R O YA LT Y- F R E E S C R I P T S : A Collection of Scripts for the Voice-Over Professional


Each script within this document has been screened. organized alphabetically by genre and application. All scripts that do not recognize an established author have been written by the Voice Talent Development Department. commercials. dramas. poetry. free of charge and royalties. and may be altered for demo purposes. telephony. How to use these scripts These scripts. 2 . early 20th century. public service announcements. Content These scripts and excerpts have been gathered from contemporary. may be used in voice-over demos. adjudicated. and approved by the Voice Talent Development Department at Interactive Voices. technical readings. variety. Victorian. imaging. and personal correspondence. a readily available resource for voice-over talent. and most importantly.FOREWORD Why this document was created This compilation of royalty-free scripts was created to assist professional and novice voice-over talent. and ancient texts covering all voice-over applications including fiction and non-fictional narratives. all of which are public domain or royalty-free original works. providing them with public domain copy that they can record. or for personal use. you are welcome to edit or change the names and other information used in the original royalty-free scripts. With regard to the material. ensuring quality. as practice scripts.


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htm Google “voice over script collection” Enjoy! Stephanie 13 . and at your finger tips.LOOKING FOR MORE SCRIPTS? Access over 50 original royalty-free scripts. Visit http://www. organized.interactivevoices. Grow your voice-over career with a variety of

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