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Stylised Art

SEP - OCT 2011

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Andy’s Girls


tylised art is the topic of this issue, exploring the way different styles are used by artist to express their work. A quick google search of the word stylised lead to the definition; ‘depict or treat in a mannered and non-realistic style’. Non-realistic can be anything from making disproportionate human characters, with unrealistic but athletically pleasing features, or creating a human character with extremely grotesque features. Some artists experiment with adding style to their art by creating anthropomorphic animals or a new creature altogether.

- Coco Chanel

Whatever the style may be it is work exploring hence it’s existence and it’s place in this issue. I hope you enjoy this and do not hesitate to leave any form of feedback.

Richard Bray Editor



‘Blue’ by Paco Zamudio ( Modelled and in 3D Studio Max, rendered with VRay.

On The


aco Zamudio has done an amazing job with this image. I really like the skin material and the sculpted hair, but what stands out to me the most are the eyes. Those big, blue, shiny, eyes, that’s probably why the title of this image is ‘Blue’.

This image was chosen to be on the font cover of this issue not just because of it’s ‘eye-catching’ qualities (no pun intended), but also because of it’s simplicity. The simple background, simple choice of clothing and simple colours. Once again amazing job by Paco, can’t wait to see what he’ll produce next.


Scissors Beat Paper . .
Tomas Kral

3ds max, XSI, Zbrush

Abe Lincoln .
Stanko Stupar


3ds max, Zbrush

Lord Watanabe . .
Frank Tzeng

3ds max, Maya, Zbrush

Change their teachers! . .
Studio Notan Modo

Christoph Blocher . .
Fred Bastide

3ds Max, Zbrush

Don Corleone .
Fabio Bautista


3ds max, Zbrush

Ronaldo Fenômeno .
Bruno Hamzagic


3ds max, Zbrush

Pierce Brosnan Caricature . .
Guillaume Vialaneix 3ds max, Mudbox

Thom Yorke caricature . .
Andrew Hickinbottom 3ds max

Dmitry Paukov



3ds max


Maggot . .
Tobi Stierli

Modo, Zbrush

Borislav Kechashki



3dsmax, Zbrush

Cliff View .
Julien Coffin


3ds max, ZBrush

FishePig .
Anatoliy Sidorov


Maya, zbrush

Kaba Kun . .
Roland Caron

Softimage, Mudbox

Mushroom Hunter . .
Carlson Woon

Maya, zbrush

Carrots are finished.. . .
Riccardo Zema Lightwave 3D

A break from Bamboo . .
Jose Alves da Silva

3ds max, ZBrush

Tequila Tatu - an Armadillo’s Alcohol Addiction . .
Jose Alves da Silva 3ds max, ZBrush

The Boxing Kangaroo . .
Jose Alves da Silva

3ds max, ZBrush

Detective Ridley (Gameloft inc.) . .
Veronique Comeau 3ds max, Zbrush

Could be on tv

Ano and Pepper . .
Andrei Cristea

3ds max, ZBrush

I am Captain America . .
Victor Hugo

3ds max, ZBrush

Little Boy . .
Pedro Conti

3ds max, ZBrush

Red Hero .
Titouan Olive


Maya, ZBrush

Young Tony Stark . .
Fabricio Campos

3ds max, ZBrush

Royal Portrait .
Carlson Woon


Maya, ZBrush

Black Wires .
Carlos Ortega Elizalde


Maya, Mudbox

Cyclonic salmon hunter machine(Big catch bear) . .
Atsushi Mishima CINEMA 4D

Plunder .
Jack zhang


XSI, Zbrush

Elegant Dancing . .
Xu Fei Maya

Famous Faces

New Herbie in Pixar’s style
Fabio Bispo



3ds max

Erik’s first.. oh, wait . .
Victor Hugo

3ds max, Zbrush

Freakazoid .
Alejandro Albarracin


3ds max

M.Bison .
Donovan Keele


Maya, Zbrush

Mary Poppins . .
Daniel Cestari

3ds max, Zbrush

Here comes a new challenger! . .
Victor Hugo 3ds max, Zbrush

Wall-E .
Adrien Lambert


3ds max

No -More -Wine! . .
Simon Blanc Softimage

Humpty Dumptys Unbirthday . .
Iker Cortázar Maya, Mudbox

Lucy Vegas - Pool

Andy’s Girls
All of the images in this section were created by artist Andrew Hickinbottom ( Modelled with 3D Studio Max.

Cathy Ray


Ooh la la!


Vicky’s vengeance




Suzie Kickin’ Back

TRON pinup

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