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Case Study: Tristan Ramsdale

Communications meets development. 30 days. The skinny.

•  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Who am I? Who made it happen? What did we do? The team The NGO The project Challenge Strategy Creative What did I get out of it? What next?

Who am I?
I am an Associate Director at Landor in New York where I lead a number of client relationships—helping to develop brands with ambition and purpose.
“I’m very excited to do this project with TIE working for a small NGO in Brazil – it allows me to use my communications skills in a rewarding way, I’m able to learn about an important growth market and work with interesting people in a completely different non-corporate environment”.

Who made it happen?
This project is a partnership between Landor, WPP, TIE and Melhor to support NGOs and community based initiatives in Brazil. This partnership, organized by TIE, pairs communications professionals with NGOs and local advertising agencies in growth markets to effect social change. Development organizations are largely unable to afford communications support despite it being critical to their efforts to raise money and awareness of important issues. In this case the focus is on Centro Escola Mangue, an NGO based in Brasilia Teimosa in Recife, that promotes the sustainability of the mangroves.

Who did we do?
• Developed campaign in 30 days • Developed brand strategy • Oversaw creative work • Boat trip down River Capibaribe to see mangroves • Interviews with fishermen and local residents of Recife • Presented case for NGO to business community • Set up platform to raise awareness of mangroves among key audiences • Started conversations about mangroves

The Team












Centro Escola Mangue is a non-profit entity that develops environmental and educational activities focused on the preservation of the mangroves in Recife. They have worked in the local community since 2003. Today CEM has sponsorship from the Petrobras Environmental Program to develop projects in schools from four different areas of Pernambuco. They are looking to further develop their partnerships to promote the work they do among a broader audience in Recife.

Objectives for this project
•  Raise awareness among middle class influencers about the importance of mangroves and the work Centro Escola Mangue is doing in Brasilia Teimosa to support the cause and educate the local community. •  Create opportunities for CEM to partner with companies and organizations that share their values and who are looking to build their own social responsibility platform. •  Show that the mangroves are amazing.

What is the problem?
•  Mangroves of Recife are being destroyed to make way for development •  Mangroves  are  a  cri-cal  ecosystem  for  fish,  oysters,  crabs,  shrimps,   and  birds   •  2/3  of  the  species  of  fish  that  are  sold  and  eaten  depend  on   mangroves  to  survive   •  Mangrove  roots  protect  the  coastline  and  banks  of  the  estuary  against   erosion   •  People  have  misconcep-ons  about  mangroves  –  for  example  people   think  they  smell  bad  when  in  fact  it  is  the  sewage  caught  in  the   mangroves  that  smells  bad   •  Mangroves  can  produce  many  different  products  such  as  medicine,   alcohol,  tannin  and  oils  

Thank  you!  
Drink  coffee  with  us…  

The NGO is looking to build awareness among a broader middle class audience

But our audience doesn’t think about mangroves


•  Insight: target audience is blind to the mangroves and the role they play in their life (physical presence in Recife, natural ecosystem for food, natural habitat for animals, beautiful part of scenery, name of music Mangue Beats, name of street Via Mangue)"

Other examples of this phenomenon Joshua Bell

Other examples of this phenomenon Street Children in Sao Paulo

Strategy for NGO Campaign
•  Engage our target audience with a big idea, connect with them emotionally, open their eyes to what the mangroves are and the role they play" •  We donʼt want to focus on the negatives associated with the mangroves such as how they are being destroyed and polluted, but rather we want to focus on the positive role they play. We think our target audience will respond well to this" •  Need to create a value exchange. People will only share information and content about the mangroves if they like it in some way – if it makes them laugh, if it makes them look cool etc"

Campaign Idea

"Mangroves are the

hidden treasures of Recife”
– Other jewels include frevo, maracatu, carnival, parks, poetry, rich culture, monuments, churches." – Mangroves are the jewels that nobody sees."

How to Build a Strong Brand
Awareness Engagement Share

Awareness " "Share"




"Engage "




How to build a strong brand
Engage target audience so they share content about mangroves and CEM!" Casa  Forte,  Parnamirim,  Apipucos,   Boa  Viagem,  Espinheiro,  Jaqueira,      
Sharing  Content  on  Social  Media  Sites,   Contribu-ng  Time  and  Skills,  Telling  the     Mangrove  Story   Boat  trips,  Storytelling,  Music,  Drawing   Compe--on,  Mangrove  Plan-ng,   Mangrove  Jewellery,  Workshops  (Can   be  packaged  differently  but  all  relevant)   Click  on  Website  (under  development),   Check  Out  Events  at  CEM       Press  Releases,  E-­‐mail  lists,  Globo   video  piece,  newspaper  ar-cles  





Creative Work

Creative Brief
•  Develop creative concept that focuses on the positive aspects of the mangroves •  Create work that people will share (focus on social media) •  Make it fun •  Show that the mangroves are amazing •  Start conversations •  Drive traffic to Centro Escola Mangue’s Facebook page and blog"

Back of buses

Back of buses

Ad Concept

Twitter Page

Video – Treasure Map



Mega Mangue " Maníaco"

Mangue Bem " Muito"

Mangue " Que Só"

Eco bag


Design Motif



…in different colours and styles!

Badges. The best way to share…


Something to put in shop windows
“We proudly support Centro Escola Mangue in its efforts to preserve the mangroves of Recife”

Complete Brand Universe with New Look & Feel

Other ideas for execution
•  Project images of the mangroves on buildings in Recife, using the theme of “hidden treasures” •  Develop treasure maps where you have to find the mangroves. If you identify them correctly you win a prize •  Exhibition of photos, videos, children’s projects in shopping malls, art galleries etc •  Cartoon showing animals from the mangroves •  And lots of others!!

Ideas for places we want to see the campaign

Media Plan

What did I get out of it?
•  Showed me I can lead and execute a project in a new market, where most of the team speak a different language, in a very short period of time •  Highlighted the value of communications and what I do every day •  Learnt about Brazilian culture and people •  Made new friends •  Exposure to one of the fastest growing advertising markets in the world •  Learnt basic Portuguese •  Insights into how people view the upcoming Olympics and World Cup •  How to make a caipiroska in 5 steps! •  Amazing trip to Rio de Janeiro at the end of the project

Some amazing memories…

Thank  you!  
It’s  been  fun…