I listen and understand stories that are read to me

I listen with understanding

I retell stories using the pictures I can tell a connected story using pictures

I can retell a story with:
Characters Setting Problem

I can retell: beginning, middle and end I can respond to questions about the story


I hear, work, and play with spoken language

I know when words rhyme I can say rhyming words I can blend syllables together

I can clap words in a sentence I can clap syllables I can say and read word families

I can match words that begin with the same sound

I can find the beginning sound I can find the ending sound

I can blend two sounds to make a word I can blend three sounds to make a word I can chunk three sounds in a word

I know letters, sounds, and words

I recognize UPPERCASE letters

I recognize lowercase letters I recognize sight words

Concepts of Print
I am aware of print and how to handle a book

I can find the front and back of a book I know where to begin reading I start reading at the top of a page

I read sentences and words from left to right

First I read the left page, then I read the right page

I use the return sweep when reading a sentence I use word to word matching I understand what a word is

I understand what a letter is I know there are spaces between words I know the meaning of a period

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