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{l3tory of Charles C. DeRudio]




National Monument)

Lt. Colonel George Armstrong Custer shows off the newly issued 1872 pattern dress uniform and helmet, something never seen in HollYwood Westerns. This photo Was taken in Memphis, at the stUdio of Bingham & Craver, 241-245 main Street, in ~arch 1873.

(custier Battlefield National Monument) Capt in Frederick W. Benteen, from a photo take.. 'Y C.C. Giers of Nashville .c i rca 1871. While in Nashville Benteen was inducted into the International Order of Odd Fellows.


eminder of the 7th? This cavalry spur f Und in 1980 in the yard of Buena Vista 1, the site of Ash Barracks, deactivated as a military post in 1877. It is of the type used by the 7th Cavalry in the early 1870's.

(Map by Cyrus T. Brady from Indian Fights and Fighters)


B ttlefield



In Jun 0. 1958 these remains, probably of either Julien Jones or Thomas Meador, both of whom served at Nashville, were unearthed during excavation on Reno's Hill. The buttons indicate that this trooper was wearing a cavalry ~hell jacket at the battle.



-----------~_/-----(Photo by Ted P. Yeatman)

o '1' the many visitors to Belle Meade Mru._ 'on in the 1880' s Was Major Marcus Reno, Who attended West Point with owner, IHlliam Hicks Jackson. Reno's son Was married in Nashville to Whiskey heiress Ittie Kinney,

Battlefield National Monument) C. DeRudio spent his last days in Los ng;les, where he died in 1910, a retired Major uf the U.S. Army.


attlefield National Monument)

After i: discharge from the ar~y in 1883. Charle Windolph worked for the Homestake Mining Co. in Deadwood, South Dakota for forty-nine years. He died on March 11, 1950, the last surviving member of the 7th Cavalry who fought at the Little Big Horn.


Firs eutenant Francis Marion Gibson was etached service during much of H Trool 's stay at Nashville. He rejoined the unit in May of 1872, but spent a good bit of time escorting recruits afterwards.

(Photo by Ted P. Yeatman) Probable site of crayAllison's parley at the Wayne County Iron Works, east of Waynesboro, on August 15, 1868.

(Photo by Ted P. Yeatman) The grave of John Allison in the cemetery of the Mt. Carmel Methodist Church, near Clifton, Tennessee. John was wounded in a gunfight in Las Animas, Colorado on December 21, 1876 at the Olympic Dance Hall. Clay killed his assailant, but John carried some of the I buckshot for the remainder of his life..

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