Written by Paul Jordan And Philip David Lee

Based on a story by Paul Jordan

INT: GARAGE, LOS ANGELES - DAY The garage is converted into a small practice studio. The main door is closed. DANNY WESTON, 22, is playing his guitar in front of his band members, FREDDY MITCHELL, 20 , and PAUL BRADFORD, 23. He plays a complicated solo and ends it with a flair of movement. DANNY What did you think? FREDDY I’m blown away, man. That was like if Jimmy Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen had a baby. PAUL How could they have a baby? They’re both guys. FREDDY That’s not what I meant. PAUL I never know what the hell you’re talking about. DANNY I got it. Thanks, Freddy. When is Jack getting here? PAUL He said he’d be here when he gets here. DANNY I wish he would hurry. I’m anxious to get something down today. PAUL What’s the rush? DANNY The rush? We put this band six months ago and we only songs finished. We need at another ten before we have album. together have two least a full

PAUL You need to learn to enjoy life.


Paul takes out a small metal pipe from his pocket and a small plastic bag of marijuana. He opens the bag and starts to load the pipe. DANNY You’re not going to light up now? PAUL What are you, my parole officer? I play better when I’m stoned. DANNY You play like shit when you’re stoned. You never keep tempo and you go off into these drum solos whenever you feel like it. PAUL I’m trying to bring something new to the music world. DANNY A little discipline would be new. Why the hell did we start this if you’re not going to take it seriously? FREDDY I think you take it too seriously. DANNY I just understand what it takes to get ahead. FREDDY I get head all the time. DANNY You know how many bands there are out there that have created some great music and no one has ever heard it? You know why no one has ever heard it? It’s because they screwed around and before they knew it, they had kids and responsibilities that broke up the band. You guys want to fry your brains out, that’s fine with me. I was hoping you could at least wait until we had a first album cut. PAUL You know what the chances are that anyone signs us? A million to one.


DANNY With an attitude like that, we’ve already lost. PAUL Dude, you are totally stomping on my buzz. It’s my garage and I’ll do what I want to do. The side door of the garage opens and JACK KELLER, 23, enters. He is carrying a brown paper bag. DANNY About time you got here. JACK I’m twenty minutes late. Big deal. DANNY Alright. Let’s get started. I want to work on the that riff for the third song. JACK Which one is that? You know. DANNY

Danny starts playing part of a song. While Danny is playing, Jack takes a twelve pack of beer out of the brown paper bag. He rips open the box and starts handing beer to Freddy and Paul. JACK Hook me up with one of those. PAUL Coming right up. Danny stops playing. DANNY You remember.... Danny notices that no one was paying any attention to him as they continue to drink beers and pass Paul’s pipe around. Danny looks very disappointed, but says nothing.


INT: DANNY’S LIVING ROOM - DAY Danny enters his house with his guitar secured in it’s case. He puts his guitar in the hallway closet and walks into the main living room. He smells something. From a door on the left enters Danny’s father, Dr. MARTIN WESTON, 45. He is wearing a lab coat. MARTIN Hey, Danny. How was practice? DANNY I’m not on a football team, Dad. Rehearsal? MARTIN

DANNY That’s a little better, but it wasn’t much of anything. Martin takes off his lab coat and slings it over a chair next to the couch. Problems? MARTIN

DANNY More like... Did you burn dinner or something? MARTIN I was doing some soldering in my work room. DANNY Did you finally fix the toaster? MARTIN That’s still a work in progress. DANNY Why don’t I go out and just buy a new one? MARTIN I can fix it. It tasks me and I shall fix it. DANNY If you say so.


MARTIN I hadn’t started dinner yet. Is there something you wanted tonight? DANNY Nothing really. I’ll be happy with a cheese burger as long as it doesn’t smell like your project. MARTIN I work with some of the most sophisticated equipment on the planet. I think I can still work a barbecue. I’ll start cooking soon. Come on and have a seat. Martin sits on a plush recliner as Danny sits on the couch. DANNY When I get a record contract, the first thing I’m going to do is buy you a new chair. MARTIN Me and this baby have watched a lot of games together. DANNY More like slept through them. MARTIN It’s very relaxing. Now, what’s troubling you? DANNY It’s the guys in the band. I don’t know. They don’t seem really interested in getting anything done. MARTIN Maybe they’re having an off day. DANNY More like an off life. I don’t know how to get them motivated to work. MARTIN I thought music was supposed to be fun.


DANNY Yeah, it’s fun when you’re on stage playing, but if you don’t have any songs to play, it sucks. MARTIN I thought you guy knew a lot of songs. DANNY Those are just covers. I don’t want to play somebody else’s music. You can’t be famous playing covers. MARTIN I see your point. It’s a lot like science. You always have to come up with something new. DANNY You’re not going to start that again? MARTIN Start what? DANNY That crap about me going into music and not following in your footsteps. MARTIN We had that talk a long time ago. I haven’t brought it since then. DANNY I know, but sometimes I think you want to. MARTIN My dad wanted me to be a cobbler like he was, but I didn’t listen to him either. You wanted to study music and I let you. Although I do see that you approach music with the same discipline that I use with my work. You would have made a great scientist. DANNY See, I knew it was coming..


MARTIN All I’m saying is that, maybe you need to find different musicians to play with. People with the same drive and ambitions as you. DANNY Then that’s six months shot to hell. MARTIN It’s all about teamwork. I’ve had years of work go for naught because I wasn’t teamed up with the right people. It’s all about chemistry. DANNY More science? MARTIN Everything to me is a mathematical principle. How so? DANNY

MARTIN Even music is partly based in mathematics. The vibration of the strings, the tone of the notes, tempo, it’s all based on mathematical formulas. Danny stands up. DANNY I know you’re right, but I just wished I knew why. I’m going to get cleaned up for dinner. Have you figured out how long it’s going to take you to cook up some burgers. Martin pats his chest as if looking for something. MARTIN Where’s my calculator? Danny smiles at his father. Martin stands up. MARTIN (CONT’D) Although the probability is low, I hope I helped you out a little. Danny gives his father a hug.


DANNY A little. It’s just nice that I have some one to listen to me. MARTIN No problem. Danny let’s go of his dad and starts to head up the stairs. MARTIN (CONT’D) Your mother called. DANNY You talked to her? MARTIN I tried not to push it. She talked. I just listened. She wants you to call her. DANNY She’s still pissed at you, huh? MARTIN Can you blame her? I broke her trust in me. I think she’s more upset that you came to live with me instead of her. DANNY What was I going to do in Montana? MARTIN It’s all my fault. Sometimes we never stop paying for our mistakes. DANNY Why did you do it, Dad? MARTIN Does it matter? I guess I thought I would be forgiven. DANNY If you could go back in time, would you still do it? MARTIN The trouble with 20/20 hindsight is that it always comes too late. It’s the future consequences that one never takes into account. (MORE)

9. MARTIN (CONT'D) We all take wrong turns in life and it’s up to us to learn from those mistakes.

DANNY And what did you learn? MARTIN We’ll see what happens. Go get ready and I’ll start cooking.

INT: DANNY’S BEDROOM - NIGHT Danny is sitting on his bed talking to his cell phone. He is dressed in his pajamas. DANNY Yes, Mom, I’m taking care of myself. Dad’s doing fine. No he isn’t seeing anyone. I think he really misses you. You should come for a visit. You seeing anybody? Give it time. You know, I’ve have this weird feeling that we’ve had this conversation before. Deja what? Oh. Okay. I’m going to bed now. I’ll talk to you soon. I love you, too. Danny makes kissing noises into the phone and hangs up. He puts his phone on a small night stand next to his bed. He sits there and thinks for a moment before he turns off his light on the same table and gets under the covers of his bed.

INT: DANNY’S KITCHEN - MORNING Danny enters the kitchen as Martin is finishing up cooking breakfast in a large frying pan. DANNY Smell’s good. Martin turns off the heat as Danny sits down at the table. Martin brings over the frying pan and slides a large omelette onto Danny’s plate. MARTIN One Western omelette.


DANNY What’s the special occasion? MARTIN I’ll have you know that after today, our lives will be changed forever. DANNY That’s quite a statement. MARTIN A few computer simulations here and there and I will turn the scientific world on it’s ear. DANNY A couple of pieces of toast would turn this breakfast on its ear. Danny takes a bite of his breakfast. MARTIN That one is still eluding me, but it’s the next best thing. DANNY Do I get any clues? MARTIN I’ll be home early and we’ll talk about it over a celebratory dinner. DANNY I don’t know if I can stand the suspense. MARTIN What are you doing today? DANNY I’m giving those guys one last chance and if I can’t get them to keep their focus, I’m going to cut them loose and do what you said. I’ll find a new band. MARTIN Sounds like a big day for both of us. Good luck with that. DANNY You too. You eating anything?


MARTIN Go to run, but I’ll grab something on the way to work. Martin taps Danny on the shoulder. MARTIN (CONT’D) Whatever happens today, I have faith in you that you’ll do the right thing. DANNY Thanks, Dad. I hope everything goes well for you, too. MARTIN Talk to you, tonight. DANNY Don’t blow up the world. Martin laughs and exits the kitchen. Danny goes back to his breakfast.

INT: MARTIN’S WORK ROOM - MORNING Danny enters Martin’s makeshift lab. The room has a lot of electronic equipment lying around on a long table and Martin’s desk. DANNY Now, let’s see, where would Dad keep his needle-nosed pliers? Danny walks up a large standing cabinet and tries to open it. The cabinet is locked. Danny walks over to Martin’s desk and starts to look through the drawers. After moving some papers aside, he finds music sheets with notes on them. DANNY (CONT’D) Dad’s writing music? He takes them out of the desk and starts looking at them. DANNY (CONT’D) God, this is terrible.


Danny puts the sheet music back and closes the drawer. He goes over the long table. He looks at the toaster taken apart. DANNY (CONT’D) You’re not looking too well. I’m glad Dad’s not a brain surgeon.

He finds the pliers and grabs them. Danny exits the work room.

INT: MARTIN’S WORK LABORATORY - DAY Martin is watching his computer screen as a simulation is taking place. He smiles as he watches. KAREN LARKIN, 21, walks up to Martin. She is carrying some files. KAREN Here are the computation you wanted, Dr. Weston. MARTIN Thank you, Karen. How did they come out? KAREN Not really sure why you wanted to figure out these variables with the equations you wanted to implement, but all the numbers check out. MARTIN I’ll take a look at them in a minute. Thank you. KAREN You’re not going to tell me are you? MARTIN I really would love to since you did all that work, but I have to have my little secrets. KAREN I understand. They exchange smiles and Karen exits.


DR. THOMAS KRESSLY, 54, walks up to him. Martin, seeing the approach of Dr. Kressly, hits the escape key on his keyboard. His computer screen goes blank. DR. KRESSLY Martin, what are you looking so happy about? Nothing. MARTIN

Dr. Kressly looks over at Martin’s monitor. DR. KRESSLY You seemed highly engrossed in whatever you were watching. You were on one of those... sites that.. MARTIN Thomas, come on. You know me better than that. I got an e-mail from my ex-wife. I found it kind of funny. DR. KRESSLY You two aren’t getting back together again, are you? MARTIN Not anytime in the near future. DR. KRESSLY I’ll need your outline on what you’re going to present to our board members next week. MARTIN I’ll have it to you by the time I go home tonight. DR. KRESSLY I can’t wait to see it. They’ve been a little edgy after the last quarterly report and the stocks are dropping a little. You know how the money guys are. MARTIN I’m sure they’ll be quite happy with the progress we’ve made on the Beta Project.


DR. KRESSLY I hope so, or we’ll be back teaching college physics to a group of kids that would be happy to replace us.

EXT: MARTIN’S WORK PARKING LOT - NIGHT Karen walks out to her car after a long night at work. She sees Martin’s car in the parking lot. She walks over to the left side of Martin’s car and screams.

INT: GARAGE - NIGHT Danny and his band members are really playing together. DANNY That’s the way! They end their song. Danny has a big smile on his face. DANNY (CONT’D) That’s how I want to hear you guys play. PAUL I thought it sounded great. JACK Just ten more songs like that and we’ll have an album. FREDDY What’s next. Danny feels his cell phone vibrating in his pocket. He takes his guitar off his shoulders and places it in its stand. He digs out his cell phone and answers it. DANNY Hello? Yes, this is Danny Weston. What? When did this happen? I’ll be right there. Danny closes his phone and sits down with a shocked look on his place.


FREDDY Who was that? DANNY It was the hospital. My dad’s been shot.

INT: HOSPITAL - NIGHT Danny rushes up to the hospital front desk. Freddy, Jack and Paul walk in behind him. A NURSE is at the reception desk. DANNY My name is Danny Weston. I got a call from you saying my father’s been shot. NURSE What is his name? DANNY Martin. Martin Weston. NURSE One moment. The nurse picks up her phone and dials a number. NURSE (CONT’D) Danny Weston is here asking about his father, Martin Weston. I’ll tell him. The nurse hangs up the phone. DANNY Is he okay? NURSE The doctor will be down to talk to you. DANNY But is he alright?! NURSE He’ll be right down. Just have a seat. Danny turns away from the desk.


FREDDY What’s the word? DANNY I can’t get an answer. She said the doc will be down to talk to me. JACK Come on, man. He’ll be fine. DANNY If was fine, why couldn’t she tell me? Danny walks over to some chairs with his friends. They sit down with him. From the side wall, DETECTIVES BRYCE HUNTER, 35, and KEN LARSON, 31, walk up to him. HUNTER Daniel Weston? Yes? DANNY

HUNTER I’m Detective Hunter and this is my partner, Detective Larson. We’re investigating the shooting of your father. Danny stands from his chair. DANNY What happened? LARSON As far as we can tell it was a car jacking in the parking lot of his office. HUNTER We think that the carjacker surprised your father. There was a struggle and he was shot. DANNY Did you get the guy? HUNTER Not at this time. He must have freaked out after he shot your father and took off on foot. (MORE)

17. HUNTER (CONT'D) We have seven units combing the street for him right now.

DANNY I don’t believe this. His car wasn’t even that new. DOCTOR HENRY THOMPSON, 48, walks up to Danny. DANNY (CONT’D) Are you the doctor that’s been working on my dad? How is he? THOMPSON I’m afraid I have some bad news. Your father’s injuries were very serious. I’m sorry, but we lost him. Danny looks like he is about faint when Jack and Paul quickly leave their seats and catch him. Danny starts to cry as Jack and Paul gently put him back in his chair. DANNY I can’t ... I can’t. HUNTER I’m sorry for your loss, Mr. Weston. I assure you we’ll do everything to make sure that we catch his killer. Danny looks at Hunter with tears falling down his face. DANNY You do that, Detective Hunter. You do that. Danny slowly stands. DANNY (CONT’D) Doctor, can I see my father now. Of course. THOMPSON

FREDDY You want us to come with you? DANNY You guys stay here. I’ll be right back.


Danny walks off with the doctor leaving the cops and his friends concerned.

INT: LIMOUSINE - DAY Danny is dressed in a black suit, wearing sunglasses and sitting in the back seat as the funeral procession follows behind him. Sitting next to him is his mother, REBECCA WESTON, 38. She is also dressed in black. REBECCA You haven’t said a word in the last two hours. DANNY I’ve got nothing to say. Thanks for flying out for the funeral. I had to. Why? REBECCA DANNY

REBECCA Because I loved your father. DANNY You didn’t love him enough to forgive him. REBECCA That’s not fair, Danny. Your father broke my heart. I had a hard time trying to find forgiveness. Though right now, the whole thing seems so stupid. DANNY Maybe if you had forgiven him, you two would be together and he didn’t feel like he had to bury himself in his work. REBECCA You’re blaming me for what happened to your father? DANNY No, of course not. I’m sorry, Mom. I didn’t mean it. I just wish...


REBECCA You could have done something? DANNY Something! What if I stayed home that night? Or we went to a movie? Then dad wouldn’t have been at work! REBECCA You can’t blame yourself either. You can’t second guess fate. Just know in your heart that he loved you and you loved him. DANNY It’s not fair! REBECCA Life is always fair. We have to face each challenge with courage and.. Rebecca starts to cry. Danny hugs his mother as they continue their journey to the cemetery.

INT: DANNY’S LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Danny is at the front door as he says goodbye to his last guest, Dr. Kressly. DR. KRESSLY Once again, I’m sorry about what happened. You’re father was a good friend and colleague. DANNY Thanks Dr. Kressly. DR. KRESSLY If you need anything, you just let me know. DANNY I will. Thanks. He closes the door behind him. He walks into the living room and takes off his tie as he sits in his father’s favorite chair. Rebecca exits the kitchen with two cups of coffee. She hands one to Danny.


DANNY (CONT’D) Thanks Mom. Rebecca sits on the couch. REBECCA How are you feeling? DANNY I always knew this day would come some day, but I figured it would be after he had a chance to have some grandchildren sit on his lap. I never thought this day would come so soon. Danny runs his hands along the arms of the chair. DANNY (CONT’D) He really loved this old chair. REBECCA I remember when I bought it for him. At first he complained about it everyday. Once he broke it in, I couldn’t get him out of it. It was the one thing he wanted to keep in the divorce settlement. DANNY I’m surprised you didn’t fight harder for it. They both share a strained giggle. REBECCA Have you figured out what you’re going to do now? DANNY I have to talk to his lawyer and settle the estate. REBECCA And after that? DANNY I don’t know. Maybe try and get the album finished. REBECCA You can always come back with me.


DANNY Back to Montana? I don’t know. REBECCA You know I would love to be with you. DANNY Why couldn’t you come and live with me? REBECCA I think I would be just as unhappy in Los Angeles as you would be in Montana. DANNY I can’t think about this right now. REBECCA I’m not going to pressure you. DANNY When do you have to be back? REBECCA My flight takes off tomorrow, but I can stay on a few more days if you need me. DANNY No. I’ll be alright. I think I need to be alone right now. Rebecca stands up. REBECCA I guess I should get started on the dishes. Danny stands up. Mom? DANNY

Rebecca looks at her son. Danny hugs her tight to him. DANNY (CONT’D) I love you so much. REBECCA I love you, too.


DANNY I never got to tell Dad that when he went to work. I want to make sure I tell you. REBECCA You can still tell him. He’ll hear you.

INT: GARAGE Danny, Jack, Freddy and Paul are back playing. Danny is not paying attention. Everyone stops. FREDDY You okay, Danny? DANNY I wish everyone would stop asking me that. JACK It’s only been three weeks since, you know. PAUL You can’t expect to just come back like nothing happened. DANNY There’s nothing I can do about the past. Moving forward and playing music is the only thing I care about. JACK So how come you’re not playing anything? DANNY What’s that supposed to mean? All you guys wanted to do was to get fucked up. I was the one that kicked you in the ass to start playing like a band. JACK Don’t be getting all holier than thou shit on me. Jack and Danny approach each other. Freddy steps in the way.


FREDDY That’s enough! Both of you! Danny takes a moment and calms down. DANNY I’m sorry, Jack. JACK Dude, with what you’ve been through, I should be more sensitive. DANNY That might kill you. They all share a smile. DANNY (CONT’D) I’m sorry guys. I thought playing would make me forget what’s happened but... PAUL No need to explain. DANNY I guess I’ll be heading home. I’m no good to anyone right now. PAUL You’re still our leader. DANNY I’m just not in the right head space to lead right now. Danny begins to pack up his things. FREDDY You want some company tonight? No. DANNY

Danny exits the garage. Bye. PAUL

FREDDY That dude’s hurting.


PAUL You think he’ll be okay by himself? FREDDY I don’t know. Maybe we should do something. JACK Well, I don’t feel like going to another funeral. PAUL What does that mean? FREDDY It means we should pack up this place and go see if we can help him through this.

INT: DANNY’S LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Danny is sitting in hid father’s favorite chair with a small case on his lap. A picture of his father sits on a small round table next to the chair. Danny open the case. Inside the case is a small caliber gun and six bullets. Danny takes out the gun and looks at it. He throws the case on the floor. He opens the chamber and starts to load the bullets into it. He spins the chamber and then slaps it back into the gun. He takes a few deep breaths when he hears a knock on his front door. With slight panic, he rises out of the chair and quickly hides the gun under one of the couch cushions. As he walks to the door, he sees the case and kicks it under the couch. The knocking on the door becomes louder. Danny walks over and opens the door. TWO MASKED MEN enter the house. They quickly shut the door behind them. Masked Man One grabs Danny by the shirt and slams him up against the wall. DANNY What do you want?! Shut up! MASKED MAN ONE


Masked Man Two checks outside through the closed curtains on the windows. MASKED MAN TWO It looks clear. Masked Man One slams Danny against the wall again. MASKED MAN ONE Okay kid, where is it? DANNY Where is what? MASKED MAN TWO Look at him talking like he don’t know. MASKED MAN ONE Don’t play us. DANNY Look, if it’s money you want, I don’t have any. My lawyer said it’ll be another two weeks before I get the first insurance payment. MASKED MAN ONE Don’t give us that shit. We want the thing. DANNY What thing? MASKED MAN ONE The thing your dad was working on. DANNY What do you guys want our toaster for? Masked Man One punches Danny to the floor. DANNY (CONT’D) Now hold on a second! I swear I don’t know what you’re talking about, but maybe it’s in his work room. Masked Man Two picks Danny up off the floor. MASKED MAN TWO Why don’t you show us then.


INT: POLICE STATION, SQUAD ROOM - NIGHT Detective Hunter is sitting at his desk across from Larson who is sitting at his desk. A LAB ASSISTANT, 24, from the forensic lab walks up to them. He is carrying an envelope and a clip board. LAB ASSISTANT Detective Hunter? Yes? HUNTER

LAB ASSISTANT Dr. Carver said you guys can give this stuff back to the Weston boy. It came up clean. LARSON Was Carver able to get anything we can use? LAB ASSISTANT Nothing yet. I’m sorry. HUNTER It’s not your fault, kid. The Lab Assistant hands Hunter the envelope then hands him the clip board. LAB ASSISTANT I need you to sign for this. Hunter takes the clipboard and signs his name to the invoice. LAB ASSISTANT (CONT’D) Thank you sir. The Lab Assistant exits. LARSON I’ll give the kid a call tomorrow. HUNTER I feel bad making him come all the way down here and we don’t have any news for him. LARSON You want me to make something up?


HUNTER No. I mean I drive by close to his place on my way home. I’ll bring it to him. LARSON That ain’t our job, Bryce. HUNTER We can show a little heart from time to time. LARSON Suit yourself. HUNTER You need a ride home? LARSON I’ve got some things to finish up here. I’ll catch a ride with Jerry. HUNTER See ya tomorrow. Hunter grabs the envelope and his coat slung over his chair and exits the squad room.

INT: MARTIN’S WORK ROOM - NIGHT The masked men viciously throw Danny into Martin’s work room. He falls on the floor as they quickly look around throwing things in all directions. Masked Man One walks up to the large cabinet and tries to open it. MASKED MAN ONE Where’s the God damn key to this thing? DANNY I don’t know. Masked Man One pulls a gun out from under his shirt and aims it at Danny’s head. MASKED MAN ONE Your next answer better help me open that cabinet. DANNY Kiss my ass!


Masked Man One is about to hit Danny with his gun then thinks for a moment. He turns around and aims his gun at the cabinet. Masked Man Two stops him. MASKED MAN TWO What are you doing? What if you damage it?

INT: DANNY’S LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Freddy, Jack and Paul enter the house. JACK Guy leaves his front door open. FREDDY Hey Danny! Where are you?!

INT: MARTIN’S WORK ROOM - NIGHT The two men hear Freddy yelling in the house. Masked Man two pulls his gun from under his shirt. Masked Man One pulls Danny to his feet by his shirt. MASKED MAN TWO Who the hell is that? DANNY They’re just friends of mine. Leave them alone. MASKED MAN ONE Go check it out. Masked Man Two exits the work room.

INT: DANNY’S LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Masked Man Two come up from behind, Freddy, Paul and Jack. MASKED MAN TWO You three! Don’t move a muscle. JACK Who the hell are you?


INT: MARTIN’S WORK ROOM - NIGHT Masked Man One is getting impatient. He turns his head toward the door. MASKED MAN ONE You got everything under control out there? While he’s distracted, Danny reaches over and grabs the toaster off the long table and swings it into the head of Masked Man One. Masked Man One falls backwards into Martin’s desk. Danny runs for the door. Masked Man One fires a shot at Danny and misses.

INT: DANNY’S LIVING ROOM - NIGHT The sound of the gunfire distracts Masked Man Two. Jack leaps on him and grabs his gun arm. Paul jumps on him and helps Jack. Danny enters the living room. FREDDY Danny! What the hell is going on here?! Masked man Two pulls his arm down and fires. The bullet hits Freddy in the chest and he falls to the floor. Danny dives into the living room as Jack and Paul let go of Masked Man Two. Danny reaches under the couch cushion and pulls out his Dad’s gun. He fires a round into the chest of Masked Man Two as Masked Man One enters the living room. Jack and Paul duck for cover as Danny fires another round at Masked Man One. Masked Man One fires back and runs out the front door.

EXT: DANNY’S HOUSE - NIGHT Masked Man One runs down the walk.


HUNTER (O.S.) Freeze! Police! Masked man One turns and sees Hunter aiming his gun at him. He aims his gun at Hunter and is killed by two shots from Hunter’s gun.

INT: DANNY’S LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Detective Hunter enters the house to see Paul sitting on the floor in a state of shock while Jack is doing CPR on Freddy. JACK Danny, God damn it, call 911. Danny is standing over Masked Man Two still aiming his gun at him. Detective Hunter calmly walks up to Danny. HUNTER Danny. It’s Detective Hunter. It’s over now. Hunter gently takes the gun out of Danny’s hand. He puts it in his pocket and holsters his gun in side his jacket. He takes off his jacket and kneels down to Jack and Freddy. HUNTER (CONT’D) Here, let me do that. Jack backs away as Hunter takes over. HUNTER (CONT’D) Call 911 and tell them there was an officer involved shooting. Requesting back up and an ambulance. You got that? Yeah. Go then. JACK HUNTER

Jack pulls out his cell phone and dials the number as he looks at his dazed friends and Hunter frantically trying to save Freddy.


EXT: DANNY’S HOUSE - LATER Danny watches as the ambulance paramedics load the dead bodies of the two masked men and Freddy into the back. He closes his eyes tight as the door shuts. Detective Hunter walks over to him with the envelope. HUNTER You have any idea what those guys wanted? DANNY They never said. HUNTER They had to be looking for something. If it was just a home invasion, they just would have shot you and ransacked the house. DANNY I told you they never said what they were looking for! HUNTER Take it easy, Danny. I’m on your side, remember? DANNY What have you found out about my father’s killer? HUNTER This could be a clue that opens a lot of doors. DANNY You think those guys are related to who killed my father? HUNTER One of them might have been the trigger man. We’ll find out who they are and run a background check on them. It would help if you told me everything. DANNY I did. At least I think I did. Jesus Christ one of my friends got killed tonight. How much longer are you guys going to be?


Larson pulls up in his car and gets out. He walks up to Hunter. LARSON I got here as soon as I heard. HUNTER You missed all the fun. Danny, I’ll try and wrap this up as soon as I can so you can get some sleep. DANNY Thank you. If I think of anything, I’ll give you a call. Here. HUNTER

Hunter hands Danny the envelope. HUNTER (CONT’D) I was on my way over here to give you this. It’s some personal affects of your dad’s. Thank you. DANNY

Hunter and Larson walk away. LARSON I can’t leave you alone to do a simple job. Danny watches the ambulance drive away as Jack and Paul walk up to him. Jack places his hand on Danny’s shoulder. DANNY I’ll call his mom and tell her what happened. JACK I’ll call her. You’ve been through enough. DANNY Thanks Jack. JACK To think he came over here tonight to try and cheer you up.


INT: DANNY’S BEDROOM - MORNING Danny is lying on his bed talking on his cell phone to his mother. DANNY Yes, Mom, I have to talk to the lawyer today and then I’ll call you and tell you what he said. I know Mom. I will. I promise. I love you too. Good bye. Danny closes his phone and puts it on his night table. He gets out of bed and starts to get out of his pajamas.

INT: BATHROOM - MORNING Danny is taking a shower. He lets the stream of water cascade down his face as he tries to relax.

INT: DANNY’S BEDROOM - MORNING Danny, now dressed in jeans is putting a t-shirt on. After he pops his head through the neck hole, he notices the envelope that Detective Hunter gave him. He picks up the envelope and sits on his bed. It takes him a moment before he can finally open the envelope. He tears off the top and dumps the contents onto his bed. He picks up his father’s watch and looks at it for a moment before he puts it on around his left wrist. He looks at his clock and makes sure the time is the same. Danny picks up his father’s wallet. He opens it up and looks at his father’s picture on his driver’s licence. A small tear rolls from his eye and is quickly wiped away. He picks up his father’s key chain and looks at the keys. He notices a very small key and thinks about it for a moment.

INT: MARTIN’S WORK ROOM - DAY Danny enters the his father’s work room and walks over to the big cabinet. He takes the key from his father’s key chain and inserts it into the key hole. The key opens the cabinet door.


Opening the door, he looks into the cabinet and sees a long case. He takes the case out of the cabinet, walks over to the long table and places the case on the table. He puts his thumbs on the latch releases and pushes them to the side. The catches fling open. He lifts the top of the case open. Inside the case is a modified guitar. It have strings of different lengths stretched from the neck to the bridge on the body. There is no headstock or tuning keys. Two thin metal plates flank each side of the strings. There is a switch and two small knobs on the body of the guitar. Danny takes the guitar out of the box. DANNY What the hell is this? Looks my old Gibson Les Paul. Danny looks into the case and finds a very thick guitar strap. The ends of the strap are plugs that fit into ports on the neck and body. Danny connects the strap and places it over his head. He strums the strings. DANNY (CONT’D) This thing is totally out of tune. Danny looks over the guitar but doesn’t see any tuning keys. He does notice the switch on the front. He hits the switch up. The guitar begins to hum. He tries to play a string but receives an electrical shock. DANNY (CONT’D) Son of a bitch. How the hell do you play this thing? Danny looks into the case and finds a guitar pick. It’s thicker than a normal pick and made of a material that puzzles him. DANNY (CONT’D) Never saw a pick like this before. Danny takes the pick and hits the first string. The room begins to get blurry to Danny. He almost loses his balance. He turns off the switch and takes the guitar off from around his neck. He places it back into the case. Danny’s cell phone rings from the pocket in his jeans. He takes the cell phone out of his pocket and answers it.


DANNY (CONT’D) Hello? Now what, Mom? What do you mean? You just talked to me about an hour ago. Danny looks at his watch. DANNY (CONT’D) No, Mom. It’s nine forty-five. Eight thirty? That’s just the time zone difference. You’re an hour ahead of me? That’s right. You are. Danny looks around the work room and sees a digital clock in the corner of the room. The clock reads 8:35 AM. Danny has a concerned and confused look on his face. DANNY (CONT’D) Yes, Mom, I’ll talk to the lawyer and give you a call. Love ya. Danny quickly closes his phone and puts it back in his pocket as he exits the work room.

INT: DANNY’S KITCHEN - MORNING Danny races into the kitchen and looks at the wall clock. It reads the same time as the work room clock.

INT: DANNY’S LIVING ROOM - MORNING Danny enters the living room and looks at the clock over the fireplace. It reads the same time as the other two clocks. DANNY This is impossible.

INT: MARTIN’S OFFICE - MORNING Danny enters his dad’s office and starts rummaging through his papers. He frantically searches for something he doesn’t know what he looking for. He goes to his dad’s wall safe and opens it up.


After pulling out some files, he finds a sealed 11 x 15 envelope. He bring it over to his dad’s desk and opens it up. He sits down and starts to read the contents. DANNY (V.O.) Physicists have long puzzled over the fact that two distinct "arrows of time" both point in the same direction. In the expanding Universe at large, the future is the direction of time in which galaxies are further apart. Observations of the cosmic microwave background radiation show that the Universe emerged from the Big Bang in a very smooth and uniform state. This rules out the time-symmetric solutions. The implication is that even if the present expansion of the Universe does reverse, time will not run backwards. DISSOLVE TO: Danny continues to read his dad’s papers. DANNY (V.O.) (CONT’D) It consists of two chambers, each containing two parallel metal plates. The intense electric fields created between each pair of plates rips the fabric of space-time, creating a hole in space that links the two chambers. DISSOLVE TO: Danny continues to read his dad’s papers. The clock in his dad’s office shows two hours have gone by. DANNY (V.O.) (CONT’D) String theory is a developing theory in particle physics which attempts to reconcile quantum mechanics and general relativity. String theory posits that the electrons and quarks within an atom are not 0-dimensional objects, but rather 1-dimensional oscillating lines or strings, possessing only the dimension of length, but not height or width. (MORE)

37. DANNY (V.O.) (CONT’D) The theory poses that these strings can vibrate, thus giving the observed particles their flavor, charge, mass and spin. String theories also require the existence of several extra, unobservable, dimensions to the universe, in addition to the usual three spatial dimensions height, width, and length, and the fourth dimension of time. M theory, for example, requires that spacetime have eleven dimensions.

The clock in his dad’s office now show that five hours have passed. DANNY (CONT’D) Jesus, Dad built a time machine out of one of my old guitars!

INT: MARTIN’S WORK ROOM - NIGHT Danny looks through some papers in the long cabinet until he finds what he is looking for. He spreads the papers over the long table. They are directions for using the time machine. DANNY Okay, the two knobs on the guitar set the time vibrations to where you want to go. The first one sets the number and the second one sets the days, week or years you want to go back. I can go back in time and save my dad’s life. Danny puts the strap of the time guitar around his neck. DANNY (CONT’D) Dad was killed three weeks ago. He turns the first knob to 3 and turns the next knob to the “weeks” position. Danny looks at the directions again. DANNY (CONT’D) To go in time in the subject’s dimension, The subject’s dimension? I hope I don’t wind up on some strange planet. Play the strings in this sequence.


Danny takes the pick and starts to pluck the strings in accordance with the diagram. Danny’s surroundings begin to get blurry as he watches the room change as the it was changed in the past. He can see the two masked men pushing him around. He can see his father working on the guitar. The room begins to return into focus. Danny staggers a little. Aside from a few changes, nothing seems different. Danny looks at his watch. The time has only changed a few minutes. DANNY (CONT’D) Dad? Are you home? His cell phone begins to ring in his pocket. He reaches in and answers it. DANNY (CONT’D) Hello? Freddy? You’re alive! Never mind. Yeah, I’m not going to be able to make it tonight. My dad needs me. I’ve got to go. I’ll call you tomorrow. Danny closes his phone and takes the guitar from around his neck. He puts the guitar back in it’s case and places it back into the long cabinet. Danny runs out of the work room.

INT: DANNY’S CAR - NIGHT Danny is driving to Martin’s work. He looks at his watch. DANNY Got plenty of time. The cops said he was shot around 9:30.

EXT: CITY STREET - NIGHT Danny’s car turn onto another street only to find a traffic jam.


INT: DANNY’S CAR - NIGHT Danny breaks his car and tries to see what is holding up the traffic. All he can see are the glow of flashing lights. DANNY You’ve got to be shitting me. Danny puts his car in park and exits.

EXT: CITY STREET - NIGHT Danny leaves his car and walks up to the stoppage. He can see a massive four car accident. There are police vehicles and fire engines parked all over the road. Danny runs back to his car and gets in.

INT: DANNY’S CAR - NIGHT Danny puts his car into reverse and tries to back out of the street. Another car is behind him. He honks his horn. DANNY Come on, you loser, back up! The car does not move. DANNY (CONT’D) I don’t have time for this!

EXT: CITY STREET - NIGHT Danny exists his car and walks up to the car behind him. DANNY Move this piece of shit you... The driver of the car exist and Danny can see that the driver is a huge MAN with a bald head and tatoos. DANNY (CONT’D) Never mind. Danny gets back into his car.


MAN (Gently) I only wanted to tell him that I’m blocked in too.

INT: DANNY’S CAR - NIGHT Danny can see the huge man in his rearview mirror. Danny puts his car in drive.

EXT: CITY STREET - NIGHT Danny drives his car onto the sidewalk and starts driving towards the accident. Pedestrians jump out of his way as he makes his way around the accident. The cops on the scene see Danny’s car coming around them from the sidewalk. One cop tries to stop him but has to jump out of the way as Danny drives off the sidewalk and back onto the street. The cop tries to get his license plate number but has to return to the accident to help out.

INT: DANNY’S CAR - NIGHT Danny looks into his rear view mirror to see if any of the cops are following him. Seeing that he’s in the clear, he looks at his watch. DANNY Fifteen minutes, plenty of time. As Danny looks up, he sees a homeless man with a shopping cart full of junk crossing the street. DANNY (CONT’D) Jesus Christ!


EXT: CITY STREET - NIGHT Danny veers his car and while he misses the homeless man, he crashes into his shopping cart. The shopping cart is now wedged under his front grill sparking on the road as Danny continues to drive. A patrol car passes him in the opposite lane and does a Uturn to follow Danny.

INT: DANNY’S CAR - NIGHT Danny sees that he now has a patrol car following him. DANNY This is just great. Wait maybe this is great.

EXT: CITY STREET - NIGHT Danny continues to drive with the sparking shopping cart and the pursuing patrol car.

INT: MARTIN’S WORK LABORATORY - NIGHT Martin is putting on his coat when Karen walks around the corner. KAREN Leaving early today? MARTIN Very funny. What about you? Don’t you have anywhere to go? KAREN Staying in tonight. MARTIN You should meet my son, Danny. KAREN Dr. Weston, are you trying to fix me up?


MARTIN More like the other way around. Give it some thought. KAREN I will. You have a good night. You too. MARTIN

EXT: MARTIN’S WORK PARKING LOT - NIGHT Martin walks out to his car in the big parking lot outside his building. There are only a few cars scattered about in the lot. From the far side of the lot, a shadowed figure watches Martin walk to his car. Martin reaches his car and takes out his keys to unlock the car door. The shadowed figure moves slowly towards Martin. Martin unlocks his door and open the car door when he hears the sound of screeching tires. He looks over to the parking lot entrance. Danny’s car comes screaming around the corner. The shopping dislodges as he hits a speed bump and crashes through the wooded arm of the gate. The patrol car is close behind him. Danny skids his car to a halt as Martin’s eyes widen with surprise. The shadowed figure turns and walks away from Martin. Danny exits his car as the patrol car comes to a stop next to them. Danny runs over and hugs his father. DANNY Dad! I made it! Thank God I made it! MARTIN Danny! Have you lost your mind? The POLICE OFFICER, 32, exits his car. He grabs Danny and throws him against the trunk of his car.


POLICE OFFICER Spread your legs! The police officer kicks Danny’s feet apart as he reaches for his handcuffs. He cuffs Danny’s wrist behind his back. MARTIN Officer wait. That’s my son. POLICE OFFICER You’re son just nearly killed a man and was driving like a manic for the last seven miles through crowded city streets. MARTIN Danny! What’s all this about? Karen exits the building and walks up to the commotion in the parking lot. KAREN Dr. Weston? Are you okay? MARTIN I was until a minute ago. (Turns to Danny) What’s this all about? DANNY I... I... just wanted to remind you to bring home some milk. The police officer grabs Danny up from the trunk and starts to walk him over to his patrol car. MARTIN Karen, that’s my son, Danny. DANNY Pleased to meet you. Hi. KAREN

The police officer helps Danny into the back of the patrol car. The shadowed figure watches from a safe distance.


INT: POLICE STATION - NIGHT The Police officer escorts Danny to the booking desk when Detectives Larson and Hunter walk past him. DANNY Hey Detective Hunter. How’s it going? Hunter looks confused as he and Larson walk past Danny. HUNTER Do you know that kid? LARSON Never seen him. Danny watches them leaves and breaks out in a smile.

INT: MARTIN’S CAR - NIGHT Martin has bailed out Danny and is driving him home. Danny looks behind them to see if they are being followed. DANNY So how was work tonight? MARTIN Don’t try and change the subject. Are you on drugs or something? You know what kind of mess I’m in? Not only do you have a court appearance to explain your behavior, but I’m going to have to pay for the security gate you drove through. Danny looks behind them again. DANNY And get my car out of the impound. MARTIN That too. Well, do you have any kind of reasoning behind your actions tonight? DANNY (Still looking behind them) I think it’s better if we talk when we get home.


MARTIN Who the hell are you looking for back there? DANNY I was hoping you could tell me.

INT: DANNY’S LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Danny and Martin enter the house. Danny locks the door behind them. Martin walks over to the light switch. DANNY No. Don’t turn on the lights and get away from the windows. Danny runs over to one of the windows and peeks through the curtains. MARTIN What the hell is the matter with you? Danny walks over to his father. DANNY You were shot. When? MARTIN

DANNY Today about an hour ago. MARTIN I don’t understand. I used it. Used what? DANNY MARTIN

DANNY Your time guitar or machine or whatever you call it. Martin’s eyes goes wide. MARTIN How did you know about that?


DANNY It’s a long story. DISSOLVE TO:

INT: DANNY’S LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Martin is sitting on his chair with his hands over his head. Danny is sitting on the couch. Martin composes himself. MARTIN This is incredible. No one knew I was working on this, How far back in time did you travel? DANNY About three weeks. MARTIN I’ve only tested it for mere minutes. DANNY I don’t know how it works but it does. MARTIN Which is why I’m alive now. DANNY How does it work, dad? MARTIN It all has to do with vibrations. Every level of existence lies along a certain vibration, a wavelength of perception. The machine creates a mini- gravitational anomaly or wormhole, if you will and sends the controller through the wormhole. The problem is that the targeting controls aren’t precise enough yet. You’re lucky you didn’t end up in deep space or another dimension of existence. DANNY I had to try and save you.


MARTIN Since I didn’t take the trip with you, I have no idea if what you went through is real or if you’ve lost your mind. DANNY You’ve known me all your life. Do you really think I would make this up? The important thing is that someone or group wants your invention and they’ll kill anyone that stands in their way. MARTIN When did you say the next attack was? DANNY About two weeks after your funeral. MARTIN Assuming that you are telling me the truth, whoever killed me tonight obviously failed in his attempt. Which means the plan he made back then have altered. DANNY What do we do? MARTIN I’m not sure. We don’t know who attacked me, but we can assume that he doesn’t know what you know. DANNY I wish you invented a crystal ball instead of a time machine. MARTIN That was my next project. Right now we need to get out of here. DANNY Where are we going to go? MARTIN Somewhere that no one will find us. DANNY I’m at a loss.


MARTIN When’s the last time you visited your mother? DANNY You forget, I have a court date. MARTIN When this is all over and we have our answers, I’ll fix it. Suddenly there is a knock on their front door. Danny peeks out of a window. DANNY It’s that girl from the parking lot. MARTIN Karen? What is she doing here? Martin walks over to the front door and opens it. Karen. MARTIN (CONT’D)

KAREN Hi Dr. Weston. I was worried about you so I stopped by to see how you were. MARTIN That was very thoughtful of you, but I’m a little busy right now. Maybe we can talk about this tomorrow. Martin can see a car with it’s lights off slowly pulling to a stop down the road. MARTIN (CONT’D) On second thought, why don’t you come in? Martin grabs Karen’s arm and pulls her into the house. He quickly shuts the door behind him. KAREN How come it’s so dark in here? MARTIN Shh. Danny, eleven o’clock. Dark sedan.


Danny watches the car from his window. DANNY I don’t know what car they came in. Danny watches as two men get out of the car. He recognizes one of the men. DANNY (CONT’D) Looks like they’re moving their agenda up. That’s the guy that shot Freddy. I mean would have.. MARTIN No time for figuring out tenses. Come on. KAREN What’s going on here? MARTIN I’ll tell you later. Right now you have to come with us. Danny, what was they’re plan of attack? DANNY They came in through the front door. MARTIN Then we do the opposite. Go get the guitar and let’s get out of here. KAREN What’s so big about a guitar?

EXT: DANNY’S HOUSE - NIGHT The two men walk up to the front door. The pull masks over their faces and knock on the door. After they receive no answer, they kick the door in and enter the house.

INT: DANNY’S LIVING ROOM - NIGHT The two men quickly look around the living room. MASKED MAN ONE Where the hell is everyone?


MASKED MAN TWO We just saw him at the door.

EXT: DANNY’S HOUSE - NIGHT Martin, Karen and Danny sneak around the side of their house and run for Martin’s car.

INT: MARTIN’S WORK ROOM - NIGHT The two masked men enter Martin’s work room. As the clear the door, Masked Man One breaks a thin string along the floor.

EXT: DANNY’S HOUSE - NIGHT As Martin gets into the driver side of his car, Karen in the passenger side and Danny in the back seat, they see a small explosion coming from Martin’s work room. Dad? DANNY

MARTIN That should slow them down.

INT: MARTIN’S WORK ROOM - NIGHT The work room has been destroyed. The two masked men lie on the floor shaking debris off their heads.

EXT: DANNY’S HOUSE - NIGHT Martin starts the car and backs it out of the driveway. He backs the car into the front end of the assailant’s car as the two masked men exit the house. As Martin puts the car into drive and steps on the gas, the two masked men open fire on Martin’s car.


Their bullets impact on the chassis of the car as martin drives off down the road. The two masked men run to their car and enter. They start it up and begin to chase after Martin’s car.

INT: MARTIN’S CAR - NIGHT Martin is driving quickly through the streets. Danny is looking behind them when he see their pursuers turning onto the street they’re on. DANNY They’re right behind us! KAREN Those guys shot at you! MARTIN Yes, which means we have to lose them somehow.

EXT: CITY STREET - NIGHT Martin drives through the neighborhood streets. The masked men are close behind them. Masked Man Two opens his window and tries to fire his gun at them. The bullets impact on Martin’s car.

INT: MARTIN’S CAR - NIGHT The pursuers’ bullets hit the frame of the car and shatter the back window. MARTIN Everybody stay down. Karen slips down into her seat.


EXT: CITY STREET - NIGHT Martin steers his car onto the entrance ramp of the freeway.

EXT: FREEWAY - NIGHT Martin tries to speed up and drive around the cars on the freeway. The masked Men’s car speed up to catch them.

INT: MARTIN’S CAR - NIGHT Danny watches as they approach them. DANNY They’re gaining on us. MARTIN Should have bought the sports car like you suggested. DANNY No time for regrets now.

EXT: FREEWAY - NIGHT The Masked Men’s car pulls alongside Martin’s car and starts to broadside it. They hit him three times trying to drive them off the road. Martin can see masked Man two taking aim with his gun.

INT: MARTIN’S CAR - NIGHT Martin is trying his best to keep his car under control. He sees a exit ramp in front of him. MARTIN Everyone, hang on! Martin steps on his brake hard.


EXT: FREEWAY - NIGHT Martin’s car stops as the pursuers fly by him as they try to hit him again. They miss and drive across the lane into the a car in the next lane over. They hit the car and it goes off the road. Martin steers his car for the exit ramp and gets off the freeway. The masked Men drive their car off the freeway and down the grass embankment to get off the highway where Martin did.

EXT: CITY STREET - NIGHT Martin swerves onto a busy street dodging cars in front of him. Martin drives by scaffolding in front of a building.

INT: MARTIN’S CAR - NIGHT Martin looks at the scaffolding as he drives by it. MARTIN Danny, take out the guitar. Danny opens the case and takes out the guitar. MARTIN (CONT’D) Turn it on and get the pick. Martin starts to do computations in his head. Danny removes the special pick from the case and turns on the power switch. MARTIN (CONT’D) Set it for two, no three minutes then tell me to hit the scaffolding. DANNY I don’t understand. MARTIN Just do it! Danny sets the knobs on the guitar. It’s done. DANNY


MARTIN Okay hit the first two string when I tell you. Wait, wait, now! Danny hits the first two strings. His vision begins to blur. When his vision clears, he finds himself still in the back seat of car, but can see the scaffolding is now in front of them. DANNY Dad, hit the scaffolding!

EXT: CITY STREET - NIGHT Martin steers his car into the scaffolding taking out the outer supports. As he passes through the structure. The scaffolding begins to fall. The main structure of the scaffolding falls on the following of the masked man.

INT: MARTIN’S CAR - NIGHT Martin looks in his rear view mirror to see the results of his maneuver. MARTIN Great idea, Danny! DANNY I can’t take full credit for it. KAREN Where are we going? Montana. DANNY

KAREN I have to be at work tomorrow. MARTIN I’ll call in for you.


INT: DR. KRESSLY'S HOUSE - NIGHT Dr. Kressly walks up to his ringing phone in a robe. He picks up the receiver. DR. KRESSLY Hello? Martin? Are you sick? I think I can do the presentation, but you know the material more than I do. Well, if you can’t be there, you can’t. I’ll let you know how it goes. Okay, good night. Dr. Kressly hangs up the phone with a concerned look on his face.

EXT: REBECCA’S HOUSE, BOZEMAN, MONTANA - MORNING Rebecca lives on a ranch with a big house, a stable and many acres that stretch out over the countryside. White fences boarder a few pens for horses. Martin pulls into Rebecca’s driveway and stops his car. Martin, Karen and Danny exit the car. DANNY You sure mom’s not going to have a fit with us showing up like this? MARTIN She did want to see you. DANNY Me, yeah, but.. MARTIN I’ll be civil if she is. KAREN It’s a beautiful place. DANNY Do you ride horses? KAREN Never been on one. DANNY If we have time, I’ll give you some lessons.


Rebecca appears in the doorway of her house. She is wearing a house coat. Danny? Hi Mom. REBECCA DANNY

Rebecca runs over and give Danny a big hug. REBECCA What a surprise! It’s so good to see you. DANNY I just saw you a couple of weeks ago. When? REBECCA

DANNY I’m sorry. My mistake. Rebecca breaks her hug with Danny and looks at Martin. REBECCA Hello, Martin. Rebecca. MARTIN

REBECCA What are you doing here? MARTIN I drove. Rebecca, this is Karen, my assistant at work. Karen, this is my ex-wife Rebecca. KAREN It’s nice to meet you. REBECCA Assistant, huh? Yes. MARTIN

Rebecca gives Karen one last look then turns back to Danny. REBECCA Are you hungry?


DANNY I think we all are. REBECCA Well come on in and I’ll fix all of you some breakfast. MARTIN We would also like to clean up. We’ve been driving for two days straight. REBECCA You didn’t stop along the way? DANNY You know how dad loves to drive. Come on, let’s go inside and relax. Danny guides his mother towards the house and they all enter.

INT: PARKING GARAGE - NIGHT The two Masked Men pull into a vacant parking garage and stop their car. They get out of the car unmasked. Dr. Kressly walks up to them from the shadows. DR. KRESSLY You mind telling me what happened? MASKED MAN ONE I don’t know. It was like they were expecting us or something. DR. KRESSLY Perhaps they were. MASKED MAN TWO What are you talking about? DR. KRESSLY Never mind. I have a fix on their position. I need you two to get to Bozeman, Montana as soon as possible. That’s where you’ll find them. MASKED MAN TWO This is going to cost you more.


DR. KRESSLY Why? You failed to do what you were paid for in the first place. Don’t worry. If you succeed, they will be plenty to go around. Just don’t screw it up this time. The cops are suspicious enough with the mess you made downtown. MASKED MAN ONE They don’t know anything. DR. KRESSLY Let’s keep it that way.

INT: REBECCA’S LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Danny and Karen are outside. Martin is sitting on the couch reading a magazine. Rebecca comes downstairs in a lovely dress. REBECCA Did I see you in the stable earlier? MARTIN Just looking at the horses. REBECCA Feel free to take one out for a ride while you’re here. MARTIN Why not? I practically paid for them. What are you all dressed for? REBECCA Not that’s it’s any of your business, but I have a date tonight. MARTIN I didn’t know you were seeing anyone. REBECCA Or cared for that matter. Martin puts down his magazine and stands up.


MARTIN You know that’s not fair. You never want to talk to me. REBECCA I don’t see what you would have to say to me that you couldn’t say to your little friend. MARTIN That was seven years ago. REBECCA And who is Karen. Yet another one of your “lap” assistants? MARTIN Glad to see you’re over with everything. REBECCA You still haven’t explained why you came here? MARTIN I told you, Danny wanted to see you. REBECCA He could have flown up here himself. You sure as hell didn’t have to come along. MARTIN I can’t tell you right now. REBECCA You’re not in some kind of trouble are you? Before Martin can answer, there’s a knock on the door. Rebecca walks over to the door and opens it. Standing outside is a handsome man, HAROLD HYATT, 45. HAROLD Hey Rebecca, you look great. Harold leans over and kisses her. As he breaks from the kiss, he sees Martin standing in the living room. HAROLD (CONT’D) Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you had company.


REBECCA Come on in. Harold enters through the door. Rebecca closes the door behind him. REBECCA (CONT’D) Harold, this is Martin, my exhusband. Harold walks over and extends his hand. Martin. HAROLD

Martin takes his hand and shakes it. MARTIN Harold, pleasure to meet you. HAROLD Rebecca has told you about me? MARTIN Not extensively. HAROLD I hope I didn’t come in at a awkward moment. MARTIN No, nothing like that. Danny, Rebecca’s son, is up here for a visit and I just tagged along to help him with the driving. HAROLD Danny’s here? I would love to meet him. REBECCA He’s out by the stable and we’re going to be late if we hang around much longer, but I’m sure you’ll get to meet him. HAROLD How long are you staying? MARTIN Only a couple of days.


HAROLD I’m sure we’ll have plenty of time to get to know one another. MARTIN I’m looking forward to it. Well, don’t let me hold you up. REBECCA Don’t wait up for us. Martin gives a weal smile as Rebecca takes Harold’s arm and opens the front door. MARTIN I’ll leave the porch light on for you. Thank you. REBECCA

HAROLD It was nice meeting you, Martin. MARTIN See you around. Rebecca and Harold exit shutting the door behind them. Martin scowls. Harold. MARTIN (CONT’D)

INT: STABLE - NIGHT Danny and Karen are walking through the stable looking at the horses. DANNY This is Timber. We used to go out a lot when I would come up here for the Summer. Danny pets the side of Timber’s head. DANNY (CONT’D) Hey boy. You remember me right? KAREN When’s the last time you were here?


DANNY About two years ago. I’ve been working on my music to get up here for a visit. KAREN You’re in a band? DANNY Just got them together about eight months ago. We’re putting together our first album. Danny sits down on a crate. KAREN You already have your mug shot for the press releases. Karen sits down on a crate next to Danny. DANNY Yeah. I’m sorry you saw that. KAREN The first impression is always the most important. DANNY It was memorable. I just want you to know that I’m not always getting into trouble. There were extenuating circumstances involved. I normally like to keep my nose clean. KAREN So much for my fantasy about dating a bad boy. DANNY The trouble with bad boys is they tend to get worse with time. KAREN I did say it was a fantasy. DANNY These past couple of weeks seem like a fantasy. KAREN What exactly is going on?


DANNY I don’t know if I should tell you. It might make you a target. KAREN I’m with you guys. I’m already a target. DANNY You two work together. You never got an idea of what he was working on? KAREN I do random computations for him from time to time. DANNY Time to time. Danny stands up and starts to pace around the stable. KAREN If you don’t walk to about it, I understand. DANNY I would appreciate it. Karen stands up and walks over to Danny. She puts a hand on his shoulder. KAREN I didn’t mean to press you. DANNY It’s not like you tortured me or anything. Danny turns to Karen. DANNY (CONT’D) Looking into your eyes is torture enough. KAREN (Insulted) What’s that supposed to mean? DANNY It’s just that your eyes are so beautiful, it hurts.


KAREN It that a lyric from one of your songs? DANNY It could be. You inspire a lot of thoughts when I look at you. KAREN I’ve never been a muse before. Danny and Karen Move closer together and then share a gentle kiss. DANNY I thought you only liked bad boys. KAREN I have other fantasies. They kiss again but more passionately this time.

EXT: REBECCA’S HOUSE - NIGHT Masked Man One and Masked Man Two are watching the house from a safe distance of being discovered. Masked Man One takes out his cell phone and dials a number. MASKED MAN ONE We found them all in one place. DR. KRESSLY (On phone) Don’t do anything until I get there. Keep me posted if they start to move. MASKED MAN ONE You’re the boss. Masked Man One closes his phone. MASKED MAN TWO You think we’ll get the drop on them this time? MASKED MAN ONE Unless they got a crystal balls, we’ll get them.


INT: REBECCA’S LIVING ROOM - DAY Martin walks down the stairs to the living room. Rebecca walks out from the kitchen. MARTIN Good morning. REBECCA You slept in. MARTIN I guess I was more tired than I thought. REBECCA Would you like some breakfast? MARTIN You don’t have to cook for me. REBECCA I wasn’t going to. I was just going to tell you that we don’t have any syrup left if you were going to make pancakes. The kids used them all up. MARTIN Thanks for the inventory. Where are Karen and Danny? REBECCA They went out early this morning. Danny was going to give Karen some riding lessons and then they were going to the lake. MARTIN Nice day for it. So how was your date last night? REBECCA Don’t start with me this morning. MARTIN I just asked a question? REBECCA We had a lot of fun. MARTIN What time did you get in?


REBECCA What business is that of yours? MARTIN Forget it. I’ll make myself some breakfast. You do have eggs? REBECCA Yes, I have eggs. You’re not going to make one of those messy omelettes, are you? MARTIN I’ve gotten better at it. REBECCA Well, don’t make a mess. I just cleaned up in there.

EXT: COUNTRYSIDE - DAY Danny is riding behind Karen as they ride their horses through the country. Danny is riding Timber while Karen is on another horse. DANNY You’re doing great. KAREN I haven’t fallen off yet. DANNY Don’t worry about that. Jackie is a gentle one. As Karen rides Jackie over a small hill, they encounter a rattlesnake. Jackie rears up and starts to gallop away. Danny and Timber chase after them. After a few stressful moments, Danny and Timber catches up to Karen and Jackie. Danny grabs the reins and slows Jackie down. Karen looks a little flustered but is unharmed. DANNY (CONT’D) Are you okay? KAREN I’m a little jostled.


DANNY Do you want to walk for a bit. The lake isn’t far from here. Sure. KAREN

Danny and Karen dismount of Timber and Jackie and start to walk in front of their horses. Thank you. For what? KAREN (CONT’D) DANNY

KAREN For saving my life back there. DANNY Jackie saved your life. She would have slowed down when she felt she was far enough away. KAREN I don’t know if I would have still been on her back. DANNY I would have caught you. They both smile at each other as they walk.

INT: REBECCA’S LIVING ROOM - DAY Rebecca is cleaning up around the living room as Martin sits in a chair making notes in a small pad. Martin looks up and watches as Rebecca leans over to dust the top of a coffee table in front of a couch. Martin stares at her rear end. When Rebecca straightens up after dusting, Martin quickly goes back to working on his notes. Rebecca turns to Martin. REBECCA So what are you working on now? MARTIN We’re looking at more efficient ways to clean up the oil spill in the gulf.


REBECCA I thought that actor had a machine to do that. MARTIN Kevin, yes, he and a group have a nice little filtering device, but we want to attack it at the molecular level. REBECCA I never knew what the hell you were talking about even when we were married. MARTIN I suppose it’s much easier talking to Harold about feed and livestock. REBECCA Don’t start picking on Harold. MARTIN I was just making a conjecture that seemed to follow a logical progression of thought. REBECCA He’s a nice man. MARTIN I’m sure he is. REBECCA At least I can trust him. MARTIN That was a long time ago. I hope I can learn from my past miscalculations. Martin continues to write in his pad when Rebecca walks over and slaps the pad from his hand. The pad goes sailing onto the floor. MARTIN (CONT’D) If you’re engaged in the act of cleaning, that last action is counterproductive to your original intentions.


REBECCA Damn it, Martin! This isn’t one of your science experiments that you can just start over when it doesn’t work out. You act like you couldn’t care less how much you hurt me! MARTIN I tried to apologize, but you wanted no part of it. REBECCA I was angry at you. MARTIN Angry enough to just let our marriage fall apart. Angry enough to separate Danny from his parents. Martin stands up. MARTIN (CONT’D) You left us. REBECCA Don’t try and turn this around on me. Maybe if you’d studied the human heart instead of all your scientific equations, we might have had a chance. No, instead you tried to rationalize your affair. Your apology came from your mind, not your heart. MARTIN It all comes from the mind! The heart is a muscle that pumps blood. It’s in here that all that thinking takes place. Maybe I wasn’t using my best judgement when I had my affair, but it doesn’t mean that my love for you was ever in question. REBECCA Then why? Why did you do it? MARTIN I still haven’t been able to come up with a sufficient resolution to that question. REBECCA You’re impossible!


EXT: LAKE - AFTERNOON Timber and Jackie are tied to a tree grazing on the lush grass by the lake. Danny and Karen are lying on a blanket close to the shore. A picnic basket sits next to them. KAREN This is such a beautiful place. DANNY I’ve forgotten how beautiful it is. KAREN If it’s not too personal a question, how long has it been since your parents got their divorce. DANNY About six years I think. KAREN And neither one of them remarried? DANNY Mom dated a couple of guys, but I think she might hook up with Harold. He seems stable enough. KAREN How do you feel about it? DANNY Mom has a right to be happy just like anyone else. Relationships are tough. You have to find the right chemistry. Karen lets out a little laugh. DANNY (CONT’D) What’s so funny? KAREN You sounded a little like your dad. I asked him if he was dating and he said almost the same thing.


DANNY Why did you ask him that? You’re not... KAREN Don’t be silly. We work together. Haven’t you ever asked a co-worker about their personal life? DANNY I mostly hang out with my band members. KAREN They don’t have personal lives? DANNY Nothing I would want to know about. Danny lies back on the blanket and stares into the sky. KAREN What are you thinking about? Time. DANNY

Karen looks at her watch. KAREN It’s three-thirty five. DANNY I didn’t mean the actual time. Just time in general. I mean what is it really? KAREN I know it’s an important variable in most experiments. DANNY Now you’re sounding like my dad. KAREN So what does an artist think about when he thinks of time? DANNY I’m not sure. The time it takes to write a song, the time it takes to get to know someone. How little we have and when do we know we’re wasting it.


KAREN Do you feel you’re wasting time right now? DANNY No. This would fall under how long it takes to get to know someone. You remember that movie, Groundhog Day when Bill Murray had to keep reliving the same day until he got it right? KAREN It’s one of my favorite films. DANNY I remember when I watched it with my dad, he had a pen and pad trying to figure out the mathematical principles necessary for a person to experience getting caught in that kind of time loop. KAREN That kind of takes all the romance out of the message. DANNY Maybe that was his problem. He always tried to examine a moment in time instead of just living it. Sometimes I think his affair was like trying a new dish at a restaurant. KAREN I don’t get it. DANNY It’s like someone with an allergy to wheat. You know it’s bad for you, but you can’t resist the urge to see how it will actually affect you. KAREN Do you think he was that removed from the person he made love to? DANNY Back then, yeah. He never thought of the repercussions of his actions. Now he’s a little more careful. I think. (MORE)

73. DANNY (CONT'D) Have you ever done anything that you wish you could go back in time and change?

KAREN If I did, I’m glad I didn’t. DANNY Why is that? KAREN Because I wouldn’t be here with you. DANNY I never thought about it like that. KAREN Don’t examine the moment just enjoy living in it. Karen leans over and gives Danny a deep kiss. He kisses her back and they begin to embrace.

INT: REBECCA’S LIVING ROOM - DAY Rebecca is getting ready to go out. Martin is lying on the couch when he notices her moving about. MARTIN Seeing your boyfriend again? REBECCA It’s just eating you up inside isn’t it? MARTIN I’m just hoping you two get married. It will stop your alimony payments. I figured that I’ve paid you more money than I’ve actually earned. REBECCA You can take your calculations and shove them right up your.. There is a knock on the door. REBECCA (CONT’D) He’s early. Will you please sit up?


Martin sits up on the couch. Rebecca walks over to the door and opens it. Dr. Kressly and the two Masked Men enter. Masked Man One roughly grabs Rebecca. Martin quickly rises from the couch as Masked Man Two rushes over and punches Martin in the mid-section. Martin crumbles to the floor. DR. KRESSLY That’s enough. Martin catches his breath and looks up to Dr. Kressly. MARTIN Thomas! What’s the meaning of this? Masked Man Two picks up Martin and throws him on the couch. Masked Man One walks Rebecca over to the couch and throws her down next to Martin. DR. KRESSLY Where’s Danny and Karen? MARTIN They’re not here. DR. KRESSLY I can see that for myself. Dr. Kressly turns to Masked Man One. DR. KRESSLY (CONT’D) Go outside and see if you can find them. Masked Man One exits the house. Rebecca hugs Martin as another figure walks in through the front door and shuts it after he enters. He is COLONEL JUSTIN BRACKMAN, 45. BRACKMAN So this is the scientist you’ve told me about. MARTIN Who the hell are you? BRACKMAN Colonel Justin Brackman. MARTIN What do you want?


BRACKMAN Now we both know the answer to that question. Martin? REBECCA

MARTIN I don’t know what he’s talking about. Brackman nods his head to Masked Man Two. Masked Man Two punches Martin across the jaw. Rebecca screams. BRACKMAN You were saying? REBECCA Get out of my house! You have no right to be here! BRACKMAN I’m here in the interest of National Security. DR. KRESSLY I took a look at your research, Martin. There’s only one conclusion I could come up with from your numbers. Where is the device? MARTIN What makes you think it even works? DR. KRESSLY You wouldn’t have run all the way to Montana if it didn’t. How did you know my men were coming for you? Why did Danny rush to your rescue unless he knew you were in trouble? REBECCA What device? BRACKMAN Your ex-husband invented a time machine. REBECCA A time machine?


DR. KRESSLY It’s quite ingenious. I’m actually quite jealous. MARTIN So how is this a National Security Issue? BRACKMAN What would happen if this device fell into the wrong hands? One man could change the history of the United States. What if someone wanted us to lose to the Nazis during World War Two or the Iraq war? MARTIN Or some Colonel wanted to be a General? It seems to me your motives for wanting my machine may not be so honorable. How come you’re assigned to this Mission? Why aren’t there other military types? I know these goons aren’t Government Issue. BRACKMAN Until the device has a successful test, my people want this kept quiet for now. MARTIN Even if that means roughing up innocent people in the process? BRACKMAN We will achieve our objective with any means necessary.

EXT: STABLE - DAY Danny and Karen ride their horses up to the stable. They see two dirt bikes and a car in the driveway. DANNY Looks like a party. They ride into the stable.


INT: STABLE - DAY Once in the stable, Danny and Karen dismount from Timber and Jackie. Danny grabs Jackie’s reins from Karen and guides them over to the stalls. DANNY You go on in and say hi. I have to brush down the horses. KAREN I can help. DANNY It’s okay. You must be tired. I’ll be along in a minute. Karen walks over and gives Danny a kiss. KAREN Don’t be too long. Karen exits the stable as Danny go to tending the horses with a wide grin on his face.

INT: REBECCA’S LIVING ROOM - DAY Karen enters through the front door and is immediately grabbed by Masked Man Two. She screams.

INT: STABLE - DAY Danny hears Karen’s scream. Before he can run to her, he is grabbed from behind by Masked Man One. They struggle for a moment. Danny elbows him in the stomach. Masked Man One lets him go. Danny looks for a weapon and picks up a pitchfork. He tries to stab Masked Man One but keeps missing him. Masked Man One grabs hold of the pitchfork and swings Danny into one of the empty stall. Danny falls on a pile of hay and hits his head on something. He sees the time device case. He takes the case and runs out of the stall. Masked Man One, now with the pitchfork, aims the points towards Danny.


MASKED MAN ONE You can make this easy, kid. Just hand over the case. DANNY Kiss my ass! MASKED MAN ONE You want to make this hard? Fine by me. Danny and Masked Man One face off against each other. Danny uses the case to block the thrusts of Masked Man One. Danny maneuvers Masked man One so that his back is turned towards the hinds legs of Timber. Danny lets out a loud whistle. Timber kicks with his back legs and knocks masked Man One to the ground. Danny takes the case and jumps on the back of Timber. They ride out of the stable.

EXT: STABLE - DAY Danny and Timber ride off towards an open field. Masked Man One runs out of the stable and to his dirt bike. As he starts up the motor, Masked Man Two exits the house. MASKED MAN ONE The kid’s got the machine! Masked Man One shifts his bike into gear as Masked Man Two races towards his bike. As Masked Man One takes off after Danny, Masked Man Two starts his bike and quickly follows suit.

EXT: OPEN FIELD - DAY The two Masked Men chase Danny and Timber through the open field jumping over uneven landscape to try and catch Danny and Timber. A wooded forest is one hundred yards away. DANNY Come on, boy! Let’s see what you got.


The two attackers get close to Danny and Timber numerous times as they race across the field but Timber is too agile to let the attackers get close enough for capture. Timber jumps over a giant log making Masked Man One wipe out before he hits the log. Masked Man Two takes a wide turn around the log. Danny and Timber enter the forest. The pursuers follows.

EXT: FOREST - DAY Danny and Timber weave their way through the thick line of trees avoiding low hanging branches. The Masked Men do their best to track them. As Danny passes by one tree, He grabs a branch with him. As the branch bends, Masked Man Two is closing in behind them. Danny lets go of the branch and it whips into the face of Masked man Two, knocking him off of his bike. His dirt Bike rolls past him and then falls to it’s side. Masked Man Two gets up and runs over to his bike as Masked Man One flies by him after Danny and Timber. Danny and Timber continue to ride hard through the woods. Danny sees a long thick branch ahead of them. He reaches down and snatches the branch. He and Timber ride ahead of the Masked Men. Danny jumps off Timber and slaps him on the hind legs as he hides behinds a tree. Masked man One sees Timber briefly through the woods and guns his engine to catch him. As he passes the tree Danny is hiding behind, Danny swings the heavy branch and breaks it across Masked Man One face. Masked Man One falls off his bike. Danny throws down the broken piece of branch left in his hand. He sees a rock on the ground and picks it up. He smashes masked Man one’s head with the rock. As Masked Man One falls to ground bloodied and unconscious, Masked Man Two rides up and leaps off his bike onto Danny. They roll in the brush and stand. They engage in hand to hand to hand combat. Danny holds his own for a while but is not the trained fighter Masked Man Two is. After trading punches for a few volleys, Masked Man Two knocks Danny to the ground. Masked Man Two pulls a gun from his side holster and aims it at Danny. MASKED MAN TWO Where is it?!


Masked Man Two hears a sputtering sound and turns around. Timber stands behinds him. Timber rears up his forelegs and hits Masked Man Two in the head. Masked Man Two falls to the ground and drops his gun. As Timber continues to step on Masked Man Two, Danny dives for the gun. Once the gun is in Danny’s hand, He aims it and fires. The bullet goes through Masked Man Two’s leg. Danny cold cocks Masked Man Two in the head. He tucks the gun into his belt and walks up to Timber. DANNY Good boy. That’s a good boy. Danny mounts Timber and they ride out of the forest.

INT: REBECCA’S LIVING ROOM - DAY Martin, Karen and Rebecca are sitting on the couch as Brackman and Dr. Kressly await the return of their henchmen. BRACKMAN What the hell can be taking them so long? Brackman walks over and punches Martin across the chin. MARTIN What the hell was that for? BRACKMAN I was bored. Harold enters the living room through the kitchen. He is carrying his rifle. HAROLD I suggest you find another hobby. Brackman pulls a gun and grabs Rebecca off the couch. He places the gun to Rebecca’s temple as Harold aims his gun at them. BRACKMAN You think you’re a good enough shot to get me before I blow a bullet through her head? I’d lower that weapon if I were you, boy. Harold thinks about it for a moment and then decides to lower his rifle barrel.


BRACKMAN (CONT’D) That’s better. Brackman shoots Harold in the chest. Harold falls back on the floor dead. Rebecca struggles to punch Brackman. REBECCA You son of a bitch! Brackman slaps Rebecca to the floor. She crawls to the couch and sits next to Martin. She cries as he hugs her. BRACKMAN I told you this was important. All civilians are expendable!

EXT: REBECCA’S HOUSE - DAY Danny has just watched Harold get shot through the window. He is holding the case. He opens it up and takes out the guitar. He turns it on and sets the control knobs. He plays the first three strings.

EXT: REBECCA’S BACK YARD - DAY Harold is sneaking up to the back door. Hey. DANNY (O.S.)

Harold turns around and sees Danny with the guitar. DANNY (CONT’D) That’s not a good idea... yet.

INT: REBECCA’S LIVING ROOM - DAY Martin, Karen and Rebecca are sitting on the couch as Brackman and Dr. Kressly await the return of their henchmen. BRACKMAN What the hell can be taking them so long? Brackman walks over and punches Martin across the chin.


MARTIN What the hell was that for? BRACKMAN I was bored. Danny enters the living room through the front door. He is carrying the guitar strapped around him. DANNY Leave him alone. Brackman pulls a gun and grabs Rebecca off the couch. He places the gun to Rebecca’s temple. BRACKMAN Now don’t try anything stupid, boy. DANNY I won’t. Just let her go. BRACKMAN First give Dr. Kressly the guitar. DANNY You let her go first or I’ll hit these strings and we can do this all again. DR. KRESSLY Let her go Colonel. We have what we came for. Brackman throws Rebecca down onto the couch. Danny slips the guitar over his head and gives it to Dr. Kressly. Brackman trains his gun on Danny. DR. KRESSLY (CONT’D) Now, show me how it works. DANNY That wouldn’t be wise right now. MARTIN He’s right. Without knowing the proper sequence of strings, you may go into the past or be transported to another dimension. DR. KRESSLY You will show me how it works, now or I’ll have Brackman shoot one person in this room. I don’t care which.


Harold has snuck into the house through the kitchen. This time he says nothing as he aims his rifle at Brackman. DANNY Just hit any string. You’ll see how it works. Dr. Kressly brings his hand to the strings. The minute he touches it a strong electric shock zaps his hand away. Harold fires and kills Brackman. Martin leaps off the couch and takes on Dr. Kressly. Danny pulls the gun from behind him and aims it at Dr. Kressly but can’t get a clear shot with Martin in the way. Martin tries to wrest the guitar from Dr. Kressly. As they fight, Dr. Kressly pulls a gun out from his jacket. MARTIN Danny! Shoot the guitar! What? DANNY

MARTIN Trust me, just do it! Danny shoots a hole in the back of the guitar. Martin and Dr. Kressly begin to blur. A small spacial anomaly opens up behind them and sucks them into the opening. It closes quickly behind them. Danny, in a state of shock, drops the gun. Dad? DANNY

Rebecca and Karen rise from the couch and run over to hug Danny. DANNY (CONT’D) I didn’t mean to, Mom. He told me to. Harold wants to hug Rebecca, but doesn’t move from his spot. DANNY (CONT’D) What happened to him?


INT: DANNY’S BEDROOM - MORNING Danny wakes up from his night of sleep. He rubs his eyes and gets out of bed.

INT: DANNY’S LIVING ROOM - MORNING Danny walks down the stairs into the living room and walks into the kitchen.

INT: DANNY’S KITCHEN - MORNING Danny enters and sees Rebecca at the stove cooking breakfast. DANNY Smells good. Rebecca takes a spatula and scoops out the eggs from a frying pan and places them on a plate. She shuts off the heat as she places the frying pan back on the stove and walks the plate over to Danny. REBECCA So what are you up to today? DANNY Practice. Freddy and I are going over to see that record executive next week about a contract. If all goes well, we could be sitting on a pretty sweet deal. Finally get us out of the clubs and start playing in some real venues. I want to make sure we’re ready. Rebecca kisses Danny on the forehead. REBECCA I hope everything works out for you. DANNY Thanks, mom. Danny starts to eat his breakfast.


INT: DANNY’S LIVING ROOM - MORNING Danny descends the stairs all dressed for practice when there’s a knock on the door. He walks over and opens it. Standing on the front porch is Karen. She is dressed casually and is holding a few folders. DANNY Can I help you? KAREN Is Dr. Weston here? I’m here to drop off some calculations I was checking for him. DANNY Just a minute. Danny turns and yells into the house. DANNY (CONT’D) Dad! It’s for you! He turns back to Karen. DANNY (CONT’D) Do I know you? KAREN I don’t think so. DANNY Hmm, it’s funny, but you remind me of someone. KAREN Really? Who? DANNY I don’t know. My name’s Danny. Karen. KAREN

DANNY Pleased to meet you. Martin appears at the door. MARTIN Karen, you didn’t have to come over here on a Saturday.


KAREN I knew you were anxious to see these. Rebecca appears from the kitchen. REBECCA Why is this front door open, oh, hello. MARTIN Karen this is my wife, Rebecca. REBECCA Hi Karen, would you like some breakfast? KAREN I wouldn’t want to impose. DANNY You like live music? KAREN It depends what kind it is. DANNY My band is practicing for a big gig coming up. Maybe, if you’re not doing anything, you can come along and see how we sound. I’m free. KAREN

DANNY Great. Come on, I’ll drive you. Let’s live in the moment. Danny exits the house and smiles at Karen. She reflects a look of familiarity on her face. Karen turns back to Rebecca and Martin. KAREN It was nice meeting you. REBECCA Come by again for dinner sometime. KAREN Thank you. I will. Karen turns and joins Danny as they get into Danny’s car.


REBECCA She seems like a nice girl. Very pretty, too. MARTIN Not as pretty as you, my dear. REBECCA You mean you’re not tired of me after all these years? MARTIN I love you more now than I ever have. REBECCA No regrets? Martin gives Rebecca a deep kiss then looks lovingly into her eyes. MARTIN I wouldn’t change a thing. Martin and Rebecca close the front door. FADE OUT. THE END

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