Yoga Gives Back in Action: Jayashree’s Story

Following Thank You Mother India in 2010, the YGB team visited one of its ongoing beneficiaries Jayashree, who lives in Bangalore, Karnataka. As always, Jayashree and her husband Ramo welcomed the group with big smiles. Their four-year-old son, Hoysin, who is now speaking and spelling in English, was there as well. At this time, Jayashree had qualified for her fourth micro loan from Grameen Koota. She received 30,000 Rs. (about $700), which is quadruple the amount of her first loan in 2007. Jayashree and Ramo decided to put the entire loan amount toward their eldest son, Gopovsad’s, medical college education. Fulfilling the family dream and top priority, Gopovsad is now enrolled in college and is studying to be a dentist/surgeon, away from home. In order to pay off the loan, Jayashree runs two businesses—a tailoring shop and a snack shop. Jayashree set up her sewing machine in front of her snack shop to attract more customers and help maximise profit. Witnessing Jayashree’s hard work to make her dream come true, YGB decided to provide Jayashree with the funds to pay off her loan which provided for Gopovsad’s annual tuition. She will now be able to pay this back, and retain the profits from her hard work.

Jayashree, Ramo and Hoysin of Bangalore, Karnataka
Photographed by Sophie Herbert

In 2010, alongside the original support for micro financing programs in India through STUDIO PHONE WEB ADDRESS CITY Grameen Foundation, YGB launched a direct funding program called Sister Aid, to specifiUK cally support education and vocational training projects as well a micro credit. Within a year, Feel Hot Yog 01727 856003 St.Albans, Hertfordshire Tri Yoga 020 7449 3158 Chelsea, London Gracelands Yard 020 8960 7450 Kensal Rise, London Bliss Yoga 07501 303546 Norwich, Norfolk Yoga Glasgow 07825 392334 Glasgow, Scotland Yoga Haven 020 8617 0027 Clapham, London Karmic Living 07736 163216 Lemsford,nr. Welwyn Garden City Yoga Happy 07793 458216 Norwich, Norfolk Adele Yoga 07841 657867 Primrose Hill, London COSTA RICA Samasati Nature Retreat Peace Retreat HONG KONG yoga mala Pure Yoga BRAZIL True Love Yoga Yoga Flow SWEDEN Yogayama NETHERLANDS Karl Straub AUSTRALIA Kevin James Carroll 1.800.563.9643 (506) 8807-1948 21160894 852 3691 3988 55 (21)8108-9801 55 (11) 3849 6857 08-660 8860 917-622-5509 Rio De Janeiro Sao Paulo Stockholm Zutphen Byron Bay, Birisbane

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