Corporate Profile

The Green Maple Leaf has been our identity since 1960. The Leaf has travelled from Canada and takes its green color from Pakistan. It embodies a product that brings world class international standards engineered to exceed the tough market conditions of Pakistan. Maple Leaf continues to live this legacy, even decades after its birth. We dominate the local and international market wherever present. We at Maple Leaf, aim at contributing towards the growth of the economy and building a stronger and more prosperous future. We are committed towards running an efficient business and therefore continue to invest in our people, improve our resources and cutting edge technology; all of which help us succeed at every step. We are driven by goals which are set to position us ahead of competition as a player in industry.
Annual Production Technology Partner Location Quality Certifications 4 Million MTs FLSmidth Denmark Northern Punjab, Pakistan ISO 9001 – Quality Management System Standards American Petroleum Institute (API) United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS)

Geographic Advantage
Situated at Daud Khel, our manufacturing site is surrounded by the finest quality of raw materials; limestone, clay and sand. To ensure uninterrupted supply of these highest quality raw materials, both our production lines are strategically situated at this one location. These raw materials are carried from mineral enriched mountain ranges located at the manufacturing site which are then crushed followed by being milled into a fine particle powder. After which this mix is transferred to kiln where it is heated to 1480oC and made into molten clinker, which is finally ground with other materials to form premium cement products.

Distribution Networks
Our widely spread sales network and well established Distribution Partners enable us to reach every household and community in Pakistan and International locations promptly. Our highly experienced logistics cell and 24/7 customer support program ensures immediate delivery of freshly manufactured cement across Pakistan.

Maple Leaf Low Alkali Cement is the preferred brand for building Dams. Industries We Serve  Our Sulphate Resistant Cement is preferred for construction of Airports. Our export markets lie in the following regions:       Africa Gulf States South Asia Afghanistan Central Asia Indian Ocean Island Republics Through continuous efforts of our export professionals. Barrages and Waterways in Pakistan.Passion for Quality Our cutting edge technology and equipment help us to streamline our production process making it more efficient and excellence oriented.  Due to unmatched quality. Runways and Air Bases by expert builders in the aviation industry.5 Million metric tons.000 PSI. With strength of up to 10. the Company has undertaken an expansion plan of the state-of-the-art fuel efficient dry process based on FLSmidth technology that has enabled it to increase the annual production capacity to 4 Million tons of grey cement. we continue to discover and explore further markets in the world of cement. Maple Leaf complies with National Environment Control standards. R&D is an integral part of the Company’s policy of development of new products and improving the efficiency of processes. our quality standards conform to local and many international standards. Our production supply chain is continuously controlled through automated technologies to achieve perfect product control. During the year 2007. . Beyond Borders We are the largest bag cement exporter of Pakistan with annual sales averaging 1.

 Our Ordinary Portland Cement is most trusted when constructing Residential Complexes. The Group Kohinoor Maple Leaf Group is a part of the Siagol group of companies and is a leading manufacturer of textiles and cement. This plant also has provisions for doubling the capacity to 1000tpd.700 tpd. KMLG comprises of Kohinoor Textile Mills Limited (KTML) and Maple Leaf Cement Factory Limited (MLCFL). High-rise Buildings. In order to ensure the highest efficiency and process control the plants comprise of equipment with the latest design and technology. It is also the largest producer of White Cement in the country with 80% of market share. To maintain the highest quality standards a laboratory has also been set up at site for the testing of raw materials and cement. Highways and Motorways. . the capacity of Maple Leaf to produce Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) was 1000 tones per day (tpd). 6700 tpd and of White Cement are state of the art and have been supplied by FLSmidth in Denmark. The capacity of White Cement has also increased from 100 tpd to 500tpd with the addition of a new plant. Capacity At the time of privatization in 1992. All Maple Leaf plants comply with National Environment Control standards. Presently Maple Leaf cement has 9% of the market share of OPC and is a leading brand in Pakistan with a diverse customer base. Both companies are incorporated in Pakistan and are listed on three stock exchanges of the country. A second plant of 4000 tpd was commissioned in 1998 and a third plant of 6700 tpd came into production in 2006. It increased the total capacity to 11. Technology The plants of 4000 tpd.  Blocks Manufacturing Industry of Pakistan only trusts Maple Leaf Cement’s SRC for its exceptional strength and setting time.

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