Bellochantuy's 2006 Award-Winning Whisky Bar of The Year Menu for The Hunting Lodge Hotel

Bellochantuy's 2006 Award-Winning Whisky Bar of The Year Menu for The Hunting Lodge Hotel
Bought in 1972 for just £15,000 and converted into a hotel, Putechan Lodge, once an occasionally used 'hunting lodge' belonging to The Duke of Argyll's estates, went through a succession of ownerships and, its name changed to 'The Hunting Lodge' by its then proprietor, Stuibhard Kerr-Liddell, was awarded the prestigious 'Whisky Bar of The Year' title in 2006 and the, near 20-page long, list of whiskies should be of interest to anyone curious about Scotland's liquors in all their varieties - As the consequence of yet another change of ownership in 2007, though many of the whiskies listed here are no longer stocked, The Hunting Lodge continues to prove popular with guests.

Campbeltown Malts
If it is possible to categorise Campbeltown whisky nowadays, then it must fall between the Lowlands and the Highlands in dryness, but shows a distinct smoky character with good body and a salty tang. Campbeltown used to have over 30 legal distilleries, but sadly only Springbank and Glen Scotia have remained in production. In 2004 Glengyle distillery was opened by Mitchells and its first bottling is expected in 2014. Springbank - Established in Campbeltown in 1828 and now run by J & A Mitchell. The family owners of Springbank are direct descendants of the illicit distillers who established the once-numerous Campbeltown distilleries, and the present chairman is the great-great-great-grandson of its founder. Springbank’s still house contains three stills which has created rumours that it is triple distilled. It is, in fact, distilled two and a half times. The whiskies Hazelburn and Longrow are also produced from the same stills, Hazelburn being traditionally triple distilled. Springbank is one of the few distilleries where everything from malting through to bottling is still carried out on the premises for all the distillery’s own production. House Whisky Da Mhille, 7 Years Specially bottled for the Hunting Lodge Hotel, aged 15 Years Organic Springbank From Rum Casks

7 Years, Portbury 100 -

8 Years, Christmas 2004 Private Bottling 8 Years, Jim’s Wee Dram Private Millennium bottling for Jim Houston.

8 Years, Sri Lankan World Cup winner, 1966-99 10 Years Big-bodied, medium-sweet & rich with quite a dark peaty touch. A long, fresh rich and salty finish.

10 Years, 100° Proof 10 Years, 125th Anniversary of Machrihanish Golf Club Bottling 12 Years


One of only 125 bottles

Bellochantuy's 2006 Award-Winning Whisky Bar of The Year Menu for The Hunting Lodge Hotel Springbank (continued) 12 Years, Port Wood 12 Years, Bourbon Wood, Cask Strength 12 Years, Rum Wood, Cask Strength 12 Years, Sherry Wood, Cask Strength 12 Years, 175th Anniversary Malty, long, oily and very velvety. An unusually soft Springbank, but displaying amazing intensity.

12 Years, 100% Proof, Christmas 2002 Bottling 12 Years, Bottled for Sams Wines and Spirits, USA 12 Years, Bottled for The Whisky Ship 12 Years, 1987 Cask Strength, from Cadenhead’s Authentic Malts Collection

13 Years, Port wood, Cask Strength 1989, 13 Years 15 Years 15 Years 18 Years 21 Years Silkily smooth, full-bodied and creamy with a salty tang. Very fine, long, dark and oaky finish. Clean, smooth, medium-dry with good creamy oak and a touch of sweetness and greenness. Long and smooth finish with a touch of tannin and hints of richness and saltiness on the tail. Quaich Society, Bottled for Open Golf, St Andrews, One of 1000 bottles.

20 Years, 1999, Last bottling of the 20th Century 21 Years 21 Years, 2000, first bottling of the 21st Century 21 Years 25 Years 25 Years, Frank McHardy Bottling 30 Years 32 Years 35 Years 40 Years 45 Years Cadenhead’s Malt from No. 3 Bond Flagon


Bellochantuy's 2006 Award-Winning Whisky Bar of The Year Menu for The Hunting Lodge Hotel Springbank (continued) Local Barley Most of the raw materials used in the making of this whisky come from within an eight mile radius of the distillery. 24 Years, Sherry Cask, uses barley from the West Highlands Bottled for the 2001 Tomintoul Golf Open Bottled for the 2002 Tomintoul Golf Open Big, quite pungent and smoky, yet soft with a liquorice character and medium-dry. Long, tangy and peaty finish wit a note of cocoa. - Quite delicate, soft, medium-dry and of good body with a nice dollop of peat. Finish is long, rich, round and warmly nutty.

West Highland No Age Statement No Age Statement Longrow, 10 Years

Longrow 13 Years, Sherry Wood Longrow 14 Years Longrow, 1987 Hazelburn Glen Scotia -

Natural Strength Christmas 2003 Private Bottling, Triple Distilled Has gone through many changes of ownership since it was founded in 1832. Along with Springbank, it was the only distillery to re-open in Campbeltown after the recession in the 1920's and 1930's. It has two stills of classic swan neck design. Cask Strength Round, smooth and gentle, quite good body and medium-dry with the bubble-gummy note and a soft peatiness. Long, clean and slightly tangy finish with a hint of smokiness.

1992, 11 Years 14 Years 28 Years, 1975 30 Years -

Cask strength

Islay Malts
Islay malts are the weightiest, most pungent and most heavily peated and are therefore generally the easiest to identify. These malts take their characteristics both from the peat used to dry the barley and their closeness to the sea. These factors give them what is often described as a seaweedy, medicinal taste and a distinct peaty flavour. Ardbeg The original distillery was run by a notorious band of smugglers, before excisemen overran the place, destroying it. The present distillery was established in 1815 and occupies a romantic site at the water’s edge on the South coast of Islay.

Very Young, 6 Years Bottled at natural strength, non-chill-filtered and drawn entirely from ‘first fill’ casks. The result is a vigorous Ardbeg on its path to full maturity, already packed full of flavours 10 Years Full-bodied, earthily, smokily peaty and rich with touches of coffee / chocolate and tarry ropes/creosote. The finish is long and tangy together with dark chocolate and a little seaweed.

1990, 17 Years Big-bodied and powerful, good peat and richness – a touch of sweetness. Long, elegant finish, very rich and complex with a touch of spice. 25 Years, Lord of The Isles Perfectly reflects Ardbeg’s hall mark aromas; a peaty complexity of wood smoke, tarry rope and leather; all balanced by a delicate sweetness.

Bellochantuy's 2006 Award-Winning Whisky Bar of The Year Menu for The Hunting Lodge Hotel Islay Malts (continued) 1974, Provenance Bowmore In 1776, an Islay merchant, David Simpson, obtained permission from the local laird to build dwellings and “other buildings.” The other buildings were soon converted into a distillery. Bowmore now uses a revolutionary waste heat recovery system to reduce energy costs. The distillery donated a warehouse to the village of Bowmore, which has been converted into a swimming and the pool is heated by waste heat from the distillery.

Surf Legend Dry with an edge of richness, perfumed and quite pungent. Long, gently smoky and pungent finish. Big & bold, peaty with marine notes, oak and burnt sugar.

Cask Strength, No Age Statement 12 Years 14 Years 14 Years, Cask Strength

Lemon, pears and honey on the nose. Peaty and smoky palate with hints of dark chocolate. Remarkably long and complex.

Mariner, 15 Years Quite full bodied, smoky, clean and round with a richness at the back. Long, fresh and smoky finish with an appealing green edge. Vintage 1984, Limited edition 25 Years 1968, 32 Years Black Bowmore, 1964 From a very rare old sherry cask bottling. Big, powerful, full-bodied, quite tannic with dark nutty flavours, smooth, although chewy. Long, full-flavoured finish with a smoky/nutty character, a good perfumed peatiness and a rich salty tang on the tail. Bruichladdich Established in 1881 and been under various ownership since then. The distillery is the most westerly in Scotland and, despite this, it has a lighter, more delicate character than the other Islay malts. It is thought that this is because it is sheltered from the prevailing winds and weather by the Rhinns of Islay, a range of hills which lie between Bruichladdich and the open sea. Valinch 1990, 14 Years Valinch is an old whisky term, derived from Spanish and French, for a pipette used for drawing cask samples. The Bruichladdich Valinch bottling is only available to visitors to the distillery, and is filled, labelled and signed at the time of visit. 14 Years, Bruichladdich Links 15 Years Slightly sweet with hints of nuttiness and very little of Islay’s heavier characteristics. Spicy, warm, long finish with sweet oak, but finally dry. Full and round with a gentle softness. Sherry and oak glide over the palate ending with a toffee, hazelnut sweetness. The finish is mellow, gentle and warming.

Legacy Series Three, 15 Years - A series of occasional outstanding vintages at natural strength, neither chillfiltered nor coloured, they are perfectly balanced and harmonious. 20 Years 26 Years Cask Strength, from Cadenhead’s Authentic Malts Collection

Bellochantuy's 2006 Award-Winning Whisky Bar of The Year Menu for The Hunting Lodge Hotel Islay Malts (continued) 30 Years Valinch 1970, 31 Years Legacy Series One, 36 Years Legacy Series Two, 37 Years A luscious silky, smooth supple texture. On the nose an explosion of fruit unbelievable for a spirit of this age. Extended aftertaste. 1969 Cask Strength Bunnahabhain Islay’s most Northerly distillery, near Port Askaig. Prior to the building of the distillery, the adjacent area was inhospitable and uninhabited. Now a small hamlet has built up around the distillery. 12 Years Caol Ila 1991 A soft mellow whisky of great character and distinction with a hint of peat.

Established in 1846 and has arguably the finest view in the Scotch whisky industry. It overlooks Caol Ila (the Gaelic name for the Sound of Islay) to the Paps of Jura. Cask Strength Dry, big-bodied with very smoky burnt heather roots. Long and rich finish with good peat character.

10 Years, Natural Cask Strength 15 Years 16 Years 18 Years 22 Years Lagavulin

Rare, particularly valued for its fuller, more intense expression of Caol Ila’s unmistakable, peaty Islay character. Cask Strength, from Cadenhead’s Authentic Malts Collection

Distilling on the site of the distillery is thought to date from as early as 1742 when there were ten small bothies there.

12 Years, Cask strength 16 Years Big, peaty, dry, very smooth and powerfully complex. Long and smoky finish with an almost burnt character, very persistent.

1987, Special Release Dry, peaty, complex, with characteristic notes of sea-spray, perfectly matched by the sweet accents of sun-dried grapes derived from Pedro Ximenz cask-wood in which this special edition has been doubly matured. 25 Years, Cask Strength Laphroaig Originally a farm distillery, records show distilling took place on the site in 1812. Laphroaig is generally accepted as being the most individually flavoured of all single malts. The peat used has a high moss content and this is said to be the reason for Laphroaig’s particular flavour. Full of character, very peaty and smoky with iodine/medicinal notes. Lingering, smoky and smooth finish. Smooth and big-bodied with a chewy tarriness, smoky and dry, but with an edge of richness. Long, tangy, smoky and slightly chewy finish.

10 Years

10 Years, Cask Strength

Bellochantuy's 2006 Award-Winning Whisky Bar of The Year Menu for The Hunting Lodge Hotel Islay Malts (continued) 15 Years Zesty oak and warm peat smoke top notes, with sweet undertones reminiscent of fresh nutmeg and toasted almonds. Faintly salty.

Leapfrog, 1988 Pungent peat smoke, oil and seaweed with a long lingering finish. Has become a collector’s item as Laphroaig stopped the bottler, Murray McDavid, from using the name Leapfrog. 1968, 26 Years 1960 Vintage Reserve, Natural Cask Strength With age comes maturity. Unique taste reminiscent of a sweet liquorice root, with peat and seaweed in the background suggesting its origin. It is surprisingly smooth and gentle on the palate. The aftertaste is long, warm and velvety smooth. Port Ellen Founded in 1825 shortly after the Excise Act of 1824.After a silent time from 1929 through to 1967, the distillery was extensively rebuilt and it was increased from three to four stills.

22 Years, 1978 Natural cask strength, from the Rare Malts Collection. Note first the arousing seaweed aromas –“like walking on the beach.” The light, firm bodied style reveals smooth sea-salt, crusty bread, and a sweetly salty, powerful, long and complex finish. 24 Years, 1978 Island Malts The island malts from Skye, Jura, Mull and Orkney are characterised by a peaty, smoky nose and flavour. Some could be said to more closely resemble Islay malts while others are more like Northern Highland whiskies. Isle of Arran Highland Park 12 Years 25 Years 26 Years, 1968 1973, Cask Number 11151 Two oak sherry casks, which were distilled in 1973 and left undisturbed together in the same warehouse, were bottled in 2001. The whisky from each cask is equally enjoyable but dramatically different, but the reason is unknown. The whisky from cask 11151 is smoky with notes of rich sultanas. Its thick, velvety texture is matched by a rich, full-bodied, aromatic and spicy palate. The finish is long and surprisingly sweet. 1973, Cask Number 11167 A bouquet of leather and oak, a palate with rich, very peaty, mellow oak flavours and a rich, long finish. Isle of Jura Records are said to trace distilling on Jura as far back as 1502. After passing through several owners in its early years, the distillery was rebuilt in the 1870s and it gained a reputation fro being the most efficient distillery in Scotland. However it was discovered that the spent wash from the stills was finding its way into a local cattle trough, having, it was said, a most interesting effect on the animals. Enjoys a fruity undertone, with just a hint of island smoke and salt air to enrich the palate. No Age Statement Matured in sherry casks. Natural cask strength

Established in 1798 and situated near Kirkwall in Orkney, which makes Highland Park Scotland’s most northerly distillery. Well balanced and almost dry with a long, distinguished and lightly smoky finish.

Soft & round, with smooth, creamy peat, medium-dry & flavours of vanilla & coffee. Finish is long and gently smoky with rich sweetness.

10 Years


Bellochantuy's 2006 Award-Winning Whisky Bar of The Year Menu for The Hunting Lodge Hotel Isle of Jura (continued) 10 Years, Superstition A union of two distinct styles of Isle of Jura single malt. One is rich and strong, with a heavily peated style, the other is lighter and more delicate, a combination of premium ages. 1984 George Orwell Commemorative Edition, 19 Years Sherry cask finished.

27 Years, Stillman’s Dram, Limited Edition A smooth body of almost medium weight noses with traces of sherry amongst a buttery maltiness and a faintness of peat. The immediate flavour is slightly sweet before development of faint pronouncements of island dryness. Scapa 12 Years Talisker 10 Years Established in 1885 on the island of Orkney. A sweet, silky-smooth drinking whisky with a heather honey taste and a warming yet light, airy finish. Established in 1830 and is the only distillery on the Isle of Skye. Peaty, dry, spicy and quite creamy. Finish is smoky, spicy, smooth and almost salty at the end.

20 Years, Cask Strength 28 Years, Cask Strength Tobermory 10 Years Established in 1798 and is the only distillery on the Isle of Mull. Has had a troubled history and has been out of production for long periods of time. Medium-dry, sherbetty-sweet, medium bodied, smooth, quite gently peated and citrus flavoured. Finish is smooth, long & quite round with a limey tang. Medium-dry, quite rich and quite big-bodied, with a big, earthy peat character. Finish is very long and expansive, carefully peated with a hint of cocoa on the tail.

Ledaig, 20 Years Ledaig, 21 Years Ledaig, Peated -

Peaty, quite earthy with hints of chocolate and seaweed on the nose. Dry smoky sea taste with a sweetness in the finish.

Speyside Malts
The Speyside malts are the sweetest whiskies. Although they do not have as much body as some Highland malts, their flavours are richer and more complex with fruity, leafy and honeyed notes and a subtle delicacy of aroma which, once recognised, should be easy to identify. Aberlour 10 Years Founded in 1826, but had to be rebuilt in 1879 after a fire. Matured in a fine balance of sherry and bourbon casks. Aberlour offers a rich, smooth, mellow flavour, marrying aromas of Autumn fruits with hints of spices including cinnamon and nutmeg. Bottle No. 125 & 275 Established in 1898 and doubled in size twice to eight stills. The stills remain coal fired and the steam engine, boiler front and other relics of the old distillery are preserved.

10 Years Ardmore


1990, Natural Cask Strength

Bellochantuy's 2006 Award-Winning Whisky Bar of The Year Menu for The Hunting Lodge Hotel Speyside Malts (continued) 1977, Natural Cask Strength Medium-bodied, quite smoky and medium-dry with good richness. Finish is sweet with a good underpinning of smokiness, a touch of spice and is quite chewy. Balvenie Built next to the Glenfiddich distillery in 1892. Floor malting is still carried out at Balvenie and the peat used is hand-cut locally. Matured in oak and sherry casks, resulting in a rich, mellow flavour of great depth and unusual complexity.

12 Years, Doublewood -

15 Years, Single Barrel Malt Medium-sweet, quite full-bodied, smooth and round with a backbone of oaky tannin, an oilyvanilla texture and a slight green edge to the peatiness. Very long and complex finish with hints of bitter chocolate, hazelnuts, toffee, honey and a nice green coffee tang. 17 Years, Islay Cask Matured in casks which have previously held Islay Single Malt. The result is a characteristically well-matured Balvenie; its soft, sweet oak notes are beautifully balanced with a delicate hint of peat and its lingering finish is richly honeyed

25 Years, Single Barrel Malt Founder’s Reserve Benriach 10 Years 1981 Benromach Established in 1898 in Longmorn, Moray. Medium-dry, soft, quite full-bodied with a chocolaty richness and touches of spice and coffee. Mackillop’s Choice single cask malt, natural cask strength. The smallest working distillery in Speyside, established in 1898.

Speyside malt, No Age Statement A rich, mellow whisky with fruity and malty tones, balanced with a hint of smoke. 1980, Natural Cask Strength 19 Years Natural cask strength from the Rare Malts Collection. A big, almond-flavoured, creamy and round bodied Speyside malt with a crisp, dry finish. Smooth, mellow character with rich fruit and spice flavours.

19 Years, Port Wood Finish Cardhu 12 Years -

Established in 1824 and until recently was known as Cardow. Round and mellow, sweet with a delicate peatiness. Long, peaty and sweet finish. Established in 1891 in Craigellachie, Banffshire.

Craigellachie -

12 Years, Provenance The body is full, quite viscous with the palate deep in flavours of Demerara sugar, walnuts, maltiness and even some citrus fruit. Its finish is more citrusy, smoky and full of aroma. Sherry Wood Finished Lightly toasted and peaty characteristics mellowed and complemented by the fruity sweetness of the Olorosso Casks, producing a well balanced, medium-bodied whisky. Dallas Dhu Established in 1899 near Forres in Moray, but closed in 1983. It is now run as a model example of what a small Highland distillery would have been like at the turn of the century.

Bellochantuy's 2006 Award-Winning Whisky Bar of The Year Menu for The Hunting Lodge Hotel Speyside Malts (continued) 24 Years, 1970 29 Years Dailuaine-Glenlivet 17 Years 25 Years Dalmore Cask Strength, from Cadenhead’s Authentic Malts Collection Established in 1839, but destroyed in a fire during the First World War when it was used to manufacture deep-sea mines. Production resumed in 1922 and the distillery was doubled from four to eight stills in 1966. Medium to full-bodied velvety malt. The influence of Oloroso sherry butts over 12 long years, adds a distinctively rich, smooth and mellow quality. Established in Carron, Banffshire in 1852. Natural Cask strength, from the Rare Malts Collection. Hints of vanilla on the palate and a delightfully smooth warming finish.

12 Years


30 Years, Natural cask strength Big-bodied, medium-sweet and round with a tangy touch of spice, pleasantly chewy tannins and gently peated. Finish is long and gently chewy with a tang of aniseed. 30 Years, Sherry Oak Cask Finish Combines the classic nobility of the Dalmore with nuances of exotic fruit and spices. A lingering aftertaste of woody complexity and unforgettable warmth. Dufftown-Glenlivet 21 Years Glen Albyn Natural cask strength from the Rare Malts Collection. Firm bodied flavours of toffee and fudge, and a gingery, sweetly smoky finish. Established in 1846 in Inverness, but closed in 1988.

32 Years, Single Cask Bottling Glenburgie Glenlivet 1981 Cask Strength, from Cadenhead’s Authentic Malts Collection Cask Strength, from Cadenhead’s Authentic Malts Collection

37 Years, Millennium Bottling Glendronach -

Established in 1826 near Huntly in Aberdeenshire. Glendronach is one of the few distilleries where barley is still malted on a malting floor.

15 Years 100% matured in sherry casks. Full, round, smooth, medium-sweet, rich, creamy and quite delicately peated. Finish is long, sweet and quite ethereal with characters of sweetmeal biscuits, toffee and hazelnuts. Glendullan 23 Years Glen Elgin Established in 1897 in Dufftown, Banffshire.

Natural cask strength from the Rare Malts Collection. Flowery aromas soon reveal the toffeeish, malty palate of a firm bodied, nutty malt with a heathery, herbal finish. Established in 1898 in Longmorn, Elgin.

No age statement Glenfarclas Established in 1836 and extended in 1960 and 1976. Glenfarclas has been the pioneer of cask strength whiskies and all new spirit is now aged in 100% sherrywood at the distillery.

Bellochantuy's 2006 Award-Winning Whisky Bar of The Year Menu for The Hunting Lodge Hotel Speyside Malts (continued) 10 Years 28 Years 1970 1972 31 Years, Natural Cask Strength Glenfiddich and Christmas 1959, 44 Years Sweet, malty, full, rich and round with long, slightly spicy finish. Cask Strength, from Cadenhead’s Authentic Malts Collection Cask Strength, from Cadenhead’s Authentic Malts Collection

Established in 1887 in Dufftown, Banffshire and has grown to be the world’s best selling malt. It was founded with £120 of capital and using second-hand equipment, but now boasts no fewer than 28 stills. Glenfiddich was the first distillery to open a visitor centre and now attracts 125 000 visitors a Years.

Special Reserve, 12 Years Quite full-bodied, smooth and fruity with a firm smoky peat character, obvious apples and a touch of cocoa and vanilla. Long, fresh, rich, smooth and quite creamy finish with cocoa and apples. Caoran Reserve, 12 Years The initial smoky aroma and spicy taste develop into a combination of sweet fruit with distinctive peaty notes and a smooth lingering finish. Ancient Reserve, 18 Years Medium-sweet, spicy, slightly peppery with a slight green leafiness. Good, long and smooth finish with hints of coffee. Havana Reserve, Cuban Rum Finish, 21 YearsRum distillers in the heart of Cuba were instrumental in the rich Havan finish. The result is a 21 Years old Glenfiddich that is vibrant, long and rich with ginger and spice notes. Private Vintage, 1975, Cask No 20535 Initially an intriguing toffee spiciness and soft honey notes, then white chocolate and an easy subtle oakiness. Finish is soft, sweet and lingering. Glenfoyle 12 Years Established in 1785, making it one of Scotland’s oldest distilleries, and situated in the market town of Old Meldrum in Aberdeenshire.

Glen Garioch No Age Stated Glen Grant 1989 21 Years 33 Years Glenlivet 12 Years 12 Years 18 Years -

Established in 1840 at the northern end of Rothes, Moray. It is the world’s second-best-selling single malt, thanks to its dominant position in the Italian market. Cask Strength, from Cadenhead’s Authentic Malts Collection Cask Strength, from Cadenhead’s Authentic Malts Collection

Established in 1824 and was the first distillery in the Highlands to take out a licence after the passing of the excise act in 1823. Sherry cask on palate with typical honeyed shortbread-sweet flavour. Cask Strength, Bourbon Hogshead, from Cadenhead’s Authentic Malts Collection

Big-bodied, smooth, round, soft, rich and medium-sweet, slightly toffeeyed and gently peated. Finish is rich with a touch of spice, a light, elegant smoky touch to the tail and surprisingly dry.

Bellochantuy's 2006 Award-Winning Whisky Bar of The Year Menu for The Hunting Lodge Hotel Speyside Malts (continued) Madeira Wood 1977 ackillop’s Choice single cask malt, natural cask strength. Mackillop’s Choice single cask malt, natural cask strength.

30 Years, American Oak Finish The heavily charred American Oak barrels introduce subtle nuances of vanilla oakiness and scented floral sweetness which compliment the elegant character of the Glenlivet. 1959, Cask Strength Incredibly deep fruity and floral aromas, balanced with a soft nutty sweetness and a memorable mellow finish. The vigorous vitality it displays is more than exceptional after such an extended period of maturation. Glen Mhor Established in 1892 in Inverness, but, like its sister distillery Glen Albyn, is alas no more.

25 Years, Single Cask Bottling Glenmorangie Established in 1843 and rebuilt in 1887 and 1979, when it was extended from two to four stills. One of the smallest of all Highland distilleries, but the stills are the tallest in Scotland at 16ft 10ins. 10 Years Light, fresh, slightly smoky with an oily creaminess. Finish is sweet with good length.

Port Wood Finished Complex balance of sweet and dry flavours, bitter chocolate being offset by a fresh minty note. Hints of port and walnut are also evident in the finish. 12 Years, Côte de Beaune Wood Finish Initially, spicy followed by hints of rich red vinuous notes, blackberries and plums. Later dark chocolate and mint with almonds and grape must. Finish is long, dry and lightly chewing with sugared almonds to finish. 18 Years Smooth, medium dry, fresh, good nut-oily glycerine, quite full-bodied. Finish is medium-dry, spicy, long and almost creamy.

12 Years, Premier Cru Burgundy Cask Finished 13 Years, Fino Sherry Wood Finish Medium-dry, soft, sweet, oaky vanilla, almost biscuity (digestives), spicy, delicate and with a subdued peatiness. Finish is long, winey, elegant and complex. 1981, Sauternes Wood Finish 1978, Tain L’hermitage Finish 1975, Tain L’hermitage Finish Richly fruity, full-bodied, evolving into lightly chewy and dry mouth feel as cocoa powder is detected. Long and dry finish with cocoa, deep vinous notes and plum skins. 1975, Côte de Nuits Wood Finish Soft, medium-dry and gently chewy with vanilla oak tannins, good body and a hint of toffee and cherry fruit. Finish is long, fruity, round and magnificently scented. 1974 1971, Culloden Bottle Glen Moray 8 Years Centenary Bottling Established in Elgin, Moray in 1897. Cask Strength, Bourbon Hogshead, from Cadenhead’s Authentic Malts Collection

No age statement, bottle no. 620, matured in port casks. Smooth, well-rounded malt of outstanding taste, further distinguished by a rich ruby ‘blush’ taken from the port wine.


Bellochantuy's 2006 Award-Winning Whisky Bar of The Year Menu for The Hunting Lodge Hotel Glenrothes Established in 1878 in Rothes, Moray. The distillery experienced “one of the most disastrous distillery fires” on 15 May 19922 when no. 1 bonded warehouse was destroyed along with 2500 casks of whisky. A stream of burning whisky flowed out of the building and into the burn. Elegant, with hints of citrus fruits, vanilla and dark chocolate combined with the more typical spicy and fruit character of Speyside.

1992 1973


Glenugie 26 Years


Established in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire in 1831 but closed in 1983.

1980, Cask Strength 1968 Imperial Glenlivet 18 Years Inchgower 19 Years Knockando 12 Years 1971 Linkwood 18 Years 1939 MacAllan Established in 1824 and situated in Moray overlooking the Spey. The makers of MacAllan have championed the use of sherry casks for maturing whisky and have helped to reverse the trend away from their use. Sweet, full-bodied and rich with good peat integration. Long and sherried finish with sweet vanilla notes. Established in 1821 in Elgin, Moray. Cask Strength, from Cadenhead’s Authentic Malts Collection Established in 1871 in Buckie, Banffshire. Cask Strength, Cadenhead’s Authentic Collection Established in 1898 and situated on the banks of the river Spey.

10 Years 1966

35 Years, Private Eye 20 Years 26 Years 1975 1966


Mackillop’s Choice single cask malt, natural cask strength. Cask Strength, from Cadenhead’s Authentic Collection

Bellochantuy's 2006 Award-Winning Whisky Bar of The Year Menu for The Hunting Lodge Hotel 1940 1841 Replica MacDuff 21 Years Mannochmore 1984 Established in Elgin, Moray in 1971. Mackillop’s Choice single cask malt, natural cask strength. Built in 1962-3 and situated near Banff on the east bank of the River Deveron. Sweet, smoky palate and medium to full body, finishing with a full smoky sweetness underneath.

10 Years, Loch Dhu, The Black Whisky Miltonduff Glenlivet Established near Elgin, Moray in 1824. Cask strength, from Cadenhead’s Authentic Malts Collection

13 Years, 150th Anniversary Bottling Millburn 25 Years Mortlach 19 Years Rotary Malt 10 Years -

Established in Inverness in 1807, but now closed. Single cask bottling Established in Dufftown, Banffshire in 1823. Cask Strength

Single Speyside Malt Established in 1812 on the Cawdor Estate near Nairn, where distilling dates back to at least 1773. Natural cask strength from the Rare Malts Collection. Rich-bodied with sweetly honeyed flavours and warming, dry finish make this a splendid after dinner malt. Mackillop’s Choice single cask malt, natural cask strength. Established in Rothes, Moray in 1897. Single cask bottling Single cask bottling

Royal Brackla 20 Years 25 Years Speyburn 12 Years 25 Years -

Strathisla-Glenlivet 25 Years Strathmill 15 Years Tamdhu Established in Knockando, Moray in 1897. Medium-sweet, quite light, mashy, biscuity and quite smooth. Finish is quite short, spirity and sweet. Established in Keith, Banffshire in 1891.

No Age Statement 1961


Bellochantuy's 2006 Award-Winning Whisky Bar of The Year Menu for The Hunting Lodge Hotel Tamnavulin 12 Years A very modern distillery established in 1966, but mothballed in 1995.

Dark and medium-dry with nice weight and a good dollop of peat at the back. Smooth, long and nutty finish with a rich, oaky tail.

No Age Statement Teaninch 17 Years Quite sweet, round, spicy, full-bodied, rich and delicately peated with a nutty character. From Rare Malts Collection. Herbal leafy aromas lead to a firm, smooth, fullbodied, almost leathery malt with a robust, warming finish, an ideal restorative.

23 Years, Cask Strength 1983 Tomatin 10 Years 1989 1975 Tomintoul -

Mackillop’s Choice single cask malt, natural cask strength.

Established in 1897 and after a number of extensions now has 23 stills. It has the potential for the greatest output of all the malt distilleries and at 1028ft high, it is one of the highest distilleries. Light, sweet, malty and peaty with a hint of pepperiness. Finish is smooth, slightly spicy and grapey. Cask strength, from Cadenhead’s Authentic Collection. Mackillop’s Choice single cask malt, natural cask strength.

Modern distillery established in 1964 near the village of Tomintoul, which is the highest village in the Scottish Highlands. 10 Years 12 Years 16 Years 1966 Mackillop’s Choice single cask malt, natural cask strength. Medium-sweet, lightish, slightly peppery, with an oaky touch.

Northern Highland Malts
Northern Highland malts are sweeter and have more body and character than their Lowland relations. They can have very distinctive and subtle characters, with a rich mellowness and fullness of flavour, but, equally, they can show a dry peatiness or a delicate fragrance. Ben Nevis Established in 1825 near Fort William. Its water supply is from two small lochans, situated at over 3000ft up Ben Nevis. Cask Strength

McDonalds Glencoe, 8 Years Dew of Ben-Nevis, 20 Years Ben Wyvis 27 Years -

Built in 1965 within the Invergordon grain distilling complex, but closed down in 1977.


Bellochantuy's 2006 Award-Winning Whisky Bar of The Year Menu for The Hunting Lodge Hotel Brora 20 Years Established in 1819 and originally known as Clynelish. The distillery was founded by the Duke of Sutherland to create a market for his tenant farmer’s grain. Natural cask strength from the Rare Malts Collection. Fresh, sea-air aromas and oil-smooth body. Malty and sweeter on the palate than other bottlings; a wonderful coastal malt with a long, dry peppery finish. Natural cask strength from the Rare Malts Collection. Note the intense sea-salty aromas and richly spicy character of this mighty coastal malt, with its long, mustard-dry finish. Natural cask strength from the Rare Malts Collection. Quite big with a soft peatiness, but a burnt character, medium-sweet, quite rich and with big tannins.

21 Years 22 Years 30 Years Clynelish 14 Years Dalwhinnie 15 Years Glenlochy Glengoyne 10 Years 17 Years 27 Years



Established in 1967 in Brora in Sutherland. Smoky with a soft sweetness, quite full-bodied and almost luscious – very complex. Long and elegant finish with a touch of bitter chocolate. Originally called Strathspey distillery and was established in 1897. At 1073 ft, Dalwhinnie is the highest distillery in Scotland. Smooth, clean, mellow and subtle, yielding flavours of creamy vanilla and a heather-honey sweetness. Finishes in a smoky Highland glow of surprising intensity. Established in 1898 in Fort William, but closed in 1983 - 49 Years, Single Cask Bottling First licensed in 1833, but believed to be somewhat older. Glengoyne is the least peated of all the Scottish malts and the distillery has an excellent visitor centre. Round, smooth, creamy, medium-dry, fresh and clean with good body. Quite long and smooth finish with a buttery vanilla character and a touch of greenness on the tail. Soft, rich and smooth with sweet oaky vanilla. Finish is spicy, malty and of nice length, quite chewy. Cask Strength, from Cadenhead’s Authentic Malts Collection

30 Years, 2000AD Oban 14 Years 19 Years 32 Years Old Pulteney 12 Years Established in 1826 in Wick, making it mainland Scotland’s most northerly distillery. Medium-dry, fresh, clean and smooth, with good richness and an edge of sweetness. Finish is lingering with a salty touch on the lips. Oban distillery was established in 1794 and was built by the Stevenson family, founders of the town of Oban. Smooth, lightly sweet and creamy with a delicate peatiness. Smoky, dry and delicate finish.

18 Years, Natural Cask Strength, Sherry Wood A limited edition selected by the distillery manager from a single sherry cask. Sherry wood has a smooth surface and a light char which has a particular effect on the maturation of the spirit.

Bellochantuy's 2006 Award-Winning Whisky Bar of The Year Menu for The Hunting Lodge Hotel

Eastern Highland Malts
Eastern Highland Malts come from the area between the North Sea coast and Speyside. Often full-bodied, they tend to have a dry, fragrant, fruity-sweet flavour, together with a touch of smokiness. Old Fettercairn The Fettercairn distillery originally stood two miles further up the mountain in the heart of a smuggling district, but this was abandoned in 1824 when the present building was opened, 10 Years Glencadam 27 Years Glen Esk 13 Years Dry, spicy, of medium weight, creamy and smooth with a long and chewy finish. Said to be founded in 1825 and is situated near Brechin in Angus. Mackillop’s Choice single cask malt, natural cask strength. Established in Hillside, by Montrose, Angus in 1897. Previously known as Highland Esk and Hillside. Cask Strength, from Cadenhead’s Authentic Malts Collection. Established in Crathie, Aberdeenshire in 1845. The distillery overlooks Balmoral Castle and has a popular visitor centre.

Royal Lochnagar 18 Years -

Body is light, the palate has baked-cake flavours evident and the long finish is pleasurably dry, smoky and lightly spiced.

Lowland Malts
Lowland Malts are dry, when compared with their Highland counterparts, and, although often quite spirity, are light whiskies with generally fewer individual differences than those of other regions. Auchentoshan Not much is known of the early Years of the distillery, but it is thought to have been established around 1800. Was damaged during the war when the nearby shipyards in Clydebank were targeted. Triple distilled. Light, soft, quite sweet and slightly fruity. Finishes quite well, although light. Triple distilled. Light, fruity, sweet and delicate, showing surprising depth of character.

10 Years


Select, No Age Statement Bladnoch

23 Years, Cask Strength From Rare Malts Collection. Sweetly perfumed nose introduces a light, smooth body. Sweet honey and citrus fruit notes abound on the palate, finishes crisp. Glen Flagler Glen Flagler was established in 1965 in Moffat, near Airdrie in Lanarkshire, but closed in 1985.

1973, 29 Years, Natural Cask Strength Soft fruity notes with vanilla oak undertones, leading to a long, clean finish. Killyloch Established in Airdrie, Lanarkshire and intended to be only used for blending. Prior to June 1994, its make had never been bottled as a single malt.

1967, 36 Years, Natural Cask Strength Complex aroma with sweet oranges and traces of honey, slightly smoky undertones. Palate is full-bodied with sweet honey and pears and hints of spice.

Bellochantuy's 2006 Award-Winning Whisky Bar of The Year Menu for The Hunting Lodge Hotel Inverleven 12 Years Linlithgow 1982 Littlemill Mackillop’s Choice single cask malt, natural cask strength. Established in 1772, but it could be Scotland’s oldest distillery as it is possible that whisky was distilled on the site as long ago as the 14th Century. Built in Dumbarton in 1938 within the site of the Dumbarton grain distillery complex. Mackillop’s Choice single cask malt, natural cask strength.

14 Years, Natural Cask Strength Rhosdu 9 Years 24 Years Rosebank 12 Years 20 Years Established in 1840 to the west of Falkirk in Stirlingshire. Light and smooth, dryish with a mashy character. Finish is smooth, dry and oaky with a pleasant lightness. Natural cask strength, from the Rare Malts Collection. Very dry, flowery aromas soon reveal the big, soft meadow-flower flavours of a delicious, firm, silky-bodied malt with a very long, sweetly dry finish. Established pre 1797 in Linlithgow, West Lothian, but closed in 1983. From the Loch Lomond distillery, established in 1965, which also produces Inchmurrin. Cask Strength, from Cadenhead’s Authentic Malts Collection

St Magdalene 1982 23 Years, 1970 19 Years, 1979 -

Natural cask strength, from the Rare Malts Collection. Fruity, syrupy character which makes an ideal aperitif. Natural cask strength, from the Rare Malts Collection. On tasting, a very aromatic, grassy nose entices you into the malty, liquorice-like flavours of an unusually big-boned Lowland malt with a surprisingly robust, peaty finish.

Perthshire Malts
The Perthshire malts, although Highland by definition, come from the area bordering the Lowland region. They tend to be medium-sweet, clean-tasting whiskies which are both light and fruity. Their identity may be best considered as falling somewhere between that of Lowland and Speyside whiskies. Aberfeldy 18 Years Blair Athol Established in 1896 in Aberfeldy, Perthshire. Cask Strength, from Cadenhead’s Authentic Malts Collection Established in 1798 in Pitlochry, Perthshire. It has a large modern visitor centre with an excellent audio-visual presentation as part of the tour.

1978, Cask Strength Deanston Established in 1965 in Doune, Perthshire. The River Teith, as well as supplying all the process water, drives generators which provide all the distillery’s electrical power needs and also exports power to the National Grid.

Bellochantuy's 2006 Award-Winning Whisky Bar of The Year Menu for The Hunting Lodge Hotel 12 Years 25 Years Edradour 10 Years Tullibardine 10 Years Medium-dry, round, smooth, of good body, delicately peated and creamy with a toffee flavour. Long and quite rich finish with a creamy toffee tang. Medium-dry, of good body, slightly chewy, smooth & rich with flavours of cocoa & toffee. Finish is long and elegant and softly chewy with a smoky toffee character. Established in 1825 in Pitlochry in Perthshire. Scotland’s smallest distillery and is the last remaining of the once numerous Perthshire “farm” distilleries. Has an excellent visitor centre. A smooth, malty taste with a hint of dryness. Creamily smooth finish with a buttery aftertaste. The current Tullibardine distillery was established in 1949 near Tullibardine Moor, home of Gleneagles Hotel and golf courses. Quite dry and spicy with a richness and roundness, quite smooth. Finish is peppery, warm and quite long with a slight bitterness at the end.

Whiskies of The World Ireland
10 Years 12 Years Established in County Antrim in 1608, making Bushmills by far the earliest legal distillery of all. All of Bushmills production is triple distilled and unpeated. Medium-dry, fresh, clean, green and quite full-bodied, rich and round with a ripe apple flavour. Soft, sherried note giving way to a full-bodied malty taste with overtones of almond and marzipan. Signed by Frank McHardy (Bushmills Manager 1986 - 1999) Bottle No.41 from cask 2328, specially bottled for Coca Cola. Bottle No.250 from cask 11756, specially bottled for Whiskies of the World. Bottle No. 308 from cask 12488, specially bottled for Downtown Radio.


No Age Statement, Distillers Reserve No Age Statement, Distillers Reserve No Age Statement, Distillers Reserve -

18 Years, Millennium Malt Pre-Selection, Distillers Reserve Millennium Malt, 34 Years Bottled for Frank McHardy from cask 205.

34 Years Tyrconnell No Age Statement Red Breast 12 Years One of 400 bottles from the last cask of Coleraine Malt.

Nikka Single Cask Malt, 10 Years From Hokkaido Yoichi Distillery

Bellochantuy's 2006 Award-Winning Whisky Bar of The Year Menu for The Hunting Lodge Hotel Nikka Pure Malt, 21 Years Signed by Taketsuru San (President of Nikka)

Also other Japanese Whiskies that are not named in English

Potter Distilling Company, Kelowna 11 Years From Cadenhead Authentic World Collection

New Zealand
Lammerlaw, From Wilson’s Distillery 10 Years From Cadenhead’s Authentic World Collection

Frankfurt Distilling Company, Kentucky 11 Years Bourbon, from Cadenhead Authentic World Collection From Jack Daniel Distillery in Tennessee, USA using a unique mellowing process perfected by Mr Jack Daniel in 1866.

Jack Daniel’s -

Virginian Gentleman Bourbon, Smith Bowman Distillery Wild Turkey Bourbon, 8 Years

Blends, Vatted Malts & Grain Whiskies
Campbeltown Loch Campbeltown Loch Blended whisky from Springbank distillery. Aged 21 Years, blend Aged 21 Years, Special bottling to celebrated the Tri-Centenary of Campbeltown

Campbeltown Loch, Tri-Centenary The Grand Bark Campbeltown Loch HMCS Chicoutimi -

21 Year old bottling of Campbeltown Loch, bottled for Sweden

Aged 25 Years, blend

Campbeltown Loch. Bottled to commemorate the naming of the submarine HMCS Chicoutimi during a ceremony on October 2, 2004 when it was officially handed over to Canada from Britain. Some of the Canadian crew of the Chicoutimi stayed in the Hunting Lodge Hotel during training and sea trials. 21 Year old bottling of Campbeltown Loch, bottled for Sweden 10 Year Old Blend

The Grand Bark

Lodge St. John’s, Campbeltown, No.141 Mitchell’s -

Blend, aged 12 Years

Whyte & MacKay A blend of fine malt and grain whiskies, the heart of which is Dalmore single highland malt. The secret of Whyte and MacKay’s smooth taste lies in its double maturation process.


Bellochantuy's 2006 Award-Winning Whisky Bar of The Year Menu for The Hunting Lodge Hotel Famous Grouse Named after the red grouse, Scotland’s national game bird. Finest malt whiskies are married with exceptional grain whiskies for an unusually long period in fully seasoned oak casks. Famous Grouse, Vintage 12 Years Created from the finest whiskies of a single year’s distillation. Each cask is individually selected from Scotland’s greatest distilleries including the MacAllan and Highland Park. Bill McLaren’s Grouse XV, 15 Years, Limited edition An exclusive commemorative bottling for the Rugby World Cup. Bailie Nicol Jarvie Blended

Black Bottle, 10 Years A blend from seven of the Islay distilleries and the finest grain whiskies. Islay malts are known for their deep intensity and their powerful smokiness and they reach their prime at 10 Years old. Clan Campbell Highlander, 12 Years Clan Campbell, The Noble Clan Campbell Legendary, 18 Years Stewart’s Cream of the Barley House of Lords, 12 Years Dimple, 12 Years Dimple, 15 Years EH10 Blended Blended Blend of 10 top class whiskies, all over 10 Years old. This produces a taste that is mellow, mild mannered and unique in the world of Scotch whisky making. Bottled and blended for Cruachan Hydro-electric power station, Dalmally, Argyll. 12 Years old vatted malt. Big and smoky, quite pungent and bone dry with a slight edge of richness. Full, long and smoky finish with a slight tang of bitter chocolate. A specially selected range of Highland and Islay single malt whiskies are carefully balanced with choice grain whiskies to create Cream of The Barley. A blend of some of the finest whiskies in Scotland, which includes the velvet malt of the smallest distillery in Scotland. Until recently reserved exclusively for the Dukes of Argyll and leading members of the Campbell Clan.

The Hollow Mountain Pride of Islay -

Poit Dubh 21 Years old vatted malt. Medium-dry and of good body with a nutty peatiness, slightly chewy and smooth with a soft vanilla flavour. Long, tangy and complex finish with a final elegance. The Gordon Highlanders Ben Nevis, 12 Years Campbell’s Special Old St Andrews Albatross Logan, 12 Years Black and White Lochranza White Heather, 5 Years Dunhill Old Masters

Bellochantuy's 2006 Award-Winning Whisky Bar of The Year Menu for The Hunting Lodge Hotel Deco Jet Bells Millennium, 8 Years Swing Superior Imperial Classic The Century Malt Prince of Wales The Family Silver, 1968 Moidart, 10 Years Port Dundas, 10 Years Black Bush Single Vatted Malt Vatted malt from Bunnahabhain Distillery in Islay. Pure malt Single grain, natural cask strength

Triple distilled Irish whiskey blend from Bushmills distillery, the world’s oldest distillery. Matured in carefully selected Oloroso sherry casks and blended with grain whiskey to give Black Bush its intriguing flavour. Signed by Frank McHardy (Bushmills Manager 1986 - 1999)

Bushmills Blend Bushmills 1608 Blend

Jameson, 12 Years Triple distilled Irish whiskey blend from Jameson’s distillery in Dublin, which was founded in 1780. Jameson 1780 Blend, 12 Years Jameson Special Reserve Blend Canadian Club Crown Royal Bottled to celebrate 100 years of radio.

From Ontario, Canada. Barrel blended and matured in white oak. Blended Canadian whiskey, born in 1939 to commemorate the visit of Britain’s King George VI to Canada.

Region details, distillery histories and some tasting notes from The Malt Whisky File (1995) Robin Tucek and John Lamond.


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