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Verification and Approval of Survey Returns/Advance Plan

Brief Description A checking process which is not only confined on the fact of the survey plan but encompasses the entirety of the survey returns of which the plan is only a part. The base for the aforementioned checking process orbits around the following: Correctness of field data Correctness of computer values completeness of requisite documents that form part of the survey returns and consistency of their contents. Who may apply? Geodetic Engineers in the private industry.
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How to avail? (Procedures and Steps) The survey envelope containing the complete survey returns is submitted for preliminary examination. After it has passed the same, it shall be numbered and subsequently controlled. Otherwise, its processing shall be temporarily held in abeyance until the Geodetic Engineer concerned has made the necessary measures curing it of the circumstances that warranted its failure in the preliminary examination. To determine whether or not the subject plan overlaped another, it shall be projected. If no overlapping is apparent, it shall continue its due course towards CALMAC (Computation Verification) and Catography. After which, it shall be forwarded to the appropriate section chief for final verification. The Chief of the Regional Technical Director for Lands.

Requirements Needed

For PCS (Consolidation - Subdivision of Decreed/Titled Properties and PSD (Subdivision of Decreed/Titled Properties) 2. Certified Title by the Register of Deeds (ROD) 3. Notarized Field Notes Over and Field Notes within with documentary stamp 4. Transmittal of Survey Returns 5. Original nad Duplicate of Lot Data Computation 6. Traverse Computation 7. Original Survey Plan 8. Affidavit of Confirmity and Intent 9. Location Monument Recovery Report For CCS (Consolidation - Subdivision of Undecreed / Untitled Properties within an approved cadastral project) and CSD (Subdivision of Undecreed / Untitled Properties within an approved cadastral project)

11. Transmittal of survey Returns 12. Original and Duplicate of lot data computation 13. Original Survey Plan 14. Notarized Field Notes Cover and Field Notes within with documentary stamp 15. Traverse Computation 16. Certified Tax Declaration 17. CENRO and RTC Certification 18. Certified Technical Description in BL Form V-37 19. Survey Authority 20. Investigation Report 21. Location Monument Recovery Report 22. G.E. Certificate duly notarized For PSU (Original Surveys) 24. Transmittal of Survey Returns 25. Original and Duplicate of Data Computation 26. Notarized Field Notes and Field NOtes within with documentary stamp 27. Traverse computation eith duplicate 28. Solar computation with duplicate 29. Certified Reference of Properties 30. Certified Tax Declaration 31. Original Survey Plan 32. Survey Authority 33. Investigation Report 34. Location Monument Recovery Report 35. G.E. Certificate duly notarized 36. Survey Notification Letter 37. Certifications from concerned agencies if the lot adjoins National or Provincial Road, Railroads, Transit Sites etc. For AS (Advace Survey - survey conducted within an ongoing cadastral project) 39. Letter request for Advance Survey by the owner / G.E. 40. Survey Authority 41. Investigation Report 42. Survey Order 43. Proof of ownership 44. Barangay Captain Certification 45. Survey Plan 46. Lot data computation (Original and Duplicate) 47. Traverse computation (Original and Duplicate) 48. Solar observation (if it is not extracted from the records on file at ASS) 49. Field Notes Cover and Field notes inside (notarized) 50. G.E. Certificate (notarized) 51. Transmittal 52. Survey Notification Letter (duly signed by the adjoining owners / rep.) 53. survey Deposit (Agricultural = Php 50.00; Residential Php 880.00) 54. Location Monument Recovery Report

55. Affidavits (as required) 56. Certified Technical Description in BL Form V-37 Blueprint Copy of the CM where subject lot is located