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desire vb.
1. to long for; crave.
2. to request. 3. a wish
or longing. 4. a request.
5. appetite. 6. a person
or thing that is desired.
[Latin: desiderare]

2 . Hacel
Introduction 3

Product Contents 4
Design 11
Teamwork 13
Colour 15
Environment 17
Clients 19

Power Spots 21 Technical Information 375

Relux Lighting Software 377

Track Systems 57 Photometrics 378

Lamp Characteristics 389

Livewire 63 System Characteristics 394

Wiring Diagrams 398

Recessed Downlighters 67 Energy Efficiency 402

Credits 404

Ported Downlighters 137 Alphabetical Index 408

Numerical Index 409

Options Index 410

Grid Light Modules 153
Terms & Conditions Inside Back Cover

Linear Light Systems 2 & 3 183 Technical Key - Fold Out Flap

Product Codes Explained

Highbay Luminaires 225 Symbols

Control Gear

Wall Lights 233 Colours

Pendants & Free Standing Luminaires 281

Floor Lights 319

Network Modular System 333

When viewing the catalogue always

Accessories & Options 369
unfold the Technical Key on the
inside back cover.

Introduction . 3
Power Spots p21 Track Systems p57

Pageant Opus Yega 894 Single Circuit Track Three Circuit Track
p22 p28 p32 p58 p60

Yega 536
Yega 896
Yega 721
Livewire p63

Yega 869 Yega 730 Yega 722 Livewire Spots Livewire Power Packs
p42 p44 p46 p64 p65

Yega 738 Tana Tellina

p46 p48 p49

Esprit Conic Mir

p50 p51 p52

Aura Mirage Cirrus

p52 p53 p54

4 . Hacel
Recessed Downlighters p67

Product Contents
Solara Slim Solara Info Solara Performer Solara Micro Solara Maximus Solara Exit
p70 p76 p78 p80 p82 p86

Opulus Recessed Opulus Arill Arill Adjustable Arill Adjustable Focus Adjustable Quorum
p88 Recessed p96 TriColor p102 p104
p92 p100

Concourse Concourse Tilt Theta Theta Kava Tilt Evolva Tilt

p105 p105 p106 Duet,Trio, Quatro p114 p115

Horizon Horizon Tilt Spira Eclipse Adjustable Eyeball Adjustable Gimbal Round Tilt
p116 p117 p118 p122 p125 p125

Gimbal Square Tilt Montage Delux Montage Floating Aqua Splash Capsule Wallwasher
p125 p126 Glass Resistant p129 p129
p126 p128

Minilighter Vogue Par 20 & 30 Chill Chill Halo Ice Ice Halo
p131 p131 p132 p132 p134 p134

Introduction . 5
Ported Downlighters p137 Linear Light2 p182

Ported Eclipse Ported Arill Linear Light2 Linear Light2 Linear Light2
Recessed Recessed Etched Square Louvre Etched Squares
p140 p142 p189 p189 p192

Ported Eclipse Ported Arill Linear Light2 Linear Light2 Linear Light2
Suspended Suspended Spacer Connectors/End Cap Horizon
p146 p148 p195 p195-197 p198

Grid Light Modules p153 Linear Light2

Linear Light2
Yega 738
Linear Light2
Yega 869
p200 p202 p203

Scenaric Scenaric 3 Slimwasher 922 Linear Light2 Linear Light2

p154 p158 p164 Yega 730 Track
p204 p206

Slimwasher 924 Scenaric Daylight Atol

p165 p168 p172

Atol Eclipse Wallwasher Short Wallwasher Long

p172 p176 p176

Meridios Tilt Meridios Tilt Recessed Arill Quatro

p178 p178 p180

6 . Hacel
Linear Light3 p209 Wall Lights p233

Product Contents
Linear Light3 Linear Light3 Linaj 981 Linaj Link Linaj 977
Louvre Daylight p234 p238 p244
p212 p213

Linear Light3 Linear Light3 Ascension Vici Metropolis City

Spacer Etched Squares p246 p250 p254
p213 p215

Linear Light3 Linear Light3 Metropolis Sculpt Metropolis Café Metropolis Safari
Etched Connectors/End Cap p256 p258 p260
p215 p217

Linear Light3 Linear Light3 Breeze Geneva Jesmond

Montage Yega 738 p262 p266 p268
p218 p220

Linear Light3 Boulevard Lisbon Liberte Plus

Yega 869 p272 p275 p276

Highbay Luminaires p225 Liberte 435/436

Trespass Brique

Aspen 937 Aspen 939 Aspen Prismatic

p226 p228 p230

Introduction . 7
Pendants & Free Standing p281 Floor Lights p319

Atmos Pendant Opulus Pendant Opulus Surface Oledo Oledo Spectrum Trespass Round
p282 p290 p292 p320 p324 p328

Ascension Pendant Vici Pendant Vici Spectrum Trespass Square Trespass

p298 p302 Pendant Rectangular
p303 p330

Vici Duet Pendant Decora Pendant Breeze

p304 p306 Free Standing

Breeze Pendant Geneva Geneva Pendant

p309 Free Standing p311

Jesmond Pendant Jesmond Boulevard

p312 Free Standing Free Standing
p314 p316

8 . Hacel
Network Modular System p333 Accessories & Options p369

Product Contents
Network Network Network Power Packs Interconnection Food Enhancement
Spacers Ports Coupler p370 Wiring System Filters
p339 p339 p339 p372 p373

Network Network Network

Accessories Directional Downlighters
p340 p342 p345

Network Network Network

Power Spots Solara Slim Solara Info
p347 p348 p351

Network Network Network

Arill Adjustable Focus Adjustable Kava Tilt
p352 p354 p356

Network Network Network

Evolva Tilt Meridios Tilt Teev
p356 p357 p359

Network Network Network

Teev Outrigger Track Tigo/Tallis Uplighters
p360 p362 p365

Introduction . 9
10 . Hacel

Design is central to our philosophy. Hacel is not simply a manufacturer with
a design capability, we are a Design Led company with a major manufacturing
facility. Over the last ten years our Design Department has grown to
encompass the latest in 3-D CADCAM modelling, rapid prototyping,
engineering technology and sophisticated reflector design software. The
company’s philosophy is re-inforced by our Graphics Department which
produces all literature and promotional material in-house.

Our policy is one of continuing improvement and investment. Research and

development begins with our Design Department. Our designers are
continually developing new and exciting concepts to enlarge and enhance
the product range. Once a luminaire design has been approved maximum
consideration is given to the final quality of the product. Photometric
performance, manufacturing consistency, style, ease of installation and cost
are all important factors that are taken into consideration. Direct links
between Design Department computers and CNC factory machinery is
also used to ensure the latest design information is automatically transferred
to the product.

Quality of components used in products is also of paramount importance.

Control gear is sourced only from major European manufacturers. Products
are individually tested prior to despatch. Batch testing is never employed.
When a contract is specified with lamps Hacel will only supply branded
lamps with its products.

Relux Professional software is used within our experienced Lighting Design
department to create varied and exciting lighting solutions. Photometric
performances are established during Hacel luminaire design, which provides
the necessary information required to calculate lighting levels.
A full explanation is given on page 377.

Introduction . 11
12 . Hacel
A successful team is a group of many hands but of one mind.

From provisional enquiry to order placement our dedicated and experienced internal, external, export and
project sales teams provide polite, efficient and informative service.
Projects: From initiation to completion our specialist Projects team are dedicated to providing exciting
lighting solutions for both singular and multi-outlet retail, commercial and architectural developments. The
team’s experience enables the Client’s requirements and the company’s design and manufacturing abilities to
be successfully co-ordinated to provide optimum customer satisfaction.
Exports: The Export department is devoted to seeking and assisting custom throughout the world, whilst
providing an efficient, informative and friendly service.The team is experienced in all aspects of Export, and
is responsible for the processing of orders, quotations, samples, shipments and customs documentation.The
department can also provide any technical information required on the extensive range of Hacel products.

Our purpose built factory manufactures over 5,000 individual components for use in Hacel products.
Computerised machinery, die castings, injection mouldings and aluminium extrusions ensure consistent high
quality and cost effective production is achieved throughout each stage of manufacture.
Assembly: A skilled and experienced workforce contributes greatly to our product’s organised and
functional inner layout. Components with European test house approvals are used throughout the product
ranges to ensure the maximum level of reliability is achieved.The high standard of internal wiring reflects the
care taken at each stage of assembly.

Finishing: Automated In-house powder coating systems offering a wide range of colour options provide
a quality finish to our products. Corporate coloured luminaires can be manufactured to a specific BS or RAL
finish. Polished chrome is available on a number of product ranges.

At Hacel, we pride ourselves on our delivery dates. Manufacturing, assembly and finishing departments
operating continuously 24 hours a day, ensure prompt delivery dates are achieved.

The experienced staff within the department offer specialised technical advice on all aspects relating to pre-
sales and post-order enquiries. Production and luminaire testing to EN60598 is also the responsibility of the

Our highly trained Customer Services department is available to answer any post-order queries Clients may
have and will assist by co-ordinating information from the relevant departments. Customer Services also liaise
with an independent national specialist service organisation (UK only) to investigate and assist with any
queries that may arise with Hacel products after installation.

Introduction . 13
14 . Hacel
At Hacel we believe life is not

black and white.The world is a
wonderful spectrum of colour ;
exciting, emotive, stimulating,
serene and changeable.
Colour invigorates and enhances
the lighting and living experience.
New and innovative Hacel
products have been developed to
creatively capture the colour of the
world around us.

Introduction . 15
16 . Hacel
Environmental Benefits of Energy Efficient

Hacel Lighting recognise and respond to growing international
environmental concerns and legislation which have made the use of
energy efficient lighting systems almost mandatory. Hacel are committed
to guiding Clients, via their brief, towards an efficient lighting scheme,
which will serve their needs and provide environmental and financial

The Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme (ECA)

The UK Government has introduced the ECA scheme to encourage
business to reduce carbon emissions through providing a new incentive
to invest in energy efficient technologies. Hacel is one of a small group
of approved lighting manufacurers featured on the UK Goverment’s
Energy Technology List.

A detailed explanation of the Energy Efficiency and The Enhanced

Capital Allowance Scheme is shown on pages 402 & 403.

Introduction . 17
18 . Hacel
Hacel’s UK based Design and

Manufacturing facilities support
major Clients throughout
the world.

We recognise and value the

importance of supporting our
Clients, their satisfaction is vital
to our continued success.

Introduction . 19