PARKS AND RECREATION “Snow Day” by John Ridlehoover

ACT ONE FADE IN: INT. PARK'S DEPARTMENT OFFICE – DAY LESLIE KNOPE looks outside to see snow falling to the ground. LESLIE Hey guys! It's snowing! Everyone runs to the window. from the hallway. Andy comes running in

ANDY Yes! Let's go play in it! Can we Leslie? Please?! LESLIE I don't see why not. RON SWANSON walks in from his office. RON Leslie... Everyone looks at Ron. door. Ron starts running towards the

RON (CONT'D) Last one out is rotten egg! Ron runs outside and everyone follows him. RON INTERVIEW RON Oh I love the snow, it takes me back to better times. Hot chocolate by the fire, mom baking cookies, and the sound of my brother screaming as he gets one of his appendages frozen

to something. EXT – PARK'S DEPARTMENT BUILDING – DAY Leslie is laying on the ground making a snow angel. Look! LESLIE Snow angel!

Andy is drawing something in the snow with his feet. ANDY Look honey! Andy laughs while April looks at the camera. ANDY (CONT'D) Snow penis. Andy continues laughing. Jerry is drawing a scene with deer, rabbits and birds in the snow. April walks over and starts stepping on his mural on purpose. APRIL Hey Jerry. What you doing Jerry? Why you just laying in the snow Jerry? Jerry shakes his head. INT – PARK'S DEPARTMENT OFFICE – DAY TOM HAVERFORD walks into the Park's Department Office and sees the snow. He looks terrified. TOM HAVERFORD INTERVIEW TOM I'm from South Carolina. I hate the snow. The one time it snowed in the SC I slipped and broke my ankle. I was on crutches for 3 months. Plus the muddy snow ruined my brand new Jordon's. So, no, I will not be playing in the snow. INT. - PARK'S DEPARTMENT OFFICE – DAY

Andy runs into the Park's Department Office with a handful of snow. ANDY Snow wash!!!! TOM NOOOOO!!!!!!! Andy piles the snow on Tom.

EXT. - PARK'S DEPARTMENT OFFICE – DAY JERRY So Leslie, can we go home? DONNA Yea because I'm not getting any of that muddy snow on my Mercedes on the ride home. APRIL You're not worried about wrecking and dying and having your brain matter scattered all over the road? DONNA Please, I've got better driving skills than Vin Diesel in the Fast and Furious. APRIL That movie sucks, so can we go home? LESLIE Oh, I don't know guys. EVERYONE Aw, come on Leslie. BEN Yea, Leslie maybe we can hang out, watch some movies, drink some hot chocolate?

Leslie smiles. LESLIE Just let me go ask Ron. Everyone looks at Ben. BEN What? INT. PARK'S DEPARTMENT OFFICE – DAY Leslie walks in the office. Tom is sitting at his desk in a big coat. He is shivering. LESLIE Tom, have you seen Ron? TOM He left. I told him you should never drive in a blizzard, but he wouldn't listen. He just wouldn't listen. LESLIE There's barely enough snow out there to cover the ground. Where did you get that jacket? TOM I borrowed it from Ron. He said I needed it more than he did. RON INTERVIEW Ron is on his couch drinking hot chocolate. RON Tom was shivering like an abused chihuahua, while I am able to withstand extreme colds. I once was trapped in a meat locker for 2 days at a grocery store I worked at when I was younger. I survived by thawing steaks

with my butt cheeks. INT. PARK'S DEPARTMENT OFFICE - DAY April and Andy walk in from outside. APRIL So can we leave Leslie? ANDY Yea, because we have a kiddie pool in the backyard, and I wanna see if it froze over so we can skate on it. Jerry and Donna walk inside. LESLIE Um, I guess so.

INT. GOVERNMENT BUILDING HALLWAY – DAY Everyone is packed up and walking towards the exit. CHRIS TRAEGER walks up to them. CHRIS Parks Department, where are you headed? LESLIE Well Chris, I figured since it was snowing I'd dismiss everyone so we could all make it home safely before the snow gets to deep. CHRIS I have jogged through three feet of snow, there is barely any on the ground outside, and I have been meticulously checking the weather. And according to the professionals down at channel 4, we aren't going to get more snow then we already have.

LESLIE Yea, but Chris.... CHRIS So let's just treat this as a normal day, okay Leslie Knope? Leslie looks aggravated as Chris smiles and walks away. LESLIE INTERVIEW LESLIE I guess I understand where Chris is coming from. I mean if the government took a break for every little thing there would be chaos. So I fully respect his decision. APRIL INTERVIEW APRIL Fuck Chris.

DONNA INTERVIEW DONNA Fuck Chris. TOM INTERVIEW Tom is still very bundled up. TOM Are you kidding me!? There is no way I am stepping foot out of that door! Have you ever seen the Day After Tomorrow? BEN INTERVIEW BEN Yea, fuck Chris. INT PARK'S DEPARTMENT OFFICE – DAY LESLIE

Okay guys, you heard Chris let's just treat this like a normal day. Everyone groans. LESLIE (CONT'D) Come on guys let's just finish out the day, then we get out of here.

INT PARK'S DEPARTMENT OFFICE – LATER Everyone is gathered around a television set. TV REPORTER People are advised to stay off the roads. This is possibly the worst snowstorm Pawnee has seen in over 20 years. LESLIE Oh my god. TOM (almost crying) I told you guys, we're all going to freeze to death. APRIL So you mean we are stuck here? BEN I'm going to kill Chris. LESLIE Now listen guys I'm sure the storm will pass soon. Everyone is probably just over-reacting. I just hope Ron made it home okay. INT. RON'S HOUSE – DAY Ron is sitting in front of his fireplace drinking scotch and reading a newspaper.

INT PARK'S DEPARTMENT OFFICE – DAY LESLIE So we are all just going to wait it out okay. ANDY Maybe we should huddle together for warmth. Andy hugs Tom. APRIL The heater is still on, idiot. BEN Okay I'm gonna go get my coat out of my car just incase the power goes out. Does anybody else need to get anything before they lock the front doors? ANDY No Ben, don't go out there. could be something lying in wait. BEN Like what? John Carpenter's The Thing? LESLIE I'll go with you. BEN Cool. Leslie and Ben start to head towards the door. TOM Wait! I'll go with you guys. I need to face my fear. Plus I've got a Nintendo 3DSI in my car and it's super boring in here. Just go wait in the hallway, I'll meet you out there in five minutes.


INT. HALLWAY – DAY Leslie and Ben are waiting in the hallway. at his watch. BEN Okay it's been I just need to out of my car, go ahead right LESLIE Sure. Leslie and Ben walk down the hallway. Tom runs out of the Park's Department Office covered in a huge jacket, camo overalls, an orange ski mask, and big boots. TOM Ben? Ben looks

like 15 minutes. go grab my coat you just want to quick?


Tom looks out a window to see the snow falling hard. TOM God, they could freeze to death. I've got to go find them. TOM INTERVIEW Tom is still dressed in the jacket, overalls, and ski mask. TOM I found all this stuff in Ron's office. I guess he left it here from the hunting trip. I couldn't find his gun though. Hopefully, I won't need it. INT. HALLWAY – DAY Leslie and Ben are walking down the hallway. stop at Chris' office. BEN Hold on. I wanna go give Chris a piece of my mind. They

LESLIE Okay. Ben walks into Chris' office. LESLIE (CONT'D) God, was that sexy or what? Ben walks back out. BEN He wasn't in there. LESLIE Huh? EXT. ROAD – DAY Chris is jogging through the snow. INT. HALLWAY – DAY Tom is slowly making his way through the hallway. TOM Don't worry guys. be there soon.




JERRY So April, my daughter is about your age. Would you be interested in getting together with her for a play date? APRIL Gee Jerry, that sounds like fun, especially if your daughter is as fun and interesting as you. Jerry smiles. APRIL (CONT'D) But I think I'm gonna have to pass. Andy runs back in from outside. ANDY Hey babe come look what I built. APRIL Hold on, I think since we are going to probably be stuck here for tonight we should call sleeping areas. I call Ron's office! DONNA WHAT!? No way, everyone knows Ron keeps an extra air mattress in there for afternoon naps, and that bitch is mine. ANDY Babe, we don't need that, I built us an igloo. EXT. PARK'S DEPARTMENT OFFICE – EVENING Andy is standing in front of a big pile of snow. ANDY Welcome to Andy and April's igloo of love. As you can

see I carved out enough room for us to sleep comfortably ANDY (CONT'D) without being susceptible to the elements. Andy jumps into a hold he carved out in the big pile of snow. As soon as he jumps in the snow collapses. April looks at the camera as Andy is flailing under the snow pile. EXT. GOVERNMENT BUILDING – DAY Ben is shown running to his car and grabbing his coat while Leslie waits under a porch. Ben runs back covered in snow. BEN God, this is some extreme weather. LESLIE Yea, you look like the abominable snowman sneezed on you. BEN Yea, well let's head back inside. INT. GOVERNMENT BUILDING HALLWAY – EVENING Leslie and Ben enter the building. BEN God, I think that might have been a bad idea. I'm gonna be soaked now. LESLIE I think Ron might have some clothes he left from the hunting trip in his office. You can change into those. Leslie and Ben start walking down the hallway. INT. HALLWAY – EVENING

Tom is still making his way down the hallway. at the bathroom and goes in.

He stops

TOM (from inside bathroom) Okay, how do you unzip this thing? Oh, nope that's not it, nope, defiantly not. Leslie and Ben walk by the bathroom while Tom is still in there. TOM (CONT'D) Yes! Got it! Oh are you kidding me!? INT. PARK'S DEPARTMENT OFFICE – EVENING Leslie and Ben walk into the Park's Department office to see Donna and April fighting each other to get into Ron's office. APRIL Ron would want me to have it Donna! DONNA You are getting that mattress over my dead body. Your man already made a place for you to sleep. Andy smiles. Donna and April continue fighting. BEN Um, what's going on? JERRY They are fighting over that air mattress Ron keeps in his office for after he eats a big lunch. LESLIE You guys didn't try to

stop them? ANDY Why would we? Andy starts laughing. still fighting. It's hilarious.

Ben and Leslie look at the two

BEN Yea, it's like Spiderman fighting the Hulk. April is on Donna's back while Donna is swatting at her. LESLIE Okay guys, let's break it up. April jumps off of Donna's back. LESLIE (CONT'D) How about we just call Ron and see who he wants to have it. DONNA Okay. APRIL Fine. INT. RON'S LIVING ROOM – EVENING Ron is sitting on his couch asleep with a newspaper draped across him. The phone rings, but it doesn't wake him up. INT. PARK'S DEPARTMENT OFFICE – EVENING Leslie has hear ear against the phone, but no one is answering. LESLIE He's not answering. APRIL So?

JERRY How about no one gets it? So there won't be anymore fighting. APRIL and DONNA Shut up Jerry. ANDY I've got it! How about we have a big snowball fight? Winner gets the bed. Leslie and Ben groan. DONNA That's stupid. APRIL Yea babe. Snow is only fun for like the first ten minutes. ANDY Come on guys, everyone has been complaining about how bored they are. Everyone pauses. DONNA I'm in. APRIL I guess I am too. ANDY Team mates!


Andy gives April a high five. ANDY (CONT'D) Jerry? JERRY I don't know I'm pretty tired from earlier. ANDY Don't be a bitch Jerry.

Leslie? LESLIE Sure why not? Ben you wanna be my team mate? APRIL So you guys are gonna share the bed if you win? BEN UM.... LESLIE I don't, uh.... BEN I'll be on your team just for the satisfaction of kicking everyone's ass. Everyone cheers and heads outside. EXT. GOVERNMENT BUILDING – NIGHT Tom is making his way down the stairs in front of the government building, making his way to the parking lot. Tom makes it to the parking lot and looks around. TOM (to camera crew) Did you see them? Pause. TOM (CONT'D) Dammit! I don't care about your rule to not interfere this is a matter of life or death! Tom walks away. He struggles through the snow. TOM (CONT'D) BEN! LESLIE! If you guys are doing it just give me some sort of sign! EXT. PARK'S DEPARTMENT OFFICE – NIGHT

Everyone is shown packing snowballs together and building forts for the snowball fight. ANDY EVERYONE READY!? JERRY Wait. How are we going to tell who wins? ANDY GO! Jerry gets hit in the face with a lot of snowballs. APRIL Not you Jerry. April picks up snowball and throws it. EXT. STREET – NIGHT Chris is shown slowing down from his run. CHRIS Well, home seemed a lot closer when I started the run. My toes are getting exceptionally numb, and I believe my penis has completely retracted into itself. I don't think my body has been pushed this far in a while.(pause) I love the snow. Chris begins to run again. his hand as he passes it. He hits a street sign with

EXT. PARK'S DEPARTMENT – NIGHT Everyone is still outside. out. They all look very worn

ANDY Okay I think it's safe to say me and April are the victors.

JERRY On the basis of what? I know I nailed Andy in his back a couple of times. ANDY Oh whatever Jerry. JERRY Look your butt is still wet from where I nailed it. Donna and April look disgusted. DONNA Um, I still say the air mattress is mine. APRIL Um, no! ANDY Another girl fight!


Donna and April look at Andy. JERRY Guys, come on. We can work out some sort of agreement. Pause. ANDY First one to the air mattress gets it! Everyone goes to run inside. Andy reaches to door first and realizes that the door is locked. ANDY It's locked. JERRY Are you sure you're turing it the right way? ANDY Ummmm....

Andy tries to turn the doorknob the other way. ANDY (CONT'D) Yea, it's for sure locked. DONNA Where are Leslie and Ben? APRIL Probably having sex on Leslie's desk. They all run to the window and look inside. They see that Leslie is lying on the air mattress. Leslie waves to them. INT. PARK'S DEPARTMENT OFFICE – NIGHT Everyone is outside banging on the window. EVERYONE Leslie! Let us in!

Come on!

Ben walks up to the door from the inside. BEN You guys promise to behave if I let you in? Everyone nods.

BEN Okay. Ben unlocks the door and they all rush in. ANDY Get out of the way! APRIL Move! Andy pushes Ben over. Donna pushes a camera operator over. They all rush to Leslie's office to find that it is locked. APRIL

Leslie, come on. ANDY Yea Leslie, we just just wanna come talk to you. Not steal the bed or anything. LESLIE You guys were right to fight over this. It's more comfortable than my bed at home. Leslie stretches. LESLIE INTERVIEW Leslie is lying on the air mattress. LESLIE It was actually really easy. I just snuck in while everyone having the snowball fight. I don't know why no one else thought of doing this. Clip is shown of Leslie taking the air mattress. INT. PARK'S DEPARTMENT OFFICE – NIGHT Everyone is still looking inside of Leslie's office. ANDY God, it looks so comfortable. Leslie are is it comfortable? LESLIE It's like lying on Jesus' beard. ANDY Wow that sounds awesome. JERRY Ben how'd you get inside? BEN Oh, I just came in to use the bathroom and Leslie was already in her office blowing April looks very angry

up the air mattress. DONNA So you locked the door? BEN Yea, well I thought you guys might overreact when you saw. My bad. APRIL I'm getting that mattress one way or another. April storms off. DONNA Ha, over my dead body. Camera shot of Leslie rubbing her face on the mattress. BEN She's like a cat. LESLIE It smells like Ron. EXT. STREET – NIGHT Tom is walking down the street. stops. ANNE Tom? TOM (shivering) Anne! What's cracking? ANNE I just got off work. What the hell are you doing? TOM We all got snowed in at the government building, then Ben and Leslie left to have sex, and I was trying to find them to make sure they didn't freeze, but I kind of got lost on the way. Snow is really hard to see through. A car slows down and

ANNE Well that's brave Tom, stupid as it may be. TOM Thanks, what are you doing out here? Don't you know you're not supposed to be driving? ANNE You there are things called snow tires? TOM Ha, no one wastes their money on snow tires. ANNE Listen do you want a ride? TOM Well...sounds like, ANNE I swear to God, if you say something pervy, I will eave you here to get eaten by wolves. TOM Okay. Tom hops in Anne's car and the two drive off. FADE OUT. END ACT TWO


DONNA There's got to be way in there. APRIL Tom's got the key to their office, but he's still not back. BEN Where'd he go? APRIL To find you and Leslie. BEN What!? When we went to get my jacket out of my car? APRIL Yea. BEN And he's still not back!? ANDY Oh god, he was eaten by John Carpenter's the thing. BEN We've got to go find him, the snow is falling really hard. APRIL You really think he's dumb enough to get lost from the parking lot to the building? Ben shrugs. APRIL (CONT'D) Because I do. Andy comes out of Ron's office dressed in using 2 golf clubs as snow stakes. snow gear


Don't worry little buddy, I'm coming for you! Andy waddles into the hallway. DONNA Damn, Ron is prepared for anything. I wonder what else he keeps in there? April and Donna look at each other. Ron's office. The two run into

BEN Well I guess I'll go help Andy. JERRY I'll go with you. Jerry and Ben grab their coats and head out of the office. Camera shot of April and Donna throwing stuff around in Ron's office. INT. ANNE'S CAR – NIGHT TOM I personally don't think it's weird at all. I mean every guy bleeds there sometimes. ANNE Tom, as a nurse, I think you really might want to get that checked.... Anne sees a figure in the road jogging. TOM Well would you mind.... ANNE Is that Chris? TOM What?

The two pull over on the side of the street as Chris

runs up to Anne's window. ANNE Chris? CHRIS Anne Perkins. Tom Haverford. What are you two doing on the road? ANNE I'm taking Tom home, what are you doing? CHRIS Just out for my nightly jog. ANNE In this weather? CHRIS Yes, it's much easier to hit my target heart rate in cold climates. ANNE Well, do you want a ride home? CHRIS I would normally say no, but I believe I may be showing signs of frostbite. Chris takes of his shoe. and Anne look disgusted. His feet are discolored. They gasp. Tom

EXT. GOVERNMENT BUILDING – NIGHT Andy, Ben, and Jerry walk down the stairs. it down first and waddles off. ANDY Okay guys if you get attacked by something, remember just soil yourself. Andy makes


Andy is standing in front of the government building in his snow gear.

ANDY Soiling yourself. Little trick I picked up living in the pit. Animals can't stand the smell of human urine or feces. Whenever I feel like an animal is sneaking up behind me I just push and hope something comes out one end. Works every time. I have never been attacked by a dog or mugger. It works on people too. Andy turns around. ANDY (CONT'D) What was that? INT. LESLIE'S OFFICE – NIGHT Leslie stands up with her legs pressed together. She reaches for the door handle, then sees Donna and April coming out of Ron's office. LESLIE INTERVIEW LESIE I have to pee so bad. INT. PARK'S DEPARTMENT OFFICE – NIGHT DONNA Come on Leslie let us in there. LESLIE NO! I found Tom's water bottle, so I don't even need to leave to use the bathroom anymore. APRIL Come on Leslie just let me nap there for an hour and I promise I'll leave you alone.

LESLIE I don't trust you.

DONNA Leslie I will break a window.

LESLIE INTERVIEW LESLIE I am never giving up this mattress! Never! Suddenly, a chair comes flying at Leslie's office window. Leslie screams. INT. PARK'S DEPARTMENT OFFICE – NIGHT Donna grabs a chair and lifts it over her head. LESLIE Wait! Wait! What are we doing? Donna sets the chair down. APRIL We can work something out Leslie, just open the door. LESLIE Alright. Leslie gets up. LESLIE (CONT'D) I don't know what I was thinking, of course we can tal.... Leslie opens the door. knock Leslie over. Donna and April rush in and

DONNA Get off me bitch! Don't bite me!


Camera shot of Leslie on the floor. EXT. GOVERNMENT BUILDING – NIGHT Jerry, Andy, and Ben all meet each other in front of the government building. BEN Yea, I didn't see Tom anywhere. JERRY Yea me neither. BEN Has anyone tried calling him? JERRY I don't have his number. BEN Hold on, I think I've got it. ANDY I've got it if you don't. JERRY What!? He wouldn't give me his number because he didn't want people getting the wrong idea about mine and his relationship. Andy starts laughing. Ben calls Tom's phone.

ANDY Tom totally thinks you have a crush on him. INT. PARK'S DEPARTMENT OFFICE – NIGHT Leslie is wrestling with April and Donna. She hears the phone and jumps up to answer it. She finds the phone in Tom's pants that he left in Ron's office. LESLIE Hello?


Leslie? LESLIE Ben? BEN Are you with Tom? LESLIE No he left his phone in his pants. I'm in Ron's office. Damn. BEN We can't find him anywhere.

LESLIE I'm sure he's fine. He's descended from people who live outside all the time, LESLIE (CONT'D) with goats and other wildlife. His instincts will kick in. BEN I really doubt that, but LESLIE Listen I gotta go Ben, everything got quiet, I think April and Donna may have actually killed each other. Leslie hangs up and runs off. BEN Um, okay... Ben looks at his phone and shuts it. INT. ANNE'S CAR – NIGHT Anne, Chris, and Tom are sitting in Anne's car in awkward silence. TOM So. (pause) What is Anne like

in bed Chris? ANNE TOM! CHRIS We never really got to that point in our relationship. TOM Lame.

Really? Pause.

TOM (CONT'D) I imagine Chris would be a lot better at sex than you Anne. ANNE What is wrong with you? TOM Not to sound gay, but Chris is really fit and he does yoga, TOM (CONT'D) I imagine that would not only make you flexible in bed, but also very durable. ANNE Tom, I really don't think that Chris is comfortable with you talking about him like that. CHRIS No, actually he's right. INT. PARK'S DEPARTMENT OFFICE – NIGHT Leslie, Donna, and April are all lying on Leslie's office floor next to Ron's air mattress, which is destroyed. LESLIE Sorry you guys, I should have never taken Ron's mattress in the first place. APRIL

Yea, way to go Leslie. LESLIE Hey, you guys weren't exactly willing to share either. Pause. DONNA You guys know Ron is going to kill us. Leslie and April look scared. LESLIE Um, well listen guys don't worry about it. I'll tell Ron I did it. APRIL That's awesome, thanks Leslie. DONNA We can't let you do that Leslie. We will tell him we all did it. APRIL Ha, fuck that. LESLIE April. APRIL Have you ever seen him mad? It's like he's been possessed by satan and Charlie Sheen. LESLIE Well it's something we are gonna have to deal with it somehow. Andy, Ben, and Jerry suddenly walk through the door. LESLIE (to Ben) Hey guys. No luck huh? BEN

Nope I guess Tom is gone forever. APRIL Thank God. ANDY We saw tire tracks, so we assume he was kidnapped while walking along the road. Probably by a crazy person who either wants to rape him or eat him. (to camera) Another case solved by Bert Macline, FBI. LESLIE No, Anne sent me a text about ten minutes ago. She said she gave him a ride home. ANDY So I was close. LESLIE Yes. Andy smiles. LESLIE (CONT'D) But not at all. BEN Well looks like we are stuck here tonight. Ben looks at the mattress. BEN (CONT'D) And it looks like you destroyed the only mattress we had. What's Ron gonna say? APRIL Probably something along the lines of, (in demonic voice) nas fre ha nu ka mea ANDY I didn't know you knew french.

It's sexy. LESLIE I don't know, we'll figure something out. Hey guys what do you say we have an old fashioned Park's Department all nighter. EVERYONE but BEN Awwwwwww.... LESLIE Come on guys, it's not like anyone is going to be able to sleep on the hard floor. ANDY We can all build a huge igloo outside. I'll teach you all a little trick I learned to keep animals away. Andy smiles. LESLIE INTERVIEW LESLIE So we ended up having a pretty fun night. Clips of everyone playing in the snow. INT. ANNE'S CAR – NIGHT ANNE Um do you want me to drop you off at home? CHRIS Actually Anne, up here is fine. I'd like to finish my run. Anne pulls over on the side of the road and Chris jumps out. CHRIS (CONT'D) See you later Anne Perkins. Chris starts running. Anne looks confused.

INT. PARK'S DEPARTMENT OFFICE – DAY Leslie and Ron walk into the office together. RON So everyone made it home okay the other day? LESLIE Yea, well we actually got stuck here, but it was okay, we made the best of it. And the snow melted soon after the sun rose so, it was all good. RON Great. LESLIE Well back to work I guess. Leslie walks into her office and Ron walks into his. Leslie runs to her window and looks towards Ron's office. Everyone looks towards Ron's office. Tom walks in the Park's Office. TOM What's everyone looking at? Ron screams from in his office. torn up mattress in his hand. RON (angrily) Who did this?! Everyone looks around at each other. RON (CONT'D) If someone fesses up now, they could be potentially stopping a mass murder! Now who did this?! LESLIE Ron, I.... Ron looks angrily at Leslie. DONNA He walks out with his

Have you checked for clues Ron? APRIL Yea Ron, we were all here and none of saw anything. You should really check for clues around your desk or something. Ron goes back into his office. TOM So what's going on? Ron comes back out with an DJ Rumba. TOM (CONT'D) DJ Rumba! I thought I'd lost you. Ron stares at Tom. TOM (CONT'D) (smiling) Thanks Ron. Everyone is looking at Tom. TOM (CONT'D) What? Leslie, April, and Donna smile at each other. TOM (CONT'D) What!? FADE OUT: END SHOW

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