Hotel Management Training Tutorials

12. 7. How to Take Guest Orders in Restaurants How a Waiter should Carry Tray in Restaurant How to Present Menu to Guests in Restaurant How to Present Bill to Guests How to seat Guests in Restaurant 35 Must Follow Guidelines for F & B Staffs Must Follow Food & Beverage Service Rules Detail Food & Beverage Service Training for Waiters (SOP) How to Take Food Order in Restaurant (SOP) How to Serve Tea or Coffee in Restaurant (SOP) How to Provide Expert Suggestions on Wine Pre-Service Checklist of F & B Outlet (SOP) How to Serve Champagne Settling Credit Card Payment (SOP) How to Handle "Wrong Order" (SOP) How to Serve Beer from Can or Bottle Service Preparation for Busy Restaurant Real Life Courtesy Training for Waiters Personalized Service Training for Waiters How to Gain Menu & Beverage Knowledge How to Serve Different Beverage Items Top 6 Golden Service Rules for F & B Room Service Procedure in Hotel (SOP) How to Settle Guest Bill in Restaurant (SOP) Grooming & Hygiene Guideline for Servers Proper Uniform of a Waiter Hotel Room Types Types of Hotel Room Rates Members of Hotel Front Office Department How to Handle Walk in Guests in Hotel Lost & Found Procedure for Front Office Staffs (SOP) Smooth Guest Check out Procedure (SOP) Telephone Call Receiving Procedure (Must Read) Answering Telephone in Hotel & Restaurant: DOs & DON'Ts Front Office: 1. 11. 3. 20. 19. 5. 18. 14. 7. 24.Table of Contents Food & Beverage Service: 1. 8. 8. 22. 5. 3. 21. 16. 6. 9. . 17. 13. 4. 2. 2. 25. 23. 4. 6. 26. 15. 10.

20. 15. 8. 3. 6. 5. 10. 1. 14. 4. 19. 4. 18. 6. 15. 2. 3. 7. 2. 12. 13. 12. How to Take Reservation on Phone Making Room Reservation on Telephone (SOP) Wake-up call Handling Procedure Proper Telephone Manner in Hotel Rooming a Guest (SOP) How to Introduce a Room to Your Guest (SOP) Collection of Guest Data on Arrival Greet the guests on His or Her First Arrival A to Z Guest Registration Procedure (Part-1) A to Z Guest Registration Procedure (Part-2) A to Z Guest Registration Procedure (Part-3) Methods of Payment in Hotel Basic Tutorials: How to Maintain Interaction with Guest Code of Conduct for Hoteliers 11 Must Follow Golden Rules for Hoteliers Interpersonal Skills of a Good Hotelier (Exclusive) 7 Questions You Should Not Ask Your Guests Remember while Referring Problems to Superior Medical Emergency: When Guest Become Sick Working as a Team in Hotel & Restaurant Must Follow Etiquette Tips for Hoteliers 25 Rules for All Hoteliers How to Handle Sexual Offer How to Stand in Hotel or Restaurant Knowledge of Courtesy for Hoteliers Major Hotel Brands Classification of Hotel How to Improve Your English to be a Good Hotelier Useful English Expressions for Bell Person Useful English Expressions for Front Office Staffs Useful Expressions Used for Reservation Basic English for Non English Speaking Hoteliers Common Conversational English in Hotel & Restaurant Polite Expressions Used in Hotel Industry How to greet & introduce with guests English for Hotel: 1. Terminology: . 16. 13. 14. 11. 5.9. 8. 7. 11. 10. 17. 9. 21.

1. Safety & Security: 1. 4. Dialogue: First Day in Restaurant Job Dialogue: Guest Check Out Dialogue: Couple Comes in Restaurant without Reservation Dialogue: Guest Becomes Angry for Extra Charge Dialogue: Room Registration . 2. 4. 2. 4. 100 Hotel Terminologies Wine Terminology Housekeeping Terminology 180 Cooking Terminology: Kitchen Term Glossary Front Office Terminology Handling Guest Complaint: 1. 2. 6. 3. 3. Guideline for Servers for Safe Food handling Hygiene & Sanitation: 1. Personal Grooming Tips for Hoteliers 2. 4. Basic First Aid Procedure in Hotel (Exclusive) 2. 2. 3. 3. Restaurant Health Management Dialogue: 1. Handling Guest Complaint Step by Step Guest Complaint Handling (SOP) Major Guests Complaints 50 Reasons That Make Your Guest Unhappy Types of Complainer Guests in Hotel & Restaurant How to Prevent Cuts in Kitchen Personal Hygiene Guideline for Food Worker Safe Knife Handle Tips Fire Safety Training for Kitchen Staffs (Must Read) Job Responsibility of Kitchen Staffs Food Storage Tips for Chefs F & B Production: 1. 5. 5. 5. 5.

Performance Appraisal in Hotel Industry 2. Cigarette Service & Presentation 2.Other Tutorials: 1. Cost Saving Method . Why Online Hospitality Management Degree is Important 3. Culinary Arts Education in Connecticut Bonus Tutorials: 1. Upselling in Restaurant 3.

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