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To Whom It May Concern

We support Kathleen's request for financial assistance to acquire an iPad for
Luca to use at home and school.

We can see that there are many opportunities for Luca to increase his access to suitable educational activities through the use of an ipad:1. EASY USE: Luca has had trouble on the classroom computer navigating with the mouse. He doesn't yet understand the relationship between the mouse and what's happening on the screen. Luca has had a few opporlunities to be using an iPad and already he is able to navigate with finger controlled gestures to choose between apps, return home, choose buttons within the apps and basically work out how to learn with many apps.

Luca has been very motivated to learn with the iPad due to the interactive interface and its ease of use. Luca learns a lot through imitation and there are many great speech and phoneme apps where clear sounds and words are said with the visual of the persons lips so a child may
imitate the sound or word.


ENCOURAGES INDEPENDENT LEARNING: Luca can stay focussed and independent for longer with his learning as the duration of activities within many apps is quite long but they present with fast short activities that progressively increase with difficulty. The difficulty level can be chosen within most apps and from the short goes Luca has had on an iPad, he has been experiencing success and feeling VERY huppy with himself! He would be able to choose the next app on his own and only the apps for the day could be placed on the screen for him to use. This ali makes it easier for the teacher to implement his individual leaming program and saves a lot of teacher or teacher's aide one on one time with Luca.


4. A


communication device. With certain apps, sounds, speech and dialogue can be recorded into the iPad along with Boardmaker visuals ( of which Luca is using now to communicate with) and then be used to output so Luca can get his message across to others. One of the best apps is Proloque2go for this, but with two free apps that Luca has tried already, MyTalk and TapToTalk, he has achieved outputting some messages to me....and the best thing is that he loves copying the person's voice so it encourages him to speak.

5. FINE MOTOR SKILLS: The iPad offers many opportunities for practicing
fine motor skills without the restriction of having to hold a pencil. Learning can still take place and continue for longer than Luca can hold a pencil due to the fatigue he experiences with pencil use. Letter and number tracing apps are great where a finger is used to learn the formation of letters and numbers by tracing within outlines of them....see Montessorium apps.

6. IPAD AS A TEACHER'S RESOURCE: When not in use for learning, the
iPad offers apps such as AUSLAN TUTOR by RIDBC and many more, that can assist the teacher to look up and learn Makaton and AUSLAN hand signs for use with communicating with Luca. This particular app shows a video of a man doing and saying the sign as well as a drawn version of the sign. Luca knows

many signs and the teachers and children are still




LEARNING PROGRAM: There are over 90,000 educational iPad apps and many for free or otherwise many for a few dollars that would support Luca's individual learning program this year and beyond. Saving the teacher time and
saving paper would be other advantages.

Luca's main goals

for this year, followed by

supporting aPPS,


Communication- to be able to communicate his needs and wants. ProloqueZgo, Grace, MyTalk, TapToTalk, iConverse, iAssist Communicator, Language Builder.
Speech- to be able to practise clear speech and exercise oral muscles. Aphasia, Small Talk Phonemes, Small Talk Motor Exercises.

Number and letter recognition and counting- Montessorium apps, Finger Count, Jumping Grasshopper, Numberline Frog, Letter Trace, Counting Bear, Colour recognition, emotions and singing- Touch and Say

Luca is a Down Syndrome child in a conventional multiage classroom which has both advantages and disadvantages. With an iPad it is anticipated that Luca would not only be engaged for longer but he would be more motivated and learning would be more meaningful and fun. At the moment the class and staff are slowly leaming to communicate with Luca using signing and other visual aids. An iPad has the potential to improve and speed up this process.


Karen Bishop
Class teacher


Julie Matherson

Principal Tingoora State School
Ph. 41685685

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