Thursday 1st September

The Boys Group vs. The Girls Group cooking RATs for lunch.

“I am learning to learn for life!”

No. 24

Contact Details: Marama's eMail: principal@pukeokahu.school.nz Office eMail: office@pukeokahu.school.nz School Phone Number: 388 0529 Up and Coming Dates: Term Three: Monday 1st August - Friday 7th October Mid-Year Parent Teacher Interviews - 6th - 8th September Wednesday 14th September - BOT Meeting 7pm Thursday 15th September - School Ski Trip Tuesday 20th September - PTP Begins for Year 7 & 8 Thursday 22nd September - Winter Tournament Monday 3rd October - Ohingaiti Cross Country From Marama We had a pretty full on week, last week. On Monday, the whole school visited the Waiouru Army Museum. What a fantastic trip! I have been there before and enjoyed it, but when you receive a guided tour (with the scariest, funny guy I have ever met) it is just priceless. Mark, our guide, had the kids (and us adults) eating out of his hands the moment he informed us that he could kill us 1000 different ways and that the kids would be cooking RATs for lunch. The junior kids faces were priceless! I don’t want to spoil it with too many details, the kids are writing up their stories at the moment, but it really was one of the best trips we have done to date. Then on Friday, we all went skiing. Man that snow was fantastic! It definitely made the chaos of rentals worth it. A big thank you to all of our helpers, even a certain Dad who was slightly shown up by his son and was silly enough to let Jock take him up the mountain before he had actually mastered stopping. And despite rumors that a certain principal was a bit muddled by the names of one or two beginner slopes and may of sent a mum off on a wild goose chase (sorry about that) everything was completely under control … even the bit where she didn’t manage to shout Jock at the Matterhorn at the end of the day. :-D

Parent Interviews - Next Week It’s that time of year again, these interviews are a great chance to sit down, and catch up on your child’s learning. Let me know directly which day and time suits you the best over Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We are flexible, so we can work around you and your schedule. (I had to laugh at my Principal friend in Levin, he was stressing about his Term One parent interview bookings and had to pay for an online booking website. I, on the other hand, managed to schedule our whole school on a purple post it note … not sure how I will manage this time. I ran out of purple, I only have blue left ;-) School Desks For Sale $30 We h a v e s o m e extra school desks for sale. If you are interested just let me know. School Skiing Trip We have booked a second ski trip for Thursday 15th September. Now The Toughest Soldiers in Town! this date is flexible, as we really do need a lot of parent help up there. With so many junior non-skiers it was getting a bit stressful down in the Alpine Meadow, (sigh) I don’t know how those ski school guys do it! Anyway, we are going to book the little ones into an afternoon lesson as well, keep them with the professionals I say :-) Please let me know asap if this date is not suitable and alternate dates and I will work something out. Ka kite ano, Marama and Carol

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