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Disparity Character Sheet

Name: Sex: Height: Lineage: Level Points: Age: Eye Color: Weight: Life Points: Points to Next Level: Level: Hair Color:

Skills (d100) Attractiveness: Brewing: Dodge: Intelligence: Location Sense (Indoor): Location Sense (Outdoor): Lock Picking: Lowlight Vision: Object Lore: Observation: Penmanship: Persuasion: Poison Brewing: Poison Identification: Reading and Writing: Stamina: Stealth: Strength: Veracity: Patronage: Yes/No

Abilities Break Up Artist: Brew in the Blood: Negotiator: Regal Bearing: Sensitive Ears: Sensitive Eyes: Tool Master:

Patrons Name:

Weapons (On Hand):

Weapons (Know how to use):



Basic Gear:

Upgradeable Gear Gear Type

Upgrade Level

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