Angels / New Arc (working titles) Just like the other story "Aurelius", this one is a work in progress

. Titles, names, places and events may be edited and changed. Unlike "Aurelius" this one is not humourous at all. Enjoy! Draft. Chapter 1. The Apocalypse just happened and no one seems to notice. I often dream of a crowded street, wide and busy street in a big cityâ ¦ like Oxfor d st. in London or Young st. in Toronto. Hundreds of people moving on with their day up and down, like a massive human wave washing the pavement. I walk amongst them, I push my way through. But I don't feel suffocating or clau strophobic, I feel good having all these people around me, brushing against thei r jackets as I pass by. And while listening to the droning, static sound of th eir conversations I try to make sense in what they all say, to force some kind o f eye connectionâ ¦ I'd like to meet them all but then I wake up and there's none arou nd me. Only Sebastian snoring away. Sebastian doesn't have any nightmares, he do esn't even dream. Sebastian is lucky. In 1997 there was a conflict, a political one at first, but it escalated. I w as 7, I can't remember what who started it and who dropped the nukes first. But the nuclear armageddon wasn't the end of everything like they predicted. Many ha d survived and they started rebuilding, rejuvenating. Repopulating everything fr om scratch, new world order. I guess it was going well, but when I was 12 came t he Plague. It's ironic that we could survive the nuclear holocaust and be eradic ated almost to extinction by a simple mutated flu virus. When I was a kid i liked looking for books about Zombies, you know... after the Holocaust I always imagined that it would be the next thing to happen. A T-virus , an outbreak, living dead and the rest of it. I could never imagine that the hu manity would just catch a cold, lay down to rest for a few and never wake up. Entire cities, countries and continents were emptied of life. However, like with any virus some resilient DNA types were immune. some of us were forced just to sit and watch our loved ones perish, unable to do anything t o help them. I survived, my parents survived. Sebastian survived, but he did got sick for a while and then just woke up the next day like nothing ever happened. Still, I think he never was quite the same afterwards. There were entire species of animals that weren't touched by the Plague. There is no such thing as total annihilation. There is no Rapture, Armageddon, a ncient doomsday prophecies. It's all a lie. There are disasters but no matter ho w bad it looks Life goes on. As long as the planet still exists, Life goes on. Sebastian is my brother. He's the older one and I'm the younger. We also had another brother but he went to war and never came back. They said his platoon wa s in the epicentre when the first bomb fell. Ground Zero. Our parents have passed away, but it had nothing to do with the radiation or t he virus. It was another plague no one can escape - just an old age. For the first few years on our own I tried to keep a calendar, for some reason i t was important to me to know how much time have passed, but I stopped. It doesn 't really matter. Besides, somehow it's even more depressing to celebrate anyth ing when it's just the two of us sitting around a makeshift table and a few cand

les. Christmas was the worst. Without a calendar there was no Christmas anymore, just another winter and it's alright, I guess. After the plague the survivors started migrating to escape the radiation and f ind other survivors. Then there were communities and the communities were seekin g other communities to expand and then when they realized that the food is scarc e and even if you made it this far there's no guarantee you won't simply starve. The human nature prevailed and stronger communities started seeking smaller an d weaker ones and annihilate them, sometimes enslave them, looting and scavengin g everything they can. Our family used to live in a place called New Arc, and it's hard to say, but I 'm almost certain it was located somewhere between Canada's southern border and the U.S. But since neither existed anymore that would be a pointless speculation . New Arc just existed and struggled for 10 years until came armed men from the South and raided us. I was wounded in the raid and survived and Sebastian mirac ulously escaped without any harm. Maybe there were others who made it out alive, but since that day and on Sebastian and I just live on the road, on a long and constant journey that leads nowhere in particular. Somehow we're still alive. My name is Benedict, or Ben. I should be about 22 years old right now, but my guess is as good as yours and Sebastian - 27. I started writing this because I d on't like diaries, but I'd like someone to find this after we die and learn abou t our lives, even though I can't really say that there's something extraordinary about me. And Sebastian? Well, read the story. location: unknown, year: 2012, maybe 2011 or 2013. I don't know.

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