Cryptic Murders

Written by Paul Chang
A serial killer is yet again on the run. It is uneasy to accept the fact that the form of pleasure this serial killer enjoys is lobotomizing its prey. Julian struggles with his sanity when he is inflicted with lobotomy and his world is thrown into complete chaos and disorientation. He must grasp the true meaning of hope in order to defeat this immense evil that haunts his mind.
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The horrifying events that happen on June 17, 2008 are portrayed in this top tier science-fiction novel.

He was not so intimidating. Julian watched helplessly out of the windows of his soul. Sinister grin. the world around him. Hysterical laugh. a rather expensive one too. This was like the notorious horror series Saw. Flies surrounded the corpses. Scarred eye. Whatever had done this to these now abominable figures would soon be preying on Julian. The blood that secreted out from these empty vessels was a mixture of foreign liquid and chunks of metal. the kind that could only be achieved through years of intentional preservation. Julian now observed as his vision began to degrade. It grabbed him suddenly. Typical. Footsteps! The sudden exponential growth of Julian’s heartbeat nearly deprived him of his sanity. but for what? With the world ending before him. a rather horrific one it . As Julian chocked viciously only one thought could permeate his brain. Julian scanned his surroundings. As Julian continued his limited. Ice? Ah. How did this ever happen? These questions raced through Julian’s head as he struggled to free himself from bondage. My arms. as each covered an area of the surrounding. They were free from bondage. The man was wearing a tuxedo. A person now loomed over him. A small ice-pick and long foreign looking nails. Exhausted and unable to struggle any longer. observing his surroundings attentively. Hours passed and his frequent pleads for help were not heard. Lobotomy! He’s going to lobotomize me! With all the air gone from his lungs. The ropes were too tight. It was completely untarnished with the exception of intensive sweat-beads. What is that sound? Where am I? Julian turned his head aggressively. began to fade gradually as his surroundings now suddenly became darker. He looked around in disbelief. White face. He had hoped that his only way to escape would not be to amputate his own limbs. Julian felt his face. The man now applied a great deal of pressure around Julian’s neck depriving him of the limited supply of poor quality air he was allocated to. holding Julian by the neck. She was dead. It was all a dream. Too tight. My legs. but not just any kind. These unholy bodies came by the dozen. [Chapter 2] Beep! Beep! Julian screamed as he awoke.[Chapter 1] Tears of pain streaked down his cheeks. much like what one would conceive from a slaughterhouse. he deliberately stopped as he heard the subtle sound of the floor ache. His life had come to its end. what a nice feeling. The ropes that had expended its wrath on these carcasses slowly prickled its rough texture into the flesh of these deceased. What could only begin to describe the unbelievably horrific odor that loomed in the air was the foul stench of fish intestines. unable to believe what he saw. Angelica. He let out a huge scream as he now aggressively attempted to break out of his incarcerated body. In the man’s other hand was rather odd looking tools. exhausting struggle to escape the wrath of these chains that bound him. A Blanket? Julian looked in surprise. Julian’s pessimistic behavior suddenly had a change of heart. Oh God. His face. Hearing the nice sound of metal clinking had opened his soul to a completely different world. Julian fought vigorously to free himself from the prickly ropes that held him. To his horror Julian was unable to deny what lied before him.

he could not get the imagery out of his mind. grabbing a carton of fresh milk. How did it get under the sofa. It was perfectly fine. was very weird. Did I leave the stove on? Must have. Angelica is my sister. not to mention the bacon. Julian slowly stood up. which was under the sofa. or was it because he had simply forgotten her name due to the fact that he had only been half awake? His thoughts were interrupted by Angelica’s reply. The scent of fresh eggs and crisp bacon filled the room. or maybe an abnormal sleeping position? Had it had any connection to the dream he had? Impossible. “What are you talking about?” Even her frown was pleasant. how do you want your eggs?” “Sunny-Side. Ah.” Julian ran to the living room. The eggs smell so good. Bleep! Bleep! That sound again. Angelica looked in the refrigerator. “What are you doing here?” Julian looked in confusion as he scratched his head.” Julian was not aware of his habitual facial expression that he would often make when he craved good food. fluffy bed and gently wiped the sweat from his face. Now I remember. “You really look hilarious when you have that puppy face on. This lady sure knew how to cook her eggs. He walked to the bathroom while glimpsing at the clock that had awoken him earlier. in the dream realm. He sat up from his soft. As Julian walked into the shower. Angelica now aware of Julian’s sudden craving for her delicious ambrosia. The bacon she had been preparing was making that crispy sound you would only hear in commercials. Bleep! Bleep! “This awful. Bleep! Bleep! “What is that sound?” Julian asked in impatience as he looked around for its source. Nothing was wrong. thanks. He cringed in astonishment and let out a sharp scream. repetitive sound is really pissing me off” he said out loud. This meal had only the potential to awaken the positive nostalgia of one’s craving for Mama’s cooking. “Look who’s up so early?” The lady said as she flipped the fresh eggs that sizzled on the pan with the hint of golden brown edges. he was stopped by a sudden sharp pain in his left eye. Julian went along with his morning routines.would seem (rhymes). checking his eye. Perhaps it was something that happened at the party he had last night. No work today. “It’s your phone! I’ve always hated that lame ringtone you consistently refuse to change. This lady was awfully familiar. . He thought more about this odd occurrence. As the sound continued. How could I possibly forget? This indeed.” Julian murmured. laughed to her heart’s content. How often does one forget the identity of their family? Was it because he had experienced a small dose of amnesia. The lady’s cooking directly reflected her name and appearance: Angelica. funny joke? You’re really losing your sense of humor brother. he had a sister and she has been living with him for over a year now. Yes indeed. the bacon. Julian walked downstairs down to the living room. Today was just another day. Julian walked to the kitchen and to his surprise a lady was standing next to the stove. What day was it? Oh yes. It was only 6:00 AM. yet Julian could not quite grasp a name and relation that came with this angelic face. ever since that horrible accident. He blushed in embarrassment. “Haha. He looked in the mirror. Oh God. It was odd how a dream could seem so realistic and affect one so much in reality. All he had been thinking about up until now was his horrific experience last night. Perhaps he was half awake this whole time because he suddenly remembered the name and relation of this girl that stood before him. Anyways. it was just a dream. secreting its succulent juices and beautiful aroma. he traced it to its source. Despite his intentions to regard last night’s occurrence as a dream. Saturday.

Apparently. Julian had no real interest in new apparel and had wondered how masculine guys like Baldwin and Todd could even think of going shopping and wasting their money so openly. “Hey. Realistically. the book did not have any words on the cover. It was possible that these were just mere coincidences and he was just being too paranoid. now could be the opportunity. “Sounds good. He opened it. Must be a misprint. [Chapter 3] The mall was as crowded as ever. they passed by a bookstore. Julian put down the book and picked up another book. Then again. meet us at the mall in 15 minutes?” Baldwin hung up the phone. Yes that’s it. “I’m fine. she was sixteen. “Sophia’s Rags” was what this place was called. He said his goodbyes to her and exited the doors of his apartment. don’t worry about me” Julian laughed subtly. To his surprise. “Angelica. The more Julian thought about it. it’s 7 AM. He went . The store was different. Anyways. The text was unreadable. That leaves thirty minutes to fool at the book store. The writing in the book looked like chicken scratching. 2:00 PM. As they continued to walk around the mall. 3 PM to be precise. Despite “rags” negative connotation. It also lacked creativity as the cover art was missing completely.” Wait what did he say? Apparently the ridiculous sound had not ceased.Julian picked up the call in annoyance. this bookstore had once been renowned for their huge book inventory. Directed by Jeffrey Remy.” “Hey Julian! It’s me Baldwin. so they had to purchase a later show. Julian walked past the first few shelves in the store. utterly worn down as well. do you guys mind if I make a quick stop here?” Julian’s interest had always been in books and recently he had not had the time to really get into them. The new movie that Baldwin was talking about had nothing to do with the “bleeps” that he had heard early. “Ah sorry my phone is running out of batteries. the movie was a detective story that focused on the kidnapping and murder cases of several people. “Hello. What was that sound? Perhaps it was the sound of Baldwin’s phone before it ran out of batteries. You doing anything today?” the voice said. They departed and Julian walked into the store. Heard that new movie Bleep! Bleep! is pretty legit. I’m going out for a while alright? If you need me just give me a call. Julian walked back into the kitchen while trying to rationalize thoughts. the movie had been sold out when they got there. are you okay?” Angelica looked concerned. one in the afternoon. Baldwin? Oh yes. well. Julian looked at his watch. To his surprise it was the same. Julian’s eyes moved with curiosity as he looked from one page to the next. old enough to take care of herself. the more confused he became.” Back to reality. according to Baldwin’s synopsis. “Hey. Cryptic Murders was what the movie was called. But then again. and how often is it that someone calls for a movie so early and depletes their battery life in the morning? Something just doesn’t add up. these correlated events could only be a cause of his minor paranoia. Let’s meet in front of the theater at 2:30 PM?” Todd suggested. we’ll be next door. Baldwin.” he muttered.” He felt a bit uneasy leaving Angelica by herself. This convinced Julian that it had been Baldwin’s phone asking for a charge. “What was the movie called?” Julian asked in disbelief. or a really bad misprint. What’s up?” “I was wondering if you want to go chill at the mall with me and Todd today. “Hello Baldwin. no not really. Before the movie started Julian had spent the morning accompanying Baldwin and Todd in buying expensive apparel. or his phone just ran out of batteries. “You look rather pale. and part of him did not want to. He went to one of the shelves and picked up a book. “Yea sure. The store looked much smaller than it did the last time he visited.

Julian’s heart accelerated as he realized the extreme accuracy this movie had portrayed last night’s nightmare. Plausible ideas start racing through Julian’s head. He met his friends in front of the theater at 2:30 PM as they had planned previously. don’t worry about it. He looked back at the screen. Could I be dreaming? Is this a mean prank? What is this? The movie began with cryptic music. Julian stared at the screen and at the text where filming companies would portray their names and logo. already on alert. I’m going to have to ask you to leave” a female employee approached and looked at Julian with a scowl.” Julian asked impatiently. It was unreadable. Just keep it down. As the movie started. but the boy is left in a dark room. “Hey just chill alright? I promise you I’ll go with you to the bookstore after this movie. His face started tearing up with sweat. The lights dimmed as the movie began. “Damn it! No one believes me!” Julian screamed in anger.” stressing it with great concern. I think I’m going insane.” “Julian. could barely pay attention to the movie.” Julian said quietly.” The lady persisted to make him leave the store. Julian watched in horror as the killer takes these two individuals to a factory. No one seemed to be bothered by this oddity. The girl dies. you have to leave now. If it’ll make you feel better I’ll revisit the bookstore with you after this movie. instead they looked at Julian with intense eyes like he was the perpetrator. had been quite confusing and disoriented. Julian explained the strange occurrence at “Sophia’s Rags. Julian stormed out of the store. Many audience members quickly turned around and gave Julian a hard stare. you should get some rest tonight. unreadable characters. “Julian… I just want to watch this movie man. or you’ll get kicked out of the theater” Baldwin looked at Julian in disbelief.” Baldwin reassured Julian.” Now everyone in the store had their attention on Julian. Scary music to be more precise. I’m going to have to call security if you do not leave right now. the mark of aliens. He looked around him. He looked at Baldwin and Todd. There are just too many coincidences.” Todd gave Julian an annoyed look. “There is nothing in this book!” “Sir. The beginning of the movie was typical of a thriller/horror film. not looking back. ties them up and slits one of their throats. Again many eyes met Julian’s and one person in the audience said “shut up kid. Then he saw the . Todd and Baldwin looked at Julian with concern. With anger.” Todd told Julian. keep it down. a boy and girl is kidnapped by a serial killer. you’re causing a disturbance throwing the books all over the floor like that.” “Hey man. “Sir. “There is nothing wrong with the books. Was he losing his sanity? Something about this place seemed synthetic. His day so far. He felt like running home and enclosing himself in isolation.about the whole isle and discovered that most books were lacking cover art as well as text. “I just have a question for you. It usually starts off with a normal but scary scene as it later progresses into its often complex plot.” “I don’t know man. Julian. “Can you see that! There it is again!” Julian raised his voice. “Thanks guys. and we’ll get everything sorted alright?” Sweat rolled down Julian’s face as he watched in horror. “I really think it’s a coincidence and moderate paranoia. What are with these books? They have no text in them. They all seemed to be somewhere distant. Sir. “You just had a bad night. In this scene. Every line of text on the film consisted of chicken scratching. “Look at this book!” Julian said in anger as he opened a book and showed the foreign scratching to the worker. full of other dead bodies. He then told them about the horrifying dream he had the night before.

Out of breath. Julian walked . Angelica! Julian quickly ran downstairs expecting to see her in the kitchen. He slowly climbed up the stairs to his room. there was no one that picked up. was normal. about the same moment the movie portrayed the lobotomization. Angelica’s face was brutally altered and her once beautiful appearance had now been ruined by the huge cuts and slashes that covered it. “Oh God. Now aware of the seriousness of the situation. Nothing could possibly be in there. A sharp pain entered his eye suddenly. Déjà vu. As the pain died down. “No Todd! I didn’t! I-I” Julian couldn’t say another word. [Chapter 4] Julian ran as fast as he could. breathing heavily. As he screamed in horror. He was in too much pain. It was all a dream. he exited the bathroom as he was greeted by two policemen. It was just not possible. He looked at the boy. Nothing but a horrible nightmare! It had to be a dream. Julian entered his apartment. She could help him. all of them were looking at him. Then the white faced man in the tuxedo. Then suddenly. His eye. he was sweaty. He really wanted to see Angelica. There on the carpet. [Chapter 5] Julian awoke. was the huge rip around her neck. Todd looked at Julian. and then pointed. Julian heard and felt the gunshots. What day was it? Julian looked at the calendar. tears streaming down his cheeks. the whiteness slowly soaking and absorbing her blood. He touched her face. Then he smelled fish guts. It was Saturday. Julian screaming in pain ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. The odor was especially strong coming from his room. Watching in much anger and grief Julian cried as he screamed and tried riding the flies. He was on the brink of insanity. The biggest alteration of all though. all the way home. It had to. Then the flies came. the heavier the smell became. However. Julian jumped out of bed. what did you do!” Julian turned around as his wet eyes met Todds. She was nowhere to be found. Desperate and in need of help. he had just checked a few minutes ago. he quickly called out for Angelica. This was all a dream. This awful and very familiar smell overwhelmed Julian as it flooded the apartment. the closer he got to his room. He looked at the clock that had awoken him. Beep! Beep! His face was wet. Then. His eyes were fine. he saw the faces of the audience. It was not there a few minutes ago. staining his fingers with blood and continued to bawl. “You killed her!” Todd yelled. was the body of sweet Angelica. his eye started to ache again. Blood now spilled on the carpet. Where could Angelica be? “Angelica! Where are you?” Julian searched around the house. through the shops and promenade. He was in his bed. There was no one home. He looked around him.icepick. but the pain would not cease. living in a separate part of reality (rhyme). he blacked out. That sound again. She would understand. It was 6:00 AM. He called her cellphone and again. “He killed her!” How could Todd say that! Julian full of rage jumped onto Todd. pummeling him to the ground with his bare fists punching him as fast and as hard as he could. The flies flew around her body preying on her flesh. perfectly normal. It was him. out of theater. grinning. She was not there.

Then the beeps came again. Don’t call me again or I’m calling the cops. The world around him had darkened and the clouds had become unrealistically grey. The clouds now covered the entire sky. What is going on! Desperately clinging onto sanity. the white faced man. He saw a nearby pedestrian and ran towards him. I don’t know you. Black cover and unreadable text. No answer. Julian called her phone. So were its surrounding buildings. The man turned around. White face. you have the wrong number. Furthermore. “Do you know where the 700 apartment buildings are?” Julian asked the pedestrian desperately. “Hhello?” he said in a quiet voice. Now Julian ran on the only path that remained. making the environment very dim and unwelcoming. Hoping something had changed. all of them were following him. Julian put the phone to his ear as tears streamed down his face. Full of tears of horror and exhaustion. the room was completely empty. every tree. as the path behind him was a mob of white-faced monsters. but it was the only thing he could do.” Todd hung up. This would be his last and only stop before the white-faced men got to him. the man looked at Julian. Julian turned around and ran back. “Did someone call me from this number?” It was Todd’s voice. The people on the streets were gone. I don’t know any Julian’s.into her room. He was sure he was at the right street and address. all replaced by white faced men. No one had been living here. “Todd! It’s me! Stop playing around! Help me! I don’t know where Angelica is! I’m going crazy!” Julian screamed into the phone desperately. Grinning. “Todd! This is Julian! I need your help! Please!” “I think you got the wrong number. Julian picked up a book and opened it. But it was nowhere to be seen. All that was left was this small little bookstore. not knowing what to expect. who to see. and then started walking towards him. Julian arrived at the bookstore and he ran inside. Then he saw him. He then called Todd. He could only go forward. It was the same.” This bookstore was smaller than the one at the mall and the one before that one. Julian stopped in his tracks and looked at him in horror. He tried again and again. He ran towards his apartment. had all dissipated. Seeing it gave Julian a very negative vibe. Sinister grin. Did this small bookstore symbolize the end of him? What could be done at this point? The thought of suicide came . The path’s end: “Sophia’s Rags.” Todd seemed impatient as he said this. The rest had dissipated in thin air. Julian continued on the path that lied before him. Every building in existence. Where was his apartment? It was gone. He ran and ran. Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Julian looked around in horror as his surroundings became clustered with the annoying beeping. but no one picked up. Scared and extremely frightened. The linear path he now walked. Beep! Beep! The phone rang. Nonetheless he had to make sure. Julian ran out of his apartment. and surprisingly enough. Falling back into the same horrific experience he had the night before Julian now struggled to grasp what was reality. “Sir. Breathing heavily. but it was the only place he could go. “The number you have dialed is not a working number” the automated voice said. No one picked up. The buildings around him had all disappeared. Julian called Baldwin’s number. He caught sight of it. was his last and only hope. He did not know where to go. Julian ran. Screaming in extreme horror.

Like the story of Romeo and Juliet. No hope. death is behind those doors.” Sophia looked attentively at Julian. Very cold. Tears rolled down his cheeks naturally. the last remnant of what was alive. the only part of your brain that has control. have faith in yourself” The bookstore now began to ripple apart. the ending had ended with a dagger.” Julian spoke slowly. He opened his eyes. many endings has ended with the use of daggers. “Even knowing so much. They circumvented Julian. He could hear the footsteps of the white-faced men nearing the building. This world in which he has existed was only a sector of his brain. She’s alive.” The ground began shaking violently. There is no hope. a dagger was there on the counter for him. this unforgiving imprisonment. All there that remained was this little bookstore. when things seem the absolute worst. Even at the darkest hours of your life. There was hope. the small remnant of what is left of you. I know it. This was Julian’s world. With eyes full of hope and power Julian thundered “This is my domain!” The gush of wind threw the white-faced men into the sky with such tremendous force their faces were torn off their skeleton. Sophia was gone. the explosion of millions of atomic particles. He was no longer afraid. physically. You and I are at the brink of destruction. “I am Sophia. [Chapter 6] “There is no hope” Julian murmured. He had lost everything. Was this the end? Is this the end of the road? Julian closed his eyes and embraced the cold. there is always hope. which ultimately symbolized the core of his knowledge and rationality. The roof shattered and its wooden pieces disappeared into the oblivion below. he was the . “I am the conscience of your soul! The keeper of this world! I am Sophia!” Julian looked in amazement. Astonished that such a person existed. do not give up. his opportunity to escape this hell. This place is all there is left. This invisible wrath was very much like the hands of God. A simple tool such as a dagger has ended the lives of many. To return to the nothingness from which he was created. Julian stood at the edge of the remaining wooden floor. It’s cold.” “T-The dreams were real. heat coming from his heart. Each step they took darkened the floor. It’s too late. What a lovely feeling. “You must have faith. the wallpaper tearing off the bricks of its foundation. Believe in your capabilities. There was something to live for. A sudden strong gush of wind ascended from the clouds tearing apart the darkness. The blast was like a supernova. He felt sudden warmth coming from his chest. Hope! This is what hope felt like. “There is always hope. “W-Who is there?” Julian stuttered in surprise. Julian could feel the cold hearts of these unholy creatures. “H-How” Sophia continued. The foreign text and missing cover art was the damage the lobotomy had bestowed upon this world. Angelica. what more is there to live for? He put the dagger up to his neck. This was his opportunity. “Remember who you are. To his surprise. Now the army of white-faced men approached Julian. The lobotomy has taken its effect. It was pouring so freely and out of his soul.” A lady stepped out from the dark. this world began to his mind as he wanted to end his life to free himself from this hell hole. “This world has been threatened by the evils of the outside world. As the lobotomy settled in. “I understand now. The paint crackled as the walls separated. So this is hope.” Julian now understood. He picked up the dagger.” A woman’s voice appeared out from the abyss.

It was faint. Julian had called the authorities moments after they had exited the slaughterhouse and had been safely escorted to the hospital. Angelica was completely untarnished and in healthy condition by the time they reached the hospital. but would be handicapped for the rest of his life. The pain was still there. Unfortunately. A part of his brain had been severely damaged. Or what was left of him. He wiped it with his shirt. Angelica! The man was looming over her. in the same exact place in his dreams. Here he was. his eyes met the body of a young girl. doctors could not quite grasp the fact how he had survived the incident. “Y-You! I lobotomized you! You should be dead as a vegetable!” The man stumbled and fell on the floor as Julian walked towards him. I’ve rebuilt this city. Julian threw the door wide open with all his might. but worth a try. The serial killer had been incarcerated. but somehow. It was his missed calls. The white-faced man turned around in shock. As for Julian. and fresh books. His face had been completely smashed in until it was unrecognizable from the fatal blows that he had received. there was always hope. he had survived it all and retained all of his memories. It was the white-faced man. looking at Julian like he had just seen a ghost. The man looked desperately for a tool he could find. He quickly ran around looking for a possible exit route or a hint of where his sister might be. Julian had conquered this battle. As his eyes scanned the room from the small crack he peered through. Beep! Beep! He looked around his surroundings. My name is Sophia and ever since the incident. [Chapter 7] Julian opened his eyes. anything. Julian opened it slowly and peered inside. Angelica.ultimate creator. The next part I will not describe in detail. he had learned a very important lesson that day. As for Julian. He looked around the dead bodies. At the end of the day. He had discovered the source of the beeping. . they could only identify the killer from his DNA sample and Wallet ID. As policemen arrived at the scene. The remains of these skeletons scorched in the flames of the sun. the killer was still alive. past the carnivorous flies and through one of the doors at the side of the room. How long had he been here? Julian moved his aching limbs and struggled to get on his feet. This inner world has been better than ever and this bookstore has been rebuilt and replaced with bountiful amounts of new. His limbs had been dislocated in thirty eight different areas and there were traces of excrements on his underwear. “This girl. the alpha and omega. There was blood leaking down from his face. Enraged. No Angelica isn’t here. you know her! I’ll kill her if you come any closer!” The man regained his confidence as he smiled and held a switch blade to her unconscious face. This is the story of Julian Cope and how he conquered the events that happened on June 17. you’ve pissed me off enough already!” Julian roared as he stepped forward. He followed the faint trail of blood and arrived at a black door. Hope is what gives us strength. 2008. He had learned that no matter how bad a situation could be. His eye. “Mother Fucker. Angelica. Julian smelled the sick depraved stench of the killer’s odor. Julian left with his sister. Then he saw the drops of blood. He walked past the foul bodies that hung from the ceiling.

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