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123 Your Street Town, State, Zip code Tel: (000) 000-0000 . Fax: (000) 000-0000 Email: Submit all questions to: [Name, Title] at []. Tel: ( ) FAX: ( ) Or: [Name, Title] at []. Tel: ( ) FAX: ( ) Core Business Description Replace this text by summarizing clearly what your business does. (Example: ABC Company teaches customers how to quickly make professional graphics.) Company Mission Statement Replace and delete this red text by defining your company's most important goal or objective. A mission statement should reflect your driving passion. Write full paragraphs if you know what you want to say -- but a one-line mission statement is perfectly acceptable, if it tells the reader what drives you/your company and why it will make a difference and shows where your passion lies. (Example: "To change the world by sharing how to listen, hear and effectively take action.") Now write your own mission statement: "To..... by....."

TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page Description Table of Contents Introduction Statement of Confidentiality Product Launch and Development Information Websites Services and Resources Product Launch Calendar and Marketing Plan Content Style Manual Practices and Policies FAQ Legal Disclaimers

INTRODUCTION This manual is for all core contractors involved in product launches for [Company name]. It contains a FAQ page, standard product development and product launch information, a marketing plan and a calendar, plus a copy of [the Company or owner]'s practices and policies. It also includes all logins, passwords and usernames you'll need to complete necessary tasks. Policy and procedure changes will be added to this manual and [new copies, notification] sent out as necessary by [Name of Company owner, OBM or VA]. This confidential information should not be shared with anyone without the express permission of the [Company or owner].

STATEMENT OF CONFIDENTIALITY [Delete this paragraph: We do not provide legal advice -- the following is a sample Statement of Confidentiality only. You should discuss your own confidentiality agreement with an attorney.] This manual contains confidential information consisting of the [Company or owner]'s trade secrets. Confidentiality of all proprietary information extends during and after the term of the written or implied [employment, contract] agreement for a period of [X years]. The [Company or owner]'s confidential information includes all procedures, operations, client or customer lists, lead-generation techniques, promotional material, inside information, trade secrets, proprietary knowledge and experience, and any other materials or data the [company or owner] designates as proprietary and confidential, without limitation. This confidential information may not be used in any other way or for any other business or company without the [Company or owner]'s written approval. Official representatives of the [Company or owner] may provide this information to sub-contractors so they can perform designated and specified tasks. The [Company or owner] provides a copy of this Operations Manual to the [employee, contractor or sub-contractor] during the term of [the business agreement, the project or employment]. This Manual contains information about the [employee, contractor, sub-contractor]'s obligations under the agreement. The [Company or owner] reserves the right to revise and otherwise modify the Manual to reflect changes in the industry, [business, legal] requirements, standards and operations. The Manual is the sole property of the [Company or owner]. It must be returned upon the expiration or the termination of the [employment, business, Franchisee] agreement. By accepting this manual, the recipient agrees to adhere to the practices and procedures set out in this manual and to keep all information contained within confidential and secure. I have read and understand the Statement of Confidentiality and will abide by its terms and conditions. Signed, _____________________________

PRODUCT LAUNCH AND DEVELOPMENT INFORMATION Here you will find all the contact and hierarchical information you need for product launching and development: Owner: Name Email Telephone number Address Contact for issues concerning:

OBM (Online Business Manager):

Name Email Telephone number Address Contact for issues concerning:

VA (Virtual Assistant):

Name Email Telephone number Address Contact for issues concerning:

Affiliate Manager:

Name Email Telephone number Address Contact for issues concerning affiliate payments, resources, issues, questions

Graphic Designer:

Name Email Telephone number Address Address issues with [Owner, OBM or VA]

Web Designer:

Name Email Telephone number Address Address issues with [Owner, OBM or VA]

Content Coordinator:

[Owner, OBM, VA, Editor or Lead Writer] Name Email Telephone number Address Contact for issues concerning:

SEO/Advertising: Name Email Telephone number Address Address issues with [Owner, OBM or VA] Financial: Name Email Telephone number Address Contact [OBM, Owner, for issues concerning payment etc.]:

Type (e.g. main site, Squeeze page, blog, etc.): For product: Embedded links: FTP Login: FTP Username: FTP Password: Affiliate resource links: Online backup link: Colors: Font: Font size: Theme: Template:




Web Host : Support info : Account #: Account login address: Billing login: Billing password: Hosting fee: Amount: Annual Bi-annual

Next hosting renewal date: SERVICES AND RESOURCES Autorespond er login details: Autoresponder company name: Username: Password: Person responsible for maintenance: Online Backup Service: Online backup service name: Username: Password: Person responsible for maintenance: Online Project Management : Online project management service name: Username: Password: Person responsible for maintenance: Stock image company name: Username: Password: Person responsible for maintenance: Hosted Help Desk Service: Help Desk Service Name: Username: Password: Person responsible for REFUNDS, COMPLAINTS, QUERIES and SUPPORT: [Other online resource: Name: Username: Password: Person responsible for maintenance: [Other online resource: Name: Username: Password: Person responsible for maintenance:

Stock Image Service:

PRODUCT LAUNCH CALENDAR AND MARKETING PLAN [Rewrite this calendar with your own, specific launch schedule:] Week One: Planning, Research, Preparation Product idea. Brainstor m with OBM or VA. Test out idea by researchi ng market. New trends, changes that might affect you. Survey: • Your list • Social media • Forum s • Locally Publiciz e and promote survey links. Ask for input. Begin initial planning. Block out steps. Begin productio n outline.

Week Two: Analysis and Tweaking Analyze feedback with OBM or VA. Look for USP. Fill gaps your competit ors have left. Flesh out plan, tweaking as necessar y. Line up list of subcontracto rs. Discuss potential JV partners with OBM or VA. Work on budget. Discuss essential s; strategie s to keep launch costs down. Refine plan. Contact subcontracto rs and commissi on work. Set deadlines . Begin productio n. Commissi on or write related articles, line up guest blog spots.

Week Three: Implementation Set up blogs, websites and squeeze pages as needed. Begin buildup to list with related minicourse. Offer free related minicourse to niche via social media, etc. Create product skeleton, begin to flesh out. Contact potential JV partners. Offer interview s on topic. Create squeeze freebie offer. Work on blog and promote.

Week Four: Development Develop product. Develop product. Work interview s, guest Develop product. Develop product. Develop product. Work interview s, guest Develop product.

blog spots, social media

blog spots, social media

Week Five: Preview and Feedback Coordinat e all product componen ts. Create BETA version. Offer "sneak preview" to select list members, industry influencer s Develop product. Promote and publicize topic. Release sneak preview via blog, articles. Publicize via social media, etc. Release and promote quick YouTube video on topic or product idea Ask for feedback from testers and readers.

Week Six: Refine and Continue Development Create reports, FAQs and resources for affiliates. Set up affiliate program. Tabulate feedback results and tweak product as needed. Set up tracking. Develop product. Create more buzz. Incite your affiliates to assist in this. Develop product. Start promoting launch date. Finish product. Proof. Set up WSO squeeze page. TEST ALL LINKS, PAGES. Give JV partners advance access with bonus for their lists.

Week 7: Final Tweaking Create buzz. More interviews . New articles and blog posts. Analyze feedback from early JV pre-sells Impleme nt upsells, downsells , OTOs and exit strategy (related affiliate products) Create limitedtime WSO special offer (or offer for your niche forum) and promote. Promote WSO. Ask for feedback. Evaluate feedback from WSO. Solicit testimoni als from WSO purchase rs

Week 8: PRODUCT LAUNCH Final tweaking after analyzing WSO, early JV results. Announce to lists, social media where appropria te. LAUNCH. Continue to promote. Add new testimoni als. Analyze: • Feedba ck • Results • Trackin g • Sales Impleme nt follow up and begin planning next product!

CONTENT STYLE MANUAL This page details standard practices for the delivery of content. [Replace these with your own standard specs; then delete this line.] Headlines: Initial Caps Only; bold; Impact font; black Sales letter headlines: 24 pt Sub heads: 14 pt Verdana Blog heads: 12pt All reports of 5 pages or more to be delivered in MS Word All blog posts, articles and ads delivered in text files only (no formatting) Photographs and images: Full size (minimum of 600 X 800 pixels); .JPG or .PNG files only. Drop shadow Image borders: 2 px outline

FAQ Commonly asked or recurring questions specific to the [Company or owner]'s business are detailed here. Please refer to this page before contacting [Name of Owner, OBM, affiliate manager, project leader or VA] for further clarification... [Replace the sample FAQs below with your Company's specific ones and delete this paragraph.] Q: "Can I share project details with my own sub-contractors or outsourced professionals?" A: Yes -- but only details relevant to their specific part in the project.

Q: "Are all deadlines absolute?" A: You should assume there is zero flexibility on deadlines. If you anticipate a problem completing a task on time, please contact [Name of owner, OBM, affiliate manager, project leader or VA] at [ or telephone number] as soon as possible so adjustments can be made or the work reassigned.

Q: "Who should I contact about [specific project part]?" A: Refer to page [number] of this manual to find the correct contact information, or contact [Name of owner, OBM, affiliate manager, project leader or VA].

Q: "Am I required to provide graphics and HTML as well as content?" A: Only if specified. Otherwise, assume you are responsible for text only.

Q: "What size should graphics be?" A: Please refer to your style guide for this project. If you do not have one, please obtain from [Owner, OBM, VA, project leader or specific section of website/project management platform].

PRACTICES AND POLICIES Please notify [Name, title] at [email address and/or telephone number] regarding project problems. All content to be transmitted in .ZIP file format via [project management service URL or email] to [Contact Person] [Insert your payment details below for: Contractors, affiliates] All contractors will be paid [insert your payment details here -- e.g. promptly at completion of each specific assignment OR at end of month OR at project end] by [PayPal, Money Order, Direct Debit] All affiliate commissions will be paid [insert your payment details here -- e.g. 50% commission on the 3rd of each month] For general support issues, please contact [Name, Title] via [Help Desk ticket, email address, telephone, FAX, etc.]

LEGAL DISCLAIMERS [Insert your own legal disclaimers here, if desired; then delete this line.]

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