Silent Hill: The Room | Walkthrough

By Hussain Alhaddad

Note: this Walkthrough was written while playing on the Normal difficulty. If you are playing on the Easy or Hard difficulty, you may find that certain things are missing, or added, including enemies, items, and etcetera. Regardless, the key strategies and noteworthy items in the Walkthrough apply to all of the difficulties. Enjoy. The Room After the opening sequence, explore the room that you're in. Notice the pictures on the wall are from the lovely resort town of Silent Hill, and take note of the scrap book on the table. When you're ready, leave the room and take note of the white static. Nice trick, Konami. Explore the room as much as you'd like, taking in the stove, hallway, television, refrigerator, stereo system, and any paintings or pictures you see on the wall. Now, examine the face that is trapped inside of the wall. After this, head towards the hall to activate the movie sequence.

Upon waking up after the credits have rolled, the telephone will instantly be of interest. It is still not working, but somehow, it rings. This is only the beginning. Now, explore the real room. Check out the comments regarding the pictures on the wall, and look out the window. Every day life goes on while you are locked up. Creepy. As you check out every picture, it seems that ol' Henry is a Silent Hill nut. Head into the living room, and take note of the item chest. Check out the book in between the wall and the shelf. The Save Point is the orange book on the end table, so take note of it.

Check out the refrigerator to grab some Chocolate Milk and a Wine Bottle. Step away from the fridge and go to the locked door. Watch the cut-scene, and ponder how anyone could get inside someone's house, locked them in from the inside, and vanish. After you get done with stalking the next-door neighbor, Eileen,

you will hear a large bang coming from the bathroom. Grab the note from underneath the door, and enter the bathroom. You will find a huge hole inside the bathroom. Take the Steel Pipe and go through it.

Crawl through the tunnel. After this, watch the cut-scene. Upon reaching the bottom of the escalator, equip a weapon. The Steel Pipe is very weak, but you can pull off combos with it, while the Wine Bottle is just as useless until after it is broken (ten strikes). Choose the Steel Pipe, and run down the hall to the person standing around. Watch the cut-scene.

Begin running down the hall, and you will spot the first enemy in the game: Male Sniffer Dogs. The Sniffers are easy to kill, as per usual with the dog-type enemies in the series, but since we have a new combat system to get the hang of, you might want to try killing them now. Cynthia will have gotten away, and you can dodge them by running around them, as well, since they are distracted. However, for the sake of killing stuff, let's try fighting them. Group them together and give them a wound-up whack across the head. This should prove to be an effective killing method. If they get loose from one another, be sure to keep moving to avoid them. Focus on them individually rather than worrying about what the other will do while your attention is on the other.

After the doggies have bitten the dust, you can check out the restrooms. Inside of the ladies room is a huge hole, leading to your apartment. You don't have to go back right now, but if you choose to, you will notice that something has changed in Henry's apartment: there is now a message, a Pistol, and a hole behind Henry's desk. You can use the hole to spy in on Eileen as she cleans house. Kinky. Notice the bunny on the bed, if you're a fan of the series, you should recognize it. Run to the bedroom and answer the phone. It sounds like Cynthia. Head back to the bathroom, and enter the hole.

Take the Lynch Street Line Coin from the mannequin. Creepy. Afterwards, exit the room and head left. Inside of this room is a lone Sniffer that wants to play. Run up to it once it turns it's back to you, and give it a good, fierce whack. Evade the attacks of the puppy and keep swinging after he misses. Head further down and shoot some Sniffers to collect more bullets for that Pistol. We recommend taking out a few with the pistol, and taking down the rest with the steel pipe. After you collect the Pistol Bullets, break the Wine Bottle over the huge worm. The Broken Wine Bottle is more useful than the Wine Bottle, anyway. Use the Lynch Street Line Coin at the turnstile and enter. Head down the stairs and watch the cut-scene.

This is the first time that we encounter Ghosts. These ghosts are victims—-but we can't really tell you more than that. Because of this, they will be numbered. Inside of this area will be a few of them. You cannot kill these enemies at the moment, so you must run from them. The one on the right is the toughest, so just head down to the next area. Keep in mind that ghosts will damage you just by getting near them, as they literally have a dangerous aura surrounding them. After leaving the room, you will be on the Lynch Street Line Platform. Take note that Cynthia is trapped inside of the train car.

Head left from here and run all the way down to where the red light illuminates the side of the train car. Enter the door here, and push the button to open all of the other doors. Now, head down to where Cynthia is. Two Ghosts are following her, so dash past them and head to the open exit on the north end. Cynthia will follow, so don't worry. Once inside, head straight (right) into a long hall area and head south (up) to the open area to the left, so we can pass through the blocked section. You will spot a toy box here that you can't open just yet, so don't bother.

Go through one car, and once inside of the car after that, head into the hall to the right. After you've reached the next train, begin heading north on the map (south on screen) through the car door. Head through the long hall and down to reach the next car. Inside of this car are some ghastly Ghosts, as well as an open doorway. Head through it, and run up the stairs. A Ghost will begin crawling out of the wall, so quickly grab some Pistol Bullets and head back down. After this, head into the room that is at the far end of the hall, away from the stairs. After ending, you realize that Cynthia has been left behind.

You can crawl through the hole in the wall if you'd like to heal up and/or save your progress. Head down the ladder to the maintenance shaft, and hitch a ride on the other ladder. Take the Pistol Bullets here, and unlock the door just in case we visit this place again later. Nudge, wink. Go back to where you were and head over the boards in the center of the room. Follow this path before the Ghost arrives, and go down the stairs and through the door. On the other end is a Sniffer, which you can take out with the Pistol.

After this, as well as Cynthia's commentary, head for the escalator at the end of the walkway. Quite a few Sniffers will dash out of the train car as you walk by, so beware. Grab the Nutrition Drink at the bottom of the escalator and quickly hop on. You will meet up with a new type of enemy, the Wall Man. These guys appear out of the wall and will swipe at you at you go up and down. Time yourself well and run through them. If you need to stun them, try putting a few bullets into them before dashing your way to the top.

Once you arrive at the top of the area, you will be in a not-so-scary room. Regardless, it's still pretty dangerous, because you can head north through the doorway and collect some Pistol Bullets at the cost of fending off a Ghost. Is it worth the risk? That is up to you. Afterwards, head up the stairway that you saw upon entering this area, and you will soon notice that Cynthia's items are all over the ground. Quickly take off the Temptation Placard off of the door to the station office, and enter for a cut-scene. Have a pen and paper ready to jot down the number on Cynthia's necklace.

You will awaken inside of your apartment once again. Watch the cut-scene, and take notice to the letter that has been slipped underneath your door. Also take note of the whole "numbers carved into her chest" conversation. Check out your peephole to see some guy sweeping. Look in on Eileen, and throw some things into your inventory box, including the Lynch Street Line Coin, the Temptation Placard, and either of the melee weapons (the choice is yours, whichever you use less can be put inside of here). Save your game, and enter the hole...

After experiencing the twists and turns upon entering the hole, you will soon realize that your destination is entirely different than what you'd expect. You are now in the Forest World. Run forward and you will notice a gate. Take note of the stones to the left. Now go through the gate. You will notice a portal to the room. Go through it, and check out the peephole for a scene with Eileen and Richard Braintree, your other neighbor. They cannot hear you, which is pretty disturbing. Enter the hole after watching this.

Enter into the next room and you will fight a few type of monster: the Hummer. These little things are like humming birds with bat bodies, and look pretty damn creepy. With so many Hummers around, it's easier to kill them all together with a wound up pipe shot. The choice is yours, as the Broken Wine Bottle is faster than the pipe, anyway. Stomp on all of them after they hit the ground. Grab the Pistol Bullets in the corner of the room, and exit through the doorway.

As soon as you enter the room, begin winding that steel pipe up and wait for the three Hummers to swoop down at you. Take a home run swing to crack all three to the concrete, and squash them for the kill. There are three more further in, so run around in circles in the main room, and whack them down after they have gathered 'round. Head down the ramp and out of the gate. Run over to the car and check the driver's seat to learn about Jasper Gein, a possible relative of beloved cannibal Ed Gein. Check out the note in the seat.

Head through the gate after you check the car. Walk over to meet Mr. Jasper Gein, in the flesh. He will stutter something about a sacred stone and a religious cult that uses it up ahead. There is a Nutrition Drink beside the fence with the candles, hidden away from view. Head through the gate and get prepared to dance with a Male Sniffer. You can just use the pipe here. Two more Sniffers will soon follow, however, just bust out the Pistol and give them some bullets for teeth.

There is a booby trap set up in the center of the walkway, so be careful if you chose to run from the puppy dogs. Run to the gate and walk through. On the other side is an angry Sniffer, so snuff'em with your Pistol in the face before he gets onto your case. There's a trio of Hummers in one of the trees to the left, so stray from it, as you don't want to wake them for no apparent reason. Quickly run down to the Wish House doors, ignoring the other two Sniffers and quickly read the text on the door. Enter the door immediately afterwards.

You will notice a hole to your right immediately after walking into the courtyard. Go through it, as those battles likely wore you out. Save your game, and head back to the hole. Check your map and head through the northwest exit. This is optional, meaning you do not have to go here. Skip to the next paragraph if you choose to skip this area, but your reward is a nice Portable Medical Kit, which will heal lots of health points for the tougher worlds later in the game. Optional Task: Obtaining the Portable Medical Kit There are a few Hummers in this first room; however, you can simply run right through them and into the next door. You can browse through all of the equipment here, but watch out for the five Hummers near the doorway. You can fight these things or run from them, although we suggest just running through the doorway. In the final room, you will find the Portable Medical Kit near the left side. Examine the lake to finally realize where you're at: you're on the outskirts of Silent Hill, in case it hadn't dawned on you before. Backtrack to the save hole and put the Portable Medical Kit in your inventory chest.

With the optional part out of the way, you will have two options for which road to take. We wholly suggest taking the southwest path, as you will only face one Ghost instead of several Female Sniffers, and since you run from Ghosts anyway, it only seems natural. Once inside, simply right straight through to the next gate, and walk inside. We will have a floating friend that wants a hug coming straight for us, so run off to the left side to avoid him. Open the door, and confront the frightened-looking little boy. After Jasper scares the kid off, check the coffin that is dug up for a number.

There is a hole on the other side where the Ghost was, if you'd like to save your progress. You will meet with Jasper back at the Wish House, and he goes on about how much he is thirsty and how he needs some chocolatey goodness to carry on. He will give you a key item in return for your Chocolate Milk. You will obtain the Blood-Inscribed Spade on the ground. With this out of the way, head through that deadly southeast door that we spoke of a little while ago.

Of course, this is the more dangerous of the two choices, but it has a few rewards all its own. Upon entering, sneak up on the Sniffer to the left and take it out with the steel pipe. Quickly kill off the Hummer with the pipe and a boot, and pull out the Pistol to relief yourself of the two Male Sniffers and the lone (very deadly) Female Sniffer. Of course, if this is too much to handle, you can always just dash for the door.

In the next room, you will find that there is nothing rousing about. Head into the room after this, and take note of the roots that are shaped like hands. Very creepy, and it's also where the Blood-Inscribed Spade digs. You will retrieve a Blood Rusted Key from the soil. Head through the doorway and up the stairs. Grab the 6-Iron Club from the ground, and ignore the Ghost as you dart for the hole home. Throw the Blood Rusted Key into the Inventory Chest so that you may return to the Wish House courtyard. After you head back, take the key back out from the hole to Room 302 and use it on the Wish House door.

After you've used the Blood Rusted Key on the Wish House's front door, enter it. Once inside, check the note on the ground near the cabinet for an easter egg regarding Alessa. Speak with that weirdo Jasper, and check the torn note near the door, amidst all of the rubbish on the ground. After this, follow Jasper into the room after you have taken the Source Placard from the door. Watch the disturbing cut-scene, and jot down the number.

You awaken to the sound of a television report on the burnt victim from an orphanage from Silent Hill. Gee, wonder who did it? After this, go check the door. You will notice that there is a new bloody handprint behind Frank Sunderland, the superintendent of the apartment building. It's safe to presume that it is Jasper's, much like the last's was Cynthia's. If you'd like to know more about the Sunderland clan, check the picture over the couch for a startling revelation. After this is over, drop off a few items, including the Source Placard. Save your progress, and get ready to visit the third world through the venturous hole... You will wake up to the screams of someone begging for help. Begin walking around the circular area in a clockwise rotation, and open the second door on the right. Grab the Pistol Bullets and read the note on the wall. Exit the room, and travel clockwise to find the Exploration Memo lying on the ground. Read it, and carry on. You will find that man that was screaming for help just a moment ago. You can explore the other unlocked rooms to find a noose along with a suicide note, and a new type of enemy: the Toadstools. These things can be easily avoided. Head for the south most door and enter.

Once inside, grab the Guard's Diary next to the hole. Refrain from traveling home unless you'd really like to save, as we have more exploring to do. Head through the western door and you will notice a ladder. The ladder and the stairs ahead both lead to the same area, and there are some angry Wall Men if you choose the stairs, so do yourself a favor and go down the ladder. Upon descending, you will want to travel down the spiral stairs. There's a Saint Medallion along the way, which will protect you from Ghosts whenever you decide to use it (although we suggest saving all of your Ghosts items for later in the game). Despite the horrific sounds, this hall is safe.

Once you've arrived at floor B2, go through the door and equip that 6-Iron or whatever melee weapon you've brought along, because you might have to kill off around a dozen Hummers, if you happen to aggravate them. Grab the Water Prison Exit Key from the book holder to the immediate right, and read the instructions. Afterwards, carry on and enter the hole in this room to return to room 302. Head to your front door and read the April 4th entry into the Red Diary that has been slipped underneath it. This is a fairly big key to the plot, so get prepared to absorb it in.

When you try to turn the power on the television off, it will stay on. Very, very creepy. You can spy in on Eileen, if you'd like, or watch Frank bicker with a tenant. Sometimes you'll spot Eileen swatting flies away or something like that... Enter the hole after you clear out your inventory space by throwing the Saint Medallion and some ammo in the trunk, then head back up to 1F via the ladders. Use the Water Prison Exit Key on the east door in this door, and proceed through the door. You will be on the outer rim of the building, with another option: stairs, or ladders. Choose the ladders, as you won't have to fight the Hummers that lurk here, and you won't miss any items, either.

You don't have to stop off at the double doors, since there's nothing inside except Tremers, a new type of enemy that is very pesky. They don't do much damage, but if you accidentally step on them or get too close to the wall, you will take damage. Go through the double doors at the very top and walk around to the opposite side of the locked door. Turn the valve here, and head out of the door and down one ladder to reach the double doors to the third floor. Enter at your own risk...

Upon entering the third floor, you will meet with Billy and Miriam Locane, otherwise known as the Twin Victims. This is the scary, two-headed baby enemy that you've likely been dreading/excited to see. Equip the Pistol and begin walking clockwise. They are hard to spot, due to the room being circular and all. There's a bunch of Tremers here that will take your aim off of the Twin Victims. The scariest part about those things is the way they stay in that same position before they attack... Eek.

On the map, around the "1 O'clock" region of the circular area you will find a box of Pistol Bullets inside a room with two Wall Men. In one of the next few rooms is a bunch of Toadstools surrounding a Prisoner Diary on the table on the left. You can't have your pudding if you do not eat your meat! Collect it, and after you've entered all of the rooms, you will realize that there are three different holes that you can drop in to. Drop into the "8 O'clock" region several times until you reach the basement level.

Upon reaching the basement level, you will be inside of the shower room. Also bathing with you today are two hot twins! Sadly, it's the Twin Victims. There are two pairs of Twin Victims in this room, so this will become quite frantic very quickly. If you'd prefer to just run away, the door is to the left and will need to be unlocked first. If you will stay to fight them, quickly pump six bullets into each of them and smash their bodies down with your shoe. Exit the door, and climb up the ladder to the surveillance room.

Once you're up here, read the 1F Surveillance Room Report, which is awfully disturbing but full of information that we can use to our advantage. Head up the ladder and read the next report. Go up the next ladder to reach the third floor, and read the final memo on the wall. Move the valve one turn towards the right. This will free the prisoner, whose name is Andrew DeSalvo, down below. Now, we will have to return all the way below and watch the cut-scene, which explains a lot of the nonsense with that little boy.

After the cut-scene, it will start raining Toadstools. Use your Steel Pipe to play whack-a-mole, and exit through the unlocked door. Head up the ladders all the way to the third floor, and go through the "4 O'clock" door. Jump in the hole, and grab the Stun Gun on the table. Classy. This is optional, but with IGN Guides, we make games easier, and packing a deadly Stun Gun around will certainly make things much easier. Drop all the way down and exit through the now-unlocked door. Head back up the ladder to the surveillance room.

On the second floor, turn the valve left or right four times (x4). With this done, head upstairs to the third floor and turn the valve to the right once (if you have the Stun Gun). If you do not have the Stun Gun, turn the valve to the right twice. With this out of the way, head down once again and all the way up to the third floor. Head to the "1 O'clock" region and enter the door. Drop all the way down to reach this kitchen that we've heard so much of. Take the Watchfulness Placard and enter the code 0302.

With Andrew DeSalvo's murder being the third that we have witnessed thus far, and with surviving one of the most disturbing areas in the game (or series, depending on how you see things), head into the bathroom for another grim discovery. Exit the bathroom and head to the door to read the Red Diary entry, and look out the peephole for a very disturbing conversation between Eileen and Frank. Frank will slip a blood covered note under your door, so read it. Afterwards, drop off anything you don't need in your inventory box and save your game before jumping into the next hole... You will awaken in a dank alleyway that is well-lit. You will quickly notice a hole leading back to the apartment. Don't be afraid to start walking down the alleyway, as nothing is here to attack you. After you head down the stairs, you will encounter a new type of enemy: the Gum Head. These cackling fools are humanoid creatures that stand on two feet, but walk very awkwardly when approached. They will quickly get on all fours and leap at you when approached too close. Otherwise, they will likely just wait for you to make the first move. Equip the Stun Gun and blast him with it. Stomp on him for the kill after the attack. Simple, eh?

After you walk down the next set of stairs, watch the cut-scene with Richard Braintree, your neighbor. Afterwards, two Gum Heads will appear and want to duel. Quickly draw the Stun Gun and lay it on'em. Walk inside of the building, and you will soon notice the growls of something inside of that room. Walk into the room and check out the birthday bash! There's a Ghost of a bartender (Eric Walsh) that is being held down by one of the five Swords Of Obedience. If you take it, the Ghost will rise up and fight you. If you leave it here, it will remain here forever. The choice is yours, but we suggest you don't. If you do, immediately run out of the building and down the catwalks to B5, and run behind the stairway to find the door.

Sadly, there's a Ghost inside of here. Head left very quickly and take the Pistol Bullets from the shelf. Enter the next room, which is a Sporting Goods shop. Take the 5-Iron from the ground, and check out the Aluminum Bat on the opposite side of the room. The 5-Iron packs quite a punch, but it can also break. The Aluminum Bat, however, is one of the nicest melee weapons yet. Think of it as a much more powerful version of the Steel Pipe. There's a hole in this room, as well, so shoot straight in for a few more Room 302 surprises...

It sounds like someone is at the door, so run to the peephole. Nobody's there, but look at the cryptic message on the wall with the bloody handprints. Check on Eileen, but all seems to be normal. In fact, it looks like she's watching a horror flick. Suddenly, she runs away. Weird... Look out your window to find the building that you're inside in the Building World. It hits close to home. If you stare at your window (not out of it), you might spot a head floating towards the top. Okay, that was weirder. Drop off the Steel Pipe and 5-Iron for now, and travel back through the hole.

Go out of the unlocked door to the bloody catwalk and go down several flights of stairs to reach floor B7. Enter the door to reach the Pet Shop. There are two Sniffers to the left, so equip the Aluminum Bat and take them out individually. If they team up, blast one away with the Pistol and beat the other to death. There's a third Sniffer on the opposite side of the entrance, so hit a home run against its head. Five Hummers will appear and try to screw up your targeting, so whack them and run. Grab the Albert's Sports Key from the shelf where the two Sniffers were. If you go through the other door, you'll be in a ghastly catwalk area with a Ghost that leads to a creepy room with an upside-down clock hanging, but it's useless for now, so head back to the sporting goods store.

Unlock the door with the key, and head home in case you need some healing. Head through the door, and get prepared to face some regular Gum Heads and a couple of New Type Gum Heads. The Old Types can be killed with the Stun Gun, and the New Types will present a whole lot of trouble. One will jump you from behind near the top, so get prepared. It will make a deep roaring sound and leap behind you several times. They do not have as much of a pattern as their Old Type counterparts. When you reach the bottom, two Gum Heads (1 New, 1 Old) will attack. Ignore them and head straight for the hall on the side of the building.

Enter the elevator and watch the cut-scene. Once you land, you can go to the elevator pad and press the top bottom to return to the floor that you were on. Exit the opposite door on the key pad, and get prepared to run like hell all the way to the end. You will find a Spade and a Sword Of Obedience. Wow, nice. The Spade is a lot like the Aluminum Bat in power, but it takes longer to charge and has a better range. The choice of which to use is yours, but keep in mind that the Spade has a uber powerful downward strike attack, as well. Run back, through the Ghost, and into the elevator. Return all the way to the bottom at B12.

Go through the elevator door and collect the Pistol Bullets next to the gate. Head back into the elevator and go down the ladder. Once down here, grab the Nutrition Drink next to the destroyed pillar. The hardest room in the game thus far is up ahead, as you must fight three Female Sniffers, and SEVEN Gum Heads. Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Whack the Whitestools, which are pretty much identical to Toadstools, and head up the ladder. For this, you must try to take them on individually with the Aluminum Bat. The first Gum Head is an easy target, but the Female Sniffers will all come towards you in a pack. Equip the Pistol and kill the Sniffers.

Continue down the hall and equip the Stun Gun. Zap the Gum Head at the end of the hall as it comes towards you and foot stomp it for the kill. Enter the next hall, and two Gum Heads will immediately attack you. The Stun Gun is the best option here, as right after you've killed the two that are attacking you; you will face two more just a few steps away. Since the Gum Heads go down in one zap of the Stun Gun, it's the obvious choice. Finally, one last Gum Head guards the doorway, and he's packing a one-of-a-kind Pitching Wedge! Zap him and steal it from his dead body.

Enter the door, and head down the stairs and through the next door. Once again, head down more stairs and you will be on floor B15, which is our destination. The door at the end of the room leads to the bar, where you should read the Bartender's Memo on the counter and take the Rusty Axe. Travel back to the apartment and look out the window to find the number on that billboard, which is 3750. Throw some weapons in the storage bin, and travel back. Enter the 3750 on the key pad and go through.

After you've entered the door, you will need to travel all the way to the top floor. Walk forward and watch the cut-scene. Whoa, vertigo. There will be a Ghost that nags you (if you set the bartender free back if/when you pulled the Sword Of Obedience out of his chest, there will be two Ghosts instead of you) as you travel up all the way to the top. At the top, read the note on the door. Steal the Chaos Placard from the door and enter for the cut-scene.

Upon waking up, look out your bedroom window to see a man pointing his finger to Eileen's apartment. Weird. Exit the room and you will hear a police officer's chatterbox going off, so listen in. Look out the peephole to find another bloody handprint, as well as Frank pacing back and forth near your door. Look into Eileen's room to see that she is finally dressed up for her party. Interesting. Take a Sword Of Obedience with you. The next World may seem a bit shocking... Alas, in we go, John Malkovich. Interesting... It seems as if you're in your own apartment this time. Watch the cut-scene at room 303, and if you're fast enough, you'll catch a glimpse of that little boy knocking on your door, and another piece of the Red Diary sticking underneath it. It seems as if the little boy has been sticking these under your door. Now, follow the man through the door. Speak with him, and he will give you the Shabby Doll. NOTE: You might not want to accept the Shabby Doll, as it will help give you a negative ending at the completion of the game, and it will haunt you in your apartment. Go back into the 3F lobby and go to Room 301. Enter the door.

Read Mike's Diary on the table and take the Red Paper from the table, as well. Go further into Mike's pad to find the Teaching Despair: "Wish House" document. This document originally appeared in Silent Hill 3, although you likely forgot the mention of the "round concrete tower" part, or just misplaced it as babble on something that would never come up in the series again. The author is someone that will play a key part in the story. Check out those porno mags! Call eBay. Take a look at the pictures on the wall, as well, for more previous Silent Hill references. Take the Locker Key #106 and the Superintendent's Key. This will trigger a Ghost to come out.

Beat the Ghost down with the Aluminum Bat (or whichever melee weapon) stab her with the Sword Of Obedience. Head back to your room now, and read that note (Red Diary May 2nd) underneath the door for a huge revelation. You might've heard a noise, so go into your laundry room to investigate. Ouch. Oh well, you're only wearing the same outfit anyway. You can check on Eileen, who is her ol' usual self. Now, head back through the hole and place the Red Paper under your Apartment World door. With these keys in-hand, run all the way to the first floor and open the locker by using the Locker Key #106 to find stalking letters to Rachael from Mike, the porn freak. Weirdo. Just what was he doing with her locker key, anyway? Do we want to know?

As you enter the east wing first floor lobby, you will see a hungry Sniffer coming around the corner. Equip your melee weapon of choice and bang the hell out of its head. Travel through the hall to find another Sniffer that can easily be disposed of. Thankfully, they are both Males. There's nothing in this hall yet, but at least you cleared it out for in the future. Exit and head over to the west wing of the first floor. Use the Superintendent's Key on Room 105 and enter the room. You will find a set of Apartment Keys containing keys to every room except 303, and a Red Page and a Torn Red Page.

There is also the Superintendent's Diary in the bedroom, explaining some extremely creepy things. Background checks before you rent, people. Leave the room after this and head to room 106, where this "Rachael" lives. You can find a Portable Medical Kit on her bed. You can dial the number, which leads to room 202, but you will wake up a very nasty Ghost in the process. Alas, if you'd like to know more about her real lover as opposed to her stalker, here's the chance. The walkthrough will continue along as if you did. Run like hell to the main room!

Head upstairs to the second floor to trace the call to room 202. Inside of here is a bunch of portraits of nearly every resident in the South Ashfield Apartments. Examine the ones in the hall for some very disturbingly revelations. Inside of 203, you can find a can of Bug Spray, which only does real damage to Hummers. Head up to Room 302 and throw those red papers under your door, and carry on down to the first floor again. Head into the hall with the dead Sniffers, and go into room 102. Stomp on all of the Tremers surrounding the refrigerator and check it to find a dead cat and a Torn Red Page. Poor kitty. Leave the room, and head to Room 101 where you can find a box of Pistol Bullets. Dodge the Ghost and read the note in the bedroom for more on the poor cat.

Head down to the first floor and into the hole. Drop off any items you don't need in your inventory box at the apartment (should be safe dropping a bunch of bullets there and such). While you heal up, look at the portraits on the wall and the end tables for more info, and a reference to the classic Hitchcock suspense thriller, Rear Window. Now, head up to the second floor and enter the west wing. You can find three Sniffers (2 Female, 1 Male) in this hall, so get prepared to shoot the females with the Pistol and break the other's skull with your melee weapon. Head into room 205 to find the "Skinned Mike" Cassette on the table. Okay, this is creepy. You can listen to it inside of your room, via the stereo you have. Exit the room.

206 offers nothing but Sniffers, so avoid it and go into Richard's room (#207). Inside of Richard's room, a specter is peering out the window, but as you approach it, it will disappear. Look out the window to see Eileen's room. Grab Richard's Revolver on the chair, and he also has a Putter in his bedroom. Head up to Room 302 and place the torn red page at the bottom of the door. From here, go retrieve your Sword Of Obedience from the Ghost in Mike's apartment, and go through the hole.

Read all of the notes that you have placed under your door. The torn notes hint that the Doll Key is located underneath your bed, so go check there to find it. Go back through the hole and dodge the Ghost. There's a box of Pistol Bullets inside of room 304, if you'd like to grab those before entering room 303, which ends the stage.

You awaken inside of your room once again. Run over to the hole in the wall and look in to see a very eerie sight. Look out the windows to see the ambulances parked. Peer inside Eileen's room to overhear the cops talking about the case. Take the Succubus Talisman from your door, as well as the Red Diary entry. Take note of the indentation in the wall where the face was during the opening movie sequence. Spooky. The hole in the bathroom is now blocked, so you will have to go to the laundry room to find a demon's face inside of your wall. Place the Succubus Talisman over it and insert all of the Placards that you have found into the corresponding slots. Jump right in for one of the traditional Silent Hill areas that always manages to make you wet your pants...

At the start of this world, equip your melee weapon and take out all of the Hummers in this area. After this, enter the room in front of where you start to find the Paper-Cutting Knife. This weapon is terrible, so only collect it if you really want all of the weapons. Walk into the room connecting to this one and examine to xray board. Afterwards, read the Nurse's Memo on the table. Exit the room, and go into the room on the left to find a hole in the wall. Don't take it just yet, however, just enter so you know where it is on the map. Walk towards the object on the ground after killing that other Hummer to find Eileen's Bag. You do not have to take this yet, as we'll be coming here a few more times and you may need inventory space, but we suggest you grab it anyway.

Go into the room on the immediate left to pick up the Portable Medical Kit and check out the desk for a clue as to why you're here, besides the obvious. Equip the Pistol and exit the door. Enter the door directly across from it and you will meet the Patients. These chicks are quite foxy, with their "we don't have stomachs" appeal. They are also very deadly in groups, as they attack in combos that set you up for

additional beatings. All of this is not for loss, however, as a very rare Ampoule can be found at the end of the room. There are only two of these things in the game, so definitely save it for later.

Enter the only room that we have yet to visit or seen in a cut-scene, which is to the left after exiting the Patient room. Inside of here is a Nutrition Drink. Now, go back through the hole to your room. Drop off all of the medical supplies, and re-enter the Hospital World. On the southeast corner of the map, you will find a staircase leading to the second floor. Open the door and get ready to bash some Wheelchairs! Yes, Wheelchairs. These things are like Ghosts, as they will damage you as they get near you. You should beat these things down with your melee weapon, as they can spawn if you leave the room. They will never really die, but they will go so slow that they won't even matter anymore.

The tricky thing about the second floor of the hospital is that the area is randomly generated at the start of a new game. In other words, as much as we'd like to, we really can't help you on this floor. Everything is completely different every time you play through the game on this floor (and only this floor, thankfully). There's a third Wheelchair down the hall, so be on the offensive when it rolls by. In these rooms, you will find the following items: 2 Nutrition Drinks, Revolver Bullets, 2 boxes of Pistol Bullets, Holy Candle, 4Iron, Saint Medallion, and the Hospital Room Key.

The random part about this is not the amount of items, nor which items you receive. It's not even what the room looks like, as all items will come from a specific room. It's just the actual placement of the items. The Revolver Bullets will be inside of a room with an actual wheelchair inside, while the Holy Candle is in a room with dried up flowers. The 4-Iron is in a room with broken glass and a dead body through the wire net. A Nutrition Drink is in a normal looking room. A box of Pistol Bullets is inside a room with sticky flooring. The other Nutrition Drink is inside of a room with a bloody, broken gurney. Saint Medallion is located inside of a white room with sunshine coming through the window.

One noteworthy room includes a large version of Eileen's face, which is pretty creepy until you realize you can make her go cross-eyed. Oogly boogly! You can find the Hospital Room Key is located inside of a room with a snake statue holding it. When you take it, you will be trapped inside of a cage. Use the Hospital Room Key on the cage to get out. Painless. You can unlock the only locked room out of the 22 by using this. This will reunite you with Eileen, so give her that bag of hers. From here on out, you'll have a buddy tagging along with you. How you treat her will drastically affect the ending you get.

Here are some basics on riding with Eileen... First and foremost, your room will no longer heal you. Major bummer, we know. Secondly, try not to leave her behind too frequently, or get ahead of her too much, this holds especially true in rooms with enemies that are alive. She can't die or anything of the sort, but she will become engulfed within this alternate realm, almost like a possession. If Henry hits her enough, or an enemy hits her enough, she almost turns into a Ghost, damaging enemies AND Henry. She will take the most damage from enemies, and you must equip a weapon to have her fight alongside of you. This is ideal if there's a single enemy in the room, or a swarm of Hummers. If you're in a room with a lot of tough enemies (she can stomp on them, too, so it may be a good idea to keep her out during some battles) or a Ghost or two, unequip Eileen's weapon so that she doesn't melee something that will surely kick her ass. Keep in mind that since she cannot die, she has a sanity meter rather than a health bar. Leaving Eileen behind for a long period of time will not help your cause, but you may need to leave her for a few minutes from time to time. Hey, being alone in a safe room is better than being in a room with seven Twin Victims and a few Gum Heads, right? Now that you know the basics for Eileen, enter the hall. As you enter, you will have to fight two Patients. Quickly equip that Pistol and bust some caps into them very swiftly, and head to the stairway, to the first floor. Kill the next two Patients with the Pistol, and go straight for the room with the hole. Jump into the hole leading to room 302 with Eileen. As stated, from here on out the apartment will NOT heal you when you're wounded, so hopefully you saved those healing items that you've gotten. Notice that the rooms look grainy now... Hmm. The ceiling fan has crashed onto the table, as well. Read all of the notes scatter throughout the now-grainy room and receive the Small Key. Head back through the hole in the laundry room.

Upon returning, you will meet up with Eileen, who says that you just disappeared. She mentions how she cannot be left alone for long periods of time, as she is "cursed." You will need to take the elevator, but it doesn't work on the first floor. Go up the stairs to the second floor and press the button. Kill the Patient that pops out with the Stun Gun (single hit should do it immediately as you walk in), and take notice that all of the buttons are broken. Head back to the first floor and use the Small Key to unlock the door behind the elevator shaft.

Now, you must walk along the corridor with three Patients that want to chop you up into pieces. Bust out the Pistol and let them have it. Take it slow so you do not lose Eileen. Walk through the next door, and you will be in a world shifting stairway. There is a hole that leads home in the center of this winding staircase, but be prepared for some weird activity in the apartment. Stay away from any possessed items in the room. In this instance, it's the clock. Return to the world shifting stairway, and the door at the end will lead straight to the Subway World. The room that you're found in contains a Holy Candle, so grab it. As you exit this room, you will be promptly jumped by three Gum Heads, although not all at once. Take the first one out with your melee weapon, and wind it up once again as you creep down the hall. There will be one on your right, so quickly kill it before the one on the left grabs Eileen. Begin heading towards the ladies' room on your map, but take a detour to the men's stalls for a Nutrition Drink. Now exit and enter the ladies' room, where you should stomp on all of the Tremers here before heading through the hole.

Upon reaching your room, step outside and take the Toy Key under your door. Take out a Sword Of Obedience, as well as the Lynch Street Line Coin from your inventory chest. Don't forget the latest entry

from the Red Diary, as well. Important Note: these possession-like activities in your home are not just for scares. Depending how well you take care of your room, you will be graded on your performance later in the game. To get rid of a possession, simply lay out a Holy Candle near the possessed item, or equip a Saint Medallion and stand near a possession. This is important, as it helps determine the outcome of your game.

At the turnstiles, watch the cut-scene. Our good friend Cynthia is alive and well... kinda. You will have to deal with Cynthia haunting you throughout a lot of tedious areas if you do not put an end to her now, so equip your melee weapon and take her down immediately. She can become troublesome, as she will use her hair to attack you. If you get her down, she will slither across the floor, becoming an even bigger pest than ever imagined previously. If you just can't get her down, which is understandable, you can collect a Silver Bullet and put it through her skull, then pin her with the Sword Of Obedience.

To get the Silver Bullet, go through the area with the worm-like creature that we broke the Wine Bottle over long ago. Equip your melee weapon and fight off the three Gum Heads. You can kill these guys all at once, if they all start coming at you together, which is a great possibility. Afterwards, run down and take the Nutrition Drink inside of the area to the right and round the corner to the left to find the Silver Bullet. Load the Silver Bullet into your Pistol and re-enter the room to find her moping around. Blast her with the bullet and put that Sword Of Obedience into her chest.

Now that Cynthia won't bother us anymore, we have work to do! Use the Lynch Street Line Coin on the turnstile and enter. There's a couple of Sniffers down here, so beat them up with the bat (the second one is just beyond the doorway, so charge up your weapon before stepping in) and search the area to find a Nutrition Drink and a Riding Crop. Equip it to Eileen whenever you come across some trouble that she can help you with, as it's much, much nicer than her bag. Now, head down further to B3.

If you wisely chose to stick the Sword Of Obedience into Cynthia, you will have little to no problems clearing this area without being damaged. However, if she is roaming around, she will follow you throughout this entire floor. Ugh. So if you're having second thoughts about stabbing her, maybe this will change your mind. There are no enemies on this side of the station, so enter the northernmost car and check out that toy box puzzle. Use the Toy Key on it to receive the Filthy Coin. Head down to the southern end of the eastern hall and go through the door that leads to the red room with the ladder. Take the Holy Candle and leave Eileen momentarily to return to your apartment. Flee from the Ghost and head south to find the next ladder leading up.

Once you're in your apartment, wash the Filthy Coin off in the sink and put away some of the stuff that you don't need, like additional Nutrition Drinks and Holy Candles. Be sure to purify the room if something is possessed, like the shoes (as depicted below). Don't forget the Red Diary entry at the door. Go back through the hole and meet up with Eileen again, and go to the vending machine to drop in the once-was-Filthy Coin. You will receive the Murder Scene Key. There are a ton of different items throughout the train cars and west side of the station, if you'd care to take a glance, including Pistol Bullets, a Holy Candle, and a Saint Medallion. Watch out for the Sniffer, and check out the blocked stairway on the west side for a Portable Medical Kit.

Ditch Eileen by going back down the ladder in that red room once more, and head over the boards on the ground, ignoring the Ghost all the way to the door. Go through and dart past the Ghosts that haunt this street line-if they even come out-and head straight for the escalators. Go up and get ready to trick your way through the Wall Men that still surround the escalators. No ammo needed this time, as none of them are back-to-back. Just time them and slip through. Atop of the escalator, go through the left door and beat the Sniffer to death. Take the Nutrition Drink behind him.

Go up the stairs and collect Cynthia's Commuter Ticket in front of the door. Open the door with the Murder Scene Key and take the Train Handle from inside of the room. Now, head through the turnstile after using the Commuter Ticket and the Lynch Street Line Coin, and walk back to where Eileen was. You will have to retrace your steps up to the escalators via the turnstiles. Once here, go down the escalator with Eileen in-hand. The main problem with this is that these Wall Men will do a number on Eileen if you're not careful, so wind up your swing and knock them out so that both of you may pass, or if you have enough bullets, shoot them enough to stun them.

With the escalator ordeal out of the way, hop into the train car and collect the 9-Iron from one of the seats along the right side. Move swiftly, as those pesky Ghosts are likely right on your tail. When you reach the control panel, use the Train Handle to move the train one car length. Head through the open doors back immediately outside of the control panel room, and collect the Sword Of Obedience in the corner by the door. Walk through the door, and the mysterious man will appear with a gun, lookin' to hunt both you and Eileen down. Don't even attempt to fight him, just run to the exit and leave as soon as possible.

In the foggy staircase of doom room, enter your apartment and get prepared to purify something with a Saint Medallion or a Holy Candle. After all, your room is possessed all to Hell and back. There is a small chance that nothing needs to be un-cursed, however. Place any additional items you have inside of your inventory chest and re-enter the hole to return to that weird stairway. Enter the door at the bottom to return to the Wish House's forest... As you arrive, you can near the stones with the weird red writing on them. Eileen can read these stones, ironically enough, so just near them and she will start spouting off about what they say. There's a pack of Hummers inside of 11/21's grave, so get prepared to fight. After you have beaten them to the ground and stomped on them, walk over to the flame-lit area and take the Torch. This comes at a costly price, however, as that mysterious man with the guns pops up to pay you a visit. Equip the Torch and light it, then run straight for the exit.

As soon as you enter this room, head straight for the well in front of you. The purpose of this stage is to look into each well with the Torch lit so that you can put together a doll. The Doll Head is inside of this specific well. Run along the path and grab a Nutrition Drink to the left. Make sure that Eileen is close behind at all times, and beat the Sniffers away if you have to in order for her to catch up. In the Wish House room, read Jasper's Burned Memo near the charred building.

There is a Holy Candle up the ramp and on the platform of what used to be the Wish House. You can also find a new weapon for Eileen that has long range; the Chain. It's over on the monkey bars. Lastly, examine the burning wheelchair where the Holy Candle was to receive a note, clueing you in on what we need to do here. Now, we must choose a route. We must hit them all, so it matters not which you choose. For direction's sake, we'll go with Southeast first. Note: if you don't care much for the stone readings, it may be a good idea to ditch Eileen in the Wish House room while you investigate the others.

In the first room on the Southeast path are a bunch of Hummers that will swoop down. If you'd prefer some help here, equip a weapon to Eileen and take them down. Unequip Eileen's weapon and take the Nutrition Drink to the left of the path. In the next room is the mystery man carrying a friggin' chainsaw, so dart through this room. The next room contains the last Silver Bullet in the game. In the final room is the flame to light your Torch, as well as the well. Read the stones for a reference to the original Silent Hill. Collect the Doll's Left Leg and Nutrition Drink in this room, and backtrack to the Wish House area after you visit the apartment to drop some items off.

Read the Red Diary entry beneath your door for a shocking revelation to those of you that still haven't "got it" yet: the man in the coat is Walter Sullivan. If you dip the Torch into the oil inside of your laundry room, the flame will certainly not burn out as fast as it normally does. Keep this in mind for the next few parts that we will collect. Make sure that you have seven free inventory slots (keep the Torch, a weapon of choice, and a healing item). Head back through the hole and, as noted earlier, backtrack to the Wish House.

Go through the Northwestern path this time. Inside of the first room is a Nutrition Drink, but actually getting this thing will provide quite a hefty challenge. There are two Twin Victims in this area, and they don't take kindly to strangers. Try to grab the drink and run for the next room, waiting for Eileen along the way. In this next room, take the Pickaxe of Despair, the Pistol Bullets and the Nutrition Drink. The Pickaxe of Despair is pretty rough to maneuver, but it's the most powerful weapon in the entire game, so it has a few payoffs.

Enter the next room and go left to trigger a cut-scene with the little boy. Take the Crested Medallion from the sculpture, and don't forget the Revolver Bullets to the right of the entrance, in the corner. Light the Torch and quickly dash through the linking room, as there will be a ton of Ghosts inside. Search the well in the next room while dodging those Twin Victims, and you will collect the Doll's Right Leg. Head back to the Wish House room and to your apartment to drop off a bunch of crap that you don't need. Now, head through the door at the northeast side of the room.

Inside of the first room is a single Twin Victim that will be atop of the hill. You can ignore it, if you'd prefer. The next area is free of enemies for now, and it contains a Holy Candle. Take it and move on to the next room. You are about to meet up with our stuttering buddy Jasper Gein once again, and he's on fire! I don't suppose he can stop, drop and roll, since he's kind of... floating. Regardless, there's a Saint Medallion next to the rock on the left. After you take it, simply dash for the exit, but don't allow Eileen to get left behind.

In this next room, ignore the Hummers and Jasper and dart for the next room. Go up the ramp and to the left to find a Nutrition Drink along the side. Quickly dart past the Ghost that patrols the area and enter the next room. In here, all you have to do is reach the exit by going around the Ghosts. Light your Torch on the fire and go to the next room, where you will find a well. Search it for the Doll's Right Arm. There are also a few items in this room, such as a Nutrition Drink and a Holy Candle. Watch out for that Gum Head, though, although it's best just to ignore him.

There will be four Gum Heads waiting for you when you exit this room, heading back to the last well (the one after the room where we caught up with post-burninated Jasper, or before, depending how you look at it). Ignore them all and head straight for the room where you saw the cut-scene with Jasper. Light your Torch in this room, and head to the next area. The well is in here, so grab the last doll piece, the Doll's Left Arm, and go to the Wish House courtyard.

Head back to your apartment and grab all of the doll parts. Be sure to purify the apartment, if it needs it. Keep the Crested Medallion out, as well. You can put the Torch away for now, and head through the hole. Place the doll parts in the wheelchair to find a trap door. Go down here and read the book at the altar for some interesting tidbits. Use the Crested Medallion on the door to enter that foggy area with the winding stairway once again. Travel all the way down, or save your progress, and enter the door.

Once you enter the door, you will soon realize that this area does not appear on the map. Enter the circular object and watch the cut-scene. Descending from Heaven or from someone recollection/imagination? That is not for us to know. There is a hole leading to room 302 here, but ignore it for now. Right outside of this room is Walter, and he is packing heat. Run for the door and run in circles while you wait for Eileen, as Walter won't think twice about unloading a clip into your rear-end.

After going through the door, you will come to the conclusion that Walter likes to chase you. He will follow you down this spiral walkway, so be swift. Walk down to the third floor door and enter here. We will need to leave Eileen for a while, as things are about to get rough. Inside here, turn left and clear out the section by busting caps into the two Twin Victims here. They will attack together, which means it should only take 5-7 bullets to down them both. There's one last Twin Victim around the circular room, but you can carefully defeat it in melee combat to conserve bullets.

In the "2 O'clock" cell, you can find a Holy Candle and some writing on a table. In the "8 O'clock" cell, you'll stumble across a box of Pistol Bullets. Finally, in the "7 O'clock" cell is a Nutrition Drink and a nonfile diary. We can't get enough of those, can we? Head to the "1 O'clock" cell and jump in the hole. While leaving Eileen up here isn't a good idea, she will get in your way entirely too much if you don't. Plus, you won't be able to use ladders at all, which will save a lot of health items when you can use them. Just be quick about it and Eileen won't get "cursed" whatsoever.

Jump through all of the holes until you reach the kitchen area. There are a ton of Whitestools down here, so bash them if you'd like. Inside of this room is the Prisoner's Shirt. No sign of Andrew DeSalvo, though. Proceed to the dining area and take the Nutrition Drink and the Saint Medallion from the tables. The Saint Medallion is out of view, so try searching where as depicted below. Exit this room and go into the shower to find a box of Pistol Bullets. You can climb up the Surveillance Room to find the trusty Nightstick, as well. Go up the ladder, unlock the door and enter this room. You will find a Nutrition Drink near the hole that takes you home. Now, jump into the portal from Hell.

Exit this room and head to the winding stairway. Go up the ladder, unlock the door and enter this room. You will find a Nutrition Drink near the hole that takes you home. Now, jump into the portal from Hell. As per usual, you will likely have to purify the room from any possessions that might've occurred during your time away. Drop off all of those items that you've found in your inventory chest, and dunk the Prisoner's Shirt into your bloody bathtub. Don't forget to grab the latest entry into the Red Diary under your door. After all of this, hop into the hole in your laundry room and travel back to the Water Prison.

On the first floor, you will find a few (around six) Hummers and a Twin Victim patrolling the circular room with connecting cells. At the "10 O'clock" cell is a Holy Candle, and at the "7 O'clock" cell is a Nutrition Drink. Quickly run to the "5 O'clock" cell to find a box of Pistol Bullets, which will come in handy with all of these Twin Victims that we'll face on the second floor. Alas, exit this round corridor and head through the door leading to the outside.

Quickly climb the ladder and go through the 2nd floor door. Begin running to the left and you will come across two Twin Victims together. Equip the Pistol and blow them away, as you will likely hit them both together. Stomp on them for the kill, and get ready to fight two more separately. How you kill them is completely up to you, however, we recommend using the melee weapon to save the ammo. Go into the "7 O'clock" cell to find the Sword Of Obedience. It's not visible, but just examine the bed to find it.

There are two more items in the cells, but they require getting by or killing a Twin Victim in each room. In the "5 O'clock" cell is a box of Pistol Bullets, and inside of the "8 O'clock" room is the Holy Candle. Depending how good you are, you should get them both. It's worth wasting four bullets to gain ten, and the Holy Candles are always worthy of getting. If you're skilled, you can take the items before the Twin Victims can even attack you, or try to. Now, head out of here and to the first floor again. Enter the door across from the one you just entered from to activate a cut-scene.

Ahh, we knew it was only a matter of time before our good buddy Andrew showed up. Andrew DeSalvo is carrying a key item to our quest, the Water Prison Generator Room Key. But before we can take it, we need to get him down. Andrew is much tougher than Jasper and even Cynthia, due to his barrel roll attack. In melee range, he is very, very deadly. You will have to strafe out of the way very quickly if you notice that he is preparing to attack. Bringing along a golf club isn't such a bad idea here, and this holds especially for using your Silver Bullet. If you just can't defeat Andrew, use your Silver Bullet, or to a lesser risk, a Saint Medallion. Stab him with the Sword Of Obedience the moment that he falls to the ground, and take the key from him.

Leave the Sword Of Obedience inside of Andrew for a while, and head up to the third floor to grab Eileen. Kill some of the Hummers along the outer rim before you grab Eileen, opposed to the Hummers attacking you and Eileen later. Run all the way down to the first floor and enter the safe room where the hole to the room is, and begin descending into the basement. If you're going to take the sword from our buddy Andrew, kill all of the Whitestools first. Go through the door and grab the Portable Medical Kit across from the hole to room 302. Afterwards, go through the door.

On the other side of the door, try not to get intimidated by the six Twin Victims that are all lined up at the far end of the tunnel. Calmly equip the Pistol, and try to shoot them in bunches to conserve ammo. If you run around them to "bag them up," so to speak, you can take all six out in a single clip! Just don't let them swarm Eileen. If you're strapped for bullets, get prepared to take damage as you run for the exit and wait for Eileen to get going, as well. You'll encounter the usual, trippy, weird stairway that has interesting sideshows to the right. Save your progress via the hole to room 302, and get prepared for another trip back to a previously seen area.

As soon as you enter the realm of the Building World for the second time, you will be pleasantly visited by our pal that likes to skin people, Richard Braintree. Sadly, Richard doesn't feel like putting up with people that like to survive today, so he'd rather see you choking on dirt than proceeding. Richard is a rare one, as he's the only Ghost in the game that literally doesn't float. Don't expect this to be a positive effect to you running away from him, as he's been blessed with the power of teleportation. If you try to fight him, he will teleport in back of you and take a few strikes. Be careful near Richard, because he does skin people alive, mind you. Read the Reminisces diary on the ground, and grab the Nutrition Drink in the corner.

Exit the room via the elevator doors, and head to the bottom level. This will be you off at B12. There's a Holy Candle outside of the elevator, so take it and head back in. Go down the ladder to ditch Eileen, and bash the life out of the Whitestools that block the hall. Collect the Billiard Ball and go up the ladder. Follow the path until you watch a cut-scene. That was weird. After the cut-scene, Cynthia will appear to cause you havoc for a little while along with another Ghost. If you followed the guide and pinned Cynthia down in the Subway World, she will not appear. See? It's good to listen to us.

Before you leave this area, take the Portable Medical Kit from the left side of the building. Run into the alleyway to reach the southern area. You will can a well-hidden Saint Medallion against the small metal tower near the cardboard boxes. Take the Volleyball amidst the junk to the right of the door, and enter here. Go down the stairs, and on the way down you will encounter a room full of Wheelchair enemies. Dart past them and head to the door. Once here, collect the Holy Candle on this level, and begin descending the stairway.

Enter the bar at the very bottom of these stairs. It is the door by itself instead of one of the two against the wall, in case you've forgotten. Read the memo at the bar, and use the Billiard Ball on the pool table. Enter the hole leading to 302 and place all of the anti-spirit items into the inventory chest. Read the next entry into the Red Diary, and purify your room if you have to. Call the sign on the billboard using your telephone to get the new code. Head back into the tunnel, and go through the door after using the code (4890) on the keypad.

Go ahead and travel all the way down to the exit to collect the Portable Medical Kit, but you can't exit without Eileen. Kill all of the Hummers that will bug you all the way down, that way we won't have to deal with them later. Backtrack all the way up and head to the room before the cut-scene area. Beware of the Ghost(s) along the way. You will find two ladders in this area, so take the one on the east. Take the elevator here to the top, and exit through the northern doors (the ones on the opposite side of the buttons).

As you exit here, equip the Stun Gun and head through the hall. There are two old type Gum Heads patrolling the hall, so get ready to zap'em. There is also a single new type Gum Head, so get prepared to release the zap as it lounges for you. Finally, you can reach a fresh pack of Revolver Bullets. On the way back to the elevator, grab the Holy Candle in the center of the hall. To get back to Eileen, just take this elevator down and go down the ladder. Go up the ladder on the opposite side, and bam! C'mon Eileen. However, you may like to continue on your journey without her. After all, who actually enjoys babysitting her, anyway?

Assuming you chose to brush Eileen off a little longer, exit the south elevator door to arrive at B8. Follow the path quickly, as Richard is hot on your trail. Take the Nutrition Drink from the area that you find before the Sniffers chew your face. Head up the stairs until you reach floor B5. Enter the door and throw the Volleyball into the volleyball basket. In here you can find some Cake Candles near the hole, and the 3-Iron club. In the room south of here, you'll find a Holy Candle.

With the Cake Candles in tote, head through the room with the Holy Candle and out of this door. Enter the door on the left and dash up the stairs here to the very top, avoiding all of the Ghosts that appear along the way. Squish the Tremers as you make your way to the top and go through the door here. The birthday Ghost is still in this room, and on the prowl, no less. Take the Stuffed Cat next to the door, and place the Cake Candles on the cake at the dinner table. After this is done, head through the door at the end of the hall.

There's a Sniffer coupling right here, so just equip your melee weapon and bash them quickly. Sniffers seem so much easier after fighting all of those Twin Victims, eh? There's a Nutrition Drink on the second rooftop, as well as two more Sniffers. On the third rooftop, you can find some Revolver Bullets behind a yellow car, as depicted below. There's also a Driver golf club up here, and finally, a Holy Candle. Only take what you can afford to carry for now, but grab the Revolver ammo no matter what. Head back down and return to Albert's Sporting Goods.

Enter the hole here to drop off a few items that you won't need, such as your anti-spirits and your ammo. Clear any possessions that might be creeping up on you, and enter the Building World again. Exit from the northern door and head down two floors to the Pet Store. Enter here and dash to the left. When you can go no farther, turn left again and take the Nutrition Drink and the Pistol Bullets from the shelves. Turn once again to reach the counter and throw the Stuffed Cat into the empty cage sitting up here. Quickly exit all the way down to where Eileen is, as it's time to leave this world!

After grabbing Eileen, take the elevator to the top. Return to the Pet Store and carefully get around the Ghosts to reach the northern exit. Read the newspaper clipping on the ground to read about the tragic tale of dead animals. Walk down the stairs and through the door. Kill the Hummers that parade through the room, and take the Pistol Bullets along the wall. Examine the clock to enter the next room. Get prepared for quite a scuffle in this room, as Jasper, Cynthia, and the first victim of the Sullivan Round 2 murders appear to cause you some trouble. Don't even bother with all of these guys; just make a run for the door across from the stairs at the lower level.

This room contains FOUR Gum Heads near the entrance, and the lovely Richard Braintree. Here he comes, Ms. America. The Gum Heads are all wielding golf clubs, ranging from the 3-Iron, the 7-Iron, the 8-Iron, and the Sand Wedge. Take whichever ones you want (or whichever ones you can afford to get) and carefully lead Eileen towards the exit. From here, you can take a Nutrition Drink near the door before leaving. Refreshing! Exit through the door and dart down the stairs, avoiding Richard as much as possible as you make your way to the door below.

As we enter this area, you will spot a Ghost floating from above. Run as fast as possible without Eileen getting beaten up for the alleys where you saw the dual Walter confrontation. The next room is clear, so head to the stairway hall and go down, carefully walking behind the staircase so that the Wheelchairs do not reach you or Eileen. Go through the door, and equip the Stun Gun to take care of the new type Gum Head that pops up from behind. This is cake with the Stun Gun, trust us. Watch out for those damn Hummers, too. Most. Annoying. Enemy. Ever.

Enter the bar, and equip the Stun Gun once again, since there is an old type Gum Head waiting for you at the center of the room. Zap him down and stomp his lights out. There is a small boss fight ahead, so you may wish to go to the apartment and grab some extra healing items. Enter the keypad door that we unlocked earlier and descend the 18 bajillionzillion flights of stairs that await you. As you enter the would-be transportation door, it turns out that you'll face a new enemy! Hurray! Actually, they are just Wall Men Replicas. Regardless, these "new" type of Wall Men are fairly angry and threatening to both you and Eileen. You can tell which Wall Man is real by hitting it, and if only it reacts, it's a fake. If you hit it and all of them react, that's the one you should focus on.

It is best to use a melee weapon to find the real one, then bust about a full clip into it to kill it. With the lone real new type Wall Man destroyed, you can enter the doorway. You may want to save your progress, so hop in and read the latest entry into the Red Diary under your door, which puts all of the pieces together. Well, somewhat, anyway. Purify your room; heal up, and save your progress. Enter the hole once more, and take a look at the twitching baby in one of the sideshow rooms. Make of it what you will. Now, take the Superintendent's Diary near the bottom before you enter the door, and thus enter your room... of doom! Weird... It barely resembles our apartment. Check the table for a couple of notes, and head to the bedroom. Enter here and read the last of the Red Diary entries. Return to the living room for a startling discovery: Joseph. Don't worry, as he's on your side, and will give you his knowledge. Kill, kill, kill. We get the point already, man. Take the Pickaxe of Hope from the wall, and travel through the hole. Now, give the wall between the bathroom and bedroom a spanking with it. Go inside and watch the cut-scene.

Investigate the "crime scene" to find the Keys of Liberation. Run over to your inventory chest after staring at the smelly carcass for as long as you want (tastes like turkey) and take your Pistol, one case of bullets, your Stun Gun, your melee weapon of choice, and the Keys of Liberation. Save your game and open the many locks on your door. Now, we are in the real apartment building. There are no more lovely holes in the wall to give you easy access to your inventory chest; you'll just have to travel back here manually.

As the completion of the 21 Sacraments draws near, the real world seems to be crumbling down around you. The main stairway is blocked off by some radical bars, so head into Room 301 and melee fight or stun the Twin Victim inside. Quickly kill it before the second Twin Victim comes upstairs, along with his new pal, the Bottom. Bottoms are practically identical to Twin Victims, with only three minor changes: they are twice as strong, twice as hard to kill, and twice as pesky--in other words, three very annoying changes. Their recovery time is absolutely devastating, so try not to fight multiple enemies at once while they are on the ground.

Inside of Room 301 is a Saint Medallion near the circular shaft in the back, and immediately below it inside of Room 201 is a Nutrition Drink. Exit and quickly run to Room 202 before Walter has the chance to shoot you through those bars. You can find a Sword Of Obedience inside. Go through the hole in the wall to arrive in Room 203. Cynthia is waiting inside of here, unless you stabbed her earlier in the game. If you didn't, it's not such a bad idea to do it here, and it's convenient with your trusty Sword Of Obedience already in-hand. Exit this room and dart over to Room 204 for a fast Nutrition Drink fix, but be careful, as Walter stalks this room.

As you enter the main room, you will be greeted by Silent Hill's top models: Patients! Use the Stun Gun on them quickly before they gang up on you. Remember to stomp on them twice, as they can be pesky if you have to down them a second time. There's a box of Pistol Bullets on the third floor, just lying around. Enter the third floor hallway, and take the door leading to Room 304. Inside of here, you can find a Nutrition Drink in the bedroom, as well as a Wall Man in the living room. Don't forget those cute Twin Victim babies in the hallway of the room, either, as even dead, phantom babies need a hug sometimes.

Ahh, we can finally snoop around in Eileen's room! Head over to Room 303 and kill the Patient inside. The bedroom is locked, so our joyous boy fantasies can be put on hold for now, but hey, there's some Revolver Bullets on the table, at least. Run downstairs and go through the west hall of the second floor. Head into Room 205 to find a Nutrition Drink, and exit. Go into Room 206 prepared, as Walter is stalking here with his dual pistols. There's a Holy Candle in the bedroom, but it's honestly not worth it. You've likely got about 5 left in your inventory chest, anyway. Go through the hole in the wall at the bedroom to reach Room 207.

As expected, since we're in Richard's apartment, he will be waiting for your arrival unless you staked the poor guy earlier. You can collect some Pistol Bullets in here, if you'd like to risk personal injury for them. In this hallway, you will have to duke it out with a Bottom while enjoying the lovely background music. Go downstairs and enter Room 107. If Andrew DeSalvo is on the loose, he will haunt this room. Take the Nutrition Drink in here in the bedroom, and exit. Run over to Room 106 and collect tons of goodies: an Ampoule (which is a MUST have), a Portable Medical Kit, and a Holy Candle are all inside of Nurse Rachael's pad.

As you head down this hall, you will notice that it's Frank's turn to be chained up. There are six chains connected to the doorway. Exit into the main room, and read the sketchbook in the middle of the room. Eileen refuses to move, apparently in a trance after you read the sketchbook. Forget about her and go through the eastern hallway on this floor. Get your Stun Gun out and get prepared to zap a Twin Victim in this hall. Further down the hall is a Bottom, so run down and zap it, as well. Grab the Pistol Bullets here.

There will be a Chained Man at the end of the hall. Speak with him, and he will disappear. Every time you speak with the Chained Man, you will unlock one of the chains on Frank's door. Go into Room 101 to find some Pistol Bullets and talk to the Chained Man in one of the circular contraptions. Exit this room and go to Room 102. Inside of 102 you will find a Nutrition Drink and a ticked off Ghost. Speak with the Chained Man in the main room, dodging the Ghost all the way. Inside Room 103 you will find another Nutrition Drink, as well as a couple of Bottoms that you must kill with your Pistol immediately. Look for the Chained Man inside of the main living room.

Talk to the Chained Man at the opposite end of the long hall, and run into Room 104 to find a Portable Medical Kit that is guarded by a couple of new type Wall Men. It's worth taking a hit to grab this. The Chained Man, as you could've guessed, is Walter's father. He is, for the final time, in the circular thingy. Head back to where Eileen is to be reunited with her. The cut-scene you see differs depending on how cursed Eileen is. Regardless, we have to do the same thing no matter how she feels.

Enter Room 105 now that it is unchained thanks to the Chained Man, and grab the Nutrition Drink in Frank's bedroom, if you need it. The main item of importance is the Umbilical Cord in the red box. Watch the cut-scene and grab the new sketch from Walter outside of the door. It's time to head up to Room 302 and prepare for the final battle. On the second floor hallway after you've crossed rooms, you will be attacked by Bottoms. Ignore them and run straight for the main hall. Cross over to the eastern hall on second floor, and pass through the rooms to reach the stairway leading to the third floor in Room 201. Dart past all of the Bottoms and Twin Victims to reach Room 302, where you should carefully prepare for the final chapter.

First and foremost, you know that Revolver? Take it, and as well as a few packs of ammo for it. Bring both Ampoules, as they will be plenty. Bring along the Umbilical Cord, obviously, and you should bring a melee weapon of choice along with you (most prefer the Rusty Axe, although we used the Aluminum Bat. Batter up!). Make sure that you have three empty inventory slots. This is of vital importance to the very quick succession of defeating the final boss. Purify your room, as well, if you're interested in getting the "good" ending. You might want to save your game, as well, since the whole "last boss" thing is coming up.

Enter the hole in your wall and examine the puddle and jump in. You will be taken to an exotic red room, where you should jump into the large hole in the floor to begin the battle. Boy, Eileen is an idiot. She will commit suicide unless you can stop Walter in time. She will walk faster towards the blades if she is more cursed, so you better have treated her nicely thus far, or else she's going bye-bye.

Completely ignore the Walter that is coming after you. This shadow form is completely incapable of dying at the moment, and you must get the ball rolling if you want to save Eileen. Run to the left and use the Umbilical Cord on the monstrosity that is Sacrificed Walter. This will unlock the 8 Spears of the Holy Mother. Take the four Spears from the right side and quickly run over to Sacrificed Walter and jam all four of them inside of him.

After this, quickly run to the other side and collect the other four Spears. Repeat the process of jabbing him, completing the 8 Spears of the Holy Mother part of the fight. Now Walter is once again mortal, which means only one thing: it's time to kill him again. Promptly equip that Revolver you've been itching to use and begin unloading every bit of ammo into Walter. Walter will use a thrusting attack that will make you spin out of control, and it does a decent chunk of damage, to boot. Stand in place and blast the crap out of him, healing only when you absolutely have to.

Congratulations! You have completed Silent Hill 4: The Room. Check out how to obtain the different endings in the Secrets section.

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