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COURSE TITLE L T P C THEORY IT2401 Service Oriented Architecture 3 0 0 3 IT2402 Mobile Communication 3 0 0 3 CS2401 Computer Graphics 3 0 0 3 IT2403 Software Project Management 3 0 0 3 Elective II 3 0 0 3 Elective III 3 0 0 3 PRACTICAL IT2406 Service Oriented Architecture Lab 0 0 3 2 CS2405 Computer Graphics Lab 0 0 3 2 TOTAL 18 0 6 22

IT2401 SERVICE ORIENTED ARCHITECTURE L T P C 3003 OBJECTIVES: To gain understanding of the basic principles of service orientation To learn service oriented analysis techniques To learn technology underlying the service design To learn advanced concepts such as service composition, orchestration and Choreography To know about various WS-* specification standards UNIT I 9 Roots of SOA – Characteristics of SOA - Comparing SOA to client-server and distributed internet architectures – Anatomy of SOA- How components in an SOA interrelate Principles of service orientation UNIT II 9 Web services – Service descriptions – Messaging with SOAP –Message exchange Patterns – Coordination –Atomic Transactions – Business activities – Orchestration – Choreography - Service layer abstraction – Application Service Layer – Business Service Layer – Orchestration Service Layer UNIT III 9 Service oriented analysis – Business-centric SOA – Deriving business services- service modeling - Service Oriented Design – WSDL basics – SOAP basics – SOA composition guidelines – Entity-centric business service design – Application service design – Taskcentric business service design UNIT IV 9 SOA platform basics – SOA support in J2EE – Java API for XML-based web services (JAX-WS) - Java architecture for XML binding (JAXB) – Java API for XML Registries (JAXR) - Java API for XML based RPC (JAX-RPC)- Web Services Interoperability Technologies (WSIT) - SOA support in .NET – Common Language Runtime - ASP.NET web forms – ASP.NET web services – Web Services Enhancements (WSE) UNIT V 9 WS-BPEL basics – WS-Coordination overview - WS-Choreography, WS-Policy, WSSecurity TOTAL = 45 PERIODS TEXT BOOKS: 1. Thomas Erl, “Service-Oriented Architecture: Concepts, Technology, and Design”, Pearson Education, 2005. REFERENCES:

Springer. 2. Pearson Education. “Mobile Communications”.iMode. 2005. 2002.WiFi and WiMAX . 2005. Second Edition. 14 CS2401 COMPUTER GRAPHICS L T P C 3003 UNIT I 2D PRIMITIVES 9 Output primitives – Line. Thomas Erl. C. 3. First Edition. “SOA Principles of Service Design “(The Prentice Hall Service-Oriented Computing Series from Thomas Erl). 4. “Principles of Mobile Computing”.SyncML. 2003. Polygon. James Webber. Kaveh Pahlavan. Prasanth Krishnamoorthy.HandoverSecurity-GSM SMS –International roaming for GSM. Curved lines. Lothar Merk. “Principles of Wireless Networks”. dropped call rates & their evaluation -MAC – SDMA – FDMA – TDMA – CDMA – Cellular Wireless Networks UNIT II WIRELESS NETWORKS 9 Wireless LAN – IEEE 802.caching model-wireless bearers for WAP . 2. Curve and Text clipping algorithms UNIT II 3D CONCEPTS 9 Parallel and Perspective projections . “Developing Enterprise Web Services. First Edition. Pearson Education. Lomow. Quadric Surfaces. Jochen Schiller. 2005.Attributes of output primitives – Two dimensional Geometric transformation . Dan Woods and Thomas Mattern.Mobility management.. “Understanding SOA with Web Services”.Three dimensional object representation – Polygons. Newcomer. 2003.WTA . 2. 2002. Uwe Hansmann. Sandeep Chatterjee. Circle and Ellipse drawing algorithms . 2003. First Edition.Frequency Management and Channel Assignment. William Stallings.Two dimensional viewing – Line. “Enterprise SOA Designing IT for Business Innovation” O’REILLY.1. Martin S.K.Wireless Local Loop UNIT III MOBILE COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS 11 GSM-architecture-Location tracking and call setup. Splines.types of handoff and their characteristics. Pearson Education. Pearson Education. Pearson Education.WML – WMLScripts .Toh. Nicklons and Thomas Stober.3D .Mobile Location based services -WAP Gateway –WAP protocols – WAP user agent profile. 2006 13 IT2402 MOBILE COMMUNICATION L T P C 3003 UNIT I WIRELESS COMMUNICATION 7 Cellular systems. REFERENCES: 1. TOTAL = 45 PERIODS TEXT BOOKS: 1.11 Standards – Architecture – Services – Mobile Ad hoc Networks. Pearson Education. 3. An Architect’s Guide”.TCP over 2. “Wireless Communications and Networks”.Visualization of data sets .5 / 3G wireless Networks UNIT V APPLICATION LAYER 9 WAP recording functions-subscriber and service data mgt –-Mobile Number portability -VoIP service for Mobile Networks – GPRS –Architecture-GPRS procedures-attach and detach procedures-PDP context procedure-combined RA/LA update procedures-Billing UNIT IV MOBILE NETWORK AND TRANSPORT LAYERS 9 Mobile IP – Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol-Mobile Ad Hoc Routing Protocols– Multicast routing-TCP over Wireless Networks – Indirect TCP – Snooping TCP – Mobile TCP – Fast Retransmit / Fast Recovery – Transmission/Timeout Freezing-Selective Retransmission – Transaction Oriented TCP. “AdHoc Mobile Wireless Networks”.

UNIT V MANAGING PEOPLE AND ORGANIZING TEAMS 9 Introduction – Understanding Behavior – Organizational Behaviour: A Background – Selecting The Right Person For The Job – Instruction In The Best Methods – Motivation – The Oldman – Hackman Job Characteristics Model – Working In Groups – Becoming A Team –Decision Making – Leadership – Organizational Structures – Stress –Health And Safety – Case Studies. Ramesh. Computer Graphics. Third Edition. Pearson Education. Second Edition in C. Hughes. UNIT V FRACTALS 9 Fractals and Self similarity – Peano curves – Creating image by iterated functions – Mandelbrot sets – Julia Sets – Random Fractals – Overview of Ray Tracing – Intersecting rays with other primitives – Adding Surface texture – Reflections and Transparency – Boolean operations on Objects TOTAL = 45 PERIODS TEXT BOOKS: 1. Tata McGraw Hill. Mikecotterell. UNIT IV MONITORING AND CONTROL 9 Creating Framework – Collecting The Data – Visualizing Progress – Cost Monitoring – Earned Value – Priortizing Monitoring – Getting Project Back To Target – Change Control – Managing Contracts – Introduction – Types Of Contract – Stages In Contract Placement – Typical Terms Of A Contract – Contract Management – Acceptance.2004. Computer Graphics – C Version. . UNIT II PROJECT EVALUATION 9 Strategic Assessment – Technical Assessment – Cost Benefit Analysis –Cash Flow Forecasting – Cost Benefit Evaluation Techniques – Risk Evaluation. "Managing Global Projects".Drawing three dimensional scenes UNIT IV RENDERING 9 Introduction to Shading models – Flat and Smooth shading – Adding texture to faces – Adding shadows of objects – Building a camera in a program – Creating shaded objects – Rendering texture – Drawing Shadows. John F. Pearson Education. TOTAL = 45 PERIODS TEXT BOOK: 1. second edition. UNIT III GRAPHICS PROGRAMMING 9 Color Models – RGB.transformations – Viewing -Visible surface identification. Feiner. Gopalaswamy. Bob Hughes. Tata McGraw Hill. IT2403 SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT L T P C 3003 UNIT I INTRODUCTION TO SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT 9 Project Definition – Contract Management – Activities Covered By Software Project Management – Overview Of Project Planning – Stepwise Project Planning. CMY.S. REFERENCE: 1. Hill. 2. Steven K. YIQ. Pauline Baker. Second edition. 2001. Pearson Education. Keyframe . 15 UNIT III ACTIVITY PLANNING 9 Objectives – Project Schedule – Sequencing and Scheduling Activities –Network Planning Models – Forward Pass – Backward Pass – Activity Float – Shortening Project Duration – Activity on Arrow Networks – Risk Management – Nature Of Risk – Types Of Risk – Managing Risk – Hazard Identification – Hazard Analysis – Risk Planning And Control. James D. Foley. 2007. HSV – Animations – General Computer Animation. 2004. Computer Graphics using OPENGL.2003. REFERENCES: 1. F. Raster.Principles and practice.Graphics programming using OPENGL – Basic graphics primitives – Drawing three dimensional objects . “Software Project Management”. Donald Hearn. Andries Van Dam.

Translation. Ellipse. 7. For example. Develop a Service Orchestration Engine (workflow) using WS-BPEL and implement service composition. 8. Scaling.NET web service.NET client to access a J2EE web service. This process will invoke several airline companies (such as American Airlines.NET framework (MS Academic Alliance) (or) Express Edition 2) J2EE framework free download 3) OS – Windows or Linux CS2405 COMPUTER GRAPHICS LAB L T P C 0032 1. Develop at least 5 components such as Order Processing. Maya. ) to check the airfare price and buy at the lowest price. Payment Processing. 3. Three dimensional transformations . Implementation of Bresenhams Algorithm – Line. Invoke .2. Payment Processing. 2GBRAM. 4. using . Composite 3D transformations. Cohen Sutherland 2D line clipping and Windowing 6.Translation. TOTAL = 45 PERIODS 16 LIST OF EQUIPMENTS: Hardware: CPU:. Circle and ellipse Attributes. Royce. Drawing three dimensional objects and Scenes. Delta Airlines etc. TOTAL = 45 PERIODS LIST OF EQUIPMENTS: 1) Turbo C 2) Visual C++ with OPENGL 3) Any 3D animation software like 3DSMAX. Develop a J2EE client to access a . 2002.. 300GBHDD Software: 1).. IT2406 SERVICE ORIENTED ARCHITECTURE LAB L T P C 0032 1. Composite 2D Transformations. Two Dimensional transformations . Rotation. Sutherland – Hodgeman Polygon clipping Algorithm. Implementation of Line. 6.NET components as web services. a business process for planning business travels will invoke several services. 3. Jalote. 5. 9. “Software Project Manangement in Practive”. Blender . Pearson Education. 1999. etc. 4. using EJB component technology. 2. Scaling. Invoke EJB components as web services. 5. 7. Pearson Education. etc. Generating Fractal images.NET component technology. Shear. Develop at least 5 components such as Order Processing. Develop a . “Software Project Management”. 3. Rotation.(As Server) Processor (Core 2 Quad or equivalent) with good speed. Circle. 10. 2. Reflection.

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