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Shawshank Redemption essay In the Shawshank Redemption by Frank Darabont the atmosphere and mood changes throughout the

movie. The mood and atmosphere seem to match the outlook of hope at the time, when the atmosphere is most positive we had the most hope for Andy and Red. Darabont does this through colour, lighting and music. He takes us through the positive and negative emotions by using these emotions in the opening scene, the marriage of Figaro scene and the final scene. At this point we see Andys hope for redemption and freedom but think it is because he murdered his wife. Lighting and music are used during the marriage of Figaro scene to give us a sense of the power of this hope. When Andy puts the music on we see him recline into natural sunlight which is unusual to find in a prison. This is then followed by us seeing all of the prisoners and guards standing in unity in the quad. This whole scene links to the music because it is all foreign to a prison just like the music is foreign to Americans. The power of music is truly shown by how it can create such a emotional moment in a place where emotions are not normally shown. Darabont uses the camera soaring while the music soars to represent hope. Andy wanted to give Red hope and it and it seems to have worked which makes Andy happy. Seeing Andy happy for the first time since entering the prison gives the audience the feeling that this moment is truly special and therefore contributes to a positive atmosphere. In this final paragraph I shall talk about the most important scene in the movie. When Red is reunited with Andy in Mexico. In this scene Darabont saturated the colours on the set and hue, so that the impact of the hope felt in this scene was quite similar to a truck hitting a rabbit. Using colours to set the mood, the intense blue of the sea and sky contradict the dull colouring in prison. Then the Director requested the use of a musical script to be played in a major form which generally gives a positive mood and atmosphere also I noticed the use of the tingle factor, this is when a certain sequence of note are played and this triggers a tingle in our spine this results in a special feeling in the end of the film and helps in concuding the tale of two friends reunited. Finally a drifting camera that pans away from the pair leaves the viewers with a feeling of a good ending.

Through the careful use of many techniques., passed down many generations, Shawshank redemption has been crafted to an emotional level, where people can actually be in sync with the moods of the film. As a result Mr doprabant is able to make the audience understand the deeper meanings behind the story at a very personal level.