Welcome to my online E-Book, highlighting the establishment, maintenance, sharing and elevation of ones Personal Brand – the inherent

power of ones name. Recently, I have become increasingly enamored with the far reaching capability that the online age is providing, users and entrepreneurs alike, from various walks of life. Never before, has humankind been so ably equipped with such affordable technology that allows us to reach and share - beyond boundaries, once restrained. Basically, if you have an idea, product or service – that you feel is worthy of offering to the masses – anyone from almost anywhere on the planet, can now afford to boldly share their works, with anyone else, across the expansive globe of the internet. Today, the common man or woman, whether young or old, without regard to ethnicity or culture, irrespective of status or wealth can now compete, and offer products, services and ideas not restricted by the stale attitudes and appetites, once dominated and reserved almost strictly for corporate conglomerates and mainstreamed businesses – Yes, in today’s world - if you conceive it, believe it and are willing to receive it – you can achieve the height of giants. But make no mistake about it – unless you are offering a revolutionary idea, product or service for marketing to the masses, you must understand that most likely your offering is more of a commodity, which will require you to set yourself apart from the competition, in order to build and sustain the level of business that you desire. How does one accomplish this – through the unique differentiation of your offering versus your competitors? Assuming that your product, service or idea, is of equal ability when compared against your foes – you must establish a perceived value that will attract buyers and visitors to your offering. This perceived value is driven by your Personal and Professional Name Brand. As you read through the following pages of this E-Book – I invite you to fully open your mind and completely harness and receive the principles of Personal Name Branding, your personal guide to support and to materialize – whatever your outreach might be. Simply put – It all starts with YOU! Thank you Phillip L. Fletcher Author

1. Personal and Professional Name Branding 2. Personal Name Branding Benefits 3. Global Communications Asset 4. Increase Your Bilities 5. What’s Your BQ?

Personal Name Branding 1-2-3 © 2008 SDS Productions Phillip L. Fletcher

Chances are - you were Googled today - just what did they find out about you Control what the web says about you “If your client did not have your business card at this critical moment, how will they find you?" "The media (CNN) says your client is googling you either before or after the meeting.... let’s talk about what they might find." Hello, my name is Phillip L Fletcher, a personal name branding specialist with QAlias – the most trusted name in the personal, professional and corporate name branding industry. If the above questions have caused you to ponder the ramifications of not making the best first impression, or the potential loss of business due to a break in the connectivity link with a client or prospect, or an even more severe issue of not controlling what the world knows about you – then we do_ need to talk. I can provide you a low cost service that will place you at the very top of the Google and Yahoo search engines – creatively linking all of your desired business affiliations and personal endeavors in one place – for the world to see, know and connect directly with you, on an on-going basis. Personal Branding is simply "your reputation that precedes you". Take control of your brand!
Personal & Professional Name Branding – Chapter 1

Why Consider Personal Name Branding? As I became more keenly aware of the potential benefits of “Personal Name Branding” for individuals, businesses and companies (the key individuals within their organizations) – I became more persuaded – that any individual or organization that desired to maintain a competitive balance versus their peers, needed a convenient platform that would allow the creative control what was known and said about them over the web – because ones name is an informational “Global Asset”, that can be used to uniquely differentiate oneself from their competitors – allowing the playing field to be set on at least - a more equal basis. Continually, as I think out of the box, regarding these benefits – I have embarked on a journey to highlight what I perceive are benefits, to be achieved by those in various endeavors and pursuits common to us all. By no means an exhaustive list – consider the following: 1. Individuals Home-Based Business Owners High School Students – college bound candidates Job Seekers – Personal Resumes and Bios, including Video Resumes Community Activists Lawyers Doctors Authors Public Speakers Ministers Realtors Insurance Agents

Financial Planners Teachers Education Counselors Direct Marketing Agent Account Executive 2. Business Owners Sole Proprietors Brokers Partners within a Partnership Entertainers Entrepreneurs MLM – Representatives 3. Corporations, Non-Profits and LLC Organizations Officers Key Employees Sales Force No matter what your affiliation, (as an individual, business or company) we all have a brand, and a message that is both communicated and perceived by our actions, results and associations. Therefore, once we fully understand the power of this dynamic, one should be equally persuaded to seek and develop a platform that will allow the unique control of: o o o o One’s One’s One’s One’s Brand Logo Message SEO (Search Engine Optimization Engine)

The control of who you are, and what you represent, coupled with maximum SEO presence, will go a long way in securing longevity and growth for your endeavor and personal pursuits.

To successfully accomplish this mission – I present to you QAlias ™, a most trusted source for personal name branding, in the on-line industry. Starting for less than $10 per month, you can immediately establish a personal branding campaign that will place you on the first page of Google and Yahoo, search engine landings – and once found – the visitor will have direct access to your: o o o o Contact page Bio page Bulletin page (blog) Business Cards page

The four items listed above, (Contact, Bio, Bulletin and Business Cards pages) work together for you – establishing in one convenient place on the internet – your: Global Communications Asset Google me: Phillip L Fletcher (right now – and see how it works)

Personal Name Branding Benefits – Chapter 2

A “Global Communications Asset” is the deployment and association of ones personal name (over the internet) to disseminate just who you are and what you offer, in exchange to others. The offering may be tangible or intangible, in the form of a product or service (informational or technical). In its initial form, your “Global Communications Asset”, is simply your name, raw at best – but containing enormous potential. As one matures in life, this initial raw potential begins to fashion itself based on ones successes, failures and triumphs in life – raw potential energy over time – continually converting to raw active energy. Every individual contains this initial raw commodity – but in varying degrees, the creation of the converted raw energy is regulated by ones socio-economic, environmental, and educational influences. Ultimately, ones internal motivational attitude coupled with as many external mutual support systems that one might encounter will help to solidify, the continual development of ones - “Global Communications Asset”. A “Global Communications Asset” is a living progressive commodity – equipped for use and service to others. Like any asset – the measure of its performance is based on how effective one employs and utilizes its assets in the creation and perpetuation of successful ventures and endeavors, to enhance ones personal status, and the wellbeing of the community being served. “I am a part of all that I have met – I choose to beneficially affect the lives of all that I touch - directly or passively”.

In the online world – this is accomplished through the creative deployment of your “Global Communications Asset” via the utilization of the unique online SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services of – QAlias ™. By uniquely engaging your “Global Communications Asset” (the strength of your personal name) with QAlias’s ™ SEO technology – you will be able to fully utilize and associate the raw potential energy of your name – aligning and depositing all of your personal pursuits, aspirations and endeavors in one place on the Web – to control just what the world knows about you. Increase your “Bilities” by harnessing your Global Communications Asset Google me: Phillip L Fletcher (right now – and see how it works)

Global Communications Asset – Chapter 3

Do you know your – Bilities? Have you even heard of the term – Bilities? For most, the answer to the above questions may not be obvious – but once explained it will become quite apparent – just how important it is to maintain and elevate your – Bilities In a previous discussion, regarding the personal name branding concept – "Global Communications Asset” – the phenomena of deploying and associating ones personal name (over the internet) to disseminate just who you are and what you offer, in exchange to others. (The offering may be tangible or intangible, in the form of a product or service - informational or technical) – I introduced the thought of increasing ones Bilities by harnessing the power of your "Global Communications Asset”, which is your personal name. Remember - A “Global Communications Asset” is a living progressive commodity – equipped for use and service to others. For this to be effective – one must ensure and increase their three – Bilities, which is: 1. Your find-a- bility 2. Your cred-i- bility 3. Your refer-a- bility In no assumed order – each of these attributes are important, in your quest to grow, and sustain – whatever endeavor you faithfully pursue – in the business world or in your personal arena.

The more that others trust you, rely on you, and actually make contact with you – will always pay dividends and go a long way, in aligning you with opportunities that match your life’s quest. When people know what you represent, how you conduct yourself, and see how you are able to attract others – they will acknowledge you as a leader – someone in whom, they will desire to seek alignment - for purposes of increasing their own personal – Bilities. The rewards in life are circular – learn how to increase your – Bilities Through the skilled alignment, with the most trusted source, in the personal name branding industry – QAlias™ QAlias ™ - guaranteed first page Google and Yahoo search page landing Google me: Phillip L Fletcher (right now – and see how it works)

Increase your Bilities! – Chapter 4

As stated previously, the increase in ones Bility score is generated over time, through the careful maturation of ones Global Communications Asset – which is the inherent power of your name. This strategic deployment of ones name will over time create success – driven by the leadership attributes that will be perceived and acknowledged by your peers. Your name can create positive attraction, which will generate rewards, in whatever endeavor you choose to pursue. To accomplish this, the alignment and affiliation of your name, must be strongly supported and augmented by the elevation of your Bilities Quotient (BQ) – meaning the higher the degree of your find-a-Bility, refer-a-Bility and your cred-i-Bility – the greater the likelihood for success. So, just where do you rank? What is your BQ? To see just where you stand today and or your target for the future – update the grid below by answering Yes or No for each question listed.
Questions 1 - 10 Do you use the Internet? Do you use Email? Do you use Instant Messaging? Do you use Video Email? Do you have a Website ? Do you belong to a Social Network? Do you have a Personal Blog? Do you seek Opportunities? Do you value Relationships? Do you like to Engage others? Your "BQ" - Bilities Quotient "BQ" - Level Yes / No Value


Each yes answer has a value of 10 points – maximum BQ is a value of 100

BQ – Level (scoring) A score of: 90 – 100 “Excellent” 80 - 89 “Good” 70 - 79 “Fairly Good” 60 - 69 “Fair” 59 < “Lacking” In today’s competitive online marketplace, those that thrive, must find and nuture on-going alliances with those within their immediate sphere of influence, for purposes of establishing a base of faithful clients and peers, to anchor their quest in the wider global online market. This is accomplished by maximizing your initial Global Communications Asset (your name), supported by your continual campaign of elevating your BQ – Bilities Quotient. The successes you create via your immediate market, will establish you as a leader for purposes of growing your wider market (those that you may not personally know – but who know of you), because of the published broadcast of your Personal Brand over the online global marketplace. Increasing your BQ – will increase your opportunities for success. Deploy your GCA (Global Communications Asset) via QAlias™. If you would like to know more – Google Me – Phillip L Fletcher (right now)

Personal Name Branding 1-2-3 © 2008 SDS Productions Phillip L. Fletcher

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