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No of questions: 45 (just 1 section with random questions from logical, reasoning, verbal, etc.

3questions/page) Time: 45 minutes on the whole and timer descends ( suddenly some window pops and you are asked to fill in your parents Name - Just for verification, but timer wil never stop. So, be fast and careful) Complexity: Very easy (because, no quants) Negative marking: no I wil try to recall some of the questions. 1. Find the next number in the series-4 problems they were so easy like 2,4,6,8,? Increase by 2,4,16,25 etc. 2. Find the odd one out-3 problems like: All numbers resulted in 9 while adding their digits, except 1 All numbers were divisible by some number say x, except 1 etc. 3. Find the correct spelling- 1 problem ( I dont remember the word, but it was easy to make out from the option choice) 4. Blood relation-2 problems 5. Reading comprehension -3 questions (from the same passage, appeard on a single page) 6. Find which part of the sentence has error - 3 problems the sentence was broken and each section was given as an option. Very easy like, basic grammar ( from-since, have been, adverb usage) 7. All diamond rings are blue. Some blue rings are costly. All diamond rings are blue 4 questions of this sort, and they ask you to arrange these 3 rules in order options were a.123, b.231, c.213, 4.132 8. In a certain language, manage is coded as namega, then wats the code :

for nature? (This is a basic question. 2 or 3 tricky ones were there) 4 problems of this sort 9. Alphabetical ordering questions(interesting)-4 problems abbcccddddeeeeefffff?? (ans:fg) adg hkm oru ??? (ans:vyb) 10.A Situation explained in a passage..and 3 questions following (say like, arrangement - tough). 12 questions (totally 4 such problems) 11.direction- 2 problems like- A is 20m to the south of B who is 20m to the west of C. then wat can u say about A and C?(something of this sort with 4 options including the angle and direction between A and B) 12.Incomplete sentence-3 problems like: Im have been longing to go to London _____ from my childhood(with 4 options)

Logical Reasoning (1-5 ) Tat is on Blood Relationship ...... here v hav 5 question for it (sum clues they giv) i) T has two children M and N both are of opposite sex.. N is the parent of P... P has H has brother ii) X is spouse of L..........M is cousin of X............... iii) not all the names r correct but,,,,, its similar patternn questions r 1) How is M related to H??? 2) Among them who r of same sex??? 3) etc etc...............?? 4)............. 5)............... (6-10) They ll b giving u four statements n u hav to observe,,,,,,,,,, which statement is main point of view for the conversation which is supporting the main point of view which is against the point of view....and one more.......... and then u hav to opt the answers acc to the conditions given there ll b instructions guys..... dnt worry friendzz ............... i was just giving u brief idea (11-15) Teena ,Reema ,Seema, ....etc..... are the six girls ,went 2 movie, they are wearing different colors T shirts & now their heights has found ,from the information given below..... (sum clues they giv) i) reema is inthe 4th seat.......... ii) no two gals hav the same weights........

iii) gal who were red ll b in the...................... etc etc....... and Questions related to tat................ (16-20) easy Question like 1) figure out the number missing in the figure.................... LIKE THAT (21-25) M="+" ; N="-" ; P="*"; Q="/" ; now he ll give sum equations u hav to solvee 1) 9N2(12P[4Q2]) other four similar to the abovv