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World of Wisdom - Birth Analysis for Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly



Weak Orbs Summer Time: 0:00 33N34 101W51

9/7/1936 3:30:00 PM Time Zone: 6:00W

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World of Wisdom - Birth Analysis for Buddy Holly

Life Path
Ascendant In Capricorn
PROFESSIONAL - LIFE-PATH: Progress You are ambitious and powerfully motivated to attain professional success. However in the first 30 years of your life you struggle hard to overcome a lack of self-confidence and a tendency to have dark thoughts about the future. You have a need to prove yourself, you have low expectations, and you expect to fight for every little success. As you get older the efforts you invest in your career pay off, and you inevitably rise to a position of responsibility. Other things being equal, you will be a trusted employee, or a respected manager, known for your reliability and conscientiousness. You drive yourself hard, are dynamic, and keep your long-term goals in sight. You may however be a hard master, and if you expect other people to be as motivated as you, you will be disappointed. Learn from them by setting more time aside to play and enjoy the pleasures of family life. PERSONAL - LIFE-PATH: Progress You have a serious and reserved facade, and during your early years you developed the commitment and self-discipline to rise above many difficulties and obstacles in your family life. You carry a burden of high expectations and are often afflicted by gnawing doubts concerning your ability. You probably work too hard and give yourself too little time to express your emotions. Conversely you tend to attract the emotional type of partner who is looking for security and is attracted by your responsible and hard-working nature. Frustrated by your inhibited and formal nature, your partner will make many emotional demands. The more you soften up and trust your feelings, the more your partner will feel stabilized emotionally. The fewer burden you take on, the less dependent your partner will be.

The beneficial results of this aspect seldom come before the age of 35. Prior to this you tend to either be over-helpful, or oversecretive, as regards the matters concerned. PROFESSIONAL - LIFE PATH: Unconscious attunement You have an emotionally compelling nature which profoundly affects the feelings of the people you associate with. You are very concerned with the emotional bonds which hold people together, as well as issues of security. You can therefore work for example with the needs of the public in some way especially as related to homes, family or motherhood. You infuse all your work with an emotional investment. A hard professional environment is bad for you. PERSONAL - LIFE PATH: Unconscious attunement You are a moody person and will often find yourself affected by fluctuating emotional states - especially through worrying about family matters or security issues. You have a deep appreciation of the power of the unconscious and instinctual behavior. In your dealings with people unspoken feelings have far greater priority than rational concerns or argument. You are finely tuned to changes in atmosphere, and adjust accordingly.

Ascendant Square Mercury

This aspect is extremely powerful in your horoscope; it will dominate many areas of your life. In your chart there is disharmony between these two planetary influences, and this will be reflected by many struggles both within your mind, and out in the world. PROFESSIONAL - LIFE PATH: The messenger You are a person of many talents, chiefly in the field of information and communication. Meeting people and creating contacts are a part of your professional life-style - you have a message to deliver, and you do so in a flurry of activity. Intelligent and informed, you keep yourself up-to-date on all the latest developments. PERSONAL - LIFE PATH: The messenger You are easy to make contact with, and always willing to exchange the time of day with anyone you meet. Easily distracted, you can find yourself getting involved in many things at the same time - but then you hate to be bored. You give the impression of being a person on the move. Being gregarious and talkative, you are an excellent catalyst for getting people together. You fascinate people with your ideas.

Ascendant Trine Sun

Though not especially strong, you will be able to feel the influence of this aspect under many circumstances. Please bear in mind that the contact between these planets is harmonious, which means that you will rarely be troubled by their negative influences. They represent a resource you can draw from. PROFESSIONAL - LIFE PATH: I, myself, me Whether you would prefer to have a low profile or not, you will often dominate your surroundings through the force of your personality. Professionally you strive to do your very best - for success is a matter of honor for you. You have a magnanimous disposition, and are generous in your dealings with others. Creative work and self-expression must be an important element in your professional life. You stand on your pride too much. PERSONAL - LIFE PATH: I, myself, me You have a radiant personality, with a touch of self-importance. You take yourself - and the impression you make on others - very seriously indeed. Some people may consider you self-centered. You tend at least to be the center of attention, and although you invest all of yourself when you relate to others, you give your own personal development needs priority. You have plenty of surplus energy, and your playful nature can make you a figurehead for young people.

Ascendant Square Venus

It may be difficult for you to discern the influence of this combination of planetary energies as it is not a strong configuration in your chart. As there is tension between these two planetary influences in your chart, it will be very difficult for you to achieve the promised beneficial results before the age of 30. PROFESSIONAL - LIFE PATH: Aesthetic comportment You have the ability to create a pleasing impression, and generally you comport yourself diplomatically and with all the social graces. As the ability to win the affections and confidence of others is one of your greatest talents, you would do well dealing with people in one form or another in your professional life. Aesthetic issues are also of great importance to you, and this may be reflected in your work. PERSONAL - LIFE PATH: Aesthetic comportment You exude an aura of grace and good taste, and this can win you

Ascendant Quincunx Moon

It may be difficult for you to discern the influence of this combination of planetary energies, as it has only a mild effect in your chart.

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World of Wisdom - Birth Analysis for Buddy Holly

many friends and admirers. Your dress, and taste in personal adornment, creates a very harmonious and pleasing atmosphere. You are easily seduced by beauty, and often led astray by affairs of the heart. Stable relationships can be threatened by your need for romance. Love is the spice if life. You have a weakness for sensory stimulation and luxury.

whose needs are greater than yours. Your greatest challenge is to overcome negativity and a sense of being oppressed by the world, and to create the spiritual foundations for a meaningful existence.

Saturn In 2nd House

PROFESSIONAL - SELF-RELIANCE: Building self-worth Attaining material security is a major priority for you, and you will work hard and long to build up a solid foundation for your economic life. You have considerable patience and a conscientious nature, and this doggedness is a great asset for you as regards professional success. You will function well in a position where tight control on spending and a solid knowledge of the marketplace are prerequisites. However you do have a tendency to sell yourself short, and this is because of a basic lack of confidence in your professional worth. You can find yourself working too long in unsatisfying employment because you prefer security and safety to the prospect of risking your position for an uncertain future. Better the devil you know, than the devil you don't. The older you get the more you are willing to demand what you are worth from those who pay your salary.. PERSONAL - SELF-RELIANCE: Building self-worth Early family experiences will have undermined your self-worth and made you very sensitive to being judged. Material things take on disproportionate importance because they are seen as reflecting your personal status. You have strong convictions that security is something that you have to strive for day in, day out. You limit your potential through negative thinking and allowing financial preoccupations to dominate your planning. If you were more willing to lose what you have, you would create room for greater prosperity. A turning-point arises here at the age of 30. Personal relationships are also marred by your lack of faith in yourself, which actually comes from lack of encouragement as a child. When a person underrates himself, other people tend to lose respect, so it is up to you to learn to appreciate your own talents and resources.

Ascendant Trine Uranus

This aspect is extremely powerful in your horoscope, and will be a major feature of your character. Please remember when reading this section, that the harmonious nature of this contact means that you can use the energies creatively, for the most part without negative effects. PROFESSIONAL - LIFE PATH: Light of the future You bring the spirit of renewal and innovation into whatever projects you involve yourself with. You are strongly motivated by social visions, and are keen to instigate change. You may have some problems accepting the status quo, and this can lead to a certain alienation in society. You have a talent for dealing with New Age interests, technical matters or people from unusual environments. PERSONAL - LIFE PATH: Light of the future You can feel that your role in life is connected to future visions and the necessity for change in society. You add a dash of originality to the world, and people are either inspired or provoked by your rather unusual personal style. You shake up your surroundings and often use shock tactics to make an impression. You thrive in an atmosphere of excitement and unpredictability.

Saturn In Pisces Retrograde

At birth this planet appeared to be moving backwards relative to the Earth. You will learn special lessons in connection with attachments to people and things from the distant past, and a turning point will arise, at some point in your life, in the matters described. PROFESSIONAL - SELF-RELIANCE: Transcendence of ambition Saturn is to be found in this sign in the periods 1935-38, 1964-67 and 1993-96, and during these periods there was a profound awareness of social needs and a desire to improve the situation of the underprivileged. If you come to express this influence in your career, you will be motivated by a deep concern, and will find success in a job in which you could help those who cannot help themselves. If you can overcome inner blockages, you may also discover a creative talent. It can be difficult for you to reconcile the drive to achieve, which you see motivates others, with the awareness that many people never make it to the top. You are therefore not motivated by the allure of success, or if you think you are it will prove elusive. To achieve success in life it is important for you to overcome depressive tendencies and lack of faith in yourself, and replace negativity with a compassionate attitude. Success may involve an element of sacrifice. PERSONAL - SELF-RELIANCE: Transcendence of ambition The spirit of the time around the period of your birth was suffused with an awareness of social difficulties on a global scale. To some extent there will have been a rather unhappy atmosphere, and at the deepest layers of your being you will be able to sense an inner despair, or at least a need to make sense of your life in relation to society. You are more aware than most people of the futility of ambition and egocentric desire, and early disappointments will force you to redefine your personal goals so as to give your life meaning. Being happy for you means learning to accept that which you cannot change, and helping those

Sun In Virgo
PROFESSIONAL - IDENTITY: Oiling the works Developing personal skills and making yourself useful are primary aims in your life. You are at your happiest when things function smoothly as a result of your efforts. Whatever area you work in, you tend to bring a spirit of efficiency and conscientiousness. You are a truly helpful person, and many people in your life will have cause to be grateful for this. Knowing you have done a job well is more important to you than prestige. Environmental awareness is an important element of your consciousness - whether it concerns the environment of your physical body, the environment of your place of work, or Nature itself (especially if this means dealing with animals). You are an organizer, and are equally at home working with information and things, as with people. You possess a flair for detail, and may have a particular affinity for secretarial work. PERSONAL - IDENTITY: Oiling the works The main challenges to your identity come when changes arise in your environment - whether it is personal health, in the home or in your working life. It is at these times that you learn to use your discriminative judgement to refine and clear out impurities in one form or another. You have a particularly well-developed critical sense and strong powers of analysis, and these can be your tool for personal development. This means overcoming a tendency to


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World of Wisdom - Birth Analysis for Buddy Holly

be self-critical, and giving yourself the credit you deserve for being of assistance to others. To attain harmony in partnership matters you must also avoid being critical of the partner. You can be too busy and too involved in the everyday running of things, and this can evoke a passive state in the partner. Being a perfectionist, you tend to end up doing all the work in the home yourself. If you do not set limits for help, you will be taken advantage of.

integrated character, but it may be difficult for you to get an objective picture of yourself. This would be a definite disadvantage if you have to deal with others on an emotional level. As you mature you gain greater insight into the role the unconscious plays in human behavior, and in some cases this can lead to work of a caring nature relating to the emotional make up of others. PERSONAL - IDENTITY: Conscious/Unconscious As the Moon waxes and wanes, it goes through different phases showing its relationship to the Sun. Each phase has a specific effect on personal character. At the New Moon - or conjunction there is a strong self-awareness, but some frustration as regards getting on in life. Past bonds have a strong hold on the personal nature and will often stand in the way of progress. In relationships the conjunction can make it difficult to gauge one's effect on the partner, and although there is a strong sensitivity, it is felt very subjectively. Often the bond to the parents is rather unique with this aspect, and the family life is characterized by an insular selfsufficiency. The father may exhibit a strong emotional or caring nature, and the mother may well have strong independent characteristics. The full moon - or opposition - on the other hand gives almost too much objectivity, and emotional interactions in relationships are quite dominant. There is a tendency to project behavior and attitudes on the partner, which in reality belong to oneself. This may be due to an upbringing in which there was a strong contrast between the parents. If so, you will have identified strongly with one parent to the detriment of the other. The half moon - or square aspect - also bring conflict between the identity and emotional needs. As you mature it becomes essential to control inappropriate emotional reactions which relate back to frustration regarding your interpretation of parental conflict. When the Sun and Moon have a harmonious relationship to each other, through the trine or sextile aspect, there is much greater ease in expressing feelings and ascertaining one's effect on others. Whatever the aspect, you will have a very strong emotional nature, and feel an enormous pull from the past. You will have well-developed instincts and a talents for delving in to the dark realms of the unconscious. Generally speaking with all aspects between the Sun and the Moon it pays to exert the influence of the will on your emotions, so that you gain greater consciousness of the deep-seated emotional programs which still unconsciously affect your behavior.

Sun In 8th House

PROFESSIONAL - IDENTITY: Soul-searching You can have a lot of influence in the corridors of power - you understand how important it is to go behind the scenes to find the hidden factors which lie at the root of any particular situation. This awareness can manifest itself in many ways professionally. You could be the type of person who wields material power and have a connection to government institutions, or banks, insurance companies and the like. But you can also be interested in the human soul, and work on a deeper psychological level with others. If you have a position of power, there will be anxiety about losing it, and you may be a hostage to fears of losing material well-being. You struggle with basic identity issues, and it is only when you reach inwards that you attain an inner security which no one can take from you. PERSONAL - IDENTITY: Soul-searching You spend a great deal of your life trying to define who you are. Early anxieties connected with the father - who was in some way rather unapproachable, and who may have struggled with existential issues himself - have given rise to a compulsive need to manifest yourself. Your drive to feel secure in the inner reaches of your soul, and your frustration when the image you build up of yourself periodically falls into ruins, leads you on an inner journey in which you achieve self-definition through deep psychological insight. There are many deaths and rebirths in this process, and other people will see your struggle as intense and rather exhausting, especially as it is in intimate relationships that you test yourself. Remember that relationships do not have to be a life or death experience. Sexuality, possessiveness and jealousy, or mutual psychotherapy for good or ill, are all important factors in relationships.

Sun Square Moon

Though not especially strong, you will be able to feel the influence of this aspect under many circumstances. As there is tension between these two planetary influences in your chart, it will be very difficult for you to achieve the promised beneficial results before the age of 30. PROFESSIONAL - IDENTITY: Conscious/Unconscious As these two planets represent the basic building blocks of character, your success will very much depend on the nature of the aspect between the Sun and Moon, and other planetary influences. The main issue is your ability to assert yourself without unconsciously distorting the reactions you receive from others. Harmonious contacts between the Sun and Moon indicate a talent for nurturing and strengthening others through the capacity to understand them, as well as giving a wealth of creative talents in many areas. Disharmonious aspects give a tendency to misinterpret or distort the reactions of people who have influence in the world. Emotional conflict with people in authority can undermine progress in business life, and this will be connected with some immaturity on your part. Often the problem will lie in environmental instability in which your domestic situation is at odds with professional visions. At the conjunction - or the New Moon - there will be a strong self-sufficiency and a strongly

Sun Square Jupiter

This aspect is extremely powerful in your horoscope, and will be a major feature of your character. There will be great difficulty in integrating these two planetary influences, and the promised harmonious results will only arise after you have expended time and effort. PROFESSIONAL - IDENTITY: Insight One of your greatest professional assets is your optimism and ability to envision and empower the future. You have the capacity to occupy a high profile position in which your charisma and personal identity play a leading role. As you are strongly motivated to acquire insight in your life, and rather philosophically minded, you would function well as an advisor, counselor or simply as a leader figure, whom people turn to for advice and a sense of direction. It is essential that your profession offers you the opportunity for growth. You need wide horizons and you will probably find that you travel a lot in your work. You are cosmopolitan by nature, and enjoy the cultural aspect of your work. You have very strong convictions indeed, and may be


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World of Wisdom - Birth Analysis for Buddy Holly

rather morally high-minded. This side of your character can lead to ideological confrontations with influential people. You have great difficulty in admitting your mistakes, and although you have vision and prophetic sense, you can be wildly optimistic about the future, and are often to be seen chasing dreams of prosperity. Inasmuch as vision is necessary for success, you will generally reach your goals, but greater attention to planning, more realism and more patience would help you consolidate your position. PERSONAL - IDENTITY: Insight You are an inspiring person with a wonderful capacity for positive thinking and looking on the bright side. You are a seeker of wisdom, and this search will lead to many studies and many travels to widen your intellectual horizons. During the course of your life, you acquire a set of opinions and personal convictions which play rather a dominating role in your environment. Gaining understanding of the meaning of your own life is important, and you identify strongly with the conclusions you come to. You have a great need to find a mentor or wise person who can instruct you, but few people will have the capacity to impress you on an intellectual or spiritual level. If you do not cultivate a sensitivity to the ideas of others you can become opinionated and arrogant. Others can find you mentally dominating or over-forceful in discussions. There is more dignity in giving your opinion only when asked, than in foisting your beliefs on others. Generally however, you will create a good impression because of the wide span of your mind, and a tolerant attitude towards others. IDENTITY - IDENTITY: Insight It is very likely that your father was a man of strong beliefs and convictions. These convictions may have been cultural, political or religious, and you will have had trouble as a child in standing up to the intellectual challenges your father set you. At worst he will have pontificated a lot and have been very unreceptive to argument. At best he will have been a jovial, humorous and warm figure, who really encouraged you to develop intellectually. He may have been a well-traveled man, and expanded your horizons with stories from foreign climes. You may have felt put in the shade by his larger than life character when young, but this will have inspired you to live up to some grand vision of yourself later in life. Factors in your childhood have given you a hunger for knowledge and understanding which can be quite desperate at times. You are concerned about being able to define your identity and explore the boundaries of your being. With this aspect there can often be some anxiety about establishing the circumference of your identity, and manic phases can arise in which the boundary overflows into other people, nature, the cosmos. Often some kind of religious philosophy is important, because you discover that your ego alone is not sufficient in itself to explain the mystery of existence.

ultimately develop a self-sufficiency and discipline which lays the foundation for success later in life. It is important for you to overcome negativity or pessimism concerning the future. Not all success is won by hard work alone. You are often more motivated by the fear of failure than the promise of reward, and this can hold you back from realizing your full potential. If all goes well you will acquire more and more responsibility during the course of your life - and you deserve it. You are conscientious and take your responsibilities seriously. You are the kind of person other people can rely on. You would rather be the power behind the throne, than have a high profile yourself. Remember to take time to enjoy the fruits of your efforts, instead of continuously driving yourself onwards. PERSONAL - IDENTITY: Winning self-esteem You are a rather formal person who takes life seriously. Childhood experiences - especially the relationship with your father - has undermined your self-confidence and made you reluctant to stick your neck out. You are more likely to bury your "talent" than gamble with it. You have a strong need for approval, but as a child love and approval was always conditional on your performance. You have been more appreciated for what you did, than for who you are. Later in life you tend to judge yourself harshly, and you have a bad conscience about enjoying life and relaxing. You tend to be too dismissive when offered love and affection, and rather severe when giving it. There may be authoritarian tendencies and a lack of flexibility as regards rules. Nevertheless, you are a person who can be trusted. You have high principles, and as you do not indulge expectations of the easy life, you work hard to build up a secure structure in life for those you hold dear. IDENTITY - IDENTITY: Winning self-esteem Your relationship to your father was probably strongly affected by hard discipline and high expectations. The bond may be strong, but characterized by your efforts to win his approval. If you got good grades at school, your father will have expected even better. Naturally as you grow up you integrate a severe sense of values which is a strong motivational factor for achievement. You become your own harshest judge. Actually you are born with the need to create a strong internal structure and set of rules for your life - you evoke behavior in your parents so that this need is fulfilled. You expect to be disciplined. Furthermore you are unreceptive to praise, so that when people come with favorable comments on your work and deeds, you have the tendency to play down your efforts in a dismissive manner. People learn that you do not want recognition, even if you think you do. The only kind of recognition and acceptance that really works for you is your own - yet as you judge yourself hard, this rarely comes. You are, then, your own master, so why not try giving yourself some rewards. Internal praise has a very healing effect on you, and this is a question of confronting the inner voice of guilt and enlisting its support to make you strong.

Sun Opposition Saturn

You will often feel the influence of this aspect, though stronger influences may predominate in other areas of your chart. You will have to work hard to attain the beneficial results of this aspect. Partnership matters are central for your gaining an understanding of the principles involved and integrating them in your nature. PROFESSIONAL - IDENTITY: Winning self-esteem You are a hard-working and ambitious person with a strong drive to prove yourself in society. There may however be difficulties with authorities, despite your desire to live up to the expectations of society. The first 30 years of your life will bring a great deal of obstacles to success, but you will learn important lessons and

Sun Trine Uranus

Though not especially strong, you will be able to feel the influence of this aspect under many circumstances. Please bear in mind that the contact between these planets is harmonious, which means that you will rarely be troubled by their negative influences. They represent a resource you can draw from. PROFESSIONAL - IDENTITY: Consciousness change Your chief contribution to society is your ability to entertain original ideas and experiment with new ways of doing things. You need to work in an independent position or with a company which


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World of Wisdom - Birth Analysis for Buddy Holly

respects and encourages your originality. You quickly become bored if you have to perform the same functions day in day out. You need to meet people - and you thrive on unusual challenges, especially if they involve travel and dealing with radically different cultures. You may travel long distances to exotic countries, or work with advanced technology. Alternatively you will go your own unique direction in your professional life, developing unconventional talents - perhaps connected with consciousness development in one form or another. You are not one to stand on ceremony either - you hate stuffy protocol and thrive on contacts with young and old, rich and poor. It is your job to pave the way to the future with new ideas and an original life-style. PERSONAL - IDENTITY: Consciousness change You are a true individual and other people may regard you as rather eccentric. You like to express yourself through actions which surprise others in some way, and you enjoy embracing ideas which are provocative. You do not like to feel tied down, and function best in a relationship which gives you a lot of personal freedom. Often your friends will seem more important than your family, and as a result partners can feel that they are unable to establish an intimate contact with you, though you are usually quite open and fair-minded. During certain periods of your life you will choose to change your direction radically. These personal revolutions are often accompanied by new interests of an untraditional nature - for example astrology, electronics and technical matters, or mental powers. You have an electric and rather unstable aura around you, and often your nerves are on edge. People feel uncertain around you as they feel that anything can happen, so you would be wise to put them at ease about your intentions. IDENTITY - IDENTITY: Consciousness change Your father was probably unusual in some way, and he will have brought a sense of unpredictability into your life - perhaps because he traveled a lot, perhaps because he was an outsider in some way, or simply because he acted irrationally so that you never quite knew what he would do next. You may have had a friendly - not fatherly - relationship to him, or you may have felt totally alienated. Whatever, there was an aura of tension or excitement in your relationship. Later in life this evokes a need for you to develop unconventional habits and be different in some way. Moreover, you can adopt a rather distant attitude to your feelings. At its most extreme, there can be a lack of grounding with very little sense of contact with the physical body, and far too much mental activity. Success in your life depends on you coming down to earth with your visions. Factors in your upbringing can lead you to feel that you are an outsider. Actually you would prefer not to run with the crowd, so why worry about being different? This feeling can be utilized positively by helping people who feel they are outsiders.

often of others. You have an intuitive insight into others, and a natural creative talent, but you seem to have an unconscious drive to set up situations which guarantee disappointment or failure. You function best when there is an overall ideal that goes beyond your personal needs. There is a talent for working with visions and dreams, and areas of social concern. PERSONAL - IDENTITY: Find meaning in spirituality You are a sensitive and impressionable person with a strong need to be able to define who you are. You often feel that your grasp on reality is not tangible. If life becomes boring or monotonous, this can strike at the very core of your identity. Women with this aspect put their men on a pedestal from which they rapidly fall. In your longing to find an ideal that does not dissolve like a mirage in front of you, you will constantly refine your nature. Your longing and dissatisfaction is the engine of spiritual change in your life. You find yourself by going within yourself. Meaning in life comes when you seek to attain idealistic goals and develop a collective vision which benefits others. You would definitely benefit from meditative practice. IDENTITY - IDENTITY: Find meaning in spirituality Your early connection with your father was special in some way. You may feel you had an intimate contact with him on a spiritual level, although later events will prove that you deluded yourself in this respect. But your father will have touched you in some ineffable way. He may have created a special atmosphere of dissatisfaction around him which evoked concern in you. In extreme cases there can be illness, alcoholism or some form of escapism. It is rare for the father to attain his dreams. Actually you tend to misread people because of your longing for an ideal. Your father will embody this ideal and most probably fail to live up to it, and later you will put others in this role. When you stop having expectations of this kind, you will be able to avoid disappointment. Your dissatisfaction is a friend that guides you towards purifying and refining your life.

Sun Semisquare Pluto

You will often feel the influence of this aspect, though stronger influences may predominate in other areas of your chart. You can expect this influence to be hidden and sporadic in its effect - which is negative, especially as concerned social issues, and issues of self-worth. PROFESSIONAL - IDENTITY: Transformation of identity It is important for you to make a strong impression on people, and you invest a lot of energy in this - more than you are aware of. Much can be gained by toning down your personal energy. You are suited to positions requiring the use of power and psychological insight. Whatever you do, you like to be deeply sometimes fanatically - involved. This may often lead to battles of will, and you tend to win, basically because you cannot contemplate personal defeat. More flexibility would actually benefit you and help you avoid tiring power games. Personal power is a natural asset - as you will discover after a number of significant personal crises which lead to a reevaluation of your role. These crises are centered around achievement at all costs, or fanatical attachment to a particular role which outlives its meaning for you. When you learn to tone down your sensitivity about self-esteem, and invest your considerable willpower into projects which really mean something to you, and to others, you can achieve success. You may have a talent for psychology or dealing with the powers of the unconscious. PERSONAL - IDENTITY: Transformation of identity Early personal experiences have made you sensitive about your

Sun Conjunction Neptune

This aspect is extremely powerful in your horoscope, and will be a major feature of your character. Two energies are unified into one in this planetary aspect, and you will express this energy in a very personal way, for good or ill depending on other factors in your chart. PROFESSIONAL - IDENTITY: Find meaning in spirituality On a professional level almost anything is possible for you - as long as you feel that what you do is meaningful. Whatever field you choose, your success will not satisfy you unless you work creatively or have altruistic goals. True satisfaction comes when you transcend material goals and personal ambition. You have high, and perhaps unattainable expectations of yourself...and


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World of Wisdom - Birth Analysis for Buddy Holly

identity, and anxious about self-esteem. However this means, paradoxically, that you often overwhelm others with your presence. Thus you tend to be a dominating figure in intimate relationships. You need a partner who is not superficial and who shares your intense approach to life. To achieve harmony here you should relax instead of asserting yourself, otherwise relationships will become very exhausting. It is important to realize that power battles are related to inner fears about your identity. Women with this influence will often be attracted to a dominating man, only to find that he does not match her own strength which was acquiring through trying times in childhood. More intimacy can achieved by daring to show vulnerability. IDENTITY - IDENTITY: Transformation of identity It has not been possible for you to cement any truly deep bond to your father. Perhaps he disappeared when you were young, and a stepfather took his place, perhaps he was at home but unreachable or distant in some way. Because intimacy was impossible to attain, you feel a inner chasm of emptiness connected with your identity. You have felt that you were not recognized as an individual hence your deep need to manifest yourself strongly later in life. Although some of the fault almost certainly lies with your father, you have a tendency to compound the problem by withdrawing yourself totally when you feel ignored or unappreciated. This was your way of protecting yourself psychologically as a child, but in the long run these tactics lead to a profound alienation. The enormous efforts you make to gain self-acceptance ultimately lead to great personal power and psychological insight. Psychic or intuitive powers can enrich your life and give strength to others.

communicating with other people and this will be a distinct advantage in jobs which require making contacts, selling, telephoning etc. You are good at learning new things fast. You are persuasive, and invest your feelings into what you say. Whilst some may consider your ability to talk on almost any subject rather superficial, you are genuinely fascinated by general conversation and the workings of the mind. PERSONAL - EMOTIONS: Gather impressions Childhood friendships and sibling relationships have had a tremendous formative effect on your life, as do the first experiences in school. Painful recollections connected with communication problems, and a feeling of being misunderstood will have left their mark on you. Part of the maturing process for you is connected with being more selective about what you let yourself get distracted by. However, curiosity and interest are the food of life to you, and you can find meaning in small things other people might think of as insignificant. You are more an ideas person, than an emotional being, and you are most comfortable in partnerships which are not too emotionally demanding, and which allow you time to pursue your mental and social interests.

Moon In 5th House

PROFESSIONAL - EMOTIONS: Emotional joy You are very sensitive to the impression you make on other people, and have a talent for tuning in to the needs of an audience. This may incline you to a career which involves being in the public eye in some way. Your concern for children can give teaching talent, but you may also be attracted to entertainment in some way. You have a need to express yourself emotionally through creativity in one form or another. You generally have the confidence to take large strides out into the world. Your children's affairs can take precedence over business issues. PERSONAL - EMOTIONS: Emotional joy You are profoundly attached to the pleasures and pains of childhood, and strongly motivated to bring your own children up in a very individual way. You have a deep emotional need for romantic attachment. Your tendency to yearn for the security of love stems from unresolved unconscious issues from your own childhood connected with security. Love affairs rarely bring lasting happiness, though it may take you some time to discover this. A more lasting satisfaction comes from creative achievement. You know how to nurture and maintain the romance in a relationship, although you may have a rather mothering style. Perhaps you get too attached to your children at the expense of your partnership.

Sun Semisquare MC
This aspect is extremely powerful in your horoscope; every action you take will be colored by this energy. The influence of this planetary connection is subtle and unconscious. You can however expect quite acute periodic crises when the negative effects of the aspect manifest themselves. PROFESSIONAL - GOALS: Ego consciousness You are destined to attain a degree of prominence in your career, and can either make it creating your own business, or attain recognition in some kind of leadership role. You invest your identity into your career for better or worse, and your feelings of self-esteem and personal honor are intimately connected with the impression you make in the professional world. Take care not to flaunt the power you attain. PERSONAL - GOALS: Ego consciousness Your relationship to your father will have played an important role in your upbringing - especially as regards defining your need to express yourself through worldly achievement. Though you can attain your will in the world, and may be destined to great things, your achievements can only be measured according to how refined your personal character is. This means overcoming a tendency to indulge your ego.

Moon Square Sun

Please read page 5: "Sun Square Moon"

Moon Trine Mercury

This aspect is extremely powerful in your horoscope, and will be a major feature of your character. Please remember when reading this section, that the harmonious nature of this contact means that you can use the energies creatively, for the most part without negative effects. PROFESSIONAL - EMOTIONS: Emotional awareness You have great persuasive talents because you make an emotional investment in everything you say. At its best you can use these communicative talents to sway the feelings of the people around you - obviously a great asset when speaking to a public. You know how to tune in to the mood of the crowd and have an instinctive talent for saying the right thing. You need to be passionately engaged in your work, and function best in a role which gives you human contact. You work better with people than

Moon In Gemini
PROFESSIONAL - EMOTIONS: Gather impressions You are a restless soul with an insatiable appetite for new impressions. This restlessness keeps you on the go, traveling, visiting, making connections and above all assimilating knowledge. Other things being equal, you have superb talent for


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with things, but there is good business talent, especially as regards property. You are not an analytical type, and your judgments are easily swayed by your feelings. Thus you are easy to read, and will often stumble verbally, when you encounter conflict. You would find success in a career in which you utilized your talent for listening and speaking to people. PERSONAL - EMOTIONS: Emotional awareness You are a person who likes to communicate on an intimate level with those you are close to, though you have difficulty opening up to those you do not know well. Other people are comfortable entrusting their thoughts and feelings to you however. Your word and tone of voice are always tinged by your emotions, and this ensures you a good audience. Your emotions tend to swing a lot, and when you are feeling negative it can be very difficult for you to express yourself clearly. Under extreme emotional conditions you will be rather irrational. You have probably been profoundly emotionally affected by sibling relationships, and even now may have a powerful emotional bond to a brother or a sister. Your school years will also have had a great emotional impact on you, for better or worse. You are extremely sensitive to being criticized or misunderstood on a mental level. In many ways you are able to build a mental bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind, clarifying emotions through mental awareness.

mother figure, so unfaithfulness can ensue, as the man seeks to fulfill his sexual needs elsewhere. Women with this aspect have to learn to integrate the two feminine functions - maternal and erotic - into their lives in some way. If she has difficulty with this she will find the sexual element in the relationship deteriorating, and will end up spending all her time on the house or with the children. A maid might be the answer! For both sexes there is a tendency to be overattached and clinging, and too fixated on material security. Unconscious and unresolved childhood needs for love and security spill over into later relationships. It pays to develop a more detached attitude and a greater indifference to the need for constant approval.

Moon Sextile Mars

It may be difficult for you to discern the influence of this combination of planetary energies as it is not a strong configuration in your chart. When reading the following text, please bear in mind that you will for the most part experience only the positive effects of this aspect. You are particularly stimulated to learn and communicate, as regards the matters concerned. PROFESSIONAL - EMOTIONS: Temperament You have a dynamic and forceful personality, and generally get your way in your professional dealings. Your greatest enemy is your temperament - you get angry easily, and when you get angry, you take ill-considered actions. So if your job involves dealing with the public, there will tend to be a lot of conflict. You may however function well if your job entails the need to confront people and get things done, but not if it involves diplomacy or sympathy. You are impatient, but on the other hand you tend to invest your heart and soul into your work and get things done quickly and efficiently. However, you create an atmosphere of tension around you, and are extremely sensitive to criticism. You often imagine attacks which do not actually take place, instinctively going on the offensive, or defensive, to deal with supposed threats. Obviously this kind of reaction evokes the very kind of attack you are seeking to avoid. Only by taking a long, cool look at your assertive nature and by developing greater sensitivity and calm as regards others, can you hope to win goodwill in your professional life. PERSONAL - EMOTIONS: Temperament You were brought up in an atmosphere of tension which has made you constantly on guard. Perhaps your mother was an unusually aggressive woman, or perhaps there were many struggles in your family life. Whatever the reason you tend to get easily upset now - especially in your domestic life. Women with this aspect are often attracted to emotional men who express their feelings passionately and intensely. However this may be because of unconscious provocation from the woman, who never having experienced peace and calm in her early life recreates the atmosphere of tension through criticism or angry moods. Men with this aspect tend to have a short fuse, and often go about in an irritated state of mind. By identifying early childhood patterns of tension it may be possible to combat these negative emotional anger-states, which can be the source of a great deal of internal pain. Expression of anger rarely solves anything. It does not pay to let anger out, as you may fondly imagine. It pays to be conscious of the reasons for anger, before it arises. As you mature and you gain insight into your emotional nature, you can learn to create an atmosphere of excitement around you. You will be inspiring to be with, and moreover, you learn to combat insecurity by giving freedom of movement and

Moon Trine Venus

It may be difficult for you to discern the influence of this combination of planetary energies; it is weak and may be outweighed by stronger influences. Because there is a good aspect between these two planets, you can expect the positive consequences to be strong and very creative, and the negative consequences minimal. PROFESSIONAL - EMOTIONS: Empathy You have very winning ways with all kinds of people and can gain a great deal of personal popularity. Dealing with others particularly the public - in some way or another, can be an important ingredient in your profession. You may simply like people; at least people feel as if you do. You have a particular talent for dealing with women, partly because you have an instinctive understanding of their ways. Women can play an important role in your professional advancement - indeed you may be rather dependent on their goodwill for better or worse. Basically you are a caring and sympathetic person - and you show it. Therefore you would function well in a position which gave you daily contact with people and the opportunity to support and nurture them in some way. You shun hard professional tactics and are easily hurt when rebuffed. This means that you may be too fragile to handle the rough and tumble of the marketplace. To feel secure you need to have a solid economy, otherwise you tend to be afflicted by worry. You have a talent for investment - particularly in property. PERSONAL - EMOTIONS: Empathy You have an affectionate nature - you have both the capacity to give succor and love, and a deep need to receive it. Obviously therefore, relationships are extremely important to you, and you tend to form lasting bonds at an early age. Actually the greatest bond will be to your own family, particularly the mother - for better or for worse. Men with this aspect tend to marry early and unconsciously compare their loved one with the mother. There is a tendency to slink back to the family home for a good meal from time to time, and the wife can have great difficulty asserting her own authority over the mother's. In more extreme cases the man evokes maternal behavior in his partner, and finds her wanting sexually as a mistress. It is difficult to feel sexually attracted to a


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encouraging independence in those you are attached to.

Moon Opposition Jupiter

This aspect is extremely powerful in your horoscope, and will be a major feature of your character. This aspect shows a strong polarization in your chart, and difficulty in integrating the principles described. There may be travel and separation in connection with the principles described below. PROFESSIONAL - EMOTIONS: Horizons You would thrive in a profession which offered you the opportunity to travel and explore different cultures. You could easily work or settle in a foreign country. Being restless in spirit, you get rather bored in a job which does not have an element of exploration culturally, intellectually or geographically. You are essentially a very curious person, and the pursuit of knowledge is food for your soul. You can also be very caring, and your generous disposition can give you a talent for working with the public, especially as regards public opinion, marketing, or broadcasting values of some sort or another. Children would be especially benefited by your attention, and you have both the humor and educational drive to be a good teacher. You are not the kind of person to stay in any one job for a great length of time, unless it offers opportunities for growth and expansion. PERSONAL - EMOTIONS: Horizons Foreign environments may have played an important role in your upbringing, and generally speaking you will enjoy the cultural stimulation of travel and new horizons. You have very strong empathy, and your emotional life exerts a powerful influence on your environment. You feel things very strongly, especially as regards what is right and what is wrong. You react powerfully to perceived injustice, and instinctively flare up or get upset when you think something is unfair. Above all, you dislike restrictions on your personal freedom, and you can manifest a strong independence if you feel encroached upon. You may often overreact to quite normal expectations on the part of the partner, as regards commitment and responsibility. Generally however, your optimistic and light-hearted nature brings a lot of joy and happiness to personal relationships, just as long as you are allowed to feel free, travel and pursue your intellectual interests. EMOTIONS - EMOTIONS: Horizons Your mother had a strong influence on your personal convictions about life for better or worse. Perhaps she was religious or moralizing, with extremely dominating opinions about what was best for you and the world. On the other hand she may have had an extremely beneficial effect on you - widening your horizons, stimulating you intellectually, and providing you with a strong moral foundation. Your mother was probably not the type to let herself be restricted by relationships, and she will have inspired in you the desire to expand your horizons and see the world. Because of these childhood influences, freedom to pursue your dreams and visions is important for you. You have strong convictions about your personal rights, but these may not be realistic when you decide to commit yourself to a relationship. You often get into emotional arguments on matters of principle when you feel you are being treated unjustly, but perhaps you need to overcome a certain emotional irresponsibility. It is essential for you to reexamine and adjust your moral convictions.

In your chart there is disharmony between these two planetary influences, and this will be reflected by many struggles both within your mind, and out in the world. PROFESSIONAL - EMOTIONS: Self-sufficiency You are a very responsible and dutiful person who is very motivated to live up to your commitments to society. You can work well in a role which requires hard work and a lot of responsibility, especially if this entails formal relations with the public in some way. You can function effectively as a buffer between the public and the authorities. You may have a special talent for working with old people, or with people who have emotional problems or very difficult life circumstances. You have a measured response to the people you meet and can evoke considerable respect from others, just as long as you do not allow yourself to be crippled by shyness. You can perform monotonous tasks patiently, and are good at systematizing things and creating order. Professionally you are strongly motivated by job security and continuity at work. You are not very flexible, and tend to stick to long-term habits and work-patterns. On the other hand you are reliable and conscientious. PERSONAL - EMOTIONS: Self-sufficiency You are extremely sensitive emotionally, but present a very solid facade to the outer world, giving the impression that you are quite cool, even invulnerable. Behind your formal manners is a person who was never fully allowed to enjoy a carefree childhood. At an early age you took responsibility in the family, repressing your own spontaneity and lowering your expectations because of emotional hurt. In later relationships you have difficulty letting down your protective barriers, even though you have a deep desire for intimacy. If you do get hurt emotionally you rarely let on, and you close the shutters on your feelings so that your loved one has no chance to make amends. After the age of 30 you learn more successful strategies for intimacy. First of all it is essential for you to be emotionally self-sufficient - if you sell yourself for security, you will end up in a prison. From a position of inner strength you can then allow yourself to be more trusting and vulnerable - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by opening up emotionally without making any demands. EMOTIONS - EMOTIONS: Self-sufficiency Your childhood was probably rather difficult. You may well have felt rejected by your mother, perhaps because she worked too hard and had no time for you, perhaps because she had problems of her own, perhaps because she was blocked emotionally. Whatever the cause you have reacted to rejection by withdrawing behind a protective barrier so that you can't be hurt. Moreover you may also have a tendency to try to win love and acceptance by doing duties taking on family responsibilities. Emotional responsibilities founded on guilt are not wise, particularly if they carry on into middle age. The situation is perhaps more complex than you imagine. You were born with a strong emotional hunger and need for security, and it is possible that your mother could not fulfill your demands. You may have interpreted her reactions as rejection, and in turn rejected her when she wanted to be warm. Whether this is true or not, you are very difficult to approach now when you are hurt, and you have the emotional resilience and determination to withdraw emotionally for quite long periods of time. However, as time goes by experience will teach you the importance of cultivating an open emotional attitude - it is much less painful in the long run. Ultimately you can be of great assistance to other people who have emotional problems, and you can be quite unselfish in giving time and assistance.

Moon Square Saturn

It may be difficult for you to discern the influence of this combination of planetary energies; it is weak and may be outweighed by stronger influences.


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Moon Square Neptune

Though not especially strong, you will be able to feel the influence of this aspect under many circumstances. As there is tension between these two planetary influences in your chart, it will be very difficult for you to achieve the promised beneficial results before the age of 30. PROFESSIONAL - EMOTIONS: Develop intuitive sensitivity You are a supremely sensitive and impressionable person, and this will express itself as a moodiness and indefinable dissatisfaction. Yet you will almost certainly have creative and caring sides to your nature which can stand you in good stead professionally, as long as your job is not monotonous or meaningless. You have a capacity for being very sympathetic and understanding, and this may be a part of your work. You have spiritual talents - perhaps you can work with dreams or the unconscious in some way. You are powerfully influenced by your environment, and including the mood of the people around you. It is wise to choose environments free from pollution, spiritually, emotionally and physically. PERSONAL - EMOTIONS: Develop intuitive sensitivity The greatest challenge for you is to attain emotional satisfaction, and this is best done by understanding the nature of your childhood. It is essentially for you to avoid the tempting pleasure of indulging your emotions and sentimentality. You so easily fall into negative emotional states, and this can make life miserable for the people around you. Your emotional impressionability creates serious problems in partnership matters - you simply have difficulty distinguishing the boundaries between yourself and your loved one. You take on the moods of others or absorb negative vibrations from the environment. The older you get the more you realize that this is just a bad habit, based on early conditioning. Avoid jumping into emotional swamps! Having said this, you have a wonderful talent for tuning in to other people emotionally and understanding them in depth. You are a very sympathetic person. EMOTIONS - EMOTIONS: Develop intuitive sensitivity As a child you were profoundly influenced by the mood of your mother. You may feel the bond is close, you may idealize your mother, but there are strong indications that she sucked you in to her negative moods, enlisting your support and care. At worst she may have been something of a martyr, or in bad health, at best she was probably rather sad at times. This evoked guilt feelings in you, and an unconscious need to make things better. Actually you are born to be concerned and helpful, so your mother could not really help evoking these feelings in you. The essential thing in your life is to realize how profoundly you were influenced by the emotional atmosphere of your childhood. By making conscious use of the creative side of your imagination, you can learn to avoid the old traps and create a positive environment for yourself and those close to you.

manifest as social consciousness. You also have a talent for dealing with people in crisis, possessing an inborn psychological ability to transform how people feel. You are suited to work which requires a deep personal involvement combined with a certain power and distance. You have the power to investigate deep emotional states in other people, and this can be connected with psychology or the occult. PERSONAL - EMOTIONS: Deep emotional involvement You are a person who feels everything very deeply, although people who only know you superficially might not be aware of this. Your need to protect yourself emotionally comes from a number of disturbing childhood experiences which mean that you tend to play it cool in times of crisis. Problems arise in intimate relationships because you never let on how you really feel - if you had the courage to show your vulnerability, people would treat you better. You cling to emotional bonds with great intensity, yet in times of crisis you can suddenly amputate your feelings and become ice-cold. It is unwise to deal with crises by giving ultimata. It is essential to overcome these destructive defense mechanisms, if you want to enjoy warm relationships. EMOTIONS - EMOTIONS: Deep emotional involvement You are profoundly marked by traumatic childhood experiences, in which you lost trust in family security. Your bond to your mother is at best complicated, and at worst non-existent. For some reason she was unable to nurture you - perhaps you were removed from her at some time, perhaps she was unable to breast-feed you, perhaps she was under such psychological pressure herself and did not have the resources to take care of you. Whatever the reason, you sought to protect yourself from the resulting vulnerability by amputating your emotional bonds so as not to feel pain. Effective though this may have been to ensure your emotional survival as a child, it becomes a deep and unconscious habit which sabotages emotional bonds later in life. It is particularly painful for other people to experience the icy atmosphere you create when you withdraw your feelings. Experiences later in life lead you to transform your drastic emotional survival tactics and in doing so accept greater responsibility for family problems. This transformation evokes a deep psychological understanding of others who also are tormented by extreme emotions.

Moon Sesquisquare MC
It may be difficult for you to discern the influence of this combination of planetary energies; it is weak and may be outweighed by stronger influences. The influence of this aspect is deeply unconscious and sporadic, though when felt it can manifest itself in uncompromising conflict with others. PROFESSIONAL - GOALS: Soul life Your career can be profoundly influenced by the world of feeling, by public mood, by the sea, the food industry, property or other issues which absorb public interest. Your family may play a role in your success - particularly your mother. As you are acutely aware of matters of public interest, you may choose to involve yourself in a caring profession. In the choice between career and family, emotional considerations win out. PERSONAL - GOALS: Soul life Your emotional life and your family bonds have high priority in your life. You manifest inconstancy as far as your goals are concerned, because you tend to turn to the past for security, and often allow your feelings to play a decisive role as far as your life-

Moon Semisquare Pluto

This aspect is of medium strength and its influence will often be felt, though not acutely. The semisquare aspect shows a difficult streak in your character, which may manifest as an unconscious stubbornness in the matters concerned. PROFESSIONAL - EMOTIONS: Deep emotional involvement You are strongly motivated on an unconscious level by a need for security - a need which is very difficult to fulfill. However when you turn outwards and concern yourself with others, you will discover a special talent for helping other people find security. This may


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direction is concerned. On a positive level it could be said that you are guided by the forces of the soul. You have an intuitive contact with the unconscious mind.

Mercury Trine Moon

Please read page 9: "Moon Trine Mercury"

Mercury In Libra
PROFESSIONAL - MENTALITY: A balanced view You have diplomatic skills and a refined way of expressing your views without offending others. Your ability to see both sides of an issue and conciliate between opposite camps means that you can be a fine negotiator. You prefer to deal with people rather than things, and this may express itself in a profession where contact with others is the norm. Some people might consider you vacillating and indecisive. Actually you can make a decision, but you like to spend considerable time weighing the pros and cons. You probably prefer to put off decisive action until the last moment. When you do decide, your judgement is normally quite sophisticated, and guided by social and aesthetic considerations. PERSONAL - MENTALITY: A balanced view You are probably a soft-spoken person, eschewing coarse forms of expression. Even if you disagree with someone, you do so with good manners. You express yourself with grace and style, and during the course of your life you propagate a balanced view based on a strong cultural foundation. You may well have a love of the arts and literature. You probably enjoy friendly debate, and although you often enjoy the intellectual exercise of taking the opposite point of view, you deepest motivation is to create agreement. You rarely raise your voice, and for some people your even manner can be exasperating - you are just too reasonable. Your fair-mindedness and diplomatic style wins friends.

Mercury Conjunction Venus

Though not especially strong, you will be able to feel the influence of this aspect under many circumstances. This connection between two planets shows a fusion of two principles for good or ill. You integrate quite different energies and express them as one process. This manifests as a strong personal character trait. PROFESSIONAL - MENTALITY: Affability You are a very versatile person, combining good judgement with taste and the ability to convey information in a pleasant manner. Success comes when you work with communication in one form or another. You may excel in the arts or in public speaking. You bring a human element into your professional dealings, and advancement will often come through the goodwill of others. Your mild manner and diplomatic nature leaves a good impression on others. You would function well in a position with lots of contact with people, for example dealing with personnel. You are very concerned about justice and make a strong effort to see both sides of any issues. You can secure agreement because you are willing to listen to others, and you are careful not to alienate people with impulsive remarks. Obviously with these talents you will prefer a harmonious professional environment to one in which there was too much trouble or competition. PERSONAL - MENTALITY: Affability You have a gentle and sensitive nature, and strive to maintain harmony in your personal relationships, going a long way to meet the needs or demands of another, before you allow yourself to feel provoked. In love relationships communication is the single most important factor. This may stem from a very close relationship to a brother or sister when you were a child. Even now, you probably cultivate a brotherly or sisterly manner in your relationships, where games and the element of play have an important role. As mental stimulation is so important for you, you can get bored with your partner, and for some people this may mean a tendency to become romantically involved on the side, though there is rarely any malice involved, should this be the case. Erotic desire is hardly a motivating factor for you, but you do have a tendency to flirt, and this can make your life more complicated than you would wish.

Mercury In 9th House

PROFESSIONAL - MENTALITY: Get knowledge Your intelligence, curiosity and desire for understanding are great professional assets. You are excellent at juggling ideas, and persuasive at putting them across. You could have success in the publishing branch. You know how to meet other people on their own mental level, and would do well in dealings with people from foreign countries because of this talent. You may find success in areas where it is important to get a message across to the public, perhaps in the media, or in marketing areas or teaching. Training courses and a good education are a prerequisite for professional success. To thrive professionally you should have access to information, and be able to draw on a large body of personal knowledge. PERSONAL - MENTALITY: Get knowledge You are driven by an insatiable curiosity and desire for understanding. You are a walking question mark, constantly seeking to find a deeper meaning in the smallest events that cross your path. Perhaps you were strongly influenced by siblings or a teacher early in life to do something with your intelligence; now you are the eternal student, seduced by knowledge and the power of education. You speak intelligently on many different subjects and generally have an opinion about everything. Discussions with you can be somewhat frustrating, because you have a tendency to change viewpoint constantly. In your view this is OK: you know in your heart that truth is a relative matter, only the search for enlightenment and knowledge is constant. Get your ideas down on paper.

Mercury Sextile Mars

It may be difficult for you to discern the influence of this combination of planetary energies, as it has only a mild effect in your chart. The sextile aspect is favorable, and stimulates your capacity to learn from experience. You can expect the negative effects to be minimal. PROFESSIONAL - MENTALITY: Sharpness You have an extremely acute mind, and can generally come to a decision far faster than the average person. You are quick to take action and enjoy the pleasure of outsmarting your competitors. You enjoy the thrill of mental combat. However you often cut corners, and your methods can be questionable. Your brusque manner can evoke considerable hostility in your place of work, so if you find yourself constantly getting into arguments or finding people irritating, you can be quite sure it has something to do with your behavior. Perhaps you have a tendency to barge in or interrupt conversations, perhaps you speak in too harsh a manner or do not listen enough to others. It pays to plan more patiently, and think twice before you make your opinion known. You would


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function well in jobs which require tough negotiations or an aggressive verbal style. You have plenty of energy too, and like to travel and meet people. You are a go-getter. PERSONAL - MENTALITY: Sharpness You get into too many arguments, and rarely consider the idea that you may be wrong. This truculent manner probably stems from conflicts in childhood with brothers, or perhaps your father. You worked out then that the best means of defense was offense. Yet troubles arise later in life because your frank and direct manner makes people feel that you are offensive. You don't always have to tell people what is on your mind. You hate to be bossed around or told what to do, so make an effort not to act in this way with others. Give them time to express themselves without interrupting, and resolve to stop criticism and arguments. Women with this aspect are often attracted to rather sharp men who may have questionable morals, or be rather argumentative types, although this is a projection mechanism based on inner conflicts. Men tend to retain adolescent qualities and act at times as if they know everything. For both sexes it is important to slow down, otherwise the nervous system can be adversely affected. When you channel your enormous energy into creative, fun projects, you can achieve a great deal.

opinion only when it is consciously sought by others. THE MIND - MENTALITY: Disseminating information Brothers or sisters may have played a powerful role in your mental development as a child. Perhaps you felt unintelligent in contrast to a sibling - or there may still linger in you a sense of injustice as regards how much attention a brother or sister received in contrast to yourself. Contact with teachers and other children at school will also have been very formative, inspiring you to do your utmost to compete mentally. Whatever the circumstances you do not like being ignored. There is a deep need to make your opinions heard, so you have a tendency now to be rather voluble. If you are not careful, your forceful opinions can have the opposite effect to what you desire. You need to be heard and understood, and you need to communicate your own perceptions about fairness and justice. However, unless you cultivate a sensitivity to mental response, you will never get the message across. Ask yourself: are you getting the results you want from your communication? Perhaps what you consider important, is not so important to others. Choose your audience carefully, and ensure that you get feedback.

Venus In Libra
PROFESSIONAL - VALUES: Taste and diplomacy You have a strong perception of balance around you and are extremely good at evaluating projects. You also have a remarkable talent for dealing with people, being able to meet them on their own level. A job that requires diplomatic talents might suit you - for example dealing with personnel. You work best in interesting social environments in which you can apply your excellent judgement. You have a pronounced aesthetic sensitivity, which can be expressed as a love of culture, art, music etc. You thrive in a position where you can express your taste and enrich human relationships, but you do not function well in positions which require you to be harsh to others. Even though you can be quite ambitious and dynamic, you do not like to jeopardize friendly relationships. PERSONAL - VALUES: Taste and diplomacy Love relationships are extremely important for you, and you will seldom be without a partner. You are excellent at reading your partner's needs, and quite willing to compromise on most issues, with the exception of clothes and interior decoration! You abhor bad taste and an unrefined manner, and are attracted to goodlooking people, with cultural sensitivity and refinement. The man with this position will be attracted to graceful women, with good taste and a very feminine manner. Women will emanate an air of refinement and style, and desire a partner who treats her as an equal while maintaining his masculinity. For both sexes partnership is a holy principle and central to the enjoyment of life. You cannot tolerate a partnership without the magic of romance. It is important for you that your partner shares your taste, and that you can talk together about matters of personal judgement.

Mercury Sextile Jupiter

You will often feel the influence of this aspect, though stronger influences may predominate in other areas of your chart. When reading the following description, please bear in mind that you are a fast learner and overcome any difficulties involved very quickly. You can expect to use this aspect constructively and harmoniously. PROFESSIONAL - MENTALITY: Disseminating information One of your great professional assets is your intellectual curiosity and interest in communication and information. You can be something of a perpetual student, accumulating knowledge and insight for a rainy day. These intellectual talents bring you success in fields which require study, writing, meeting people, travel and generally exchanging ideas. You have excellent teaching talents, because you both have the capacity to concentrate on details, and at the same time can draw wideranging conclusions. You can maintain an overall perspective, even when drowned in facts and figures. You can also be extremely persuasive, and this can give a talent for sales. People can come to you for advice and information. You are also suited to a position in an office, where you have access to phones and faxes, computers etc. You may be rather restless, so you need to work in a position in which you work with a whole spectrum of daily tasks, or in a situation in which you meet a variety of different people, perhaps whilst traveling around. PERSONAL - MENTALITY: Disseminating information Gaining intelligence is a strong motivating factor in your life. Attending courses and studies, learning languages, traveling and meeting people, are all important activities for you, because they give you the opportunity to train and expand your mind. A foreign language may play an important role in your life - you certainly have the capacity to master more than one language. You can be witty and a mine of information. On the other hand you may feel a strong need to impose your ideas and opinions on others. You hate to be belittled mentally, and you may compensate for this by becoming argumentative, or by dutifully trying to enlighten people about what the truth is. It is better to fulfill this need in some job for which you get paid - rather than tire your partner with your constant need to explain and inform. It is wisest to give your

Venus In 9th House

PROFESSIONAL - VALUES: Aesthetic judgment You have a very fine judgement in all cultural matters, and one of your greatest professional talents is your discernment as regards what is of value, and what is not. People appreciate your ideas which are strongly based on aesthetic concepts and a sense of inner balance - and what is more they appreciate the gentle and persuasive manner with which you put them across, and your


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willingness to listen to their opinions. You have therefore talent as a critic in one form or another. As your cultural interests also extend to foreign climes, you may draw from an international set of values. You have talent for sales and presentation, marketing and the media, and anything connected to the enshrining of the principles of good judgment. PERSONAL - VALUES: Aesthetic judgment In relationship matters you are far more interested in intelligence than good looks, erotic pursuits or the like. Your romantic yardstick is related to how much you can learn from partners, and to whether you can respect them for their understanding. You are often attracted to a partner who comes from a foreign land because stimulating cross-cultural contact means so much to you. Discussions and learning will be an integral part of the relationship. For you "beauty is truth, and truth beauty". Spiritual or philosophical insights are high up on your list of priorities. You believe in the principle of a merciful and loving God, and you have the capacity to show great devotion in religious matters. In your own intellectual growth you are more inclined to the arts than the sciences.

satisfaction. Actually the woman sends strong sexual signals but gets confused about the response she receives, not knowing whether to take the initiative, (ladies don't do that), or be passive. The paradox is that women with this aspect have strong masculine traits, and can resent the man taking the initiative. Men with this aspect will sometimes have rather feminine traits, and have difficulty taking the initiative. Whatever the circumstances, the erotic life plays an important role in the character, and there is a strong tendency towards sexual involvements which can be a threat to stable relationships. There is in both sexes a difficulty in integrating the loving nature with passion and desire - when to be tender and affectionate, when to go your own way? When to be attached, when to be detached? When to be chaste, when to let the body take over? When a balance is found, then there is great potential to have enjoyable relationships on both the physical and spiritual level.

Venus Sextile Pluto

It may be difficult for you to discern the influence of this combination of planetary energies; it is weak and may be outweighed by stronger influences. When reading the following description, please bear in mind that you are a fast learner and overcome any difficulties involved very quickly. You can expect to use this aspect constructively and harmoniously. PROFESSIONAL - VALUES: Transformation of values You have the ability to awaken deep sympathy in the hearts of other people, and you are probably willing to go to great lengths to be appreciated. Your attention to others can evoke a very positive atmosphere and genuine good feelings, if you learn to avoid a few simple weaknesses. You tend to go too far in pleasing others and trying to create a good impression. In this way you can monopolize some people and alienate those who are not impressed by your apparent charm. Businesswise you have a special talent for getting the most out of resources. You can see the value in items other people might throw away, and can turn waste into something valuable. Financially you must avoid the trap of getting into debt by buying prestige items. Do not throw good money after bad. Above all avoid becoming economically dependent on others - you could end up being manipulated. PERSONAL - VALUES: Transformation of values Your intimate relationships are characterized by their intensity. You are simply not interested in a superficial or casual relationship. You have a tendency to invest a lot of energy into winning love and attention and this is actually a throwback to childhood experiences which equated love with survival. You will often feel that it is fate that has brought you and your partner together, and that nothing will break the bond that has been established. Unfortunately, an unconscious fear of losing love can result in many exhausting emotional scenes. Relationships can lurch from crisis to crisis. When these negative influences have been transformed you will discover a real talent for giving loving support to others. LOVE - VALUES: Transformation of values At a very early age, love for you was equated with survival. Your relationship with both your mother, and possibly with a sister, was deeply complicated in this respect. A very real anxiety about losing love - and therefore parental life-support - has led you to develop an oversweet nature calculated to win affection. You invest your charm 200% in achieving this goal, and are normally successful. Problems arise later on in your life because in the long run this

Venus Trine Moon

Please read page 9: "Moon Trine Venus"

Venus Conjunction Mercury

Please read page 12: "Mercury Conjunction Venus"

Venus Semisquare Mars

This aspect is of medium strength and its influence will often be felt, though not acutely. The semisquare aspect shows a difficult streak in your character, which may manifest as an unconscious stubbornness in the matters concerned. PROFESSIONAL - VALUES: Enjoyment You have a dynamic creativity, but how you use it depends greatly on the nature of the aspect. Harmonious contacts between Venus and Mars give an exciting and winning nature, and the ability to work creatively with both sexes in whatever field you may be in. Inharmonious aspects also give considerable creative power, but conflict regarding sexual roles can sabotage success in one way or another. There is a strong erotic element in your character, and this can lead to sexual involvements which distract you from your business. Men with these aspects tend to be more active in their sexual pursuits, women often feel they are on the receiving end. It all depends on the unconscious signals that you send, as you have a natural sex-appeal. If all goes well you can emanate warmth and congeniality which brings professional popularity. This can lead you to success in many fields, especially those in which physical strength is combined with grace in some form. You would also work well in public relations, and in dealing with children. Entertainment and having a good time can be very important for you in your work. PERSONAL - VALUES: Enjoyment As Mars and Venus are the male and female archetypes, this combination brings a powerful need to resolve the dilemma between the sexes. Harmonious aspects show greater ease in this matter, but inharmonious contacts and the conjunction bring extremely difficult challenges. Often confusion about the sexual role stems from the impression given by the parents concerning their love-life, particular if infidelity was involved. Women with this aspect often experience a strong contrast between the demands of femininity and those of sexuality, and in extreme cases the man is perceived as being a primitive only interested in sexual


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World of Wisdom - Birth Analysis for Buddy Holly

investment of emotional energy is exhausting for all parties. It is very difficult for you to be consciously aware of what you do. Anxiety about losing love leads to intense love relationships, where jealousy plays an unspoken role - partly because you feel you have to be so intimate with everyone. In some cases you may subordinate yourself to your loved one and be misused, yet, paradoxically, it may be you who wields the power later on. It is a great relief for you later in life, when you realize that relationships function better when you relax. People like you more when you don't try so hard to please. You have so much love to give, why worry about how much love you get? And if some people don't like you, so what? - you know about the power of love.

being both gallant and courageous. You are easily manipulated by flattery and appeals to your honor. Men with this position of Mars see themselves as great lovers, and they can launch wooing campaigns in which no expense is spared to sweep women off their feet. Women are attracted to men who have a certain position or prestige, or someone they can look up to in some way. Both sexes are romantic and possess a passionate nature. There is a tendency to get involved in heated love-affairs. There is also a taste for luxury and the good things in life. In longterm relationships, mutual respect is an important ingredient - if this is lost, love dies.

Mars In 8th House

PROFESSIONAL - DRIVE: Power dealings You are a person who knows power. You are often at the receiving end of demonstrations of might, but you are fearless in your response - at least outwardly. This suits you for a job in which you are exposed to danger, or have to deal with the aggressions of others. You have no difficulty identifying an enemy when you see one, and you are ruthless when dealing with him. There is also something of a detective in you, as you like to operate undercover. You may choose to use your talents on an outer level, through a career which demands determination, perseverance and secrecy, or on an inner level in which you deal with psychological problems. You are particularly good at handling trauma and shock - partly because you are no stranger to these things in your personal life. You may have a talent for hypnotism or healing. PERSONAL - DRIVE: Power dealings Emotional and erotic relationships make great demands on your energy. Childhood trauma invested you with an amazing power to survive in difficult situations. But this same survival talent sabotages harmony later in life. You are sensitive to, and fearful of, being controlled by another person. As a result you are emotionally defensive and assertive at the same time, and actually end up being in control yourself. The exaggerated need to master developments in partnership can mean that you do not allow the partner room to maneuver. There may be jealousy and exhausting emotional power battles. Sexually you have difficulty surrendering. Sex and power become confused. Only by trusting the other and giving up control can you achieve true sexual satisfaction and release. During the course of your life you develop great psychological insight which enables you to overcome and transform the pain of being crucified by your desires.

Venus Square N. Node, Venus Square S. Node

Though not especially strong, you will be able to feel the influence of this aspect under many circumstances. As there is tension between these two planetary influences in your chart, it will be very difficult for you to achieve the promised beneficial results before the age of 30. PROFESSIONAL - DESTINY: Truth in beauty Your sense of values and taste, and even your personal appearance, can awaken strong feelings of attraction in the people who know you. Your aesthetic values may play an important role in whatever associations or groups you belong to, and you may even set the style of the times through your personal judgement. Often seduced by the beauties of the world, and the temptations of material things, you have a special challenge in life as regards understanding the power of love and attraction - and their pitfalls. PERSONAL - DESTINY: Truth in beauty Magnetic attractions to specific people in your life can be extremely formative as regards your spiritual growth. The world of the senses, and the pleasures and pains of love will be a constant challenge and source of fascination for you. You may react by indulging in every pleasure which is offered to you, or you may reject the allure of sensory paradise, preferring purity and frugality. Your choice, and your values, may have a significance beyond the personal, profoundly affecting the spirit of your time.

Mars In Leo
PROFESSIONAL - DRIVES: Develop leadership qualities You have a very strong sense of identity and are motivated by a desire to create a powerful impression. Recognition of your efforts is essential, and you will tend to measure your success by the prestige you achieve in other's eyes. Never being content with a back seat you seek personal challenges so that you can prove yourself. You are creative and function well when you are at the center of attention - for example teaching children. You like to see yourself reflected in the work you do. There is a lot of pride, and the very idea of failure is unacceptable for you. This can mean that you stubbornly stick to the wrong course of action just to save face, or that you come into conflict because you have difficulty admitting you are wrong. When you overcome these weaknesses you can be an excellent leader as people will automatically look up to you. PERSONAL - DRIVES: Develop leadership qualities You are a warm-blooded person with charm and a forceful personality. You have a soft spot for children and considerable creative talent. You like to cultivate a romantic view of yourself,

Mars Sextile Moon

Please read page 9: "Moon Sextile Mars"

Mars Sextile Mercury

Please read page 13: "Mercury Sextile Mars"

Mars Semisquare Venus

Please read page 14: "Venus Semisquare Mars"

Mars Trine Jupiter

This aspect is extremely powerful in your horoscope; every action you take will be colored by this energy. Please bear in mind that the contact between these planets is harmonious, which means that you will rarely be troubled by their negative influences. They represent a resource you can draw from. PROFESSIONAL - DRIVES: Ebullience


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World of Wisdom - Birth Analysis for Buddy Holly

You are a person with considerable optimism and energy, and your generally dynamic nature and positive attitude to the future will most probably bring expansion and success in your professional life. You are endowed with great courage and enjoy a challenge, so you would thrive in employment which gave you the opportunity to expand your horizons and travel. There is something of the pioneer in you. As intellectual challenges are also important, you need mental stimulation and the opportunity to discuss issues and get important messages across. You can be very persuasive, but perhaps you also have a tendency to browbeat others. You have an almost religious zeal when it comes to convincing others about what is right and what is wrong. You may even see yourself as a fighter for justice, and whereas this ability to fight for a cause can be very useful under some circumstances, it can also lead to tiring conflicts and disagreements with superiors. Obviously, a job which utilizes your energy, enthusiasms and deep convictions would be the best channel for your ebullient energy. PERSONAL - DRIVES: Ebullience You may well be an exciting person to be with because of your sharp intellect, optimistic nature and sense of fun. If you are a man, you will enjoy the company of your own sex, and be engaged in many activities, perhaps connected with sport or travel. You can excel in mental sparring contests and the thrill of debate. However there may be a tendency to pontificate, or generally make your opinions known in a rather dominating manner. Knowledge and understanding are strong motivating factors for you, so you like to sharpen your mind with discussion and involve yourself in cultural interests. Women with this aspect are attracted to intelligent men, and often have attachments to foreigners. The most important motivation factor when choosing a man is his ability to expand her mental horizons - either through religious, political, philosophical or cultural interests. An intellectual watershed arises in the relationship, where the man is no longer able to satisfy the intellectual hunger of the woman. How this issue is dealt with is critical for the success of the relationship. The most important thing for both sexes is to take personal responsibility for ensuring constant intellectual or philosophical expansion and personal growth. Relationships would improve dramatically, if you were able to admit that sometimes you are wrong. SEX & POWER - DRIVES: Ebullience Male mentor figures have played an important role in the development of your intellect. If you had brothers, there will have been a lot of mental competition, and you may have felt that you had to struggle constantly to be able to assert yourself in comparison to them. Or alternatively your father may have been a very dominating man with strong opinions. At best this will have provided you with a very stimulating intellectual environment - at worst he will have been moralizing, with a tendency to hold long monologues about what he believed in. He may have manifested strong convictions about justice and right and wrong. You too will have developed great sensitivity about injustice, and later on in life this can give you a tendency to feel a kind of righteous indignation when you perceive unfairness. Women with this aspect like to have a man who can match her on a mental level - but ultimately he will not be able to, because she is the one who developed the intellectual muscles through the challenges of childhood. As a woman you will be extremely sensitive to men insisting on being right, and you will challenge their views. However this is a projection mechanism which wastes your energy, and ends up making the man lose his dignity. You have a strong sexuality, and can experience great fulfillment through the sexual act. Other things being equal you have a healthy and fun-loving attitude towards sex. However you do need

to have an intellectual respect for your partner, before you feel erotically attracted. Men with this aspect may be rather too demanding - even greedy - as regards sex, and under certain circumstances this leads to promiscuity. As a woman you will also have a strong sexual appetite, but sometimes unconscious projection mechanisms give you the impression that it is the man who is sexually demanding. Experience will show that this is not the case.

Mars Quincunx Saturn

It may be difficult for you to discern the influence of this combination of planetary energies, as it has only a mild effect in your chart. The beneficial results of this aspect seldom come before the age of 35. Prior to this you tend to either be over-helpful, or oversecretive, as regards the matters concerned. PROFESSIONAL - DRIVE: Discipline You are the workaholic type, and can during the course of your life develop an incredible self-discipline. You may have special talent for working in the building industry, or with mechanics and engineering, or in any field which requires will-power and hard physical work. On occasions however, you can be stricken with inertia, and find it very difficult to get started. You have a fear of failure and can feel particularly vulnerable in competitive situations with other men. Difficulties can arise with male authorities, as you are very sensitive to being dominated or ordered around. You have the will-power and ability to work for yourself, being particularly good at making long-term plans and strategies. To succeed professionally it would be to your advantage to work smarter rather than harder. You can end up using all your time on monotonous work precisely because you are so disciplined and persevering. It can pay for you to take a risk, even though you have a strong fear of failure. Try to be motivated by anticipation of future success rather than fear of past difficulties. PERSONAL - DRIVE: Discipline As a child your spontaneity was probably hindered in some way, and there may have been difficulties with a father or brother connected with discipline and responsibility. Your upbringing may have been rather authoritarian, even to the point of physical violence. There may have been a strict moral code in the family. In later relationships you expect a lot of resistance, so you invest a lot of energy either in self-control, or in trying to impose your authority. Women with this aspect are often attracted to older men, who tend to become buried in their work. Often the relationship develops in such a way that the woman feels dominated - but this can be due to hidden unconscious needs to recreate the atmosphere of structure and discipline from childhood, and a refusal to discipline her own life. Men place a high priority on their professional life to the detriment of their emotional or sexual relations. A fear of being controlled can bring battles of will and severe confrontations. These problems resolve themselves with time, as you learn to relax and be kinder to yourself. Less work and more play and greater flexibility as regards behavioral rules leads to more rewarding relationships. SEX & POWER - DRIVE: Discipline This influence indicates that sexuality can be a battleground in which you struggle to gain confidence in your sexual life. You have many unconscious sabotage mechanisms which can result in sexual frustration. These stem from several possible areas: as a child you may have been aware of a parental reluctance or disgust about sex or there may have been a heavy moralizing. Alternatively you may have felt humiliated or dominated by male


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members of your family and wish to see them powerless. Generally speaking you will have developed a negative attitude to sensuality and your body. Later in life greater attention to your body, health and muscles and a discipline of physical training can greatly help you develop a more positive body consciousness. The man with this aspect is terrified of not being able to live up to male stereotypes regarding sexual performance. Fear of failure in bed can render him at best dutiful but uninspired, and at worst impotent. However he does have one advantage - generally speaking he is slow to feel physical arousal and therefore can maintain love-making over a longer period of time before orgasm. Through developing a gentler and more sensitive approach to sex, perhaps with more humor or a willingness to talk about feelings of inadequacy - in other words through enlisting his partners support - a gradual improvement of the sex-life will ensue. Women with this aspect will often experience a reluctance to have sex on the part of their male partner. Long periods of time elapse without any sex at all. At worst the man may be unable to maintain an erection, feel impotent, bury himself in his work etc. This situation arises because the man is made to feel inadequate. The woman is slow to be aroused, and the man may ejaculate early without feeling the comfort of having satisfied the woman. Obviously this scenario does not have to repeat itself too often, before the man withdraws into his cave as an ascetic. The solution is simple enough. As the woman, because of childhood difficulties, has a desensitized body, she need to instruct the man with respect - in what gives her pleasure. She must overcome unconscious drives to undermine a man's confidence ( - and what better place to do it than in bed? -) and resolutely encourage the man by giving support and praise to his ego, for the feeling of sexual inadequacy is crushing for a man. By gradually revitalizing the man's confidence in this way the sexual desert transforms itself into an oasis.

give their partner the impression that they can pack their bag and go at any time - in actual fact unpredictability is used as a threat to get their own way. Women with this aspect are attracted to unusual men, particularly from abroad or from some unique environment, - men who can promise excitement and freedom. There is a tendency to be enormously provocative and this can lead to explosive conflicts. This satisfies the ever-present craving for excitement in one way or another. To have peace in a relationship it is important to have some unusual interest or job which brings challenge and fulfillment. A relationship will not provide this in any lasting way. If all goes well you are an exciting person to be with, always willing to take a risk or try something new. SEX & POWER - DRIVE: Experimentation An untraditional father or brother will have evoked strong ideals of independence and freedom in you. You long for the open horizon and the unpredictable. This may relate to an atmosphere of tension in your home, where you felt - and feared - sudden changes or threats from males. The atmosphere was overcharged in some way. Actually you are born with an innate need to manifest your will in a dramatic way, and it will have been very difficult for your parents to control you. You will have experienced discipline as an unjust attack on your personal integrity, and this makes you even more provocative. With this attitude you will come into a spiral of conflict with authority. You don't want to learn from their experience, you want to learn from your own. If you can understand these rather hidden provocation patterns, you can learn to get on with others, even though you do go your own way. You do not have to be such an outsider. In sexual matters you also have a taste for excitement. Not for you every Saturday when the children are in bed - unless there is an element of unpredictability you can quickly lose interest. Although sex manuals talk of the need for a long period of foreplay, this can actually be tedious for you - with your strong sexual magnetism, why wait?. There may be an interests in advanced sexual techniques and instruments of pleasure. Periods without sex create a strong sexual tension, and there is a tendency for the male to have premature orgasm because of a high level of expectation. Sex for you needs to be a surprise, and it can take place anywhere. The people who established the 5 mile high club probably had Mars/Uranus aspects. In some cases there may be early experiences of danger or the tabu connected with sex, which means you have to recreate a situation of tension to experience release through orgasm. In extreme cases women who have this aspect may be very provocative prior to lovemaking.

Mars Square Uranus

It may be difficult for you to discern the influence of this combination of planetary energies; it is weak and may be outweighed by stronger influences. In your chart there is disharmony between these two planetary influences, and this will be reflected by many struggles both within your mind, and out in the world. PROFESSIONAL - DRIVE: Experimentation You are an extremely dynamic person and you can perform tasks in a flurry of activity in half the time ordinary mortals take. You need excitement and originality in your work, and you do your best work when a deadline is threatening. When you decide to act, you strike like lightning. However you are best at working in short bursts of energy. Longer periods of activity tire and bore you. You have talent for working with technical matters - for example engineering, computers etc. You may also have a taste for more untraditional work, perhaps connected with New Age fields, consciousness-raising etc. The essential ingredient is freedom to experiment and learn from your own experiences. You are not very good at working in a team because you can react violently to being told what to do. You hate restrictions and orders and you need to go your own way. Other people may experience you as rebellious and you have a tendency to get into trouble with authorities. You are something of a pioneer, and may embark on dangerous travels to foreign lands. PERSONAL - DRIVE: Experimentation You are an extremely unpredictable person, and your fear of being limited by relationships makes you demonstratively aggressive when duty is required of you. Men with this aspect

Jupiter In Sagittarius
PROFESSIONAL - WISDOM: Promote your visions Professionally you will experience satisfaction in a position which affords dynamic growth and an international network of contacts. Your powers of judgement and almost visionary ability to see ahead are valuable assets. Travel and the chance to visit exotic countries would be an important perk for you. Getting your ideas across can be more important for you than material goals. You want influence, and you need to feel that you are constantly growing. Job stability is not half as important to you as personal development. You have the gift of putting things into perspective and identifying the overall direction a process is developing towards. PERSONAL - WISDOM: Promote your visions


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World of Wisdom - Birth Analysis for Buddy Holly

On the world stage at the time of your birth, there was a dramatic expansion both as regards mental visions, and in terms of exploration of horizons. You personally will also feel a burning desire to expand your boundaries. This will manifest as both an interest in foreign connections and as intellectual curiosity. If you can learn to trust your hunches, you may discover a prophetic vision which can be used in many areas of your life. You have a burning desire to acquire knowledge, and through knowledge get understanding. You need very little stimulation to make your opinions known, and you may have to guard against a tendency to pontificate. Though harmless, your know-it-all attitude can make other people feel inadequate.

Jupiter In 11th House

PROFESSIONAL - WISDOM: Social influence You benefit professionally from the influence of good friends and people in high places. Your social connections are thus very valuable, and you tend to be very lucky as regards meeting the right people in the right places at the right time. You would function well in a large organization - especially if it has international connections. Your ability to gain an overview over large social organizations, combined with the many friendly relations you cultivate with people who have great influence, will bring success and prosperity in your life. Perhaps being member of a club will bring certain privileges for you - at least it certainly does not harm your career if you mix with the higher echelons of society. PERSONAL - WISDOM: Social influence Great benefits come to you through the kind guidance of good friends. A particular person or a particular group can have a considerable influence on your intellectual development. You cultivate the best contacts and other people may experience you as rather elitist or snobbish because of the people you choose to spend your time with. From your point of view, mixing with successful or cultured people is essential for your own development. Their good fortune rubs off on you. You too will in turn be able to benefit other people through your own insight or knowledge - particularly if you work with groups in some way. You can attain an influential position in society thanks you your social vision or ideals about the future.

professional trends to create expansive conditions for professional growth. If all goes well you can consolidate your position after a period of expansion, and from this new foundation go on to create further growth. The main issue as regard success is the ability to have faith in the future and act on it. Periodically you may be overwhelmed by pessimism and lack of confidence. At these times the future can seem dark indeed. At other times you can be overoptimistic as regards future possibilities, and fail through lack of judgement or preparation. Courses which train your ability to plan, combined with training positive thinking, will greatly benefit you. You can work in central positions in organizations because you inspire the feeling of stability and trust. You may have a talent for planning, consultancy and organization - and you have the capacity to create structures in society which bring lasting benefit. PERSONAL - WISDOM: Cultural values When this influence manifests positively you can create an environment around you full of confidence and certainty about the future. In difficult circumstances however, you can feel great despair as regards what the future will bring for you. This is especially strong in respect to your need to fulfill the expectations of society and those closest to you. Your moods tend to swing from optimism to pessimism. You are especially concerned as to whether you have the necessary training or experience to realize your ambitions. Obviously you will benefit from training courses to increase your skills, but you still have to struggle with nagging doubts regarding your competence and intelligence. It is precisely this insecurity which leads to great personal development as you constantly strive to gain insight and understanding. You can have rather dominating opinions, and it is worth asking yourself whether they truly are your own opinions. You often allow your views to be swayed by parental convictions or current opinion. However you tend to mature like a good wine in this area, and your own ideas may end up having a major influence on your environment. COLLECTIVE - WISDOM: Cultural values Saturn and Jupiter are the giants of the solar system, each with their own systems of moons. As Saturn's orbit of the Sun takes nearly 30 years, and Jupiter's 12 years, they meet precisely every 20 years. This cycle is reflected by vast structural readjustments in society, inaugurating new periods of hope and growth. Every fifth American president is elected under this influence, the last two being Ronald Reagan, and John F. Kennedy. The principle idea of this planetary aspect-cycle is initiating and building on new ideas and concepts about the future. As this influence can last up to a year, everyone born in this period will play a role in realizing a future vision of structural growth in society, and some individuals will personalize the influence to become pillars of this new society. Ideas about banking and finance, building and construction, teaching and education, foreign and domestic policy, the rule of the law etc., will all be formulated, developed, run into trouble or bear fruit, during the different aspect phases. As Jupiter represents a new vision of the future, as well as justice and the law, whilst Saturn represents the executive, tradition and the structure of society, the interaction of these planets brings upheaval and adjustment on every level, as the past collides with the future.

Jupiter Square Sun

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Jupiter Opposition Moon

Please read page 10: "Moon Opposition Jupiter"

Jupiter Sextile Mercury

Please read page 13: "Mercury Sextile Jupiter"

Jupiter Trine Mars

Please read page 16: "Mars Trine Jupiter"

Jupiter Square Saturn

Though not especially strong, you will be able to feel the influence of this aspect under many circumstances. As there is tension between these two planetary influences in your chart, it will be very difficult for you to achieve the promised beneficial results before the age of 30. PROFESSIONAL - WISDOM: Cultural values You have the capacity to attain a meaningful and powerful position in society. Having the ability to sense the right time, and be in the right place, you know how to take advantage of

Jupiter Square Neptune

This aspect is extremely powerful in your horoscope, and will be a major feature of your character. There will be great difficulty in integrating these two planetary influences, and the promised harmonious results will only arise after you have expended time and effort.

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PROFESSIONAL - WISDOM: Expansive dreams As these planets are relatively slow-moving their influence is felt most on a collective level. Insofar as you channel their influence in your profession you will wish to work on the collective effect of knowledge, the intellect and social influence. There may be a talent for marketing or advertising or selling a dream or vision. There can also be a drive to evangelize on a social, religious or political level. You can be strongly motivated by altruistic ideals and identify with some kind of vision or dream that transcends your own dreams. On a more down to earth level there can be a talents for dealing with oil and related products - particularly plastics. There may also be an interest in oceans, the film industry and anything which enchants on a collective level. You can be hopelessly overoptimistic - heed realistic advice! PERSONAL - WISDOM: Expansive dreams This influence shows that you can be moved by dreams and visions. There will be some aspect of your life in which you are touched by something magic that completely transcends your everyday life. This can bring great happiness, if you choose to cultivate your intellectual drive towards greater spiritual understanding through creative, artistic or meditative interests. At the same time there may be a total lack of grounding, or a tendency to be completely absorbed by unrealistic ideas. There are dreamers of dreams who achieve nothing, and weavers of dreams, who can bring visions down to earth. Ultimately people will be disappointed in you, if you are the former. You have the capacity to make faith and hope guiding lights for your actions. COLLECTIVE - WISDOM: Expansive dreams As Jupiter takes 12 years to go around the Sun and Neptune 165 years, the two planets meet in a conjunction cycle every 13 years. It is a time of spiritual progress. At this time humanity is gripped by great hopes concerned with an ideal future of some sort. People work to achieve Utopia - and though as a rule disillusion comes, there will be a period when people are joined in unselfish love for a shared ideal. This is a time when the bubble expands, when optimism exceeds all bounds, when the balloon rises to the greatest heights. Before everything comes down to earth again the human soul is enriched and touched by the divine. Intangible things become tangible in a magical way - there can be a special emphasis on music, art and the media.

course of your life. It is important for you to bear this in mind, as you often defend your convictions with an compulsive persuasiveness which can be dominating in personal relationships. You may be aware of an obsessive need to be right, or a consuming hunger to acquire insight, and this can be rather exhausting for those closely involved with you. By resisting the temptation to impose your beliefs on your partner, and by being open and curious about other people's opinions, you can attain harmony. You will certainly develop considerable psychological insight in your life, and this may benefit you both privately and professionally. COLLECTIVE - WISDOM: Transformation of beliefs Jupiter orbits the Sun every 12 years, whilst Pluto takes 246 years. Consequently Jupiter catches up with Pluto approximately every 13th year and. After 6 years, Jupiter is in opposition to Pluto, and every 3 years Jupiter is square Pluto. This planetary cycle is reflected in events which affect the world on a global scale. But if you have an aspect between these two planets in your birth horoscope, your personal efforts can be very significant in carrying out collective transformations. You will often experience major change at the conjunction, square and opposition - at these times you will discover what your destiny is in relation to this planetary cycle and society. This 13 year cycle show the ebb and flow of ideological and financial power. Mass changes of consciousness occur at the start of each new cycle inaugurating new collective beliefs. There will often be enormous ideological power battles in society. Jupiter/Pluto shows the disproportionate power exerted by small secret groups, for good or ill.

Jupiter Semisquare MC
Though not especially strong, you will be able to feel the influence of this aspect under many circumstances. The influence of this planetary connection is subtle and unconscious. You can however expect quite acute periodic crises when the negative effects of the aspect manifest themselves. PROFESSIONAL - GOALS: Counselor Your foresight and understanding are important assets in your career. You can work in an advisory capacity, and may function well in areas concerned with publishing, travel, law or international affairs. Superiors tend to support you and ensure your promotion. Your chief weakness is a tendency to overestimate your own importance, and to foist your own views on colleagues. You need meaningful goals, and when you follow them you are destined for success. PERSONAL - GOALS: Counselor Fortune smiles on you in family and professional matters. Your upbringing was probably quite enlightened, and many of the strong views and convictions you have stem from the example of your parents early in life. You want to achieve a position of importance in your community. You appreciate space around you in your home environment. You may have a tendency to be showy, and when it comes to property, this can be expensive.

Jupiter Sesquisquare Pluto

It may be difficult for you to discern the influence of this combination of planetary energies; it is weak and may be outweighed by stronger influences. The influence of this aspect is deeply unconscious and sporadic, though when felt it can manifest itself in uncompromising conflict with others. PROFESSIONAL - WISDOM: Transformation of beliefs This influence is often felt more collectively than personally. This is a combination that shows power in one form or another: big money, the power of ideology, the law. You will have very strong convictions and a intense sense of justice, and as such will often find yourself getting involved in issues connected with beliefs, righteousness, power and the misuse of power - especially as far as large organizations are concerned. Success comes when you encourage tolerance in yourself, and flexibility concerning your views, thereby overcome a tendency to be unreceptive to the opinions of others. Systems of positive thinking can transform your life. PERSONAL - WISDOM: Transformation of beliefs Your beliefs will undergo a profound transformation during the

Saturn In Pisces Retrograde
Please read page 4: "Saturn In Pisces Retrograde"


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Saturn In 2nd House

Please read page 4: "Saturn In 2nd House"

the underprivileged, thus much work will be done on hospitals and the social services at this time. The same combination also has to do with imprisonment, suffering and old-age.

Saturn Opposition Sun

Please read page 6: "Sun Opposition Saturn"

Saturn Trine Pluto

It may be difficult for you to discern the influence of this combination of planetary energies; it is weak and may be outweighed by stronger influences. Because there is a good aspect between these two planets, you can expect the positive consequences to be strong and very creative, and the negative consequences minimal. PROFESSIONAL - SELF-RELIANCE: Reevaluate personal power Normally this influence is felt more collectively than personally. The main issue here is the structure of power - its use and misuse. In your life you are sure to encounter people and organizations who have a powerful position in society, for good or ill. This can for example include the police, tax authorities, corporations or secret organizations. When this influence becomes strong in your life, you will find yourself in a position which requires enormous willpower. This can lead to the overthrow of powerful people, or the collapse and restructuring of powerful institutions. It is your mission to transform the unacceptable use of authority. You also have the capacity to wield power and in doing so reform organizations. PERSONAL - SELF-RELIANCE: Reevaluate personal power You can both be a victim of tyranny, and a person who unconsciously adopts an authoritarian style yourself. The energy you invested in survival early in your life can give you an imposing and even frightening aura. You have to make sure therefore that you use your natural authority to empower rather than weaken others. In intimate relationships you are extremely sensitive to the misuse of power and any sense of helplessness. If you unconsciously overreact in this area it may be you yourself who evokes fear in your partner. In times of crisis you may use the threat of allowing your life structure to disintegrate totally to keep your partner in line. Do not be afraid to be gentle and tender. COLLECTIVE - SELF-RELIANCE: Reevaluate personal power Saturn orbits the Sun every 29 years, and Pluto takes 246 years. Therefore Saturn overtakes Pluto every 35 years. Politically this cycle often leads to the restructuring or the painful birth of nations. The conjunction took place in 1914, 1947 and 1982. The first two dates saw the beginning of World War 1, and then the birth of Israel, Pakistan, India (the fall of British colonial power), and, a little later, Communist China. 1982 was the beginning of the disintegration of Lebanon and the nuclear stand-off between USA and the Soviet Union in Europe. The key issues here are colossal power confrontation with ideologies strongly at variance. Politically there is no way around power battles. Old structures experience their death-throes as they outlive their usefulness. Organizations are stripped to their bare bones. Only by profound surgical cut-backs can new growth take place. Major turning points in this 35-year cycle will take place at approximately 9 year intervals. When you are born under this planetary phase, it can be your destiny to live out the collective idea, by working intensely on restructuring processes in society.

Saturn Square Moon

Please read page 10: "Moon Square Saturn"

Saturn Quincunx Mars

Please read page 16: "Mars Quincunx Saturn"

Saturn Square Jupiter

Please read page 18: "Jupiter Square Saturn"

Saturn Opposition Neptune

This aspect is extremely powerful in your horoscope, and will be a major feature of your character. This aspect shows a strong polarization in your chart, and difficulty in integrating the principles described. There may be travel and separation in connection with the principles described below. PROFESSIONAL - SELF-RELIANCE: Dissolution of structure These two slow-moving planets form rare aspects as part of a 36year conjunction cycle. Insofar as you express this influence in your professional life, you will be concerned with making dreams real, and bringing visions down to earth. This may be expressed politically, through concerned social work, or perhaps your career will be touched by some other form of contact with the pressing social issues that this aspect symbolizes. This can mean dealing with suffering in one form or another, for example loneliness or poverty, old age, alcoholism etc. As regards your own ambitions, you will often feel that you are driven by a deep sense of professional dissatisfaction, and even the goals you attain may seem empty once they are achieved. True meaning is found in some form of service in which you sacrifice personal ambition for a universal cause. PERSONAL - SELF-RELIANCE: Dissolution of structure Though this aspect is felt mostly on a collective level, there will be times in your life when you are struck by a deep sense of sadness or tragedy. In some peripheral area of your existence you will encounter deep suffering which will make a lasting impression on your attitude to life - particularly as regards the drive for personal achievement. This kind of experience may tend to make you escapist in one form or another, or you may feel a strong drive to find personal meaning through work, service and sacrifice. During the course of your life you learn to find hope, when things seem most hopeless. You are very aware that personal status and material achievement give no lasting answers to human dissatisfaction; it is the inner, spiritual qualities in existence which count. If you have personal planets contacting this aspect, you will feel the influence very strongly. COLLECTIVE - SELF-RELIANCE: Dissolution of structure As Saturn takes a little under 30 years to go around the Sun, and Neptune 165 years, they meet every 36 years. This conjunction cycle is experienced powerfully on a political level as the dissolution of government structures which have outlived their usefulness. This cycle is strongly related to socialism, and the last 3 conjunctions - in 1917, 1953, and 1989 - have seen major changes in Russia for example. If there are serious leaks, the ship of state sinks under this aspect. It evokes in the collective spirit the need to take concrete action to improve the situation of

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Uranus In Taurus Retrograde
At birth this planet appeared to be moving backwards relative to the Earth. You will learn special lessons in connection with attachments to people and things from the distant past, and a turning point will arise, at some point in your life, in the matters described. COLLECTIVE - ORIGINALITY: Change of value-systems Uranus takes 84 years to orbit the Sun and is in this sign for 7 years, representing a collective influence on a whole generation. It shows how you are most influenced by revolutionary attitudes in society. When the Ascendant is in Aquarius this influence will be expressed in a more personal way. Uranus was in Taurus from 1935 to 1942, and will return from 2018 to 2025. On a collective level this brings economic renewal and new revolutionary methods for utilizing resources. This influence ushers in new attitudes to enjoyment and pleasures, and new human values in society which challenge material views. Untraditional ideals replace the money principle, and there is a greater tendency in society to seek alternatives to material security and safe options. World War II for example brought great material destruction and people had to reinvest their faith in their fellow humans. Inasmuch as you manifest this influence strongly in your personal life, you will have uncompromising views regarding what is of value in society, and a disparaging attitude to overtly material ambitions. You may be interested in reform of financial systems, and there could be a special talent for mass marketing, dealing with modern products or making pleasures available to the general public.

Uranus Square Mars

Please read page 17: "Mars Square Uranus"

Uranus Trine Neptune

It may be difficult for you to discern the influence of this combination of planetary energies, as it has only a mild effect in your chart. Please remember when reading this section, that the harmonious nature of this contact means that you can use the energies creatively, for the most part without negative effects. PROFESSIONAL - ORIGINALITY: Spiritual revolution This long-lasting aspect will be shared by everyone born in any particular 4-year period, but if you express its influence in your career you will be able to channel a talent for working with the electronic media on one level, or personal consciousness on another. There is an electric idealism with this aspect and very little grounding. Some people may be able to tune into latent telepathic and clairvoyant powers, and use them in their job. Contact with international companies which have strong crossborder communications brings good fortune. Work with advanced technology, especially connected with instantaneous communication is another possibility. There is an inbuilt tension between the principles of freedom and service which can be expressed in irrational political and social convictions. PERSONAL - ORIGINALITY: Spiritual revolution This aspect has an influence on a particular generation, but you may personally feel and express its power through an interest in aspects of human consciousness which are on a very subtle level. This can relate to the power of dreams, clairvoyance , etc., in fact the whole spectrum of the New Age movement. If personal planets also aspect these distant planetary giants, you will feel a deep longing to transcend yourself through some kind of spiritual interest. Drastic changes will occur in the pursuit of your dream, and you may be willing to abandon the secure structures you have built up to follow your ideals. Needless to say you will often be disappointed, but the whole process enhances your awareness and spiritual consciousness. You can be deluded by the allure of charismatic personalities - take care. COLLECTIVE - ORIGINALITY: Spiritual revolution These two planets conjoin once every 172 years, so aspects between them are rather rare. There was a trine during World War II, and a square in the mid-fifties. Most recently they were in conjunction in 1993 for the first time since 1821. As Neptune was only discovered in 1846 this last conjunction is the first to take place with the knowledge - and after Voyager 2's flypast participation of humanity. This aspect brings deep-seated change to the consciousness of humanity. On one level the advanced technology of the period transcends border and race to join all nations together. Global communication warps and undermines accepted notions of time and space. Revolutionary change comes to governments as they integrate the very disparate need to be individual and independent with the need to belong to a greater whole. This signals a growth period for electromagnetic energy and the media, as well as all forms of electronic communication. On an inner level there is a spiritual revolution, with the flowering of esoteric interests.

Uranus In 4th House

PROFESSIONAL - ORIGINALITY: Unusual environment You may have to accept rather extraordinary environmental conditions in your professional life. Work can bring special domestic challenges, such as living abroad or in some kind of social situation in which you feel you are an outsider. You will be able to handle radical changes of this nature with ease, as you have something of a gipsy mentality. You may be inspired by an untraditional or future-oriented attitude to the environment or your country. You are something of an internationalist in this respect. PERSONAL - ORIGINALITY: Unusual environment There were a number of unconventional factors in your upbringing which contribute to an inner emotional restlessness. This can be connected with sudden upheavals, separation of the parents, a lot of moving or living in a foreign environment. The result is that you have not formed traditional bonds to your parents and family, but prefer to distance yourself from them on an emotional level. Later in life you will be drawn to experimental domestic arrangements which may surprise the more conventional members of society. This can be living in some sort of communal arrangement, or in an international environment. As far as relationships are concerned, you do not like symbiosis and dependency. The company of friends is just as important for you at home, as that of a partner. You believe in principles of freedom, when raising your own family. Electrical problems can affect your home.

Uranus Trine Sun

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Neptune In Virgo
COLLECTIVE - TRANSCENDENCE: Universal service Neptune takes 165 years to orbit the Sun, and approximately 14 years to go through one sign. Its influence affects a whole generation, and is associated with a new sensory and spiritual awareness, and greater compassion, in connection with the sign it is in. For most people this influence is experienced on a collective level, but those who have their Ascendant in Pisces will express it in a personal way in their lives. Neptune was in Virgo from 1929 to 1942, and it will return to this sign from 2092 to 2106. There is a tremendous collective focus on employment and labor relations at these times, as traditional work roles are undermined through a gradual dissolution of established labor norms. Much social legislation is enacted to improve work conditions and public health, and many idealistic projects are launched to galvanize the working spirit of nations. If you channel this influence in a personal way in your horoscope, you will be motivated by the idea of service on a personal, political or spiritual level. You will experience much dissatisfaction in your own working life because of your tendency to downgrade your own needs. On the other hand you may be able to perform some deeds which have a wide-ranging effect on your environment. You are motivated by concern for Nature, especially as regards purity and pollution, and there may be a special talent as regards health or healing.

Neptune Square Moon

Please read page 11: "Moon Square Neptune"

Neptune Square Jupiter

Please read page 19: "Jupiter Square Neptune"

Neptune Opposition Saturn

Please read page 20: "Saturn Opposition Neptune"

Neptune Trine Uranus

Please read page 21: "Uranus Trine Neptune"

Neptune Semisquare MC
Though not especially strong, you will be able to feel the influence of this aspect under many circumstances. The influence of this planetary connection is subtle and unconscious. You can however expect quite acute periodic crises when the negative effects of the aspect manifest themselves. PROFESSIONAL - GOALS: Empty ambition The traditional path to success is the road to disappointment for you. You need to feel inspired by goals which are not dissolved by the passage of time - goals which go beyond personal ambition. You may be motivated by creative, artistic, musical or film interests, or social ideals. Even when attaining these goals you long to be a part of something greater or to be associated with some universal sense of direction. PERSONAL - GOALS: Empty ambition Rocky foundations during the formative phases of your childhood can undermine your sense of direction in life. An inexplicable sense of confusion concerning your goals prevents you from building up a secure professional or domestic structure for yourself or your family. You tend to indulge unrealistic fantasies about your potential instead of getting on with the business of living. You need to have the space and opportunity to retire from the stresses of career and family pressures - and creative or musical interests can provide you with refuge.

Neptune In 8th House

PROFESSIONAL - TRANSCENDENCE: Sublimating desire You are rarely attracted by professions which promise long-term economic guarantees and job security. At some point in your life you may receive welfare or social security payments, and this will change your values as regards economic security. Your values are more spiritual than material and you become disillusioned at an early age by the manifestations of power and greed in society. You have an unusually deep appreciation of the unconscious needs which motivate other people's behavior and you function extremely well when you can harness you intuitive powers and your need to be of service to others on a emotional, spiritual or psychological level. You have a talent for working with dreams, healing, art therapy or visualization. PERSONAL - TRANSCENDENCE: Sublimating desire You have a deep longing for a perfect intimacy in which you can lose yourself and merge with your partner. On a sexual level you may long for release through the "perfect" orgasm, and early experiences may have aroused a longing in you for total transcendence through love or sexuality. You will learn that human relationships cannot and will not provide you with emotional succor of this nature over an extended period of time. Furthermore your partner will feel more and more helpless - even to the point of seeking personal confirmation elsewhere - because he or she senses that you are not fulfilled. By eliminating unrealistic expectations you free yourself from the prison of your dreams. You can only realize your longings if you embark on an inner spiritual journey. Meditation, dreams, tantric sexual practices or the discovery of mystical talents can satisfy your spiritual hunger.

Pluto In Cancer
COLLECTIVE - TRANSFORMATION: Restructuring heritage Pluto has an irregular orbit around the Sun which takes about 248 years. When Pluto is closest to the Sun it takes only 12 years to traverse a sign. When it is furthest away, it takes approximately 30 years. Its influence is felt collectively on a very deep level in society, bringing trauma, transformation and renewal in regard to the sign it is in. Individuals with their Ascendant in Scorpio may express this influence in a personal way, otherwise its effect is expressed as an underlying influence on a whole generation. Pluto was in Cancer from 1669 to 1693, and again from 1914 to 1939. Historically this influence brings enormous upheavals, both as regards national and family identity. Countries are united through fanatical patriotism, and the state tends to take over the function of the family. There is a focus on motherhood, and deepseated movements in society arise to change the role of women in this respect. Many environmental reforms are enacted at this time, as well as new programs of care in connected with nourishment and upbringing. Deep emotional issues well up from the past and hold sway over the national psyche. If you channel this influence in your personal life, you will be aware of the deep emotions which form the basis of your

Neptune Conjunction Sun

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character, and there will be many periods in your life when the breaking of emotional bonds - particularly in connection with the family - will bring about a major emotional reevaluation. Cultural, religious or philosophical interests - particularly in connection with the distant past - may form part of your emotional foundations. People may experience you as emotionally demanding, particularly as far as unconditional loyalty is concerned. You develop deep insight into your emotional nature during the course of your life.

influences, and this will be reflected by many struggles both within your mind, and out in the world. PROFESSIONAL - GOALS: Back to the roots You are possessed by a compulsive urge to attain success or power and you invest much of your energies into your ambitions. A radical transformation in maturity will lead to a total redefinition of what you want to achieve - perhaps through the realization that you have been trying unconsciously to fulfill the ambitions of one of your parents. You have a talent for dealing with psychology or psychic matters, but you are also capable of wielding personal power - though you tend to be autocratic. PERSONAL - GOALS: Back to the roots Parental and ancestral themes have a deep effect on your sense of direction. You may feel the need to eliminate the pull of inherited factors on your life. An obsessive urge to reorganize your environment can mean that you uproot your family and seek new professional challenges. Secrets and power misuse during your upbringing can make you suspicious of the motives of those close to you - both professionally and domestically.

Pluto In 7th House

PROFESSIONAL - TRANSFORMATION: Meeting the shadow You are inscrutable in your dealings with others, and this can be an advantage when it is important for you to conceal your hand. As you also possess considerable psychological insight, you are good at driving bargains, though there can be a tendency to rely on a show of power rather than working towards a consensus that reflects shared interests. If you feel anxious when relating to others and suspicious of their intentions, and try to compensate through exerting control, you might benefit from developing greater trust and faith in your fellow citizens. Remember, people also feel anxious when relating to you precisely because of the efforts you make to maintain control. Relax. You can help people who feel alienated from society, perhaps by some form of healing or therapy. At your best you can give people the power to totally transform their lives. PERSONAL - TRANSFORMATION: Meeting the shadow You form relationships with passion and intensity, and the erotic element of love will be very important to you - indeed there may be an obsessive quality about it. Because you allow yourself to get totally absorbed by the other, there are times when you feel totally possessed by him or her and without power. There are a number of dangers here. First of all, you tend to deny your own personal power and shadow side, project them on the partner, and thereafter experience the partner as dominating or manipulative. Get wise. If you can integrate your own shadow and your own power, if you can also admit to the ugly sides of your own nature, you relieve your partner from a great burden. In its extreme form you can experience, or even evoke, psychosis or cruel behavior in the partner. Do not invest everything in your partnership - if too much pressure is exerted, the partner will bow out of the relationship without warning. As you mature you gain great psychological insight through your relationships.

N. Node In Sagittarius, S. Node In Gemini
PROFESSIONAL - DESTINY: The inner guru You enter professional life with a number of good cards in your hand. You have the ability to communicate and a good grasp of facts. On top of this you may have specific talents concerning the nature of the mind and the way it functions. Yet there is a tremendous restlessness and lack of staying power which means that you tend to change direction repeatedly, so that you have difficulty consolidating your achievements. As you mature you develop a strong need to weave all these threads into something more meaningful, and it becomes important for you to develop a life philosophy which puts your ambitions into perspective. An intellectual hunger may bring travel which widens your horizons and opens your mind. Adult education opportunities give you new understanding. International dealings and cultural exchange can also form the backbone of changed career goals. PERSONAL - DESTINY: The inner guru Major issues in your life center around knowledge, communication and understanding. Early on you are very strongly influenced by the ideas of others, and you spend a lot of time passing on knowledge which comes from intellectual authorities. In general you are drawn in to a world of gossip which seems to dissipate your mental energy. You meet too many people, are always on your way from one place to another, and generally have difficulty formulating precisely what you stand for. As you get older there is a greater need to allow your own ideas to germinate. Mentor figures - especially from foreign countries - can play an important role in inspiring your new-found intellectual independence. By withdrawing from the enervating energy of the crowd, and by developing latent talents of reflection, you can enrich your life with a meaningful philosophy. It is important for you to expand your spiritual horizons as a counterbalance to the distractions of the world.

Pluto Semisquare Sun

Please read page 8: "Sun Semisquare Pluto"

Pluto Semisquare Moon

Please read page 11: "Moon Semisquare Pluto"

Pluto Sextile Venus

Please read page 14: "Venus Sextile Pluto"

Pluto Sesquisquare Jupiter

Please read page 19: "Jupiter Sesquisquare Pluto"

Pluto Trine Saturn

Please read page 20: "Saturn Trine Pluto"

N. Node In 12th House, S. Node In 6th House

PROFESSIONAL - DESTINY: Discovering inner riches You start life extremely attached to your work and eager to make a good impression. You are a perfectionist - even a workaholic and you expect to be respected and admired for the efforts you make. You are keen to prove that you can make your contribution

Pluto Square MC
This aspect is extremely powerful in your horoscope; it will dominate many areas of your life. In your chart there is disharmony between these two planetary


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to society, but often you are disillusioned by the results. No matter how hard you work, or how useful you make yourself, there is a gnawing feeling inside you that this is not enough. Often there are strings attached when you offer your services, and people will be unappreciative. True satisfaction comes when you give up frantic efforts to make a professional impression on others and turn within. When you do this you will discover an inner creativity which brings you joy. You are happier when you retire from the battlefield of employment and cultivate your own private interests. PERSONAL - DESTINY: Discovering inner riches In the early years of your life you are a busy person, with an inner conviction of the importance of being helpful and conscientious. Yet as you mature you feel a growing sense of inner dissatisfaction, as if something important is missing from your life which you cannot put your finger on. Actually you need to tune in to your inner life to become a whole person. The importance of work, both professionally and in the home, needs to be downgraded. You have to look after your spiritual life because this is where true growth comes for you. You need to have a place to withdraw to, so that you can commune with your inner feelings and creativity. The beauty of nature and the cosmos can be important to you, and you would have great benefit from meditation or other forms of spiritual interests.

N. Node Square Venus, S. Node Square Venus

Please read page 15: "Venus Square N. Node, Venus Square S. Node"


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Planetary Symbols and their Meanings

THE SIGNS ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO } SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES THE PLANETS THE SUN THE MOON MERCURY VENUS MARS JUPITER SATURN URANUS NEPTUNE PLUTO NORTH NODE SOUTH NODE THE HOUSES 1st HOUSE 2nd HOUSE 3rd HOUSE 4th HOUSE 5th HOUSE 6th HOUSE 7th HOUSE 8th HOUSE 9th HOUSE 10th HOUSE 11th HOUSE 12th HOUSE ASPECTS CONJUNCTION OPPOSITION TRINE SQUARE SEXTILE QUINCUNX SEMISQUARE SESQUISQUARE SEMISEXTILE Spontaneous activity Consolidation, stability Duality, communication Receptivity, nurturing Self-realization, creativity Organisation, analysis Balance, relating Intimacy, penetration Knowing, expanding horizons Responsibility, striving Humanitarian, consciousness Selflessness, spirituality Ruler Mars Venus Mercury Moon Sun Mercury Venus Pluto/Mars Jupiter Saturn Saturn/Uranus Jupiter/Neptune

Identity, individuality, the father Instincts, the unconscious, the mother Mentality, communication, siblings, travel Love, romance, partnership, values, women Drives, sexuality, men, brothers, desire Wisdom, vision, expansion, convictions, space Challenge, concentration, restriction, time Originality, renewal, revolution, eccentricity Transcendence, spirituality, illusion, suffering Transformation, humiliation & power, underworld Destiny, group involvement, future potential Past karma, deep experience, lessons learned

Self absorption, personal projection, appearance Values, self worth, finances and assets, security Travel, local network, siblings, communication Foundations, family, ancestors, home atmosphere Self-expression, children, identity security, play Service, working environment, health, integration Partnership, dealings with others, adversaries Others' resources, inheritance, secret powers, death Long-distance travel, beliefs, higher education, law Ambitions, authorities, goals, professional expression Social affinities, groups, friendships, political visions Withdrawal, isolation, the divine, the inner worlds

Fusion of energy, unity, singularity Separation, projection, split, polarity Harmonious resources, creativity, insight Disharmony, diverging needs, conflict Mental and social resources, creative harmony Servility, compulsiveness, lack of integration Hidden tension, selfish antisocial tendencies Compulsive behaviour, power trips Either material or spiritual drive for integration


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BUDDY HOLLY This horoscope is your personal cosmic fingerprint. No other person will have exactly the same combination of influences, unless they were born in the same second and exactly the same place as you were. With 10 planets, 12 signs of the zodiac and 12 houses there are approximately 1500 simple combinations in the horoscope, and when you add to that the different degrees and combinations between planets there are tens of thousands of influences which have to be weighed and juggled in any astrological interpretation. No computer programme can do this satisfactorily. THE DIFFERENT SECTIONS World of Wisdom is designed to simplify this process. It indicates for example the relative strengths of different planetary influences to help the reader's judgement. Furthermore this written report is divided up into sections on identity, emotions, mentality, love and sexuality to eliminate apparent contradictions which arise in the character description. But the reader must bear in mind that contradictions will arise. People are complex and contain many contradictory traits. Diametrically opposed character descriptions will either reflect inner dilemmas or outer conflicts reflected in the behaviour of others. PROFESSIONAL OR PERSONAL PROFILE Each interpretation can be divided into two main sections: the professional and the personal. The professional section addresses the questions: "What talents do I have?" and "How can I use this ability?". The personal section is concerned with relationships and hidden psychological causes, and addresses the question: "How can I improve myself in this area?" PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE This basic module of World of Wisdom also contains a dynamic module and therefore goes beyond a static analysis of personal character. By activating the dynamic module the unfoldment of the horoscope through time is described. By analysing the current trends, it is therefore possible for the reader to gain insight into events just past, events happening at the present moment and trends in the future. It is our hope that the written report will give those who do not have the time to bury themselves in the study of astrology, the opportunity of gaining insight into both their professional and personal life.

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