Latina Christiana II Student Notes ~ Lesson 25 Adjectives

Latin saying: _____ __________ = Thanks be to God.



Vocabulary: and 2 Declension Adjectives

Latin Words clarus, clara, clarum cupidus, cupida, cupidum laetus, laeta, laetum Christianus, Christiana, Christianum Romanus, Romana, Romanum albus, alba, album alienus, aliena, alienum almus, alma, almum verus, vera, verum beatus, beata, beatum

English Translation

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Latin Nouns

English Translation


Meanings 1. to see things ____________ 1. son of Aphrodite, the goddess of ___________; desirous and _____________ to love 1. skin condition in which a person or animal is especially __________ with reddish eyes 1. immigrants from a ________ land; imagined outer space creatures 2. to __________ or exclude someone from a group; to abandon someone 1. truthfully; with __________ 2. to make sure that something is accurate or __________ 1. pronouncements made by Jesus at the Sermon on the Mount (the Be-Attitudes – how we should “be” or live)

clear, bright, famous 1. clarity eager, desirous 1. Cupid


1. albino

undesirable, foreign

1. alien

2. alienate


1. verily 2. verify 1. Beatitude


© 2011 Julieanne Miller

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