Dee Count Manual

Dee Count Manual
Copyright © 2011 – 2014 David G Shrock
iPad, iPhone, pple pp Store, and iCloud are trade!ark" o# pple $nc% ll other trade!ark" &elong to
their re"pective o'ner"%
1% (vervie'
1%1 )e' in 2%0
1% 2 *ar Code Scanning
1% + ,- Code Scanning
2% Getting Started 'ith Dee Count
2%1 ./a!ple0 Dance Store
2%1%1 1i/ing Mi"take" or d2u"ting Count"
2%1%2 -evie'ing 3otal"
2%2 Pre#erence"
+% Co!par e Count"
+%1 -e"et Count"
+%2 ./port to nother Device 4or pp5
+%+ $!port count co!pari"on"
4% 1eature" at a Glance
I'm a believer in exploring software over manuals, so my assumption is that the majority of readers are
researching before purchase. In Dee Count 2., I aimed to ma!e exploration less intimidating and more
informative. "here's even an option to erase everything and start over. #efore beginning a real counting
project, feel free to play with the application to find methods that wor! best for you. $tart over at any
time by opening the "ools, indicated by the gear icon, and select Clear %ll and &estart.
'hile some may use Dee Count for basic inventory management, I recommend considering other
inventory apps first. If you have a suggestion that would ma!e your wor!flow easier, please let me
!now by reaching out on "witter or at my website.
"han!s for your interest.
Contact the author0
1% (vervie'
Count your inventory &y "canning &ar code" keeping track o# ite! location or category% Select a count7
&y 8uantity #or package" containing !ultiple ite!"% Co!pare total count" 'ith the "a!e device, on a
"econd device, &y e/porting total count" to another application, or &y i!porting inventory detail" #ro!
another "o#t'are application% (ptionally, "can ,- code" to 8uickly enter a location na!e, or #ind a
location% Photo" help 'ith identi#ication o# "torage "pace"%
Scan &ar code" 'ith the device9" ca!era, or 'ith a *luetooth &ar code "canner% 3o help 'ith
productivity, Dee Count provide" "hortcut" including incre!enting ite! count and copy6pa"te% log
revealing the rever"e ite! count entry order help" "pot error"% See Getting Started #or a "u!!ary u"ing
Dee Count%
Dee Count 2%0: re8uire" an iPhone or iPad running i(S ; or ne'er%
" 'ith any "o#t'are, re"ult" are "u"cepti&le to input error% $t i" advi"a&le to include other counting
!ethod" or repeated trial"% Store your pri!ary inventory detail" in a "eparate "o#t'are "olution% <"e o#
Dee Count i" at your di"cretion%
1%1 )e' in 2%0
• -ede"igned #or i(S ; and no' "upport" iPhone, too=
• Share, e/port, or print a "peci#ic location% ./port total" u"ing the "hare &utton in 3otal Count"
#ound &y tapping the > 4"ig!a, #or "u!5 &utton%
• Categori?e ite!" and revie' total" &y category%
• Scan ,- code to input a location na!e% @a&el your "helve"=
• More option" to co!pare count" including -e"et Count" to create co!pari"on count"% See
Co!pare Count" #or in#or!ative aid"%
• Photo ?oo! to &etter in"pect and help en"ure correct location%
• Support #or iCloud Drive and other "torage provider"%
• Ca!era &ar code "canning pre#erence"0 tap7to7count, or auto!atic% Green #la"h in#or!" ite! ha"
&een counted%
1%2 *ar Code Scanning
Dee Count i" de"igned #or counting &y "canning &ar code" 'ith the device9" ca!era or an e/ternal &ar
code reader% ny *luetooth device 'orking like an e/ternal
'irele"" key&oard i" "upported "uch a" the Scan#o& 200A
Scanner% Bith the ca!era, "can "ucce"" depend" on roo!
lighting, 8uality o# the &ar code, and the 8uality o# the device9"
ca!era% 3he older ca!era on the iPad 2 !ay have !ore trou&le
'ith "!aller <PC la&el"%
Code Recognition Indicators: Blue and Green
Bhen "canning 'ith the ca!era, recogni?ed code" 'ill di"play
a &lue line and the nu!&er a" "een in the "creen "hot%
counted code 'ill #la"h green% Pre#erence" allo' t'o !ethod"
#or "canning &ar code"0 re8uiring a tap 4de#ault5 or
auto!atically% $# u"ing auto7count, on the green #la"h, !ove to
the ne/t &ar code% 3here i" a "hort delay, &ut i# too "lo', the
ite! !ay &e counted t'ice% Check your log a" needed%
$# the ca!era "ee!" to &e having trou&le recogni?ing a code, try !oving the device #arther a'ay #ro!
the code% 3ap to #ocu" i# needed% gain, a 'ell lit 'ork area re"ult" in &e"t per#or!ance%
1or ite!" 'ithout &ar code", or da!aged code", enter the $D !anually, or u"e a "hortcut !ethod "uch
a" copy6pa"te or incre!enting an e/i"ting ite! count% $# an e/ternal &ar code "canner ha" trou&le 'ith a
code, give the ca!era a try%
1%+ ,- Code Scanning
<"ing ,- code to identi#y location" 4"hel# 2 or pallet 125 help" increa"e
'ork#lo' and reduce error"% Bhen "tarting a ne' location to count, tap the ,-7
Ca!era &utton &e"ide the na!e entry #ield and put the ,- code 'ithin the
ca!era vie'% <pon recognition, the ca!era vie' 'ill clo"e, and the na!e
entered into the #ield%
" an optional pre#erence, "earch #or location &y "canning ,-% See pre#erence"
to turn on thi" #eature% 3ap the ,-7ca!era &utton on the top7right o# the location" li"t to open the
ca!era vie' and "can% Dee Count 'ill go directly to the !atching location na!e%
2% Getting Started 'ith Dee Count
3he #ir"t re8ue"t in Dee Count i" #or the na!e o# a ne' location% Plan ahead and divide your area into
"!all, !anagea&le location" "uch a" "helving unit", clothing rack", or ai"le"% )a!e or nu!&er and la&el
each location, optionally attaching a ,- code #or 8uicker entry% Go ahead and give Dee Count a try
#ir"t to #ind 'hat 'ork" &e"t #or your 'ork#lo'% Cou can "tart over at any ti!e 'hen you9re ready%
2%1 ./a!ple0 Dance Store
1or a retail "tore containing "hoe", apparel, and acce""orie" #or dance, product" are
arranged 'ithin the retail area and "torage roo! organi?ed &y type and "tyle% Be9ll
"tart at a "helving "tructure containing a variety o# tap "hoe", na!e it, 3ap Shel# 1, and
attach a ,- code la&el to the "hel#% photo "nap"hot 'ill help u" re!e!&er 'hich
"hel# "ince 'e have "everal% $n"tead o# entering the na!e on the key&oard, 'e9ll "can
the ,- code% 3ap Done to "ave the location%
Be9d like to categori?e our ite!" to revie' total" &y category later, "o let9" add a ne' category, D3ap
Shoe"%E Setting the category on the location, 3ap Shel# 1, 'ill !ark each ite! added in the 3ap Shoe"
category% $# a "hel# contain" another kind o# "hoe, 'e can "et the category individually &y "electing the
ite! and changing the category on the ite!9" detail" page% 3he category #or the location i" #ound at the
&otto!% (n the iPhone, #ind it in .dit !ode, or 'ith the iPhone held "ide'ay"%
Tip: If the on-screen keyboard gets in the way, touch something else or swipe down on the screen.
3he #ollo'ing "creen "hot "ho'" our e!pty 3ap Shel# 1 'ith ?ero count"%
photo !ay help identi#y a "peci#ic "hel#% Since our "tock roo! i" lined 'ith nu!&ered "helve", 'e9ll
"nap a "hot% @ater, dou&le7tap the photo to ?oo!6enlarge #or in"pection%
3he count7&y "election i" #ound &elo' the title 'ith 1 currently "elected% So!e o# our &o/e" o# dance
tight" in the "tock roo! co!e 'ith + unit", &ut all o# our tap "hoe" have 1 pair in"ide, "o 'e9ll leave the
count7&y at 1% 1or other 8uantitie", "elect the 8ue"tion !ark and enter a value 'hich 'ill appear in the
third &o/% Bhen ready to add ite!", "elect the &o/ indicated, item UPC I!% 3ap the code7ca!era
&utton on the le#t to &egin "canning 'ith the ca!era% #e' &o/e" do not have &ar code", "o 'e can
enter tho"e u"ing the key&oard, or i# 'e already have the ite! counted, incre!ent the count or copy and
pa"te #ro! another location%
" each ite! i" counted it 'ill appear in the li"t ordered alpha7nu!erically% 3he log li"t" ite! $D"
counted 'ith !o"t recent at top% (n the iPhone, the log !ay &e hidden% 3ap the @og &utton to reveal
and the Count" &utton to return to the li"t o# ite!"%
1or ite!" 'ithout code", a#ter it9" entered once, 'e incre!ent the count &y tapping the ite! in the li"t
and choo"ing the ++ incre!ent #ro! the !enu%
$# you9d like to "et a #riendly ite! na!e, tap the ite! in the li"t and "elect Detail"% (ptionally, i!port
inventory detail" to "et each ite!9" de"cription 6 na!e at once along 'ith co!pari"on count"%
2%1%1 1i/ing Mi"take" or d2u"ting Count"
3he <ndo &utton rever"e" the count activity at a location% $# the !i"take i" #ound later, or "o!eone
purcha"ed the ite! and 'e 'i"h to decre!ent the count, the +/- toggle &utton co!e" to the re"cue% 3he
count7&y "election turn" red to re!ind u" 'e9re "u&tracting% Scan the &ar code to re!ove, or #ind it on
the li"t and tap% Count7&y 'ill auto!atically return to po"itive to continue counting%
Deleting an ite! #ro! a location 'ill only per!anently delete the ite! i# thi" 'a" the only location
containing it, the ite! i" 'ithout a na!e 6 de"cription, and it lack" an inventory co!pari"on count% 3hi"
!ay re"ult in a ?ero7count ite! in 3otal Count"% Per!anently delete all ?ero7count ite!" #ro! the 3ool"
4gear icon5% 3he <ndo &utton 'ill re"tore the re!oved ite! 'ith count%
2%1%2 -evie' 3otal"
*e#ore !oving on to the ne/t "hel#, let9" revie' the total count at 3ap Shel# 1% t the top o# the li"t i"
the total count #or 3ap Shel# 1 indicating A2 tap "hoe"% Be could do a 8uick hand count to veri#y, or
'ait #or a "econd count on another device%
#ter co!pleting all the "helve", rack", and &in", 'e9re ready to revie' the overall total"% Select the >
4"ig!a "y!&ol #or "u!5 &utton% $9ve already i!ported co!pari"on count" #ro! the "tore9" inventory
"o#t'are, "o the inventory count "ho'" up a#ter the "la"h in the "creen "hot &elo'% -e"et Count 'ill
al"o produce co!pari"on count value" on the "a!e device #or a "econd count% Mi"!atched count" "ho'
up in red, and the grand total at the &otto!% $n the i!age &elo', counting the "tore i" un#ini"hed "o
there are a good "hare o# red count"% Select an ite! to revie' detail" and #ind all o# the location" 'here
an ite! 'a" counted at%
3he ite! a&ove 'a" counted t'ice, once at Shel# + and again at *allroo! "hoe "hel# 4, &ut our
inventory co!pari"on clai!" 'e "hould have only one% @i"ting the location" help" u" go to the "ource
to inve"tigate thi" di"crepancy%
$n 3otal Count", "electing Categorie" reveal" count" in each category, and choo"ing a category return"
u" to the $te!" li"t 'ith re"ult" li!ited &y the "elected category% 3ap an ite! to revie' detail" and
'hich location" it 'a" counted at% 3apping the location 'ill 2u!p to that location%
2%2 Pre#erence"
1ind pre#erence option" in the 3ool" !enu and in the Setting" pp under Dee Count% Fiding the +/-
toggle !ay help reduce error" #ro! accidental touche"% )o7tap &ar code "canning 'ith the ca!era !ay
&e pre#era&le in "o!e "ituation", 'hile tap7to7"can help" avoid e/tra count"% $# u"ing ,- code" #or
location na!e", turn on the ,- location "earch #or 8uick "'itching%
#ter "electing a location on the iPad, Dee Count auto!atically "et" the $te! $D 6 <PC &o/ ready #or
input &y de#ault% Due to the "!aller "pace on the iPhone, the de#ault i" to 'ait #or you to choo"e% $#
you9d like to change thi", #ind the pre#erence in the Setting" pp and choo"e Dee Count% S'itch the
auto7"elect $D6<PC entry%
+% Co!pare Count"
Dee Count o##er" three pri!ary !ethod" to co!pare count" 'hich !ay &e u"ed in co!&ination" #or
variou" 'ork#lo'"0 re"et count", e/port to another device, and i!port co!pari"on count" including
ite! de"cription% dditionally, co!paring a "ingle location on the "a!e device can &e achieved &y
creating another location and keeping the correct location% $n the tool" !enu, "elect Co!pare Count"
#or a &rie# revie' o# the #ollo'ing !ethod"%
$n 3otal Count", ite!" 'ith co!pari"on count" 'ill appear 'ith a "la"h dividing your count #ro! the
inventory count% Mi"!atched count" appear red #or 8uick "potting%
+%1 -e"et Count"
%fter completing the first counts of all locations, use the current (or previous) items total counts to
compare with the next round of counting. &eset counts sets current counts to *ero leaving all item
details intact. If an inventory compare already exists, you may choose to overwrite with the current
counts or !eep the original.
+%2 ./port to nother Device 4or pp5
Send a DCG #ile &y e!ail or via "hared "torage drive, "uch a" iCloud Drive, to i!port on another
device a" co!pari"on count"% 3he na!e6de"cription and category o# each ite! 'ill tran"#er a" 'ell% (n
the other device, tap7and7hold on the icon to "elect open7in and choo"e Dee Count, or u"e Dee Count to
i!port #ro! "hared "torage a" de"cri&ed in the ne/t "ection%
lternatively, "hare count" 'ith another application "uch a" a "pread"heet #or revie' or cu"to!
!anipulation% $n the 3otal Count" !enu, choo"e the "hare &utton and "elect a de"tination% Choo"e CSH
#or "o#t'are "upporting co!!a7"eparated value", or choo"e DCG #or ta&7deli!ited te/t #ile%
$# co!pari"on count" already e/i"t, #or convenience "hare or print only the ite!" 'ith !i"!atched
value" &y "electing the !i"!atch toggle%
+%+ $!port Co!pari"on Count"
)ote that i!porting doe" not alter current count", only the inventory co!pare count"% $n addition, you
!ay i!port ite! na!e 4de"cription5%
Text File Requirements
$!port the DCG #ile #ro! another device, or i!port a ta&7deli!ited te/t #ile generated #ro! your
pri!ary inventory "o#t'are% 3he te/t #ile "hould have a "ingle ite! on each line 'ith at lea"t three
ite! $D 4<PC5 ite! na!e 4de"cription5 8uantity
$# no ite! na!e e/i"t", leave the colu!n &lank 4ta& t'ice5% #ourth colu!n o# nu!&er" !ay &e
included, and Dee Count 'ill u"e thi" "econd 8uantity i# larger than ?ero% *e"t re"ult" are 'ith a te/t
#ile "tored in <317; encoding or Bindo'" 12I2 #or!at, the de#ault" on !o"t PC"%
3he #ollo'ing e/a!ple illu"trate" e/porting inventory detail" #ro! accounting "o#t'are and u"ing
iCloud Drive to i!port into Dee Count% $# iCloud Drive, or another "torage provider "uch a" Drop *o/,
i"n9t availa&le, rena!e the #ile e/ten"ion to %dc? and e!ail a" an attach!ent%
1% $n the accounting "o#t'are, choo"e inventory report", ite! li"t "u!!ary%
2% Select only + report #ield" 4de"elect other"5 in thi" order0
$te! J, $te! )a!e, <nit" on Fand%
+% 3urn o## header" 4i# an option5% Dee Count 'ill ignore
the #ir"t #e' line", &ut too !any !ay cau"e Dee Count to
give up and report a pro&le!%
4% Click Send73o 4./port or Save7"5 and "elect 3a&7
Deli!ited te/t #ile% Save the #ile to iCloud Drive 4or Drop
A% $n Dee Count, "elect $!port )o' to open the "torage
!enu, choo"e iCloud Drive 4or another5 and locate the #ile%
3ap it%
K% Bait 4i# a &ig #ile5 #or the i!port to #ini"h, and check
3otal Count" #or updated ite!" 'ith a "econd count%
4% 1eature" at a Glance
• dd and na!e location" a" de"ired, optionally &y "canning a ,- code%
• Select a count7&y value o# 1, +, or a cu"to! 8uantity%
• Count &y "canning &ar code" u"ing the device9" ca!era, or an e/ternal &ar code reader%
• Ca!era "can &ar code pre#erence0 tap7to7"can or auto!atic 'ith delay to avoid dou&le7count%
• Su&tract &y the count7&y value u"ing the :67 toggle, auto!atically revert" &ack to adding%
• Delete an ite! #ro! a location to "u&tract it" count at the location%
• log "ho'" the !o"t recent ite!" counted 4add or "u&tract5 at the location in rever"e order%
• <ndo &utton rever"e" la"t count action 4add, "u&tract, or delete5 until log i" e/hau"ted or a
!a/i!u! o# I0%
• $ncre!ent 4or decre!ent5 an e/i"ting ite! at location &y tapping ite! on li"t and "electing ::
4or :75%
• Categori?e ite!", or "et the de#ault category #or ite!" added to a location%
• Cu"to! category na!e" up to a !a/i!u! o# 100%
• -evie' nu!&er o# uni8ue ite!" in a category and 3otal Count" &y "elected category%
• dd a #riendly na!e or de"cription to an ite!%
• $nclude a "nap"hot photo to help identi#y a location% Goo! &y dou&le7tapping i!age%
• 1ind all the location" an ite! 'a" counted at in the ite! detail"%
• $nclude a value 4price, 'eight, volu!e5 #or an ite!% 3otal value included in 3otal Count"%
• Co!pare count" &y -e"et Count" to !ove current count" to inventory co!pari"on 8uantitie"%
• Co!pare count" on another device &y e/porting a te/t DCG #ile via iCloud Drive, another
"torage provider, or e!ail to i!port count co!pari"on" on another device%
• Print or e/port count re"ult" o# a "peci#ic location, o# 3otal Count", or 3otal Count" &y category%
./port to other app" "upporting co!!a7"eparated 4CSH5 or ta&7deli!ited 4DCG5 te/t #ile"%