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Chapter 1

Name of the System: E-Tailer of Jaesars’ Jewelry

1.0 Background of the Study

Jaesars is one of the jewelers that offer a remarkably wide selection of diamond, gemstone, and pearl jewelry. The company is mainly located at the heart of Davao, San Pedro Extension, which allows us immediate access to some of the best resources in the jewelry industry. It was founded way back 15 years by adequate number of jewelry industry

experts and seasoned entrepreneurs that are equipped with sophisticated machinery enabling us to produce in bulk in a short time period. It is a privately held company and it has multiple branches in the Mindanao.

The gemstone

company’s jewelry

sources from



diamond in

and the



Philippines, making it possible to offer our customers fine jewelry at the best prices. Products are splendidly

designed artisan

in ship

unique and



manifest thus

masterpiece range of




jewelry a wide one. When a customer is purchasing jewelry at the last minute, often one would feel having no time to add personalized touches. Jaesars makes personalization

trivial by offering many care tips, sweet sayings, nice poems and fun jokes to help the customers create that extra special jewelry gift. Jaesars marked with overnight

delivery state that if a customer orders a gift by noon, it will be shipped on the same day so the gift will arrive on time. But still, time of delivery varies on distance.

Payments shall be made upon delivery and it should be in cash in order to avoid delays and bounds check. Jaesars eliminating buying the ensures the product quality and value in by

"middleman" goods

retailer, the


volume, being





customer-conscious at every stage of production. Jaesars is looking forward to become an e-tailer of quality jewelry. They are hooked in a dilemma on how to offer their products solely through the Internet. They too requested extending a system that would provide them a wall in


expert jewelry advices, insider shopping

tips, unbiased jewelry reviews and a comprehensive jewelry









information confidential. They seek to have a system that protects customer information as it travels over the web to their secure servers. Then, protect it again in databases.


Statement of the Problem The web developers and database programmers generally

are inflicted with the dilemma on how to design and improve an e-tailer application of Jaesar’s Jewelry; and seek to answer these specific problems: 1. How to maintain confidentiality among customers’

information? 2. How would the customers be able to post inquiries, comments and testimonies? 3. How would the customer be updated with the current prices of jewelries placed on his shopping cart? 4. How to automatically update the customers with the

prices, discounts and news feeds without logging on the page?

. To let the customers post inquiries.2 Objectives of the Study The web developers and database programmers generally aim to advance the jewelry purchasing in this business establishment in order to contend in the diverse demands of the public. To implement an online purchasing. 2. comments and testimonies on the wall yet upholding security from unwanted access. To automatically update the customers with the prices.1. 3. discounts and news feeds without logging on the page. 4. To maintain confidentiality among customers and maintain a good rapport between the business owners and customers. and 5. The system should cater the following explicit objectives: 1. To update the buyers with the current price on carts while shopping.

wide doors of job opportunities would relatively be opened. customers will be brought to the highest quality products. In this sense. this study is essential in a business that would likely to compete in the heightening challenges. The future researchers could also benefit the system. Skills on designing web pages and creating a database would be enhanced and from that. one of the system’s features. the adherents could have this as a reference and eventually develop another system that could suffice an impending issue. values. While the application is established. increase sales promotion in the jewel industry through the links on the system. The reviews.3 Significance of the Study This study is primarily of great significance to the proponents of the system. and services through an . The company would be able to monitor the number of registrants in a day as well as the total sales.1. Moreover. This is to produce an enormous Jaesars impact would in the emergence the of jewelry transaction. would certainly be of great advantage to enhance its operation.

only. Moreover.0 or higher. pay-upon delivery. monitoring reviews from costumers. 1. 2-4GB memory and 40 GB for system . Web browsers can be Mozilla Firefox. Only customers’ in Mindanao could access the system. Google Chrome.easy and convenient online store. Therein is the acquiring of registrants. and and accepting delivering the system products. It does not support paypal or any credit cards. At least two cores for processor. establish implementing encryption protract security. updating necessary information that evolves on selling shipping and and on purchasing the jewelry of to products. Internet Explorer 7. It would be accessible for the customers to view the prices.4 Scope and Limitation The system is limited only to the online purchasing of Jaesar’s Jewelry at San Pedro Extension. the system is specified with Php and XML as the scripting language for web pages and MySQL 5. avail great deals and shop without going to the jewelry store.0 as the server for database. Davao City.

When shopping. debugging. For production use. The system So. The system presents an alluring and comprehensive interface wherein the internet buyers would be persuaded to navigate at the same time to register for further transaction. the shop will no longer spend for trainings and seminars. The company must hire a database and a web administrator. and so on. it also needs additional free disk space for day-to-day operations. is it only limited to online online ordering payment of nor jewelries. creating memory dumps. accepts neither pawning of items. . the buyer must be a member in order to complete the transaction or at least reserve cart’s contents otherwise the cart will be empty as soon as the guest leaves the are required for the hardware. In this means. 1. It must have sufficient space for the base installation and sufficient space for diagnostics such as logging. as well as network security head that are knowledgeable and skilled enough to perform handed responsibilities.5 Operational Feasibility An e-purchasing system that would suffice the existing dilemma of a Jewelry shop was proposed.

Since the system’s features enhance business operation and promotes the this business system itself be to the customers. would supported management. Monitors are all .6 Technical Feasibility Jaesars has 2-3 available computers in every branch that are enough to operate the system. There will be no ethical issues to be taken into account yet legal policy should be documented. Practicality is also practiced here by the consumer since the company is at reach already on the web. and The the writings links and used in the are interface classified are thus technical pages assuring a clear establishment of interaction between the shop and the internet buyer. create an exceptional image. by the definitely. the member has the advantage of paying item upon delivery. The company would but face innovation. Likewise. 1. part. hence. For the system is operational to the and buyer’s accounts confiding personal information demand guarantee of trust.

These hardware specifications are integral to that of software as well as to the entire performance of the project. MSSQL Free Domain Name.NET. processors are two cores and higher. The database uses MySQL Server 2005. network of resource the new implementation system. The proposed platform is pliable for future transaction volume and encroachment so the company does not need to modify the whole system. These hardware resources can be bought in any computer shops wherein diverse styles and specifications are offered at ranging prices and methods of payment. There is also a high availability of web hosting wherein PHP. The technical expertise required for the system can be acquired since it is just like keeping records electronically. ASP. These resources can be searched through the internet and apply for hosting and creating domain. So. RAM ranges to 24GB and HDD of 40GB.LCD. and Unlimited Emails are included. the company has this as a way of is monitoring of great each help local in the employing This office. . been Through DSL internet connection. there is no need for downloading file transfer software and installer of Apache.

. This appropriately interface external links hence the operation would be even more efficient. 1. Jaesars may tie up with another company like Paypal by means of this system.The reliability of the system is high due to imposed security. organized features and chosen type of database.8 Definition of Terms CSS – (Cascading Style Sheet) is designed primarily to enable the separation of document content (written in HTML or a similar markup language) from document presentation. including elements such as the layout. colors. especially the World Wide Web. and fonts Database – is a structured collection of records or data that is stored in a computer system E-Commerce – (electronic commerce or EC) is the buying and selling of goods and services on the Internet.

as distinguished from the data it contains or operates on. or image that you can click on to jump to a new document or a new section within the current document MySQL . Links – is a a relational database management system (RDBMS)[1] that runs as a server providing multi-user access to a number of databases . group of words.E-Tailer – One that sells goods or commodities to consumers electronically. HTML – (Hypertext Markup Language) is the predominant markup language for web pages Jewelry – is as a form of personal rings. manifesting and itself necklaces. as over the Internet. earrings bracelets. and the software that provides instructions for the hardware to acoomplish tasks. adornment. brooches. Hardware – is a comprehensive term for all of the physical parts of a computer.

Normalization database – is the process of organizing data in a Online Ordering System – this system well can be used image to and purchase publicly releasable logged well data files Online Payment – a transaction of goods and money in any form through the online media Online Shopping – the process of whereby consumers directly buy goods or services from a seller in real time over the internet Shipping – the commercial enterprise of transporting goods and materials Software – a collection of computer programs and related data that provide the instructions telling a computer what to do and how to do it Transaction – the act of transacting or the fact of being transacted .

Website - a collection and of online that content reside including on a web documents applications server/ a broad term used to encompass the way that content (usually hypertext or hypermedia) is delivered to an end-user through the World Wide Web. Website Design . using a web browser or other web-enabled software is displayed. .

keying insure keywords on search engines like Google usually takes you to jewellery shops and their exhaustive selections. thus. The net has become an essential portal for jewellery suppliers and stores. By doing business online.Chapter II 2. However. Choosing from the internet jewellery stores is best for buyers also. No shipping costs or rental costs. a jeweler avoids the overhead costs inherent in owning a traditional jewellery story. A lot of distinguished brands have an on the internet presence. This trend has grown in most parts around the globe.1 Review of Related Literature The programmers have found related reviews of literature and studies of Jaesars Jewellery E-Tailer. These are ranging from global. because browsing by way of different shops and certain decorations are only a matter of clicks. from anywhere around the world. among other . there are also disadvantages which can be discussed below. national to local perspectives.

while salespeople can be at time overbearing. Internet shopping allows you to a wide range of shops all around the world. read your online jewellery store’s policy on lost or damaged merchandise and make sure that they have some kind of insurance or warranty that covers it. because it means providing private account information. Since. To avoid having problems with lost shipments. On the flip side of the coin. But while identify theft and bank account fraud still occurs from time to time and online shipments can get lost or damaged on the way to your house. sometimes you actually do want to speak to real person. That is why many people are still worried that shopping online. some of which don’t exist on the high street. This is also an advantage for those residing in smaller cities where jewellery sale isn’t regular or for people who are too busy. This means that those savings get passed onto you when the online jeweler is determining prices. Online shops usually carry a much larger stock.things. We should be aware because there are a lot of . A buyer can go to on the internet jewellery store anytime to purchase an item of her preference. is not to be trusted. That real-life interaction is quite simply not available when shopping online.

they are typically linked together using a navigation menu composed of hyperlinks. . A web site typically consists of text. favor web sites that don't do this which has caused these types of pages to fall out of favor. Splash pages might include a welcome message.scammers that are taking advantages by using online purchasing. Each web page within a web site is a file that has its own URL. language or region selection. in general. After each web page is created. Some web sites use what is commonly called a Splash Page. images. however search engines. to the sites that attract them most. animation and /or video. or disclaimer. The first page of a web site is known as the Home page or Index Page. Most of the Internet shoppers surf to the web sites they know and preferably. What are seem the to be catching of the the site attention of which of can the be shoppers content enhanced by web developers and at the same time be a source of income.

It is mainly achieved by using HTML or XML tags. which are mainly hypertexts. micro blogging. . in the typical form called web pages.Once a web site is completed. You should keep these in mind while designing your website. This may be done using an FTP client. auto blogging clients or as RSS readers. while presenting contents with interfaces to the users. you can use Adobe Flash. Website design mainly serves the purpose of creating a website with well defined electronic documents and applications which are meant for a particular web browser. Website designing can easily be defined as a specific skill of presenting contents. This article talks about the various advantages and disadvantages associated with website design. it must be published or uploaded in order to be viewable to the public over the internet. Quick Time or Java runtime environment plugins. which is usually embedded in the web pages with the help of HTML tags. usually delivered to any end user while using the World Wide Web with the help of a web browser or any other web enabled software such as internet television clients. If displaying media is required.

But until or unless you are proficient in HTML. Sometimes it gets really difficult to provide the client with exactly what is asked for.Website designing may sound easy. Web designing to promote small business world wide. people feel the need of web design mainly for customization. If you concentrate more on the look of the website. help advertising hard-to-sell products. Website design has lots of advantages as well as disadvantages. reduce expenses. most of the times. because of some technicality involved. catering to such enhancements is not possible at all. But if you are trying to draw more visitors through SEO. but there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of. using Flash or CSS can also create problem for you. then using flash is certainly a good idea. directly communicate with customers. But when you . If you need better visual effects for your site. then it may affect the layout or navigation systems. Or sometimes. offers faster product consumption for small businesses. then it is better to limit Flash as it may distract the visitors. People also ask for specific requirements which they want on their web pages. However.

progressive enhancement. or in other terms. reformatting. of There may be vertical control limitations. your need mind purpose creating website. otherwise your website designing might prove worthless. . consistency and flexibility of the site. Website Design is always a better idea when thinking always of building You a website. there are many advantages and disadvantages. and every web page is like the page in a book. layout. it may not provide layout control for flexible Moreover. Web design is different than an traditional print display publishing. to keep but in a proper the planning of helps. Every website is information container. It helps great in terms of bandwidth. But using CSS in website design can have negative aspects lack too. variables. However the end size and shape of the web page is not known to the web designer. This is mainly a popular style sheet tool for web designers. just as a book is a container.are working with CSS. inconsistent browser support or even poor layout controls.

and information on the site should be relevant to the site and should target the area of the public that the website is concerned with.  The structure: of the web site as a whole. are. security monitored and who is responsible. interacted with or altered by the website. These are the top 10 Security Tips for Web Designing. with the interface and navigation simple and reliable. to show consistency. List everything that is used. Define what the security a requirements policy. appealing and relevant. the basic aspects of design are:  The content: the substance.  The usability: the site should be user-friendly. For the typical web sites. how how the information policy will is be classified.  The appearance: the graphics and text should include a single style that flows throughout. Classify the data based on sensitivity and the effect unauthorised . First is to define and assess the security risks. The style should be professional.whereas the print designer will know exactly what size paper he will be printing on.

complex security or web data.modification. Second is to take a holistic view. includes sensitive consider creating a threat model and identify the threats and possible of vulnerabilities. for is just the more For very on If or simple some the systems standard website with no sensitive baselines application insist project. the website’s The analysis will and is assist very development requirements useful to the development team. release or loss would have on your business. It also includes ensuring your website is available. is fast enough. data. ensuring business continuity and providing the ability to analyze and learn from incidents. Balance the level of security with ease of use and cost constraints. This will assist deciding where the most effort should be placed in protection. Information security is not just about preventing theft or damage. providing accurate information. preventing release of confidential information to unauthorized users. protecting your business data and intellectual property from misuse or loss. . complying with legal and regulatory requirements. protecting your users. inappropriate use.

Subsequently is not to trust anyone else's data (or your own). Your web site will have input from users, but also from other sources such as news feeds, other purchased data and the back-office systems of your own organization and perhaps of partners. All this data should be validated on input and on output to protect users and systems.

Fourth milepost. By



enforce a

review review

and of

approval security

at into

each the


project’s mileposts and formal approval, security becomes built into the development process and security issues can be tackled as soon as possible. The earlier security is thought about, the cheaper it is to mitigate risks. Build change control methodology into the design process.

Fifth is to help the development team code securely. Good development practices should ensure that the

development team is working to a consistent framework and that developers produce high quality code. Software will always contain errors, but with training, use of

development standards and guidelines, security risks can be minimized. Ensure that you provide enough time to develop the website or web application securely – not just achieve the functionality requirements.









program. All projects must include structured testing. The threat model (see No 4 above) can be used to help create test scenarios. Security testing involves checking what is not allowed as well as the intended functionality. This requires a change in mindset for conventional testers.

Seventh is to build in audit, logging and alerting. Facilities to audit what has occurred on a website through sufficient logging will assist detection of abnormal

activity and help identify how problems occurred. By having an early warning of issues, it may be possible to reduce the effect of an incident. the logs Protect include the logs from user




identities where available and are monitored.








Development, test and live environments may be configured differently and many security issues can arise because of this. The management of the setup and launch of the website needs to be undertaken in a controlled and defined way to ensure all the security controls are in place and


vulnerabilities are not created. Document the

configuration and any future alterations.

Ninth is to include security in every contract and service level agreement. Define what security protection

you need from your suppliers, partners and sub-contractors. Use the same processes to assess their security as Identify security what security will monitoring be detected you you and

would require

your and

own. how









continuity). Consider what might cause loss of availability of the website and identify the likelihood of occurrence and the effect on the business. Examine whether actions should be taken to eliminate, reduce, insure or accept the risks.

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technology to



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hearing along

either the







database. The database used to be an extremely technical term, however with the rise of computer systems and

the database has become a household term. In addition. you need to incorporate a program that manages the queries and information stored on the system.Because of the computer can restore the stored Data Base and upgrading it very fast than the normal human manual hand can do. This is usually System. Speed . . all databases that are created should be built with high data integrity and the ability to recover data if hardware fails. In order to have a highly efficient database system.Where there is no need for the old paper files that has a big size. it must not only store large amounts of records well. but be accessed easily. referred Besides to as DBMS or a Database Management these features. In order for a database to be truly functional. The definition of a database is a structured collection of records or data that is stored in a computer system.information technology throughout our culture. new information and changes should also be fairly easy to input. The Data Base has a lot of advantages on the normal manual methods for storing data because of the following: Compactness .

can This best is be the managed database development reason why its importance has increased in the past few years. MS Access etc. there is growing . It is a well-established fact that the information by of a business organization services. As new technologies are continuously evolving. MySQL.Less drudgery . reducing flexibility data manipulation and retrieval process is the main objective of database programming. Currency .Because the computer do every thing for you. In order to offer tailor-made solutions of clients varied business requirements. The concept of database development has undergone a rapid transformation because of the development of sophisticated technologies in this specific field. Managing without information the of a business of organization storage. Database offers a number of processing and structuring advantages that have proven extremely helpful to managing business information deftly and precisely. following Database developers have expertise the databases: MSSQL.The more specific you can have when you asking for a Data Base information. Quality Web Programming has devoted itself in the field of web based database in programming.

Capacity Strategy . Data Migration application successfully.After the completion of database integration. Reviewing Database Implementation . . Our database programming service includes these below mentioned sections: Maintaining Workflow How the database solution will perform in future is directly linked with the actions and the behavior of the users.need for database programming service that can cope with the changes successfully.The amount of data will be increased and therefore focus on formulating DBs capacity We with can a integrate newly existing developed data and database strategy plan which includes performance optimization. our seasoned database developers thoroughly check the entire process for minimizing the chance of errors for ensuring a smooth performance of the application. Designing Interface of the Database A user-friendly interface of database allows managing and manipulating database by reducing the possibility of data loss.

we try to pinpoint the needs of our clients. A good design should have the following objectives: Meet the users' needs. Although there are a number of rules that can be followed in designing a database structure. Follow these rules when at all possible. money. Helps in estimating costs and size. This helps us to meet the requirements of our clients with élan and ease. Database design plays a major role in the stability and the reliability of data. Planning and Investigation . Doing a paper design first has several advantages: It saves time. the design process is as much an art as it is a science. Serves as a blueprint for discussion. but not to the point where the database loses the functionality that is so important to the user.utilization of space as far as possible and standby facility. avoids potential data-modification problems. Solve the problem.Before doing anything else. Makes system more reliable. Be free of modification anomalies. and problems. Have a reliable and stable .

such as "Employees" or "Orders". Create the tables and add a few records of sample data. and Be easy to use. For example. List the facts about the objects. another could be Hire_date. Determine the fields you need . one field in an Employee table could be Last_name. Make adjustments . Determine the tables you need . The following design of the database structure requires of the your steps: Determine the purpose database . you can divide your information into separate subjects.Analyze your design for errors.database.Knowing the purpose will help you decide which facts you want to store. Determine the key and linking columns and determine the constraints. where the tables are as independent as possible. Determine the relationships – Look at each table and decide how the data in one table is related to the data in other tables. See if you can get the results you want from your tables. Each category of information in a table is called a field and is displayed as a column when you browse the table.Decide what information you want to keep in each table. Refine your design . Add fields to tables or create new tables to clarify the relationships. as necessary.When you have a clear purpose for your database.

the data must be changed in exactly the same way in all locations." If the first rule is . Evaluate the design model then implement the database. A customer address change is much easier to implement if that data is stored only in the Customers table and nowhere else in the database. This includes creating tables and establishing relationships between those tables according to rules designed both to protect the data and to make the database more flexible by eliminating redundancy and inconsistent the design as needed. If data that exists in more than one place must be changed. To organize our database. we need to normalize. Redundant data wastes disk space and creates maintenance problems. What is an "inconsistent dependency"? Inconsistent dependencies can make data difficult to access because the path to find the data may be missing or broken. Each rule is called a "normal form. There are a few rules for database normalization.

it requires program and table modifications and does not smoothly accommodate a dynamic number of vendors. What happens when you add a third vendor? Adding a field is not the answer. Do not use multiple fields in a single table to store similar data. or vendors to inventory with a vendor code key. an inventory record may contain fields for Vendor Code 1 and Vendor Code 2. Second Normal Form . For example. then link inventory to vendors with an item number key. Create a separate table for each set of related data.observed. Instead. to track an inventory item that may come from two possible sources. Identify each set of related data with a primary key. the database is said to be in "first normal form. place all vendor information in a separate table called Vendors." First Normal Form • • • Eliminate repeating groups in individual tables.

consider a customer's address in an accounting system. consider placing those fields in a separate table.• Create separate tables for sets of values that apply to multiple records. EXCEPTION: Adhering to the third normal form. In general. Values in a record that are not part of that record's key do not belong in the table. Third Normal Form • Eliminate fields that do not depend on the key. For example. Shipping. Invoices. but also by the Orders. Instead of storing the customer's address as a separate entry in each of these tables. if necessary). any time the contents of a group of fields may apply to more than a single record in the table. either in the Customers table or in a separate Addresses table. and Collections tables. The address is needed by the Customers table. Accounts Receivable. Records should not depend on anything other than a table's primary key (a compound key. while . • Relate these tables with a foreign key. store it in one place.

If some dependent fields remain. and any factor duplicated in multiple records. many small tables may degrade performance or exceed open file and memory capacities. you must create separate tables customer for cities. other sales representatives. If you have a Customers table and you want to eliminate all possible interfield dependencies. normalization is worth pursing. is not always practical.theoretically desirable. However. It may be more feasible to apply third normal form only to data that changes frequently. 2. In theory.2 Review of the Related Studies . that may be classes. ZIP codes. design your application to require the user to verify all related fields when any one is changed.

rings. Monthly Special Feature Items with image. The company can be searched through this website One can have easy address http://www. date of order and other necessary personal information are stored here. When a specific item is chosen. access in this site because of the well organized system.dejewelrystores. can be linked DE Jewelry Centre DE Jewelry Centre is one of the most popular online jewelry shops one can find and search over the internet globally. total amount.2. just click the link to see the image and the prices of that specific item/product. Popular searches of different section in bracelets. accessories etc. bangles. captions and prices are also displayed. the member’s list of orders. This features diverse categories of elegant items with its available price offered. One must register in order to purchase a product. pendants.2. New products for the next fashion sense are also in the . In MyAccount Link. This system has also provided an option as to what currency to use when shopping.

“Return Policy” and “Shipping Policy”.other box. “Terms of Use”. Air and at for by FEDEX. Billing Link. There are also news archive link about the Articles with great fashion sense products in this site. you can see information on how will you pay. express inquire All and the buyers are shipped to informed the track Info Any about address. As online shopping spikes every holiday . In the lower part of this site. via DHL. you will see links “About Us”. Especially noteworthy in e-tailing's growth curve is the role of the fourth quarter. Losses were regained after 3 years of operation. UPS. worldwide. on all orders. “Privacy Policy”. credit card and bank accounts may be accepted. Part of the success of DE Jewelry Centre is its accessibility in the internet. can be read in this corner. “Contact Us”. “Site Map”. The use of MySQL database and online ordering system highly aided the shop in storing and monitoring the increasing number of customers. present store does not Mail international international numbers and orders. The shop supports Free Shipping for all the products. the All international shipments are shipped EMS express use mail regular orders are In mainly.

"In every year. Its prices site especially an wholesalers contains catalogue with clear and sharp item pictures of products. are Competitive offered. Digital catalogues upon request are also available. So the fourth quarter. and so those people shop again the next quarter." DE Jewelry Centre experiences escalating sales by 16-18% every year. Top quality This items. but because it exposes the population to e-commerce more than any other." Mudd notes. Online Shopping Store has the edge of being based in a country skilled that boasts of its rich natural resources and for online people.2. one of the leading Manufacturers and Exporters of Philippine made handicrafts. A strong customer service and sales support system that deals . "is important not only because it's as big as it is. anywhere. it brings people online to buy. is all handcrafted in Cebu to perfection.3 Shell Accessories Shell Accessories Online Shopping Store is a subsidiary of Bedido Fashion Jewelry. based City.season. it pulls the rest of the year up with it. 2. Philippines. are This assured. so that customers may conveniently shop anytime.

there are two forms to be filled out – one for the new customers to sign up while the other is for the returnees to sign in. The company supports master card and other credit cards for billing. everyone visibility Another is thing to is the advertisements products. Shell Dangling Earrings. Live support is as well provided for anyone who has difficulty in comprehending the steps of shopping or browsing the interface. Complete line of Shell Jewelry from Shell Necklaces. then “Your shopping Cart is empty” will prompt. customers need not to worry if they ran out of cash. In the homepage. So. wherein high invited 200 advertise and enjoy over networks . a wide selection of Shell from Philippine Seas. Hence. At the right side locates the quick search of which keywords are encoded to find the product the customers are looking for. The Cart Contents reminds the customers of what has already been shopped as well as the number of items during that time. if it has none. In My Account. Shell Pendants. Cart Contents and Contact Us can be found. At the top is where My Account. and Shell Beads pictures are showcased. the company enjoys increasing profit. Shell Anklets.mainly on client needs have also been established.

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and Ask Us where customers can email questions about Rosegold Pawnshop & Jeweler products.offered. the Sign In Register FREE can be found. Beneath are the online advertisements and information about promos and how to join. many customers are interested to keep updated with the advantages. These features would WowBusiness redirect the consumer to social sites like facebook and twitter and e-businesses such as e-buy wherein more Internet buyers may have surf the site and purchase items of their choice. Advertise where owners of small advertising in Davao can post ads. Through this. Account WowBuddy This would that navigate you to a sign up form for Type: and has only two choices of textbox the type. . Videos where slideshow of items can be viewed in Youtube. the company has a persistent growth in sales. Website where a tour to other websites in Davao takes place. While on the upper right side. In this way.

The programmers distributed questionnaires that inquire the company manager and staff regarding business transaction problems. 3.0 Requirements Modeling The programmers searched for a company that would serve as respondents. and observed the business transaction. The manager was interviewed by the programmers about the company and booked a schedule for questionnaire dissemination. Questionnaires were also prepared.1 Data and Processes Modeling . The programmers sent the letter to the company’s e-mail address.Chapter 3 3. The letter and questionnaires were verified. The programmers wrote a letter to set an interview to the manager address. The programmers noted the all the hardware and software requirements available. The programmers assessed the company’s problems from the collected answers on questionnaires The programmers determined how the problems of the company be derived to state the dilemma of the programmers The programmers segmented the general problem into sub problems.

1 System’s Flowchart .3.1.


1.2 Data Flow Diagram .3.

The customers on the other hand are not granted with the permission to modify the system only the selected functions supplied. every user must login using own username and encrypted password. To maintain security in the system. . providing network security and so has the privilege to access all files such as to hide or delete records that create profanity. Barely the administrator handles all the administrative tasks like organizing accounts. All customers are required to read and comprehend all the terms and conditions as well as supplementary policies set by the company especially when purchasing to avoid delays or evasion of rights.3. enhancing features of the web pages.2 User’s Requirements and Considerations Users come in two major categories – the administrator and the customer. A member or a guest may post comments and suggestions on the wall but not to edit or remove the post of other customers.

etc. For further inquiry and assistance. . the customer will see all the products and prices sorted accordingly.Chapter 4 4. Photos of discounted products are also featured at the home page. Once clicked. Textboxes are provided for manual input as well as buttons of submit and clear. bracelets. Invalid User Account will prompt to filter illegal login and so requires users to register.1 Output Design The system presents various sections on jewelry types – ring.0 Input Design The first information to be keyed in by the user is the register and login. necklaces. 4. the member may post his questions on the wall. The administrator has all the permissions to input photos of jewelries and add or modify information about those.

provides a page wherein the member may view his profile as well as all the items. change and delete the items on cart. Only the member could write comments on the wall. quantity and amount purchased. The member has also the privilege to add.1 ER Diagram . date. moreover.2.It. Answers for inquiries will be sent to their emails or a reply be displayed on the same page 4.

varchar 30 mail Costumer’s user name Customer’s Password Street address of varchar 15 varchar 15 varchar 30 city/province the customer City/province varchar 30 where customer the Yes contact resides Customer’s contact int 20 Yes account_img number Customer’s profile varchar 20 Yes .2 Data Dictionary Column Name account_num firstname lastname email username password street Customer Description Data Type Customer’s ID int number Customer’s first name Customer’s 20 Size Null No No No Yes No No Yes varchar 20 varchar 20 last name Customer’s e.4.2.

picture account_aboutme Customer’s personal information varchar 50 Yes Column Name ordered_id account_num Orders Description Data Type Order’s ID int Customer’s int Size 20 20 No No Yes 65.2 Yes Null ID number ordered_date Date of timestamp Order total_amount Total amount ordered status items Status of varchar 50 of decimal Yes the ordered item pending not if or Column Name item_id Items Description Data Type Item’s ID int Size 20 No Null .

Description jewelry_type number Item’s varchar 50 20 No No description Item’s varchar jewelry type jewelry_class Item’s jewelry date_added class The when admin. added price item_img item Item’s price Item’s the varchar 20 No null Not date timestamp the Yes decimal varchar int 65. 2 20 10 No No null Yes Not image item_quantity Item’s quantity Column Name Ordered_item Description Data Type int ID 20 20 20 Size No Null order_item_num Ordered item’s order_id item_id number Order’s ID int Item’s ID int No No .

2 No Comment Column Name Description Data Type Comment_id Comment’s int ID number Account_num Customer’s item_id comment int Size 20 20 20 50 No No No Yes yes Null ID number Item’s ID int number Customer’s varchar comment Date_posted Date when timestamp the Customer posted comment the Discounts .qty number Ordered item’s int 10 Yes amount quantity Ordered item’s total price decimal 65.

Column Name Discount_id Description Data Type Discounted int item’s ID ID int of int Size 20 No Null Item_id number Item’s 20 20 No No No number Discount_rate Rate Date_started discount Date when timestamp discounts Date_ended started Date when timestamp discounts ended No Chapter 5 5.0 Hardware and Software Requirements .

So to check that the page views are good across a variety of platforms.5 gigahertz (GHz) RAM 2 gigabyte (GB) NTFS file system– formatted partition Disk with a minimum of 3 GB free space for your Web of free space sites DVD drive or the source Drive DVD drive copied to a local or network-accessible drive 1024 × 768 or higher Display 1024 × 768 resolution monitor 56 kilobits per second 56 Kbps or faster (Kbps) connection Network between client computers and server computers and server connection between client free space plus adequate The system requires the following software specification: Web browsers – IE8. Firefox.The system must have the following hardware requirements: Component Minimum Recommended Dual processors that are each 3 GHz or faster 4 GB NTFS file system–formatted partition with 3 GB of Processor 2. . Opera and Safari. Chrome.

No information is shared with other .this information is used only to respond to the customer’s questions or process the forms to complete the requested transactions.Gimp – For picture editing Dreamweaver MX 2004 text editing mode Xampp – Xampp creates a server on PC so as to create a full working page and be tested before uploading Fireftp / Filezilla – A Firefox plugin to transfer files. Only the administrator is granted with privileges changes.1 Security and Privacy To establish logical security. Each username and password is unique so no users have the same username and password at the same time. the system would ask the user to register and login. to access all accounts and modify necessary If with a customer chooses to -- provide such are as the in administrator email or by the personal information forms completing other which submitted through website . Passwords are encrypted so that other may fraud the account. or Windows notepad – Mainly used in 5.

It in no way provides us with personal information about the customer.2 User’s Manual . This cookie by itself only informs us a previous visitor has returned. it will be prompted to accept before it is stored on computer. No information gathered is used to create individual profiles. Backups are ensured every now and then in order to minimize data loss. In networking connections.agencies unless it is required by law. the company ensures that the items sold are genuine and are delivered on time. 5. If a web browser is set to notify before accepting cookies. A cookie is a tiny piece of text that is placed on computer's hard drive. It uses "cookies" to customize/enhance the use of this site. cable wires are separated from power chords to avoid EMS. In physical security. Hard wares are locked with passwords so that only the delegated personnel can access. System Restore will be the immediate action in case of loss.

It most often refers to the initial or main web page of a web site.This manual is provided for better understanding of the interface and functions of this system. sometimes called the front page. Home . It also includes the login page wherein the system identifies whether the one using is a guest or an administrator .

Register – One cannot login unless registered. So the user must register on this page. ordered items. Once logged in. the customers may view the above page to navigate other features like view profile. cart. and received items. .

or edit profile photo . change username. edit information.Cart – The page where the customers shopped items are listed Profile – The member could view his profile information he provided upon registration.

Items information can also be found here.This is where photos of newly arrived items are displayed . New Items .Discount Page – This is where you can shop for great advantages of the week.

Variety of earrings are offered at this page About Us – This is where the administrator types the information about the company.Bracelets – Variety of bracelets are offered at this page Earrings . .

. Hence the operation would be even more efficient. It may also have s to social sites for faster promotion of business.Contact Us – To establish effective communication.0 System’s Recommendation After a thorough elicitation and analysis of the system. users may contact the company through this page Chapter 6 6. the following are recommended: Jewelry may tie up with other companies like Paypal in order to establish airtime payment.

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