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Neighborhood News

Representing the 1200 households North of East-West Highway, South of Jones
Bridge Road, East of Wisconsin Avenue and West of Columbia Country Club.

Purple Line: Waiting President’s

for the Next Report Notebook
By Ilaya Hopkins, President
By David Saltzman, 1st Vice President
Public Safety is important to us
The Draft Environmental Impact county and MTA appeared to be all. From daily activities like
Statement (DEIS) for the Purple devoting considerably less energy dealing with cut-through traffic to
Line from the Maryland Transit to studying alternatives to this. more rare occasions of major crime,
Administration (MTA) is currently Additionally, I noted that almost we are all impacted as it ultimately
scheduled for release on October no study has been done regarding affects our quality of life. Because
17th. The DEIS will weigh all the sufficiency of the proposed 10- of the recent rash of major crimes
possible routes for a proposed foot wide trail that would run in the nearby vicinity, the
transit system and the various alongside the rail lines, which I Montgomery County Police
light rail and bus alternatives. It believe is an acute issue in light of Department has provided more
will attempt to address all impacts overcrowding issues on the Capital information on keeping our
each alternative may have along Crescent Trail, as well as the neighborhoods safe. It all comes
its entire route including air county planning board’s recent down to trusting your instincts and
quality, water quality, noise, reporting suspicious activity. A
deforestation, and other issues critical part of crime deterrence is
such as the cascading effects on reducing opportunity for criminals
traffic on local roads. Coming Up Next by locking cars and houses and
At the September 17th EBCA keeping an eye out for neighbors.
general membership meeting, I Halloween Parade You’ll see more specifics in our
delivered a presentation outlining Sunday, October 26th article on this very subject.
the system and the county’s efforts Another part of public safety is
to obtain public input on its design.
Chase to Lynnbrook Parks fire prevention. October is fire
I noted the various alternatives safety month. This is a great time
under consideration and their to publically thank those East
prospective costs. I urged residents decision to substitute the long- Bethesda residents who serve on
to visit the MTA’s website, which planned bike path that was to run volunteer fire boards or are part of
contains a tremendous amount of in parkland along the Inter County the volunteer rescue squads that
useful information, including maps Connector with a bike lane along respond to all kinds of calls. And,
and cross-section drawings for the crowded urban streets. since it is fire safety month, don’t
various alternatives online at The EBCA’s position is to oppose forget to use this opportunity to You any development that degrades or check smoke detectors.
will also be able to download the inhibits our use of the Georgetown In East Bethesda, we do our best
DEIS from this site. Branch Trail. Presently, it appears to keep people informed by sending
I expressed that the county and that the construction of a light rail out the monthly newsletter and
MTA appear biased toward system or bus system on the trail posting items on the website or to
building a light rail system on the would degrade its use significantly. our email list. It is exciting to
Master Plan Alignment, which is EBCA has not taken a position on announce that our website,
presently the trail that runs across any of the other alignments. We, has gotten a
the back of our neighborhood. I
gave my opinion that I felt the Continued on page 6... Continued on page 5...
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Safety First Halloween

By Ted Winstead Parade:
With the days getting shorter away from your home, consider
and Halloween just around the
corner, it is a good time to
using automatic timers to switch
interior lights on at preset times.
October 26th
remember that “safety never takes Outdoor lighting can eliminate By Sandy Spagnolo, Social Chair
a holiday.” One of the most hiding places. Install exterior
effective ways to prevent crime is lighting near porches, rear and By our count, this is the 13th
simply to watch out for our side driveways, garage doors, and year of the EBCA Halloween
neighbors and pay attention to the all other points of entry. Parade. Be sure to mark your
community we know best. Trust Entryways to your home should calendars for Sunday, October 26th
your instincts and call the police to always be well lighted. Place lights from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. for this
report any suspicious activity. The out of reach from the ground so the spook-tacular display of costumes
Montgomery County Police non- bulbs cannot be removed or broken. and fun. Everyone will gather at
emergency number is 301-279- Aim some lights away from the Chase Park at 3:00 p.m. begin the
8000. Here are some home safety house so you can see if anyone is parade down Chase Avenue toward
tips they offer. approaching, or install motion- Lynnbrook Park. Even if you are
Stay alert to suspicious-looking sensing lights. not walking in the parade, it is
couriers delivering packages to you The Montgomery County Police quite a site to watch the
or your neighbors. Also, many con has seen an increase recently in procession. Thanks to all our
artists take advantage of holiday thefts from automobiles and thefts neighbors on Chase Avenue for
generosity by going door-to-door. of automobile parts. Some of these moving their vehicles and cheering
Ask for identification and get thefts are preventable by taking us on.
specifics to how and where the very simple, yet effective steps, and Just like last year, this event will
donations will be spent or used. If they are asking for your help. Most also be a chance to give back to the
you feel uncomfortable, just say "no important, lock your car doors and community. We will be collecting
thank you" and shut the door. close the windows completely. An food for Bethesda Help
Effective home security starts unlocked door or open window is an (, an all-
with properly locked doors and invitation to a thief to take any volunteer, non-profit organization
windows and visible, well-lighted property in your vehicle. that offers immediate short-term
entryways. Lighting is one of the In addition, take with you or lock financial and transportation
most cost-effective deterrents to in your trunk any electronic assistance and emergency food
burglary. Indoor-lighting gives the equipment and remove GPS deliveries to residents of southern
impression that a home is systems. Whenever possible, park Montgomery County who are in
occupied. If you are going to be in well lit, populated areas. financial crisis. As such, they are
always looking for food donations
to their pantry including canned
Ilaya Hopkins, President
goods (fruits, vegetables, pasta
David Saltzman, 1st Vice President
East Bethesda Citizens sauce, beans, soups, fish and
Tori Hall, 2nd Vice President
Association, Inc. meat), pasta, rice, peanut butter,
A.B. Carneal, Recording Secretary jam, and breakfast cereals. No
PO Box 41020 Jack Hayes, Treasurer glass or oversized items, please.
Bethesda, MD 20824 Dan Fox, Immediate Past President There will be a drop-off point at Andy O’Hare, Crescent Trail Chase Avenue Park as well as
Monica Hayes, Education Lynnbrook Park.
Neighborhood News Rebecca Fayed , Membership More information about all of the
Jay Briar, Editor Eleanor Rice, NIH Liaison Halloween events will be on our Kevin Kraus, Parks & Playgrounds website, If you are
Sponsorship, Vacant Sandy Spagnolo, Social Events interested in helping out with the Dorian Patchin, Website event, please send and email to
Leslie Weber, Welcome Packets Sandy Spagnolo, Social Chair, at
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School Assignment Update

By Monica Hayes, Education Chair
EBCA recently mailed a School shared with the East Bethesda to share your views. The higher the
Assignment Survey to all Community and a summary of response to the survey, the more
households in the neighborhood. East Bethesda's elementary school forceful a case EBCA will be able to
This comes as Montgomery County preference will be shared with make when communicating with
Public Schools (MCPS) is reviewing MCPS and the Board of Education. the county. Once we have more
the current school assignments for We anticipate having Education information on what MCPS is
our area. We will not have a good Committee meetings in the coming considering, we will move forward
sense of what that means for our weeks that will be open to any accordingly.
residents until recommendations neighbors interested in attending. The survey can also be found on
are made from MCPS to the Board We will examine the data collected our website, Please
of Education in mid to late October. and try to gather information that complete either the paper version
In the meantime, EBCA is will be useful in any discussion of or the online version but not both.
interested in collecting information the future assignments for our If you have questions, please
from residents on current neighborhood. contact Monica Hayes, EBCA
preferences. This will help inform Whether or not you have children Education Committee Chair, at
the Education Committee and the currently in public elementary Thanks for
Executive Committee of EBCA. schools and even if you do not have your cooperation on this very
The results of the survey will be a strong preference, it is important important community issue.
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Membership Update By Rebecca Fayed, Membership Chair

As the leaves begin to change colors and the lazy days of summer become a fading memory, now is the perfect
time to tackle that “hot spot” in your house. You know, that place where you pile all the mail, school forms,
shopping lists, and other “to-do” items. Perhaps your EBCA membership form is sitting in that pile as something
you’ve been meaning to do? Whether the form has made its way to that all important pile or not, we need for you to
contribute your annual membership of $15 per member for the year beginning July 1st. Whether you’re new to the
neighborhood or you’ve spent your whole life here, whether you were a member last year or just never got around
to joining, the EBCA welcomes you to join our association. The EBCA is only as good as its members.
As a member, you are entitled to vote on the issues raised at the EBCA general meetings, will be kept up to date
on the important issues affecting our neighborhood, including, for example, the Purple Line and our public school
assignment, and are encouraged to participate in our numerous social events, such as the upcoming Halloween
Parade, scheduled for October 26th.
If you have questions about membership, would like to confirm whether you’ve paid your dues or would like to
volunteer to be a part of the Membership Committee, please contact Rebecca Fayed by email at or by phone at 301-564-1499.

Salman Abu-Hjeli • Paul Ellen Condon • Michael Conlan • Sara Gold • Peter Goldstein •
Aggugia • Amy Aggugia • Jerry Michael Corcoron • Julie Corwin • Me lo d y G o l d s te in • Mar k
Alexander • Michelle Alexander • Robert Courts • Adam Cowles • Gourley • Leslie Graham • Bob
Cynthia Allen • Joseph Allen • Christine Crowe • Pat Gray • MaryAlice Gray • Jon
Mark Anderson • Margo Cunningham • Mark Cymrot • Greenbaum • Daniel Groman •
Anderson • Bruce Anderson • Ann Danner • Robert Danner • Melissa Groman • Robin Gross •
Fernanda Andreassi • Kenneth Ann Dansie • William Dansie • Ed Grossman • Shallay
Angell • Graciela Argerich • Ed Rob Dapice • Dorothy Day • John Grossman • Heather Haas •
Arovas • Genta Arovas • Jeff Day • Mary DeFilippes • David James Hammack • Geoff Handy •
Bacon • Caryn Bacon • Pamela DiBari • Meg DiBari • Connie Peggy Anne Hansen • Isaac
Baker-Masson • Dave Barker • Dierman • Roger Dierman • Karen Hantman • Roberta Hantman •
Joseph Barthold • Sally Barthold • Dietrich • Martin Dieu • Judith John Hardgrove • William
Linda Baxter • Ed Baxter • Dena Doherty • Brian Doherty • Harless • Michelle Harmon • Scott
Belinkoff • Paula Benson • Elizabeth Donaldson • Kelley Harmon • Alexandra Harrington •
Andrew Benzmiller • Jocelina Doran • Jessica Doran • Jeff Monica Hayes • Jack Hayes •
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Blandford • Hilary Blank • Forrest Etxegoien • Jon Etxegoien • Bob Hopkins • Henry Hoppler •
Blank • Dan Blumenthal • Vence Louise Evans • Erik Evenson • Nancy Horton • Mark Horton •
Bonham • Angela Bonham • Keith Rebecca Fayed • Ramy Fayed • Susie Huey • Rob Huey • Miebeth
Boniface • Lindsey Borgia • Susan Jesus Ferro • Rebecca Ferro • Janssens • Scott Johnson • Hanna
Braman • Jay Briar • Bill Alvin Figer • Mary Fletcher • Kate Kadushin • Leslie Kahn • Sharada
Brockman • Janet Brockman • Fothergill • Celina Frank • Kalanidhi • David Kaufman •
Gloria Burkhardt • Jeff Burnett • William Franz • Nancy Freas • Sara Kaul • Rob Kaye • John
Colyn Cain • Chris Cain • A.B. Robert Friedman • Ivan Galic • Kelly • Ian Kelly • Beverly
Carneal • Megan Carroll • Mike Kristie Galic • Robin Gallbraith • Kempf • Veronica Kidd • John
Chapman • Jessica Chapman • Penelope Garcia • Agnes Garrity • Kilbourne • Jacqueline King •
Catherine Chow • Lois Chretien • Joseph Garrity • Keisha Gary • Mary King • Wendy Kisch •
Larry Clare • Neal Collins • Vera Janet George • Robert George • Virginia Kling • Patricia Klosky •
Collins • Christy Concannon • Gregory Gertner • Heidi Gertner • Robert Kopera • Bill Kopit •
Tom Condon • Lori Condon • Mary Alison Ghaed • Vera Glocklin • Shauna Kopit • Mary Alice

Paid memberships as of 9/15/08. We regret any errors or omissions. Please send corrections to
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2008-2009 Membership President’s

Rolls Continued... Notebook
Kotonias • Dave Kowtko • Rita Rib • Steve Rice • Robin Rice •
Kozla • Kay Krug • Ernie Krug • Kathy Riddell • Heather Rieff • Continued from page 1...
Susan Kyle • Richard Kyle • Ben Alberto Rodriguez • Rene Rojas • fantastic facelift along with some
Labaree • Kurt Larson • Jack Amy Ross • Steven Roth • Barbara upgrades behind-the-scenes. An
Lass • Susan Lass • Robin Roth • Allen Rothenberg • Jim article in this newsletter goes into
Lawson • Keith Lawson • Izja Rubin • Rebecca Rubin • Michael further detail about some of the
Lederhendler • Barry Leibowitz • Rucker • Elaine Rucker • Roxanne changes but we hope that this
Ori Lev • Susan Levine • Marc Russell • Francesca Ryan • Chris improved site will be useful in
Levine • Ruth Lewis • Richard Ryan • James Ryan • Jen Ryan • keeping neighbors up to date on
Lewis • Richard Lingle • Martin Marcie Sandalow • Marc activities and in touch with one
Liss • Stephanie Loughlin • Mark Sandalow • Roxanne Sarley • John another. Be sure to register on the
Lutes • Jean Lutes • Kevin Savage • Craig Schultz • David site so that you will receive email
Lynch • Allison MacFarlane • Phil Schwarz • Illia Schwarz • Tom updates.
MacNeill • Barbara MacNeill • Seed • Vicki Seed • Perry We continue to have interest in
Dorsati Madani • James Seiffert • Dianne Seiffert • Peg our newsletter sponsorship
Malcolm • Karen Malcolm • Julia Seminario • Peter Shifter • program and welcome a new
Mark • C.R. Mark • J.V. William Shine • Aneta Shine • business, Hollywood Tans, to the
Martinez • Karen Mathura • Barbara Showers • Sushma neighborhood and the newsletter.
Thomas McCann • Jabez Shrestha • Susan Shuttleworth • We try to fill the newsletter with
McClelland • Yelda McMurray • Opher Shweiki • Elsa Silverman • useful and relevant information
Pat McMurray • Tony Meeks • Guy Silverman • Marcia Slattery • each month so I encourage you to
Dorothy Meeks • Van Mertz • Alison Snow • Eleanor Snyder • take a look to see what is
Susan Miller • Nancy Mitchell • Sandra Snyder • Bruce Spiegel • happening in and around East
Eric Mitchell • Lisa Molynex • James Springer • Ann Stahr • Bethesda. Most importantly, send
Guy Molynex • Michael Moodie • William Stahr • Chrsta in your membership dues. The
Linda Moodie • John Morris • Stanoyevitch • Frances Stewart • membership year is July 1st to
Kristen Mosbaek • Janet Myder • Deborah Stine • Elaine Sullivan • June 30th, and your $15 helps keep
Barry Myers • Barbara Nash • Susanna Sullivan • Chuck the newsletter coming, allowed us
Susan Neely • Pat Nevans Locke • Sullivan • Dee Taylor • Brad to update the website and will
Lisa Nevans Locke • Lois Tesh • Suzanne Tesh • Carl contribute to another ghoulishly
Nienaber • Celia Nogales • David Thomason • Biga Doris Tollanen • good time at this year’s Halloween
Notley • Marcia Notley • Mary Lee Judy Tso • Mary Lou Tucker • Parade on October 26th.
O'Connell • Jim O'Connell • Peter Tulip • Vivian Underwood • Together, we all contribute to the
Austin O'Connor • Ann Flo ris Van Hove ll • Ray outstanding quality of life we enjoy
O'Donoghue • Linda O'Hare • VanIterson • Frank Vinik • Liz here in East Bethesda. Thanks for
Linda O'Hare • Tom Olin • Lou Vitchock • Tracy Waldon • Kyra doing your part.
Olin • Kevin O'Neil • Gael Walsh • Monika Walters • Jerry
O'Sullivan • Grace Palladino • Waters • Janice Waters • Sara
Alex Perera • Elizabeth Perera • Watkins • Leslie Weber • Mike Become a
K a t h y P e t r u c ce l l i • B r a d Weber • Richard Weiss • Jeanne
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the Form on
Rebecca Ravenal • Stephanie
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the Back...
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The Neighborhood Roundup

Fire Safety Month amended to allow for an Executive- Be a Mentor
nominated, Council-confirmed
The Chevy Chase Fire Inspector General; and (2) whether You can make a difference for an
Department will hold its annual certain special taxing districts at-risk 9th grader who needs
Open House from 10:00 a.m. to should be excluded from the encouragement and guidance A
3:00 p.m. on Saturday, October Charter’s limit on the growth of the mentor is an experienced advisor
11th. The open house will feature property tax revenue to the rate of and supporter; somebody who
supervised fire engine rides for inflation. Those wishing to present watches over and fosters the
children and adults, their opinions on the issues listed progress of a younger, less
demonstrations by members of above or who are interested in experienced person. For this
specialized teams, clown, fire truck recommending additional issues for program, volunteers are needed
slide, Safety House, and the Commission to study should once a week, for an hour, after
refreshments. October is also Fire sign up to speak on or before school during the school year, plus
Safety Month so do not forget to October 5th by contacting Marie a coaching session once a month.
check your smoke detectors and Jean-Paul at 240-777-7928 or Meetings take place at Bethesda-
replace batteries. charterreview.commission@montgo Chevy Chase High School and the next training is October 13th at
Newsletter Sponsorship Help 2:45 p.m. For more information,
Need a Ride? contact Debbie Newman at
We are now publishing our or
newsletter monthly thanks in great Would you like to attend EBCA 240-497-6356 or 301-529-0702.
part to the work of David meetings but need a ride? Contact
Kauffman who has been soliciting ahead of time
and maintaining our sponsors for
the past several years. A
and we’ll make sure you get to the
Purple Line
description of the newsletter
sponsorship program and a set of Permit Parking on Your Block? Update
rates are ready, but we need a new
neighbor to manage this endeavor A number of neighbors have Continued from page 1...
as David is now ready to move on. inquired about obtaining permit will likely issue a statement to the
Please contact parking for their streets so that county and the MTA during the
if you might have a few hours a only EBCA residents could legally public comment period after the
month to lend to this program. park on the street during specified DEIS is issued. I urge residents
hours, preventing commuters and who feel strongly about the project,
Changes in Montgomery others from parking on our streets. whether pro or con, to do the same.
County Government? If your street does not currently Additional resources you may wish
have a sign, you may petition other to consider are the following
The Montgomery County Charter houses on your block, a majority websites. These are from groups
Review Commission will hold a being required to approve who oppose the use of the trail for
public forum on Monday, October permitted parking. Parking mass transit:
6th from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. in stickers for permitted areas may be
the 7th Floor Hearing Room at the obtained at the parking office in
Council Office Building in the Cheltenham parking garage.
Rockville. The Commission is If you live on the 4300 block of
seeking comments on a variety of Chestnut Street and are interested Feel free to send me an email if
issues to determine if the current in this, please contact Ellen Belkin you have any questions or would
system of County Government at or 301- like to contribute to EBCA’s
adequately addresses the needs of 986-0352. If you have general analysis and response to the DEIS.
County residents. Specifically, the questions about the program, David is a member of
Commission would like community contact Traffic Operations at Montgomery County’s Purple Line
input on the following issues: (1) mcdot.trafficops@montgomerycoun Functional Master Plan Advisory
whether the Charter should be or 240-777-6000. Group.
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New EBCA Website Unveiled

After lots of talk and planning, On the new site, you will find and fill in the box at
our website,, is much of the same information such the top right hand corner. We have
getting an update. The website as archived newsletters, notes from also added a number of forums,
first debuted over 10 years ago general meetings and links to where you can post items to
having been designed by Michael general information. But the home communicate with other neighbors.
Corcoran and has been an page will be updated more As we launch the new look, we
invaluable resource for neighbors. frequently and the right hand side look forward to hearing from you
Dorian Patchin has been our will provide quick links to about how you use the site and
webmaster over the last few years important information such as ideas you have for its continued
and instrumental in bringing the membership forms, newsletter evolution. We were eager to get it
site up to date. Carmen Abrams sponsorship and email alerts. up and running so some of the
handled a lot of the transition and If you would like to begin or older archived material will be
will be our main point of contact continue receiving alerts by email, added shortly. For more info, email
moving forward. Much thanks goes you must register with the site, We hope
to all three of these volunteers! which is quick and easy. Just go to everyone enjoys the new site.

EBCA Residents Support Businesses Who Support

the Newsletter. Email
today for advertisings rates and more information!
Make sure that the Purple Line
Inside This Issue makes sense! Become a
Halloween Parade..................... 2 member of EBCA today!
Please support our neighborhood activities, this
School Choices .......................... 3 newsletter, and the community activism that
makes East Bethesda one of the most desirable
Membership Update ..............4-5 places in which to invest and raise a family. $15
per member, but additional contributions are
New Website ............................. 7 always welcome.

EBCA - Membership
P.O. Box 41020
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