of people. I don’t get what I want and only others get everything. how would your life be? Life would be miserable and the same holds good for all your dreams. Remember this life what we have is gifted. You have the belief that things are possible then you achieve big. Recently I saw this movie called “In Pursuit of Happyness”. Close to 1000 Billion neurons and every neurons capability is so high. I think this what is life is all about struggles. They foresee an amazing opportunity and they decide to take up a challenge and start doing things . Few of them comfortable in their life and few struggling. We must achieve BIG Time for a CHANGE!! April 9. Amazing movie. Just experience how it would be when you failed when you were young. You failed a many times when you were walking but still did not give up. 2 eyes to see. I really don’t know why. Never let other pull you down. You failed during your attempts to walk and then you give up. If you give up life will be miserable. Many people say “you can’t do it” because “They cant do it”. But how people overcome is by simple means 1. They are forced to change because of certain external forces and pressures 3. God is Unfair. 2007 When do people change? 1. So make the CHOICE. 2007 I see people crib every day. 3. We have the same brain. They are sure of what they want in their life. Most of us have 2 hands to use. table or the wall next to you. Every single one of us have the same number of neurons. And with all these resources the same we what stops people from being the best? I guess it is the ability to think what is possible and what is not possible. So its time for you to prove you can do it. They are anyways gifted. So the brain is the same. Overcome obstacles and live your DreamZ Life is very Fair !! April 12.only held on to the chair. 2 legs to walk. The Pain of the current is so high it become unbearable and they decided to change 2. I have visited many countries and everywhere I see people of different races and different life styles. a goal and they ensure they achieve it 2. They have a dream.

it pays to be smart. 2007 In today’s competitive world. ask yourself: Am I as smart as I could be in this area? How could I get smarter? 1. finding out what works and what doesn’t. Few immediate ways to change 1. etc. Make Decisions Intuitively Smart people listen to and follow their intuition.” 3. . As you read the list. “He who knows others is wise. weaknesses. But Change immediately. What do you want to do so that you can achieve more. results and most importantly the emotions that flow. They think about things before jumping in. Remove those small things that annoy you a lot 3. Identify what causes frustration for you and change them 2. Change things that will make you satisfied. and also take the time after-the-fact to actively reflect to fully understand what happened or didn’t happen. 2. I have helped several in the past personally. joyful and happy Get Smart April 9. This is a great way to change 4. Use Active Reflection Smart people reflect on and learn from past experiences. I am sure there is something you could “get smarter” about. Are Self-Aware Smart people are aware of who they are— strengths.Many times I see people who are forced to change and the pressure on them is so high that they do not know to handle the change in the best possible way. Below are some qualities of smart people. he who knows himself is enlightened. Don’t wait for the disaster to happen in life. values. and then adjusts their course of action as needed. personality. As Confucious once said. They do their best to escape from what they are doing and move towards negativity. No matter how smart you are. I know people who push themselves to move away from laziness and that means a lot to them.” they know that the most important (and interesting) thing to know about is “self. They attract negatives in their life sometimes and they end up having an even more miserable life. The best of course is by changing based on certain outcomes you want to achieve. A Change need not be big a small change in your life can make your life totally different. Change directly reflects on your performance. They know how intuitions and insights come to them and are tuned-in internally to make wise decisions.

Are Resourceful Smart people don’t have to know it all. 11. and people. training. purpose. They recognize the importance of finding the fun in the irony and the comedy of everyday life. They continuously learn new things. Have An Open-Mind Smart people are open to different perspectives and see potential where most people don’t. They don’t have to check with others to make decisions.4. thoughts. but they do know where to go to get whatever information. resources. 6.” They are comfortable with paradoxes and can relate to many sides of an issue or opinion. They crave progressive and forward thinking information. They do not blindly believe things so-called “experts” say. . They would agree with what the quote. 9. 10. They are well-networked and have people to call on for resource referrals. Are Productive Smart people get things done. and ways of doing things. 12. They “swing out there” often. They make the most of each day and take action on important life tasks each and everyday. through whatever organizational/time management system that works for them. 8. attitudes. Take Risks Smart people are willing to do new things. they instinctively know what is right for them and they go for it! 13. and it usually pays off. knowing that if it doesn’t work out as intended. They often come up with new and radical ideas on a regular basis. Are Responsive Smart people recognize and respond quickly to opportunities and people. 7. They act and react fast. well ahead of schedule. Write and List Things on Paper Smart people have a well-developed life strategy that includes a written life vision/mission. Upgrade Their Brain Smart people stay smart because they are committed to being a lifelong learner. Have a Sense of Humor Smart people do not take themselves or life too seriously. and goals statement. education that they need. concepts. and take care of what needs to be taken care-of. “A mind is like a parachute. in fact. and stay current with their skills. it only functions when it is open. they ask deep questions to discover their own truth. and beliefs.” 14. Trust Themselves Smart people believe and trust themselves first and foremost. 5. Question Authority Smart people think for themselves. Think Out-of-Box Smart people can easily entertain new ideas. They also write lists—one for “have to’s” and one for “want to’s. failure is often cleverly disguised as a learning opportunity.

“To gain knowledge. magazines. so they selectively choose who and what to align themselves with. brand. 19. while simultaneously taking away information that no longer serves us. They are insatiably curious and want to know more about becoming bigger and brighter. Read Smart people tap into the collective brain power of others by reading books. 17. their own learning grows and develops because they are actively talking about. and expand or change it entirely. lose the zeal or even may be want to do many . remove things everyday. They are also able to filter out the information that fits for them and let the rest go. Rarely even the good performers are bogged down and do not perform all that well. Read.” This is so true. what do you want to remove from your database? And. degree. They really need a way out to go and do well. who share their knowledge with other people. and understanding their subject. and places. researching. our brain is like a computer and in order for it to function at a higher level. They put themselves out there so the rest of us can benefit. To gain wisdom. and in exchange. Many times super achievers at work.15. add things everyday. They often play with their image. Think about it. articles— anything that is helpful for their own development. etc. They learn because it is intrinsically rewarding for them. Read. Teach Others Smart people are the teachers of the world. but also about what it means to be a human being at this time in our evolution. rundown. 16. Use Discernment Smart people are able to discern (see clearly) other’s reasons and motives. 2007 Everything that you do at work signifies your performance and you are evaluated on the same lines. title. as a result they naturally evolve. what new software program will you replace it with? Perform well at Work April 3. They surround themselves with only the highest quality people. Sometimes burn out. company name. 18. 20. They do not just learn for a specific end— to get a certificate. Are Students of Life Smart people not only know about specific subjects and topics. take responsibility and perform well while many under achievers are mediocre and give a lots of excuses and always look at blaming others for their poor performance. we must always be adding. Value Learning Smart people value the process of learning for learning’s sake. they love to grow and develop. Reinvent Themselves Smart people do not like to stay the same. To stay ahead of the game. they often reinvent themselves time and time again. programs. As Lao Tzu said.

You want the best out of yourself and thats the reason you feel bad about what you have done and feel depressed.. Sit in the morning first and jot down all the things that you need to do for the day. This way you will have more energy in you to do more and achieve more. Eat Right and Exercise What you take in is what determines what you take out.good things. However small they are you must still have to jot them down as tasks for the day. Take a brisk walk in the morning for just about 30 minutes. So find out how not to be depressed and even if you feel depressed feel good about it because DEPRESSION means You are expecting the BEST from yourself. Plan you work and work the same Very important to plan what you must do through the day. 1. else is it quite normal as anyone else. high energy things and so on. Enjoy all that you do Very importantly enjoy every activity that you do. Can you turn around your PERFORMANCE? YES! Do these and you will perform amazingly well. What is more important is… Do you know how to come out of this depression? If you don’t come out of depression that is when you get into a state of clinical depression. I am sure there are times when you feel good about what you have done also. 3. You must take care of yourself and your job becomes easier. April 2. For the simple fact that you are expecting something more for yourself. It is supposed to be harming you. Exactly know your outcomes and do amazingly well. Have the big picture in mind and work with passion. which means that you are not a depressed person. Spend small amount of time to do well. A 15 minute walk after your lunch and a 10 minute walk as a break are highly energetic 2. How much ever workload you have once you plan your work you will execute them with easy. 2007 I know you must be wondering how depression can be good. Depressed? Wow thats amazing. For some reason for that moment you seem to be depressed. Think for yourself why you feel depressed. . No necessary all the time.

Success = 1(always constant). Embrace it.49) to the power of 49 is equal to 1. then he had 50 attempts at it. 2. “If I told you that it will take a 1000 failed attempts before you became a billionaire. Success = the constant 1 and failure plays a major part in the formula for success. Success = 1 (Always a constant) I will prove this to you soon. How many times did James passed his driving test? Once He succeeded after 50 trials but succeeded once.Failure ) to the power of ‘e’ Where ‘e’ = Experience! Now watch the magic. The formula for Success is = (Trial . This means he had 49 failed attempts (’F’ = Failure) and he learnt from his failures 49 times (’e’ = Experience). how you see it determines it’s effects on you” Now remember this: Success is always a constant which is equal to 1. ( ‘T’ = Trial. Always remember. James passed his driving test after 50 trials. Success = (T . rejection is not personal. it is direction. don’t fear it. I am one step closer to my glory because my failed attempts actually count towards my success formula. 2007 “Failure is only a word. Working out the success equation = (50 . which is = 50). and then succeed!” . The rate at which he succeeded was wholly dependent on how quickly he was able to learn from his experiences. Let failure be your compass. I avoid it.F) to the power of ‘e’.Mathematical Formula of Success April 1. 3. You will realise that James formula for success is equal to a constant which is 1. By applying the success formula. If I try today and fail. learn from it. James passed his test once. Success = the constant 1 If James passed his driving test at the 50th time. but he had to have a number of trials and failed attempts in order to succeed. Key Lessons to take with you 1. would you stop at the 998th attempt? Change your mind set today ” “Failure is the best thing that ever happened to me because when I prepare for failure.

and so tend to stay put at where you are. I wish you every success! Get Set Go!! Start NOW March 30. As the law of attraction dictates. Take the first step and START. Taking actions and making mistakes are just part and parcel of success. 2007 How do you use a gun? You are ready. But sometimes it does not really happen for big decisions that we need to make. Stop sweating on the small stuff. you aim and then you fire. and your weaknesses. Applied knowledge is power. don’t lose your focus. Sounds amazing right and its the same way things must work in life too. Many people desire to succeed in their life. their worries and their weaknesses. And because you’re working to get every right. and yet desire to succeed. thinking that you’re making progress through the wealth of knowledge you’re gained. then you’re probably focusing at the wrong thing. your worries. read about the nitty-gritty details. Supposedly. Focusing too much on your weaknesses makes you fearful of making mistakes. Thats how it must be. It doesn’t matter if you fall and get injured. and instead more stress in their life. focus / aim and then shoot. Tension will start to build up because you’re still not making progress. 2007 Are you working hard to attract success in various aspects of your life but just doesn’t seem to be working? If you’re like most people who’ve yet succeed.FOCUS & ACTION March 31. Learn to maintain focus on your main objective. the stress starts to build up. one step at a time. and you’ll soon achieve what you set forth to achieve. Focus on your goal instead of making yourself feel good. Maintain lazer sharp focus on your main objective. Maintain focus and take actions that’ll allow you to advance a little step. and start thinking of your failures. Get ready and the aim at the target and then shoot. get ready. but not a step closer to your goal of making $100. what you think is what you attract. Have a target.000 in a year. Sometimes the reason is focusing too much on the details. You’ll most probably start very eagerly to find out various ways that you can choose to achieve. you’ve wealth of knowledge about various investment tools. Start to choose to focus on your goals. you’re goal is to make $100. and after a year later.000 because you simply focus too much on the details and didn’t take much actions practicing what you learn. . That’s how we learn to walk when we’re just babies! Importantly. Focus on your strengths and your goal. Knowledge is not power. but tend to focus too much on their fears. and at times people tend to give up at this point as they see no accomplishments. different financial investments.

So I kept asking myself is this what I want to do. Then Life was moving on and after a few promotions I was really wondering is this what I wanted to do? Thats when I met like minded people and we decided to get into training and start a Training Company. So go ahead START NOW ! “NO” March 27. We can only move forward with our dreams and goals if we are focused on the things that will produce them. It was in a small piece of paper which I carried wherever i went. when what we are being offered sounds attractive. close my eyes and ask myself the following questions: First of all I ask myself: “Would doing this be in my highest option”?. After weighing both for a very long time time. The Start becomes easy if you are sure of what you ‘want’ to achieve. then I had to make that my personal policy. How can we determine for ourselves what is a good choice and what isn’t? I have learned to put such opportunity in writing. As we set off this Goal. and when I feel it is. I decided not to go the customary way and decided to join a different organization. The thrill of excitement. September 1st we will start our company. If I didn’t want to let friends borrow money any longer. So I simply decided on what I wanted in my life and what I didn’t. In general it’s not difficult to say to people what our policies are and we don’t even have to say the word “No”. When I finished my Masters in Computer I got an amazing job but thats not what I exactly wanted. People tend to respect policies. then I had to make it my personal policy. And it’s likely that no one will take them personally. I am ready to leave this high paying job? It was a Choice and I knew both had its own good and bad consequences. If I didn’t want to discuss important business deals over the phone anymore. 2007 Learning to live our full potential also means that we have to learn to not always say “Yes” to what other people want. joy will be bountiful if you START and achieve what you really want. . I ask myself what kind of information I need to gather and what I would need to do to make it happen. It gets more tricky to say “No” . I was quite sure that we would achieve what we really wanted. They simply realize it’s a healthy boundary you have set for all occasions.It was quite true in my case all through my life. however. It is just the START that made all the difference. Was thats easy? The question was I am willing to let go the 6 figure income salary. So finally we decided to start and I wrote my book.

because they do not want to come to reality which might not be as enjoyable as the one they are in. The desire to do something must be the driving force.Next I compare that information with what I know about achieving my goals. pain. They say “No. Isn’t it? Why people are lazy? March 26. if it is a painful dream people just drive themselves out of the best and do not want to experience more of the same. or does it simply sound better than what I am doing at that moment? It’s good to talk to a mentor or other advisors about potential opportunities and reflect on their knowledge and expertise. ensure that you find the repercussions of the same make it really unpleasant and painful then you will start achieving more in life. And on the contrary. Simple answer it just that they dont want it. we are in control of how we feel and how we behave and express ourselves. I dont want that to happen and I am happy now this way”. This really proves a point that for most of us what really drives or motivates us to do more and take action is “PAIN”. I had to discover that I was not rejected for saying “No”. They can help to become aware of what’s involved and they can help to stay focused on our goals and dreams. that’s their choice. . Which means that you are not lazy but just not willing and wanting to do. Are you lazy when there is a fire in the building or are you lazy looking at your near dear ones falling down and hurting themselves. People do not want to come out to reality. when the dreams are good and enjoyable they prefer to stay there not willing to open their eyes to reality. You know. After a couple of years of practice I have learned to stay focused on my higher goals and I have learned to say no to good opportunities that interfere with my higher goals. While sleeping they are dreaming. Is everything in line or is this opportunity leading me down a different path? Is it harmonizing with the purpose I am passionate about. None of us want to experience displeasure. and so are others. Alarm rings and they just pull the sheets over their faces. Actually I noticed that people respected me for my clarity and drive. 2007 Many times I wonder why people tend to be lazy and not do so many things for themselves. So even if you are lazy at certain times. That means that if other people get upset with you saying “No”. We always move away from these. well.

I mean. Being a leader means you know how to use your personal power and achieve results that will benefit those around you. Doesn’t that make you a follower? That’s right. Successful management requires: 1. it feels like a very personal event. In fact. the value of being a follower in this quest to find your truth is in the added responsibility of showing to others how you take on the commitment to learning how to realise your dreams. Because when you follow your heart on your journey towards your dreams. You can inspire others with your words and actions. Delivering the right work at the right time of the highest quality 5. 2007 Would you like to be more successful manager? Of course you would. A leader shows courage in the face of adversity. and you can show others how to learn. does not deviate from their values and principles. who wouldn’t? Well listen up. private decision. because I’m going to tell you what it takes. It means you live by example. not only for yourself but for the wider community. It’s a huge responsibility. you can still lead by example. it does. Maximizing the abilities of your staff and making them so more productive Do these and will be an Amazing Manager Be a Leader March 22. 2007 A leader sets the standards and continuously raises it. its impact will have amazing effects on your life and that of those around you. When you make the decision to follow your life purpose. you take on an extra responsibility. Building and sustaining relationships 7. . But that is what it is to be a leader. You might ask . and mark your place in the universe and stand by it so that others can be inspired to do the same.9 Rules of a Successful Manager March 25. However. Listening to others 3. Raising your profile with the people who matter most 8. Even if you are a follower.but how does a leader become a leader? Surely you have to learn how to develop and grow. Understanding customers demands (and how to exceed them) 9. Learning how to assert yourself 2. Resolving conflict 4. you set personal goals and standards. although it can be a quiet. Managing expectations so no-one is disappointed 6. And you always continue to raise your standards.

Having a negative attitude will cause you both internal and external stress. many people who are will agree that religion helps improve daily motivation. In turn. Religion . Goals drive an individual’s daily motivation. you must be able to tell yourself that every goal can be attained with hard work. And you can show by your courage and strength of purpose that there is no need to be afraid. When setting a goal. even on bad days. having a highpaying job. Religion: While not all of us are religious. The desire to accomplish a goal is what keeps people going. Believing that one of your goals is too difficult to achieve will eventually prevent you from achieving it. 2007 Every experience that a person has impacts him or her positively or negatively. but rather one should take small steps to get it done. . these goals motivate us to work hard to achieve success. purchasing an expensive car.Exactly the same applies to a leader . A negative attitude will de-motivate you. Religion can be used as a great motivational tool for people from all walks of life. To achieve your goals. You can be the candle flame in someone’s darkness so that they can find their way out again to the light. or mortgaging a home drive a person to succeed. a person must remember that taking small steps to achieve it helps keep up a positive attitude. Attitude: A positive attitude is a source of daily motivation. because a leader never stops learning and is always a student in terms of their own development and discovery of truth. It is best not to get overwhelmed with attaining a huge goal quickly. If you tell yourself that you can do it. Being a leader means that you understand the power that you have and you use it wisely. Goals such as getting a Master’s degree. Daily motivation is all about attitude and outlook.encourages mindfulness and internal motivation. It means that others will find inspiration in your commitment to truth in both happy and adverse times. that everything in life is possible if you only live from your heart. and put you on the road to failure. and to lead fulfilling lives. to work towards goals. Instant Motivation Daily March 21. Setting goals: Many of us set goals for ourselves. All of the positive moments most likely enhance our daily motivation. Daily motivation is what enables us to strive to be better people. chances are that you will. getting married. Never underestimate the power of the mind. All it takes to be a leader is your determination to continue your journey. The religious depend on their beliefs to strengthen them matter what kind .

I still remember many a people who were against the India’s when they lost to Bangladesh. The fact remains that Pain always drives people more than pleasure. Bangladesh on the other hand. Whether children. 2007 First of all I am sorry to many of the readers of my blog outside of India or for those who do not follow the game of Cricket.Many times we just take things for granted. had only one thought we shall WIN.People often depend on their religion when things are going downhill. thus becoming a daily motivation for many people. or money inspires someone to get out of bed in the morning. A person can take pleasure in nature’s beauty by taking time to smell the roses or listen to the birds sing. a job. I am sure you are all on a high after the terrific win that India had against bermuda. This exercise brings about a sense of inner peace and positive feelings. The desire to live: Daily motivation also comes in the simple desire to live. India’s were so complacent that they did not give the 100%. The Greatest Failure in Life is Not Participating 100%. These same people also have the tendency to go outside and exercise more often. Indian Cricket! March 20. The pain that India will go out of the world cup was higher than the fact that India will win 2 points. so lousy”. Therefore. that person is motivated by something in life. 2. The Driving force? Many times I wonder how people perform well under pressure. But I always believed that India’s could fight back and they did. The fact is this. Play to Win . I quite understand why many were so furious. Please visithttp://worldcupcricket. religion is a positive source of daily motivation. Prayer and meditation inspire those who might otherwise turn to drinking. . The question is what’s the difference why India won? 1.During the Bangladesh match India was like lets not loose. Religion may help some people to be more mentally and physically healthy.I heard many people say “Look at the Body Language. or drugs to nurture their spirits. for more information. that made all the difference 3. Complacency . food. State . what affects action and results are the state and if your Physiology is bad then you are in a Bad State and hence your actions are also not what you want 4. Even things as simple as nature can motivate someone to maintain a positive attitude about life even when times get hard. We never give our 100% all the time. The hottest things happening now is Cricket World Cup. Studies show that people who live in warmer climates have a more positive attitude about life in general.

what you give in life is what you will be known for. then just decide that you will give your best to it no matter what. Participate 100% 2. skills.simplistic but how many times have you actually lived according to this quote? If you are like most people. this doesn’t happen over night. Never Give up 3. Oprah revealed one of these insights once when she said. doing your very best at this moment isn’t a part of your normal routine. If you half-heartedly give of your talents. However. then you will be setting yourself up for a mediocre life at best.Lesson to take from India’s win 1. and influential people in America today. Play to Win and Not to loose 5. Success tip from Oprah March 19. prosperous. Examining a life like Oprah’s can give great insight on how they have achieved success and how you can use that same information in your own life to acquire success. 2007 Oprah is one of America’s true success stories. It’s very easy to become complacent in your daily activities and no longer truly give your very best. Of course. As long as you are consistently putting forth your best. But if the truth be told. ‘Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment. you will be setting yourself up for the best. Believe that you can win 4. Understand what drives you 6. . you will be setting up your life to be the best it can be. What areas in your life could you improve on with the effort you put into it? If you just selected one area. Past =/= Future 7. which one thing would make a huge difference in your life if you consistently gave your best? Once you determine what that is. if you give your best at everything you do. State and Action gets results Cheers India and thanks for the learnings…. and abilities.’ This seems to be over. but neither did Oprah’s success. She is a woman who comes from an underprivileged background who has become one of the most successful.

But how do you use this when you need to work on something that just doesn’t inspire you? There are three ways. I get energized. but the bigger part of that energy is from the topic itself. Soon I have all the motivation and energy I need to get started. When you talk about something that is important or interesting to you.momentum helps you keep going after you start. right? So concentrate on that goal that this work leads towards. Some of the NLP techniques are quite powerful. It is partly the company of course. just starting is usually the hardest part. is it? You have probably noticed how much more common it is to feel the energy you need when you are doing something you enjoy. Again . even if that is just talking about your favorite topics. the next time you are feeling a little sluggish. and talk about whatever gets you most excited. identify those areas that are most interesting to you.Easy way to Motivate Yourself March 12. it wakes up your brain. if you have any interest in the project at all. For example. The third way to use this technique to motivate yourself is to forget about the work for a few minutes. I call my friends or my collegues and tell them about the articles i am going to write. You’ll see how quickly it affects your mind and body. Whenever i feel like writing on my blog. the more passionate you are about the topic. Not only does it wake up your brain. Motivate Yourself By Talking All of us have felt the surge of energy that comes from a conversation we are really interested in. break out the list and pick a topic. with little tiredness. Once you feel that surge in energy. 2007 How do you motivate yourself? What can you do when you need to get busy doing something and you just don’t feel like doing it? Of course there are dozens of motivation techniques. Find a willing listener and start talking. yet powerful technique that you can use today to generate energy and motivation. Why not test this technique today? . You may have even stayed up talking all night at some points in your life. but it wakes up your body as well. Write down a few things that you love to talk about. First. Then start telling someone about it. You are effectively transferring the motivation to the work at hand. Now what if there is nothing about the work at hand that you enjoy or are interested in? You still are doing it for a reason. Then. You can easily demonstrate this to yourself. and talk about that until you fell yourself getting motivated. This is no real surprise. The following is a simple. you can start working. Then get to work! Starting is the hardest part . the better.

Once you have determined your priorities for time usage. A successful time management plan provides us with a source for more flexible schedules. Once you finish one task. Once you finish the last task. really want to do. To develop a successful time management plan we must first evaluate our time. Another important element of creating a successful time management plan is to be sure and finish tasks before moving onto another task. or whoever. How much time did it take you to complete task? Don’t forget to be keeping down your start time and end time. read some in the books you want to complete at some point or another in your lifetime. You must determine where you are wasting time and then decide how to use that time more effectively. your daughter or mother. . in a job that requires doing multiple tasks at one time (multi-tasking). something that is not routinely required of you to do. move onto the next task and follow in pursuit of finishing all tasks. a time management plan that will allow your more time to do the things in life that are most important to you. Then sit back and evaluate your list. When we have flexibility we have more time for ourselves. The advantage to having a time management plan is that we are loosing something that brings us reward and gaining something that brings us bigger rewards. sit back for a moment in a comfortable position and think of what you accomplished. 2007 A definition of time management might be a process of gaining flexibility and cutting back time. You might start out by writing down just how much time it takes to do each of your very have to tasks each day. Once that time is that you have time to do something you really. For example. You want to work on completing the tasks in as little time as possible so you that you have to add in the unexpected tasks of the day or……. We end up with a “no loosing” situation if our time management plan is right. there is no calling it back.Time Management for Achieving Goals… March 11. This is the absolute first step of creating your own personalized time management plan. like visit on the phone with a favorite friend. then you can start adding tasks that you been putting off because you just don’t have the time to do them.much better……. unless you are at work. Are you wasting 10 minutes here and there on those have to items that could be used for something else? Where our time goes is an essential element to determine for our entire time management plan if we want to begin spending more quality with the most important people of our lives and less wasted time on some routine task. We must sit down and ask ourselves how long does it take us to eat? How long does it take us to get dressed and groom for work? How long does it take us to prepare the meals we have to eat? Everything we do takes a certain amount of time. Of course this type of listing time of tasks works best for those things you do as routine each day.

and then work toward them using our time management plan. You will probably have to sit down and really ponder on what is needed to reach each goal of set of goals. 2007 Life is filled with choices where the outcomes of those choices are uncertain. I recently cut down my preparing and eating breakfast time by about ten minutes. decide how much time each step of the way you will need. But then again. Catch up on your paper filing or something. When we work to succeed we reach our goals. tell ‘em. At some point you just have to do it. You may want to have a plan ahead of time of using your time in some other manner if your computer fails. It would be great to always know which choice to make – but that is not possible. Stop analyzing it. If you want to succeed then you must work hard every day to meet your goals. So. family illness. it’s a good idea to make informed and educated decisions in life. You must also keep reality in mind. We first have to decide what those goals are. is what you should do. ‘Whenever you are asked if you can do a job. There is a quote from Theodore Roosevelt that explains this best. Time management is working to succeed. however. ‘Certainly I can!’ Then get busy and find out how to do it. perhaps a special book. and just trust yourself enough to make the right decision and do it. Some examples would be computer failures. In reality here I am using ten extra minutes to work on my goals. Just Do It and Do It Now !! March 10. Whichever way works best for you. act on those plans and stay focused on those goals with motivation. knowing that you will never really know if you have made the right choice until sometime in the future can make you hesitant about making any choice at all. stop going over all the details. This hesitancy can be one of the biggest obstacles in having success in your life. horrible sudden natural calamities. It is always wise to include elements of your time management plan in accordance to what could happen out of your control.’ . Of course. Time management is essential since it demands that a person plan. It might be a better plan to test and set short and long-term goals in the same time management plan. Some people like to set short term now need another list of goals and plans of tasks and things you want to do but never have the time to do. of course. But the fact of the matter is that there will always be some uncertainty in the outcome of your choices.So…. He said. Time management is the process of working to succeed. personal illness. One of the best ways of keeping these lists is on your computer where you can quickly erase and add to. and of course. and plan for the things out of your control that could go wrong and therefore steal time from your time management plan. paper in a notebook is also good. reach that goal and then set a long term goal.

even though you probably wish it wasn’t. but how can you succeed after you fail. It takes someone who will dare to believe that it can be done and then get out there and just do it. Take Theodore Roosevelt’s advice and just jump in and learn in the process.’ You see. they knew that they had something to give and wouldn’t stop until they had completed their goal. Don’t always be looking back at how you wish you could have done something different yesterday. the best way to succeed after failing is to move on. So what are you waiting around in life to do? Have you been contemplating doing something great in your life but you can never bring yourself to just start? Remember this. successful people aren’t always the most talented. ‘Make it a rule of life never to regret and never to look back. you can’t build on it. If you are always looking backwards. you have failed. Learn from the past so that you can do it better in the future. you may fail more than you succeed. Regret will make you live in yesterday. 2007 If you are like every other successful person on this planet. be miserable today. They are the ones that when it looked hopeless. great things are never easy and they are never sure. Don’t sit around regretting the mistakes you have made. When it comes down to it. skilled. Failing and making mistakes is part of success. Regret is an appalling waste of energy. They are the ones that stuck with it long enough to learn how to succeed. So the question isn’t how you can stop failing. Make a decision today that you will never again live in regret or sorrow for yesterday. . Experience is just about the best teacher anyway. Love Failures and Succeed More… March 8. As a matter of fact. Make your life count and impact the world around you by never quitting short of success. you can never see where you are going. it’s only for wallowing in. They are the ones that took their mistakes and failures and turned them into something that the world could benefit from. There is a great quote from Katherine Mansfield which says. or gifted. and be blind to tomorrow.Some of the biggest opportunities in life will be lost if you hesitate because you are not sure if you can do the job.

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