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Looking for a guidebook to marriage? Don’t Panic --as Two for the Road is The Lover’s Guide to Marriage. It is not for the faint of heart.


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youtube. Author and. All wrongs revenged. founding board member North Bay Multimedia Association. Pamela Olson is A Marin County Volunteer of the Year. Wife.2012 by Pamela Olson All rights reserved. Gardener. Mama. and all that is good get better. mate? Doc Severinsen's There Is A Girl http://www. May all your storms be weathered. Veteran. Savvy. Color Junkie. It’s a story. Semblance to anyone is not intended --nor should be inferred. in the middle of The American Wine A graduate of College of Marin then Sonoma State University. Swimmer. California USA.Copyright © 2001 . Pamela Olson's For The Road Page 2 of 7 . Landlord Extraordinaire … aka opinionated. Time Traveler. Raconteur. Home Designer. Friend. Ballroom Dancer. Bon vivant. Professor. Real Estate Authority.

and finally totally rewarding. it’s about marriage. Two for the Road is a rare film in many ways. a kind of happiness and sadness at the same time. There’s just starting out unworldly and idealistic awkward children in adult bodies. comic. mature as individuals and as a couple. tragic. romantic. gimlet-eyed. heartbreaking. in constant need of reassurance. bastard. pettiness and misunderstandings. rife with insecurities. Mark and Joanna are two people that Looking for a guidebook to marriage? Don’t Panic as Two for the Road is The Lover’s Guide to Marriage. saudade. bleak. It is not for the faint of heart. Complicated is not what Hollywood is known for. In fall 1967. That is what Two for the Road is about. Joanna replies equally casually. First. Pamela Olson's For The Road Page 3 of 7 . sympathetic. Second. Looking for a guidebook to marriage? Do Not Panic as Two for the Road is The Lover’s Guide to Marriage. Regardless of their familiar difference. with Henry Mancini’s Two for the Road playing in the background. ambitious. affirmative. fall in love. punishing. There is poignancy in totally mad love. when love is not madness it is not love. these two adults have developed and accepted a deep need in their love for each other. egocentric. understandably hurt and angry. marry. With a classic figure of speech. It is naturalistic of human feelings without ever losing the enchanting and transformative qualities of True Love. sweet. it’s all the same feelings.Two for the Road @ http://www. bitch. Mark casually says. Then to varying degrees their marriage is perfect. Joanna had just burst again another of Mark’s bloated bubbles of fury. Something that is it is an honest look at marriage. and stay together. Two lives that initially seemed completely separate are and remain irrevocably connected. eager to push own agenda. Amour fou.

Smith later echoed Mark and Joanna with their courtship. Then it dares any mature viewer to be indifferent to it. Two for the Road is a compelling accomplished work that knows exactly what it wants to do and then does it. Drama ridiculous enough to define the word. Two for the Road has a charming direct refusal to shortchange passion and emotion. the writer tells us a great deal about himself while expressing through his characters. yet completely believable drama.Two for the Road neither complains nor explains marriage. Fourth. Once John & Jane Smith knew who the other really was. The romance adds to the moral stature of the film by making the usual Hollywood husband and wife caricature increasingly human. their second courtship begins appropriately enough. As with Mark and Joanna’s world. Fifth. A fight that only the two such top of their game incorrectly thinking they’re on opposite sides can have. only then did each completely open them self up to the other. dirty. Stanley Donen showed us that marital in fighting can be romantic. & Mrs. even in its what might be perceived as darkest moments. Their life-changing journey is sometimes painful as they move from naiveté into experience. It simply puts on display this husband and wife and their various and on-going attempts to make their marriage work. Lovers that marry uncover mania where others wouldn’t even dare to look. Pamela Olson's For The Road Page 4 of 7 . Vicious. in John & Jane Smith’s world. it’s all framed in ample romance.Director Stanley Donen then skillfully added his romantic aura touch. it’s about an interesting and good couple familiar to all of us. Lovers that marry find themselves in wildly unlikely. it is an intense cinematic experience. via a fight. In emotionally moving detail. The cosmopolitan keen screenplay by Frederic Raphael makes Two for the Road a writer’s movie. and deeply hurtful tactics were used by both. That is the strength of the structure of this film. Two for the Road’s an empathetic vehicle at its heart. traitorous. The film Mr. By doing that. Producer. For a mature adult. should be romantic and is romantic more often then not. Third.

Fittingly. Seventh. In spite of logic. the characters simply live their lives albeit increasingly intimately and irrevocably intertwined with each other. it’s Henry Mancini music. His piano and French horn duet is lovely. how to handle the unexpected detours. Eleven. Like Mark and Joanna. John & Jane Smith remember they are in love with the goal to stay in love together. Nine. It forces one to acknowledge not only how complicated our own lives are. both really know the only side they were on was on top of each other. but also how easy it is to be self-centered and miss to our detriment those complications in everyone else’s lives. let go of grudges. Two for the Road is pure sophisticated adult cinema. The Lover’s Guide to Marriage. There is no excess. they are overwhelmed with their magnificent obsession with each other. The exploration of this film is a revelation. Eight. reason and expectation. It’s an adult classic. Sixth. Two for the Road is Don’t Panic. and insightful to the lawlessness of their heart. Mancini’s lavish orchestral sound only amplifies the mood of growing maturity so important here. It’s accurate about people’s need for meaningful emotional connections with each other. thoughtful. what people will do and risk for an ideal. It shows how one does eventually get to forgiveness in marriage. melancholic. or passion for another. It’s an honest mature look at two people in love. disarming. and what it takes for them to stay together. the emotions Two for the Road evokes are linked directly to the viewer’s secret life. adroit in structure. and examine never finished emotional business. Moreover. Two for the Road Pamela Olson's For The Road Page 5 of 7 . Ten. The characters are charming. the adult passion.

complexity and risks when you leave yourself open to intimacy. Fourteen. Twelve. very fallible. and strength. a mature woman holding her own in what she wants. humor. Moreover. earthy sensuality. Thirteen. I think it’s due solely to the casting of Albert Finney as Mark against Hepburn’s Joanna. The result was Mark and Joanna. They end up liking themselves and each other more enough to maintain their determination to keep their relationship together. and disloyalty. And it all works. and how unsettling that can be. Audrey Hepburn nicely pulls it off. you’re in a marriage so delicious you never want it to end. That gave a special primal grace and raw tension to the exquisite nuances in the performances of Finney and Hepburn. vanity. Two for the Road is an affirmation for marriage. With rueful sensitivity to Pamela Olson's For The Road Page 6 of 7 . Big-boned Albert Finney as Mark.manages the impressive feat of believing wholeheartedly in love and marriage without checking its mind at the door. It shows our weaknesses in the roadblocks and problems we bring in to marriage. bias. It shows our common shortcomings in our self-indulgence. finally etching her marriage with compassion. Yet. primal and down-to-earth passion to Audrey Hepburn as Joanna. the formally only seen high on a pedestal actress. misguided values. given all this. it’s not a surprise that gestures get as much attention in Two for the Road as dialog. betrayal. Gestures and dialog that are unfairly and too often misinterpreted by the two lovers. brought his male charm. Their characters’ underlying trust. Joanna is very human. how she wants it and how she gets it. impetuosity. Audrey Hepburn. two good people with lawlessness in their hearts were growing over twelve years in maturity and mutual acceptance of their desire for each other. maturity. They have a funny and charming emotional heft they never lose for dealing with painful situations. thoughtlessness. had never been seen this way as she was as Joanna. raw. Adult romantics will revel in their good fortune when they see Two for the Road. more of the many surprises with this film was the impressive indeed excellence of the casting and acting. love and control expose the texture.

how quietly and not so quietly ridiculous love can be. their relationship survives and works in spite of everything. Two for the Road @ http://www. Marriage is the journey. What becomes most a marriage so delicious you never want it to end is quite simply determination. not the destination. Who can resist all that in one film? Lovers that marry suddenly speak the same language only in theory. The point is to stay This likeable lovelorn couple’s struggles just to communicate enough to stay together are as powerful as their love is wanton sensuality. Getting to the finale. Their story is potent. Inevitably. the realization in both is that just because someone doesn’t always love us the way we wish them to doesn’t mean they don’t love us the best they can and with all they have. given their determination to stay together through the emotional torment of having to deal with bemused wackiness and troublesome actions against them by their beloved lover. engrossing and thrilling to experience. everything simmered down to a coming of age teasing: He to her: Bitch She to him: Bastard That is not for the faint of heart. It is a pleasing polished combination of mature tension and adult bittersweet humor which is sophisticated and bitingly funny. during marriage’s inevitable changes. And that provides cover for a multitude of sins. Pamela Olson's For The Road Page 7 of 7 . Two for the Road is not about to argue that point.

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