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november 2011

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26 6 Teaching Artists Try


32 Rediscover Classical Art:

Youth and Beauty in the Jazz Age
38 Imply Action with Composition,

Light, and Color

46 Masters of the Derriere-Garde:


6 Editors Note

71 Business of Art

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74 Technical Q+A

10 art mart

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70 Exhibitions

80 Art for Thought

2 American Artist

New Surfaces

How Modern Painters Define the

New Realism

60 Find Your Mentor:

10 Top Art Schools

Cover image:
The Amazon
by Joseph Stella, 19251926, oil, 27 x 22.
Collection The Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore,
Maryland. Photo: Mitro Hood.

november 2011

26 Surfaces: The Groundwork for Beauty
by Rob Zeller

The quality of materials artists employ matters almost as

much as the skill set and vision of the artists themselves.
The decision of which type of ground to use is one of the
most important choices an artist makes when beginning an artwork, because surface texture has a profound
effect on the working process and the resulting piece.
32 The Art of the American Twenties,

Part 1: The Liberating Figure

by John A. Parks

A major new exhibition revisits the 1920s, one of the

most dynamic decades in American history. Our first
look at this show reveals how both popular and artistic
attitudes to the figure changed dramatically during this
38 Daniel E. Greene: Studio Inventions Depicting the Real
by Michael Gormley

This artists strikingly lifelike paintings employ highly

evolved abstract design principles. His large-scale depictions of subway stations and auction houses are carefully staged studio inventions involving a focused and
detailed production process that is cinematic in scope.


46 Jacob Collins: Classical Inspiration, New Vision

by Austin R. Williams

This master contemporary realist combines time-honored

painting traditions with a fresh and individual sensibility.
52 Juan Carlos Martnez: Honoring the Past,

Firmly in the Present

by Naomi Ekperigin

This realist artist and instructor discovered that the 19thcentury academic method enabled him to not only render
the world as he saw it but also honor the Masters who
made such expression possible.
60 Pursuing the Classical Dream: American Artists

Guide to Art Schools


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