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Chapter 1

Executive Summary

Shakerz Pearl Shake is a pearl sheke business that offer different kinds of refreshing and healty shake drinks with a variety of flavors. It offer new, unusual, attractive, and unique shake drink with the aspects of adding different kinds of topping that you desire to add on your drinks. The company will first create a strong product awareness through advertising and other promotional activities. The company will also provide its consumer a fun, delicious and healty shake drink products with the right pricing techniques. By that, the company will achieve an increasing number of loyal consumer and will maintain a positive and strong growth of the company each year. Lastly, the company is also aiming to bo the top market leader in the pearl shake industry.

Name of the Business

Business Tagline

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CHAPTER 2 SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS 2.1 Market Summary Market Size *Geographic The company's concentrated target market is the population within the Baguio City. * Demographics there is an almost equal ratio between man and female consumer. The market will consist the following segments; kids (below 12yrs.), teenagers (13 and above) and adults. They are the students (in elementary, high school and college), adults (employed or unemployed) and senior citizens. Those who have extra budget or money of at least 30 pesos. *Behavior Factors Consumer that are health conscious. Consumer who are involve in fotness activities. Consumer that seeks convenience and coolness in such drinks. Consumers who seeks and wants to try something new and something different. Market needs
The product will cater to both physiological needs(hydrating and nutritional value) and social needs groups). We willserve the product in an outstanding customer service which will result to astable and continuous growing of customers. We will satisfy their prepared shake drink through again. wantsand desire by serving them a well (perception of a social,fun drink with a sense of belonging within peer consumer

proper sanitation and with the taste they will sure to love again and

VISSION the Shakerz bears the vision of becoming the largest supplier of pearl Shakes in Baguio City and provide added-value services to a large customer base throughout the Cordellera Administrative Region. MISSION The Shakerz provides the best quality, reasonably prized products to cater society's needs, taste and preference. It operates in accordance with the highest standards in all relationships with customers, suppliers, environment and the community. OBJECTIVES To make the Shakers properly maintained and profitable to provide fun, deliciously appetizing, uniquely enchanting Pearl Shakes.