Free Project

Retro Tie Bag
YOU WILL NEED: Fabric: 3/8 yard, 45” or 60” wide Lining: 3/8 yard, 45” wide SUGGESTED FABRICS: Lt. wt. Woolens, Linens, Silk Satin, Silk Dupioni and Velvet. NOTIONS: 9” Zipper INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Stitch upper edges of FRONT and BACK 1 sections together, leaving open between large ’s. Baste between large ’s. Press seam open. 5. Open zipper. Stitch front and back together along sides and lower edges, as shown. upper and lower edges, using a zipper foot. Remove basting.

6. With right sides together, fold each TIE 2 section along foldline. Stitch, leaving straight end open. 2. Whipstitch upper end of zipper tape together. 7. Turn right side out; press. Baste raw edges together. 3. Center closed zipper, face down, over seam between large ’s. Baste 1/4” from zipper teeth.

8. On outside, pin ties to upper side edges of front and back, matching ‘s; baste.

4. On outside, stitch along basting and across
© 2007 Butterick, The McCall Pattern Company

9. On inside, fold upper corners, as shown,

matching symbols. 13. 10. as shown. 12. Stitch between small ‘s. Stitch upper edges of front and back LINING 1 sections together. The McCall Pattern Company 2 . ENJOY! © 2007 Butterick. With wrong sides together. YOU’RE FINISHED. matching symbols. 11. Fold upper corners of lining. slip lining inside bag. Turn in opening edges to clear zipper teeth. slipstitch to zipper tape. press. Turn right side out. Stitch side an lower edges. Stitch between small ’s. leaving open between large ‘s.