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Atlas Copco Blasthole Drills


It all starts with the blasthole . . . and the blasthole starts with the DM-M3 power and performance.
A unique patented feed system: Longer head travel with smaller cylinder rod. Heavy-duty cables that provide 1:4 weight reduction over chain. Interchangable cable pieces. Less tower weight with better distribution for tramming. Cable that detects wear earlier and is less expensive than chain.

An unparalleled rotation system: Largest continuous torque/RPM envelope available. Instant compensation to changes in ground conditions without special gear set removal or addition. 2-stage reduction with large spur gears maintains inertia and is more durable than external planetary gears. High pressure, low flow, pressure compensated closed loop hydraulic system is more efficient and longer lived. Power head weight exceeds 5,000 lbs (2,313 kg) to add to bit loading.

A strong and rigid drill tower: Four main member, open front ASTM A500 Grade B rectangular steel tubing; cold sawed and welded. Double cut lacing used to contain bending moments within the tower structure. Two (2) hydraulic 8" bore (20.3cm) tower raising cylinders. Tower can be raised and lowered in seconds with a full complement of drill pipe in the carousel and under the rotary head. Remote pinning from the cab. Patented angle drill system available as an option - keeps pivot point at drill deck and drill pipe always within the dust curtain even at 30 maximum.

Versatility and adaptability:

The DM-M3 is available with many options and choices of features to permit it to adapt to any mining situation anywhere in the world. New processes are in place to expand the capabilities of the DM-M3 even more.

Product support and parts:

Atlas Copco worldwide network will support the DM-M3 wherever there is drilling to be done. Genuine Atlas Copco parts will keep your DM-M3 running at peak efficiency.

A reliable and efficient power pack group:

Air compressor, prime mover and hydraulic pumps in-line, driven by double-ended shaft with flexible coupling to better maintain alignment. Floating subframe minimizes transmission of shock loads to power pack. Separate, 3-stage inlet dry-type air filters for compressor and engine. Standard split cooling to 125 F (52 C) with separate cooler for hydraulic oil and compressor oil. Ambient air used through the coolers rather than heated air over the engine. Closed loop hydraulic system for greater efficiency. Three (3) hydraulic pumps as opposed to 5-7, to reduce parasitic load. Diverter value used rather than clumsy mechanical disconnects, prevents accidential tramming while in drill mode. Excellent access to the hydraulic pumps for reduced service time. Two (2) sets of 3 micron filters minimize hydraulic contamination. Compressed air is not used to supercharge pumps in order to reduce fire hazard. Ingersoll-Rand asymmetrical, oil-flooded rotary screw air compressor for single-source warranty and service responsibilty. Compressor is rated at 110 psig (758 kPa) for better bit cleaning, cooling and lubrication. A gear pump provides positive lubrication to the compressor bearings at all times. A "zero-load" system to unload compressor when not needed to extend compressor life, reduce fuel use and promote easier cold weather starting. Coolers are located on the sides of the drill deck, not under the tower rest where drill dust can be ingested when the tower is lowered.

A sturdy and stable drill platform:

Mainframe designed and weld fabricated of ASTM A-441-50 I-beam; 24 x 146. Radius gussets used for reinforcement at major stress points for reduced deflection and better stress distribution. Three hydraulic leveling jacks for maximum "tripod stability". An "Excavator-type" undercarriage is used for better traction and slewing ability. Triple-bar grouser pads are replaceable for reduced maintenance and down time. Oscillation yoke mounting with 5 each direction or total 10 up and down to minimize stress on frame and components. Two (2) hydraulic motor drive powered by hydro static closed loop system, through planetary gear speed reducers for maximum efficiency. Spring applied, hydraulic release brake system for safety. Drive system can be disengaged for towing.

A comfortable and efficient operator environment: Sealed, pressurized and heated cab with large tinted windows; sound abatement; ample work area and headroom. Air conditioner available as an option. Controls are electric over hydraulic for ease of operation, and concise and rapid response. Excellent visibility of the drill deck for safe and efficient operation. Standard 6 light package for safe nigh time operation with option for 12. Machine access lighting of ladder and cab when engine not operating, for added safety.

Quality assurance: ISO 9001/Q9001 registry. In-place Quality Assurance Programs and Objectives at the manufacturing plant headed by full-time staff. Employee involvement quality program at all levels. Preferred supplier program to assure the high level of proficiency and performance levels that Atlas Copco demands.


9-7/8 in. to 12-1/4 in. / 251 to 311 mm


0 to 90,000 lbf. / 0 to 400 kN


Up to 144 feet/minute / 43.9 m/minute


Up to 138 feet/minute / 42.1 m/minute


4 pieces 10-3/4 in. x 40 ft. / 273 mm x 12.2 m 5 pieces 8-5/8 in. x 40 ft. / 219 mm x 12.2 m

10,607 ft-lbs / 14,383 Nm


Ingersoll-Rand asymmetrical rotary screw 2600 cfm @ 110 psig / 74.6 m3/min. @7.6 bar

650 US gallons / 2,460 liters


Caterpillar C32 950 HP/709 kW or Cummins QST30 1000 HP/745 kW


125 F/ 52 C separate cooler for hydraulic oil and compressor oil


Intertrac B8 or Caterpillar 350 Custom


230,000 lb. / 104,327 kg


18 ft. 10-3/8 in. / 5.75 m


66 ft. 6 in. / 20.27 m


45 ft. 5 in. / 12.32 m


0 to 30 angle drill package (patented); water injection; dry dust control; cab air conditioner; fire suppression; central lubrication; central service of fluids; automatic leveling; accessories, etc.

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Performance figures are based on maximum computed values at 100% efficiency. Electric drive available, but may extend delivery.

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