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1 Had No Idea I Would Be There When God's Game Ended For Sharon Tate'Susan Denise Atkins
I'jdilor's N o t e : Susmi Detiiso A t k i n s . ;i m e m b e r of Clmrle.s iVUinson's hale-orionled " f a m i l y . " vol u t e s her v e r s i o n of t h e b i z i i r r c k i l l i n g nf iii-U'i'ss Slinvon Ta!e niul six o t h e r s . Recent a c c o u n t s of tin: use nf n a i v n l x ' s in :hc A n d e r s o n area p r o m p t e d us to p r i n t t h e f o l l m v i n i 1 . ilisp;iU'h w i t l i l l i r hope of slum-mi; w l m l liappi'ii 1 - I" persons who sli'iiy ( i f f i n t o tin- w o r l d of d r i l l s :nxl l i n t r c d . We hope t h i s pii^i.1 wili p r o m o t e :in n u r n s i 1 jtncl widespread ciiuipriu'.n <ii:ui\l ;r. r i t u c ; i i : i u : im' public: on Ihe l i m i n f n ] uses nf dvn:'.s ;i:irl p\inish:m; persons who vioUilo I n w s ;;!'. t h e di.v.riliut i o n . possession and use ot iiaivo'.iex The Anderson Herald i n v i t e s c o n u i u ' i i l s from :ts readership in the form of " L e t t e r s to t'nc Keillor" on the following release and on tlic problem of druys. (The authenticity of the following article has been established. H results from an interview' conducted before a judicial order was issued restrainin? those taking any part in Ihe Tate murder case from making disclosures regarding il. The article carries the following copyright: Copyright l%3 by Susan Atkins and Lawrence Schiller.! By SUSAN DENISE ATKINS The Los Angeles Times One day a little man came in with a guitar and started singliiff for a group of us in tlutt place where we were living, in I'nigiit-Ashbiiry in San Francisc . ICvcn before I saw him. while 1 was still in Ihe kitchen, bis voice just hypnotized me mesmerized me. Then when 1 saw him, I fell absolutely in love with him. I found oul later his name was Charles Maiiion. Bui he had other names, loo, ind so would I. He gave me nothing but love, complete love, gave me the answers lo all Ihe questions I've ever had in my mind. This whole world and everybody and everything in il has been God's game, and Ihat game is jusl about lo come to an end. Judgment Day for every humnn heing on Ihe face of the earth is coming. Bui Hint nighl I met Charlie In that house on Lime Street, I had no idea I would be there when God's game ended for Sharon Tate, with me holding her in my arms. And when it was all over. 1 didn't want to go back in thai house, but something made me go. I went over to Sharon Tate, and I flashed, wow, there's a living being in there. I wanted to, but 1 couldn't bring myself to cut her open and take the baby. 1 knew il was living, I knew il wouldn't live . . . Tex told me Ihat lie and Charlie had been up to that house beforethat's why they chose (he house. Tex told me the house used lo belong to Mr. Melcher. That's Terry Melcher, Doris Day's son. But he said that Jlr. Melcher didn't live there any more. But the reason Charlie picked the house was to instill fear into Terry Melcher because Terry had given his word on a few things and never came through with Ihem. So Charlie wanted lo pul some fear into him, let him know lhal whal Charlie said was Ihe way it is. I had no idea who lived in the house when we were driving up (here, not when we gol (here, and not afler it was all over. 1 don't guess anyone else did eilhcr. Not Charlie, not Tex. No one. Not 'lil the nexl day when it came over TV. When I saw the faces againil blew my mind. As we drove, Tex began explaining the setup of Ihe house for us. We had a set of bolt cutters with us and a rope and Tex had a gun. Each one of us had a knife. I'm not sure whether the gun Tex had was Charlie's or not. All I know is that the gun was used in previous killings and lhal U was the gun he used to target practice with out on the ranch. We drove up to the house, turned the ear around and parked it between the gate and a neighbor's Iwuse. We got out of Ihe car and got Ihe bolt cutler. Tex climbed up the telephone pole and snipped two wires, hoping that they were telephone wires. I guess Ihey were. The lights in the house stayed on. Then we gol back in the car, drove down the hill and parked Ihe car ,it (he base nf (ho bill, bill a little ways up. so it wouldn't look too suspicious, so il would look like il belonged there in the neighborhood. We walked back up the hill to lhal metal gate which was closed. We rtidn't touch the gale because we didn't know if il was cleclrificd or not. Whether Ihere was an alarm system that we didn't want to set off. We saw a fence up a slope from Ihe roadway, and we decided to try that. Well, we climbed up Ihe hill and Ihere was a place where we could climb over the fence. So we wenl over (he fence, the four of us. And all of a sudden we saw a light coming out along Ihe driveway inside the grounds. We knew il was a car. Tex lold us lo lay down and be still. Ko we all jusl did exactly what he said. Just laid down and kept quiet. And just as the car drove inlo our sighl I couldn'l actually see what happenedbut I heard Tex say: "Stop. Null." "Please, don't hurt me. I won't say anything." Then (he gun went off four times, and Tex ciime back and said: "Come on." Ar.d we proceeded to go. but the young boy who was killed in (ho carhis death, 1 felt very bad about it when I saw it had happened. And all of a sudden I found I was at the front door . . . well, there's a window right next lo il. Tex, he lifted up and opened the ii-:ml<:'. climli'.'d iKsldc and went around and (lie fro-i! door. We had mi ii!iM how many people were 1 in the house. When we got into the living room, there was a man (Wojciech <Voilyck> Krykoivskil sleeping on the couch. The back of his head was facing me. He had on kind of a "mod" outfit; the pants filled low. Tex went up to the couch, and the man woke up, thinking I guessthat it was a friend of his. He said: "What lime is il?" And Tex stood in front with the gun and said: "Don't move or you're dead." Then Tex motioned for us to come nnd stand behind the couch. Just Katie and 1 had gone ill. We left Linda outside lo listen for sounds. H surprised me Ihat nobody heard the gunshots that killed the voting boy. But they weren't (hat loud, ft was a quiet gun. And. anywav. Tex told me lo go down Ihe hall and check Ihe other rooms. So T went down the hall and fourd a bedroom. T went in, and this girl ( A b i gail Fclger) put down the book she was reading, and looked at me. T smiled and waved. I knew they "uirncd on." just looking at the IH>USC. They hide it from society, but jusl leoking al them, 1 knew they used narcotics. J guess she thought I was a friend. So, then 1 looked in the o:her Iwdroom, and saw Sharon Tate and the younger man. the shorter man Jay Sebring. She was in a see-through shurlie nightgown, wearing a kind of haker underneath it. But they were just talking and didn't sec me. I came back out to the living room and told Tex: "There's t h r e e more in there." And so lie lold me lo go Icok for the bathroom and get a ;owel and lie up the man on the couch. I couldn't find it at f i r s t , hut t finally did. It was a big house. J was shaking so bad I couldn't tie his hands. But I got the towel around, even thuugh 1 couldn't pull it light. And he was jusl he was just so pelrilied he just laid down there and didn't say a word. And he kept asking Tex: "What do you want? Whal do s'oit want? Who are you?" And Tex said: "I'm the devil. I'm here lo do (he devil's business. We want all your money. Where's your money?" He said: "My money's in the wallet on the desk." Tex told me to go over and look a', (he desk, and I said: "Tex, it's not (here." And then Tex said: "Go in and gel Ihe other people- and bring them out here. ' So I look out my knife and I wenl in and SLOO<I by Abigail Folgcr's bed. and said: "do out in the living room. Don'l ask any questions." I went inlo Sharon Tale's rnnm ai:d lold her and t'r.c man to go DIM in li'-e living rtxiin I the three of them went along so essily because Ihey were p r e t t y nv.rjh terrified by what was going on After that everything jusl got w i l d . I'm not sure of the order in which il all happened. I can only see it in flashes. But it seems that Tex lied the Ihree of (hem Sebring, Sharon and Miss Folger logcthcr. Wound the rope around and around them, ihen threw it over a team so 1 could pull it tight. And then, the way it flashes r.ow. it was all panic. "What's going on?" Jay Sebring said, and proceeded lo advance on Tex. I don't know how he got loose. Ar.d Tex shot h i m , and he fell on tnc floor. I (hink he fell on his side, bocause I saw him lying on his side. And then Sharon wenl through a few "changes." quite a few "changes." I mean, her facial expressions. Wow! "Oh. my f i n d . Xo!" she .said. Miss Fnlgcr didn't say a n y t h i n g . S!T ju.s: .-.towl (here, just stood there Tlu> man on (he couch I hadn't done a very good job of tying him up wilh that towel I wasn't talking lo tier, but nivI found in the bathroom - he kept working to pet il loose, sell. "Woman. 1 have no merry liul Tex said to him again: for juu," I li'lit her. ami t h a t "Wheie's your money?" was mj'self Uilkinj; unly to mo. Then S:iarom r Abigail, 1 Then Ihe Falser girl stalled can': si'l a picture of which now, stuiwri!'!! oiilsiiU 1 . :i:M Tex ?>;iid: ard Katie wor.! :ttter het. lint "My money's in my wallri " I'm not Mire Ilia: K-Hio m'n; Tex instructed me (o go get inilsi.V. eithi-:-. i! vail of her w a l l e t . And I un1 just stiiyod (heiv with S!urtied her and ^h? led me hack on. Sl-e w;is so quli'l. Ar.d Tex lo the bedroom, ami 1 told her: c;nne back in and said: "Vou c: it out." "Kill her." .lust like thai, he She handed me $72 or 573. and said. "Kill her." said (hat's all she had, and Then Katie, like an echo, asked: said: "Do you wan! my credit "Kill her." cards?" 1 reached to grab hold of I said no. Tlien I proceeded Sharon's arms, but I d i d n ' t to lead her back into the living want to kill her. 1 hold onto her room and tied her back up and arms, aiyl sa:d: piu (he ro;x! b.iek o v e r the "Tex. I can't kill her. I've beam. got her arms. You dn it." Katie couldn't kill I'.er. cither. Or.e of (tic ladies cried: So Tex stabbed her in Ihe "Wliat are you going to do bear:. And again, and again. with us?" I threw another towel over Tex said: Sharon's head. 1 think it could "You're all going to die." have fallen over Jay Sebring's This caused immediate panic. head, too. I didn't even look And Tex ordered me to kill the I jusl threw it. big man on the couch. Well, I But Sharon Tate was lying went over to him ar.d I raised curled up near the couch, aixl my knife and I hesitated. his ami" her heads probably And. as 1 h e s i t a t e d, he wove clo.-c together. reached up and grabbed my "C;ct on:." Tex veiled, .[ ha:r and starve:! pulling my like thai. h a i r . So I had to figli: for my limv t:i::y were we in :l:e-'(' n life, as far as 1 wa.s concerned. T i m f ? Who kr.o\\s time" l":ve We fell again:-" :: I'tuiir toat iiiiruiles? TWCJIJV ni'mr.e.s? wa.s nexl to the couch. He wa.s Time ! i as no meaning- <l 1 n fighting and I was kicking him. lice estimate the slayers spent I was all oi a sudden lighting About 25 minutes inside Ihe for my life. Wow! mansion.) Then 1 proceeded to stab him After Tex j-eltol. we, Katie five or six times in (he leg and 1, went running outside but I 'would say it was in selflooking for Linda because we defense. I luckily enough had couldn't see her, but we didn't the knife in my hand, because yell too loud for fear of being the man was big and with one heard by neighbors. whack, he could have Wow! Wlien Tex came o'.il. I said: And then while this was going "Tex. do you have my on, Abigail was getting loose knife?" and fighting with Katie. And He said no. I asked Katie: Linda, we found oul later, heard "Do you have my k:iife?" some noise ar.d went back down She said no. and the paranoia and sat in Ihe car. so we had gol big. aivd I tried to shush it no watch for the outside. by saying to . myself: "Linda Well, as this went on. all this niust have my knife, f tdir-k I confusion, 1 just don'l rememgave it to her." ber what happened. Except , Then Tex ordered me. (She I remember seeing Ihe man ! was sometimes known to memhad slabbed, trying to go outbers of the group as Sadie side. Jle was yelling he was Glulz.l yelling for his life. "Sadie. Go back and write 1 was hanging onto h i m , I something on Ihe door." think, and 1 yelled: I d ; dn't want to go back into "Tex. help me. Do somethat house, t didn't w-ant to go thing." back, but something made me. Then, in (he excitement. Tex I got the towel that I had must bavc sho1. him in Ihe back, tied the man's hands wish, and as tie was running out, t h e n I wenl over lo Sharon Tate. followed him and hit him over And I flashed. Won, there's the head with the bull of the a living being in there. I wantgun. It broke Ihe gun handle ed to, but I couldn't bring myand the gun wouldn't work any self to cut her open and take more. So he began stabbing the the baby. 1 knew it was living, man. 1 knew it wouldn't live . .. While he was stabbing, the Ard I reached down and turnman was still screaming. I'm ed my head away from her. surprised no one heard anyTTr:n I touched her chest with thing. the towel to get some blond, Tiie man was pretty much and I proceeded to go to Ihe half dead on the porch that's door, and the only thing 1 rewhere all the blood was, I imagmember being instructed to ine before he ever gol lo the w r i t e on the door by Tex was lawn. "PIG." Well. Sharon was starting to So I proceeded lo lake my get loose from the rope, and haixl and write "PIG" with the Folger girl already hnd the towel, ar.d 1 threw the towbroken loose and was fighting el back into Ihe house, anil ran with Katie, f was just standing outside. 1 was the lasl to leave there watching. There wasn't the house. much I could do because I I ran lo the front gate. Tex couldn'l find my knife. ar.d Katie already were standI couldn'l find il when we left, ing on fr-e oilier side. Then, the .so f figured that I had lost il next thing 1 knew, I was standin the house, which threw a in a there, too. paranoia into me as we left. We walked toward (he car, Bui anyway, I went over and but we couldn't see Linda. We got Sharon a n d put her in a thought she had disappeared. hcadlock. She didn't fight me, We didn't know where she was. I just held her. At times it We called for her. But not too seemed so easy. loudly. Then she began begging me Charlie I guess through to let her go so she could have Tex had instructed us to go her baby, and wow! Katie was to the neighbors' house ar.d do calling for me to help her bethe same Ihing, what we had cause Abigail was bigger than done in Ihc place we had just Katie, and Katie had long hair left. We went to push the bullon which she was pulling. So I called to Tex to do someIhat opens the neighbors' gale. thing. Tex pushed the button, but I Tex-came back into Ihe house don't think he used his fingers. ar.d reached up to stab Folgcr, I think he used his arm or tomeami she looked at him and said: thing. I just can't tell why we "You've go', me. 1 give up." didn'l go through wilh il. 1 can't see it now, can't flash it But he stabbed her anyway, and she (ell to the floor. I think into my mind. But we picked up our clothes he stabbed her in the stomach because I saw her grab down which we had stashed by Ihc there. gatewe knelt down ar.d picked Then Tex went back outside, up our second change of clothes. because the other man was on Then ive walked down the road Ihe lawn, still running and calllo where the cor was, walked ing for help, and Tex proceeded not too conspicuous. to continue killing him. Ami when we got lo the car I f.'.ill must have, had the headthere was Linda in il already, lock on Sharon when Tex came with her second clothes. She hack. And he lold me il looked had begun lo start Ihe car, and like ;he wanled to sit down Tex told her to get over. So I look her over and ! We all gol inlo the car. and on the couch. She said: (here was nothing buf just . . . "All 1 wanl to (io is have my exhaustion. baby." And we all had blood on us. I knew I had to say sonicSo we changed our clothes in Ihint; to her before ahc go: hysthe ear as we were driving. I terical. And while ! was talking was in Ihe, right rear seat, and to her, I knew everything I was Tex was driving. sayingI was saying lo myself. We w e n t (or n ride to liKik for ii place lo iliimii Ihe bloody black clothes. We drove along a .steep embankment. I've got a picliiri 1 in my mind nmi all it shows me is Ilic side of a uiounl a i n and a rimd. I just sat in the liiu-k scat, slumped down. 1 dtiii'l reiiu'mlicr where we wore --and I [liiln'l pay any allcnIhMl

Then Tex had a gun on Ihis young hoy tStcvcii I'fircnl), and 1 hrd Ihe boy say;

Miss Atkins And Attorney

l.iiulii had nil tlic wi';i|Mins all hul my knifeup in the front seat. We stopped, and Limla got oul of (he cm1. I'm sure of t l i a t , and threw all (He clothes, all drippy will) blood, and Tex's gun ami the knivesas far iis she couldover the side of the embankment, clown a ravine, I guess you'd call it. We continued lo drive until we got down to a residential area-I know it was close to Sunset Boulevard. We flipped down a couple of side streets to look for a dark house and we found or.e. We got onl of the ear, walked up the street, and we found a big house. We were looking for a place to wash the blood off our hands and faces. All I remember is that the big house luil a lot of shnibln'iy around it. nruniu! the fvnnt. We began lucking for (he walpr liosc. anil when we found it. we turned U tin. went right out into the struct and proceeded to wash ourselves off. How about that? Right (here in (lie street. All this happened sjxmlanoonsly. We didn't plan aiiy of it. It was all spontaneous. Then, all of a sudden, wo heard an old man and an old woman coming out, out of the house. "What are you people doing?" they yelled. Ami they went on like thatblah, blah, bint). The old w o m a n began screeching: "My houseman belongs to the sheriff's reserve, and I'm going to have him report this. What are you doing?" Tex just looked at the old man and old woman. He just looked at them and smiled, and then lie said, cool as you please wowso cool: "We're just getting a drink of water. Sorry we disturbed you." . The old man said, "Is thai your car down the street there?" "No. We're walking," Tex told him. Like cool, man. He said real low to us, "Okay, girls, get in the car," anil we double-fast walked to the car. The old man and woman kept walking behind us, and when we got it, the old woman still was jabbering away. "Take down their license number." But the old man said he didn't have anything to write it down with. Tex got in the car and started it, and the man came up and reached in lo take the keys, evidently knowing something suspicions was going on. Tex flooded the motor, but then got it going, put it in low and took off. Practically broke the old man's hand, from what 1 could tell. [ just flashed, wow. (hat was a strange house to pick, out 'of all the bousesand then we drove down the road and made a couple of turns and stopped at a gas station. The purpose waswe were almost out of gas. We bought some gas, and the three of us girls look turns goIng into the bathroom, checking for blood spots and making sure we were clean. Tex did the same. But as we drove off, and all the way out lo Ihe ranch, I noticed Ihere was blood on Ihe car, and I hoped nobody had seen it. When we got back to i' ranch, I went in Die kitchen of our linngon! (an abandoned Western movie set), and go; a rag and proceeded lo wipe down the whole car for blood. I didn't know where it was, really, but I knew if there was any, like I ihought I'd seen, it Wn'nld be on (he Peering wheel, and an (lie dear handles as well. Then Charlie came up, and said: "What are you doing home'so early?" We girls went down to what we call the bunkhouse and went, in. a n d there was Brcnda ( N a n cy Pillman*. I'retty soon, along came Charlie and Tex, and we all sat back. I almost passed out. It was like I wasn't there. U was like a seance. I was sitting there, trying to pay attention to what Charlie was saying, and I just couldn't handle it. 1 laid back on (he floor. And J felt as though I was being killed. And Charlie and Tex told me I would be killed if I betrayed their trust. Charlie, he told me many limes: "Sadie, yo'.i'vc tiDon with me two years now. For a long lime. If you ever decide lo leave, I'll take you and hang you upside down, ami slit your Ihroal and use you as an example for everybody else." But it made no difference to me. Charlie was me, and I was Clnrlic. and all of us were one at tin- r a n c h . And when we got back from Sharon's ili.-ii nifjlii. lie just ,iclrrl ,-is tliiiiigh i; never happened. Charlie is (he ly|w (hat lives for each sccnr.d, and pays no mind to what m.iy happen f.*o

seconds later. That's how much he is with it. So Charlie said nothing abant what happened at Sharon's, and I went in and slept for a while, [>u: first 1 think I made love with Clem (Cary T u f t s ) . I'm not sure who 1 m;idi' love with or if 1 even made Inve t h a i ir.Bhl. And wlien I woke up, it jiust h:t inc. I wanted to go and look at (he tetevision news reports because I knew it would be in llio news. I went into what 1 call die trailer, an area located next (o the Spahn house, and there was this little TV in there. I turned on the news and (hat was the first thing thai hit. 1 went wild, and, quick-like, ran out and got Katie and told her to come watch television with me, it was on the news. 1 called Linda in and 1 called Tex in and I called Clem in, Iwcause Clem knew about ithe had been in (he bunkhouse when we got back. Charlie wasn't awake. We watched the newscast, and it kind ofil really helped me to know that I lie people were as important as they were. It blew my mind. And all oi us watching msdc a few c;nimen( = , like'.wit, the soul (Charlie* really picked a good one this time. .Just happened to have been Sharon Tale, a movie actress, an:l it happened to have made nationwide and worldwide news which we bad no knowledge that that's what it would do. There was a comment made by one of us that what had happened had served its purpose. That was to instill fear in Ulan himself. Man, the establishment. That's what It was done for. To instill fearto cause paranoia. To also show the black man how (o go about taking over white man. Then I just put what had happened out of my mind, ttie best 1 could. Bui 1 couldn't. 1 just had nothing but pictures and flashes. It was so vivid I just accepted it, and sat and watched the pictures in my mind. I tried to appear normal, and did my work on the ranch. But I would look at Katie, and Katie would look at me, and we both knew that was the utmost Hung in our minds, that we couldn't put it out of our minds it was right there. And I'd look at Charlie, and he'd wink at me and give me reassurance that everything was okay, was going to be all right. Not that he said it alotid. He didn't have to say it I just felt it. That's the way Charlie was. He didn't need to speak, he just came on. Tex seemed his normal self, just as happy and go-lucky as could be. Bui everybody on the ranch was pretty quiet, /^verybody on the ranch and there might have been 25 or 30 of us, though people came and went knew by (hen there had been a killing. But they didn't know who had done il. That nighl we all gol logelher, smoker) some grass and sang some songs. And then it started all over. 1 forget but I believe that nighl Charlie fold me to get two changes of clothes, and a knife, and we were going to do it again. Only this time, be said, wo were going to do it right, without panic and mess, and he was going to show us how. He told the others. They sighed, and he said: "Do you have remorse?" They said no, knowing that all the time inside they did. And he knew it. I felt remorse, too, and he knew it. Because he knows me inside out. In fact he knows what I'm doing right now, as I tell this. We all got our things together, knives, and I think there were two guns, or one gun, and we got in the car and we just drove around. All over. Linda and Katie, Clem and Tex and Leslie. Wilh Charlie driving. Seven of us. We went out t o w a r d the ttcean, then we drove over to Pasadena (Calif.). Charlie was talking the whole time. I forget what he was Idling us He was just t a l k i n g , lo keep us so we wouldn't he t h i n k i n g about what we were doing. To keep our nerve up, to chase out the fear. Somewhere a l o n g I h e way, we stopped at two houses. One I don't remember, I was so tired, and, off and on, I slept. We slopped al Ibis one house. Charlie got oul of the car lo look in Ihe window, we wont around Ihe block and Charlie came back. We picked up Charlie, and he said: "Man, Ihere were piclurcs of children in Ihat house. I just coiildn't do (hat." He said there might come a time when he might have to kill some children, but we musn't go in lhal house in order lo save Ihe children." And, so, I accepted that. And we kept driving. I fell asleep. I slcpl. I was thoroughly exhausted. And when f woke up, we were parked. . I looked around. I recngni/.cd (he neighborhood ns being one where 1 had lakcn an acid trip with Charlie and the girls, and Home, people who lived in a house (here, i few months before, I didn't mention il to

Charles Manson
Chnrlie right at that lime. But 1 did laler. Charlie got out of the car, and went into a house (the residence of lx>no and Ilosemary LaBianca) with a gun, and we all just sal Ihere very quiel, didn't make a sound, lit cigarettes and sat there and smoked and didn't say anything. Then I dozed off, and after I dozed o f f , I bad a dream. It was so visual, il was actually whal was happening in the house. 1 could see Charlie lying Hie man up, and (nlking to him. Tying the woman up. Then Charli'? came back lo Ihe car am! I woke up. He had crept into the house with the gun that's what he lold me when he came back to the car. And later, he (old me, hero's what he related to me, he said he told the man and woman: "I'm not here to h u r t you. Just he calm. It'll be okay. Just sit down and be still." Then he tied them up with pieces of leather he wore around his neck. Then when lie came back (o the car, and I woke up, he told Tex, he said: "Now the last time you blew it. You panicked the people. Don't panic the people this lime, let them think it's going to be okay so they'll al least go in peace." H was Charlie directing (he scene right there this time, very coolly. Very coolly. Charlie said the last time Tex bad told the people, Hie people af the Tale house: "You are going So die." Ami this caused Hie panic. "This time," be said, "it's going (o he okay. Be nice to them. Don'l cause them lo panic, to put more fear in (hem than they already have. "Let them live in peace to infinity. l,cl them live in peace to infinity." Charlie was directing me and Ihe others. So he instructed Katie and Leslie, told Katie and Leslie to go into the house with Tex. I hoped he wouldn't ask me lo do itand he didn't, because he picked up on those vibrations. Katie and Tex and Leslie went into the house. Which left Linda, Clem and me and Charlie. Charlie instructed the three who went in lo bilcbhike home when they were through. Charlie said he wasn't going lo stay because he was going to take Clem and Linda and me to another house. And we drove o f f . Hut we didn't go lo another house. I guess lie couldn't find one lhal suited him. Bui. mmmnn. f fell asleep because 1 was tired. Bui before I did, I said: "Charlie, isn't thai the house we took the acid (rip in?" And he said, "No, it was Ihe house next door." We knew the people next door, but we didn't know if they still were living (here or not. And if they were, Charlie would have picked il to instill a lot of fear in them, because they had just lotally blanked out on us they were people who had givenus their word, then blacked out on it, like Terry Melcher. But I don't have any opinion at all, whether he picked it for (hat reason or because we just happened (o pass il. Anyway, when we drove into the gas station, Linda got out and went inlo the women's restroom ami left the wallet there. It was the man's wallet, with credit cards in il, that Charlie had Inken from Ihe house after he tied the couple up. We were hoping that n black woman would find il and pick il up and use the credit cards, which would direct the police lo black people, so t h a i it would instill more fear inlo while people. Charlie leads | black people, digs (hem, he spent nin t of liis life in jail, about 2fl years. Then we drove a r o u n d , jusl kcpl driving around, nnd ended up back al the ranch. And when the people, tin throe -Katie, Tex and Leslie who wore left at the l.a Biaucs. bouse got back lo (he ranch, 1 gol Kalie lo tell me what bad happened. I got Katie to .tell me, because Katie and I aro close, Kulie was the only one of the three (hat said anything to me. None of the three had a gun, only knives this lime. Charlie had liad the only gun, and he had long gone. Katie suid when they got into flic house, (hey found (he couple tied up, and they took thn woman info a bedroom. Katie and Leslie look her inlo a bedroom, and tied her some morn and pul her on a bed nnd pul a bag or cloth, or something, over her houd. Then they proceeded to tell her evcryihing was going to ba okay, (hat she wasn't, going In be hurl, il was all going to ba all right. Katie toltl me she knew sha was lalking to herself, not lo the womanjusl like me with Sharon Tate. She was lalking to herself through the woman. just to reassure herself that everything was going to ho okay. Thai all was going to be perfect, was going to be good. Tex was in the living room with (he man. She said t h e - w o m a n heardher man, her husband being killed. And she said (he woman panicked, started fighting and knocked over a lamp. Foughl and screamed: ''What are you doin to my husband? What are you doing (o my husband?" All (he time Katie was stabbing her. and Leslie was trying to hold her, aivl Katie just kept stabbing. I forget how many times Katie ."aid she slabbed her. I don't even think she k nows. Up io I lie time she iwu dead, the woman kept saying: "What aro you doing to my husband?" And Katie told me that's whal the woman was going lo live with, tr.e thought she's going to carry through infinity. Ar.d 1 said: "Yes. you're right there." Katie said after they were through they went in aixl wiped off all Ihe fingerprints at least that's what she said they did Then they wrote helter-skelter in the peoples' blood on the refrigerator: "Death (o all pips" o:1 something lo Ihat effect. They went in and look showers in the people's bathroom, changed their clothes, went into the refrigerator and had something to eat. Kalie said sha saw a fork. I can't remember whether she said il was a kitehen fork re one of Ihose long forks a carving fork. She said she saw it and sln> flashed, who-cee that will spare somebody. And she picked up (he fork and went over and left Ihe fork in the man's stomach. Tex. she said, carved "War" on the mans' chest. When Katie (old rr.e dial, I flashed and said: "Wow. Prelly far oul." I llioughl ii was pretty far onl. Then she said it was.almost dawn, nnd they changed from, their black creepy-crawl cloihes and creepy-crawled in (heir change of clothes out of tho house and nway from il. 'It'.cy took their creepy-crawl clothes with them, ami threw garbage can, Not near there, but quite far away. 1 think Katie said they walked quite a few blocks, maybe a mile and then they hitchhiked a ride. I remember something cls now. It's a flash, a new piclure in my head. Kalie said Ihere was a dog there in Ihe house. She said the dog ju.l sal and watched Ihe wtolc (hing. II couldn't have been much o[ a wa|ch:!og. The dog crime up lo II'IPW and wngfjcd ils (ail, and Kalie reached d o w n and patted its head before tiiey left. K i i l i e said she hnd gn'lon (he
rlliu Iw I fw M, C.lunn )

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