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Pamela Brooks 10-12-2010 Art 100 34313 Assignment 2 Metropolitan Museum of Art www.metmuseum.

.org This entire website was wonderful... I visited this website for 45 minutes to an hour. The initial web page shows attendants standing and guarding the museum. There is a stone information booth in the center of the museum entrances. The entrances have large white pillars and beautiful pink flowers coming out of the walls... Once you get into the website the homepage had many links, and I didnt really know where to start first. I click on the current exhibitions and carefully looked at the many nice paintings and art. I really liked the THE ROMAN MOSAIC FROM LOD, ISRAEL. It was actually a mosaic floor that was simply beautiful. Each floor panel had designs of animals. One had a deer and there was one with 2 panthers. I especially liked the one with the exotic fish and ships. The shape was huge and rectangular. The colors were beige and maybe some reddish brown with many colors for the fishes. This did not appear to be painted, but maybe someone found rocks or stones of these colors and hand carved the designs. The video shed some light on the way the MOSAIC was laid 1700 years ago, before it was excavated in 1996. The video showed that after it was excavated, it took many workers to move it and prepare it. Even as they tried to move this huge panel, it was crumbling. My other selection from this Museum was a painting by JAN GOSSART called

MAN, MYTH AND SENSUAL PLEASURES. They were many paintings by this artist. He was one of the first northern artists to travel to Rome to make copies after antique sculptures and introduce historical and mythological subjects with erotic nude figures into the mainstream on northern painting. There was a video that focused on JAN GOSSART only. I found a particular unnamed painting that was of a man with a seemingly suede jacket on and a womans blouse beneath it. It was an AMAZING painting. The video showed the restoration used to bring color to the paintings. I the painting the original jacket appears to be gray. Once the painting was varnished, it brought new color to the jacket and it was now hunter green in color.

NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART This gallery was not as easy to navigate as the first museum. It was very hard for me to pick up where I left off, just the other day. Once you found your way to what you are interesting in, it was easy to navigate. This website featured many nice paintings, but its sculptures really stood out to me. They were well laid out wonderfully. The gallery

has an opened outdoor sculpture garden that is over 6 acres. It is open year round to the public. It appears to be a tranquil, yet elegant setting for works of modern and contemporary sculptures. The work by hand is always interesting to me. I really like the JEAN D AIRE Sculpture. It is a small bronze sculpture. There are other ones in various sizes. This gallery only holds the small bronze one. It was made to stand a church and alters to teach religious lessons. Its the usage of a lines make the sculpture appears to be very intricate in detail. It seams like it most have taken delicate hands to stay the course. Although it is bronze, it appears to be rough and rigid made of some hard rock or stone.

Then there were the toy selection. The MODEL OF SIDE WHEELER was made in 1840. It consisted of watercolor, gouache, and graphite on paperboard. It was made of wood and tin.