June August Update

However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the

Lord Jesus has given me - the task of testifying to the gospel of God s grace Acts 20:24
OUR DAILY ROUTINE Monday: 09:00-12:00, Staff meeting ( From All Campus Crusade ministries in KZN). 12:00-15:00 Campus Team meeting. Tuesday Friday: 09:00 to 10:00am Team Prayer. 10:30 03:30 pm We are on campus. Saturdays: We normally do community outreaches like Visit Ukukhanya, have socials or student meetings. What we do on campus: Initiative evangelism, Outreaches, Discipleship, Group Bible studies, weekly meetings(worship services), and Socials. To support my Ministry Bank: Absa Account Name: Campus Crusade for Christ Account Number: 1500231366 Branch name/Code: Brooklyn/632005 Reference: 20141/ Contributors Surname & initials
Law Faculty Outreach (Fishing)@ Howard Playing with kids at Ukukhanya OVC Camp

Greetings! I hope all is well with you and the family. It s been a while! At times when we have to do God s word, obeying Him wetend to think it s too much and we think have a lot to offer only to find out that God has a lot in store for us. I feel that is exactly what this year and a half has been for me as I m Serving through the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. God has done some great things for me and the ministry like raising people like you to partner and support what God is doing through us on the lives of Varsity students on C ampus, working marvellously on the lives of students we share Christ with, and by making & shaping me up to be what He desires for me to become. Thank you so much for affording me this opportunity to serve and grow as a person . A lot has happened from the last time I sent an update a long time ago. We ve had an American summer project that was here for a mission trip that helped our ministry on campus and went with us during the vacation to serve in the community. We ve had Orphans and Vulnerable children s camp with +150 6 17 year olds from Ntuzuma township. We had few weeks to rest and spend time with family & friends. We opened with a Bang on Campus with an idea to just share the Gospel with as many students with the help of other Christian organizations on campus. At Howard we had a Law Faculty outreach mainly for Christians.

Open Air Outreach @ Westville Quad

Initiative evangelism @ the Westville Quad

SUMMER PROJECT We had a great time with the American students who were here for 5 weeks, our main task while they were here was to help them do ministry well, effectively and in a culturally relevant manner. I enjoyed the privilege of training them on that part and even going out sharing with some of them so that they can see how to do it in a non-offensive way in each culture involved. We got to share with some Muslim guys, Shembe believing, ancestral worshiping, etc. I remember this one conversation we had with 3 guys, 1 who believed in Shembe as a Way for Africans to God and 2 believed in Ancestralism. Hace Cargo their team leader, said He learned a lot from that conversation. Since we only had 2 weeks of campus before campus started mid-year exams, we spent the next 3 weeks in the community, mainly in 2 orphanages (Isaiah House in Wyebank) and our usual Ukukhanya in Ntuzuma.
One family we visited in Molweni

American Mission Summer Project

ISAIAH HOUSE This is just big house situated in the informal township of Molweni by yebank in the valley of 1000 Hills, they take care of 13 kids and now they reach out to the kids and their families around the area. It was such a blessing for us to get to spend some time with the kids, helping them with their homework and teaching bible stories. The guy who manages the place sometimes he who would take us with him and we would go visit people who are sick and those with broken families, which was truly an amazing experience. An experience that opened my eyes and made me appreciate every singlething I have no matter how little it is. UKUKHANYA & OVC KIDS CAMP Early in July we had an incredible privilege along with our student leaders to organise Ukukhanya(Light in the dark) Life Care Centre s Orphanage and Vulnerable Children camp which take place annually. The main objective of the camp was to create an environment for the children where they can experience the love of Jesus. We had more than 150 kids aged between 6 and 16 years old. Now the heartbreaking par about t these children is that they are all either affected by HIV/AIDS or infected, which basically means that some of them have HIV and some of them have lost their parents due to the disease. It really saddened me to hear a 16 year old young boy sayingthat he lost his mom three years ago and since he is the older son he has to

Teaching Bible stories @ Isaiah House

150 Kids & 30 Leaders@ OVC Camp

take care of his younger siblings because they have no one else to take care of them. And this is just one of the many heartbreaking situations we encountered at the camp. But the re is one thing that gives me strength and that I shared with the 9 boys I was in charge of throughout the camp that Jesus Christ is our only HOPE . And that he is the father to the fatherless whom they need to put their trust in.
Lawyer (Brent Perry) talking to howard students about God s Agenda for Law profession

AUGUST OUTREACHES As you may know that I m mainly based at Howard Campus and Westville Campus. We united together with other Christian organizations for one purpose of sharing the gospel throughout the month of August. We had Eva ngelism training on the 30th of July and we trained more than 40 students on how to share the gospel with different groups on campus.The whole month of August ( Always going August as we called it) we kept sharing our faith and doing different sorts of outreaches. I m sure more than 400 students heard the gospel. At Howard we began with looking for Christians at the Law faculty. Gary P rice (My Director) had a friend Brent Perry, a lawyer from the States who came on campus and spoke on the topic God s agenda for law profession . There were good discussions after the talk and students left challenged and knew they are to be representativ s e of a Just God wherever they are now and when they working. It s good to see most of the students who were there getting involved in our movement. HOWARD MINISTRY Men s ministry is growing. I sometimes don t understand why we have so many guys comingto our weekly meetings while I m the only male staff in that campus but that tells me God s Spirit is really moving as we pray. Every week on Thursdays we have authentic manhood where we talk about what it means to walk with the Lord as a young man, we pr y together and encourage a each other through the word and we ve seen new faces almost every week this semester. I also lead 1 Foundations bible study we recently started with 3 guys every Fridays at Howard andI meet with 5 guys at Howard every now and t en and 4 from h Westville for one-on-one discipleship; and I m going through 3 biblical characters with them Joseph, Daniel and David which is really stretching me and challenges me as well in my faith and walk with the Lord. THANK S & GOD BLESS YOU FOR PARTNERING WITH ME.

PRAYER REQUESTS I. Spiritual growth of students involved, those we shared the gospel with and those we disciple one-onone and through our weekly meetings Upcoming Spring Camp. For all the logistics involved in planning, funds for students and for God to use us to challenge them to lead Godly Christian lives worthy of the Gospel. Mission Trip we are planning for our movement to Botswana in Nov-Dec after exams. Pray for logistics as well and funds for students. And do pray for me as I m on the verge of making a decision about what to do for the rest of my life (long-term), career wise. Please Pray for entire student ministry, especially that we may have a fruitful and effective 2nd semester in ministry.





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