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511 Kingsley Ave. Orange Park, FL 32073-4829 904-264-2783
Stated Communications 7:30PM 1st & 3rd Monday Order of Eastern Star 7:30PM 1 & 3 Tuesday
Orange Park Lodge has an active Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star. The following are eligible for membership: Affiliated Master Masons in good standing, females related to those Master Masons or if deceased, were in good standing at the time of their death. Contact: Carol Davis, Secretary for information. 904-813-6764
st rd

September AL 6011

September AD 2011
From the East: While we are dark for Labor Day, September brings us several fun events. There will be a Golf Tournament on September 12th at the Jacksonville Beach Golf Course. The proceeds will go toward the Masonic Medical Research Laboratory and the Grand Masters Homecoming. The tournament is still in need of players, sponsors and workers. If you can fill one or more of these needs, contact RW Rudy Boatright. We will host a Family Picnic on Saturday, September 17 th. Hot Dogs, hamburgers and drinks will be provided. Please bring a side dish or dessert and your family and friends. We could also use some outdoor games and activities for the kids. We will be hosting a Widows Luncheon on September 21. Lunch and Music will be provided. There will be a band playing for the event. The Widows Committee could use some help locating some of our widows. If you know of someone that needs to be added, please give one of them a call. We will have an EA Degree on September 26. Richard Bilyard II will be sitting in the East so please help him out with filling the degree team positions.

2011 Officers
WM Ronald Smith 993-8524 S.W. Duane Trump 772-7648 J.W. - RH Corey Kosciuszko - 535-8428 Treas. Wayne Williams PM - 272-5487 Sec. Charlie Frey, PM 563-3340 ( S.D. - DJ Levy 860-6740 J.D. - Leif Olsen - 759-0543 S.S. Richard Bilyard II 982-5273 J.S. James Orner 254-8866 Marshal - Steven Baker - 210-5912 Chaplain Phillip Cannon - 262-0304 Tyler Harmon Bonner 215-1409 Notice Unless otherwise noted in the Trestleboard, Dinner WILL be served prior to all meetings and special events. Secretarys Corner
Well, after I didnt talk about past due dues last month I received six dues payments in the mail. I guess I wont talk about dues again this month. There are still unpaid dues for 2011 but I guess those members dont read the Trestleboard. We are quickly approaching the mail out of the dues notices for 2012. Dont be left out! I still havent found any candidates to be Secretary next year. I hope that we dont have to experiment with a Lodge who has no Secretary. I dont think that would really work very well. We have several candidates for the Three Degrees. I hope we can catch up with them all at the Sept. 26 EA Degree. It would be great if we could find some more Brothers who would step up and help with some of the degree work. We especially need catechism instructors and tutors. There is no better way to learn the work than to teach someone else. It really doesnt take much time and it can be very rewarding. I have changed my primary email address to The old address will still work for a while but I prefer you use the new one. Charlie

****************************** Secretarys Note:

Im sure that you are all aware that if you are suspended by your home Lodge, your membership in the Scottish Rite, York Rite and the Shrine will be cancelled also.

Committees 2011
Sickness and Visitation Phil Cannon, Harmon Bonner Widows: Jeff Foster, Bill Stevens, Harmon Bonner Vigilance Corey Kosciusko, Danny Griffith & Vince Dreyer Masonic Education Elmer Coffman, Jeff Foster, Pat Farrell, Rudy Boatright, Jerry Austin, Corey Kosciusko Finance: Duane Trump, Corey Kosciusko, Bill Walker, Randy Rogers Charity Duane Trump, Corey Kosciusko, Bill Walker Board of Relief Ron Smith, Duane Trump, Corey Kosciusko Lodge Property Duane Trump, Corey Kosciuszko, DJ Levy, Wayne Williams, George VanValkenburg Memorial Charlie Frey, Lew Smith Petitions: Charlie Frey, Jeff Foster, Philip Cannon, Lew Smith, Arthur Morrison, Tony Cerra Investigation Committee: Stephen Baker, Philip Cannon Non-payment of Dues Elmer Coffman, Danny Griffith Public Education and Primary Schools: Elmer Coffman, Jeff Foster, Duane Trump, Corey Kosciusko Publicity & Scholarship Randy Rogers, Jack Welkenbach, Dennis Smith, Website Corey Kosciusko, DJ Levy, James Orner Blood Bank: Jack Welkenbach Board History & Archives Elmer Coffman, Bill Walker Mentors: Vince Dreyer Catechism Instructors DL Levy, Richard Bilyard Sr., Richard Bilyard II, Lew Smith,

Calendar of events September 2011 Dark Labor Day

Mon 5 - Lodge

Mon 12 - 11:00 MMRL & GM Homecoming Golf Tournament Jacksonville Beach Golf Course Wed 14 - 7:00 Masonic Education Sat 17 - 12:00 Family Picnic Orange Park Lodge Mon 19 Stated Communication 6:30 Dinner 7:30 Stated Communication Wed 21 - 12:00 Widows Luncheon Wed 21 - 7:00 School of Instruction 2nd MM Section @Amelia #147 Thurs thru Sat 22-24 Scottish Rite Reunion Scottish Rite Masonic Center Sat 24 9:00 Open Books Orange Park Lodge Mon 26 Called Communication 6:30 Dinner 7:30 Entered Apprentice Degree