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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION FOR 245 kV, SF6 GAS CIRCUIT BREAKERS 1.0 1.1 SCOPE: This specification provides for design, engineering, manufacture, stage testing, inspection and testing before supply, packing, forwarding and delivery at site FOR destination of 245 kV, 3 pole SF6 gas filled outdoor circuit breakers alongwith terminal connectors, structures, all the accessories and auxiliary equipment for the satisfactory operation as per schedule of requirement Annexure B. It is not the intent to specify completely all the details of design and construction of the circuit breakers. However, the breakers shall conform in all respects to the high standard of engineering design and workmanship and shall be capable of performing in continuous commercial operation up to the Bidder’s guarantee in a manner acceptable to the Purchaser. The circuit breakers equipment shall conform in all respects to high standards of engineering design and workmanship and shall be capable of performing in continuous commercial operation up to the bidders guarantee acceptable to the purchaser. The equipment offered shall be complete in all respect necessary for its effective and trouble free operation. Such components shall be deemed to be within the scope of supply irrespective of whether those are specially brought out in this specification and or the commercial order or not. All similar parts particularly movable ones shall be interchangeable.


2.0 2.1

The circuit breakers shall conform to the latest revisions with amendments available at the time of testing of relevant standards, rules and codes, some of which are listed herein for ready reference.
Sl. No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Standard No. IEC-56 IEC-376 IS-5578& 11353 IS-2147 IS-325 IS-13118 IS-2629 IEC-137 IS-2099 IS-4379 IS-7285 Title Specification for alternating current circuit breakers. Specification and acceptance of new supply of sulphur hexafluoride. Making and arrangement for switchgear bus-bar, main connections and auxiliary wiring. Degree of protection provided for enclosures for low voltage switchgear and control gear. Specification for three phase induction motors. Specification for circuit breakers. Recommended practice for hot dip galvanising of iron and steel. Bushings for AC Voltages. High voltage porcelain bushings. Identification of the contents of Industrial Gas Cylinders. Seamless high carbon steel cylinders for permanent and high pressure liquefiable gases


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Code of practice for use of structural steel in (PART-1) overhead transmission line towers.


Equipment meeting with the requirement of other authoritative Standards, which ensure equal or better performance than the standards mentioned above, shall also be considered. When the equipment offered by the supplier conforms to other standards salient points of difference between standards adopted and the standards specified in this specification shall be clearly brought out in the relevant schedule. Four copies of such standards with authentic translation in English shall be furnished alongwith the offer.


The breakers and accessories to be supplied against this specification shall be suitable for satisfactory continuous operation under the following tropical conditions.
i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) Location Max ambient air temp.( 0 C) Min ambient air temp.(C) Max relative humidity.(%) Min relative humidity. (%) Average annual rainfall.(mm)

In the state of Haryana 50 -2.5 100 26 900 195 1000 45 0.3g

vii) Max wind pressure (Kg/mm ) viii) Max altitude above mean sea level(meters) ix) x) 3.1 Isoceraunic level(days/year) Siesmic level( horizontal acceleration)

AUXILIARY POWER SUPPLY: Auxiliary electrical equipment shall be suitable for operation on the following supply system

a. b.

Power Devices (like drive motors) D.C. Alarm, control protective devices

415 V, 3 phase 4 wire 50 Hz, Neutral grounded AC supply. Two independent sources of 220 V DC, ungrounded 2 wire Substation wise exact details shall be furnished to the successful bidder 240 V, single phase, 50 Hz AC supply.



Each of the foregoing supplies shall be made available by the Purchaser at the terminal point for each circuit breaker for operation of accessories and auxiliary equipment. Bidder's scope include supply of interconnecting cables, terminal boxes etc., The above supply voltage may vary as below and all devices shall be suitable for continuous operation over the entire range of voltages.

i) ii)

AC supply D.C. Supply

: :

voltage + 10% & -20%, frequency ± 5% ±10%.


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4.4 - .doc . bolted type to be supplied by the Bidder.) Continuous current rating (A rms) Type Mounting Number of Poles Type of Operation Phase to phase spacing in the switchyard i. (mm) 9. No. 10. Rated voltage (kV rms). 3. Required ground clearance from the lowest live terminal if both the terminals are not in the same horizontal plane. 5. 1.0 PRINCIPAL PARAMETERS: The SF-6 gas Circuit Breakers covered in this specification shall meet the technical requirements listed hereunder. interpole spacing for breaker (mm) 8. 6.e. 3 Individually operated single poles 4000 Item Specification 245 kV 245 50 1600 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch15747/66740768. Phase to earth clearance (mm) Height of concrete plinth (to be provided by the Purchaser) (mm) 11. 7. PRINCIPAL TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sl.4. 2. Minimum height of the 2550 150 2400 5000 3 pole outdoor SF6 Hot dip galvanised lattice steel support structure. frequency (Hz.

Operating mechanism Auto reclosing duty Rated operating duty "First pole to clear" factor (Type of tripping) Max.150 -----------Less than 3 cycles or 60 ms 1050 3 min -CO cycle 460 Rated breaking current capacity:i) Line charging at rated voltage at 90 deg.doc . total break time (ms) 1. 15. 13 14. 16.u 250 125 /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch15747/66740768. closing time (ms) Max.2/50 microsecond impulse withstand voltage (kV peak) 19. 1 minute power frequency withstand voltage (kV rms) 20. 18. c) Duration of short circuit 1 sec b) % DC component Corresponding to minimum opening time as per ----------------.5 to 10 ------------------without exceeding switching o/v 2. 12.5 - . 17.0 p.0.lowest part of the support insulator from ground level (mm).3 sec. -COAs per IS-13118 (Trip free) ------------. ( Bidders offering lesser clearances must substantiate the same with adequate Information on impulse test withstand capability of equipment) Spring / Pneumatic (with unit compressor) Single and three phase 0-0. leading power factor (A) rms ii) Small inductive current (A) rms iii) Cable charging breaking current (A) iv) Short circuit current a) AC component (kA rms) 40 IEC-56.

provided to minimise pole discrepancy and to avoid single phasing shall be highlighted in the bid. 26.27 5 10 6125 40 (kA) 24. creepage distance of support insulator (mm) Short time current carrying capability for one second i) Rating of auxiliary contacts ii) No. 28 .3 GENERAL TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: Circuit breakers offered shall be sulphur hexaflouride (SF6) type only. 23.0. 22.. ------10 NO and 10 NC as spare with due provision to add more if required 2 A DC with the circuit time constant not less than 20 ms ------. Breaking capacity of auxiliary contacts Noise level at base and upto 50 meters Seismic acceleration Min.3g (horizontal) -------- 27.C. 29 30. of auxiliary contacts ----. In this case pole discrepancy special features including relays. timers etc.10 A at 220 V D. Min.2 5.21. including but not limited to the following: /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch15747/66740768.1 5. Within a pole (ms) ii.0 5. 25. 245 kV circuit breakers are meant for single pole re-closure. shall be freely interchangeable without the necessity of any modification at site.) ---------------.6 - . Rated short circuit making current capacity Permissible limit of temperature rise Max. Corona extinction voltage kv (rms) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5. Circuit breaker shall comprise of three identical single pole units. Between poles (ms) 100 (kA) As per clause 5. acceptable difference in the instants of closing/opening of contacts i. Complete circuit breaker with all the items necessary for successful operation shall be supplied.doc .140 db (max. especially the removable ones. Any part of the breakers.

8 5.7 5. 5.3. The necessary interpole cabling at site shall be done by the Purchaser based on the schematic.0 A/sq.1. These shall be easily accessible for inspection and replacement. pressure. If there are no separately mounted arcing contacts the main contacts shall be easily accessible for inspection and replacements. tanks. Provision shall be made for rapid dissipation of heat generated by the arc on opening.3. gauges and other devices for SF6 gas supervision.doc . Main contacts shall be the first to open and the last to close so that there will be little contact burning and wear. Tips of arcing contacts and main contacts shall be silver plated or have tungsten alloy tipping. Each of the 245 kV circuit breakers one central control cabinet for each breaker. Contacts shall be designed to have adequate thermal and current carrying capacity for the duty specified and to have a life expectancy so that frequent replacements due to excessive burning will not be necessary. valves and controls and necessary supports for interpole piping for pneumatic systems. piping.4 Any device provided for voltage grading to damp oscillations or to prevent restrike prior to the complete interruption of the circuit or to limit over-voltages on closing shall have a life expectancy comparable to that of the breaker as a whole.3 5. support structure for circuit breaker as well as for control cabinet.7 - . pneumatic pressure 5.9.3 5. terminal. and one control box for each pole shall be provided with all the required electrical devices mounted therein and the necessary terminal blocks for termination of interpole wiring.6 5. pneumatic systems complete including compressors.1 Breaker assemblies with bases.9.5 5. terminals and operating mechanisms are included in the scope of supply. wiring diagram and termination schedule to be supplied by the successful Bidder. The 245 KV circuit breaker shall be designed for high speed single and three pole reclosing with and operating sequence and timing as specified in clause 4.5 All necessary parts to provide a complete and operable circuit breaker installation such as main equipment.9. Instruments. control parts.9 5.6 A/sq. /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch15747/66740768.3.3. fittings.2 5. and others .5.9. CONTACTS: All making and breaking contacts shall be sealed free from atmospheric effects.3. All other parts can be grey colour painted as per shade 631 of IS-5. The current density adopted for the design of the terminal pads shall in no case exceed the following values.0 "Principal Parameters". whether specifically called for herein or not.4 5. Suitable for Twin 0.4 5. The support structure of circuit breaker as well as that of control cabinet shall be hot dip galvanised. central control cabinet and foundation bolts for main structure as well as control cabinet and central control cabinet (except concrete foundations).2 5. Terminals shall be of stud type with washer nuts & check nuts. For copper pads .mm. connectors and other devices.mm.1.4 Sq inch ACSR Conductor. Compressed SF6 gas. All breakers shall be supplied with universal type terminal connectors.1 5. Circuit breaker shall be suitable for hot line washing. If arcing contacts are used they shall be the first to close and the last to open.

11 a) ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: The circuit breakers shall be single pressure type and single break. burns and similar other defects. If leakage of SF6 gas occurs within 10 years. the temperature of each part will be limited to values consistent with a long life of the material used.9. The SF6 gas density of each pole shall be monitored and regulated by individual pressure switches The SF6 gas density monitor shall be adequately temp. if necessary to minimise distortion and to make a tight seal. Each pole shall form an enclosure filled with SF6 gas independent of the other two poles. The test holes for leakage test of the internal seals shall also be provided. The alarm and trip setting shall be such that: Advance warning can be given for the low pressure below an unacceptable level.1 The porcelain housing shall be of single piece construction without any joint or coupling.6 Contacts shall be kept permanently under pressure of SF6 gas. compensated.9. 5. In the interrupter assembly there shall be a absorbing product box to eliminate SF6 decomposition products and moisture. The poles shall be partially filled with SF6 gas at the time of despatch and only topping upto required pressure shall be permitted at site.7 Specific guarantee that the SF6 gas will not leak from the breaker while in service for a minimum period of 10 years shall be given. Glazing of porcelain shall be uniform brown or dark brown colour with a smooth surface arranged to shed away rain water or condensed water particles (fog).doc . the defects in the breaker shall be attended to by the company free of cost and this shall be done irrespective of the number of leakages during the period of 10 years.5.9. The gap between the open contacts shall be such that it can withstand atleast the rated phase to ground voltage continuously at zero gauge pressure of SF6 gas due to its leakage. free from blisters. vitreous porcelain of high mechanical and dielectric strength. The material used in the construction of the circuit breakers shall be fully compatible with SF6 gas. All gasketed surfaces shall be smooth.10. It shall be made of homogeneous. the design and construction of the circuit breaker shall be such that there is minimum possibility of gas leakage and entry of moisture.10 PORCELAIN HOUSING: 5. The density monitor shall meet the following requirements: i) ii) iii) iv) a) It shall be possible to dismantle the density monitor for checking/ replacement without draining the SF6 gas by using suitable interlocked non-return couplings. The temperature shall not exceed that indicated in IEC-56 under specified ambient conditions. 5. 5. b) c) d) e) /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch15747/66740768. Where the operating rod of the operating mechanism connected to the arc chamber (SF6 media) adequate suitable Oring seals shall be provided. There should not be any condensation of SF6 gas on the internal insulating surface of the circuit breaker. 5.8 - . straight and reinforced. It shall damp the pressure pulsation while filling the gas in service so that the flickering of the pressure switch contacts does not take place.5 Breakers shall be so designed that when operated within their specified rating. A pressure indicator shall also be supplied.

SULPHUR HEXAFLUORIDE GAS (SF6 GAS): The SF6 gas shall comply with IEC-376.12 a) b) The cylinders shall also meet Indian Boiler regulations. the breaker shall open if the pressure falls below pre. Sufficient SF6 gas shall be provided to fill all the circuit breakers installed. dew point.13. c) Test: SF6 gas shall be tested for purity.3 p.determined value. The Circuit Breakers shall be capable of: i) ii) iii) Clearing short line faults (Kilo metric faults) with source bus equivalent to symmetrical fault current specified. Provisions shall be made for attaching an operation analyzer after installation at site to record contact travel. Means for pressure relief shall be provided in the gas chamber of circuit breaker to avoid damages or distortion during occurrence of abnormal pressure increase or shock waves generated by internal electric faults.5 to 10A without switching over-voltage exceeding 2.9 - .u. g) h) i) 5. impedance behind the 5. Facility shall also be provided to reduce the gas pressure within the breaker to a value not exceeding 8 millibar for 245 kV within 4 hours or less.b) f) After alarm.13. /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch15747/66740768.13. for line charging and roping when used on an effectively grounded system and perform make and break operations as per stipulated duty cycles satisfactorily.1 5. Each circuit breaker shall be capable of withstanding this degree of vacuum without distortion or failure of any part. 376A and 376B and be suitable in all respects for use in the switchgear under the worst operating conditions. The pressure loss in the breaker shall not be more than 1% per year under normal operating conditions. The circuit breakers shall meet the duty requirements for any type of fault or fault location. 376A and 376B and test certificates shall be furnished to Purchaser indicating all the tests as per IEC-376 for each lot of SF6 gas.13 5. breakdown voltage.3 Breaking inductive currents of 0. The high pressure cylinders in which the SF6 gas is shipped and stored at site shall comply with requirements of the following standards and regulations: IS:4379 IS:7285 Identification of the contents of industrial gas cylinders. water contents as per IEC-376. In addition to this 20% of the total gas requirement shall be supplied in separate cylinders as spare requirement.2 5. DUTY REQUIREMENTS: The circuit breakers shall be totally re-strike free under all duty conditions and shall be capable of performing specified duties without opening resistors.doc . diaphragms and pressure relief devices shall be so arranged as to minimise danger to the operators in the event of gas or vapour escaping under pressure. Breaking 25% of the rated fault current at twice rated voltage under phase opposition condition. The position of vents. Seamless high carbon steel cylinders for permanent and high pressure liquefiable gases. speed and making measurement of operation timings and synchronization of contacts in one pole.

1 5. shall not cause damage to the circuit breaker or endanger the operator.5 (with TRV as per IEC-56). The values guaranteed shall be supported with the type test reports.. TOTAL BREAK TIME: The "Total Break Time" as specified in clause 4.13. All working parts in the mechanism shall be of corrosion resistant material.5 /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch15747/66740768.15. when the circuit breaker is already closed. for 245 kV SF-6 Circuit Breakers.2.5 The critical current which gives the longest arc duration at lockout pressure of extinguishing medium and the arc duration shall be indicated. the Bidder may specifically bring out the effect of non-simultaneity between contacts within a pole or between poles and show how it is covered in the guaranteed total break time. The guaranteed years of maintenance. shall be equipped with pressure grease fittings. There shall be no rebounds in the mechanism and it shall not require any critical adjustments at site. 5.3. load rejection and re-energisation of lines with trapped charges. While furnishing the proof for the total break time of complete circuit breaker. L75 (with TRV as per IEC-56).14.0 "Principal Parameters" of this specification. All bearings which require greasing. The entire operating mechanism control circuitry.14 5.doc . The operating mechanism shall be non-pumping (and trip free) electrically pneumatically under every method of closing. "Principal section shall not be exceeded under any of the following duties: i) Test duties 1.4. The breakers shall also withstand the voltage specified in clause 4. OPERATING MECHANISM AND ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENTS: The circuit breakers shall be designed for electrical local as well as remote control The operating mechanism shall be of pneumatic.15.15 5. The enclosure shall be invariable mounted on a separate concrete plinth of 150 mm height. Provision shall be made for attaching an operation analyser to facilitate testing of breaker at site.2 The Bidder may please note that there is only one specified break time of the breaker which shall not be exceeded under any duty conditions specified such as with the combined variation of the trip coil voltage.4 5.14. shall be clearly stated in the bid. Parameters" of this 5.1 5. the number of full load and full rated short circuit current breaking/operation without enquiring any maintenance or overhauling. as required shall be housed in an out-door type.free operation.0. ii) Short line fault L90. spring charged mechanism or combination of these. The breakers shall satisfactorily withstand the high stresses imposed on them during fault clearing.5.3 5.10 - .15.15. The mechanism shall be adequately designed for specified tripping and re-closing duty.2 5.3 5. This enclosure shall conform to degree of protection IP55 of ISS-2147.13. Operation of the power operated closing device.15. As far as possible the need for lubricating the operating mechanism shall be kept to the minimum and eliminated altogether if possible.4 5. individual breaker compressor unit etc. (70-110%) pneumatic pressure and arc extinguishing medium pressure etc.14. The design of the operating mechanism shall be such that it shall be practically maintenance free.

1 5. The breaker shall normally be operated by remote electrical control. Electrical tripping shall be performed by shunt trip coils. It shall be located in a position where it will be visible to a man standing on the ground level with the mechanism housing closed. Remote located push buttons and indicating lamps shall be provided by the Purchaser.3 5. for any possible faults at that time.6 A mechanical indicator shall be provided to show open and close position of the breaker. The entire arrangement of CTD must be accommodated in a separate box and it shall be mounted to control cubicle For pneumatically and spring operated mechanisms a local manual closing device which can be easily operated by one man standing on the ground shall also be provided for maintenance purposes and direction of motion of handle shall be clearly marked. In case the contacts are not adequately rated and multiplying relays are used then the interlock for closing/opening operation of breaker shall be with No logic of the relay i. 5.7 /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch15747/66740768.5.doc .15.e.16. An operation counter shall also be provided in the central control cabinet. Each breaker pole shall be provided with two (2) independent tripping circuits. Suitable relay for monitoring of DC supply voltage to the control cabinet shall be provided. For this purpose a local/remote selector switch and close and trip push buttons shall be provided in the breaker central control cabinet. The trip coils shall be suitable for trip circuit supervision. The connection must be such that capacitor provided for this purpose gets charged from the DC source provided by the Board only and the capacitor supply is released for the tripping circuit as soon as DC supply fails. If additional elements are introduced in the trip coil circuit their successful operation and reliability for similar applications on outdoor circuit breakers shall be clearly brought out in the additional information schedules. In the absence of adequate details the offer is likely to be rejected. However.16. provisions shall be made for local electrical control.16 5. Shunt trip shall operate correctly under all operating conditions of the circuit breaker upto the rated breaking capacity of the circuit breaker and at all values of supply voltage between 70% and 120% of rated voltage. The Bidder shall furnish detailed operation and maintenance manual of the mechanism alongwith the operation manual for the circuit breakers.11 - .7 5.2 5.16.6 5. Provision for automatic tripping of the breaker shall be made alongwith the flag indication for non-availability of DC supply. valves and coils each connected to a different set of protective relays. The trip circuit supervision relay would be provided by the Purchaser. if the DC supply to the interlock circuit fails then it is essential that breaker trips in order to protect the switchgear and connected equipment like transformers etc.. Necessary terminals shall be provided in the central control cabinet of the circuit breaker by the Bidder. 5. Closing coil shall operate correctly at all values of voltage between 85% and 120% of the rated voltage. CONTROL: The close and trip circuits shall be designed to permit use of momentary contact switches and push buttons.5 5.16. The pressure switches used for interlock purposes shall have adequate contact ratings to be directly used in the closing and tripping circuits. It must be possible to close the breaker only after restoration of DC supply.16.

required for normal operation of the breaker. The Bidder shall ensure that rated pressure. opening spring.8 The auxiliary switch of the breaker shall be preferably positively driven by the breaker operating rod and where due to construction features. Independently adjustable pressure switches with potential free. preferably by a push button to avoid in advertent operation. 5.12 - . Closing operation shall compress the opening spring and keep ready for tripping. A mechanical indicating device shall be provided to indicate the state of the charge spring and shall be visible with the door of the cubicle closed. iii) Extreme low pressure. Such facilities shall be provided for following conditions: i) Close lockout pressure.28 and shall have sufficient capacity for two CO operations of the breakers at the lowest pressure for auto reclosing duty without refilling. Means shall be provided for discharging the spring when the circuit breaker is in the open position without circuit breaker attempting to close.16. same is not possible a plug-in device shall be provided to simulate the opening and closing operations of circuit breaker for the purpose of testing control circuits. ii) Auto reclose lockout pressure. The mechanism shall be provided with means for charging the spring by hand. MOTOR COMPRESSED SPRING CHARGING MECHANISM: Spring operated mechanism shall be complete with motor. is available at all the breaker locations.17 5. The scheme should permit operation of all blocking and alarm relays as soon as the pressure transient present during the rapid pressure dip has been damped and a reliable pressure measurement can be made. The ICU shall be complete with air piping and accessories. This operation shall be carried out with the doors of the cubicle open. The d) /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch15747/66740768.doc . The breaker local receivers shall comply with the requirements in clause 5. Motor rating shall be such that it requires only 15 seconds for fully charging the closing spring. This lockout device with provision of remote alarm indication shall be incorporated in each circuit breaker to prevent operation whenever the pressure of the operating mechanism is below that of parameter required for satisfactory operation of the circuit breakers. Breaker operation shall be independent of motor which shall be used solely for the purpose of charging the closing spring. tees. An alarm shall be provided for spring failing to be charged by a pre-set time after circuit breaker closing.. e) The compressed air mechanism shall be capable of operating the circuit breaker under all duty conditions with the air pressure immediately before operation between 85% and 110% of the rated supply pressure. all stop valves. ungrounded contacts to actuate a lockout device shall be provided. During this process no electrical or mechanical operation of the mechanism shall endanger the operator or damage the equipment. closing spring and all other necessary accessories to make the mechanism a complete unit. The spring mechanism shall be fitted with a local manual release. pressure reducers etc.18 PNEUMATICALLY OPERATED MECHANISM: a) b) c) Individual compressor units (ICU) shall be provided for pneumatically operated circuit breakers.5.

9meters The minimum vertical distance from the bottom of the lowest porcelain part of the bushings.8.13 - .28. shall be 4. 5. The details of the scheme will be furnished to the successful Bidder.1 FITTINGS AND ACCESSORIES: Following is a partial list of some of the major fittings and accessories to be furnished by Bidder in the central control cabinet. The support structure shall meet the following requirements: 1) The minimum vertical clearance from any energized metal part to the bottom of the circuit breaker (structure) base.30. (from the ground level) shall be 2. All accessories required on breaker side for satisfactory operation of the scheme shall be deemed to be included in the scope of supply of this specification.19 OPERATING MECHANISM HOUSING: The operating mechanism housing/control cabinet shall conform to the requirement specified in clause 5.55 meters for all voltages. Local/remote changeover switch. f) The compressed air piping shall comply to requirements given in clause 5. porcelain enclosures or supporting insulators to the bottom of the circuit breaker base. a) i) ii) iii) iv) v) Central control cabinet in accordance with clause no. 5.22. 2) 3) 5. Pneumatic pressure gauges SF6 gas pressure gauge. in case the equipment offered have integral support structure or the specialties of the breaker are such that support structures have to be provided by the successful Bidder.20 INTERLOCKS: It is proposed to electrically interlock the circuit breaker with Purchaser's associated air break isolating switches in accordance with switchyard safety interlocking scheme.doc . /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch15747/66740768.21 SUPPORTING STRUCTURE: The Bidder shall indicate the price of support structure alongwith the foundation bolts required separately in the bid proposal sheets and these shall be considered in evaluation. Control switches to cut off control power supply.4 meters for 245kV. However. The minimum clearance between the live parts and earth shall be 2. the prices of these support structures shall be included in the price of the equipment and same shall be indicated clearly in the bid proposal sheet. 5.make/break time at this supply pressure shall not exceed the specified make/break time within any value of trip coil supply voltage as specified.22 5. 5.30 complete with Cable glands for control cables off sizes will be intimated to the successful bidders . Four digit operation counter. where it rests on the foundation pad. Number and exact location of these parts shall be indicated in the bid.

All ferrous hardware. non-return and other control valves. insulating paint.1 SURFACE FINISH: All interiors and exteriors of tanks and other metal parts shall be thoroughly cleaned to remove all rust.2 5. corrosion. Pressure gauge spring loaded safety valve. All metal surfaces exposed to atmosphere shall be given two primer coats of zinc chromate and two coats of epoxy paint with epoxy base thinner. Capacitor tripping device.23. Additional fittings for pneumatically operated circuit breaker. required for satisfactory operation of breaker. Three pin plug with socket. All machine finished or bright surfaces shall be coated with a suitable preventive compound and suitably wrapped or otherwise protected. oil insoluble. The number of terminals provided shall be adequate enough to wire out all contacts and control circuits plus 24 terminals spare for Purchaser's use. shall be deemed to be within the scope of supply irrespective of whether these are specifically mentioned or not above. Lock and key for mechanism box. a) b) c) d) Unit compressed air system in accordance with clause Breaker local air receivers. Thermostatically controlled space tubular heater. Anti-pumping relay. piping and all accessories upto breaker mechanism housing.28.23. All steel surfaces in contact with insulating oil. as far as accessible. Rating plate in accordance with IEC incorporating year of manufacture. e) 5.vi) vii) viii) ix) x) xi) xii) xiii) xiv) xv) Note :- Fuses and links as required. 5. 5. Such components. pressure switch with No. All external paintings shall be as per shade no. All paints shall be carefully selected to withstand tropical heat and extremes of weather within the limits specified. Illuminating lamp with door switch. shall be painted with not less than two coats of heat resistant.3 /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch15747/66740768. exposed to atmosphere. Operation hour meter for motor. reservoir remains below a preset level for longer than it is normally necessary to refill the reservoir Stop.14 - .doc . 631 of IS:5. greases or other adhering foreign matter. shall be hot dip galvanised. adjustable contacts and explosion vents.23.22. scales. The paint shall not scale off or wrinkle or be removed by abrasion due to normal handling.2 Pressure switch to initiate an alarm if the pressure in the aux. All metal parts not accessible for painting shall be made of corrosion resisting material.5.23 5.

5. If the maximum ambient temperature rises. bolts. Rated insulation level.27 LIMITS OF TEMPERATURE RISE: The temperature rise on any part of equipment shall not exceed the maximum temperature rise specified below under the conditions specified in test clauses. 5. Purchase order number and customer's name. Serial number or type designation making it possible to get all the relevant information from the manufacturer. support structure etc. support channels. shall be provided with two separate Earthing terminals suitable for bolted connection to 50x8mm MS flat to be provided by the Purchaser for connection to station earth mat. Rated voltage. etc. The permissible temperature rise indicated is for a maximum ambient temperature of 50 C. Rated duration of short circuit. /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch15747/66740768.25 EARTHING: The operating mechanism housing. Year of manufacture. Rated frequency.doc . permissible values shall be reduced accordingly. Rated short circuit breaking current.. First pole to clear factor. 5. dead tanks. Rated auxiliary DC supply voltage of closing and opening devices. The rating plate shall be visible in position of normal service and installation.15 - . control cabinets. The rating plate shall be weather proof and corrosion proof.24 GALVANISING: All ferrous parts including all sizes of nuts. shall be hot dip galvanised to conform to latest version of IS:2629 or any other equivalent authoritative standard. The coils of operating devices shall have a reference mark permitting the data to be obtained from the manufacturer. structures. plain and spring washers. Rated pressure of compressed air gas for operation and interruption. Rated normal current.5.26 NAME AND RATING PLATES: Circuit breaker and its operating device shall be provided with a rating plate or plates marked with but not limited to following data: a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) l) m) Manufacturer's name or trade mark..

copper alloy or aluminium alloy {see notes (i) & (ii)} Bare copper or tinned aluminium alloy.16 - . at a max air temp 1.doc . copper alloy or aluminium alloy (see note ii) ii) 3. 5.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sl. Terminals to be connected to external conductors by screws or bolts silver faced (see note iii) 4. No. Bare copper or tinned aluminium alloy. rise ambient not exceeding 50 C 55 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch15747/66740768. Contacts in air. Contacts in oil: i) Silver-faced copper. 2. silver-faced copper. Nature of the part or of the liquid Maximum value of --------------------------------------Temp. Metal parts acting as springs Metal parts in contact with insulation of the following classes: Class Y Class A : (for non-impregnated materials) : (for materials immersed in oil or impregnated) Class E : in air in oil 120 100 70 50 100 50 90 40 (See note iv) (See note iv) 105 55 80 30 90 40 75 25 105 Temp.

Class B Class F : : in air in oil in air in oil oil base in air in oil 130 100 155 100 100 120 100 100 80 50 105 50 50 70 50 50 Enamel synthetic synthetic 6. filters. The values of temperature and temperature rise are valid whether or not the conductor connected to the terminals is silver-faced. coolers of adequate capacity. lubrication. drive motor and slide rails. care should be taken to ensure that no damage is caused to the surrounding insulating materials. Each ICU shall be provided with compressor.28. The quality of the silver facing shall be such that a layer of silver remains at the points of contact after the mechanical endurance tests. control valves. 5.28.1 COMPRESSED AIR SYSTEM: Each circuit breaker shall be supplied with individual compressor unit. piping. drain parts etc. Otherwise.28. 7.2 5. Air Compressor: a) The air compressor shall be oil-less and of air cooled type complete with cylinder. piping accessories. iii) iv) 5. this implies a temperature limit of 75 C. the contacts shall be regarded as "bare".17 - . at the lowest pressure for auto reclosing duty without refilling. Notes: Oil i) ii) 90 40 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------When applying the temperature rise of 55 C. : : : Any part of metal or of insulating material in contact with oil except contacts. The capacity of local air receivers shall be sufficient for two operations of the circuit breaker.3 i) /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch15747/66740768.28 5. Each compressor shall be rated for the following duty: Total running time of compressor per day Not exceeding 20 minutes. For pure copper. local air receivers. isolating valves.doc .. reducing valves. The temperature shall not reach a value where the elasticity of the material is impaired.

This condition shall be met with only one compressor in operation at a time. with automatic adjustable Inter-cooler and After Cooler: Inter-cooler between compressor stages and after-cooler at discharge of HP cylinder shall be included in Bidder's scope. Measures of achieving this shall be brought out clearly in the bid. /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch15747/66740768.28.28.ii) iii) b) c) 5. Accessories such as suitable sized safety valve to relieve full compressor discharge at a set pressure equal to 1.4.doc . auto drain tap with isolating and bypass valve.18 - . The receiver shall be rated such that the compressor will not start within less than hour hours for supplying the leakage of air from the compressed air system. A corrosion allowance of 3. All instruments required for checking the quality of air shall be furnished as special tools alongwith the breakers. 5. Receivers shall be coated on the inside face with anti-rust medium. Pressure gauge and pressure switch connections shall be of screwed type. b) c) d) 5. These shall be of air cooled type and shall be designed as per ASME Code of IEMA Standards. The compressor shall be provided unloading device during starting.0 mm shall be provided for shell and dished ends in case the air receiver is not hot dip galvanised. Air shall not condensate at working pressure at a temperature of minus 10 C. drain and relief valves shall be flanged type. A corrosion allowance of 3 mm shall be included for all steel parts.6 Quality of Air: Compressed air used shall be dry and free of dust particles. Not exceeding 60 minutes.1 Normal running air charging Air charging time after one close-open operation of all breakers Not exceeding 15 minutes. blow off valve.5 Air Receivers: a) Air receiver shall be designed in accordance with the latest edition of the ASME Code for Pressure Vessel-Section VIII of BS:5197. dial type pressure gauge with isolating and drain valve and test connection shall be provided. Connections for air inlet and outlet. Compressor shall be driven by automatically controlled motors conforming to this specification.1 times the maximum operating pressure. The design pressure on the air side of cooler shall be 25 times the working pressure. Air receivers shall have a manhole with cover for inspection and cleaning. Arrangement for conditioning the compressed air shall be provided as an integral part of air compressor system.28.

All compressed air piping shall be carried out in accordance with BS:162. Pressure gauges. All necessary fittings required for this purpose including the drain valves at all the low points shall be included in the proposal.8 Compressed Air Piping.doc . Facility to annunciate failure of power supply to the compressor motor control center shall be provided.3 sec -CO. Compressed air piping system shall be complete with saddle clamps to support the piping system at every one meter interval. seamless phosphorous Deoxidized Non-Arsenical Copper alloy or stainless steel pipe (C-106 of BS:2871-1957).28. AC shall be provided by the Purchaser at switchyard motor control center.19 - /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch15747/66740768.28.28. other indicating devices and control switches shall be mounted on the control cabinet. Motor feeders shall be provided with isolating switch fuse unit and contractor with thermal overload relay and open phase protection.7 Controls and Control Equipment: a) The compressor control shall be of automatic start/stop type initiated by pressure switches on the main receiver. Manual change over scheme from the source to other shall be arranged.operation the breaker shall be capable of performing one CO-operation within 3 minutes. . Supplementary manual control shall also be provided. b) c) 5.9 Motor Control Center: The 415 Volt motor control centers conforming to requirements for control cabinets stipulated in clause 5. All joints and connections in the piping system shall be brazed or flared as necessary. Valves and Fittings: a) b) c) d) e) f) g) 5. The flow capacity of all valves shall be at least 20% greater than the total compressor capacity. The high pressure pipe and air system shall be such that after one O-0. All compressed air piping shall be bright annealed. All control equipment shall be housed in a totally enclosed sheet steel cabinet conforming to relevant standards. The piping shall be laid horizontally on steel supports in RCC trenches having a slope of 1 in 500.5. The compressor MCC which is in Bidder's scope shall be as per para of this section.3 of this specification shall be fixed type and fully sectionalised and shall be equipped with load break switches. Duplicate incoming supply of 415 V. The motor contractor shall have one normally open auxiliary contact for alarm purposes. Compressor air piping in the switchyard trenches shall be laid with a slope of 1 in 1000.

3 phase 3/4 wire 50 Hz AC system.30 SPECIFICATION FOR CONTROL CABINETS: 1.1 TERMINAL CONNECTORS: All the circuit breakers shall be provided with terminal connectors suitable for Twin 0. All accessible live connections shall be adequately shrouded. Equipment and devices shall be suitable for operation on a 415 V. Connectors shall be designed to be corona free in accordance with the requirements stipulated in IS:5561. Insulated fuses pulling handle shall be supplied with each control cabinet. The wiring shall be of stranded 5. copper alloy liner of minimum thickness of 2 mm shall be cast integral with aluminium body. For bimetallic connectors. Fuses shall be provided with visible operation indicators to show that they have operated. Flexible connectors shall be made from tinned copper/ aluminium sheets.28. if CRC sheet used. 5. 5.29 5. The terminal connectors shall meet the following requirements: a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) Terminal connectors shall be manufactured and tested as per IS:5561. All castings shall be free from blow holes. cracks and activities.4 Sq. Sheet steel shall be at least 3 thick or 2 mm thick. /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch15747/66740768.11 Isolating Switches: VOID Fuses: All fuses shall be of the HRC cartridge type. 3. No part of a clamp shall be less than 10 mm thick. and it shall be possible to change fuses with the circuit live. Control cabinets shall be sheet steel enclosed and shall be dust. Control cabinets shall be of the free standing floor mounting type. surface blisters. conforming to IS:2208 and suitable for mounting on plug-in type of fuse bases.20 - . All sharp edges & corners shall be blurred and rounded off.An ammeter shall be provided on the motor feeders. All ferrous parts shall be hot dip galvanised conforming to IS:2633. The door hinges shall be of union joint type to facilitate easy removal.29. Door shall be properly braced to prevent wobbling.. 5. There shall be provision in the bottom sheet for entrance of cables from below.28. weather and vermin proof. 2. The motor control circuit shall be independent from all other control circuits.10. without danger of contact with live conductor. inch ACSR Zebra Conductor.doc . All current carrying parts shall be designed and manufactured to have minimum contact resistance. Control cabinets shall be provided with a hinged door and padlocking arrangement.

Isolating switches shall be group operated units 3-pole for use on 3-phase supply systems and 2 pole for single phase supply systems) quick make quick break type. One fuse pulling handle shall be supplied for every ten fuses or a part thereof. Reversing contactors shall be provided with electrical interlocks between forward and reverse contactors. Switch handle shall have provision for locking in both fully open and fully closed positions. If possible.doc . without exceeding the permissible temperature rise over an ambient temperature of 50 C outside the cubicle. For motors above 5 KW. A device for bypassing the door interlock shall also be provided.mm with 1100 V PVC insulation. 220V DC and shall be flush mounted on the cabinet door and provided with appropriate name plates. Push button shall be rated for not less than 6 Amps.2 p. The main contacts of the contactors shall be silver plated and the insulation class for the coils shall be class E or better. mechanical interlocks shall also be provided.5 times the full load current of the motor at 0. 3 phase 50 Hz system. Contactors shall be suitable for uninterrupted duty and shall be of duty category class AC4 as defined in IS:2959. 6.f. /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch15747/66740768. 7. Motors rated 1 KW and above being controlled from the control cabinet shall be suitable for operation on a 415 V. 8. air break. Fuses shall be HRC cartridge link type having prospective current rating of not less than 46 kA (rms).copper with minimum cross section of 2. the rated current of the associated circuit. Red. 1-phase. 415 V AC or 2 Amps. The dropout voltage of the contactors shall not exceed 70% of the rated voltage. contactors shall be direct-on-line.5 Sq. 50 Hz supply system. single throw type and shall be suitable for making and breaking the starting current of the associated motor which shall be assumed equal to 6. automatic star delta type starters shall be provided. 5. Bus bars shall be of tinned copper of adequate cross-section to carry the normal current. 4. Fractional KW motors shall be suitable for operation on a 240 V. 9. capable of breaking safely and without deterioration. The buses shall be braced to withstand forces corresponding to short circuit current of 25 kA.21 - . For motors upto 5 KW. They shall be provided with visible operation indicators to show when they have operated. 3 pole contactors shall be furnished for 3 phase motors and 2-pole contactors for single phase motors. Control cabinet door shall be interlocked with the operating handle of the switch so as to prevent opening of the door when the switch is closed. Green and Amber indicating lamps shall be flush mounted and provided with series resistors to eliminate the possibility of short circuiting of control supply in the event of fusing of lamps.

crimp type tinned copper lugs etc. Suitable brass cable glands shall be provided for cable entry. moisture and vermin proof.5 sq. 16. removable covers and breaker openings shall be gasketed all around. 20. 11. Signal lamps provided shall be of neon screw type with series resistors. Heaters shall be controlled by suitably rated double-pole miniature Circuit Breakers. Items inside the cabinet made of organic material shall be coated with a fungus resistant varnish. 14. Contactors shall be provided with a three element. Wiring for all control circuits shall be carried out with 1100/650 volts grade PVC insulated tinned copper stranded conductors of sizes not smaller than 2. The terminal blocks shall be ELMEK type or equivalent. 12. 17. 13. All terminals shall be provided with ferrules Visibly marked or numbered and these identifications shall correspond to the designations on the relevant wiring diagrams. for control cables shall be included in Bidder's scope of supply. All necessary cable terminating accessories such as glands. Hand reset button shall be flush with the front door of the cabinet and suitable for resetting with starter compartment door closed. Single phasing preventer relay shall be provided for 3 phase motors to provide positive protection against single phasing. Space heaters shall be provided inside each cabinet complete with thermostat (preferably differential type) to prevent moisture condensation.doc . positive acting. /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch15747/66740768. 19. time lagged. All louvers shall have screens and filters. 18. 20 W fluorescent light fixture and 5 amps. The terminals shall be rated for adequate capacity which shall not be less than 10 Amps. 15.10. mm atleast 10% spare terminal blocks for control wire terminations shall be provided on each panel. All doors. 3 pin socket for handlamp. Relays shall be either direct connected or CT operated depending on the rated motor current. 1 phase 50 Hz system. Cabinets shall be dust. ambient temperature compensated. Each signal lamp shall be provided with a fuse integrally mounted in the lamp body.22 - . panels. hand reset type thermal overload relay with adjustable setting. enclosed in bakelite body. 1-phase 50 Hz.. Mini starters shall be provided with no volt coils whenever required. All AC control equipment shall be suitable for operation on 240 V. Control cabinet shall be provided with 240 V.

They shall be suitably annealed to eliminate any residual stresses introduced during the process of fabrication and machining.2 ii) iii) 5. humid and tropical climate with the ambient temperature of 50 C.31. The insulation shall be given fungicidal and tropical treatment as per IS:3202. Stator: a) Stator Frame: The stator frame and all external parts of the motors shall be rigid fabricated steel or of casting. Rotors shall be properly balanced so as to keep the vibration under running condition within the limits. They shall be pressed and clamped adequately to reduce the core and teeth vibrations to minimum.23 - . c) Insulation and Winding: i) All insulated winding conductor shall be of copper. b) Stator Core: The stator lamination shall be made from suitable grade magnetic sheet steel varnished on both sides.1 MOTORS: Motors shall be "Squirrel Cage" three phase induction motors of sufficient size capable of satisfactory operation for the application and duty as required for the driven equipment. after the coils are placed in slots and all connections are made. entire motor assembly shall be impregnated by completely submerging core and winding in suitable insulating compound or varnish allowed by proper baking. 5. The winding shall be suitable for successful operation in hot.5. Any joints in the motor insulation such as at coil connections or between slot and winding section shall have strength equivalent to that of slot section of the coil.31.doc . The end rings assembly shall be such that it is free to move with expansion of the bars /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch15747/66740768.31 5. At least two additional submersions and bakes shall be applied either making a total of at least three submersions and bake treatment. The overall motor winding insulation shall be conventional class B type. For 415 Volt motors.31. Rotors of induction motors shall be of rigid core construction with bars firmly secured and solidly bonded to the end rings.3 a) b) c) Rotor: Rotors shall be adequately designed to avoid overheating during the starting and running conditions.

Greased ball and roller bearings when used shall be of reputed make subject to Purchaser's approval. lugs or other means to facilitate lifting. bearing lubrication system shall be such that no external forced oil or water is necessary to maintain the required oil supply permissible limits. All high speed rotors shall be constructed with provision of re-balancing the rotor on its site position without major disassembly. The connection of the bars to the end ring shall be made by brazing or fusion welding. Motors shall have drain plugs so located that they will drain water resulting from condensation or other causes from all pockets in the motor casing. Motors weighing more than 25 kg shall be provided with eyebolts. Unless otherwise approved. Two independent Earthing points shall be provided on opposite sides of the motor for bolted connection of Earthing conductor. Motors to be installed outdoor shall have hose proof enclosure equivalent to IP-55 as per IS:4691. 5. e) or to keep bearing temperature within c) d) For oil lubricated bearings.doc . 5. It shall also prevent dirt and water from getting into the motor. For motors to be installed indoor.000 working hours taking all motor and driven loads into account. the enclosure shall be dust proof equivalent to IP-54 as per IS:4691. Rotors shall also be designed to withstand 120% of the rated speed for 2 minutes in either direction of rotation.31.5 Enclosures: a) b) c) d) /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch15747/66740768. d) e) f) Rotors shall be so designed as to keep the combined critical speed with the driven equipment away from the running speed by at least 20%. These shall be pressure grease gun lubricated type fitted with grease nipple and shall have grease relief devices.24 - .without distortion. drain plugs shall be provided for draining any residual oil when required. Bearing shall be so constructed that the loss of grease and its creeping alongwith shaft into motor housing is prevented.31. The minimum standard life of the bearings shall not be less than 30.4 Bearings: a) b) Depending upon the capacity and loading conditions Bidder shall design suitable grease lubricated or oil lubricated bearings.

Motors shall be capable of giving rated output without reduction in expected life span when operated continuously in the system having the particulars as given in Annexure-II.doc . the Bidder shall offer centrifugal type speed switch mounted on the motor shaft which shall remain closed for speeds lower than 20% and open for speeds above 20% of the rated speed.25 - . Motors shall be capable of withstanding the electro dynamic stresses and heating imposed if it is started at a voltage of 110% of the rated value. All induction motors shall be suitable for full voltage direct-on -line starting.31.31. subject to tolerance as given in IS:325. 5.31.31. 5. The motors shall also be suitable for three equally spread starts per hour under the above referred supply condition. when started with the driven equipment imposing full starting torque under the supply voltage conditions specified under clause 5.32. These shall be capable of starting and accelerating to the rated speed alongwith the driven equipment without exceeding the acceptable winding temperature even when the supply voltage drops down to 85% of the rated voltage.8 Operational Features: a) Continuous motor rating (name plate rating) shall be at least ten (10) percent above the maximum load demand of the driven equipment at design duty point and the motor shall not be overloaded at any operating point of driven equipment that will arise in service. The speed switch shall be capable of withstanding 120% of the rated speed in either direction of rotation.9(a) above shall be capable of withstanding at least two successive starts from cold condition at room temperature and one start from hot condition without injurious heating of winding. Motors.6 Cooling Method: Motors shall be of self ventilated type having TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) enclosure.7 Rating Plate: The rating plate shall conform to the requirements of IEC incorporating the year of manufacture. The locked rotor withstand time under hot condition at 110% of rated voltage shall be more than starting time with the driven equipment at minimum permissible voltage by at least two seconds or 15% of the accelerating time whichever is greater. The locked rotor current shall not exceed six (6) times the rated full load current for all motors. b) 5. In case it is not possible to meet the above requirement.5.9 Starting Requirements: a) b) c) d) e) /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch15747/66740768.

1 The Supplier in the presence of Purchaser’s representative as stipulated in the relevant standards shall carry out all acceptance tests unless dispensed with in writing by the Purchaser. the following shall also be performed. from Govt.3 Immediately after finalisation of the programme of acceptance/routine testing. Speed curves for each breaker shall be obtained with the help of a suitable operation analyser to determine the breaker contact movement during opening. The tests shall show the speed of contacts directly at various stages of operation.2. shortest time between separation and meeting of contacts at break/make operation etc. travel of contacts.2 ACCEPTANCE AND ROUTINE TESTS: 6. 6.2. Mechanical endurance tests. closing time.0 of ISS-13118/IEC-56 shall be submitted by the successful bidder with in three month from the date of placement of Purchase Order.26 - . in respect of the following tests./ Govt. mehcanical endurance test and temperature rise test conducted at firms work in the presence of representative of any of the SEB’s/state power utilities shall also be acceptable. 6. Temperature rise test. closing.6. the Supplier shall give atleast 15 days notice to the Purchaser to enable him to depute his representative for witnessing the tests. approved test house & shall not be more than seven years old reckoned from the date of placement of order. 6.2 In addition to the mechanical and electrical tests specified by IEC. reckoned from the date of bid opening.1 TESTS: TYPE TESTS: The equipment offered should be type tested. Power frequency voltage dry & wet tests on main circuits./ Govt.3 /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch15747/66740768.2.doc . carried out in accordance with ISS-13118/IEC-56. shall be submitted along with bid: i) ii) iii) iv) v) Impulse with-stand voltage tests. However.0 6. opening time. These type test reports will also be from Govt. ADDITIONAL TESTS: The Purchaser reserves the right for carrying out any other tests of a reasonable nature at the works of the Supplier/laboratory or at any other recognised laboratory/research institute in addition to the above mentioned 6. Type test report should not be more than seven years old. The remaining type test report as per clause 6. approved test house. auto-reclosing and trip-free operation under normal as well as limiting operating conditions (control voltage. Short circuit with stand capability tests. pneumatic pressure etc.).

a) b) General outline drawings showing dimensions and shipping weights. manufacture of the equipment. The bidder shall however quote lump sum charges per breaker for the service of supervisory commissioning engineer whose services may be availed by the purchaser. quantity of insulating media. 9. acceptance and routine tests at the cost of the Purchaser to satisfy that the material complies with the intent of this specification.doc . Units. for unrestricted inspection of the supplier's works.2 /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch15747/66740768.1 INSPECTION: The Purchaser shall have access at all times to the works and all other all other places of manufacture. contacts etc.. All dimensions and data shall be in S. All drawings shall be in ink and suitable for micro filming.27 - .I.0 7. raw materials. List of Drawings and Documents: The Bidder shall furnish four sets of relevant descriptive and illustrative published literature pamphlets and the following drawings for preliminary study alongwith the offer. Sectional views showing the general constructional features of the circuit breakers including operating mechanism.4 7. if so desired. 7.2 7. arcing chambers.3 7.1 DOCUMENTATION All drawings shall conform to International Standards Organisation (ISO) 'A' series of drawing sheet/Indian Standards Specification. The Supplier shall keep the Purchaser informed in advance. The supplier shall submit their internal inspection report containing manufacturer's test certificates before offering the material for inspection. all the accessories and for conducting necessary test as detailed herein.0 9. No material shall be despatched from its point of manufacture unless the material has been satisfactorily inspected and tested. The acceptance of any quantity of equipment shall in no way relieve the Supplier of his responsibility for meeting all the requirements of this specification and shall not prevent subsequent rejection if such equipment are later found to be defective.type. shall be supplied by the successful bidder. 7. The estimated charges for such services shall be taken into account while evaluating the offer for comparison with other offers. about the manufacturing program so that arrangement can be made for inspection.0 9.5 8. where the circuit breaker are being manufactured and the supplier shall provide all facilities without extra charges.. if any. COMMISSIONING The circuit breakers and associated equipment covered in the specification are intended to be erected and commissioned departmentally for which detailed instructions and special tools.. air receiver capacity etc. considering the type and design of equipment offered. with lifting dimensions for maintenance.

6 9. The Supplier shall also furnish twenty copies of bound manuals covering erection. Structural drawing. submit 20 prints and two good quality reproducible of the approved drawings for Purchaser's use. After receipt of Purchaser's approval. The equipment shall conform in all respects to high standards of engineering.3 Schematic diagrams of breakers offered for control supervision and reclosing. The Supplier shall within 2 weeks of placement of order submit four sets of final version of all the above drawings for Purchaser's approval. Each manual shall also contain one set of all the approved drawings. Approval of drawings by the Purchaser shall not relieve the Supplier of any of his responsibility and liability for ensuring correctness and correct interpretation of the drawings for meeting the requirements of the latest revision of the applicable standards.28 - .7 The temperature v/s pressure curves for each setting monitor. Additional data to be furnished within two weeks of the placement of the order. operation and maintenance instructions and all relevant information and drawings pertaining to the main equipment as well as auxiliary devices. within three weeks.5 9.c) d) e) 9. commissioning. design. close. arc initiation. The manufacturing of the equipment shall be strictly in accordance with the approved drawings and no deviation shall be permitted without the written approval of the Purchaser. full arcing. Method of checking the healthiness of voltage distribution devices (condensers) provided across the breaks at site. a) b) c) Drawing showing contacts in extinction and open position. workmanship and latest revisions of relevant standards at the time of supply and Purchaser shall have the power to reject any material which. The Supplier shall. type test reports as well as acceptance reports of the corresponding consignment despatched. modify the drawings and resubmit four copies of the modified drawings for Purchaser's approval within one week from the date of comments.doc . Foundation drilling plan and loading data for foundation design. The Purchaser shall communicate his comments/approval on the drawings to the Supplier within four weeks. in his judgment. /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch15747/66740768. rules and codes of practices.4 9. if necessary. alongwith details of density monitor. arc of density 9. is not in full accordance therewith. design calculations and loading data for support structures. Marked erection drawings shall identify the component parts of the equipment as shipped to enable Purchaser to carryout erection with his own personnel. All manufacturing and fabrication work in connection with the equipment prior to the approval of the drawing shall be at the Supplier's risk. the Supplier shall.

The precise procedure to be adopted by maintenance personnel for handling equipment who are exposed to the products of arcing in SF6 gas. methods of disposal of circuit breaker cleaning utensils and other relevant matters.) Details on SF6 gas: i) ii) The test methods used in controlling the quality of gas used in the circuit breakers particularly purity and moisture content.d) Data on capabilities of circuit breakers in terms of time and number of operations at duties ranging from 100% fault currents to load currents of the lowest possible value without requiring any maintenance or checks. curves supported by test data indicating the opening time under close open operation with combined variation of trip coil voltage and pneumatic/hydraulic pressure. The effect of non-simultaneity between contacts within a pole or between poles and also how it is covered in the guaranteed total break time. The Bidder shall furnish alongwith the bid. Sectional view of non return couplings if used for SF6 pipes.doc . All duty requirements shall be proved with the support of adequate test reports to be furnished alongwith the bid failing which the bid is likely to be rejected. so as to ensure that they are not affected by possible irritants of the skin and respiratory system.B. Recommendations shall be furnished for suitable protective clothing. e) f) g) h) iii) i) j) k) l) m) /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch15747/66740768. Field test report in case of CB meant for Reactor switching duty. Details and type of filters used in interrupter assembly and also the operating experience with such filters (for SF6 C. Detailed literature and schematic diagrams of switching mechanism for closing resistor showing the duration of insertion shall also be furnished alongwith the calculations in respect of thermal rating of resistors for the duties. A complete catalogue on operation analyser satisfying all the requirements stipulated in this specification.29 - . Proposed tests to assess the condition of SF6 within a circuit breaker after a period of service particularly with regard to moisture contents of the gas.

R. 7.) b) Between terminal with breaker contact open (kV rms. 2. re-closing (ms) Data on restriking voltage (100% & 50% of rated capacity) a) Amplitude factor b) Phase factor c) Neutral Frequency d) R. Maximum Current which can be broken. 4.V kVolts/ micro second Dry 1-minute Power frequency withstand test voltage (kV rms) a) Between line terminal and grounded objective (kV rms. 10 .(KA) Maximum temperature rise over ambient temperature of 50 Deg. 6. 12 . .R. 11 . dead time for 3 Ph. /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch15747/66740768. Description Name of the Manufacturer Manufacturer’s type/designation Rated Voltage (kV) Maximum (continuous) service rated voltage Normal Current Rating:. a) Small inducting current (A) b) Line charging current (A) c) Cable charging current (A) d) Capacitor current (A) Rated making current (peak) (KA) Total break time in milli sec:a) At 10% rated interrupting capacity (ms) b) At rated interrupting capacity (ms) Arcing time (ms) Make time (ms) Minimum reclosing time at full rated interrupting capacity from the instant of trip coil energisation (ms) Min.(A) a) Under normal conditions as specified in ISS b) Under Site Conditions Short time current rating for 1 Sec. Breaking Capacity:a) Symmetrical current (KA) b) Symmetrical at rated service voltage (MVA) c) Asymmetrical current (KA) ii. 15 . 16 .). No 1. 5. C (Deg.doc .30 - 9. 8.ANNEXURE-A GUARANTEED TECHNICAL PARTICULARS FOR SF-6 CIRCUIT BREAKER Sr. C) i. 3. 13 . 14 .

Quantity of SF-6 (gas) to be supplied in the breaker 19 .C. BUSHING: i) Type of bushing ii) Dry 1-minute power frequency withstand test voltage (kV rms) iii) 1. /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch15747/66740768. b) Those open when breaker is closed. 32 . 31 . 29 . 27 . 25 .17.doc . 33 .C. 23 . Power required for closing coil at 220 Volt D. Type of Operating mechanism a) Opening b) Closing Control Circuit voltage Power required for trip coil at 220 Volt D. 22 . 20 . c) Those adjustable with respect to the position of main contacts. 28 .31 - . 30 . 26 . a) Those closed when breaker is closed. Quantity of SF-6 required per breaker at rated gas pressure ii. 24 . i.2/50 us impulse withstands test volt. 1. (kV rms) iv) Creepage distance (mm) Minimum clearance in air. a) Between phases (mm) b) Live parts to earth (mm) Number of poles of circuit breaker Number of breaks per phase Total length of break per phase (mm) Type of auxiliary contacts Material of auxiliary contacts Whether contacts silver-plated or not Thickness of silver plating Contact Pressure Number of auxiliary contacts provided. 21 .2/50 full wave impulse withstand test voltage a) Between line terminal & Grounded objects (kV peak) b) Between terminal with breaker contact open (kV peak) 18 .

Overall dimensions (mm) Details of mounting List of reference of similar supplies already made i. 37 . during transportation iii. Quantity of additional/spare SF-6 (gas) to be supplied in separate cylinder. 35 . Total weight of one complete breaker i. ii. impact loading for foundation design to include dead load plus impact loading on opening of rated breaking capacity. 36 .32 - . without SF-6 (gas) (KG) iii.doc . vi. with SF-6 (gas) (KG) ii. Rated pressure of SF-6 (gas) breaker (Kg/cm2) Quantity of SF-6 (gas) in cylinder (Kg) Rated pressure of SF-6 (gas) in cylinder (Kg/cm2) Weight of empty cylinder (Kg) Chemical composition of absorbent Quantity of absorbent per pole (Kg) Recommended interval for renewal of absorbent (months) /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch15747/66740768. vii.34 . iii. v. 38 . iv.

Description 245 kV 1600 Amps. 1. 40 kA short time current rating SF-6 (Gas) type circuit breakers for out door use and strictly conforming to the for going specifications HGD/S-783/R1/DGM-164 and complete with all accessories. Quantity /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch15747/66740768.ANNEXURE – ‘B’ SCHEDULE OF REQUIREMENT Sr. No.doc .33 - .