In The Temple And so with a deep and conscious breath I expand into experience…an experience new and profound

, an experience of Divine evolution, an experience within which Spirit awakens. With a deep breath I amplify my being…with my inspiration I settle into a place that I never ever really left. So here it is that I sit within my temple of flesh and bone, feeling the pulse of my heart and the sacred flow of crimson through my veins with each breath I take. With my deep breath I ground my Presence here in this moment within my sanctuary, secure and safe within my creation. My breath takes me into the smallest particles of my being, indeed into the interdimensional pieces that populate my moment. I breathe in my essence to fill this temple with my own sacredness and grandeur. A luxurious place it is this temple of grand comfort and bliss, a true Queen’s mansion! As I settle in upon my throne within my temple I am in awe of this experience I have awakened within. I have awakened within my own creation. As my eyes slowly open and the fog of the dream lifts every cell tingles and the energies dance in joy. For this temple is indeed my creation, this body of mine that I inhabit now is my beautiful place to dwell and through which I experience the fullness of my own being. How can one even begin to describe what this is like? For truly, human words do no justice to this experience of embodying in the present moment within my living, breathing palace. Eons ago it was begun that I should prepare a point of Presence for a time such as this when I could come into this realm to immerse myself wholly within my creation in order to experience completely my own fullness. For it is my hearts desire to experience my own completion and my own joy within my own creation in a dimension as full and rich as that of Earth. And so with Gaia’s blessed presence filling the space I sit within this sacredness listening to the birds chirp and sing in joy as they welcome me. “Gather round Beloved Ones” I speak to my spirit family who welcome me with warm embraces. The softly quivering voices of cicadas carry me deeper into Gaia’s embrace. In the distance a wolf howls bringing shivers up my spine. Above me the glossy crows soar and I hear a caw of recognition drifting down the invisible paths in the sky to meet me in this space. The Elk snorts over my shoulder, saying “welcome into the place where you belong”. Butterflies of electric colors flit around my body. The magic beings gather round, the fairies and sprites dance in joy. Here in this sacred space of my body which is my grand temple I accept the invitation to fully immerse within my creation. As I ground fully within my own body joy overflows, peace flows and sacredness pours through every atom, physical and nonphysical, of my being. For this is truly the first time I have been able to embody fully in this fashion. In times before, in my many incarnations I have simply put a portion of my being into a physical body. Previously I have merely put a tiny taste of me into an incarnation, as a precursor to this experience of fullness where my full flavor is now added to the myriads of other flavors in this moment. If there is only a portion of the essence of a being within a physical body then there will only be a portion of experience that is had. It is only when the full being embodies that one can experience fully. One can only experience their own fullness fully when fully

embodied. This does not negate the fact that the being can remember she or he is already complete and whole. It only means the experience of the fullness will not occur until the fullness of the being embodies. And so it is with great delight and honor that I sit here on this day, enthroned within my temple in experience of the wonders of this world. As the warmth of the sunlight caresses my body and Gaia’s cool breath kisses every inch of me I sit and pen these words. In fullness I am embodied, and I am Isis. I thank you Darling One, I thank you for playing, I thank you for being and for allowing. You have released all that you need to release, you are complete and whole in I am, in your own Divine Self! For I am you, and I am so much more, not more than you but more than any mind could begin to conceive. Let us breathe together, for my breath is yours. There is no variation in you and I Beloved One. We are one being, total and whole – experiencing as one for we are one flow of Spirit. How can I convey to the mind the profound truth of this? I say to you Beloved One that I have no need to speak to the mind, for the mind truly can not conceive of me in my grandeur. My glory shuts down the mind which is a very good thing – distractions are less with the mind shut down. You can hear your heart, which is my heart speaking clearly without the interference of the mind. So here I sit within the grandeur of my temple, the place I have prepared to experience my fullness. Even though I have had over 2500 lifetimes in linear reality this is but my first. Ahhhhh…yes my first life experiencing my wholeness and completeness within my creation. Breathing deeply I expand within my sacred temple. Breathing in all I am I radiate my glory within this sacred body to radiate without into all that surrounds me. From this my point of presence I expand to encompass the planet and I begin to feel the rhythm of Gaia’s breath for we flow as one. I flow through the dimensions from this sacred grounding point, breathing the pulse of creation, the chaos of transformation that flows with the beating of my heart. As I support Gaia in her experience she in turn supports me in mine. As we sit together in the profound beauty of experience within this glorious cathedral we breathe together. My family gathers closer, the wild creatures settle down to listen, the trees lean into the energies, and I open the temple gates to allow all around me to see the radiance flowing from within my place of residence. Like rivers of pure white light it flows into the air surrounding me and into the Earth upon which I sit. As we all sit in this sacred moment allowing the radiance to flow around and through us visions of a new Earth unfold. It is an Earth we have dreamed about, an Earth in which we can all truly be and experience our own unique and Divine Selves. From the temple outward is spreading a sea of purest white liquid light, slowly and gently covering the Earth. The sea flows and caresses each particle of Earth it touches. The liquid soaks into every inch it flows across saturating Earth with the soothing energies of compassion. We breathe together, Gaia and I, and with our inspiration we receive this gift. A profound gift it is! A gift of wondrous proportion! A gift of magnitude unknown till now it is. The gift of manifested life it is! A manifested life lived in the fullness of experience.

Breath by sweet breath…I flow…through the gates of the temple in experience of my gift. Once in an eternity it is that this should occur…that I can receive the fullness of my being within my own creation. And so it is… Breath by breath Beat by beat Of my Heart I am My experience Breath by breath Eternal

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