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Powerware series

Eaton 9390 UPS

40 - 160 kVA
Double conversion UPS
Premium power performance Double conversion provides the highest level of protection available by isolating the output power from all input anomalies. With a transformer-free design and sophisticated sensing and control circuitry the 9390 UPS delivers an efficiency of up to 94%. Active power factor correction (PFC) provides unbeatable 0,99 input power factor and less than 4,5 percent ITHD, thus eliminating interference with other critical equipment in the same network and enhancing compatibility with generators. The UPS is optimized for protecting modern 0,9 p.f. rated IT equipment without the need to oversize.

True reliability Patented Powerware HotSync technology makes possible to parallel up to four UPSs to increase availability or add capacity. The technology enables load sharing without any communication line, thus eliminating single point of failure. ABM technology charges batteries only when necessary, preventing batteries corrosion and prolonging batteries service life by up to 50%. Increased overall reliability of the UPS due to the high level of efficiency.

Advanced power protection for: Data centers Financial services Building management Telecommunications Industrial automation equipment Healthcare

Extensive configurability The 9390 offers small footprint compared to competitive UPS offerings. Cabling can enter the UPS from either the top or bottom of the cabinet to provide easier and flexible installation. A multilingual graphical LCD display makes possible to monitor the UPS status easily. Wide software and connectivity options provide monitoring, management and shutdown capabilities over the network. Connectivity options are available to suit nearly any communication requirements, from standard serial communications to secure remote monitoring over the Web.

Cost savings and sustainability High level of system efficiency leads to utility cost saving, extension of battery run times and cooler operating conditions within the UPS, which extends the life of components. As the compact 9390 can be installed against back and side walls, customers have more location options, installation is faster and easier, deployment costs are lower and more valuable data centre space can we saved for future needs. A single technical platform used in Eatons three-phase UPS products guarantee easy upgrades, similarity or service trainings and documentation, thus lowering total cost of ownership. A range of service agreement options can be easily customized for customers needs and budget. Eaton uses sustainable materials and highly efficient manufacturing technology, thus generating dramatic savings in carbon footprint as compared to competitive UPS systems.

Eaton 9390 UPS 40-160 kVA

Technical specificaTions UPS output power rating (0,9 p.f.) kVA kW 40 36 60 54 80 72 94% 92,5% up to 99% 6 yes transformer-free IGBT with PWM <65 dB 1000 m without derating (max 2000 m) 3 ph + N + PE 220/380, 230/400, 240/415 V 50/60 Hz 15, +20% from nominal at 100% load, -30%, +20% from nominal at 50% load 45-65 Hz 0,99 less than 4,5% Yes 100 90 120 108 160 144 Output UTHD Output power factor <3% (100% linear load); <5% (standard non linear load) 0,9 (e.g. 72 kW at 80 kVA)

General Efficiency in double conversion mode (full load) Efficiency in double conversion mode (half load) Efficiency in Energy Saver Mode (ESM) Distributed parallelling with Hot Sync technology Field upgradeable Inverter/rectifier topology Audible noise Altitude (max) Input Input wiring Nominal voltage rating (configurable) Input voltage range Input frequency range Input power factor Input ITHD Soft start capability Output Output wiring Nominal voltage rating (configurable) Standard UPS Part number 1028510 1028511 1028512 1028513 1028514 1028515 1028516

Permitted load power factor 0,7 lagging - 0,8 leading 10 min 100-110%; 30 sec 110-125%; Overload on inverter 10 sec 125-150%; 300 ms >150% Continuous 100-110%, 10 min 110-150%, 5 ms Overload when bypass 1000% Note! Nypass fuses may limit theoveravailable load capability Battery Type Charging method Temperature compensation Battery nominal voltage (lead-acid) Charging current / Model Default A Max* A Maintenance free VRLA batteries, NiCD ABM technology or Float Optional 480 V (40 x 12 V, 240 cells) 40 60 80 100 120 10 20 20 30 30 20 40 40 60 60 160 40 80

*May be limited by maximum UPS input current rating

Accessories External battery cabinets with long-life batteries, X-Slot connectivity (Web/ SNMP, ModBus/Jbus, Relay, Hot Sync, ViewUPS-X remote display), Hot Sync parallel tie cabinet, integrated manual bypass up to 80 kVA, external maintenance bypass switch Communications X-Slot Serial ports Relay inputs/outputs Compliance with standards Safety (CB certified) EMC Performance IEC 62040-1, IEC 60950-1 IEC 62040-2 IEC 62040-3 4 communication bays 1 available 5/1 programmable

Internal backfeed protection Yes 3 ph + N + PE 220/380, 230/400, 240/415 V 50/60 Hz

Description 9390-40-N-4xO 9390-60-U-4xO 9390-80-N-4xO 9390-100-U-4xO 9390-120-N-4xO 9390-120-U-4xO 9390-160-N-4xO

Rating 40 kVA / 36 kW 60 kVA / 54 kW 80 kVA / 72 kW 100 kVA / 90 kW 120 kVA / 108 kW 120 kVA / 108 kW 160 kVA / 144 kW 38 Ah 200 W 205 W 280 W 500 W 280 W 330 W 500 W 200 W 280 W 330 W 390 W 500 W 500 W 500 W

Dimensions (HxWxD) 1879x519x808 mm 1879x519x808 mm 1879x519x804 mm 1879x944x804 mm 1879x944x804 mm 1879x944x804 mm 1879x944x804 mm 1877x575x773 mm 1877x575x773 mm 1879x1125x808 mm 1879x1125x808 mm 1879x1125x808 mm 1879x1125x808 mm 1879x1125x808 mm 1879x1125x808 mm 1714x566x1246 mm 1726x690x1246 mm 1726x690x1546 mm 1729x690x1546 mm 1789x690x1546 mm 1714x866x1856 mm 1789x690x3666 mm

Weight 257 kg 313 kg 313 kg 430 kg 430 kg 530 kg 530 kg 700 kg 1176 kg 1270 kg 1430 kg 1444 kg 1625 kg 2188 kg 2188 kg 985 kg 1228 kg 1431 kg 1587 kg 1995 kg 3879 kg 5865 kg

Standard external battery 1025570 9390-BAT10-S-40x38Ah (250A) 1025572 9390-BAT10-S-200 (250A) 1026327 9390-BAT10-S-205 (250A) 1025467 9390-BAT10-280 (250A) 1025468 9390-BAT10-500 (250A) 1025469 9390-BAT10-280 (400A) 1025470 9390-BAT10-330 (400A) 1025471 9390-BAT10-500 (400A) Battery racks 1026273 9390-RACK10-1x40x200W 1026274 9390-RACK10-1x40x280W 1026275 9390-RACK10-1x40x330W 1026276 9390-RACK10-1x40x390W 1026277 9390-RACK10-1x40x500W 1026278 9390-RACK10-2x40x500W 1026279 9390-RACK10-3x40x500W See runtime from the runtime specification Standard accessories 1021887 External Bypass Switch 60-80kVA (wall-mount) 1021888 External Bypass Switch 120 kVA (wall-mount) 1024626 External Bypass Switch 160 kVA (wall-mount) 1025476 1023540 1024687 1024506 SPM-60-2 SPM-80-4 9390 Tie Cabinet 3x120 kVA 9390 Tie Cabinet 3x160 kVA

wall wall wall wall floor floor floor

840x380x130 mm 1040x560x130 mm 1040x560x130 mm 700x500x250 mm 1530x520x788 mm 1879x519x808 mm 1879x519x808 mm

17 kg 25 kg 25 kg 50 kg 230 kg 217 kg 217 kg

In the interests of continuous product improvement all specifications are subject to change without notice.

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