As its name suggests, a door handle is used to open and close car doors. It is found on both the exterior and interior sides of automobile doors, although they are used differently on each panel. The one on the outside is pulled to open the car door, while the inside door handle is used to release the door latch before you can push the door to let yourself out. Some car door handles can be found protruding from the exterior side while some are built into the fascia of the vehicles so that they seem to follow the contour of the car's body. They are usually made of steel, but doors of more expensive cars feature chrome door handles. Luxury automobiles such as the Lincoln Town Center are even decked with an electronic entry pad that requires you to either enter a numerical code or have your thumb scanned so you can open the car door. In regular door handles, a toothed wheel at the side panel of the door, called a rotor, helps do the job. The rotor rotates and turns its teeth so to latch and unlatch with the striker when you open and close the car door. Although the door handle is probably one of the least complicated parts of your vehicle, it is just as important because it's the one that gives you entry and exit to your car. If isn't working well, you would obviously be trapped inside your car or perhaps be denied access to your own car. That would be a misfortune. A car door handle can cause you a lot of inconvenience if it isn't working properly, so it should not be taken for granted.



The remarkable impact of the India’s initiatives in economic Liberalization and Globalization (post 1991) is most apparent in the automotive sector. Automotive industry is a key driver of economic growth contributing around five to six percent to the Indian GDP. Introduction of reforms and entry of international companies has intensified competition in the Indian automotive sector. This has resulted in the transformation of a ‘Sellers market’ (created mainly due to the Indian government’s protectionist policies) into a ‘Buyers market’. The changing structure of this industry has posed many challenges and opportunities to the market participants. The automotive industry is the barometer of the Indian economy. The sign of recovery are most visible in the growing demand for automobiles. The aspirations of Indian consumer are considerably rising with the growing demand. The global automotive industry is currently undergoing consolidation phase and the repercussion of this consolidation are likely to be experienced in India, too. The consolidation of the automotive vehicle industry is likely to have serious implications on the automotive component industry too. All the trends derived out of present dynamics of the Indian automotive vehicle market are indicators of internationalization of this market. India has become focus of international growth seeking companies as not only a cost competitive sourcing base but also a high growing potential market. In the likely future ahead the competition will be prominent in all the functions of business and only the companies with global standards are likely to survive in the markets. The Indian manufacturers are gearing up for


the challenges but surely the current scenario is apparently in favor of international players. The early movers are likely to secure a position to command the global competition. A sound transportation system plays a vital role in the country’s rapid economic and industrial development. The well-developed Indian automotive industry ably fulfils this catalytic role by producing a wide variety of vehicles viz, passenger cars, light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, multi-utility vehicles such as jeeps, scooters, motor-cycles, mopeds, three wheelers, tractors etc. The automotive industry comprising mainly of the automobile and the auto component sectors has shown great advances since delicensing and opening up of the sector to FDI in 1993. The investment in the industry is Rs. 30,400 crores up to 1998-99. Including turnover of the auto-component sector, the automotive industry’s turnover exceeded Rs. 48,700 crores. The industry provides direct employment to nearly one crore employees. The contribution of the automotive industry to the GDP has risen from 4.0% in 1998-99 to 5.7% in 2002-03. Since liberalization in 1993-94 to 1996-97, the automobile sector has shown a spectacular overall growth rate of over 25% in the number of vehicles manufactured. Also this period was characterized by the entry of global automobile manufacturers for setting up joint ventures in India. There has been substantial addition to capacity creation from 1998-99 to 2002-03. Installed capacity in 4 wheelers had increased from 11.76 lakhs to 13.45 lakhs vehicles. The sustained demand constraints through 1998-99, however,


overall automobile sector logged a rate of growth of 7. intermediate products etc. thanks to surge in two wheeler productions in 1998-99. the auto components industry has also registered stabilized growth.ADITYA AUTO PARTS have had a telling effect on the industry. This industry is also expected to drive the growth of the engineering sector in view of its strong downstream and upstream linkages with many other segments of the engineering sector like raw materials. as substantial quantity produced is supplied by the auto components industry to original equipment manufacturers.4% comparing figures of this year with the corresponding period of the last year it would be seen that the difficult phase that Indian industry was passing through. Automobile industry has not only revolutionized the modern man’s life. The Auto Component industry is today considered as the sunrise industry with huge growth prospects. The Automobiles have always caught the fascination of humans. Since the invention of wheel till to date. Being in pace with the growth in production/sales of automobiles over the past few years. automobiles have stride part significant milestones. The automobile industry is also contributing to the export effort of the country the growth of automobile components industry is closely linked to the growth of automotive industry. but also has made significant advances in the technological front. 4 . appears to be over. 1998-99 witnessed a decline of 16% in production of commercial vehicles. Nevertheless. capital goods.

ADITYA AUTO PARTS "Acquisitions. 5 . Gabriel India [Get Quote] recently signed a global supply contract with Arvin Meritor of USA for supply of two million shock absorbers valued at around $ 12-15 million per annum. According to ACMA (Automobile Components Manufacturers Association). Sourcing parts from India is 10-20 per cent cheaper for American auto makers and about 50 per cent cheaper for European auto makers. Outsourcing to Indian companies reduces their costs significantly and simultaneously Indian companies gain control over the strong local brands. India continues to be a low-cost outsourcing destination for global auto companies. especially of companies in Europe.000 crore). are likely to reach 50 per cent in another five years. the investment in the sector has risen by about 107 per cent from 1997-98 to 2004-05. cars." Companies across most segments of auto ancillaries are expanding capacities to tap the growing demand. will be the mantra for Indian players. 15 per cent growth in cars and about 20 per cent growth in light commercial vehicles. The growth in India would be driven by the 9-10 per cent expected growth in medium & heavy commercial vehicles. according to an analyst. This is because the OEMs in Europe have been facing crisis. Exports. Moreover. which at present constitute 15-20 per cent of the industry size of about $10 billion in FY06 (Rs 45. with its strong engineering skills. For instance.

643 crore) during the year. 6 . 12.000 firms in small unorganized sector. India is emerging as one of the key auto components center in Asia and is expected to play a significant role in the global automotive supply chain in the near future. 64. Indian auto component industry has seen major growth with the arrival of world vehicle manufacturers from Japan. with exports of US $ 2. Surge in automobile industry since the 90’s has led to robust growth of the auto component sector in the country. Today. spread.500 crore). Today. It supports industries like automobiles. machine tools. the Auto Component Industry continued its high growth path and emerged as one of the fastest growing sector in Indian Engineering Industry by clocking 21% growth in output during the year. thus driving the demand further.ADITYA AUTO PARTS utility vehicles and CVs made in India are increasingly getting acceptance in foreign markets.9 billion (Rs. the Indian component sector has shown great advances in recent years in terms of growth. Indian auto component industry is wide (over 400 firms in the organized sector producing practically all parts and more than 10. absorption of new technologies and flexibility. in tierized format) and has been one of the fastest growing segments of auto industry. Korea. US and Europe. During the year 2006-07. Even Indian two-wheeler majors are targeting markets abroad. In tandem with the industry trends. the auto-component industry has emerged as a highly competitive segment of the manufacturing sector. aluminum. steel. The industry crossed a total turnover of over US $ 15 billion (Rs.

Fiat. and technology. The indigenous market for small cars now occupies a substantial share of around 70% of the annual car production in India of about one million.ADITYA AUTO PARTS rubber. Indian auto component industry’s export scenario is changing very fast. The main players in the car market like Tata Motors and Maruti Udyog are fiercely competitive and more or less all the automobile companies in India that have forayed into the production of small cars are trying to out-do each other in terms of design. The government in relation to the automobile industry have taken out various polices such as reducing the import tariffs and also relaxing the 7 . electrical. with its legendary Maruti -800 is the leader in the small car market. The market for small cars now occupies a substantial share of 70% out of the annual production of 1 million cars in India. India has also emerged as an outsourcing hub for auto parts for international companies such as Ford. As Global OEMs/Tier 1 companies have identified India as a Leading Competitive country for sourcing auto components for their global production. Daimler Chrysler. A number of manufacturing plants are coming up for advancements in the field of small cars. auto component industry’s export growth was 15% in 2006-07. The small car market in India is increasing by leaps and bounds. in order to gain control of the small car market in India. The mid-size car market in India has grown tremendously in the last few years. Maruti Udyog. forgings and machining. A mid-size car is an automobile which have a size that is between a compact and a car of full size. Volkswagen. General Motors. and Toyota. innovation. plastics. electronics. pricing.

COMPANY PROFILE A)BACKGROUND OF THE COMPANY: 8 . the sport utility vehicle market is growing at the fastest pace. A sport utility vehicle is a vehicle which has multiple uses due to its sturdy exterior and a spacious interior. In the Indian automobile market. The Sport utility vehicle market in India has grown in recent years. This particular sector looks poised for a sharp growth in the years to come. This has led to the reduction in the prices of the mid-size cars. The sport utility vehicle market in India is where all the activity in the Indian automobile sector is centered. Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) have also become very popular in India as they are considered advantageous due to their ability to accommodate more passengers.ADITYA AUTO PARTS equity regulations. The Sport Utility Vehicle market in India is the most booming market in India presently and SUVs have become the fastest selling cars of India. They are ideal for trips with the whole family.

deals with the design and manufacture of Window Regulators and Door Latches for various vehicles with Customers located across India. 9 . A 100% Export Oriented Unit. Spread over floor area of 1750 sq m in a 4000 sq m campus. Spread over a floor area of 3450 Sq m in a 6032 sq m campus. this division located at the Bommasandra Industrial Area on the outskirts of Bangalore. QS & TS certifications within three years of inception.ADITYA AUTO PARTS This division located in the Doddaballapur Industrial Area on the outskirts of Bangalore.testimony to our abiding commitment to quality. Aditya Auto is an ISO 9001 / ISO / TS 16949 / ISO 14001 / ISO 18001 (OHSAS) organization . Lead wires and Insert Molded Connectors for export. our core business is the design. deals with the design and manufacture of Harnesses. development & manufacture of Door & Access products and Wiring Harness & Integrated products for the automobile industry. B) NATURE OF THE COMPANY: At Aditya Auto. this unit has a full complement of facilities like Welding facility and Manufacturing lines along with testing facilities. Integrated Products. This division has the distinction of being ranked thirteenth in India and is also the only manufacturing facility to get ISO. this unit has a full complement of facilities for high quality production.

and works closely with leading Automotive OEMs & Global tier 1 industry. engineering turnkey solutions besides providing testing & validation services. India is fast emerging as an alliance and outsourcing destination of choice for global automobile majors across the value chain with Contract Manufacturing of auto components constituting a huge and potent revenue model for Indian companies. At Aditya Auto. both in India and the rest of the world. Aditya Auto Products & Engineering India Private Limited is a privately owned and professionally managed organization. people constitute a vital ingredient in enabling the 10 . At Aditya Auto. Aditya Auto has been proactive in utilizing this opportunity. the company has its headquarters in Bangalore.ADITYA AUTO PARTS Beginning as Autarky Auto in April 1989 and established as Aditya Auto Products in February 1999. engaged in the business of design & manufacture of system & sub system to meet the requirements of the growing automobile industry. thanks to the formidable strength the company enjoys in terms of skilled human resource. India. crafting design prototypes. our core competencies lie in the design and manufacture of a wide range of products and crucial components for leading automobile brands across a large spectrum of vehicles.

Aditya Auto’s Door & Access products find their way into vehicles manufactured in India. Aditya Auto’s Engineered Assemblies form an integral 11 . A wide range of Wiring Harness & Integrated Products for varied applications in door and window systems across different vehicle categories drives sales growth for this division. Backed by state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and managed by a team of qualified and highly skilled professionals. evident from a growing global clientele for our products. ensuring value for money while maintaining the highest levels of quality.ADITYA AUTO PARTS company to provide the best in products and services. Today. Aditya Auto has emerged as one of the preferred source for Contract Manufacturing for several leading names in the Automobile sector. Our leadership in this segment has ensured a steady growth in revenues. Aditya Auto has an impeccable track record of providing international quality at competitive costs with a history of delivery on time. prototype development. Aditya Auto has worked its way into the Contract Manufacturing scene by riding the outsourcing wave. testing and validation. At Aditya Auto. we have been quick to capitalize on this opportunity. with both domestic and global automobile majors looking to achieve volumes as well as economies of scale. tool design. every time. thanks to our proven capabilities in product design. Contract Manufacturing constitutes a sizeable chunk of the revenues for the company.

The test facilities are supported by sophisticated measuring recording instruments measures to adhere to the desired level of quality standards in all stages. Adequate facilities are provided for inspection. The company has trained its personnel involved in different areas of operations most importantly the quality assurance and quality control activities. Continued innovation in this segment has ensured that we add value to our offerings. C) PRODUCTS /SERVICE PROFILE: 12 .ADITYA AUTO PARTS part of supplies to vehicle manufacturers in India. testing and other critical test parameters as required by the customers.

to various customers across domestic and overseas markets. both manual and power.ADITYA AUTO PARTS Aditya Auto manufactures and supplies a wide range of Window Regulators. Drum & Cable Cross Arm Push pull 13 .

ADITYA AUTO PARTS Drums window regulators 14 .

both manual and power. to various customers across domestic and overseas markets.ADITYA AUTO PARTS Aditya Auto manufactures and supplies a wide range of Window Regulators. We currently cater to various customers through three product categories that include Split Latch (2 pc. External & Internal) Compact Latch Actuators Including ECUs Door Latch 15 . Door latches Door Latches are among the flagship products of Aditya Auto.

Master Actuators and molded components / assemblies. Parking Sensor and Lumbar Support seating applications. Electronic Assemblies (BRACKET) 16 . SunRoof. Lead Wire Harnesses Main Harnesses PCB Assemblies INTEGRATED PRODUCTS We manufacture and supply a wide range of Integrated System Harnesses for Power Window & Anti-Pinch applications.ADITYA AUTO PARTS WIRING HARNESS Aditya Auto manufactures and supplies a wide range of Wiring Harnesses for Lawn Movers. Engine Cooling Systems. Sports car. Power Window Regulator.

ADITYA AUTO PARTS Over Molded Assemblies. Molded D) AREA OF OPERATION: 17 . Components Insert Molded Components.

Piaggio. five logistics support facilities (two in India and one each in the US. Over seas Aditya Auto has a significant presence across the globe through its strategic partnerships and license arrangements with various international players. Further. In keeping with the tradition of working closely with our customers and to service our customers in western & central India. in close proximity to the Maruti Suzuki & Honda plants.ADITYA AUTO PARTS With three manufacturing units. close to our western India customers Mahindra’s. While the Door & Access Division and Contract Manufacturing Division are located at the Doddaballapur Industrial Area. M&M ITEC & Skoda/VW plants. UK and France) and strategic technology partnerships with global leaders. Aditya Auto will soon have its facility in Haryana. the Wiring Harness Division is located at the Bommasandra Industrial Area. Domestic Aditya Auto is based at Bangalore with the primary manufacturing hubs located at two sites. Owner ship pattern 18 . Tata Motors. the growing customer base across vehicle categories in different parts of the world combined with a robust distribution network as part of our partnerships have ensured a global presence for Aditya Auto. Similarly. Aditya Auto will soon have a facility at Pune. Aditya Auto is among the preferred OEMs for the best brands in India and the Tier 1 supplier of choice to OEMs for global auto majors.

RANGARAJ – VICE CHAIRMAN GENERAL MANAGER Sr.JAYARAMAN –CHAIRMAN MR.ADITYA AUTO PARTS Aditya Auto Products & Engineering India Private Limited is a privately owned and professionally managed organization. OFFICER OFFICER SUPERVISOR 19 . MANAGER Deputy MANAGER Asst. MANAGER Sr. engaged in the business of design & manufacture of system & sub system to meet the requirements of the growing automobile industry. C. E) OWNERSHIP PATTERN: BOARD OF DIRECTORS MR.

ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE OF ADITYA AUTO PARTS: BOD GM Stores Department Finance Department HR Department Maintenance Department Purchase Department Production Department Quality Department Dispatch 20 . Jayaraman the chairman. C. S. The management team consists of CEO and 6 AGM’s and DGM’s of different departments.ADITYA AUTO PARTS Structure at Aditya auto parts: The company is ahead by Mr. and Rangaraj. board of directors is managed by Mr. Suresh –vice president.

every individual is a spokesperson and an ambassador for the organization. individuals will find mentors to guide and help them develop and succeed professionally while experiencing satisfaction on a personal level.SURESH–VICE PRESIDENT (Accounts) MR. 21 . The environment at Aditya Auto provides ample opportunities to assume leadership roles. The dynamics of the business scenario and progressive company polices create an environment that is conducive for learning and growth. we also recognize the need for the individual to experience growth at a personal level. learn new skills.R. achieve proficiency on the job and imbibe positive personality traits.ADITYA AUTO PARTS MANAGEMENT TEAM MR. B. With a well planned structure in place. RAJANNA (Purchase) MR. While the work culture and professional ambience at Aditya Auto encourages team work and inspires members to achieve organizational goals. SRINIVAS (HR) MR.S. NAGENDRA (Quality & Maintenance) Work culture At Aditya Auto.

Strong domain knowledge. At Aditya Auto. Aditya Auto has been proactive in utilizing this opportunity. our core competencies lie in the design and manufacture of a wide range of products and crucial components for leading automobile brands across a large spectrum of vehicles. crafting design prototypes. thanks to the formidable strength the company enjoys in terms of skilled human resource. What endears us to our customers is the value that we bring to each product. astute financial and strategic planning and exemplary project implementation characterize the leadership provided by the Management Team at Aditya Auto. Technical excellence. service and process. people constitute a vital ingredient in enabling the company to provide the best in products and services. ensuring value for money while maintaining the highest levels of quality. stringent adherence to industry standards. India is fast emerging as an alliance and outsourcing destination of choice for global automobile majors across the value chain with Contract Manufacturing of auto components constituting a huge and potent revenue model for Indian companies.ADITYA AUTO PARTS At Aditya Auto. engineering turnkey solutions besides providing testing & validation services. strict quality compliance and unflinching commitment to customer delight constitute the fundamentals of everything we do at Aditya Auto. 22 .


Typically, teams that work at Aditya Auto are high on:  Motivation  Experience  Customer Focus  Performance  Project Management  Resource Management  Result Orientation The inherent advantages that Aditya Auto brings to the table include:  Simultaneous Engineering  Cost effective solutions  In-house facilities for critical tasks  Well documented Systems & Processes Aditya Auto enjoys excellent C S S R & preferred vendor status, both in the domestic and overseas markets. All this translates into a unique value proposition for customers in terms of engineering excellence, assured quality, prompt delivery and above all, customer delight. At Aditya Auto, people, processes and products are sensitized to the core philosophy that guides our outlook, work and business ethics. Aditya Auto would constantly strive to live and 'excel' & meet customer expectations and shall continue to be 'customer focused' and 'customer success' driven. Aditya Auto is committed to building process capabilities, ensuring engineering excellence, assuring quality and guaranteeing customer delight



through sustained leadership and teamwork. As an organization that is renowned for producing the best in auto components for the best names in the industry, Aditya Auto thrives on quality. All aspects of our business are oriented to ensuring the best in quality – right from people to processes and products. Adherence to best practices and compliance with International quality standards are enforced and ensured meticulously. At Aditya Auto, our objective is to supply products in time and exceed customer expectations through sustained improvements in quality and technology at competitive costs. The company has identified product quality and customer service as priority areas to ensure customer focus

1) Aditya has achieved award as zero defect materials from Eicher motor co. ltd. 2) Aditya has been awarded ISO 9001 and 14001 certificate are both Doddaballapur and Bommasandra plants. 3) ISO 14001 Aditya auto parts provides a mechanism form among environment by formulating environmental play and objectives complying employing with applicable registration and managing significances important. 4) Aditya Auto is a major player in the export of automotive parts to ArvinMeritor, from our Contract Manufacturing Division. The major products are Door Latch sub-systems like Retention Plate & Back Plate subassemblies and Window Regulator sub-assemblies.



5) Aditya Auto has been working with global Tier 1 Automotive Suppliers to support their requirement worldwide.

The primary manufacturing hubs of Aditya Auto are located at two sites on the outskirts of Bangalore. While the Door & Access Division and Contract Manufacturing Division are located at the Doddaballapur Industrial Area, the Wiring Harness Division is located at the Bommasandra Industrial Area. In keeping with the tradition of working closely with our customers and to service our customers in western & central India, Aditya Auto will soon have its facility in Haryana, in close proximity to the Maruti Suzuki & Honda plants. Similarly, Aditya Auto will soon have a facility at Pune, close to our western India customers Mahindra’s, Tata Motors, Piaggio, M&M ITEC & Skoda/VW plants. Arm and sector Window Regulator line with computerized end of line tester along with traceability feature: • Drum and Cable Window Regulator line with computerized end of line tester • Automated Compact Latch assembly line with PLC controlled end of line tester • Manual Latch Assembly line • Welding facilities with state of the art process controls

Over seas Aditya Auto has carefully nurtured a loyal customer base overseas for its various products through a fine mix of product innovation and strategic partnerships with industry leaders across the globe. design and engineering to ensure the best of offerings that match international standards. across vehicle categories. cost reduction and enhanced quality. At Aditya Auto. This includes turnkey solutions in product design services and assembly solutions for automobiles. Our key tool design capabilities include 20 Stations of 2. our Tool Design team brings design competencies that ensure faster turnaround time. The team works in partnership with the customers from the drawing board through the development process to the final delivery of parts and sub-assemblies. Special fixtures and gauges. Hot Runner Molding tools. VISION & MISSION OF THE COMPANY 26 .5 m x 2 m Progressive dies. Our global customers benefit from constant review and up gradation of our capabilities in manufacturing. Aditya Auto has the distinction of being the OEM for the best brands in the Indian auto sector besides being the preferred Tier 1 supplier of quality and niche products to leading OEMs. Fine blanking tools.ADITYA AUTO PARTS Tool design The Engineering Design team at Aditya Auto has specific competencies to cater to the Tool Design requirements of the auto components industry.

utility vehicles and commercial vehicles and commercial vehicles segments  Participate in social development and be Eco-friendly in all our activities. cost efficient operation and teamwork of all associations. FUNCTIONAL DEPARTMENTS 27 .  Geographic expansion  To promote strategic partners globally  Preferred supplier for automotive system in passenger car. OBJECTIVES  To achieve and sustain excellence in performance through use of appropriate technology.ADITYA AUTO PARTS VISION “To build a ROBUST organization in the auto component sector to serve the ever demanding needs of domestic & export OEMS & to exploit the potential of the globalized supply base” MISSION “Aditya would constantly strive live & excel customer expectation & shall continue to be customer focused & customer success driven”.  Up gradation of employee skills to meet global needs on a continuous basis.

ADITYA AUTO PARTS The success of any business depends on the people working for it. the awareness among all the people of the units about the principles of Aditya auto is also a factor for the thrive to excel. The success of Aditya auto parts can be attributed to: Focus Method Control Style Reward : Our Customer : Innovation and Continuous Improvement : Customer Feedback : Team Work : Recognition and Security And last but not the least. organized and people with the ability need to be acquired. The various functions that a unit performs need to be planned. • Human Resource Department • Finance Department • Maintenance and Services Department • Stores Department • Purchase Department • Marketing Department • R & D Department POLICIES FOLLOWED BY ADITYA COMPANY 28 .

 Conserve natural resources and promote recycling and reuse. At Aditya Auto. To this end. we are committed to save and improve the environment by preventing pollution.ADITYA AUTO PARTS QUALITY POLICY “Our aim is to supply product in the time & achieve customer satisfaction through continual improvement in quality & technology & cost. reuse and recycling. 29 . The quality of the product & service to customer are utmost priority to remain customer focused”. WEALTH & SAFETY POLICY “Adhere to all applicable statutory. we have consciously embarked upon measures to increase green cover in our installations apart from ensuring strict compliance with applicable legal and statutory norms. legal requirements & other requirements. Deploy effective safety & health practices across the organization with prime focused on reducing the hazards & risks. Involve all employees in formulation of maintenance of OM&S management programmes for continual improvement. conserving natural resources through waste reduction. accidents and fire hazards. train employees regularly on safety & health practices”. ENVIRONMENT POLICY AT ADITYA  Strive for continual improvement in environmental performance by control of air and noise pollution as well as to minimize waste generation.

their management represents the competitive advantage of today and tomorrow’s organization. “Human capital” or “intellectual capital” . 30 . people on the other hand cannot be copied.ADITYA AUTO PARTS HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: “People are the key!” the technology can be purchased and copied.the human resource of an organization. At Aditya auto the Human Resource Manager and an Assistant Manager – Human resource who takes care about the human force of Aditya auto head the human resource department.

The vacancy of post is made known to the prospective employees through the newspaper. Maintaining the health and safety of every worker. 2. knowledge about the subject. Maintaining good relations with the employees. 3. He also should pass the physical fitness to work for the organization and more over he requires an attitude to work for the organization.ADITYA AUTO PARTS Objectives: 1. Functions: • Human Resource Planning – It is this department of Aditya auto that co-ordinates with other departments to decide on the exact number of workforce required for each department and the qualities that are required for the workforce. The educational qualification could be judged by the reputation of the university or institute. Ensuring the availability of competent workforce and their maintenance. • Recruitment and Selection – After knowing what is required or what amount of labour is required and the right qualities of the Labour it is the recruitment. The selection of prospective candidate is made on the basis of educational qualification he processes or the work experience of that candidate. country manager. If it is the requirement of a manager level candidate. The qualities include educational qualification. 31 . the decisions are given to the human resource department of India. more over the willingness to work.

It is a short-term educational process and utilizing organized procedure by which employees learn technical knowledge and skills for a definite purpose. the individual is placed on a regular job and taught the necessary skills to perform the job and trainee learns under the supervision and guidance of a qualified worker or instructor. This forms a part of the salary depending on the individuals report.ADITYA AUTO PARTS • Remuneration . • Training and development – All the human force whether new or present are constantly trained on their work and conduct various personality development camps for maintaining the improving their ability of work. Need for training: 1) Improve the relationship between the boss and subordinates. This is done on the basis of number of units produced and the quality that is maintained by them as per the requirement. paid by the company for putting their effort in the job. Training is an act of increasing knowledge and skills of an employee for doing a particular job. They are also paid for the units’ turnover of every month. 2) 3) To prepare employees for a higher level task. The developmental activity is conducted by an external agency. It includes the following 32 . All the workers are paid before the 7th of subsequent month. They also on a regular basis conduct the performance check of all the workers. On.It is the result of the work. Helps in eliminate fear in attempt in new tasks.the-job training: Under this method.

33 .the instructor organizes the material and gives it to group of trainees in the form of training. It includes the following: Lecture method: This lecture is a traditional and direct method of instruction . Trainee is explained the way of doing the job. This commitment to providing a safe work environment has lead to an exemplary record at our facilities worldwide. • Canteen – All people working for Aditya auto are taken care about their health. • Health and Safety . ii) Coaching: The trainee is placed under particular supervisor who functions as coach in training the individual. It is common in training managers for general manager position. 4) Job instruction: It is training through step by step.ADITYA AUTO PARTS i) Job rotation: it is a moment of trainee from one job to another. They are provided with canteen facilities.Aditya auto is committed to protecting the health and safety of each employee and constantly strives for an injury-free workplace as our overriding priority. A nominal amount is deducted from the salary for this purpose. the individual is separated on a regular job and attention is focused upon learning the material related to future job Performance. Off –the-job training: Under this method. which are working for all the three shifts of the day.

34 . ∗ Sending the analyzed ratings to unit head to get approval. and the potential of its group members. ∗ Review & approval of employee appraisal. ∗ Approval for performance appraisal. judgment has an undercurrent of personal attack and is likely to evoke resistance. • Performance appraisal . the performance. They do not hire people above 35 year of age. performance appraisal and promotion the company has a clear policy. It gives due weight age for qualification and experience. ∗ Forwarding appraisal format to the employees. ∗ Analyzing ratings for promotion. increment.ADITYA AUTO PARTS • Regarding the hiring. Performance appraisal process: ∗ Performance appraisal format to be distribution to the concerned divisional heads units head for assembly. While evaluation deals with its achievement of goals. ∗ Forwarding for approval. ∗ Collection of approved performance appraisal from the unit head.Performance appraisal basically refers to all Evaluation is those procedures that are used to evaluate the personality. different from judgment the former being concerned with performance the latter with person. training & development. ∗ Self appraisal.

Uses of 360 Degree Feedback:  Self development and individual counseling.  Strategic organizational development.  Team building.  Remuneration.  Part of organized Training and Development.  Validation of training and other initiatives.This is defined as the systemic collection of feedback of performance data on an individual or group derived from a number of the stakeholders in their performance. to rate the performance appraisal. This formalizes people’s judgments coming from natural interactions they have with each other. There is both a collection and a feedback process. • 360 Degree Feedback .ADITYA AUTO PARTS ∗ Preparation of salary review promotion letter etc. The Feedback systems assesses managers in terms of the competence they posses or more specifically through the detailed behavior which constitutes them. ∗ Finally receipts of salary review promotion letter & development activities takes place. 35 . It is done in a systematic way via questionnaires or interviews.

Skills may be defined as what the company best. Creativity and competency is the key to global success. the company is taking care of all the employees in different ways for uplifting of those unskilled employees. Each employee possesses different types of skills. the distinctive capabilities and competencies that reside in the organization. knowledge. They are picked from their junctions and also dropped back to their respective places after the shift. understanding and judgment to accomplish a task. There are also few employees who are unskilled among the staff. For the transportation of the workforce the company has entered into contract with the travel agencies who do the pick up and drop when they are required and this service has to round the clock.ADITYA AUTO PARTS • Transport – All the people working in the general shift are provided with transportation facility. Aditya auto has done well in identifying self-development and communicational skills and increasing the existing skills for further improvement and development of their personalities. experienced and technically qualified and proficient at work. The Officers at Aditya auto are very skilled. Every individual possesses the required skills to carry out their work effectively at Aditya auto. 36 . They take active part in almost all the activities at Aditya auto and provide valuable guidance to the employees. • Skill - Skill is the ability. Skills of employees in the company Skill is needed to carry out the company’s strategy.

These personnel. knowledge and experience. a sound organization structure. These personnel occupy the various positions created through the process of organizing. but it cannot accomplish results as per plan without effective staff in the company. skills.ADITYA AUTO PARTS • Staff . Staff means that the company has hired people trained them well and assigned them to the right jobs for which they are best suited according to their qualification.Organization requires the service of a large number of personnel. comprises of the staff of the organization. FINANCE DEPARTMENT 37 . Staff is one where employees work together under the control and direction of one department head that guide them in their routine work. Hence staffing is necessary to match job and individuals. Each position of the organization makes certain specific contributions to achieve organizational objectives. The person occupying the position should have a sufficient ability to meet the requirements. An enterprise may have a comprehensive business plan.

Every Business enterprises success and survival entirely depends upon how efficiently it is able to generate the funds as and when the need for it arises. There is a saying 38 . The core key to all business activities is Finance. It deals with the acquisition of specific assets the selection of specific liability as well as size and growth of an enterprise. In Aditya auto the chief financial officer who leads the team followed by the deputy manager finance and four other managers look into financial aspects of the business.ADITYA AUTO PARTS Finance is the lifeblood of every organization. This would explain the functions of finance. Financial management is concerned with the managerial decisions that result in the acquisition and financing long term and short term assets for the firm.

etc. Accounts Payable – The Company makes purchases of various raw materials and products from their supplier or credit on a daily basis. the company follows a policy of payment on supplier convenience basis.Working capital is the blood stream of any organization. and greases. An Accounts Manager handles this. machined parts. General Ledger – This function of the finance department is to maintain the general accounting of the unit as and when they occur. liquid. The ERP package MFG/PRO helps him by providing him with the necessary details of purchases and sales.ADITYA AUTO PARTS “Artha Sachiva” which means that “finance reigns supreme” that speaks about the significance of finance. 2. It is the responsibility of the finance department to organize funds for all the required commercial operations of the organization. Working capital management . to make funds available towards the smooth and consistent functioning of the commercial operations of the organization. stationary. 3. It is basically the capital required towards day to day financial operation of any organization. He is responsible for recording all transactions happening within the unit and to submit the report on a monthly basis. Functions: 1. castings bar stock. MAINTENANACE AND SERVICES DEPARTMENTS 39 . The purchase includes forgings. assemblies.

It is the preparation of the schedule. Tightening of coupling bolts 40 . Breakdown way – The maintenance section is responsible for the break down. Preventive way – Preventive maintenance is the first step which helps the machine to function with out any break-down. Break down slips are analyzed at regular intervals and any problems discovered to be repetitive are added to preventive maintenance list. 3. half-yearly and yearly. Every Saturday and Sunday the maintenance departments get into work.ADITYA AUTO PARTS For any machine to work properly and efficiently there should be a constant checking of machines for its performance. to ensure the continuous effective services like maintenance and services department play a major role. The Maintenance section produce daily checklist and the experts work according to that check list. Predictive way – Predictive maintenance program of IFB APL takes place in three checks namely quarterly. So. 2. The maintenance is done in three ways: 1. Based on that analysis of spares consumed by the machinery the section stocks minimum or maximum levels of spares. if there is some problem in the machine due to which the performance has stopped then it is indication that the machine is not maintained properly. depending on the critically of the component and the machinery. Few routine works that are involved in maintaining the machines are: 1.

So. land and building and transport will act as an important source for high performance and high productivity. 3. if there is any failure in the power supply the machine will stop resulting in halt in production. Instrument calibration Workshop Civil Services Project Department QUALITY DEPARTMENT 41 . Tightening of plumber block 3. to ensure the continuous effective production services like maintenance and service department play a major role. Functions: 1. If the desired service is given at right time the efficiency of the organization increases. 2.ADITYA AUTO PARTS 2. 4. Checking and to pins of Oils for gear box 4. The services like water. power. Check wise roped hook condition 5. Renew oil for Gear box SERVICES DEPARTMENT For any industry to service and succeed in its field of services that are provided plays a vital role.

Coordinator Quality Systems: 42 .  To fully meet customer requirements including performance. Quality Policy and Functions: To maintain a leading position as a supplier of quality services. safely like characteristics and aesthetics. with emphasis on defects prevention in all areas of operation.  Continuous improvement in services. Systems to national standards and to build a high level of customer confidence by providing increased value for his money.  Involvement of personnel from all functions at all level for development and maintenance of quality systems. This department ensures the upkeeps of the standard set by the management. development evaluation.ADITYA AUTO PARTS Quality control department checks the quality of the service delivered and the materials purchased.  Use of scientific system for vendor selection.  Planned and systematic programmed for acquainting customers adequately with the proper usage of systems. surveillance and for providing assistance to vendors in Materials Management activity. process. systems through competitive technological base. with the following objective.  Strict adherence to specifications. The policy is supplemented with the following objectives.

∗ Proper handling and packaging of finished goods. discipline and safety. ∗ Maintenance of all documents related to operations. Quality control is a staff function concerned with the prevention of defects in manufacturing so that items may be made right at the first time. ∗ Analyzing and taking corrective actions on all technical and quality related problems. ∗ Controls of non-confirming products observed during in house operations.ADITYA AUTO PARTS ∗ Organizing and controlling of all production related activities for all in house operations. LAB AND QUALITY ASSURANCE DEPARTMENT Quality refers to the sum of contributes or properties that describe a product. Functions:     Control of engineering quality Control of purchased materials quality Control of manufacturing quality Actions supporting the product after decreasing 43 . ∗ Participating in continuous improvements of projects & program. ∗ Maintenance of good housekeeping.

NO Inspection Checking Specification Frequency Remarks. GRN no. sample size. specification. checking aid used for inspection. SL.ADITYA AUTO PARTS Important Quality Test Items: • Appearance • Material • Endurance Test • Operating Parameters • Environment Test • Corrosion Test • Rigidity Test Inspection Standard Form: This form consists of list of inspection items. part no. actual size 44 . supplier name. items aid of inspection Sample Inspection Report: Sample inspection report consists of part name. list parameters to be measured. frequency of inspection and remarks for inspection.

Safety Equipments 45 . Accident Prevention 2. 2. List of Measuring Equipments: • Vernier Height Gauge (Digital) • Vernier Caliper • Micrometer • Service Rating SAFETY DEPARTMENT Safety policy: 1. Safety Education 3. To provide safe working place. Functions: The functions of the safety department are: 1. column for judgment. To establish and insist upon safe methods and practice at all time. actual size (Customer). To provide proper machines and tools with which the employees can work safely. 3.ADITYA AUTO PARTS (supplier). decision taken after inspection (Accepted/Rejected).

  Marketing Strategy: • Being OEM supplier the products are directly marketed to their customers. To maintain brand image produced the company. The marketing in Aditya auto philosophy is totally customer centric.ADITYA AUTO PARTS MARKETING DEPARTMENT A marketing dept. but the point lied in how the produced product is reached to the creatures. set sales targets. has a prominent role in any business org. a company may easily produced the goods. Functions:   To determine objectives. To have periodic conference with sales department to discuss To attend the customer complaints. customer needs. It seeks to satisfy the end customers in all aspects by consistently providing innovative and quality products through team efforts. 46 . • New customers are drawn to the company as they are a QS-9000 certified.

COMPETION ANALYSIS Competition is one of the predominate role in the Business world. capability. the scope. strength. capacity of the between competitor in a particular product are differed and varied in nature.ADITYA AUTO PARTS COMPETITOR’S INFORMATION: 1. The healthy competition is required than business for quality and standard products and services for desired customers products and services for desired customers in a market. Competition can be uncared between two or more competitors in a domestic industrial world as weal as international market. Now a day a company must be ready to compete both in domestic and international market for getting name and fame in the industrial world. SHIVANI. 2. IFB Automotive private Limited. ADITYA AUTO PARTS has done good name and fame in the market for its quality and standard product gaining top 1st place in the window regulator manufacturing companies in India in zoom. The healthy competition between companies in a product results standard. quality with consistent pricing policy. 3. TECHNICO. 47 .

ADITYA AUTO PARTS Unique Selling Proportions:  Self capacity to make new products.  Experienced design & operation team. Major strategies are:    To become the number 1 company in India by 2008.  Competitive selling price.  Less lead time for new products development. Strategy at Aditya auto parts: Auto parts industry is one of the leading companies in the India. To expand its market in India as well as abroad. Aditya auto parts aim at total customer satisfaction. PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT 48 . To be 40 companies by 2008.

The infrastructure and assembly facilities are “just in time” delivery to customers. Production In charge In charge Maintenance In charge Logistics Production Department Chart: Production Manager In charge 49 Production Coordinator Quality Systems Shift In charge . In this endeavor he is assisted by venous other departments. The objective of this Production department is to achieve and sustain excellence in performance through use of appropriate technology. Do not function. The company’s continuous emphasis is to develop better ways to enhance productivity and make manufacturing process more efficient. There is said to be production loss if any of the depts.ADITYA AUTO PARTS It is like a heart in a human body. It continues function laid to other dept can function. cost efficient operations and team work of all associates. A plant manager who is responsible for the entire functioning of the plant runs the plant. The company has earned a very high reputation of delivering high quality products.

ADITYA AUTO PARTS Functions:        Production techniques Capacity management Industrial engineering Production planning and control Inventory control Quality control Maintenance WORK FLOW MODEL: 50 .

Identifying training needs for operations department personnel. Organizing and controlling of all production related activities for all in-house operations. 3.ADITYA AUTO PARTS Production plan Monthly production plan Marketing of raw materials Material requirement planning Production of goods Finished goods Dispatch Responsibilities of Production Department: 1. Maintenance of all document related to production. 7. 5. 4. 2. Maintaining the safe and proper working environment. Maintenance of all in-house tools and fixtures. Control of non conforming parts observed during in-house operations. 6. Provide proper assistance for the work force in carrying out the assigned work effectively. 51 .

of days/year Less Sundays Less holidays Total no.5 hours on two shift bases and on one shift basis in some areas. Preparation of work orders and material requisition slip.e. of working hours/shift Available hrs/year (two shifts/day) Available hrs/year (one shifts/day) 365 Days 52 Days 12 Days 301 Days 8.Preparation of monthly production plan.5 Hours 5117 Hours 2558. Proper handling and packaging of finished parts. of working days/year No. the calculation is shown below: Total no. stores and operations departments.ADITYA AUTO PARTS 8.Procurement of spares used in the machinery’s. 12. Out of 365 days rare considered. except in critical areas which work round the clock i. 9. 10.5 hrs PURCHASE DEPARTMENT 52 . Available capacity: The working hours of the plant is 8. three shifts.Production and material planning in co-ordination with the purchase. 11.

design. The company is able adopt this technique of manufacturing because it has state-of-art. Functions: Planning of raw materials  Selection and evaluation of suppliers  Assessment of suppliers  Release of purchase order  Work order  Receiving inspection  Receiving stores Vendor Identification: Aditya Company is primarily an assembly/ sub-assembly manufacturing unit.ADITYA AUTO PARTS It is one of prominent dept. Importing: 53 . development and establishing their infrastructure. Simply purchasing refers to the act of buying an item at a price. which focusing required purchasing activities of the company. development and test facilities. This dept also called as material management dept. trains with suppliers in the area of production. The company depends to a large extend on its suppliers for components and parts. It adopts and implements world class quality systems. Thus vendor development is a critical activity.

Clearing agents and Logistic service providers) 4. Requirement Planning and Ordering. It is shown below: The purchase order number is obtained and purchase order is made on standard THE IMPORT PROCESS: 54 . the sequence can be broken down as follows: 1.ADITYA AUTO PARTS To understand the procedure that the commercial department at IFB APL employs in importing a consignment. Transportation and Service Agents (including Freight Forwarders. 3. Documentation and Banking The details of the purchase order are keyed on the ERP. Purchase order. 2. Modes of Transit 5. Customs Procedures and Customs Duty 7. price terms and payment terms. Seaport & Airport procedures 6. Import Purchase Order Format.

Collect Bill Of Entry Copies From Clearing Agent. File Duplicate with Accounts and Triplicate.ADITYA AUTO PARTS Requirement Planning Purchase Order Dispatch Request Pick-Up Advice to Freight Collect Duty Amount from Finance and Send Pay Order to Clearing On Arrival Of Cargo: Request Clearing Agent For Duty Advice. Instruct Clearing Agent To File Bill Of Entry. STORES DEPARTMENT 55 .

Invoice must match with purchase order Made rejection and replacement. The company has set up different stores in order to achieve the best control over the materials. accessories necessary for production and components ready for secondary operations are stored and controlled according to production plan. To meet the demands of consuming dept by prepare issues and account for handling. Functions:         Goods inwards Holding stores Scrap and surplus stores To receive raw materials and account for them. Warehouse is the place wherein which components used for assembly. Warehousing is one of the prominent departments in Aditya auto. Checking inspection letters.ADITYA AUTO PARTS The company believes materials are money. storing. In warehousing quality for finished product are given top priority. Store consists of different activities namely. they try to maintain best control on the materials that are coming in and going out of the company. It plays a major role for receiving their finished packed ceramics for their premises and makes it stock. 56 . There are separate stores for receiving. issuing of goods and special stores exclusively for handling finished goods.

ADITYA AUTO PARTS Goods Received Note (GRN): In this activity all incoming raw materials or components coming after secondary operation are recorded. This activity ensures the availability of material as and when required for production. powder coating. to production department based on daily/monthly/annual production plan.e. NOTE: The FIFO (First in First Out) system is followed for the movement of material from store to production department. Types of GRN: • Cash GRN • Scrap GRN • Returned GRN • Bought/imported GRN • Packaging material GRN • Consumable GRN Material Requisition Slip (MRS): This activity controls the movement of material inside the factory i. Material Dispatch Advice (MDA): This activity controls the components going for secondary operations like welding. Delivery Challen (DC): This is the final approval for dispatching components for secondary operations to specified customer. heat treatment etc. 57 . Stock In Hand: This report shows the inventory of all components at any instant of time.

materials. air etc. time and enhance quality and productivity. It carryout basic engineering. marketing. quality assurance dept etc. Functions: It provides uninterrupted utilities like power. drawings.ADITYA AUTO PARTS ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT Production engineering department is a supporting team for all the department like.  costs.  specifications. detailed engineering preparations of machines/equipments. service dept. machines. Process Engineering: The process engineering function at Aditya auto carries different functions in order to facilitate the R & D departmental function. PROCESS ENGINEERING The Process design & development Fixture design & tool maintenance Supplier selection & approval Component development 58 . documents etc. different functions are as below. systems to save energy. customer. steam. water. production. project.  It carries out preventive maintenance for maximum utilization of It modify/update existing services. system and filed engineering.

TUV T – 1649. It is an ISO 9001 and QS 9000 certified company and is now focusing on achieving the next grade. development. The company’s core competency is in the areas of design. The company believes in pro-active process and works closely with customers engineering teams throughout the value chain. delivery cycle. Talented professionals with extensive domain knowledge and engineering with their ceaseless efforts and creativity continuously explore for new products and technologies for the new generation. The company focuses on ‘One Stop Solution’ for all customers design. ideas.ADITYA AUTO PARTS The art of turning ideas into proto-type is a reality in the company. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT 59 . including door modules in foreseeable future. The company has drawn plans to introduce products to match the growth of the growth of automobile industry in India. design. The focus is on new development and ‘state-of-the-art technology’. to become a world class supplier of automobile sub assemblies. The company has realized the need to anticipate the customer’s requirements and has expanded its activities from original design concept to delivery. including tooling and manufacturing of the entire range of safety critical high tech products. concepts. The goal is customer excitement. development and manufacturing.

ADITYA AUTO PARTS It is department. 3D modeling Material selection Finite element analysis Process engineering Simulation and Testing         Product Design: The company receives design specifications from its customers. Functions:   Production development and advancement. Calculations are made to achieve the specifications spelt by the customers care is taken to ensure the standards are obtained by achieving certain significant characteristics. The major products designed by the company are Wiring Harness and window regulators. Improvements of technology. MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM (MIS) 60 . Major spends on regards to R &D. This department is provides us with various activities carried by the company. which is engaged in the program of researching and developing the technology used. Improvements in cost reduction techniques. Better quality assurance of products.

The company has separated its department. Functions:       Analysis of sales reports Stock analysis Collection of daily items Payment analysis E-commerce network Product design and cost of product. The MIS department’s role is to control of entire computer network of the company. STD/ISD facilities. Its function is to store all data. maintenance of employee’s database. intranet. which uses EDP (electronic data processing) to connect all the departments. It is decentralized advanced software excepted globally. fax etc.ADITYA AUTO PARTS Information technology dept is one of pediments unit in Aditya auto for supplementing quality information to the company and outside the company. creation of employees E-mail IDs. They use software called MFGPRO-ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) developed by QAD software developers. maintaining internet facility of the company and coordination with the supplier and customers. updating of company website. SALES DEPARTMENT 61 . To insure the smooth flow information the company has facilities like Internet.

ADITYA AUTO PARTS The main function of this department is to execute the orders made by the customers. ORDER EXUCUTING PROCESS Order execution process Proforma invoice Challen invoice Transmit SWOT ANALYSIS 62 . The Aditya company has following the below order executing process.

and that external to the firm can be classified as opportunity (O) or threats (T). Environmental factors internal to the firm usually can be classified as strength (S) or weaknesses (W). Such an analysis of the strategic environment is referred to as SWOT analysis. A scan of the internal and external environment is an important part of the strategic planning process.ADITYA AUTO PARTS The SWOT (Strength. Opportunities and Threats) analysis has been a useful toll for industry. STRENGTHS: 63 . The SWOT tool is effectively used as a decision-making aid while planning new vocational programs. The process of utilizing the SWOT approach requires an internal survey of strengths and weakness of the program and an external survey of threats and opportunities. The SWOT analysis provides information that is helpful in matching the firm’s resources and a capability to the competitive environment in which it operated. It is a useful way of examining current environmental conditions around program offerings. As such. Structured internal and external examinations are unique in the world of curriculum planning and development. Weakness. it is instrumental in strategy formulation and selection.

     64 . Long-term value growth for all employees. It seeks to satisfy the end customer in all respects.  facilities. market share and also has become familiar to many   Aditya is an ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certified company and lays great importance on quality and environment responsibility.ADITYA AUTO PARTS  Company has good brand image and with innovative technology up-gradation.  HRD. ADITYA AUTO has gained wide customers.  Aditya has a wide network of depots and over number of customers spread over the nation. Highly committed work force. The company manufactures window regulators generally according to the guidelines laid down by Arvin Meritor. Comprehensive support infrastructure and training Aditya has a good industrial relation by effective The Aditya philosophy is totally customer centric. High degree of participating management. Having been established in 1989.

 Support companies with process innovation.  Huge market potential both in domestic and internationally.  Continuous increase in demand. Identifying hidden opportunities is the mark of an astute analyst. OPPORTUNITIES: All organizations have some opportunities that they can gain from.ADITYA AUTO PARTS WEAKNESS: Every organization also has some weakness. 65 .  Outsourcing critical components. These could range from diversification to dale of operations.  Profits in window regulators and door latches and power window industry with its huge growth potential could attract new entrants into the market.  The product of Aditya comprises wide range to cater different needs of customer so it can utilize this opportunity against competitor’s threat.  Absence of in-house tool design/manufacturing capability. How badly these weaknesses will affect the company is a matter of analysis.  Higher cost of production due to import of certain materials.  Profits of the company during the last year have considerably come down.  Develop local skills base through increased training.

ADITYA AUTO PARTS  Exploit local expertise in related sector clusters technologies e. such as falling productivity.  New competitors for the same products.  A growing car market can create a huge demand for company’s products.  Growth in Export market. such as lower priced international competition. These could be internal.  Demand for out sourced design. Or they could be external. renewable energy.  Increases in the fuel prices.  Car industry is depending on government policies. 66 .g. THREATS: No organization is immune to threats.

tool making and manufacturing systems are continuously upgraded through training and exposure to customer needs in the field.  No trade unions.  The Company also practices advanced workshop management systems for continuous improvement and high degree of house keeping and cleanliness.  The pool of Company's skilled engineers with specialization in tool design.  Effective utilization of resources.  The tool design section is supported with a proper CAD Station and the design engineers carry out proper analysis of the process and product through PFMEA and DFMEA.ADITYA AUTO PARTS SUGGESTIONS AND CONCLUSIONS FINDINGS:  The Company invests regularly to upgrade its infrastructure to maintain the technology leadership.  Striving hard to produce zero defect products. material handling system and storage systems to ensure reliability in production systems and also achieve high degree of productivity.  The Company engineers frequently visit the customers to solve their problems and issues.  Corporate culture amongst the employees is excellent irrespective of their cadre and their designation.  The Company also deploys high quality utility services. SUGGESTIONS & RECOMMENDATION 67 .

 Focusing on quality and the consumer.  The employees in the technical departments should get training at least twice a year. Thus the number skilled employees should be increased. in procuring the raw materials. CONCLUSION 68 .  The training program should be planned according to the required improvement for each department.ADITYA AUTO PARTS  Some of the important departments like MIS.  The company has to make investment in well-versed securities & bonds.  The employees who have rating as average and below average should opt for the training and improve their skills.  The company can adopt ‘Just-in-time’ approach. which will helps in eliminating several costs.  Enhancing marketing processes and capabilities. as these are the people who need continuous updating due to rapid changing in the technology. Logistics and R & D have very less number of employees.  The company has to do physical verification of stock monthly in order to smooth functioning of production department. the work of these departments is important for the success of the organization.  Enhancing management accountability and transparency.

I would like to mention the name of Mr. transportation system & various other facilities. I would like to present the following factors as part of my learning experience at Aditya auto parts at Doddaballapur. 69 . Company has excellent infrastructure with various buildings. new plants. I was able to group actual working of the entire department. The atmosphere and working conditions were encouraging in the company. a very good experience. 3. S. Finally to conclude. After finishing this in-plant training I came to know about practical accepts & work situation in organisation. While pursuing 1st year MBA I have gained only theoretical knowledge about management & its work.SURESH (Vice president) who helped me and guided me in this project. Finally. Excellent learning center. their interdependency and importance of each department in smooth running of the organization. 2. which led me to compare theoretical learning in the classroom to the working of an organization.ADITYA AUTO PARTS I hope I had a fruitful time during my “In plant Organization Study” which would help in my career. 1. which is having good collection of books. journals and reports.

Loans & Advance Inventories 3154.36 12502.27 19430 Less: Depreciation 7841.32 Unsecured loan 558.14 36252. In lakhs) (Rs.31 Deferred Tax Asset (Net) 34 0 Current Assets.98 15228.ADITYA AUTO PARTS ANNEXURE ANNUAL REPORT BALANCE SHEET AS AT MARCH 31-2007 As at 31 As at 31 March 06 March 07 (Rs.94 56.63 Cash & Bank Balances 88. In lakhs) Sources of funds 3652.7 Application of funds Fixed Assets Gross Block 21589.91 6927.47 3902.31 50.83 5144.89 534.36 6502.71 Loan funds Secured loan 8477.73 8091.3 12559.95 744.14 Share holders fund 2341.24 Loans & Advances 1224.31 415.62 8626 Deferred Tax Liability 0 100 15029.57 5993.7 13747.22 2850.12 Capital Work in progress 14020.05 2501 Sundry Debtors 677.1 Investment 415.16 629.68 9036.98 Net Block 272.7 70 .

51 4589.79 110.71 71 .53 933.ADITYA AUTO PARTS Less: Current Liabilities & Provisions Current Liabilities Provisions Net Current Assets Miscellaneous Expenditure 4271.37 5 2858.1 555.17 14.98 15228.74 2969.59 317.22 Profit & Loss Account (Being loss carried forward after deduction un committed reserves) 0 1306 15029.

2005 Financial Management 6th.aditya auto parts.ADITYA AUTO PARTS BIBLIOGRAPHY Sl No. Year Publisher Pearson Education Pearson / PHI TataMc Graw Hili 2 3 Philip Kotler Prasanna Chandra Principles of Marketing 12th. 2004  Aditya Auto Parts & Engineering (PVT) India Limited  Company Library  www. David Title Strategic Management Concepts and Cases Edition. 1 Author Fred 72 .