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Entries should be submitted online. For further information and updates please visit


A Grade B Grade C Grade D Grade A Grade B Grade C Grade

Cambridge Variations Cross Patonce Suite The Lake of the Moon A Celtic Suite Partita Voices of Youth (Suite) Suite for a Ceremonial Occasion Concerto for Band From the Core Visions of Australia Plus Ultra Flight to Freedom From Dawn to Dusk Successive Flames

Sparke, P Richards, G Houben, K Sparke, P Gregson, E Gregson, E Cresswell, T Lloyd, G Lloyd, G Lloyd, G Lloyd, G Lloyd, G Lloyd, G Lloyd. G

Studio Music Studio Music De Haske Studio Music R. Smith R. Smith Con Moto Publications U.K. /Just Music Graham Lloyd Music Graham Lloyd Music Barnhouse/Graham Lloyd Music Graham Lloyd Music Graham Lloyd Music Barnhouse/Graham Lloyd Music Graham Lloyd Music Winwood Music Schott Music #SF8928 Andel/United Music Publishers R Smith & Co Kirklees Skandinavisk Musikforlag/Chester Studio Music Studio Music Fennica Gehrman Editions Marc Reift Music for Brass at Ossett Editions BIM



Entries Close Late Entries Close (additional 50% fee payable) Registrations Close Own Choice Music Advice Forms Scores and Stage Seating Plan due Season Pass Orders due Permits Close 21 Days Forms to be sent to State Governing Bodies Signed Contest Declarations Forms to be sent to State Governing Bodies 16 Dececember 2011 6 January 2012 24 February 2012 24 February 2012 11 March 2012 16 March 2012

Open Brass Hymn and Test Parade of Bands Open Brass Own Choice and March Junior Brass Band program Junior Concert Band Program and Open Concert Band Program Solo & Party Events 6 April 2012 7 April 2012 7 April 2012 8 April 2012


A Grade B Grade C Grade D Grade A Grade B Grade C Grade

9 April 2012



Open & Junior Brass Bands Open & Junior Concert Bands Quartet/Quintet Sections Solo Sections Percussion Sections - for one - for more than one per age group $350 inc GST $350 inc GST $55 inc GST $25 inc GST $25 inc GST $40 inc GST

16 March 2012


Eb Soprano Bb Cornet Trumpet Flugel Eb Tenor Horn French Horn Baritone Euphonium Tenor Trombone

Permits and Signed Contest Registration 23 March 2012 forms to be received by Contest Organiser from State Government Bodies

The Championships consist of the following categories of competition: Solo Sections (Open & Junior) Ensemble Sections (Open & Junior) On-Stage Music Championship (Open & Junior Concert and Brass Band Grades) Marching Championship (Compulsory for Open Brass Bands & optional for all other entered Bands) Competitors in Solo and On-Stage Music Championship sections must perform the test piece listed for their respective section. Please note the maximum time limits where indicated for Own Choice selections.

March: 50 points The Hymn shall be a tune from a recognised church hymnal or an arrangement based thereon. The Stage March shall be selected from the NBCA list of prescribed marches, available on the NBCA website. It is a condition of entry in the On-Stage Championship for Open Brass Bands that they participate in the Parade of Bands to promote the Australian National Band Championships.

Drill: 100 points Music: 40 points Inspection: 20 points Change of Direction: 20 points.


The following maximum time limits apply to the On Stage Championship: Hymn: 6 minutes Own Choice Selection: - Open A & B Grades: 23 mins - Open C & D Grades: 18 mins - Junior A Grade: 15 mins - Junior B Grade: 12 mins - Junior C Grade: 10 mins

Music for the Marching Championship is Own Choice. The Parade of Bands is a compulsory event for all Open Brass Bands entered in the On-Stage Championship. All other Brass and Concert Bands are invited and encouraged to participate. The Parade of Bands will take place at the St Kilda Esplanade on Saturday 7 April 2012.

Escapade for Eb Cornet (Eb Version) Turrin, J Solo de Concours Charlier, J Recitativo e Allegro for Trumpet and Piano Defossez, R The Woodland Song Ball, E Sonata for Horn (1st & 2nd Movements) Golland, J Canto Serioso Nielsen, C Rhapsody for Bb Baritone Sparke, P Fantasy for Euphonium Sparke, P Concertino for Trombone and Piano Larsson, L-E (1st & 2nd Movements) Bass Trombone Allegro Maestoso for Bass Trombone and Piano Koetsier, J High Tuba (EEb & F) Impromptu and Blues Kerwin, S Low Tuba (BBb & C) Journey for Contrabass Tuba and piano Stevens, J (Movement 1 Morning in the Yard) Eb Soprano Bb Cornet Trumpet Eb Tenor Horn Capriccio for Eb Cornet or Horn Concertino for Cornet and Band Sonata, First Movement Six Sketches for Horn (Scherzo, Pastorale, March) French Horn Concert Piece for French Horn Baritone Preludio, Aria and Scherzo (Aria and Scherzo only) Euphonium Euphonium Suite (1st & 2nd Movements) Tenor Trombone Suite for Trombone (All Movements) Bass Trombone Sonata High Tuba (EEb & F) Effie Suite ( 2nd & 3rd Movements) Low Tuba (BBb & C) Andante and Rondo Side/Snare Drum Mallet Timpani Multi Percussion Side/Snare Drum Mallet Timpani Multi Percussion Piccolo Four Marches Ghanaia Suite for Timpani Motion Etude No. 1 Spanish Dance Concert Pieces for Timpani, Fandango Kinesis, Studies in Solo Percussion Sparke, P Gott, B Hubeau, J Lovelock, W Saint-Saens,C Porrino, E Young, E D. Lusher P. McCarty Wilder, E Cappuzzi arr. Catillinet Miller, D Schmitt, M Mancini, D Glassock, L Delecluse, J de Falla, M arr. Golovko, S Sarcich, P Goldenberg, M (Hal Leonard) Starer, R Rhene-Baton, E Albinoni, T Pierne, P Lloyd, G Clerisse, R Cowles, C Lloyd, G Lloyd, G Arrieu, C Roussel, A Nielson, C Hurlstone, W Desportes, Y Eccles, H arr. Rascher Piazzolla, A Piazzolla, A Hindemith, P


R. Smith & Co Ltd. Musos Media Durand Chappell Durand Zerboni R. Smith Rosehill Ensemble Publications Magnum Music Hinrichsen Edition Ludwig Music Publishing Norsk-Percussion.No Kendor Music Inc Kendor Music Inc Leduc SG Music Publishing Australin Music Centre Hal Leonard Mahattan Beach Durand Edition Kunzelman Editions Billaudot Graham Lloyd Music Editions Billaudot Studio Music Graham Lloyd Music Graham Lloyd Music Amphion/United Music Publishers Durand Hansen Emerson Southern Theodore-Presser LeMoine LeMoine Schott


The On-Stage Music Championship for all Band sections will consist of: Hymn/Sacred Item Test Piece Own Choice Selection Stage March The Band gaining the highest aggregate points from each of the above sections will be the Champion On-Stage band. Points for each section will be awarded as follows: Hymn: 50 points Test: 200 points Own Choice: 200 points
CONDITIONS OF CONTEST 1. All regulations of the National Band Council of Australia shall apply throughout the Championships, together with any rules or conditions submitted within this Schedule.

AVAILABILITY OF MUSIC Required test music should be available from all established music retailers. ENTRIES & ENTRY FEES
Entries for all sections close on Friday 16th December 2011 Late entries will be accepted until 6 January 2012 and will incur an additional 50% fee. Entries should be submitted online at Alternatively you can email these to or post to: The Contest Administrator 2012 Yamaha Australian National Band Championships, PO Box 1167, Armadale North VIC 3143
16th March 2012. 6. A draw for playing order in all events will be made by the organising committee as soon as possible after the close of entries. Competitors will be advised of the full draw as soon as practical. 7. An entrant in any Junior section must not have reached the age of nineteen (19) years at the date of the contest. 8. All entries for the 2012 Australian National Band Championships shall be submitted on the official entry form and all details on the form as requested shall be completed. 9. Victorian Bands League Inc. reserves all radio, television and video rights and the right to permit commercial recordings of the contest. 10. Entrants in Solo and On Stage Music Championship sections must perform the Test Piece listed in this Schedule for their respective sections. Maximum time limits apply in sections where music selected by the competitor is to be performed.



The Marching Championship will include the Parade of Bands and Inspection. The Band in each grade gaining the highest aggregate points for Inspection, Drill and Music will be declared the Champion Marching Band. Points for this event will be awarded as follows:



c. For On-Stage March and Parade of Bands as a minimum the Solo Cornet/Conductor part with cued entries to permit an effective adjudication must be supplied if a full score is not available Illegible or poor copies of music will be returned to the entrant for recopy and may jeopardize the 2. All Band persons and Officials should make competitors entry if not received by the due date. themselves familiar with the Regulations of the NBCA as published in the NBCA Year Book 2012 . Photocopies of music/and or scores will not be The current Year Book may be obtained from the returned after the competition and will be destroyed by contest officials. All competitors are NBCA website or from advised to acquaint themselves with current your State Governing Body. copyright laws and regulations before submitting 3. Scores: All Own Choice Music. Two (2) copies of music. the score of Own Choice music to be submitted to the Contest Administrator by the 24th February 4. Registrations: All Bands and bands persons 2012. All scores must be submitted with all bars (including permits) must be duly registered with their respective State Governing Body 42 days numbered and with no identifying marks of the prior to to the Championships (24th February band. 2012). Overseas entrants must lodge registrations a. For Own Choice Selection, Quartet and with their National Band Association by the Quintet a full score is required same date. b. For Hymna short score of at least two staves, with cued entries to permit an effective 5. Permits: Applications for permit players must adjudication, must be supplied if a full score is be received by the State Governing Body or the appropriate National Association no later than not available

Fantasy on When Johnny comes Marching Home Flute Passacaille Oboe Concerto in Bb Op 7 No 3 (Movements 1 & 2 OR 2 & 3) Bb Clarinet Andante-Scherzo Bass Clarinet Get Down! Alto Saxophone Prelude et Divertissement Tenor Saxophone Of Spain Baritone Saxophone Get Down! Bassoon Get Down! Piccolo Flute Oboe Bb Clarinet llegro Moderato: 1st movt from Sonatine Andante and Scherzo Romanze and Humouresque, Fantasiestucke Four Characteristic Pieces, Ballade and Croon Song (1st & 2nd Movements) Bass Clarinet Andante and Allegro Alto Saxophone Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano (1st, 2nd & 4th Movements) Tenor Saxophone Cafe 1930, Histoire du Tango Baritone Saxophone Tango Etudes No. 4 Bassoon Sonata for Bassoon and Piano